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Artwork Depicting Jesus Christ Last Supper As Homosexual Orgy Shown At Austrian Museum

Posted by Job on April 8, 2008

Click on link below.

Erotic Jesus sparks art debate in Austria | U.S. | Reuters


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Is Your Fasting Sound Practice? Take This Bible Quiz And See!

Posted by Job on August 13, 2007

Personally, my fasting has seriously lapsed recently, and I need to re – initiate it.

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Do You Say Psalms Of Lament? If Not, Why Not?

Posted by Job on August 13, 2007

If so, give an example of your lament prayer  in a comment. I know that some say that lament psalms, especially those of the imprecatory nature, should not be said in the age of grace. I disagree. Here is the list of what are considered to be the Psalms of Lament that you can use as an example for your prayers:

12, 44, 58, 60, 74, 79, 80, 83, 85, 89, 90, 94, 123, 126, 129
3, 4, 5, 7, 9-10, 13, 14, 17, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 36, 39, 40:12-17, 41, 42-43, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 59, 61, 64, 70, 71, 77, 86, 89, 120, 139, 141, 142

6, 38, 51, 102, 130, 143
35, 69, 83, 88, 109, 137, 140

Further: here is an excellent article on Psalms of lament:

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Tonex Demonstrates That Those That Have Concerns About Him Are Justified

Posted by Job on July 12, 2007

Background: Now the first post on this weblog to generate any real controversy (or traffic for that matter) was Tonex Is Back: Is That A Good Thing? The hubbub caused me to reconsider, and I made a subsequent post that was more conciliatory. That post is now gone, and this one is in its place.

Original source link for this post: Gospel Music Bytes’ Editorial: This is the video response from Tonex, to the accusations about Tonex being gay. We have been asking everyone to pray for Tonex. In this clip Tonex as for us not to pray for him, as he is totally ok. Tonex needs our prayers more then ever, as you will see in this video clip, Tonex is moving further and further away from the body of Christ. We must warn you that there is a little colourful language in this clip, so please beware. Please listen to it and let us at Gospel Music Bites know what you think. Please note video at bottom: when Tonex claimed that he was trying to “take that homophobic slur away from people, to take the power away from it”, well that is the mantra of the homosexual rights group “Queer Nation.” So, Tonex either knows that he is using the language of a homosexual rights group, or worse – he doesn’t know it.

And this is the video that caused people to falsely accuse him of being homosexual.

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Did The Communist Atheist Stanley Levison Write Part Of Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream Speech?

Posted by Job on July 3, 2007

Note: this is not just something out of the blue. It is in response to a devotional that I received from a ministry that I really respect:, based on Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech that discussed the Christian aspects of it. Now Born To Win is not a superficial televangelism outfit, but a teaching ministry that deals with a lot of heavy Christian topics. So I felt that if a ministry like THIS is going around promoting the notion that King was positive for Christianity, then it such a notion is taking hold in fundamentalist religious Christianity as opposed to merely popular, cultural, or political Christianity, and therefore this issue needs to be examined.

It is known that King employed Stanley Levison as a speechwriter.  If Levison did write part of the speech (which the link acknowledges as possible), then what should Christians make of the speech? And what does the fact that a Christian minister like King sought the ideas of atheist communists like Levison and jainists (an Indian religious tradition) like Mohandas “Mahatma” Ghandi (whose personal religious beliefs were reputed to be agnostic; Ghandi was said to have borrowed from various religious traditions, including Christianity, to create his political philosophy) make fundamentalist think about King? At the very least, we have to consider that this MAY be why the religious left (as well as the secular left and the “we hate Christianity” left) loves King so much.

Oh yes, and this Stanford’s King Encyclopedia Entry On Stanley link speaks of how much Levison was involved in the SCLC despite the SCLC’s proclamations that their laws prevented communists from “officially” joining.  This link says that he was involved in ALL their activities:

I propose that Martin Luther King’s main legacies are 1) mixing Christianity with jainism (syncretism … and we can go ahead and include mixing Christianity with atheist communism as well while we are at it) and 2) the notion that Christianity supports political subversion through nonviolent civil disobedience. Now claiming that 1) is ok is a nonstarter: what part of “thou shalt have no other gods besides me” do you not understand? But I am open to any counterarguments that claim that nonviolent civil disobedience was given to us by God under either covenant. (Please do not accuse me of opposing or being motivated by an opposition to the aims of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. Yes, I know that many of the aims of King and the civil rights movement were biblical. Some were not by the way … for instance King and abortionist Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood were great friends … when you consider that she also got along great with Hitler, amazing company Sanger kept, isn’t it? This is all about King’s METHODS, which included syncretism and political subversive tactics.) In light of that (and in light of the fact that it is reasonable to conclude that the very reason why I as a black man have the right to have a weblog to express these views in the first place is because of the success of the civil rights movement), what should Bible – believing Christians think of King and his legacy? I solicit and welcome all comments.

