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This Is How Blacks Get Treated By Arabs And Muslims Yet Everyone Calls ISRAEL Racist

Posted by Job on June 9, 2007

Where are the civil rights leaders and the rest of the American and world left on inhuman treatment like this?


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Franklin Graham on the Gospel and Sudan Church Building Project

Posted by Job on April 10, 2007

Please see link.  Further, please pray and advocate for the Christians and the innocents in Sudan, and that the efforts of Graham and of other sincere Christians would succeed; that they would seek and pursue God’s Will in this land. Further, that means pray for the Muslims too, because no innocent person deserves to die, and also because of course Satan would desire for these Muslims to die before they have a chance to hear or accept the gospel. Also, pray that the rulers of Sudan would turn from their wicked ways of murder and oppression. Technorati Tag:

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Sudan-Chad Border Clashes Heating Up

Posted by Job on April 10, 2007

See link here. Obviously part of the Islamic desire to dominate north Africa as quickly as possible. The United Nations proclaims itself to be very concerned about the situation on the Chad border, which of course means that they plan to do absolutely nothing about it.

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Franklin Graham Trying To Convert Sudan’s Muslim President To Christianity

Posted by Job on February 19, 2007

See link here. Good to see a major Christian leader still unashamed of and trying to spread the gospel to all people and everywhere, instead of taking the “values” and “politics” route. Hey, it is worth a shot. Based on George W. Bush’s adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, I have more confidence in efforts to spread the gospel in the Muslim and Arab world than attempts to spread western democracy and capitalism. More to the point, what is gained by spreading western democracy and capitalism over there if it does not result in more people converting to Christianity? Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, may the efforts of Franklin Graham, and other Christian evangelism efforts especially in areas where the gospel is suppressed or rarely preached and among our diverse government, academic, and business leaders, bear fruit and be successful. May there be a mighty and bountiful worldwide harvest of souls entering into the Kingdom of Heaven. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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