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Juanita Bynum At Barack HUSSEIN Obama Fundraiser Held By New Age Witch Oprah Winfrey?

Posted by Job on September 7, 2007

I must ask: have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not, follow this link: The Three Step Salvation Plan

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So here you have a woman raised in and representing Pentecostal/charismatic Christianity speaking at a fundraiser to support the ambitions of one such as Obama who supports abortion, homosexuality, and a number of other abominations? At an event hosted by the best known proponent of the New Age false religion in America (yes, Barbra Streisand, Oprah has surpassed you, and what makes her worse than you is that Oprah promotes mixing New Age and Christianity … after all, she and Barack Obama are both members of the same “church”)? See Is Oprah Winfrey’s New Age “The Secret” The Same As Word – Faith Prosperity? It just shows you that the Bible is true yet again: Amos 3:3 says “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?“ So you supporters of Juanita Bynum and all of these other false preachers when there are so many good hard working legitimate preachers out there … who are YOU walking in agreement with? I will say this: someone who thinks so little of you that they are so bold enough to lie to you on worldwide CHRISTIAN television while knowing full well that her lies will be exposed: Juanita Bynum Lies On TBN! Oh yes, and how that “Christian” TV station TBN just sat back and allowed her to lie like that unchallenged because she is one of their top moneymakers? It is time to stop walking in agreement too. We really do need to consider contacting the legitimate ministries that appear on this network and urge them to stop giving legitimacy – and money – to these people. You would have hoped that they would have done so after Paul Crouch personally endorsed ‘ heretical dual covenant theology: that Islam is just as legitimate as Christianity, but maybe they need some action by the rank and file faithful first. What do you think? And do you think that contacting the legitimate preachers on TBN to ask them to disassociate themselves from these evil people would be effective or worthwhile?


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Juanita Bynum Lies On TBN!

Posted by Job on September 6, 2007

She says “I will not break the covenant” on TBN and talks about how she still loves Thomas Weeks III, because he is a man of God. Unbeknown to the 100% supportive studio audience and the viewing audience (but almost certainly known to TBN, who had set her up with the most favorable interviewer possible), SHE HAD ALREADY AUTHORIZED HER LAWYER TO FILE FOR DIVORCE! Now I believe in exploring all angles, so in the interests of fairness, she could be just keeping that option open and performing due diligence, as divorce petitions can be withdrawn at any time. But that does not change the fact that she totally misled her audience.

What was most amazing was the brazenness of this woman. She KNEW that people who were not her regular audience would be watching – including the media – and that they were going to catch her in a lie. But you know what? She doses not care about being caught in deception. Why? Because she has been deceiving people all these years and still keeps her supporters. If she has been lying all this long and none of her supporters care, why should they start caring now? It is obvious based on the comments on this very weblog that the supporters of Juanita Bynum will continue to be so, and even make railing accusations and “prophecies” of doom against all who speak the truth. I can already predict what defenses I will get. Folks are going to say “I am not breaking the covenant” does not mean “I will not divorce my husband.” While that is true, it ignores that Juanita Bynum has been playing this game for a long time and is very crafty; choosing her words to give herself – and her supporters – a line of defense; plausible deniability, just like lawyer Bill Clinton did when he said “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” (Now do not lump me in with those Rush Limbaugh “blame everything on Clinton” types … if anything those people were all in it together … after all both Clinton and his “number one enemy” Newt Gingrich are members of the same Council of Foreign Relations that the owners of TBN as well as many prominent ministers like Rick Warren and TD Jakes are either members of or run with … all committed to the same global agenda. Just do a Google search on “Council on Foreign Relations” and “Center For National Policy” and include the names of Paul Crouch, Rick Warren, TD Jakes, etc. and see what you come up with. But none of that changes the fact that CLINTON WAS LYING THEN AND JUANITA BYNUM IS LYING NOW.)

Yet we will continue to speak the truth, because we serve not man but the Spirit of Truth; the very same God whom people like this – and their supports – mock with their lies and doctrines. But do not worry, God is not mocked! Judgment day is coming. If this whole ugly episode has convinced you of the need to get right with the one true God, follow The Three Step Salvation Plan right now! By the way … thanks to Independent Conservative for the clip, which he used in the original link:

False Teacher Juanita Bynum to Divorce False Teacher Thomas Weeks III

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Christians, Now They Have Preachers For Animals!

Posted by Job on August 27, 2007

From a comment on Michael Vick Case: More Proof That The Media Hates You, Christians!:

You know, I couldn’t make things like this up if I tried. This is what Christianity is coming to, people. I keep trying to warn you,

This Press Release is in memory of the animals tortured and slaughtered in dog fighting. As personally satisfying as it would be to spay and neuter Michael Vick (with no anesthesia), we prefer to teach people how animals SHOULD BE TREATED, and what a blessing they are in our lives. Thanks for reading it and passing it on. ~ Nancy Cronk at
Press Release August 22, 2007

“Animal Chaplains To Honor and Bless All Creatures on World Animal Day”

~ from the Interfaith Association of Animal Clergy

While Americans have watched in horror as celebrity athlete Michael Vick admits being a willling participant in one of the cruelest, most horrific crimes against animals ever committed, America needs an emotional healing. That day is World Animal Day.

