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How The Penn State University Child Molestation Case Demonstrates The Existence Of God

Posted by Job on November 11, 2011

Make no mistake friends, God exists. God is real. Should you countenance thoughts otherwise, this case involving Jerry Sandusky and his committing unspeakable crimes of violation against a number of young boys proves it. This case demonstrates the existence of God by demonstrating the existence of evil. Now of course, evil is not some deity that is the opposite of God who contests God, as dualistic religions and philosophies propose. Neither is evil some force (whether personal or impersonal) as again some religions or philosophies claim, i.e. the “karma” of eastern religions and the New Age ideas that influence them. Instead, (a Christian ministry) provides a very suitable Bible-based definition:

A dictionary definition of evil is “morally reprehensible, sinful, wicked.” The definition of evil in the Bible falls into two categories: evil against one another (murder, theft, adultery) and evil against God (unbelief, idolatry, blasphemy). From the prohibition against eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:9), to the destruction of Babylon the Great, the embodiment of evil to come (Revelation 18:2), the Bible speaks of evil.

So allow it to be said, from a reverse-logic standpoint, that because evil exists – as the Bible clearly bears witness of – then God must necessarily exist also. Moreover, God must exist as the answer to evil, the one who defeats evil, which the Bible also bears witness of. Great, unspeakable, incomprehensible craven crimes against the innocent is evidence of the existence of evil, evidence of a great problem with our existence that must be overcome lest we be destroyed by it, and evidence of a solution to this pressing existential problem and threat that only God can provide. If there is nothing more powerful than evil save God, then God must exist. It is said that love is more powerful than evil. This is so, and the Bible bears witness that God is love and that God is loving.
‘Tis tempting to deny that the actions of Jerry Sandusky were in fact attributable to evil, which one might accuse of being some abstract idea. Instead, one can propose a more rational, reasonable scientific root cause: that Sandusky is simply disturbed, one possessing an abnormal brain biology or chemistry that causes him to both have abnormal urges and be unable to restrain himself from acting on them; that indeed he might have an inability to discern or respond to reality. Legitimate medical science has proven that such is the case with a number of people, indeed those that have committed monstrous crimes against individuals and humanity. And yes, the problem of evil must be explained in such a way that deals with cases as these, just as explanations are needed for such things as natural disasters, epidemics, and stillborn children that lack an identifiable human villain, antagonist or cause.

But in this case, one not need to consider (solely) Jerry Sandusky when it comes to evil. Instead, we have other figures with regards to this case such as Mike McQueary, Joe Paterno, and many other figures at Penn State University and the surrounding community who had knowledge of the crimes of Sandusky for many years and failed to act in a manner that would have punished the guilty and protected the innocent. These figures chose not to act because of the wealth, power and prestige associated with college athletics, in particular Pennsylvania State University football. 1 Titus 6:10 says “For the love of money is the root of all evil!” At other points in the Bible, the contrast between mammon – the desire for money, power and privilege – and the things of God are given, as are the people who seek the former verses the latter. Thus, even if we deny that Sandusky is evil, then the actions of those who chose not to act in the interests of those that Sandusky victimized and to protect him from committing further harm most certainly was! So the monstrous behavior associated with this case was clearly evil, and evil on this scale demonstrates the need for one with the power and desire to defeat it, and this need can be met only by God.

If God hates and can overcome evil, why does He suffer its existence in the first place? The reason is that the existence of evil was the cost of accomplishing creation. Only God is perfect, containing perfect power, knowledge and righteousness. Thus, anything and everything that is not God will inevitably come to a state of imperfection, and this imperfection is either evil itself, or allows for evil events to occur. So, though creation was not evil at the time that God finished it, creation did what was inevitable, which was lapse into an imperfect, evil state.

The Bible describes this occurring both with Satan in Ezekiel 28:13-19 and Isaiah 14:12-17, and with Adam in Genesis 2-3. The Bible states that both Adam and Satan were created perfect (see Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 1:31 concerning Adam and Ezekiel 28:15 concerning Satan) but that they both abandoned that perfect state of their own accord, through no fault or action of God and without being attributable to any flaw or defect in their making or original condition. God did not create evil, but instead evil was the inevitable result of creation. As God did not cause or force the actions of Adam or Satan, being responsible for creation does not make God responsible for the evil in creation.

That creates the question: if God knows all things, then He knew that His creation would lapse into imperfection and that evil would result. This means that God was willing to allow the existence of evil. Why, then, did God allow the existence of evil, even if He is not to be blamed for evil? The answer is this: God allowed the existence of evil in order to accomplish a greater good: for the glory of His Son. 1 Colossians 1:16 states that all creation was done according to the will of God the Father for God the Son. For God the Father to glorify, honor and please God the Son was the greater good that was accomplished by suffering the existence of evil. This can be put into better perspective when one realizes that though evil will only exist for a time, the exaltation of God’s Son that came as a result of creation will last forever!

It is easy to doubt and mock and say “God was willing to allow the existence of evil because it cost Him and His Son nothing; that His creation that He claims to love – including sentient human beings – had to bear all the negative costs and effects.” Now be not deceived: even were this so, it would be perfectly appropriate and within God’s rights, being that He is the sole Owner and Master of whatever He chooses to create for whatever purposes He chooses to create it. However, it should be said that this is not so! Again, it is not so that creation alone must bear the negative effects of evil; that God kept Himself unaffected and unscathed by such horrible events as what Mike McQueary saw being done to a juvenile boy by Jerry Sandusky yet refused to intervene to save the juvenile, though being a 27 year old former football player he certainly had the ability to. Instead, though He was by no means obligated or required to, God demonstrated the legitimacy and the extent of His love for creation by giving up the very Son for whose glory creation was accomplished in the first place to die on a cross!

You see, the existence of evil in creation was no mere set of bad facts. Instead, it was a situation that required a remedy. It created a debt that had to be paid. It was a crime for which something had to be punished. God could have remedied the situation by simply destroying creation, all of it, forever. But instead, God chose to have His Son, totally innocent and blameless of all imperfection and evil, provide the remedy by paying the debt, by taking on all the punishment upon Himself. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, did this by dying on a cross in place of creation. By paying this debt, this allowed creation – or some part of it anyway – to remain forever for the joy and happiness of God’s Son – who was resurrected from the dead – and as this same Son of God is forever the joy and happiness of His Father, this state of affairs is certainly appropriate. Thus, the logic of the greater good of allowing evil to exist for a time for the joy of God the Son and God the Father for an eternity becomes explicit, apparent and utterly reasonable. Suffering the existence of evil was a great price, but one that God was willing to pay with the blood of His own Son. Far from being the “cosmic child abuse” that some doubters propose, the truth is that God’s Son – also divine and one with His Father and with His Father’s Spirit – is a willing participant, is manifestly pleased with the arrangement, and benefit to Him (and His Father) far outlasts and exceeds (in value and duration) the very real and significant loss.