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Christian Values Do Not Exist Part II: The Motivation For Believing A Lie

Posted by Job on June 27, 2007

Please see part I, Christian Values Do Not Exist, before you read this if you have not already.

The amazing part is that professed Christians condemn themselves with their own words concerning the “Christian values” lie. How? They freely admit that “one does not have to be a Christian in order to share, appreciate, respect, and uphold Christian values.” If so, how can it be of God, and God be in it? These people need to read the Gospel of John again; it tells us that things that come from God and will be respected by God on judgment day will be misunderstood, hated, rejected, and warred against by the world. God and the things of Him are the light, the world is darkness, and the darkness does not comprehend the light. So, people that regard “Christian values” are walking after darkness and not after light. Example: the Washington Post article linked to in this post The New Missionary Field: “State Church” Europe Where Christianity Is Practically Dead speaks of how Christians fought to preserve the position of a pastor that acknowledged being an atheist because “one does not have to believe in God to teach Christian values.” A more salient example: many people, including Christians, convert to Mormonism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jesus Only oneness pentecostalism because of the strong piety and oustanding values emphasized by their systems of belief and culture. I know that I mention Mitt Romney more than I should in this weblog, but the media and political analysts speak of how well the fellow is doing very well in heavily Christian areas because he showcases his own history of hard work and achievement, personal integrity, and great family. Why? Because so many people have bought into the “Christian values” lie.

The true underlying motivation here is NATIONALISM. We want to love not only our country, but the notions of western culture on which our nation is based. Since we cannot go around kicking everyone that refuses to convert to Christianity out of our country (which is something that God did not even command the Jews to do; “strangers” were allowed to dwell in Israel under certain conditions), we have to create something else that we can all share for the purpose of having national unity along some set of lines that we can all feel good about. Since so many of these people are Christian, they believe the deception that this set of social, cultural, traditional, and political beliefs have anything to do with true Christianity. (I will grant you that some of these beliefs may well be religious, but none of them are spiritual).

Why? Because they want to. It makes them feel good about themselves. It is … man – pleasing! It is an easy way for man to become convinced of the notion that there is some instrinsic good within himself, and thereby divert to himself the praise and honor and glory that belongs only to God. And such people desire this so strongly, to receive the praise and declarations of being just and righteous that only God deserves, that they are willing to give people that hate and reject Jesus Christ a claim to it; to utterly defile it just so they can keep enough of it to glorify themselves! The very concept of “Christian values” is nothing more than the third thing that satan tempted Eve with in the Garden of Eden regarding the tree of knowledge of good and evil (possible only because satan used what was present in Eve already): the pride of life, the desire to be or to make ourselves into something that we are not. And it plays upon the lust of the eyes, which is coveting, a desire to have something that is not ours. Well, people who follow after the notion of Christian values desire to consider themselves inherently good (based on where they were born; being born in America or another western or “Christian” nation and “in a Christian home” makes you inherently better than being born elsewhere … you even have strands of hyper – Calvinism that claims that God places those that He has predestined and elected to salvation in Christian nations and homes for that purpose, and for that reason Christians should not bother with third world missionary activity; J. R. Ryland is reputed to have told the great missionary William Carey “young man sit down … when it pleases God to convert the heathen He will do it without your aid or mine”) and of course desire to be viewed as being virtuous and great – part of a great society of people – based on it.

Haven’t you wondered why certain Christians will get as angry – or angrier – at attacks on their country or their leaders as they would if you attacked their Jesus Christ? The reason is simple: if you attack Jesus Christ, you attack Jesus Christ. But if you attack their country or its leaders, you attack THEM, because you are denigrating their own image of virtue that comes from being associated with a “Christian nation and culture.” It is really  self – idolatry, self – worship. People who sell themselves out to and give themselves over to this sort of thing will do anything to preserve it! Case in point: the testimony of the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission. When the leaders of the apartheid regime that committed such grotesque crimes against innocent people were asked what motivated their evil, their answer was “fear of communism.” While communism is certainly evil and should be in all cases opposed, what they really feared losing was their precious nation and self – concept of virtue and worth based on it! Indeed, cannot you see the anti – Christ, the beast of Revelation, the son of perdition, the man of sin, building an entire system based on these beliefs and exploiting it?