In what will look like a scene from the popular family movie, “Evan Almighty”, scores of Animal Chaplains around the world will bless hundreds, perhaps thousands of animals in many different settings on October 4th 2007. At a pet cemetery on the east coast, to a city park in the desert, to a sandy beach on the west coast, they will walk in on a leash, fly in on a harness, and slither in their cages. Barking, mewing, bleating, mooing, whinnying and purring will join human voices in hymns of praise and worship. World Animal Day is a day dedicated to honoring, blessing, and protecting animals all over the world.

World Animal Day was founded at an ecologist’s convention in Florence, Italy in 1931 as a way of highlighting the plight of endangered species. October 4th was chosen as World Animal Day because it is also the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, a Catholic Church holiday which is often celebrated with an annual “blessing of the pets”. Since then, it has grown to encompass all kinds of animal life and has been widely celebrated around the world. Churches and synagogues in many faiths traditions have adopted “Pet Blessing Day” or “World Animal Day” in increasing numbers every year.

The Interfaith Association of Animal Chaplains prepares for World Animal Day by referring its members and visitors to the official World Animal Day website. The site provides ideas and resources to individuals, families, community groups and congregations everywhere. People can post their pledge for volunteering at a World Animal Day event. In addition to blessing pets, volunteers will work at animal shelters, zoos, rescues, and other nonprofit organizations. Dogs will be walked, cats will be brushed, horses will be groomed, and fish will benefit from freshly cleaned tanks. Donations will be given to animal welfare agencies, and pets will be adopted. School children will collect pet food to be donated to charities, and bake sales and car washes will be held as fundraising events. Veterinary clinics will hold free spay and neuter days, or may offer to vaccinate pets at no charge. All over the world, on the very same day, the well-being of animals will be on the minds of millions of people.

Interfaith Chaplain Nancy Cronk feels a day honoring animals is very important at a time when the headlines speak of animal cruelty such as athlete Michael Vick’s alleged ties to illegal dog fighting. Animal Chaplains would like everyone to know that every major faith endorses the responsible stewardship of the earth and all of its creatures. “Deliberate harming of animals is in direct opposition to teachings in all of the major world faiths. Caring for animals is our global spiritual responsibility. If we can teach this ethic to all of our children, animal abuse and suffering will someday become a distant memory”.

To find out how to get involved on World Animal Day, go to and to To find out more about Animal Chaplains, go to

(This article may be reprinted.)

Nancy J. Cronk
Founder, Chair and Chaplain
Interfaith Association of Animal Chaplains

This is what it is coming to, Christians. I keep trying to warn you, but frequently I get “Christian” scoffers like this:

Kirk Says:

  1. August 27th, 2007 at 3:44 pm eChristians like you make me sad. Always playing the victim. You make the rest of us look like whimpering cry-babies and I wish you’d stop it. Not all Christians are weak little whiners!“…the media is trying to use this case to fan the flames of anger of those who love animals more than people against Christians…”*sigh* Talk about a contrived statement. I suppose the fact the sitcom “Will and Grace” enjoyed 194 episodes was also a direct attack on Christians, right? And Scorsese directed “The Last Temptation of Christ” while sipping stem-cells and plasma from a severed goat’s horn in an attempt to summon Azazel, is that it?Cripes, get over yourself. Stop making Christians look so lame. I’m tired of people rolling their eyes at me when they find out I’m Christian just because they’ve had to suffer your brand of anemic bellyaching.

People who do not believe what the Bible has to say about how the world has rejected Christ and hates all who are in Christ … well let me just tell you that you are in for a major attitude adjustment. The scriptures are true. The great tribulation is coming, and it and the dark days leading up to it will be a time of A) great apostasy in the church and B) hostility towards legitimate Christians on a scale that has never been seen before. The Roman Empire throwing Christians to the lions? The Inquisition burning Christians at the stake? The crimes committed against Christians by Marxist regimes? Get ready for that and more. I am not saying that it is going to happen tomorrow or even in the next 20 – 30 years, because a lot of things still have to be fulfilled before that time of great evil and sorrow comes. I am just watching and pointing out the times; how depraved the world is getting on one hand, and how hostile people are becoming to legitimate Christianity on the other.

And when you think about it, why not have preachers for animals? Again, it is a perfectly linear logical progression from evolution. And since the Christian left has long fully embraced evolution, calling those who reject it dangerous fanatics (and even holding special “Evolution Sunday” observances in their churches) there is absolutey no reason not to withhold yourself from serving animals through the clergy. If you reject the notion that God intervened in history to create man in His own Image, then what theological basis does one have to make a separation between man and animals? Even better: why should the worship of a man please God any more than the worship of an animal? Why should not animals stand in judgment before God just like men? And if you are going to reduce Christianity to morals and ethics … well then is not sending your canine to dog obedience school so that it will not misbehave and spaying or neutering your animal so that it will not be irresponsible with its reproductive behavior the same as leading your animal down the path of righteousness through good works (which, after all, is what abiblical Christianity is all about in all of its forms whether liberal or conservative – good works)? I mean, if people can do good works, why not animals? Justification by works does not require faith, so why should the fact that an animal does not have the capacity for faith be held against it?