So whenever you learn of – or experience – any great evil, though you may and should mourn it, always remember: the occurrence of this evil does manage to powerfully demonstrate that God exists. So, remember that the God who does exists has already paid the price of evil – through His own Son on a cross – and will one day put an end to all evil forever. God’s creation will endure, but the evil will not. This does leave one final pressing issue: your fate. Will you be part of the creation that endures forever, providing joy and delight to God’s Son while receiving great benefits from this existence (and absent any and all negative effects or considerations) yourself? Or will you be included in the portion of creation that is destroyed when all evil is destroyed? The answer to this is simple: if you renounce and turn away from all of the evil that you have done and thereby represent and believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died to pay the debt incurred by your evil and was resurrected from the dead, then you will be among the portion of creation that remains. Otherwise, you will be among the portion of creation that is destroyed. (As time will no longer exists – for time is part of creation – the process of your destruction will take place in eternity and last for an eternity.)

For make no mistake, even if you had no part in this incident, we have all committed evil, if not according to our own standards, according to God’s standards. Though the debt incurred by your evil actions has already been paid for by Jesus Christ, the Bible makes it clear that only those who renounce their evil actions and ways and believe in Jesus Christ will have their paid debt applied. It is the same as having won a contest, but having to go present yourself and your ticket to those running the contest to claim your prize. Though your debt has been paid, one has to renounce his evil actions and tendencies and believe in the Sonship, Lordship, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to have that paid debt “applied to their accounts.” In order to further explain and assist you in this process, please click on “The Three Step Salvation Plan” link below, which contains information presented in both written and video form. I entreat and implore you to do so – to heed and believe – immediately. Thank you.

The Three Step Salvation Plan


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Church Of Christ Preacher Uses Championship Pool Playing Skills To Evangelize

Posted by Job on March 3, 2008

He can’t turn water into wine or walk on water, but put a pool stick in his hand and Eric “The Preacher” Yow can work wonders. Yow can make a cue ball leap over obstacles and jump through a miniature basketball hoop, or zigzag around a billiard table as if under remote control.

He says it’s all part of using his talents for God. “If God has blessed you with five talents, he wants you to use all of them,” said Yow. Bluff, is ranked No. 10 in the world of artistic pool players. The Dickson County preacher also practices law in Clarksville.

Even though he has only been playing for eight years, Yow has already been named a world champion in jump shots and masse, a trick shot specialty. Yow took his “Trick Shot Madness” exhibition to the Hendersonville Church of Christ on Wednesday night.

During a 15-minute mini-sermon he told students: “You were not created on an assembly line … we were formed in the image of God for a purpose.” Then he stripped off his suit coat to reveal the cranberry colored vest of a pool shark and got to work.

While performing trick shots behind his back and standing on one foot, he mixed in Bible verses and stories about how God was working in his life. Yow says that pool can be “a mechanism for bringing people to Jesus.” “When I go to a pool hall and do a trick shot — all of a sudden, I’ve got their attention,” Yow told the students on Wednesday night. “And you know what I do then? I preach Jesus to them. That’s really cool.”

Yow began playing pool at Freed-Hardeman University, a Church of Christ school about 20 minutes outside of Jackson, where he also learned to preach. He had a work-study job running the school’s game room, where he got paid while playing pool. Before long he had become devoted to the game, spending long hours practicing trick shots.

He then posted videos of his shots at — making him a minor Internet celebrity — and later entered tournaments. He was eventually invited to the 2007 World Masse Championship in Russia. Jeremy Johnson, youth pastor at the Hendersonville Church of Christ, hopes that Yow’s message about “using your gifts for God” got through to his students.

And some of Yow’s church members see his pool playing as a plus. Janette and Kyndall Daugherty, along with Kara Baker, drove from White Bluff to Hendersonville on Wednesday night. “He has done wonders for our congregation,” says Janette Daugherty. Yow’s youth and exuberance, she added, has recharged the congregation of about 170 people.

She said that despite his success, Yow never takes himself too seriously — which gives the church members permission to admit their own mistakes. “He just laughs when he messes up,” she said. “We are all human, and we all mess up.”

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Maybe Christians Should Stop Watching The NFL?

Posted by Job on February 2, 2008

NFL Sacks Church Super Bowl Parties

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Gun Control Disarmed Murdered Washington Redskin Sean Taylor

Posted by Job on January 14, 2008

ESPN and the other liberals in the media tried to claim that Taylor contributed to his own death rather than tell the truth: the man was unable to defend himself from armed home invaders. Original link:

Gun Control Disarmed Murdered Redskin Sean Taylor

By Larry Pratt

There are some lessons that we should learn from the murder of the Washington Redskins football star, Sean Taylor.

Taylor was gunned down in his Miami house. It did not have to be.

Taylor, by submitting to a bad law, brought a knife to a gun fight. To be precise, Taylor was trying to defend himself, his fiancé and their child with a machete. Why would he have not had a gun?

Simple. Taylor had been disarmed by a corrupt prosecutor and federal gun laws.

In 2005, Taylor and some friends pursued some men they believed had shot up his all-terrain vehicle. After it was all over, the crooks were never sought, much less prosecuted by the authorities, but Taylor was accused of pummeling one of the suspects and possessing a gun during the episode.

Taylor was charged by Miami-Dade prosecutor, Michael Grieco, with three aggravated assault charges and a misdemeanor battery charge. Taylor faced 46 years in jail. Grieco subsequently resigned when it became apparent that the charges were not brought from the pursuit of justice, but were brought to promote Grieco’s moonlighting business as a nightclub disc jockey.

Oh, by the way, the “witnesses” in the case have criminal records.

As a result of the plea deal that was worked out — the government had to save face once it was clear that the justice system had been prostituted by Grieco — Taylor was unable to own a gun. He was subject to 18 months of probation (no jail time) which sounds like a good deal after having faced potentially 46 years in jail. As it turns out, that deal made him defenseless.

Even though his probation ended early, that did not mean that Taylor could legally own a gun. Indeed, even though the system was working to expunge his record, he still might not ever have been able to own a gun. Why?

Taylor was disarmed for life because he pleaded guilty to a crime that could have carried a jail sentence of over 365 days. That put his name into NICS (or the National Instant Criminal Background Check System). Even if Taylor had lived long enough to see his name expunged by local authorities — thus, removing the stigma that comes with having a criminal record — his name would likely have already been thrown into the federal NICS system. As a matter of course, states frequently fail to send expungements (from the local authorities) to NICS, meaning that Taylor would probably have been prevented from buying a gun, expungement or no.

So Taylor’s other option would have been to appeal directly to the feds and have the FBI clear his name under a federal statute known as the McClure-Volkmer law. However, for over a decade, this option has been put into limbo by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who got language inserted into the FBI budget preventing them from spending any money to relieve law-abiding citizens from unfair gun bans.

In other words, Sean Taylor could have been banned for life from buying a gun.

This is one of the reasons that Gun Owners of America has opposed the Instant Background Check from the very moment that the National Rifle Association thought it up and began promoting it back in the 1980s.

Gun control did not keep Taylor’s murderers from getting a gun. But it sure kept Taylor disarmed — and dead.

One good thing has emerged from this needless tragedy. Teammate Chris Samuels has made a potentially life-saving decision. Samuels told Sports Illustrated: “I was always scared of guns growing up. But this situation has told me I need one. I’d rather be prepared than to be like Sean was and not have a gun in his house when he really needed it.”

Larry Pratt is Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, A National gun lobby with over 300,000 members located at 8001 Forbes Place, Springfield, VA 22151, (703) 321-8585.

