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Can We Do Anything To Speed The Return Of Jesus Christ? Why I Say NO!

Posted by Job on November 20, 2007

Up until very recently I sincerely felt that Christians could speed the return of Jesus Christ by doing works, such as spreading the gospel. But now I find out by reading “Messiah In The Old Testament” by the (rather liberal but still orthodox) Walter Kaiser out that the Pharisees had that same error. They were correct in presuming that their failure to keep the law resulted in their nation being sent into captivity and subjected to brutal subjugation. They were correct that the prophets who foretold their current fate also spoke of a coming Messiah. So then, what was their error? A perfectly understandable mistake: that if disobeying the law caused them to lose their nation, monarchy, and sovereignty, then keeping the law would cause these things to be restored by the Messiah that their prophets spoke of. Of course, the natural progression was that the Jews could speed the return of the Messiah by being VERY ZEALOUS, but that being “less than zealous” would hinder his coming. That is why their actions against Jesus Christ, who like John Hagee His being Messiah they rejected, were very understandable … they thought that His using His influence with the people to disobey their interpretation of the law was hindering the restoration of Israel and the Messianic age.

This belief did not die, incidentally. The reason why Jews went from tolerating Jesus Christ’s Jewish followers as a sect within Judaism (if an errant bothersome one … though they far from the only ones considered errant and bothersome) to expelling them from their synagogues as apostates and heretics was because they were ultimately scapegoated for the destruction of the temple in 70 AD and Jerusalem in 117 AD. Why? Because they were following the Man who taught them to disobey the law, causing God to punish us as He did in 586 BC. (Of course, this is not said directly, instead they say that the reason why the second temple was destroyed was “the lack of unity.”) And though this is similarly rarely spoken of, some Jewish leaders blamed the Holocaust on a number of Jews going after secularism and liberalism (Conservative and Reform Judaism) and a general failure to keep the Sabbath. And to this day, the goal of rabbinic Judaism is to cause God to grant the Jewish nation their Messiah.

Is it an oversimplification to say that the Pharisees were too preoccupied and self – assured in their doctrines that they could bring cause the Messiah to come through works that they did not recognize the Messiah when He came to them not by their works to do their Will but by God’s grace to do God’s Will? For it must be said: the Word of God says that if a man labors, he must reap the benefits thereof. If even the ox that treads the corn should not be muzzled, how much more so should a man that labors be? So the inevitable conclusion is that with anything that man produces with works, man can take some credit for it. Man can take some ownership of it. Man can have some control over it. As such, the Messiah produced by works would have been THEIR Messiah to do THEIR Will, even if only least in part. So when Jesus Christ came to do not their Will in any sense but God’s, and was so not owned by or beholden to man that He did no so much as have a human father, they rejected Him because He was not the creation of their own hands. Nay, He was not the creation of ANY, but rather the uncreated God, the Word of the Trinity.

That is why our own salvation cannot be the result of works. If we labored in any least sense, in any jot or tittle, then that would give us that much ownership rights and control over our souls. That would deprive God not only of His due glory, but His ownership rights as our sole creator and sole managers of our destiny. And since works produce works, it would give preachers and evangelists ownership rights over those converted by their efforts! Now imagine the effect of this … the great masses of the redeemed dwelling with God in heaven, not only with each having a claim on himself and many having claims on others, but the combined net worth effect of their collective claims! For eternity! (Believe in interest perhaps?) So I say “God forbid!” Such a thing cannot not be and will not be. What say you?

And that brings us to the Imminent return of our Lord and Savior Y’shua HaMashiach, better known as Jesus Christ. If it were possible to facilitate or speed His return by the gospel or any other works, we would have a claim on His Return and Him with it! Since all things were created by the Word (John 1:3) through Him we would have a claim on the entire creation. And since He is one with the Holy Spirit, we would through Him have a claim on the Holy Spirit. And since He is one with the Father, we would through Him have a claim on the Father. And because sinful man would have a valid legal claim on the Father, the Father would no longer be holy and no longer sovereign. The result? He would be a false god, no god at all! God forbid that such a thing should happen. So now, Christian, do you see the error of works based theology?

