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U.S. Defends Itself From Charges Of Racism By United Nations

Posted by Job on February 22, 2008

Now I bash America as much as the next guy, but the truth is that America by far has less racism, tribalism, and classism than any country on the planet. (As far as sexism goes, I have not investigated the matter, but any country that claims to be less sexist than America I say prove it.) A lot of the people that leave America on account of its alleged racism and go to places like Britain, France, and Africa … well those people are high income leftist elites, usually artists and intellectuals. Most of them will NEVER admit that rank and file blacks have much less opportunity in those countries than in America. They pretend otherwise because those countries are controlled by the left politically (and in America they would be the far left, the Green Party, the conservative parties in most countries would be Hillary Clinton Democrats in this one). The only reason why the U.N. keeps charging the U.S. with internal racism is because it serves the interests of international socialism. It has nothing to do with the actual plight of black people, because if they really cared about black people they would talk about how if you are black in France, Germany, England, etc. you mostly just sit on welfare because you can’t get a job. These folks are basically just using racism as an excuse to attack America for not being a secular socialist nation.

By Stephanie Nebehay Reuters GENEVA

The United States, in the dock at a U.N. forum accused of racial discrimination, said on Thursday it was combating hate crimes such as displays of hangman’s nooses as well as police brutality against minorities. A U.S. delegation defended Washington’s record at the start of a two-day debate at the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The committee’s 18 independent experts grilled U.S. officials on issues including racial profiling in the wake of the September 11 attacks, police brutality against minorities, and the high proportion of African-Americans on death row. “We note that sadly, racial discrimination exists all over the world, including the United States,” Grace Chung Becker, acting assistant attorney-general at the U.S. Department of Justice’s civil rights division, told the meeting.

“The United States is committed to continuing its hard work to combat racial discrimination,” she declared. Substantial progress had been made over the years in addressing disparities in housing, education, employment and health care, according to a U.S. report submitted to the body. Last year, the United States launched a “racial threats initiative” to facilitate investigations of nooses and other racially-motivated threats around the country, Becker said.

It was prosecuting a case involving nooses hung from the back of a truck which circled around a group of peaceful civil rights demonstrators waiting at a bus stop, she added. U.S. President George W. Bush last week condemned as “deeply offensive” a spate of incidents involving hangman’s nooses, a potent symbol of racist lynchings and hatred of blacks.

Some 47 states have laws against hate crimes, which they actively enforce, according to the U.S. delegation on Thursday. U.S. officials had investigated more than 800 racially-motivated incidents against people perceived to be Arab, Muslim, Sikh or South Asian since the September 11 attacks.

Despite a drop in the number and seriousness of such crimes, identifying and prosecuting them remained a priority. The Bush administration had been “the first to issue racial profiling guidelines for federal law enforcement officers and remains committed to the elimination of unlawful racial profiling by law enforcement agencies,” Becker said.

Linos-Alexander Sicilianos, the U.N. committee’s rapporteur on the United States, replied that instead of ending the practice, the government appeared to be giving guidance to police to show them how to carry out racial profiling. He also cited “overwhelming evidence” of police brutality against racial and ethnic minorities, including African- Americans, Latinos, Arabs and Muslims.

Experts also raised questions on the rights of Native Americans, the disproportionate number of people of color in prison, juveniles serving life sentences without parole, and the estimated 5.3 million felons who have lost their voting rights. The American Civil Liberties Union, in its own shadow report issued earlier this week, blasted what it called “the persistent structural racism and inequality” in the country.

The U.N. committee upholds compliance with a 1965 treaty ratified by 173 countries including the United States. It is to issue its findings on seven countries on March 7.

(Editing by Andrew Roche)

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U.N. Declares Criticism Of Islam Off Limits!

Posted by Job on January 10, 2008

From True Discernment weblog:

Don’t criticise Islam, says UN

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The Main Problem With Many Of The Theories On Who The Anti – Christ Is Supposed To Be