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Vick Case: Pro Abortion Washington Post Calls Dogfighting A Crime Against Humanity!

Posted by Job on August 22, 2007

This, people, is the logical progression that Darwinism leads to.

 “Vick and his pals deliberately enslaved and tormented weaker creatures, and killed those they considered inferior. The dogs had faces and voices that would have eloquently expressed their agony, and Vick hurt them anyway, repeatedly.” (And this is different from what an aborton doctor does how?) The crimes may have been committed against canines, but at issue is basic humanity. Commit those crimes against people, and the words we’d use for it are fascism, and genocide. (Except when it is abortion.) Don’t kid yourself: The people who are so angry at Vick are angry for all the right reasons. (Yep, the reason is that once you reject God in your life, you become so depraved that you care more about animals than people.)

All you Christians who want to be “moderate”, who want to be “reasonable and rational”, who want to be “understanding” with the world and all of its wickedness, who want to “expand the Christian mindset beyond issues of basic morality”, who are ready to sit out and wave the white flag in the culture battles, who are sick of “seeing the world in black and white and want nuance, shades of gray”, I keep trying to tell you this: there is a war going on and you are involved whether you choose to fight it or not. When you stand before God on judgment day, He will not accept your pontificating, philosophizing, or self – righteous hyperbole. All He will want to know is that since you accepted all of the benefits of being called by His Name, why didn’t you fight for Him against evil? Again, this isn’t about some quarterback and a bunch of dead dogs, it is about how wicked our culture has become, and the fact that the Michael Vick case gets round the clock coverage while, for instance, the unsolved murder of star NFL player Darrent Williams is totally ignored (and the deaths of the Delaware State University college students in Newark are pretty much also) clearly demonstrates that. You want to talk about what Vick did to those poor dogs? Well look at this link and see what gets done to people every day in this country, and it is 100% legal, supported by hundreds of millions of so – called Christians in America and worldwide! Only a wicked person values the life of an animal more than that of a person, and this society is showing itself to be filled with wicked people!

If you want to come out of and contend against this depravity, here is your chance: follow The Three Step Salvation Plan right now!

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The Life Of A Dog Is Worth More Than The Life Of A Human Being

Posted by Job on August 22, 2007

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Genesis 2:7, Job 31:15, Psalm 22:9,10, Isaiah 44:2 

In the United States, the life of a dog is worth more than the life of a
human being!  The nation has been riveted and closely following the story of
NFL superstar quarterback Michael Vick. It  has come to light over the past
6 years that Vick financed and was an active participant in running a dog
fighting enterprise.  Fighting dogs is illegal in all 50 states.
Additionally,  hundreds of thousands of dollars were illegally gambled on
these dog fights, and what has enraged most people, was the inhumane
treatment of these animals including killing them in numerous brutal ways.
Vick has not only been linked to financing this dog fighting operation, but
gambling on the fights and personally killing several of the dogs who didn’t
perform well.

Today, I want to bring a whole new perspective to the Michael Vick story
that you won’t hear on the news or read about in the papers.  In the United
States in the year 2007, it is illegal to kill a dog but legal to kill a
baby!  Let me say that one more time since I want this FACT to really sink
in.  In the United States in the year 2007, it is illegal to kill a dog, but
legal to kill a baby!  WOW!  Does that put the whole Vick story in a
different light and show just how spiritually bankrupt we are as a nation?
Want more?  Michael Vick is going to be going to prison for anywhere from
1-5 years for killing dogs, yet every single day all over this nation,
“doctors” are slaughtering 4,000 babies and going home to their families at
the end of the day.

Michael Vick has been kicked out of the NFL and will be going to Federal
prison for killing dogs, but the “doctors” who are paid very well to kill
over 4,000 babies EVERY SINGLE DAY in this nation are free!

Another aspect of the Vick case that I have watched closely is the
across-the-board outrage by people regarding what he did to these dogs.  You
will be hard pressed to find anyone who even tries to support, let alone,
condone what Vick did.  It has virtually been a universal response of
condemnation for what he did to these dogs.  What baffles me is where is
that same universal condemnation over the fact we kill 4,000 babies in this
nation every day?  How can the masses get so riled up over the inhumane
treatment and killing of a handful of dogs, yet sit back in silence as every
24 hours another 4,000 babies are slaughtered?

Here is an interesting side note that can’t go unnoticed.  PETA, the ultra
liberal People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have been front and
center in calling for Vick’s hide and have exploited the Vick story to raise
millions of dollars for their cause.   The hypocrisy is that the vast
percentage of people who follow and support PETA also support  a woman’s
right to kill her baby.  So you have this animal rights advocacy group who
takes every opportunity to bully and intimidate people who have anything to
do with animals, all the way from how cows and chickens are slaughtered to
the way animals are killed by fast food restaurants to the killing of
animals to make fur coats, leading the charge against Vick for fighting and
killing dogs, yet this same group supports the killing of babies!

The real story of the sad and sickening Michael Vick dog fighting/killing
tragedy is that in this nation we clearly put more value on the life of an
animal than we do a human.  It is clear that the life of a dog is more
important to society than the life of a baby.  This is the only conclusion
you can draw since it is illegal to kill dogs but not babies, and someone
like Vick who is found guilty of killing dogs is going to prison while the
“doctors” who kill babies live in freedom. Society has determined that the
life of a dog is more important than the life of a baby.

This is so critical since now it is easy to understand why we are in the
spiritual abyss we find ourselves in.  The Absolute Truth of the Bible has
been replaced by “every man doing what is right in their own eyes.”  You
see, it is no longer God our Creator who determines Truth, each person is
deciding that for themselves.  That is why people now accept homosexual
relationships that God clearly calls a sin, redefining what God said
marriage  and the family were to be, all of the false gods of the world, and
every other form of rebellion to God and His Word that you can name.  When
men determine what truth is, that is how you end up with the mass outrage
over the death of a few dogs, yet no response at all to the daily slaughter
of 4,000 babies!

I love you and care about you so much.  In just 8 short years, all of the
warnings I have been sharing with you are coming to pass.   I remember
getting emails telling me I was paranoid, the things I shared would never
happen, yet here we are in August of 2007 and this nation is in spiritual
freefall.  What I have to share with you next Monday will be a loud and
clear wake-up call that simply declaring the Truth of the Word in the
marketplace is soon going to cease.  I see a very small window that could
allow us to reclaim this great nation for Christ, but with each passing day
that window gets smaller.  Did you know 2 days before 9/11 in the heart of
New York City there will be a Muslim Day parade?   That is right, those who
follow the message of hate and death authored by that murdering pedophile
Mohammed will be dancing in the streets of New York City 2 days before the
6-year anniversary of 9/11!

The nation has turned to the false gods of the world, the man-made idols,
and has chosen to live in complete rebellion to God and the Truth of His
Word.  Most of Christendom has retreated behind the four walls of the church
into the “Christian trough” where they have virtually no impact on the world
at large.  We have relegated ourselves to what amounts to a modern day leper
colony.  Christians have become the 21st century lepers.   We are treated
like outcasts.  Despite having the power of Almighty God, we have chosen to
hide in our Christian subculture while the world we live in is sinning its
way into obliteration with souls dying and going to hell on conveyor belts!