And this is the best part: if nonsense like this is going on in 2007, imagine how bad it is going to be in 2017! In 2027! I know, some of you Christians are itching for the rapture precisely because you cannot imagine things getting any worse than they are now, and if it does you do not want to see it. As a matter of fact, I am convinced that such thinking played a part in John Hagee going off the deep end, abandoning fundamentalism for dual covenant theology and trying to get Bush to attack Israel so that the rapture will happen before he will have to deal with a Hillary Clinton presidency. But I cannot afford to have that mentality. I am getting ready for a longterm fight. So the question is: what about you? Whose side are you on? Good? Evil, or lukewarm? I urge you to answer the question by coming onto the Lord’s side and by following The Three Step Salvation Plan right now!

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Do You Preach To The Choir Or To The Lost?

Posted by Job on August 24, 2007

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The difference between preaching to the choir and reaching the lost masses
outside the four walls of the church. I spent the first 3 years of my
ministry preaching in over 500 churches all over the country. It was a
wonderful time in my life, but deep inside I knew something was missing.
I’ll never forget laying in a hotel bed in Peoria, Illinois after a great
service that evening in a large Assemblies of God Church. Many people came
forward at the invitation that evening and accepted Christ into their heart
and life by faith, but the Holy Spirit opened my spiritual eyes and told me
that the masses who needed to hear about the hope we have in Jesus the most
weren’t sitting in the pews of that church. They were the ones living
outside those four walls!

Let me share a question with you I get all the time during the many media
interviews I do. It is a GREAT QUESTION that comes from reporters who aren’t
Believers. They ask me why are there more churches, more ministries, more
Christian resources, more Christian media, than ever before in the history
of Christendom, yet at the same time our culture and the world around us is
in a spiritual freefall, the better percentage of two full generations don’t
even go to church, and Christianity has very little impact in the daily
lives of the vast majority of people. It seems to be quite a paradox doesn’t
it? With all the churches and Christian influence that exists today, this
should be a far better world.

I respond to their question by telling them the answer is quite simple. The
above phenomena exists because we preach to the choir instead of reaching
out to those who need the message the most. We have retreated into this
incestuous place I call the “Christian trough” where the churches and most
all Christian ministries live and operate. It is this Christian subculture
that has evolved over the past 40 years that consists of the church,
Christian TV and radio, Christian publishing, Christian music, and all of
the various para-chruch ministries. It targets Believers with their message,
not those outside the four walls of the church, since people who are already
Christians will be friendly to the message, buy what they sell, go to
events, and donate their money.

Make no mistake about it, it is business, and BIG business. Billions of
dollars a year! Everyone talks about “reaching the lost,” but the reality is
they all end up simply preaching to the choir because that is where the
money is at! Let me give you a great example. A little over a year ago, I
was in the office of a gentleman who God has richly blessed financially.
Money is relevant and this is a man ho could write a check for $100,000
without blinking an eye. After sharing with him what God was doing at
Liveprayer and asking for him to help us financially, he told me that he
couldn’t help me right now because he had just agreed to head up the finance
team to bring a well-known evangelist to Tampa. He shared that he was
responsible for raising $2.3 million dollars for this 2-day event and that
the evangelist would only agree to come after the money was in the bank.
(Who needs faith to follow this plan?)

Knowing others who were involved in the organization of this event, they
spent over a year getting hundreds of the area churches to get their people
to come to the event. So ultimately it was a couple of services with apx
100,000 people from area churches. Listen, I pray that many hearts and lives
were touched and impacted during those two days. I have no doubt there were
souls saved, and praise God for that. But the point I want to make is that
this is how it works in the world of Christian business. Big names who won’t
even come until they are guaranteed to make so much money. Big events that
are called “evangelistic,” but are full of people who have been recruited to
come from the area churches.

Do you want the perfect contrast? What we are doing for 12 days at the
Florida State Fair next year! For less than $50,000, we will be a title
sponsor and have a major presence with the 5,000 square foot “Liveprayer
Gospel Tent” in the heart of the State Fair that will have 600,000 people in
attendance. Are those people coming to see Liveprayer? No. Most haven’t got
a clue Liveprayer even exists. However, we will be there, boldly and visibly
letting people know that if they are hurting, going through problems in
their life, there is a place to come and find help and hope. We will be
praying for people, no doubt leading many to faith in Christ, and most every
person who comes to the State Fair will have one of our brightly colored
flyers with the Plan of Salvation on it!


I love you and care about you so much. In 2007, this is so critical. If we
are going to truly impact lives, make a real difference in our culture so
God is honored and Biblical Truth becomes the standard once again in this
nation, then the followers of Jesus Christ have got to leave the “Christian
trough” and quit simply preaching to the choir and start making a serious
attempt to reach the lost and hurting masses outside the four walls of the
church! We’ve got to quit worrying about how much money we can make, and
start focusing instead on how many souls we can lead to faith in Christ! We
have got to quit wasting our time and effort reaching people who are already
saved, and start reaching out to those who are clearly lost!