Posted by Job on July 5, 2007

Catholics say that it will be a rogue pope. More extreme Protestants say that it is the Roman Catholic Church. Evangelicals say that it will be the European Union or the United Nations. During the Cold War, many were certain that the communists were going to play a huge role in it. Now during the “global war on terror” (which a lot of people seem to forget that the Christian west pretty much started and is DEFINITELY responsible for funding and arming “our enemies” in the first place), Islam has replaced the communists. And it is interesting: thanks to the “ecumenism” movement, a lot of Protestants that would have put the blame on Catholics are trying to cast blame elsewhere, especially to the Muslims or the EU. By the same token, a lot of Catholics that would have figured that the best sign that the pope had turned apostate would have been his making overtures to Protestants are now looking elsewhere. After all, Tim LaHaye had to have the pope raptured in his “Left Behind” novels, or that would have seriously harmed his ability to associate with politically conservative Catholics on the religious right through the Center For National Policy and similar. (Since the Center For National Policy is an arm of the Council on Foreign Relations and similar groups, it is interesting that “Left Behind” kept the focus trained solely on the EU, and not on any of the various groups, some secret and some not so secret, that are either aligned with the Council on Foreign Relations or allied with it … no mention of the Skulls and Crossbones, the Bilderbergs, the Masons, etc. Gee, I wonder why! Almost makes you wonder if a lot of these pretribulationists are being used to run interference for certain people.) It is also curious that where many Christians once accused Jews of playing a key role in the anti – Christ coming to power, the neo – dual covenant theologians of the dispensational evangelical movement have taken precisely the opposite view (motivated by their belief that pursuing self – interested, self – motivated, self – pleasing, and self – serving “relationships” with our friends in the Jewish community is the quickest way to get them to all return to Israel and rebuild the temple so the rapture can happen; of course those same Jews that would speed the departing of the Christians to heaven would be left behind to endure the great tribulation … oh well too bad hey it sucks to be you, you should have accepted Christ while you had the chance … ooops I forgot we listened to John Hagee when he said not to target Jews for conversion because doing that will slow down the process of getting you back into Israel so we can leave you behind there to face the anti-Christ. If that is what “loving your neighbor as yourself” means, I really don’t blame Jews for not wishing to be “loved” in that fashion.)

The main issue is that this “man of sin” is supposed to cause all the people of the world to worship one religion. Claiming that it will be Roman Catholicism will mean that Muslims and Jews will have to become Catholic. (Keep on holding your breath waiting for that to happen.) Similar problems exist with the beast being a Muslim, a communist, a mason, a Mormon, a UN/EU secular humanist, or some leading political figure that you don’t like. While all of these may knowingly or unknowingly (I am believing that it is mostly the latter, though you had better believe that the former exists) play a role in bringing the anti – Christ and his system into reality and power, the beast himself will command universal support: be all things to all people. Meanwhile, any person from the groups listed above (or pretty much any other group) will by definition provoke opposition from a substantial percentage of the population. Of course, global economic, political, medical, environmental, etc. catastrophes could change a lot of that and force a lot of people that would ordinarily be enemies to set aside their differences and work together for survival. Some of that is actually happening already, and one could make the case that the Bible does prophecy such a thing happening. Further, the massive horrors that are supposed to precede the rise of the anti – Christ could wipe out a good percentage of the population, thereby wholesale removing a lot of the people that potentially would have reason to oppose the anti – Christ. You only have to look at how AIDS has dramatically reduced the population of Africa and is now spreading in Asia to see how that could possibly happen. Still, that would leave a lot of huge barriers, the primary one being the one world religion.

So, perhaps what will happen is NOT the anti – Christ causing everyone to cast aside their current religion (including atheists who have no religion at all), but rather create a way for everyone to incorporate his religion into their own beliefs? A way for a person to simultaneously participate in the one world religion while remaining a Catholic, Muslim, Jew, atheist, or Christian (including the many strands of conservative evangelical and fundamentalist)? It is very possible … especially if the said people do such a thing without knowing it, or knowing that they are practicing another religion. They may not even have to bring the world religion “into the church”, that is, incorporate it into their religious practice. Quite the opposite, it may even be expedient if they do not, because a lot of Christians would be loathe to imitate or share in what Muslims are doing, and vice versa, and the same goes for a lot of other groups. The new religion whereby the beast is worshipped COULD be something done outside of the context of that which is generally regarded as religious worship, but nonetheless be something that even the very religiously devout of all religions would not only have no problem doing, but would even desire to do, even if only occasionally. Indeed, all but the very elect, as the Bible says.

Now how elect does one have to be not to follow after some of these things? One does not have to be an elect Catholic to generally avoid Protestantism, or an elect Muslim to stay away from masonry. (That was not a universalistic or ecumenical statement on my part, since I steadfastly reject both; I am just making a general point.) And no, observing the sabbath on Saturday instead of Sunday (when actually according to Jewish tradition it is sundown Friday until sundown Saturday anyway) and refusing to partake in the “Christmas”, “Easter”, or other traditional Christian holidays (in the western or orthodox tradition anyways) does not make you an elect Protestant Christian either (because if it would, it would imply that God would hold such a thing against a Christian on judgment day even if the Christian erred out of ignorance).