Nothing more exemplifies this than the Vick case.  Let me clearly state that
I believe those who treat animals in an inhumane way should be punished.
Dog fighting is a barbaric sport that should be against the law.  Those who
kill dogs for sport should be prosecuted.  I don’t feel sorry for Michael
Vick at all and whatever he gets he deserves.  However, the point I want you
to understand today is that as heinous and horrible as Vick’s actions were,
the disconnect comes when heinous and horrible acts on a human being are not
only legal, but supported by millions of people.  Many of the same people
who have gone ballistic about what Vick did to a few dogs, go equally
ballistic if you talk about outlawing the killing of babies.

If you ever needed a reminder regarding the depth of spiritual decay in this
country, the Michael Vick case is that reminder.  The reality is that in
this country, the life of a dog is more precious than the life of a baby!
God have mercy on us all.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

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(C) Copyright 2007, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved

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John Amaechi Comes Out Of The Closet

Posted by Job on August 20, 2007

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One former NBA player “comes out,” another former NBA star comments, and a
national debate on homosexuality ensues!  A retired journeyman NBA player,
John Amaechi, told the world a few months ago that he was “gay.”  Of course,
it is no surprise this big announcement coincided with the release of a book
he had written about choosing to engage in homosexual acts and playing in
the NBA.  Guess it didn’t make sense to make such an announcement until he
could profit off of his choice to engage in deviant and unnatural sex.

In the wake of Amaechi’s announcement, came the comments of another former
NBA player, a true superstar in the league for many years, Tim Hardaway.
Hardaway, a former player for the Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat, was
being interviewed by a local Miami sports radio host, Dan LeBatard, who is
also a columnist for the Miami Herald and writer for  It is
important to note LeBatard’s affiliation with ESPN since it is ESPN who is
the publisher of Amaechi’s book.

In the interview, LeBatard asked Hardaway how he would feel having a
teammate who was “gay.”  Hardaway stated, “First of all, I wouldn’t want
him on my team. And second of all, if he was on my team, I would, you know,
really distance myself from him because, uh, I don’t think that’s right. And
you know I don’t think he should be in the locker room while we’re in the
locker room. I wouldn’t even be a part of that.  You know, I hate gay
people, so I let it be known. I don’t like gay people and I don’t like to be
around gay people. I am homophobic. I don’t like it.  It shouldn’t be in
the world or in the United States.”

As soon as Amaechi made his big announcement, ESPN began asking every person
affiliated with the NBA they interviewed their thoughts and comments on this
issue.  Everyone was very careful to give the typical cliched, politically
correct answers.  However, it was only a matter of time before they found
someone to go off script and give them something “hot” that would help their
book sales and Hardaway was that someone.

I don’t want to get into the whole issue of professional athletes who choose
to commit homosexual acts and all of the ramifications of having an openly
homosexual on a pro sports team.  Let the sports columnists pontificate on
that aspect.  I do want to look at what Hardaway said, and more importantly,
look at the incredible national debate that ensued over the whole issue of
homosexuality in general.

Hardaway foolishly gave LeBatard and ESPN exactly what they wanted, his
honest opinion on having a teammate who engaged in homosexual acts.  No
doubt they are the same sentiments of the vast majority of professional
athletes.  Where Hardaway got into trouble was when he went on to say, “I
hate gay people.”  It is unclear whether he wasn’t articulate enough to say
he hated the act of homosexuality or whether he really meant he hates gay
people.  That is something only God knows since He knows Hardaway’s heart.

The fact is there is no such thing as a “gay person,” only people who
CHOOSE to engage in homosexual acts.  The sins of a person who chooses to
commit the sin of homosexuality are no worse or better than my sins or
yours.  We can hate the sinful act they choose to engage in, but we must
love the person since Jesus died for their sins just like He died for my
sins and yours.  If Hardaway truly hates people who choose to commit this
sin, he needs to get with the Lord and work that out of his heart.  Pray for
him and that God will help him to not love this sin, but love the person who
chooses to commit this type of sin as we must love all people.

The real issue that I want to address today is the national debate that has
taken place since Hardaway’s comments.  If you weren’t sure how effective
the pro-homosexual community has been over the last 20 years, you know now.
They have effectively brainwashed this nation into accepting this deviant
choice of sex between a man and a man or a woman and a woman as acceptable
and on the same level as sex between a man and a woman.  Not only does this
nation now accept this choice as normal, those who speak out against it are
branded as hate-mongers, intolerant, narrow-minded, homophobic,
Bible-bangers, not evolved, and a host of other labels designed to degrade
and silence them.

I have shared with you in the past, if you want to see how effective the
brainwashing by the pro-homosexual community of the masses has been, simply
go ask the kids in youth groups at any church what they think about this
issue.  You will be shocked to find the majority will give you the great lie
that people are “born gay” and can’t help it, that it is not for us to
judge, and that if they “love each other,” that is all that matters!  Again,
these are kids who attend the youth groups in our churches!  They have grown
up with the message that this is something people are born with, that 10% of
the people are gay, and that it is a perfectly acceptable and even desirable
lifestyle.  That has been reinforced since their birth by the schools they
attend and by the media.

The two greatest lies the pro-homosexual community has put out are that 1)
homosexuality is something that you are “born with,” 2) 10% or more in our
society are homosexual. First, modern science has CLEARLY rejected and been
unable to prove that ANYONE is “born gay.” IT IS A CHOICE!!!! People are
born black and white, with green eyes and blue eyes, you have no control
over that.  Taking your pants off to have sex is a CHOICE!  The “struggle”
people who choose this sin speak of is the same “struggle” we all have, to
obey God or to sin! Also, all legitimate studies done by the non-homosexual
community clearly show that less than 1% of the population EVER engage in
this type of sexual sin.

When you condemn those who choose this sin, you are not judging them.  God
already did that when HE, not me, called homosexuality a sin from the
beginning of the Bible to the end.  A foolish argument from those who choose
this sin is that “why would anyone choose something that brought them
ridicule, condemnation, and the hatred of so many?” People make that choice
every day! I deal with men and women daily who CHOOSE to commit adultery and
destroy their marriage, lose the love and respect of their children, in many
cases ruin their career. People who choose sin choose to deal with the
consequences of their sin.

Another foolish question is, “When did you choose to be heterosexual?”  You
don’t have to choose to be how God made you.  However, you DO have to CHOOSE
to engage in unnatural and unhealthy acts that God never intended you to
engage in.  You don’t have to choose to be how God made you, you DO have to
choose to live in rebellion to how God made you.  Also, the “love” argument
is equally as foolish., since it is an unnatural love God never intended.  A
pedophile could use that same argument, as could someone who is engaged in
bestiality.  You can’t excuse sin by using a perverted form of love!

I love you and care about you so much.  Theologically this is not even a
debatable issue. All through the Bible, from the Old Testament through the
New, homosexuality is defined by God as a sin. PERIOD. God calls it an
ABOMINATION! I have heard the tortured theological arguments homosexuals
have made, but there is absolutely NO WAY to change the fact this act is a
sin. Just because there is now a homosexual version of the Bible where they
have literally changed the passages that call this act a sin, that does NOT
change God’s inspired, inerrant Word.