A true evangelist is better off preaching to 20 outside the doors of a
nightclub than a stadium full of people from the local churches. Of course,
the 20 people outside the nightclub aren’t going to buy your products or
give you any money, they probably won’t applaud your message, as a matter of
fact they may even physically attack you because of your message. But at
some point what do we do this for? For fame? For fortune? Or do we do this
because God has called us to reach the lost with the Gospel?

If you have been called to serve the Lord, now is the time to start serving
Him. There is a lost and dying world outside the four walls of the church
that desperately needs God’s Truth and the hope we have in Jesus Christ. God
needs men and women to rise up in these last days who will take His message
of hope to these lost and hurting souls. Paul could have had a nice life
simply preaching to those Believers in the churches of his day. But he
understood that it was the lost who needed to hear the Gospel, since without
Jesus they were going to die and spend eternity in hell. He literally put
his life on the line each day to bring the Good News to the lost and hurting
even though most didn’t want to hear it!

The cold hard reality is that a person who dies without Jesus is going to
spend eternity in hell. People are dying and going to hell every second. We,
who possess the words of everlasting life have a responsibility to bring
that message of salvation through faith in Christ to these dying souls. Why
do we spend all of our time, energy, and resources telling the saved how to
be saved, when it is the lost who need to hear those words of everlasting

I pray that God will stir your heart today and that you will be motivated to
remember that Jesus commanded us to bring the Gospel to those who are living
without the hope of Christ in their life. God has raised up pastors to
shepherd their flocks. True evangelists aren’t called to preach to the
choir, but to bring the Gospel to the lost and hurting OUTSIDE the four
walls of the church!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY?  The fact is you will die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator. 
To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now
available via AUDIO each day.  Simply go to
Also, you can now listen to the Daily Devotional by phone by calling, 1-845-510-2722

(C) Copyright 2007, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved.

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More Trouble For Streaming Faith!

Posted by Job on August 23, 2007

See Allegations of Non-Christian Leadership and Discrimination Against Christians at Streaming-no-faith (aka by IndependentConservative. This follows Streaming Faith Dumps Reuben Armstrong!.

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Martin Luther King’s MORMON DOCTRINE!

Posted by Job on August 15, 2007

Motivated by this story, I already addressed evidence from King’s own writings that he was a Christian in Proof From His Own Writings That Martin Luther King Jr. Was NOT A Christian, but the weblog post Between Two Worlds: Martin Luther King where I found the online links to his papers this interesting nugget: “MLK accepted the deity of Jesus Christ, and the fact that Jesus Christ was divine, only in the sense that He was one with God in purpose.” That is EXACTLY what Mormons teach! See, Mormons deny Trinity, because they deny that Jesus Christ is deity. Rather than teaching that Jesus Christ is an uncreated pre – existing spirit, they teach that Jesus Christ was a being created by God, no different from angels or people, and that Jesus Christ earned His exceptional position through works (they also teach that Christ’s works surpassed those of God the Father, and when they say Father they mean LITERAL FATHER, because they teach that Jesus Christ, Satan, the angels, and all humans are the result of sexual activity between their god and his MULTIPLE wives in heaven, one of the reasons why murdering pedophile Joseph Smith needed 34 of them himself, despite the fact that a number of them were still married to other men; Mormons also agree with Dan Brown of “The Da Vinci Code” in teaching that Jesus Christ was married; according to their theology he would have had to have been in order to achieve his exalted position). So, since Mormons reject the notion of God in Three Persons, how, then can they claim to believe in Trinity? Simple: BY CLAIMING THAT JESUS CHRIST WAS ONE WITH THE FATHER IN PURPOSE!

And folks say that evil spirits aren’t real? These lying spirits and their false doctrines, well they do get around don’t they? And they all pretty much agree in their lies … getting people to deny God’s Tri – Unity and the deity and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They even use the same parsing, dissembling, dishonest arguments, and justifications for their lies. This heresy of King (who rejected the true Christianity of his father) after that of Ebionitism. You can look up that heresy plus some others here: When you realize the number of ancient heresies and false religions that went into Mormonism, it is staggering, evidence that a multitude of evil spirits went into Joseph Smith and all who follow after him. But what is even more staggering is why so few people are willing to publicly discuss that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a heretic and an apostate, yet he managed to found the Southern CHRISTIAN Leadership Conference and pastor a church. The people who knew about this fellow’s belief but allowed him to rise through the ranks of the Christian field without opposing him, do not think that they will not be held accountable. It would be interesting to interview the people who spent a great deal of time with King professionally as well as was in his church and heard him preach if THEY knew that King did not believe in the resurrection. If he did not, then what did this fellow preach about at church? What did his Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost sermons consist of? It is astounding that hard questions like these are never asked of our religious leaders, or even of their laypeople.  

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Proof From His Own Writings That Martin Luther King Jr. Was NOT A Christian

Posted by Job on August 15, 2007

Update: Apparently there has not been a total media blackout on this issue.