Instead, we might have to look in another direction; something whereby everyone in the world can worship Satan while not knowing that they are doing so; something that everyone from a person living in a “remote illiterate primitive tribal culture” to a refined Middle Eastern oil aristocrat to a middle America fundamentalist would theoretically be able to share in. One “easy out”: causing “the whole world” to worship the anti – Christ may not be a reference to each individual, but rather to the leadership of each nation. Keep in mind: it is a pretty consistent biblical principle that the actions of the leaders of a nation were counted to the nation, and that God would punish a whole nation on account of wicked actions by its leaders. (Before you claim that God is unfair in doing this, please realize that holding an entire nation accountable for the evil actions of its rulers in this life is a way of sparing them individual accountability on the day of judgment; destroying the nation on account of its leaders prevents the spiritual evil that is coming from the leaders of the culture from infecting each individual member of it. Therefore, it is actually an action of God’s mercy and saving grace to destroy a nation whose leaders want to turn it into Sodom and Gomorrah before it actually BECOMES Sodom and Gomorrah, because when a nation becomes Sodom and Gomorrah everyone in it is wicked, everyone is individually accountable on the day of judgment for their evil, and none will be saved.) That was why God warned Israel not to pray for a king, and why the results of their getting a king was the nation dividing and ultimately going into captivity because of the wickedness of their kings. Also, since one would have to be a “nation” to actually qualify, remote cultures that have not politically organized themselves into a nation – state or kingdom might for these purposes be excluded, and not be part of “the world”, so to speak, in this respect (another example of God’s saving grace, and also why we should not be so quick to look down upon “third world, primitive, tribal, savage, heathen” peoples and presume ourselves to be better than them because of our wealth, culture, and technology … they might actually be the ones that wind up with the better deal of it!

Another thing to consider: the gospel. The end cannot come until the gospel is preached to all nations, so said Jesus Christ in the gospels. Since we are talking about the “anti – Christ” here … is it possible that the gospel must be preached in a nation before people can choose the anti – Christ by virtue of either A) rejecting the gospel outright or B) accepting it initially only for a great many of them to turn away to a false Christianity? It would be the greatest of ironies if one of the consequences of our spreading the gospel to an unreached land would be the people of that land ultimately falling under the control of the anti – Christ. Or perhaps it would be better to think of it this way: what if the very reason why God wants to use His preachers of the gospel in a certain area is so the people there can hear it and reject it so that God can judge them? Please realize that God used Moses in a similar fashion before pharoah for the purposes of God judging the entire nation of Egypt, thereby glorifying Himself.

In the end, God’s Will alone shall be done, and the result will be God alone being glorified. Remember: it is ultimately not Christianity or even the church that will be glorified and whose righteousness will be vindicated, but Jesus Christ Himself, so that through Jesus Christ the Father alone will be vindicated. Think not that Jesus Christ saving you is in any way evidence of your righteousness or the correctness of your church or movement or of the church itself, but is instead merely proof that God alone is able to do the impossible, which is to save one individually (and the church collectively) from sin and the punishment of sin in the time, place, manner, and reason of His choosing. That, perhaps is the main thing that Christians should keep in mind when considering these endtimes scenarios lest they forget that it is God alone who will save them and as a consequence of their failure to remember God they will also fail to be elect and in that way be led astray, not so much by the man of sin but rather by their own pride of life.

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Why Is The System Promoting The Least Qualified Candidates For President?

Posted by Job on May 24, 2007

If you listen to the media, the only candidates that have any real shot at winning and therefore the only ones worth even considering with your votes and campaign contributions are undercover Muslim Brotherhood member Barack HUSSEIN Obama, cross – dressing baby killing advocate Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, the great white (he would have to be of course since we cursed seed of Ham have to know our place) hope for the Mormon cult that wants to convert you to their apostasy, fill you full of demons, and take you to hell for eternity, and Hillary Clinton, who to me is actually the one of the four that would do this nation and world the least amount of damage (because she has ZERO POLITICAL SKILLS and wouldn’t be able to get anything done) certain people are convinced is the anti – Christ or something (read Daniel 11 people; even if the anti – Christ, or more accurately, the beast, is going to be a literal person, that person will be MALE). Just to make this clear: PLEASE DO NOT CONSTRUE THIS AS AN ENDORSEMENT OF HILLARY CLINTON OF ANY SORT. CHRISTIANS, PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR HER. I am only pointing out that Clinton is no more of an “anti – Christ” than the other leading contenders, whom you should not vote for either.