Yet works based theology is alive and well in Christendom, and it is not limited to the Roman Catholic Church. It is alive and well in the Protestant movement too. Let me give you three ways.

1. Tithing. The practice was for the Old Testament only and for a specific purpose: to support the priests who stood before God’s presence as man’s mediator. The Book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus Christ is our priest forever after the order of Melchisedec. From that, if you continue to tithe to your pastor or church, two things can reasonably be inferred. A. It is your pastor and your church and not Jesus Christ that is the mediator between you and the Father. Please realize that such is the position of the Roman Catholic Church. I cannot help but – after a somewhat whimsical fashion – wonder if Matthew 23:9And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven” is a prophetic polemic against the Roman Catholic practice to come. B. That Jesus Christ either never came, never died, or never resurrected. Those who continue this practice in ignorance of the truth do so in ignorance of the truth. But to those that have come into the knowledge of the truth, new covenant giving is to be directed by 2 Corinthians 9:7 which reads: “Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.”

2. The prosperity/Word of Faith movement, where we are taught that we receive things from God not according to grace, but by works. The prosperity doctrine the works are actually somewhat indirect through obedience (to quote Jesse DuPlantis, “the prosperity doctrine is an obedience doctrine”) and compulsory giving (John Hagee teaches that those who do not tithe will have their wages cursed by God, and that you will receive a greater blessing for giving to Jews and Israel than elsewhere). But the Word of Faith movement is more direct in telling people that you can bit a bridle and harness in the mouth of God, hop upon His back, and drive and command Him to use His Power to control nature and history as you see fit! It was from Albert Pendarvis of – who ironically is located a few miles away from Jesse DuPlantis – whom I first heard warn Christians against those preachers that were “commanding God, not respecting Him, and misusing His Name” in the charismatic movement, especially the faith healers. Of course I was a full gospel Kenneth Hagin Word of Faith/prosperity adherent at the time so I rejected him at the time, but now I must acknowledge the truth in his preaching in this matter. These doctrines deny grace and try to co – opt, manipulate, and control God.

3. Christian Zionism. If you are a dispensational pre – tribulation rapture doctrine adherent, I shall not speak against you for believing in that doctrine. What I do speak against is how so many pastors who hold this view teach that we can speed or facilitate the return of Jesus Christ based on it! For instance, some Christians are helping finance the return of Jews to Israel. But the Bible says that it is the Messiah’s job to do this in Jeremiah 23:3-6. Some Christians are helping Jews breed red heifers so that the Jews can restart their sacrifices in the temple. Why are we facilitating that which we no there is no profit but instead is a snare, an act of rebellion against everything that Hebrews says? Are we helping the Muslims practice their religion? Why not? Are they not the children of Abraham too? Are we aiding the Hindus, Mormons, and Scientologists in their abominations? Did Jesus Christ come in the flesh, die on the cross for our sins, and rise again on the third day or not? Did He do such a thing for the Jew first and then the Gentile or did He not? Are we ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Jews’ presence? For the Jews’ sake? Well what John Hagee is now preaching is merely the fruition, the logical conclusion of that mindset!

And speaking of John Hagee, it is not enough to speak of his dual covenant theology, though it is bad. Hagee, Robertson, and their fellow travelers use “defending Israel” as an license to justify whatever level of atrocity and militarization of the Middle East they desire. With Hagee, his running a “Christian AIPAC” gives a third tier televangelist from San Antonio great wealth and power. And as for Robertson, who does own oil interests, how much is his personal wealth increased by oil being over $100 a barrel? And how much higher will the price of oil go if our government assassinates Hugo Chavez as Pat Robertson suggested? How much higher will it go if we invade Iran as Hagee demands? Now Hagee prophesied (back when I was a fan of his show) that we would be at war with Iran by now and that Jesus Christ would come back a few months later. Put all the details in his best – selling books. A false prophet that no one has held accountable? Of course!