And I have to tell you: what really seems like a taste of this to me is this “Left Behind” false doctrine, especially that in the book “The Remnant” and in the video game “Left Behind: Eternal Forces.” You know, the “convert or kill” thing. “The enemy” are the typical bugbears of the right wing: the United Nations, urban criminals, and similar. SoldierServant does a great job of pointing this out in these three posts: Should Christians Commit Murder For “The Cause”?, How Can We Judge If Christianity Is Still True?, and False Doctrine In “Left Behind”: The Remnant Teaches Against the Doctrine of the God-Sent Strong Delusion. I will not go so far as some in saying that dispensationalism is the problem in and of itself, but clearly their “convert or kill” notion is not justified anywhere in scripture (which instead speaks of fleeing Matthew 24:15-21 or salvation through martyrdom Revelation 20:4). And this goes back to the Iraq venture. We probably will never know what Bush’s motivation for invading Iraq was. I say that it is for the same reason that he supports illegal immigration, supply side economics, corporate welfare, abortion, and homosexual rights (see SoldierServant‘s President Bush — Bad Fruits versus Good Fruits: merely to increase the amount of violence, fear, chaos, warfare, disease, and economic uncertainty in the world; a precondition for the anti – Christ to take power). But I am certain the reason why so many good Christians supported Bush in the Iraq War – and still do – is because (just like the South African whites) they have been deceived into thinking that Muslim terror threatens their “Christian nation”, and therefore their notions of being intrinsically good and being worthy of being worshipped and praised by virtue of their birthright and citizenship will go with it.

Consider this: Jerry Falwell said on CNN that he was willing to sacrifice biblical positions on abortion and gay marriage in order to support a President that was strong on national security because the key to defending our Christian values is defending America, and if America falls to Islam our Christian nation goes with it. For that reason, he stated that he would be willing to vote for an atheist if he was the best at defending our nation. What happened to just trusting God that He would defend our nation, or that no matter what happens God’s Will shall be done? There is no place in that in the heart of one who follows after Christian values, because the one who sells out to those wants not to glorify God, but rather to hold onto that which he uses to glorify himself.

And through religious right politics, many Christians are trying to use the power of the state to impose upon an unwilling public a system of beliefs that will not even save them because promoting such values, values which they themselves admit are not spiritual because non – Christians can have them, exalts themselves. Can you imagine what such people will do when their strong delusions of self – righteousness through their culture and national identity are taken away from them? Please recall, for a second, that Hitler used notions of goodness inherent in the Weimar Republic (Germany) by virtue of their birth, ethnicity, culture, state, etc. preached in the state churches to sell his Nazi program. Also realize that John Hagee is pushing George W. Bush to bomb Iran to speed up the great tribulation because he cannot bear to see Hillary Clinton get elected in 2008 (which would represent the final stake through the heart of the religious right movement), and millions of “Christian Zionists” are ignoring all of the Bible prophecies that have to be fulfilled (there is no temple in Israel, there are no sacrifices, the gospel has not been preached to all the Gentiles) before Jesus Christ can return according even to their own  dispensational doctrines!  This notion of worshipping man through worldly things like values rather than worshipping God in spirit and in truth is very dangerous. It has caused great evil throughout history, and will cause the greatest of sorrows in the time to come. I urgently entreat all of those who wish for heaven to be your reward to turn aside from this abomination immediately and begin instead to trust God alone for your deliverance and your salvation.

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The Spiritual Corruption Caused By The Movie Industry

Posted by Job on April 11, 2007

From Pastor Bill Keller

***COMING TOMORROW!  The Don Imus controversy.  When making hateful comments about a group of people costs you your job, and when it doesn’t.  Don’t miss this powerful word ripped from today’s headlines!