Well, what is the common thread uniting all of these candidates? Their stunning lack of political experience in any official capacity. Hillary “female anti – Christ” Clinton: first elected to political office in 2000. Barack HUSSEIN Obama was first elected to political office in 1997 … as a STATE LEGISLATOR. With all due respect to state legislators out there, his first position of real political power and responsibility (for he was not even a member of the leadership in the Illinois Congress) was the United States Senate seat that he won in 2004. Mormon Mitt Romney? His only official political experience was being governor of Massachusetts. For one term. Rudy Giuliani, the cross dressing advocate of partial birth abortion and cohabitor with a pair of homosexual men? THE ONLY ONE WITH ANY EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE, AND THAT CAME AS MAYOR OF A CITY, HIS ONLY POLITICAL EXPERIENCE! All of the four “leading candidates” have much less experience in terms of breadth (diversity of offices held … indeed Obama is the only one that has been elected to more than a single office, and neither has been in more than one branch of government in a political position) and depth (number of years served; with Obama the only one having been in an official political position for more than 8 years). And you know the best part? NO ONE TALKS ABOUT HOW INEXPERIENCED THESE “LEADING CANDIDATES” ARE! NOT THE MEDIA, NOT THE OTHER CANDIDATES, NO ONE! THE ONLY ONE FOR WHOM THE LACK OF EXPERIENCE OR QUALIFICATIONS ISSUE HAS BEEN RAISED IS BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, WHO IS ACTUALLY THE MOST EXPERIENCED GUY IN THE RACE! And you know what, I wonder if that is by design. They can talk about Obama’s inexperience for a second or two and then dismiss it using the convenient unmentioned “affirmative action” elephant that is in every room that causes every political reporter, analyst, or even the other candidates from dwelling on it lest they be considered RACIST, and that allows them to ignore the fact that the other leading candidates are even less experienced!

What is really galling is the Mitt Romney thing. After his ONE TERM AS GOVERNOR, what else do they have talk about him? Oh yes … “the man who saved the Winter Olympics.” (Incidentally, I wonder how he felt about the fact that the first Winter Olympics gold medal ever to be won by a member of the cursed seed of Ham was achieved right in the middle of Mormon country. A Jesse Owens in Nazi Germany moment if there ever was one. Hey, did anyone know that the Nazi regime was also centered around a pantheistic pseudo – Christian cult that also denied the deity of Jesus Christ just like Mormonism? And Mormons, before you claim that you do not deny the deity of Christ, this says you do, and this says you promote the deity of man while denying that of Christ.)

Before you talk about all of this great experience that all of these candidates have outside of official political office, about how Hillary Clinton was first lady in Arkansas and in the White House all those years, and how Rudy Giuliani’s background as US attorney makes him qualified to lead the war on terror … please spare me. The other “minor candidates” have similar experience. And yes, I know that Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, and several other Presidents have been elected on thin political resumes. I also know that there is something to be said for the populist “outsider who will change the way things are done in Washington” deal. Hey, if that is what the body politic wants, then fine, there is something that can be said for it. But that should only be done in comparing multiple candidates with varying levels of experience. Also, merely being an “inexperienced outsider” does not mean that you will “change the way things are done in Washington”, especially if your beliefs and methods hew to party – and Washington – orthodoxy, and if you are a “legacy candidate”. Well, NONE of the candidates represent a departure from party or Washington orthodoxy on any issue. (Spare me about Giuliani’s support for abortion and gay rights; as show me one actual thing that the national GOP or the Republicans in Washington have done to oppose either the abortion or homosexual agenda in 20 years … the only difference is that where some GOPers like Colin Powell and Rudy Giuliani are honest about their social liberalism, others like BOTH BUSHES lie about it. Case in point about “evangelical” George W. Bush: like he didn’t know about Dick Cheney’s family before he nominated Cheney to be his Vice President, and rumor has it that liberal Episcopal John Danforth – and remember that Bush’s family are longtime member of that denomination that JUST HAPPENS to be the vanguard of the homosexual agenda in American Christendom – was actually Bush’s first choice, just as pro – homosexual Harriet Miers was his first choice for the Supreme Court. As as for abortion, well taxpayers are still paying for them, right? And Bush and the GOP Congress had six years to do something about it AND DIDN’T DO A THING!) What is more, Romney and Clinton, the two candidates most likely to get the nomination, are legacies.