But consider what would happen if Hagee was RIGHT. That would mean that it would be possible for even crooks, liars, thieves, and false prophets to have a claim on God if works doctrines be true. Though they are false preachers, the gospel is preached through these fellows, and people are saved by it. But you can see the effects of people perceiving works doctrines to be true? These pastors have tens, possibly hundreds, of millions of people at their command, onward Christian soldiers marching to war! Blood, violence, disease, starvation, death, and poverty for the many. All for the profit of a few. Is that the gospel of Jesus Christ? Maybe a false Jesus Christ that you can own through works, but not the true Jesus Christ obtained only by grace. We are to show love to God’s people and His holy city, certainly, but the way that the Bible tells us to. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Support the legitimate needs of Jews out of love and obedience to God, not expecting blessings in return or in support of a political agenda. And to also give aid to the Palestinians so as to not show partiality.

So in the final analysis we must come to the conclusion that man can do nothing to speed the return of Jesus Christ. No one knows the day or the hour. Jesus Christ is returning when the Father sees fit. The sovereign God will determine when Christ will return. God is not hindered by man, He is not frustrated by man, He is not dependent upon man. God is sovereign. 2 Peter 3:9 declares that it is by the grace of God and not the works of man that has hindered the coming of Jesus Christ to this day, and it will be by that same grace that Jesus Christ comes to rescue the church from this life and punish all else for its uncleanness. Yes, it is said that Christ will not return until the gospel is preached throughout the world, and that does mean that evangelism and missionary work should be done in Jerusalem, in Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth from the least to the greatest, the youngest to the oldest. But even that will not be our doing lest any man should boast, but rather God’s doing. I am going to co – opt the words that so offended the renowned missionary William Carey and say that when it pleases God to evangelize the world He will do it without your help or mine. He will do it without the ecumenical movements. He will do it without the TBN satellites that Paul Crouch asserted in one of his mass mailings was the angel flying around the world proclaiming the gospel in Revelation 14:6.

The sovereign God will do this by His grace! And when history comes to a close, all creation will see that God does not need us. Instead, it is we that need Him. The only question is whether people realize this in due time or in past time. Those who do so in due time will receive eternal life as a reward. Those who fail? Eternal wrath and destruction. Will you do so know? Will you bow before the Great King of creation, acknowledge that you need Him, and submit yourself to Him? I urge you to do so now, for tomorrow is not promised. There are many people that were here yesterday that presumed that they would be here today that are not. Are you better than they are? If so, how? I say this not to frighten or manipulate you but rather because I am concerned about you, and also because it is undeniably true. If you have not acknowledged the sovereignty of God, please do so. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan right now.


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Billy Graham Opposed The Evangelization Of Jews!

Posted by Job on August 23, 2007

Wow, it is becoming more and more difficult to defend Billy Graham! On one hand, a great many people have been brought to Christ and inspired to evangelize by his ministry. On the other, his ties to Roman Catholics and corrupt globalist politicians (The New World Order) cannot be denied. And here now, we see Graham opposing what the Bible clearly says regarding evangelism attempts: to the Jew first and then the Gentile. Why? Well start with the fact that the Vatican Council of the 1960s officially endorsed dual covenant theology. Rejecting that doctrine rejects the authority and inerrancy of the the pope, and ecumenical Protestants like Graham try their best to create a form of Christianity that does not directly conflict with or contradict Roman Catholicism. Second, Graham was, let us face it, universally embraced, loved by THE WORLD. The world demands of all Christians first and foremost that we deny that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation! After we do that, it opens the floodgates to all sorts of things, leading to the very denial of the authority of God and His coming judgment itself. Now of course, all sorts of justifications are given for demanding that Christians not proselytize Jews, and it does include legitimate issues such as past Christian persecution of Jews and their own religious convictions. For that reason, Messianic Jews themselves do a great job of telling us not to be deceptive, coercive, or insensitive and oafish in our attempts to convert Jews. The Bible does say “He that winneth souls is wise (Proverbs 11:30b).” But the Bible is clear on this fact: we have to do it: see Romans 1:16. Anyone who suggests otherwise does not take Christianity seriously, and is demanding that Christians cease to do so as well. And this exposes the hypocrisy: the very same people who use the spiritual beliefs of the Jewish religion as a motive to try to get Christians to stop evangelizing Jews ignore or oppose the fact that our own spiritual beliefs compel us to proselytize Jews and everyone else! Now such people lie and claim that what they are after is universal respect for one another’s religion, which means no one attempting to convert anyone else, and calling that “freedom of religion.” No, freedom of religion means the freedom to practice your religion, and evangelism is an integral part of legitimate Christianity. Second, their own hypocrisy is exposed whenever these same people glorify the conversion of a Christian to Islam (especially if the Christian is black), and furthermore by their own attempts to use the media, popular entertainment, the education system, etc. to convert Christians to secularism and atheism! So it has NOTHING to do with respect for Judaism, and EVERYTHING to do with opposing Jesus Christ. Billy Graham knew this, and the fact that he did not take a stand WITH those people who were trying to spread the gospel and AGAINST those that were hindering the gospel shows which side he was on!