***ROSIE CHALLENGE!!!   Monday night, I issued a formal challenge to Rosie O’Donnell to a debate on Howard Stern’s Sirius radio channel regarding her outrageous comment that “radical Christianity is no different than radical
Islam,” as well as her hostility to the Christian faith.  Rosie uses her
daily pulpit on ABC’s “The View” to continually spew her anti-Christian
remarks uncontested and nobody has the guts to challenge her.  Please be in
prayer that she will accept this challenge. You can help by encouraging Rosie
to debate me by emailing Barbara Walters at:

Full hourlong clip of Bill Keller’s appearance on Howard Stern:

Some of the great movies of all time would never even be made today!  Easter
Sunday afternoon I was able to enjoy some down time watching the back nine
of the Masters.  Congratulations to Zack Johnson for holding off Tiger Woods
and winning one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments.  Johnson took
several opportunities to let a worldwide TV audience know that his faith in
Jesus Christ sustained him in those final holes. After chatting with
several good friends who are on the PGA Tour, it turns out that Zack is not
only a great golfer, but a very committed Christian.  How fitting his great victory came on Easter Sunday!

After my wife and I ate some dinner, I sat down to catch up on some of the
day’s news before going to bed.  In scrolling thru the stations, I stopped
on AMC (American Movie Classics).  Just starting was the 1937 classic movie
“Heidi” starring Shirley Temple.  Instead of going to bed, I got my wife and
we watched this great movie classic together.  Immediately following, we
watched another Temple classic “Little Miss Broadway.”   As I sat there and
enjoyed these two great movies, I couldn’t help to think that if someone was
trying to make those exact movies today in the year 2007, they would be
laughed out of the offices of every major motion picture studio.

Let me tell you what are some of the hottest movies the major motion picture
studios are putting out today.  The Hills Have Eyes 2, Grindhouse, 300, Dead
Silence, Hannibal Rising, and soon to be released, Hostel 2, and Saw 3. What do these movies all have in common?  They make the studios tons of cash and they are some of the sickest, most disgusting movies ever created depicting human torture, mutilation, and killing.  I already know the standard answer from those who support these types of movies is that it is not real, it is just a movie, it is entertainment, and that nobody was really tortured and killed.  I counter that weak justification with the simple question, “What possible good can a person gain by watching such a movie?”

The answer is simple, NOTHING!  I would also add that anyone who is
“entertained” by watching a person being tortured, mutilated, and killed, has some very serious psychological issues.  It is simply not normal to find anything entertaining in seeing a person being tortured, mutilated and killed.  This is partially a byproduct of the world we live in that places little to no value on human life.  We slaughter 4,000 innocent babies every day in this nation.  Children grow up playing video games where the goal is to kill your opponent.  The media is feeding young adults a steady diet of death on TV, in the movies, on the Internet, and through music.  It is no wonder kids today grow up desensitized to death and place little value of human life.

I think it is wonderful that the movie studios are producing more family friendly movies.  It is nice to have those options.  While people of faith, people who support more traditional family values will go to see those types of movies, the very same studios also produce the sexual, violent, mutilation films that glorify death because there is an insatiable demand for those types of movies.  The lost and hurting masses who choose to reject Christ’s love, live in rebellion to God and His Word, have so hardened their hearts that they demand more blood, more gore, more sensational ways to view death.  Never forget, satan is about death and God is about life.  Those who follow satan embrace death and those who follow Jesus embrace life, even in the movies they watch!

Long gone are the innocent days of Shirley Temple.  In just one generation we have gone from the wholesomeness of Temple to the utter depravity of movies graphically depicting every kind of deviant sexual act and ways to
kill another human being.  As I watched those two Shirley Temple movies last
Sunday, I smiled as little Shirley knelt by her bed and said her prayers, as
her grandfather read passages from the Bible, and the scenes of a church
service complete with a few minutes of sound preaching and the great old
hymns of the faith.  The sad reality of the year 2007 is that you won’t even
find that in most so-called churches today!!!

You don’t have to have any history degrees to simply look at where this
nation was spiritually 70 years ago and where it is today.  While things
weren’t perfect, we still lived in a nation that honored God and revered His
Truth.  Even though we had many different denominations, all Christian
churches still preached the Bible and called sinners to repent and turn their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ by faith.  Sin was not glorified and accepted but condemned.  Alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography all existed, but they were deemed as deviant behavior not socially acceptable.  False religions and cults were not given a place of prominence but kept underground.

Marriage was without question one man and one woman for one lifetime, with
there being a huge stigma to divorce.  Most children grew up in a home with
a mother and father, unlike most children today who grow up in broken and
blended homes.  TV, radio, and the movies produced wholesome family
entertainment with strict standards of decency. Many say we have progressed over the past 70 years.  I agree that we have progressed in every way but the most critical, SPIRITUALLY!  You don’t have to be saved, read the Bible, or even believe in God to know that as a nation, as a people, we are in spiritual free fall!