Some people are angry that the Martin Luther King Jr. statue that will be placed on our mall in Washington DC is going to be made by a Chinese artist. What should be a bigger concern is the fact that King, Jr. is considered the most prominent Christian figure in American history despite not believing in the virgin birth, deity, or resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that the people responsible for exposing this fact: the media, our schools and churches, etc. are hiding it from you! And you folks on the Christian right: Reagan gave this man a federal holiday why? And more and more Christian preachers are celebrating this man, his beliefs, and his legacy why? It isn’t as if there weren’t PLENTY of black civil rights leaders that were actually Christian to identify and honor. It is no wonder that the media and the international community rejected black Christian leaders and instead embraced both this fellow and the Muslim Malcolm X. To the people wondering why no movie on Dr. King’s life has been made: well anyone who does so would HAVE to deal with the fact that KING WAS NOT A CHRISTIAN. The links below say it all. contains King’s own papers on the subject: and and and in an interview with NBC:

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Streaming Faith Dumps Reuben Armstrong!

Posted by Job on August 13, 2007

See this link: Calling Out Pulpit Pimps is Not Easy. Reuben Armstrong Dumped By Streaming-no-faith (aka Now I had been putting devotionals by doctrinally sound pastors provided by Streaming Faith on this weblog, but no more!

Update: Read about this controversy in Reuben Armstrong’s own words below!

  1. Reuben Armstrong Says:
    August 17th, 2007 at 9:26 pm eBISHOP EDDIE LONG AND BISHOP T.D. JAKES “ATTACK” TALK SHOW HOST REUBEN ARMSTRONGDallas, TX ( – It started after a radio interview in Atlanta, Georgia.Two of the four top Mega -Pastors that have been exposed in the book “Snakes in the Pulpit” are now THREATENING Talk Show Host Reuben Armstrong. Armstrong is the author of “Snakes in the Pulpit”, which is now available for purchase on his website at
    Armstrong said it’s no surprise that the enemies are trying to attack him. “When you are dealing with so-called men of God, you expect the worst.”

    The book which exposes Eddie Long, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar and TD Jakes on how they are using the Word of God to manipulate true believers for Fame and Fortune is scheduled to be released to the public August 29th, 2007. Armstrong said during a press conference with the media, “the Devil knows that by exposing these so-called men of God his party is about to stop.”

    Armstrong nor his staff went into details about the attack, but clearly state that “God is his Protector and no weapon form against him shall prosper.”

    The Reuben Armstrong Show was recently dumped by Streaming Faith, a Christian based site after exposing some of their beloved ministries. Armstrong said during a recent press conference, “It’s not about Streaming Faith nor about the employees of Streaming Faith. It’s about getting SOULS to Christ and that’s the main focus.”
    Armstrong’s show can now been seen on his website, and is broadcasted on TV in 8 states.

    Media Contact:
    Reuben Armstrong
    972-333-9526 or 1-877-773-8236
    Email us:

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People That Protest The Iraq War But Not Abortion Are Hypocrites

Posted by Job on August 3, 2007

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(James 2:17)

***MINNESOTA BRIDGE TRAGEDY!   Please join me in prayer for those families
who lost loved ones in the I-35 bridge collapse Wednesday in Minneapolis/St.
Paul.  We are also praying for those who were injured to fully recover.  Our
thoughts and prayers are with our friends in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area
as they recover from this horrible event.

(Personal note: I vehemently disagree with Bill Keller’s general support of the Iraq War. However, I agree with even more stridently that those who protest the Iraq War while supporting or remaining silent on abortion commit the sin of hypocrisy, and that goes triple for professed Christians.)


In the 12 months since I put a 55 second video clip of an actual abortion being
performed on the homepage, we have received emails from over
1.000 women who were planning on killing their babies, but after watching
that video clip realized they couldn’t do it and chose to let their babies LIVE!
Praise God!  Please, get anyone you know who is even thinking of an abortion
to go watch this video before they make that horrible mistake they will deal
with for the rest of their lives.

Why are the people who are protesting the war in Iraq, upset over those who
are being killed, the same people who fight so we can keep slaughtering over
4,000 innocent babies in this nation EVERY DAY???  I find it ironic those
who wax eloquently on the horrors of those who have been killed in the war
we are waging against those who want to see us wiped off the face of the
planet, are the very same people who actively protest and fight to keep the
practice of infanticide legal in this nation.  Where is their outrage over
the fact that every 24 hours, another 4,000 innocent babies are slaughtered
in this nation??

What can I do?  In dealing with the abortion issue often, helping you to
understand the reality of this blight on our nation both politically and
spiritually, many people who email me ask, “What can I do?”  Over 150 years
ago our nation legally practiced another abomination to God, slavery.  It
was the people of God, those who knew Christ as their Savior who ultimately
forced the abolition of this gross wickedness of one man to another.  It was
men and women of God who refused to sit back and watch unbridled sin exist
despite the fact that it was “legal.”  So it will be with abortion as men
and women of faith properly ask the question, “What can I do?”