See link: Billy Graham Blasts Brethren

The Jewish Week/January 7, 2000

By Eric J. Greenberg

Rev. Billy Graham has questioned leaders of his own Southern Baptist denomination for targeting Jews and others for conversion.

“I normally defend my denomination. I’m loyal to it. But I have never targeted Muslims. I have never targeted Jews,” he said this week in an interview with Fox News.

The comments from the 80-year-old world-renowned evangelist [are] considered significant as the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention-the nation’s largest Christian group with 15.8 million member-has recently increased efforts to proselytize Jews, Hindus and others. The move has sparked outrage from Jewish and non-Jewish religious leaders.

“I consider Graham’s comments very important because he is giving a reprimand and a corrective to the religious extremists who have taken control of the Southern Baptist Convention,” said Rabbi James Rudin, director of interreligious affairs for the American Jewish Committee.

Philip Abramowitz, director of the Task Force on Missionaries and Cults for the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, also welcomed Graham’s remarks. “It’s wonderful that he has made such a statement,” said Abramowitz, whose organization has been locked in a running quarrel with Dr. Paige Patterson, president of the Baptist Convention.

The JCRC charges Patterson with endorsing “deceptive tactics” used by Hebrew Christian groups to entice non-affiliated Jews to accept Jesus as God. In response, Patterson proposed a meeting between his leaders and Hebrew Christians and Jewish leaders. But JCRC rejected that, countering with a proposal for a one-on-one meeting between Patterson and JCRC president Gedale Horowitz.

In the latest development, Patterson rejected the counteroffer and called the matter closed. But the Southern Baptist leadership said it intends to send thousands of missionaries to Chicago next summer to try to convert Jews and Muslims, sparking an outcry from Chicago’s religious leaders.

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Posted by Job on August 6, 2007

It is in Pakistan. Please click on link to read about it: FIRST SYNAGOGUE

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What Christians Can Learn From Watching Hugo Chavez

Posted by Job on April 15, 2007

See this link. On one hand, Hugo Chavez persecutes Christians, hates Jews and Israel, supports Iran (or at least he does so openly as opposed to most everyone else doing it secretly), and is a Marxist. On the other hand, the guy might actually delay the anti – Christ agenda a bit. As a matter of fact, that may be what these people REALLY have against guys like him and Zimbabwe’s Mugabe (since we know that the international community could care less about mass repression and genocide … keep in mind that Zimbabwe’s problems started when Mugabe refused to allow genetically modified grain into his country).

First, it appears that I was being not so bright when I was taken in by the biofuel sham. Check out this statement from the article:  “However, even if all arable land on Earth were turned over to biofuel production, it still would not meet world demand for oil, so Chavez is joined by many experts who caution that promoting ethanol as a substitute for gasoline is environmentally misguided.” So, the ethanol deal with Brazil has EVERYTHING to do with opposing Chavez and NOTHING to do with the environment OR the economy. And do I mean by opposing Chavez? Well, it is known that Chavez wants to create a Latin American OPEC. What is less known is that CHAVEZ WANTS TO CREATE AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE WORLD BANK AND THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND.