The church better wake up and realize that while they have been building
great buildings and getting fat, satan has been busy using the sin of
homosexuality to destroy the lives of people who have bought into this lie.
We live in a free society. If people who have chosen to engage in homosexual
activity, want to have their own schools, their own churches, their own
television network, they have every right to. It is about time the church
wakes up and realizes that those who promote this sin are bold and are
stopping at NOTHING to get their message out to the masses!  They have done
a great job of selling this lie since most in this nation now accept this
deviant choice of sex as normal and acceptable!

THAT is why I am always talking about how the church, those who know Christ
as their Savior, have got to quit preaching to the choir and start taking
the hope and love of Christ to the world at large. We have got to be brave
and bold enough to tell this lost world that homosexuality is a sin and will
destroy them if they fall into this bondage!  As those who follow Christ, we
also have a responsibility to pray for those who are in this bondage, for
God to open their hearts to the truth of His Word, and to turn from their
sin. Only God can change hearts, and for those who are in bondage to the sin
of homosexuality, we must pray for them to open their hearts and turn from
their sin.

Until Jesus returns, we will always have those who choose a perverted form
of sex with those of their own gender, just like we will always have those
who choose to pervert sex by having it outside of the bonds of marriage.
While we can never accept their choice since it is clearly against God’s
Word, we must pray for them, just like we must pray for everyone who is
battling sin in their life.

For those reading this who are currently fighting homosexuality, let me tell
you that God has never stopped loving you, and is simply waiting for you to
turn from your sin and come back to Him. We serve a God of deliverance from
sin, a God of forgiveness, and a God of restoration. Millions have turned
from the sin of homosexuality and found complete restoration and fulfillment
in living a life according to God’s plan. What He did for someone else, He
can do for you! I pray today that you hear these words, and choose to find
freedom from your sin today. That freedom is only a prayer away!

Pray for John Amaechi.  He is simply a lost soul who in some regards is
being used by ESPN to exploit his sin for cash.  He is the one whose life
and soul are at stake if he continues to engage in this unnatural and
perverted form of sex.  Pray for this nation.  Like the rest of the world,
we have bought into the lie of homosexuality.  I told you years ago it
will only be a matter of time before it is illegal in this nation to preach
against this sin — simply using the Bible.  That day is at hand.  The
nation has bought this lie hook, line, and sinker, and it will help to
destroy us as it did Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Bible declares the TRUTH shall set them free.  May we be brave enough
and bold enough, despite the persecution to proclaim God’s TRUTH about the
sin of homosexuality!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Michael Vick’s treatment fair? What about wife abusers?

Posted by Job on August 17, 2007

FINALLY, someone in the media who cares about people as much as about dumb animals. Watch out Steve Adubato, these Darwinist fanatics are coming after you next just like they did Jimmy The Greek, Al Campanis, Marge Schott, Don Imus, etc. And Paul Zeise, who has made this comparison, already has been fired (and here is another link).

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Michael Vick Case: More Proof That The Media Hates You, Christians!

Posted by Job on August 7, 2007

Check out the headline Christian group to honor Vick. And also the headline to this link: Christian group decides not to honor Vick. Now the group in question is the SCLC, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Normally they are referred to a civil rights group by the media, with no mention of the radical anti – Christ agenda of the group founded by the man who denied the resurrection, virgin birth, and deity of Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, Jr. (An excellent point of how the apostle Paul would have opposed King’s tactics and that of the civil rights movement in general can be found here in this link, though I will warn you, it is rather long.) But now that this wicked society has decided that dumb animals are more valuable than people. Thus the case of an athlete that has been found to have violated dumb animals is being given round the clock coverage while the cases of PEOPLE who get violated (and also see here and here) are largely ignored.

So why call the SCLC a “Christian” group in this context? Because it is the first time that I have EVER seen them referred as such. Because now that they have done a great job whipping up hate and outrage over the plight of tortured and killed dumb animals, they saw this as an excellent opening to redirect that outrage against CHRISTIANS. Now the anti – Christ media had already done a GREAT job of making this a race issue, claiming that “the black community just isn’t outraged when it comes to animal cruelty, they don’t think that it is a big deal.” Well, maybe the black community has so much on its minds to think about, with so many of our people dying of AIDS and crime and because of endemic unfairness in a society that has turned against God and therefore gives preferential treatment to the rich (a poor person and a rich person can get caught with the same amount of drugs, and where the rich person gets a “diversion program” the poor person gets a felony conviction). If your cousin is in jail, your niece has AIDS, and your son can barely read because of the horrible performance of the local government school (do you realize that absolutely no quality control measures are in place for the colleges that produce our school teachers? Teachers have to pass the state licensing exam, but absolutely nothing is done in the case of the many colleges that consistently produce graduates that fail to pass them as is done in the case of law and other professional schools), and your neighbor’s child was gunned down in her bedroom, you are going to have more important things to think about than the treatment of dumb animals such as canines.

Now this is not intended to be used in the defense of Michael Vick, a man who evidence states started this illegal dogfighting and gambling ring with his very first paycheck from the NFL. This man earned tens of millions of dollars and had the opportunity to earn up to $200 million or more. He was raised by in what America calls poverty by a single mother in a very rough area, with many of his family members struggling in their financial, educational, social, and family lives, including the relative on public assistance that he had staying in the house that was the center of this criminal enterprise. He could have used his immense financial resources to pull his family and many others in his area out of poverty, helping them buy homes and land and start businesses, and providing them with vocal training. But in the case of Michael Vick, we can see that a person with the mentality of a criminal is going to act like a criminal. Now I am fully aware of how certain white people used to speak about Michael Vick: the clothes that he wore, his hairstyle, the people that he hung around with, his rap music and manner of speech. There were those who would have wanted to call such people racist. Well, I am sorry, Michael Vick, but all you have done is justify everything that every suburban conservative Republican white person who moved his children out of Atlanta Public Schools after the Brown versus Board of Education decision has said about you, and your actions have made it that much harder for the multitudes of black males that will never get the sort of opportunity that you just squandered, including the black males in your own family that you should have been trying to pull out of that culture that you grew up in. So no, this is not about defending Michael Vick.

This is about how the media is using the Michael Vick case to pursue its anti – Christ agenda. First, it was elevating the status of animals as being equal to and above that of people (you people that are outraged over dogfighting in most cases actually defend outrages like this done to people) so that they can deny that man was made in God’s image and thereby deny the existence of a God whose commandments that they have to obey so that they can follow after their own lusts. Then, they used it to add to the chaos, disorder, and hate that already permeates this society by making it into a racial issue. (See the vulgar racist comments directed at another black athlete merely for the thought and speech crime of lending Vick some support; not that I agreed with Donovan McNabb for doing so, but people have done far worse.) Now, the media is trying to use this case to fan the flames of anger of those who love animals more than people against Christians, and if you will look at some of the comments (“HOLYROLLERS”, “Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war.” “I love it when religion mocks itself and saves me the trouble.” “Smart move by them churchholes.” “No such thing as non-violent religion.” “Jesus was a drug dealer. how else would anyone believe his wild stories and his magic tricks” “Bible pushers”, “This says everything that needs to be said about the oxymoron “Southern Christians.”” “religion needs to be outlawed.”) And so on.