I love you and care about you so much.  As I layed in bed Sunday night, I
couldn’t go to sleep right away.  I wanted to cry but couldn’t.  We have become a wicked people.  Millions of people are spending eternity in hell because we have allowed our society to lose sight of God, forget the Truth of His Word, and reject the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.  As someone who has committed my life to serving the Lord I weep daily for this nation and the lost masses who will perish and spend eternity in hell.  I am resigned to the fact that this nation is so lost, its heart so hardened, that it will never turn back to God.  But that only motivates me to do more each day to reach those who are hurting, are searching for answers, and do want to find true hope that only exists in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

You see, it is still about souls my friend.  One at a time.  Yes  it would be wonderful to see this nation fall on its knees and repent and turn back to God.  If that happens praise God.  However, those who know the Lord can still make a huge impact on millions of lives who without Jesus will spend eternity in hell.  We have great hurdles to overcome, great obstacles to clear, but with God’s strength we can overcome those hurdles and obstacles and be victorious in bringing in that last great harvest of souls before our Lord returns.

The contrast between the Shirley Temple movies of a generation gone by and
the graphic mutilation and death movies of today demonstrate how far we have fallen as a people.  But it is still about each individual soul, and knowing
how many souls will be lost forever should be all the motivation the child of God needs to give all they have to reach as many as they can with the Truth of God’s Word and the hope and love of Jesus Christ.  The time is short, Jesus is coming, and the lost masses are out there waiting for someone to reach them.  It is time to get serious and busy about bringing these lost souls the hope they yearn for and helping them find the peace, joy,  and everlasting life that only comes from knowing Jesus!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY?  The fact is you will die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator. To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now
available via AUDIO each day.  Simply go to

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Why I Believe That Barack HUSSEIN Obama Will Be President Part III

Posted by Job on March 20, 2007

Check this out: it is hilarious! Now, are we really to believe that this spot was “unauthorized”? Who is REALLY behind the Barack HUSSEIN Obama campaign? Why is the media (and the other campaigns for that matter) not REALLY digging into this guy’s background? The best they can come up with is NONISSUES regarding some hedge fund investments? Come on. Before I merely thought that Obama was an undercover Muslim Brotherhood member, but now, as stated in part I and part II of this series, I am absolutely certain that HUSSEIN Obama is the Council On Foreign Relations’ guy chosen to get the Muslim (and nonwhite) nations behind them.

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Bush Administration Opposes Religious Right In Free Speech Supreme Court Case

Posted by Job on March 19, 2007

See link here. Obviously, the fear of the religious right in this instance is that anti – Christian school administrators will try to prevent Christian students from having prayer groups and Christian clubs, and from advancing Christian views in the student newspapers. With cases like this one, the religious right has ever reason to be concerned. Not surprising at all that “Patriot Act” Bush is opposing free speech in this case.

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Why I Believe That Barack HUSSEIN Obama Will Be President Part II

Posted by Job on March 18, 2007

See earlier link. And check out this great resource on evangelicals and foreign policy.

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Why I Believe That Barack HUSSEIN Obama Will Be President

Posted by Job on March 17, 2007

If you check out this link from Independent Conservative, you will see why I am more convinced than ever of my TOTALLY  UNSUBSTANTIATED ALLEGEGATION that Barack Obama is an undercover Muslim member of the Muslim Brotherhood posing as a Christian to get elected President and use our government to advance the Muslim agenda. Why? It is not so much because Obama was a Muslim, a fact that does not much concern me, nor would it concern me if he still were. It is THAT BOTH OBAMA AND THE MEDIA ARE DOING ALL THEY CAN TO DENY THAT OBAMA EVER WAS A MUSLIM. But enough about all that, and on to why I BELIEVE that he will be President.