In the Book of James, God tells us that “faith without works is dead.” Since
this was written to the church, people who were already saved, it in NO WAY
implies that works will save you.  Ephesians 2:8,9 and many other passages
clearly refute that notion.  What that passage is saying however, is that
once you are saved your faith requires action.  If you are truly saved, you
understand that you have a God-given plan and purpose for your life that
must be fulfilled.  You understand that your life is no longer your own,
that it belongs to Christ.  Your life literally becomes an instrument in the
hands of God to fulfill His Divine plan and purpose.  To be used by God our
Creator is the greatest use of our days on this earth there can be.

While we all have been called to serve God in different ways, we are all
part of the same Body.  We may have different jobs to perform but we are all
on the same team.  Being part of the Body of Christ also carries some shared
responsibilities.  We are all ambassadors of Christ and His representatives
at all times.  We all are called to share our faith with the hurting and
lost, to give people a “reason for the hope we have.”  We all accept the
Absolute Truth and authority of God’s Word.  Subsequently, we can’t simply
sit back and see sin abound and do nothing.  The existence of sin requires
and DEMANDS action on the part of the child of God.

So when confronted with the sin of abortion, what should that action be?
First, prayer.  PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!  I can only imagine the number of
prayers that went up every day during the time slavery was legal in this
nation, that this inhumane practice would end.  Don’t ever underestimate the
power of prayer and EVERY child of God must pray daily for this nation to
get out of the business of killing babies.

Second, communicate to others the Truth of God’s Word.  It is God Himself
who calls abortion murder.  Those who know Christ cannot sit back and be
silent while people support this sin.  Wherever the discussion of abortion
exists, be it in your home with family members, at work or school, out with
friends, or in the public square, a child of God MUST speak out for
righteousness and call this sin what it is…MURDER!

Third, evangelism.  Some of you may be confused how evangelism has anything
to do with the abortion issue, but it is THE answer to this and every other
issue.  You see, when a person is saved, the Bible says they become a “new
creature in Christ.”  They literally are a new creation and the “old things
pass away.”  When a person is saved they get a new heart, they get new
desires, they start to live their life in obedience to God instead of in
rebellion to Him.  The ultimate answer to the abortion issue is to get
people saved since they would no longer make the choice to kill their baby
and the abortion mills would close down due to a lack of business.


I love you and care about you so much.  I know from the outpouring of emails I receive on this issue, many people are frustrated and feel helpless.  Let me remind you, as a child of God we have the greatest power there is, the power of the Holy Sprit indwelling within us.  The Bible proclaims that
NOTHING is impossible with God.  That includes seeing the sin of abortion being performed daily with the full blessings and protection of our Federal Government being wiped out!

Do you realize that less than 4,000 people were killed on 9/11.  The United States properly responded, spending billions to defeat those who would seek to destroy our nation and kill each one of us if they were given the opportunity.  However, more than that number of innocent babies are slaughtered DAILY!  It is clear that the politicians have no guts to stop this practice of legalized infanticide, just like they had no guts to stop the evils of slavery.  It was the people of God who brought slavery to an
end and it will have to be the people of God to bring abortion to an end!

Every man, woman, and child that knows Christ as their Savior can pray, can communicate the Truth of God’s Word that abortion is murder, and can help bring the lost to faith in Christ.  Remember, nothing you do for the Lord is in vain.  If just these things were being done by those who have a personal relationship with Jesus, you would see a major shift on this issue overnight.  In addition, God will raise up key men and women to take a leadership position in carrying out whatever His ultimate plan is to see victory over the sin of abortion.

I will be praying for you today.  Praying that you will realize you DO make a difference.  Just like no one person got this nation to abolish the sin of slavery, it will not be one person to get this nation to abolish the sin of abortion.  It is going to take all of those who know the Lord to make this
happen.  May we rise up in the power of Almighty God and take a stand for righteousness as we say to this lost world, no more killing babies.  We either take action against this sin or we are no better than those who support it.  You ask the question, “What can I do?”  Now I ask you the question, ” What WILL you do?”

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Is There Any Such Thing As A Pro – Choice Christian?

Posted by Job on July 16, 2007

Click on this link before you answer this challenge. Especially if you are a pro – choice Christian. Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, may people who have had abortions or who have given or participated in them know that there is forgiveness, salvation, and deliverance in You. May all of the saints intercede for such people in prayer, and may they answer the call to seek to be cleansed of the sin, the guilt, the fear, the pain, and the hurt. May they come to You so that no man can condemn them for there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, and so that you can set them free. Amen.

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Hillary Clinton Professes To Believe Upon The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Posted by Job on July 8, 2007 She also likes to talk about, you know, “values” and stuff. But the selective set of values and Bible themes that Hillary Clinton chooses to emphasize on … how does that make her any different from – or better than – the religious right, who also traffics in “values” based on selected (and often out of context) Bible themes? That is why I keep claiming that this “religious right values” (see Why Fox News Is Bad For Christianity, Christian Values Do Not Exist, and Christian Values Do Not Exist Part II: The Motivation For Believing A Lie) thing is nothing but a scam that the left will exploit to advance their own agenda one day soon, if not in the form of Hillary Clinton (too much baggage) and Barack Obama (who indeed is looking more and more like he just isn’t cut out to be anything more than a senator no matter how much experience he gets) definitely someone down the line.