Christians, there is a war going on out there, and it has nothing to do with black athletes or dead dogs; it has EVERYTHING to do with you.  YOU are the target, YOU are the goal. So the question is: what are you going to do about it? My suggestion? Evangelize. That is what Satan really wants more than anything else, to hinder the spread of the gospel. So every time Satan hits you, Christian, hit him back where it hurts the most by doing what he fears the most by going out and telling someone that Jesus Christ died for their sins.

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Fantasy Football And Gambling

Posted by Job on August 3, 2007

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(Psalm 118:8)

***MINNESOTA BRIDGE TRAGEDY!   Please join me in prayer for those families
who lost loved ones in the I-35 bridge collapse Wednesday in Minneapolis/St.
Paul.  We are also praying for those who were injured to fully recover.  Our
thoughts and prayers are with our friends in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area
as they recover from this horrible event.

***LIVEPRAYER CRIBS!!!   MTV has a program called “Cribs” where they take a
camera crew through some of the top musical artists lavish multi-million
dollar homes.  Well, I taped a segment for the TV program taking them
through the “lavish” Liveprayer executive offices.  As many of you know,
Liveprayer started in the back of a used car lot in St. Petersburg that is
owned by one of my Board members.  Even though we could have spent the money
to move into better offices, we have chosen to stay where God birthed this
ministry that has literally impacted tens of millions of lives worldwide
over nearly 8 years and use those funds to reach the lost and hurting.  It
is a short video that is really a testimony of God’s provision, grace, and
blessing.  I hope you enjoy it!

(Personal note: Though I personally do not gamble, unlike Pastor Keller, I do not take the position that gambling is sin because I cannot find either direct or strong indirect scriptural justification for it.  However, I feel that my essay WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION spiritually agrees with the message that Pastor Keller makes in this devotional, and on the topics of gambling and drinking alcohol in general.)

Football and gambling.  The college and pro-football seasons are only weeks
away.  All across this nation, it will be football season.  It is a time for
fans of the game to root their favorite team on to victory (go Ohio State
Buckeyes!).  Sadly however, it is also a time for millions of people to
gamble on this great sport.  From now until the Super Bowl next February,
BILLIONS will be wagered legally and illegally on pro and college-football
games.  Over the next 5 months, lives will be destroyed by people who are in
bondage to gambling on football games.

Over the past 5 years, by far the fastest growing form of sports gambling,
especially on professional football, has been “fantasy football.”  In
fantasy football, a predetermined group of people get together, make up
fantasy teams from the existing pool of players, and are rewarded when the
players they select have productive statistics in the games they play.  It
sounds like fun and can be.  However, in most fantasy leagues there is an
“entry fee” and a financial reward for those who do well, which also means a
financial loss for those who do poorly.  You can call it whatever you want,
but if you are playing fantasy football and there is money to be won or

The appalling thing to me is the hypocrisy of the National Football League
in regard to fantasy football.  While the league takes a zero tolerance
position regarding gambling on its games, they fully endorse and support
fantasy football.  They have taken this position for two reasons.  First,
they view it as an entertaining way for more people to watch and be involved
in their product.  They are 100% right since not many people would be
worrying about the number of yards a running back on a bad team gained in a
meaningless game late in the seasons, unless that player was on your fantasy
team.  Second, they claim to only endorse fantasy leagues where no money
changes hand, knowing full well that 99% of fantasy leagues have entry fees
anywhere from $10 to $100,000.

The reality is, the NFL as well as the NCAA that oversees the college game,
fully understands and tacitly accept the fact that billions are wagered
every season on their games.  Pick up ANY newspaper during the season and in
the back of the sports page are the Vegas lines.  My friend, there is only
ONE reason they are printed…for GAMBLING.  The explosion of interest in
college and pro football has been primarily driven by gambling.  People can
wager in Vegas, with the local bookie, with their friend, or at offshore
bookmakers online, and then sit back and watch the game they have bet on.

Football and television are a match made in gambling heaven.  The “line” is
broadcasted and openly talked about in regard to EVERY game without any
hesitation by the announcers.  Programs geared to people who gamble are all
over TV and radio during football season.  You can now sit at home and watch
virtually every college and pro game that is played.  I can assure you, the
ONLY reason someone is up at 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning watching Hawaii play
TCU, other than those who went to Hawaii and TCU, are people betting on the
game.  The ONLY reason someone is watching two pro teams with 2-9 records on
a Sunday afternoon, other than the fans of those teams, is because they have
a bet on the game.  Gambling has driven the TV ratings, which in turn has
put millions in the pockets of the NFL and NCAA schools, which is why they
say they are against gambling with a wink and a nod.

I am often asked whether it is a sin to bet on a football game or to buy a
Lottery ticket.  I am going to tell you up front that there is no verse in
the Bible that says, “thou shalt not gamble.”  However, let me give you a
Biblical basis why gambling is a sin. Gambling involves an element of risk.
Ultimately, you are putting your faith in something other than God for the
outcome.  Therein lies the foundation of why gambling is a sin.  Instead of
trusting God, instead of putting your faith in God, you have chosen to put
your faith in luck.  You are hoping to beat the odds and it is putting your
hope and faith in something other than God that makes gambling a sin.  Let
me outline for you three additional reasons why gambling is a sin.

First, it can cause you to lose sight of your priorities.  Never forget,
anytime something is more important than the Lord in your life, it is a sin.
We are to love the Lord our God with all of our heart and He MUST be our
first priority at all times.  Second, it can be a poor use of God’s
resources that He has entrusted to you.  Many people I have counseled are in
financial difficulties, not because they have not been blessed by God, but
because they have misused and mishandled their blessing.  Lastly, it can be
a stumblingblock  to your brother or sister.  Many people have a compulsive
nature, could end up in total bondage to gambling.  So while it may not be a
problem in your life, your involvement may cause someone else to have a
problem with gambling.

Let me make an important point.  When I talk about gambling, I am referring
to the lottery, sports gambling, casino games, private card games, but I am
also talking about the financial markets.  Having been involved heavily in
the financial markets in the 80’s, I can tell you that many people use the
word investing, when in fact they are literally gambling.  When you are
taking a financial position in the outcome of something that is unknown,
that is gambling no matter what words you want to use.  You have as much
control over the stock price of a particular company as you do over the
performance of your favorite football team.

***This is NOT an indictment against having stocks and bonds.  Prudent,
reasoned, well strategized investment plans are encouraged in God’s Word.  I
am talking about those who are simply rolling the dice hoping to get lucky
in the stock market.

The Bible teaches us to be wise stewards with the resources God has
entrusted to us.  I am a strong advocate of investing a portion of our
resources in well researched, fundamentally sound opportunities that have
the real potential of giving us a reasonable return.  That is wise use of
God’s money.  God encourages this type of prudent investing.  The line is
crossed into gambling when you are just “hoping to be right,” or entering
into a situation with greed as your motive.  No prayer, no research, simply
taking a chance you might win.  For the above-outlined reasons, that is a
sin my friend.

I love you and care about you so much.  I will be praying for you today,
praying for those who have been caught up in the bondage of this addiction
to gambling, especially those caught up in gambling on football games.  If
you, or someone you know is addicted to gambling, know that I will be
praying today for those who are in this bondage.   God is a God of
deliverance and He can deliver someone from the bondage of gambling.  Never
forget that there is hope in Christ, and no matter how bad someone has
destroyed their life, God can help them put the pieces together if they are
ready to surrender to Him.