Now consider that the agenda of the anti – Christ (and of the Council On Foreign Relations, which Bush and a lot of other leading politicians, academics, journalists, entertainers, and MINISTERS are members of or have ties to) is global economic and political centralisation (I just love how the British use “s” where we use “z”). Chavez opposes this, feeling that it would subjugate the world to a white western capitalist hegemony, and is doing his best to undermine it first by creating a “Latin American EU” and then trying to get Africa and the Middle East on board. Now to be honest, I actually did misspeak when I said “Latin American EU”, because the REAL EU supports globalisation (there I go with the British “s” for “z” again).  This despite significant opposition to globalisation in Europe on the left AND the right. Now keep in mind: there USED to be significant opposition to globalisation on the left AND right in America too. But that was before Council On Foreign Relations – backed candidates took over both parties (most significantly the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute Bushes for the Republicans and the Brookings Institution Democratic Leadership Council Clintons for the Democrats) and the media (who went on to make sure that every liberal and conservative opponent to globalisation was portrayed as a crackpot … please note that Tom Brokaw is a board member of the Council On Foreign Relations).  So, far from Christians ROOTING for a guy who persecutes Christians, we need to watch and pray, and be careful that we do not support the anti – Christ in our zeal to oppose Chavez.

There is, however, another angle at looking at this, though. Right now, Latin America and the rest of the “third world” is politically, militarily, and economically decentralised. Many of them do not want to deal with the west – especially if it means globalisation, and George W. Bush’s “debt relief” proposals demanded that they accept globalisation as a condition – and many of them could not even if they wanted to (while they do have the goal of global economic integration, nations who want to participate need to be able to meet certain conditions and criteria, or else the cost would be too great for the rich and powerful nations and corporations to bear, causing some of them –  the ones who see globalisation as a means to more wealth and power as opposed to being an end – to pull out). So, a lot of nations who mistrust/hate/fear globalisation as done by the same people who colonised and exploited them and are keeping them in poverty by manipulation of global financial and trade markets (imagine their nerve!) they would be willing to join forces with a Latin American west – baiting Marxist, and conditions for membership in his economic organizations would be minimial. For example, if you want to deal with the west, they will demand that you demonstrate political and economic stability (and the potential for economic growth) over a period of time. That is what the big banks, corporate investors, and the people who control governmental economic policy demand. The problem is: how does a third world country meet the political and economic conditions over any period of time without the support of the international economic and political communith that is required to achieve it? The only real way is with an authoritarian regime. But the problem is that the west DEMANDS that EVERYONE reject authoritarianism for “free open democratic secular societies.” In case you were wondering why virtually no one ever seems to move up from the ranks of “third world or developing countries”, this would be it. And that was why so many eastern European nations (as well as Spain, Portugal, and Turkey) were clamoring to get into the EU: it offered their only real shot at improving their lot. (What does the EU get in return? Well, letting the poor nations in – who HAVE to adopt the euro because they have NO LEVERAGE – increases the pressure on the EU nations who have not yet adopted the single EU currency to do so.)  

But the EU cannot help everybody. First, even their much more “forgiving” economic and political standards would never be met by the vast majority of the world’s poor nations. Second, a great many of the world’s poor nations hate/fear/mistrust the nations that once held them as colonies. Third: they’re the EUROPEAN Union. The Turkey thing is being entertained because they are right next to Europe and because of the whole history thing: (Turkey was part of the Roman Empire, which became the Ottoman Empire which was headquartered in Turkey, “western” Christianity owes its development as much to Turkey as it does to Rome if not more so; as a matter of fact Turkey claims that there would be no Europe had it not been for them). The EU was laying the groundwork for integrating some of their former colonies on some basis (hence the very liberal immigration policies) but was forced to abandon it due to vehement opposition (as in the kind that would have sparked large – scale riots, revolts, etc. all over Europe). It became obvious that the EU was giving up on this plan when the pilot plan, the attempt to create a trade/currency zone between France and Senegal, was ended by France in the 1990s because it was so politically unpopular. But even had it worked, there would have been a limit to how many nations the EU could have admitted or even created trade/currency zones with.