As far as Hillary Clinton claiming to believe upon the resurrection, this goes back to the same doctrinal issue that I was speaking of in Final Answer: The Sinner’s Prayer Is Not Only Unnecessary For Salvation, It May Not Be Expedient! Look, lots of people were raised from the dead, Elijah and Enoch were bodily assumed into heaven, and Muslims believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. So, it is vital that one believes in the deity and person of Jesus Christ – whether He was fully man and fully God and is part of the Holy Trinity, which this article specifically did not deal with. Believing that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, was the Lamb of God that died to take away our sins, was raised from the dead, and even that He was the Moshiach (Messiah) is not enough … you have to believe that He was GOD. And still more: one of the most important – and most overlooked – verses in the Bible that has implications for salvation is James 2:19 – “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.” So yes, evil spirits know all of these things.

So, the question that has to be asked of both the religious left and the religious right: what makes us different? What separates us from the world? What separates us from the demons that know that there is a God because they have seen Him? The demons that know that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation? I propose that it is John 14:15 – “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” And I am not talking about the partial list of commandments that the religious left likes to keep. I am not talking about the partial list of commandments that the religious right likes to speak of. I am talking about all of them! THAT is what separates us from the world. THAT is what separates us from demons. And whether you are a Republican in the religious right or a Democrat in the religious left, if you think that you are somehow standing for God’s righteousness and advancing the kingdom of heaven by promoting a bunch of cultural, social, economic, religious, and political beliefs that are based on not so much a faulty incomplete understanding of God’s Word (though that often is a problem) but a desire to only promote and personally keep the part of God’s Word that you like and agree with and make you feel good, then you are only deceiving yourselves.

And that is why the religious left is now able to copy off the religious right’s playbook. Do not claim that it is not going to work unless they start calling abortion and homosexuality sin. News flash: the majority of the nation supports abortion and homosexuality, including a huge percentage of Republicans. There are plenty of moderates and independents that profess Christianity that either support or simply do not care about abortion and gay rights that the Democrats will be able to reach on election day with their religion talk. This false dichotomy that we like to pretend where the churches are either very conservative fundamentalist on the right and are ordaining gay ministers and abortion doctors on the left: that is not reality. The truth is that most churches are pretty much “in the center”, promote a mix of traditional and revisionist doctrine, and pretty much stay out of the controversial social, political, and religious issues of the day. The Democrats will well be able to come up with rhetoric that will allow them to chase that sizable contingent of voters – ELCA Lutherans, PCUSA Presbyterians, mainstream Baptists and Methodists, Episcopals that support neither Schori or Akinola, most Catholics, etc. while not alienating their base.

Before the religious right starts screaming “its unfair!” please remember that the religious right was only emulating the organizing strategies and tactics of the left, especially the civil rights movement. Just as Martin Luther King, Jr. and similar used religious organizations and selective Bible themes to pursue what was really a secular agenda, the religious right did the same. Neither side sought to truly increase the righteousness of this nation the only true way: which is to increase the number of Christian converts, and to call the existing Christians to righteousness in accordance to scripture. Instead, both movements pushed the very successful message that your righteousness is determined not by your belief in and commitment to the Bible, but rather your political, social, and cultural beliefs. There was no evangelism imperative, because it was all about being better, more moral, than the people on the other side of the ideological divide. And there was no call to repentance, because each side told their own that they were fine: they were already righteous, and it was THE OTHER SIDE that was responsible for the evil in the nation and in the world. Why? Because whether you are in the religious right or the religious left the same message is taught: that you can be a better person and make the world a better place apart from the Bible. So, it leads to the sort of madness that exists today where both the Christian right and the Christian left defend their own leaders and attack the leaders on the other side when they both promote many of the same policies and behave themselves in much the same way. Neither the Christian right or the Christian left is committed to advancing the cause of Jesus Christ in this nation, because both have attached themselves to a political agenda that allows them to ignore the cause of advancing Jesus Christ in their own lives while simultaneously telling themselves that it is their political views that makes them more righteous than the next guy; that if there is a God in heaven then it will be on the basis of their political beliefs that they will be saved and the next guy will perish.

Well, now it looks like the Democrats are finding a way to give the religious middle what the religious left and the religious right have had for decades: a sense of false spiritual maturity, righteousness, and pride that you get from putting your hope in worldly beliefs rather than God who is a spirit. I just want you Republicans to know that before you start howling and crying when this new “religious moderate” thing gets off the ground and becomes the new media buzzword, and you social conservatives get angry when Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, etc. leave you behind to fight the Democrats over them, that you need to know that you made it possible. You were the ones that convinced yourselves that you were standing for God and advancing his kingdom by dealing with people like Ralph Reed, Scooter Libby, Jack Abramoff, Mark Foley, etc. It is as bad as the religious left thinking that supporting race hustling poverty pimps and people who supported the Soviets during the Cold War would somehow result in this nation’s race, class, and gender divisions evaporating.