Gambling is a sin, since inherent in the nature of gambling there is a
reliance on chance instead of faith in God.  But never forget that Christ
died on the cross to wash our sins away and give us victory.  If you are in
bondage to gambling on football, it is no accident you are reading this
message today.  God is speaking to your heart about STOPPING.  Don’t spend
another season without sleep, worrying about an 18-year-old student at a
school you can’t even pronounce making a 53-yard field goal to cover the
spread or watching a meaningless Monday night game trying to get out of the
hole from your losses on Sunday.  There is FREEDOM in Christ, and He can set
you free from the bondage of gambling!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Michael Vick And Dogfighting: Most People Do Things Just As Disgusting And Indefensible To Other People

Posted by Job on July 26, 2007

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Michael Vick and dog fighting.  Atlanta Falcon quarterback and one of the NFL’s most visible and marketed players, Michael Vick, was indicted in Federal Court last week for operating and participating in a large dog fighting operation.  Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states.  Because the dogs were transported across state lines it is a Federal matter, and if
convicted Vick is looking at up to 6 years in Federal prison plus $250,000 in fines.  It is very likely that Vick will never play football in the NFL again, and based on my personal knowledge of how the Federal Government operates, it is almost a guarantee that he will end up spending time in prison.  The Feds will not indict someone unless they have a very solid case which is why they have a 95%+ conviction rate.

Dog fighting is nothing new and certainly this is not something isolated and unique to Vick and his group.  Fighting dogs for sport is traced back to 43 A.D. and is an underground world that exists not only all across this country, but is very prevalent and popular in many Latin American, European, and Asian countries as well.   Once again, we are confronted with the reality that people derive entertainment and enjoyment out of seeing blood and death.  Man seems to have this insatiable appetite for violence, for brutality.  We have this carnal urge to see pain.  It really does say much about the condition of our heart when we find pleasure in watching animals fighting to their death.

As outraged as people are over the barbaric and inhumane treatment of these dogs by Vick and others who are part of the world of dog fighting, I wonder if those same people are as outraged over the brutal sports theater known as professional wrestling, or the sport of boxing, or the fast growing and highly popular ultimate fighting events that aren’t any different from what people used to pack the Roman Coliseum to watch except for the “death shot” at the end.  There is absolutely no justification for the way these animals
were treated, but I wonder why people are not equally as incensed over the brutal forms of “sport” involving humans that we entertain ourselves with.

You see, when people are living without Christ in their heart and life, they have the mind of the world.  They lust after the carnal pleasures of this life.  They are guided by their flesh.  When a person gets saved, they take on the mind of Christ.  They desire heavenly things. They are being guided by the Holy Spirit that resides in each Believer.  It is the carnal mind that delights in brutality and death.  The regenerated mind seeks peace and
life.  You have to have a hard heart, a seared conscience, to enjoy pain and torture and watching someone, even an animal, suffer.  A heart of flesh cries out when someone is in pain, is being tortured, is suffering.

This ultimately comes back to the fact we have the better percentage of 2 full generations who are lost, without Christ in their life, and are being guided by the spirit of this world and not the Spirit of the living God! Look at the brutality we see daily in the news.  One story after another of man’s inhumanity to man.  Children being abused and murdered.  People preying on other people and purposely destroying their lives.  Popular TV
programs like “Jackass” that revel in people getting hurt.  A whole new genre of Internet videos showing young men and young women fighting.  A popular video series called, “Bum Fights” where homeless people, people who are struggling just to get through the day, are exploited and forced to fight each other.  There is little that shocks us any longer since we have become desensitized to how cruel people are.  It is a sad commentary of who we are as a people.

I love you and care about you so much.  It is in this darkness that we are living in that the light of Christ can coming shining through.  In the midst of our utter depravity, as we are forced to see how barbaric we really are, now more than ever we need to turn to the only true hope there is, faith in Jesus Christ.  Faith in Jesus is the only answer, since it is only Jesus who can take our hearts of stone and turn them into hearts of flesh.  It is only
Jesus who can help us to be transformed from people who take pleasure in
watching other people in pain, to people who reach out to help and comfort
other people in pain.  Only the Lord can give you a heart that cares about
others more than you care about yourself.

Be praying for Michael Vick.  Here is a young man who was being paid over $120 million to play football.  He had everything the world could possible offer to a person.  However, he clearly lacked the most important things you need to live a victorious life.  You can’t be involved in such a brutal world like the world of dog fighting unless you have no heart.  Forgetting for a moment that dog fighting is illegal, even if they are just animals,
someone who has the Lord in their life simply can’t take any pleasure or enjoyment in seeing God’s creatures forced to brutally fight each other to the death.  So pray that through this experience, Vick will really open his heart to the Lord and make a true commitment of his life to Christ.

While this story gained so much national attention because of the involvement of a high profile NFL superstar, the reality is there is an underground world that exists where fighting animals is big business.  Just like sports where men fight other men is a big business.  These businesses exist because there is a demand out there.  It is a demand for blood, guts, and death.  We are no different than those who packed the Roman Coliseum to watch the gladiator fights, to watch humans being fed to lions.  We lambaste those people for their barbaric tastes, but in reality we are no different. Now more than ever we need to turn back to God and faith in Jesus Christ.

I will be praying for you today.  Do you watch things like boxing, wrestling, ultimate fighting?  If you do, why?  Do you watch other programs that involve people being humiliated, hurt, ridiculed, minimized?  Do you find it entertaining to see people abused?  TV once again has played a big role in shaping our culture.  Today’s programming doesn’t lift people up, it puts them down.  It is not about encouraging people, it is about debasing
them.  Oprah and her puppet Dr. Phil, Springer, Montel, Tyra (my note … Paula White’s best friend see Sex Sells, Especially In The Church: Tyra Banks On Paula White’s Myspace Page: “Do Guys Really Like Promiscuous Girls?”), the plethora of judge shows, all share the element of abusing people to generate ratings. Why?  They know it works.  They know people love to watch other people’s pain.

Very few reading this today would ever go to or be part of a dog fight. However, most reading this today will watch TV programs where people are humiliated, shamed, and abused in the name of entertainment.  I submit to you today that both are equally as wrong.  We have become a very cold and heartless people.  That is why now more than ever we need to change the course, change the direction, and that can only be done as people are transformed by the power of God from having hearts of stone to hearts of
flesh.  What Michael Vick is alleged to have done to dogs is disgusting and indefensible.  I submit to you today that most people do things just as disgusting and indefensible to other people.  Our lust for violence, brutality, blood and death, our hearts that have been hardened to the pain of others, that is the real story.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Outraged Over The Michael Vick Dogfighting Case?

Posted by Job on July 18, 2007

Well click on this link to see what you should REALLY be outraged about.

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Chris Benoit: Our Lust For Blood And Death

Posted by Job on July 2, 2007

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Our thirst for blood and death.  Late Sunday night and into Monday, came the horrible story of professional wrestler Chris Benoit who in his suburban Atlanta home sometime Friday evening, strangled and killed his wife.  Early Saturday morning, Benoit suffocated his 7-year-old son to death as he lay sleeping in his bed.  Sometime Sunday evening, he went down into his home gym and committed suicide by hanging himself.  Of course the immediate question everyone wants to know is why?  Why does someone who had been a
high profile performer  in the violent world of professional wrestling, aka sports entertainment, all of a sudden snap and kill his wife, son and then himself.