The American people are absolutely convinced that the biggest problem in America today is how divided we are. The division, according to their thinking, makes it impossible for the government to function, to get anything done, to solve our problems with immigration, education, health care, security, you name it. Now what is the first thing that people look for to unite and lead the nation? A strong, experienced, qualified, relatively uncontroversial leader. But that is lacking in this race. Everyone in the race is very problematic to a disturbing degree. Hillary Clinton, for instance, is very qualified and accomplished and is a strong leader and effective communicator, but 45% of the nation is always going to hate her. So, failing that, people are going to rally around a “feel good symbol.” And what better “feel good symbol” of America’s unity and greatness than an articulate black male who is of mixed heritage and whose father was an immigrant, and who was #1 at Harvard Law School? People will know that electing a black President will be a great national milestone that our nation will bask in for a long time, and be something to thump our chests about to the rest of the globe about how advanced we are racially. How will this advance unity? Well, everyone will know that it is in the interests of the nation that “the first black President” not fail. I am not talking about multiculturalism or political correctness here! The American people will DEMAND that this “black President” moment not be ruined, because they know that it would severely harm race relations and divide this nation even further. And the very reason why they elected him to begin with was “to bring us together.” So, the American people will not stand for any opposition to Obama; they will demand that he gets everything that he wants, and convince themselves that whatever “solutions” that he proposes will unite the country and move us forward.  And being a person with no ideas or experience, Obama will take the path of least resistance, which will be the agenda of the Democratic Party, the think tanks, and of Wall Street. In other words, the very same agenda of Nixon, Ford, both Bushes and Bill Clinton at minimum. Which is: the continuation of the placing of our economy, culture, and government into the hands of international corporations and banks and of governmental bodies like the UN, EU, NATO, and the WTO, and of completely refusing to control either legal or illegal immigration. (Yes, Ronald Reagan did generally give the internationalists and the Wall Street types what they wanted, including making no effort to secure the Mexican border.) The only difference is that Obama will be able to get away with doing more than any of the ones before him because the American people will be so starved for “unity” that Obama’s agenda will not be allowed to be opposed.

You have to ask yourself “how did this situation come to be?” Well to put it simply: who are the ones most responsible for the polarization of American politics? The answer: Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, with their legendary wars of the 90s! Amazing that guys who were supposedly such sworn enemies ARE BOTH MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (as was George H.W. Bush)! Do an Internet search on the Council on Foreign Relations, what they are, who is on it, and what they are about, and you will soon see what I am talking about. All of these titanic pitched battles fought between Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich was a total scam for the cameras. The right – wing folks were furious at Clinton’s having extra – marital affairs and breaking the law to conceal them. The left – wing folks were furious at the right – wing’s moralizing and attempting to use Clinton’s personal life as an excuse to try to gain power. The right wing was angry at the left wing’s dismissal of the seriousness of adultery, the left wing was furious at the right wing’s pointing fingers over adultery when divorce and adultery is just as high among Christians as everyone else, and so on and so on. But it was obvious that it was just like another staged pasttime, professional wrestling. The guys get on TV and scream about how they hate and want to kill each other and how one side is good and the other is evil, and then they go backstage and cash their checks. Well, Clinton and Gingrich were convincing their halfs of the political spectrum of the evil of the other while going to the same Council on Foreign Relations meetings. Remember this nonsense on how Newt Gingrich allegedly shut down the government because Bill Clinton wouldn’t let him ride on Air Force One? Well, that came right in time to prevent the passage of the Contract With America, rescue Clinton from his sagging poll numbers, and get him re – elected so that he and Gingrich could work together to pass a bunch of free trade and other internationalism – related bills in Clinton’s second term.  

But the bottom line is that Bush I’s behavior during his term paved the way get Clinton in, Clinton’s behavior lot Bush II in, and the sum total of the anger and division that all of these CFR guys will to get Obama in. Each of these guys made sure to create a political climate and a way of distracting the American people so that the guy who followed them would be able to do more to advance the anti – Christ agenda than the last guy did. After all, notice how Bill Clinton has been one of George W. Bush’s most effective defenders on the Iraq War! And note how George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton have best buddies since George W. Bush was elected. And John Kerry? He could have beaten Bush by either A) coming out against gay marriage or B) coming out for marginal abortion restrictions, like the partial birth abortion scam that is ILLEGAL, WON’T PREVENT ANY ABORTIONS, and PLAYS UPON THE EMOTIONS OF GULLIBLE CHRISTIANS TO DISTRACT THEM FROM DEMANDING THAT THE REPUBLICANS ELECTED WITH OUR SWEAT, PRAYERS, AND TEARS FROM PURSUING A REAL PRO – LIFE AGENDA! Or he could have just not said “I was for the war before I was against it” OR NOT TAKEN A VACATION IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CAMPAIGN TO GO WINDSURFING, KNOWING THAT HE WOULD BE PHOTOGRAPHED! So why didn’t Kerry beat Bush? Well, you know those Ivy League SKULL AND CROSSBONES BUDDIES NEVER CROSS EACH OTHER (you DID know that Bush and Kerry were both Skull and Crossbones members, right?)!