Is the point of this entry that Hillary Clinton is not truly a Christian or is not truly saved? No. The point is that from where I sit and from what I see, there is no basis to presume that virtually any member of the religious right is any more saved than Hillary Clinton is. Put it like this: if you were to poll most conservative Christian Republicans as to which one of Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush is more likely to be born again, the overwhelming majority would pick Bush, and the same would apply down the line for virtually any matchup between similar Democrats and Republicans. What would be their basis for making such a decision? Political party and political views. And this is the really sad part: given the choice between a Democrat that they perceived to be saved and a GOPer that they perceive to be not, who would they pick? I bet that a great many of them would pick the GOPer and trust the party rather than the saved Democrat and trust God. (Incidentally, it is not as if the Christian Democrats are any better.) And that is the really scary part, and why this nation needs a real revival instead of a religious political movement.

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If Bishop Akinola Is Considered A Liberal In Africa, Then How Apostate Is The Western Anglicans And Episcopalians?

Posted by Job on July 5, 2007 Please read his miraculous tale of being delivered from being murdered as a child by a ritual sacrifice, and know why this guy takes such a hard line (by our standards at least). Please pray that Akinola continues to contend for the faith. Please note this article also, which states that the gay bishop Robinson will be invited to the ten year global Anglican communion and will be allowed to speak while the Bible – believing “conservative” Bishop Minns will not be allowed there even as a guest. There really is no reason for these people to stick around; they are obviously not wanted! And his stating that the western church demanding that his church accept deviation from scripture is “a reimposation of imperalism” … nice, very nice indeed!

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Peace Prize Winner Bishop Desmond Tutu Advocates Media Censorship On Behalf Of Muslim Terrorists

Posted by Job on June 28, 2007

Jews frequently call Bishop Tutu a vehement foe of Israel. I ignore such talk, because in doing so they generally leave out the inconvenient fact that Israel supported the South Africa apartheid regime until the very end, even when the rest of the world had turned their backs on them, just might have something to do with it. Now while Tutu and Mandela rightfully opposed our president’s skull and crossbones adventure in Iraq, it was almost certainly for the wrong reason. Statements like this (see cut and paste below) make me more convinced that anyone that the “international community highly respects”  should have their comments and actions carefully weighed and measured against the Bible by Christians. Please recall, for instance, how the American equivalent of Desmond Tutu, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. popularized syncretism (mixing Christianity with other religions or belief systems) in American religious life by mixing Christianity with Mohandas (Mahatma) Ghandi’s jainism, and more still solidified the notion that Christianity can be (or should be) used to seek earthly ends rather than a heavenly reward. (Do I have a problem with “nonviolent social change”? Well, not so much with the idea of God calling us to be nonviolent, but rather our seeking change through subversive  and aggressive political pressure movements. Please recall that Jesus Christ and his disciples and apostles specifically abstained from political activism, which is a major problem with the “Bible prophecy as resistance literature” eschatological interpretations.)

And as a result, it is now more tolerable to criticize God in this country (and in most others) than King! So, if you don’t believe that “the international community” isn’t co – opting these preachers to suit their own agenda, then you need to look a little more clearly, not only at the preachers on the religious left, but right wing ones like T.D. Jakes and Rick Warren (both of whom have endorsed syncretism themselves: see HERETIC TD JAKES ENDORSES YOGA AND CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER! and  

Archbishop Desmond Tutu recently called on the media to be more careful when choosing words for religious conflict reports. Archbishop Tutu, a South African who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, said on Wednesday that broad understanding of trouble spots was often complicated by the language used to describe the activities of people or religions involved in them. Speaking at a Reuters Newsmaker event in London, Tutu addressed journalists in the audience, calling for tolerance and understanding of religions. “I would hope that you in the media would be passionate about letting people judge for themselves, that you would be careful about some of the language that you do actually use,” he said. “‘Muslim terrorism’ – have you ever read anywhere ‘Christian terrorism’? – as if Islam propagates violence, but you have never spoken about what happened in Northern Ireland as Christian terrorism,” he said. “Fundamentally there is no faith that I know that propagates violence that says it’s a good thing to oppress anybody.” Tutu said he recognised the media could be a force for good but that it had responsibilities. “You have a very powerful media. I know because you helped us very much in our struggle to tell our story. You did it for us and we benefited enormously.”

However, Archbishop Tutu added that understanding different religions required peoples of all faiths to understand different perspectives. “We Christians ought to get off our high horse and learn to be a great deal more humble, when you look at our history, the bloody things that we did in the name of religion,” he said. The gathering also marked the launch of the Tutu Foundation UK, an organisation intended to bring the experience of truth and reconciliation in South Africa to inner city communities in Britain. The foundation will aim to give young people an increased understanding of people from other cultures, working in partnership with bodies such as the YMCA, the Prince’s Trust and Henley Management College. Its work is also intended to reach out to people who, through their work, find themselves in a responsible position where they can help others and affect their quality of life. Original link: here

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