Of course the initial speculation is that this horrible tragedy was caused by “roid rage.”  This is a phenomenon many athletes who use and abuse steroids experience.  When the toxicology reports come back in a few weeks, my guess is it will show not only the use of anabolic steroids, but many other drugs that ended up forming a lethal cocktail that put Benoit in a psychotic state during which time he committed these horrible acts.  In the
violent world of professional wrestling, getting injured is something all of these performers have to deal with.  A professional wrestler is constantly battling different injuries, having their bodies operated on dozens of times, and in the process, end up taking an endless supply of different types of medications.

Those who are part of that world have talked openly about the constant abuse of not only steroids and prescription medication, but also illegal street drugs as well as alcohol.  These “sports entertainers” live in the fast lane of bright lights, cheering crowds, TV cameras, and literally sacrifice their bodies and health for a few moments of fame and a little fortune.  When their brief time in the spotlight is over, what they have left is usually
very little of the money they made, an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, and broken bodies they will suffer with the rest of their life, and those are the lucky ones!  *In the past decade, 60 professional wrestlers under the age of 45 have died, SIXTY!!!

While those who choose to go into this world of professional wrestling/sports entertainment have got to be accountable for their actions and choices, you can’t talk about this issue without talking about the man who has become a billionaire as the PT Barnum of this violent, bloody, and yes, deadly, athletic soap opera we know as professional wrestling…Vince McMahon.  Like in all entertainment businesses, the performers are often exploited, used, and thrown away, while those who have created the world they perform in become very wealthy.

As the owner and creator of the WWE, a worldwide brand that generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually, McMahon has to be held accountable for what is happening in his business.  Like those who run major league baseball and the team owners turned a blind eye to the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in the 90s since it was helping make baseball very popular again after the strike in 1994, not to mention making everyone lots of money, McMahon has also turned a blind eye to the use of illegal
performance enhancing drugs in his business.

Since it is not a sport, but sports entertainment, professional wrestling is not regulated in any way other than by itself.  Over the years, their product has become more valuable as the performers got bigger and stronger, with no regard how they got that way.  So while McMahon sits back raking in tens of millions annually in profits, the “entertainment” he is supplying to the world is one of sheer violence, bloodshed, and even death!  Once again,
in the past decade, 60 professional wrestlers under the age of 45 have died. Even though McMahon is only giving the public what they obviously want and crave, he must be held accountable for what is happening to the performers he employs.

This also begs the bigger question,  how far have we really come (or not), from the days of the Roman Coliseum? One of the contentions I have consistently made over the years is that man has never really changed from the Garden of Eden. We read about man’s inhumanity to man as early as the 4th chapter of Genesis in the story of Cain and Abel.  Since man’s fall in the Garden, evil has been part of the human experience and is all around us. It takes on many forms. One of those forms has been evil masquerading as

Throughout human history, sports, men competing against each other has been part of our world. In the capitalistic world of today, never before has sport become such a huge and lucrative business. It is very rare to find sports being played in its purest form any longer. In 2007 sports at almost every level are guided and ruled by one thing, money. In looking back on the history of sports, there have always been those physical competitions
pitting one man’s strength and abilities against another. Most of these “fighting sports” like wrestling and boxing concluded when one man had an advantage over the other. However, there has always been more violent and brutal forms of fighting that often included weapons. These types of fights would only end when one man killed the other.

We often think back to the days of the Roman Coliseum. The “sporting events” they hosted with capacity crowds in attendance were fights amongst men to the death. As one man would gain an advantage over his opponent, the fight would conclude with the “death shot.” This would literally be one man killing the other to the wild cheers of the crowd. The halftime show at these Coliseum events would include taking men and women, often Christians, and putting them in the ring with a team of hungry lions. Of course, it was
only a matter of time before each met their horrible death in the jaws of the lion, again, as the crowd cheered on. Of course we look at those days and say how barbaric, how inhumane, who could find any pleasure in seeing such brutality and death?

Well, the answer to that is WE WOULD!  My friend, we humans have an incredible capacity to hurt others. Sadly, we see it every day here at Liveprayer. Most do it in non-violent ways. Selfishly leaving your spouse and often your children after many years of marriage. Saying things that we know will hurt someone. Making decisions that inflict pain in people’s lives. There are endless ways man inflicts heartache and pain on others. Why
do people love to commit the sin of gossiping so much? They love to hear of others pain. Why do we drive by a car accident and have to slow down to look? We have this morbid curiosity with seeing others in pain.

The fact is, most people don’t love their neighbor nor do they “do unto others.” That is why those who follow these admonitions from the Lord stand out. It is not normal in this fallen world to love others as you love yourself. It is not normal in this fallen world to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. These principles go against the grain of how the world lives and teaches people to live. This world teaches people to love themselves above all, to put themselves first at all times. This world teaches to do unto others before they do unto you. It is the law of the jungle, kill before you are killed. So with this being the prevailing mindset of how the world lives, it is no wonder man has no real capacity to love or care for other men. That mindset transcends even to the “sports”
they watch to entertain themselves.

I love you and care about you so much. Professional wrestling is only a microcosm of where we are as a people, but I believe a very telling one. It only demonstrates that our desire to be entertained by watching men suffer now becoming a mainstream form of entertainment, is simply further proof of how far our society and culture has deteriorated. It is also further proof of how far away we are from God. We no longer even try to hide our gross sexual perversion or our debauchery. We no longer have any shame or guilt
and curse those who remind us of our sins. We live in open and defiant rebellion to the God of the Bible, His Truth and have rejected the love of Jesus in our lives.

We escape through the use of alcohol, drugs, gambling, deny our flesh nothing as we feed it with pornography and illicit sex of every kind imaginable, and find entertainment in seeing men brutalized and killed. Oh, now more than ever this lost world needs to turn to Jesus. He is the only answer and hope. I realize that the world doesn’t want to hear about the Lord, but we see every day the destroyed lives of people who are looking for hope. That is why we do this each day. Fight to reach as many as we can through the Internet. Fight to reach as many as we can through the TV program. Look for new ways to reach the lost masses. I know there are people who are looking for a better life, who are tired of living in sin, who do yearn for real peace and joy. That is why with every breath I have, I will keep doing all I can to reach them with the hope and love of Jesus!

Please pray today for those you know who may find professional wrestling entertaining. They have bought into the lies of this world that it is acceptable to enjoy watching men brutalize each other. Like drugs, and alcohol, and sex, and gambling, once their appetite for such violence is whetted, they will need to see more brutality, more violence to satisfy
their cravings. Ultimately, only seeing men die in the name of sport will satisfy them. This is not a fad that will go away. It is not only here to stay, but will evolve into more brutal forms as the years go by. Ultimately, like in all things, the only real answer is to see the hearts of men changed by the power of God. Changed from hearts that seek to view their neighbor destroyed, to hearts that seek to love their neighbor as their selves.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY?  The fact is you will die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator. To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now available via AUDIO each day.  Simply go to Also, you can now listen to the Daily Devotional by phone by calling, 1-845-510-2722 (C) Copyright 2007, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved.

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