And this brings another angle: the mystery of why Rick Warren allowed Barack HUSSEIN Obama in his church. Why? BECAUSE RICK WARREN IS A MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS! So, Barack Obama will be able to use his work with Rick Warren in his campaign to woo religious moderates. By the way … it also explains why Rick Warren has been in Africa getting people over there behind him and is even going to North Korea as the guest of Kim Jung Il. Warren has been quoted being an apologist for North Korea’s persecution of Christians, AND being an apologist for Syria. And hey, check out this article on the Council On Foreign Relations’ website talking up not only Warren, but Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson! Wow! No wonder CBN defended Warren for having Barack HUSSEIN Obama speak there. And no wonder Falwell and Robertson absolutely refuse to hold Bush’s feet to the fire for refusing to do anything pro – life or on cloning for six years.

And guess what? It looks like Barack Obama is “down with” the Council on Foreign Relations. They have a Chicago branch, and Oprah Winfrey is “down with them” too. Some say TD Jakes as well! Further allegations are against Beverly LaHaye, wife of Tim LaHaye, who in addition to his “Left Behind” empire is a huge powerbroker on the religious right. Lots of the members of the religious right are involved one way or another. Now it seems that some of them are dupes and have simply been tricked, but Jakes, Warren, and a great many others have their eyes wide open and know full well what they are doing. It appears that the game is for the established CFRers among the Christian community to go after young and promising pastors, who follow them because they are star – struck and have a lot of loyalty to these guys from seeing them on TV and reading their books, and then get their hooks into them and slowly drag them into this group over time. And the people who buy their books, watch their movies, and send them money have NO IDEA what they are supporting, especially when they are reading all of these books written by “famous Christian authors” when they should be reading their BIBLES. Funny how a lot of the leading CONSERVATIVE pastors just up and switched from the King James Version recently, by the way … and also even funnier how so many of these CFR type pastors are Word of Faith/prosperity types, are emergent/seeker sensitive types, are “let’s break down the boundaries” ecumenical types, and oh yeah have a real problem with Trinity.

 So you might ask “Why is Obama their guy?” Simple: because he is MUSLIM. Right now, the only barrier to control remaining is the Muslim world. They simply do not trust the white Christian west (oh gee, I wonder why). But put a black son of a KENYAN MUSLIM in the White House, especially one whose “Christianity” denies the deity of Christ (Jews, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Mormons just hate that whole “Jesus is God” stuff), and those trade deals will just start opening up.

Why? Poll after poll shows that the Muslim world is sick of war. They do not want the U.S. to invade Iran. They do not want Iran to attack Israel with nuclear weapons. They are tired of leaders like the ones who plunged Iraq and Iran in a war that killed millions of Muslims, and of the people who lead Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. The vast majority of Muslims who just want to raise their families and practice their (regrettably false) religion, and are sick and tired of being associated with the fanatics who murder pregnant women and claim that their god told them to do it.

And they are also scared. Of who? US! CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS! They are ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED THAT WE BELIEVE THAT OUR BIBLE TELLS US TO START A WORLD WAR SO THAT JESUS WILL COME BACK! Why? Because they, er, read our books and watch our TV shows, for one thing! I have tried my best to talk to some Muslims on the web, tell them that I am a Bible – thumping fundamentalist true believer, and nowhere in the Bible is “kill all Muslims to bring Jesus back” to be found. I try to tell them what is actually written in our gospels and in Revelation. But it is kind of hard to reassure them when it is ONE GUY VERSUS THE CHRISTIAN ZIONIST MULTIMEDIA MACHINE! The Muslims are absolutely certain that the next fundamentalist Christian to get into office WILL WIPE THEM OUT!

So, when ONE OF THEIR OWN gets elected President, and he tells them “look guys, at most I only have eight years and I may only have four. So, if you can JUST SIGN A FEW TRADE DEALS AND PEACE TREATIES WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE, that will convince the American people that the Muslim world wants peace, and keep the CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS from getting back into power and wiping you out.” And realize that Barack Obama, THE ONLY ONE OF THE MAJOR CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT WHO WAS AGAINST THE IRAQ WAR FROM THE OUTSET, will be able to pull this off in the Arab world because of the color of his skin and the religion and national origin of his father. Think about it. Better yet, pray about it. And while you are at it, please monitor the evangelists that you let into your house by way of these “Christian movies”, “Christian books”, and especially “Christian television.” How ironic if some of the main people who are putting out these books and movies about the anti – Christ actually turn out to be working for him!