Enter Chavez. He would be able to get much of the “third world” to join his economic and political hegemony. Not only would they not have to overcome their hatred/mistrust/fear of former colonial subjugators that are still keeping them poor, those emotions (demons) would actually be a powerful incentive for them to join the alternative. Indeed, his alternative may actually appear to be their only hope. And of course, his “EU” would not have practically any economic or political requirements for membership or try to impose “open free capitalist democratic societies” on anyone. Therefore, a significant portion of the world population that can’t or won’t join the west would be able to follow Chavez.

Now, my position that this wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing is based on the presumption that Chavez’s institutions would be separate from and in opposition to the western ones, and be in contradiction with the anti – Christ goal of global economic and political domination. But for that position to be valid, we have to presume that A) Chavez isn’t actually collaborating with the western globalists behind the scenes or that B) they are just allowing Chavez to accomplish what they could never do on their own – the economic and political integration of the third world – so that they can then absorb the unified third world entity when it is done. The thing is that even IF Chavez isn’t (knowingly) working for them right now, after he gets through doing their dirty work for them, if he opposes their agenda they can always, you know, deal with that problem so that it doesn’t become a problem anymore.

The upshot of this is that since Chavez isn’t working in the Lord, all of his efforts are going to wind up helping the very people and agenda that he is fighting against down the line. What Christians should realize is that if WE do not work in the Lord, always obedient to His Commandments as laid out in the Bible, no matter our intentions our works will wind up furthering the agenda of the anti – Christ too.

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Iran Begins Dramatic Nuclear Expansion (Because We Let Them Or Told Them To)

Posted by Job on April 12, 2007

See this link. And the opening sentence is just outstanding: “Iran today announced it has begun enriching uranium with 3,000 centrifuges, a dramatic expansion of a nuclear program that has drawn U.N. sanctions and condemnation from the West.” So then, what good are “U. N. sanctions” and “condemnation from the West”? Is there ANY EVIDENCE that we are applying ANY PRESSURE TO IRAN AT ALL? If I didn’t know better, I would say that perhaps it is all a sham and that the international community actually WANTS Iran to develop nuclear capacity. After all, did we stop Pakistan, India, and North Korea from developing theirs? And that is another thing: after ALL THIS TIME, precisely what has changed in the world for Pakistan, India, North Korea, and Iran TO ALL DEVELOP NUCLEAR CAPABILITY WITHIN THE LAST TEN TO TWELVE YEARS?!?! How is it that they were unable or unwilling to develop nuclear capability BEFORE, but all of a sudden gained the ability and capability since Clinton and Bush got into office? Come on now. It really does appear that all of these countries have been getting major help from China, Russia, and several other nations (and corporations that represent or do business in still more nations) in order to pull this off. And get this: why would they have even sought this if someone hadn’t told them that A) it was possible and B) nothing would happen to them?

Now compare how we have allowed India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT while BY STARK CONTRAST reducing Iraq, Afghanistan, and Serbia to smoldering heaps of rubble and killing their leaders in the process. When Iraq built their reactor, ISRAEL BLEW IT UP! And how come Iran hasn’t been given the crushing sanctions that caused so much misery in Iraq (and South America)? And how come WE KEEP GIVING NORTH KOREA MONEY NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO! And get this: now Japan is talking about restarting their army. They SAY that they are going to honor their pledge to never go nuclear, BUT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH INVESTIGATING THE MATTER JUST TO BE SURE!

Something is going on, people. I am not so much concerned for what it is (for true Christians are to be ready for anything) as to why no one is talking about it. Where are all these really smart people who are supposed to be able to put all this stuff together? Get this: “In Tehran, some 200 students formed a human chain at Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization while chanting “death to America” and “death to Britain.” The students burnt flags of the two nations.” So obviously we know where this facility is. Which means that we could have bombed it LONG AGO if we wanted to. Which means that the people in Iran know that we know (unless they are completely out of it). You know?

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