Realize that there is a reason for this. If you put an experienced person that holds a strong set of well – developed personal views that he has put into practice in a variety of positions over many years, that person is going to do his best to implement those views. As a matter of fact, the very reason why such a person would be willing to leave a Senate or House job that he has held for life or try to make the jump from the governorship to the White House rather than take a lucrative private sector or plum academic or public policy foundation job would likely be a desire to put those ideas into practice in a position where it would have the maximum benefit to the country. That means that such a person would likely resist the agenda of his party, and more accurately the powerful international big business and NGO interests that run both parties behind the scenes. And who wants that? Not the wealthy and influential crowd that have narrowed the field with their big campaign donations and control of the media. Those are the ones telling fundamentalist and evangelical Christians that their interests are better represented by a Mormon investment banker than a former leader in the Southern Baptist Convention who was governor of a key battleground state for 11 years, and telling the “progressive” crowd that Barack HUSSEIN Obama – who voted for that awful bankruptcy bill to prove that he can oppress the poor just as good as George W. Bush can – is better than Dennis Kucinich, who has been consistently anti – war, advocating for the poor, and opposing big business in a variety of offices since the late 1970s.

The powerful interests are doing all that they can to place someone in the Presidency that will basically just do as they are told and implement their agenda. What agenda is that? The anti – Christ agenda of further integrating the American economy, military, and political and cultural systems into “the global village”, which includes (of course) opposing Israel every which way one can.  (If you think that there is a difference between the two parties’ approach to Israel, please do Internet searches on names like “Dennis Ross” and “Brent Scowcroft.”) For this reason, I am calling on all Christians, regardless of ideology or political affiliation, to reject being manipulated by the media, big business, and the party bosses and instead support one of the “minor candidates” in this election. 

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Chin Activist Testifies at UN on State-Sponsored Rape in Burma

Posted by Job on April 20, 2007

Note that this woman came to New York and spoke of mass rapes by an authoritarian military regime, and it received no media coverage whatsoever. More evidence still that the media hates Christians, and is actually in on our persecution.

A young Chin woman activist from Burma spoke today at a United Nations conference in New York, on state-sanctioned rape in Burma.

Cheery Zahau, Co-ordinator of the Women’s League of Chinland, presented evidence of the widespread, systematic use of rape by the Burma Army throughout the country. She referred to past reports of the use of rape in Shan, Karen, Karenni and Mon states, and presented fresh evidence of rape in Chin State.

She highlighted 38 cases of rape by the Burma Army against Chin women, five of which involved girls under the age of 18, including a victim of 12 years of age. Almost half were gang-rapes.

“Often the rapes have been carried out with extreme brutality and in some cases they resulted in the death of the victim. In one case, a woman was stripped naked and hung on a cross, in a deliberate act of mockery against her Christian religion,” said Cheery Zahau. “This indicates that sexual violence is being deliberately used as a weapon to torture and terrorize local ethnic populations into submission.”

“There is a collective understanding among the troops that they can rape with impunity,” she continued. “About a third of the rapes were committed by officers, sometimes in their own army camps.”

The conference was organised by the US-UN Office, at the 51st session of the Commission on the Status of Women. Cheery Zahau urged the United Nations Security Council to continue to address the crisis in Burma, and called on China and Russia to reconsider their position and support a resolution on Burma, which they vetoed in January. She urged India to reconsider its policies of economic and military engagement with the Burmese regime.

“We are convinced that only genuine political change to democracy, restoration of the rule of law, establishment of a civilian government through free and fair elections, and a withdrawal of Burma Army troops from ethnic areas will bring an end to the systematic sexual violence in Burma,” said Cheery Zahau.

Mervyn Thomas, Chief Executive of Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) said: “We are delighted that Cheery Zahau was chosen to speak at this conference. We stand fully behind her and other such brave activists who are involved in the difficult and dangerous work of documenting gross violations of human rights, and informing the world.

“The Chin people are among the most forgotten people in the world, and we will do all we can to raise awareness of their plight. The grotesque use of rape as a weapon of war by the regime in Burma must be brought to an end.”

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