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Make America Feel Guilty – Excuse Me – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Posted by Job on February 11, 2007

I will have a weekly sermon that will not REALLY be about Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement, and the “holiday” (it is not a REAL holiday from a Christian perspective, as the only true HOLY DAYS were given by God in the Bible, so that means that “Independence Day” and “Christmas” are not REAL “holidays” either), but will include it as a lead – in to the more general topic of how subversion is thoroughly Satanic. After I am done with it, I will probably go ahead and do a daily devotional specifically on King and the civil rights movement. I was wondering if it was worth the effort since it, like my sermon on Christmas, was going to be too late. But seeing this clearly piece of manipulative garbage in the Washington Post ( made me change my mind. Thanks Washington Post! Keep it up and you will be almost as good as the New York Times! It is sickening how the very same people who are going to the mat for the right NOT to celebrate Christmas, the birth of THE SON OF GOD, evey year go around making people feel guilty for not sufficiently celebrating AND “getting into the spirit of” (meaning afflicting themselves with guilt for being not sufficiently unconditionally supportive gays, feminists, and homosexuals, Marxist anti – poverty activists, and anti – war protesters, atheists, and – of course – abortionists). Oh, what, you thought Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement was about BLACK PEOPLE?

One of the things that you didn’t know about Martin Luther King, Jr. The guy was a MINISTER, YET HE DID NOT WRITE HIS OWN SPEECHES! Who did? Ummm Stanley Levison, … a Jew. So, what is a CHRISTIAN MINISTER doing giving speeches written by a person who knowingly rejected Jesus Christ? But you way wait … we cannot be ANTI – SEMITIC or a REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY sort … after all, do not we worship the same God? Well, leaving out the rabbinical versus Torah Judaism thing (rabbinical Judaism is Catholicism’s twin), STANLEY LEVISON WAS AN ATHEIST! But wait … it gets better … HE WAS A COMMUNIST! A BLACKLISTED COMMUNIST! Martin Luther King, Jr. only fired him WHEN WORD GOT OUT ABOUT HIS COMMUNISM! And we were led to believe that the FBI had all those files on Martin Luther King because J. Edgar Hoover was such a racist! Yeah, sure, right.

Now do not get me wrong, a lot of good Christians supported and worked in the civil rights movement, some of whom undoubtedly were duped by communism and socialism for a time. But all evidence points to the fact that MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. WAS NOT ONE OF THEM! This Martin Luther King business is just another example of why Christians have to reject and hate the world. If Martin Luther King contended for the faith and of Jesus Christ, THE WORLD WOULD HATE HIM! Get this: notice how Martin Luther King Day REPLACED the holidays celebrating CHRISTIANS: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Instead, we have “President’s Day”, meaning that we must celebrate ALL PRESIDENTS, CHRISTIAN OR NOT!

If the media told the truth about Martin Luther King and the “civil rights movement”, (which was actually a concerted effort to turn this nation away from Christ and towards atheistic communism or at least secular socialism) no one in their right mind would support it, certainly no Christians, and least of all blacks, who are the most Christian segment of the society (despite the way we act sometimes, it is true). So, they just withhold the truth from you! Another thing about King: we all know that he got his methods for “nonviolent change” – including his THEOLOGICAL DOCTRINE – FROM STUDYING THE PAGAN MOHANDAS GHANDI! SINCE WHEN ARE CHRISTIANS SUPPOSED TO BE LEARNING THEOLOGICAL THINGS FROM PAGANS INSTEAD OF CONVERTING THEM? And to think all of these Christian civil rights leaders have been practicing principles of the pagan Indian religion “Jainism” ever since. Making them what? IDOLATORS!!! Now you have them taking “Martin Luther King” principles in public schools, teaching the JAINISM RELIGION IN PLACES WHERE YOU CANNOT TEACH CHRISTIANITY, which was SUPPOSED TO BE MARTIN LUTHER KING’S RELIGION! Now again, what does the Bible say about idolatry? Cast into the lake of fire, right? And what about the reverence that they DEMAND that you show Martin Luther King (his name AND his image) on “his day” (not his actual birthday!) at the penalty of perhaps, say, LOSING YOUR JOB sound suspiciously like, eh? Again Christians, please wake up!

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