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Sin Results When We Forget What God Has Done For Us!

Posted by Job on April 5, 2011

Exodus 1:8 – Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.

Oftentimes, the Bible is notable for its subtlety, for its ability to understate. In Exodus 1:8, it says that the new pharaoh didn’t know Joseph. What this means is that the entire nation forgot what YHWH did for their nation! Joseph was a type of Jesus Christ. He was, as the pharaoh of Joseph’s time testified of, one in whom the Holy Spirit lived. And the very name Joseph means “YHWH has added”, which means that YHWH had providentially given Joseph to that people and nation.

YHWH used Joseph to benefit Egypt in many ways. He wisely ruled the nation for decades, and though the Bible does not record Joseph causing the Egyptians to worship YHWH during the time of his stewardship, nonetheless during this time was a source of wisdom and order who greatly restrained wickedness and evil, which is what Romans 13:1-3 says is the role of civil government and those who serve therein.

Further, Joseph with both his power of prophecy and his gift of administration saved Egypt during the famine. The crops failed, the currency failed, yet Joseph saved them alive. And Joseph in particular worked to benefit the pharaoh and his line during this time, because he caused the transfer of all the money and land in Egypt to the pharaoh’s possession, and furthermore allowed the Egyptians to sell themselves as slaves to the pharaoh – giving him absolute power – in exchange for their lives. Also, Joseph redistributed the population of Egypt – making them easier to govern – and established a law where 20% of the wealth generated in Egypt had to go to pharaoh. This resulted in the Egyptian kings’ having an incomprehensible amount of wealth and economic and political power. Also, Egypt’s surviving a widespread famine that devastated the surrounding nations made them the unparalleled power in the region. These things and more did Joseph do for Egypt and its pharaohs, and they forgot them. And in forgetting Joseph, they forgot about the YHWH that sent Joseph, was with Joseph, used Joseph, and blessed all of Joseph’s actions on behalf of Egypt and the pharaoh.

In a very real sense, rejecting the man of God is akin to rejecting God. This was illustrated when the people rejected Moses in the wilderness, when the people rejected Samuel and asked for a human king, when the people rejected Jeremiah during the time of their subjugation to Babylon, and when the people rejected the ultimate Man of God, Jesus Christ. Egypt forgot about the man of YHWH, and in the course of doing so they forgot about the YHWH in whose Name this man came and labored.

So what happened when Egypt forgot about God? They sinned. They sinned by persecuting the people of God even unto a genocidal slaughter of all the males. As a result of this crime, Egypt was severely judged. It was bankrupted of currency, its mighty army was destroyed, its crops and livestock slain, its firstborn killed, and this proud nation was made into a public laughingstock before the very same world where it was the chief superpower by the God of its own former slaves. Egypt went from being the head (if only in a temporal or secular sense, for Israel by virtue of its election was the true head) to being the tail. All because they forgot about God and as a result were ungrateful for His works. This is highly reminiscent of the pitiful estate of the town of Mansoul when it forgot about and ceased to be thankful to Prince Emmanuel in the very underappreciated John Bunyan allegory “Holy War.”

That forgetting God and being ungrateful to Him is a cause of grotesque sin is confirmed by the Apostle Paul in Romans 1:21. The Holy Spirit speaking through this Paul says “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified [him] not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.” The result of this forgetting of YHWH? “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

Now when we forget YHWH, we have to thank SOMETHING … we have to put our faith and trust in SOMETHING. In the Holy War allegory, Mansoul put its trust in carnal security, their own physical accomplishments and defenses that could be seen with their eyes. Jesus Christ said of the rich young ruler that the wealthy put their trust in riches. In contemporary times, it is common to put your trust in some political ideology (i.e. democracy, liberalism or conservatism) or economic theory (capitalism or socialism) or on a more personal level one’s education/skills and earning capacity derived thereof. This means that when we forget YHWH and replace Him, we become IDOLATERS. And of course, wherever idolatry appears, pervasive sin of the most depraved and grotesque order follows after, and Romans 1 takes 7 whole verses (26-32) in giving a mere executive summary of it!

For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in [their] knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

So, when Egypt forgot and thereby rejected YHWH through their rejection of His representative Joseph, it was a symbol of both how mankind forgot God when it knew God through Adam and thereby fell into original sin, and how mankind forgot and rejected YHWH through their rejection of the God-Man Jesus Christ. The very same people who witnessed His great miracles, who marveled at His teachings, who heard the sermon on the mount, who saw Him expose and confound the scribes and Pharisees, who ate their fill when Christ feed the 5,000 and the 4,000, and who cheered “Hosanna!” when He entered Jerusalem yelled “Crucify Him!” when Pilate sought to release Him, and mocked Him while He lay dying on the cross. His own disciples left Him in Gethsemane, and Peter denied Him thrice!

How quickly we forget, and how great is the extent of our forgetfulness! Just as Israel forgot about their deliverance from Egypt as soon as they got a little hungry and thirsty and began to grumble, we so often forget about YHWH and succumb to the temptation to rely on the arm of flesh, our own human talents and ideas, when adversity happens!When the going gets tough, how rarely do we get on our knees, remember YHWH and thank Him for trying us by fire? How quickly do we forget that the Bible says that we are to count it all for joy? That God allows such things to happen to us in order to rebuke, reprove, chasten and refine us because we are His sons and not His servants? Not only do we fail to remember God and God’s servant (the Bible and its teachings) during these times, but we accuse God of forgetting and being unfaithful to us just as did Elijah when he prayed to God to raise the boy from the dead! That God continues to endure us despite our forgetting Him over and over again is a testimony to precisely how patient, loving and merciful our God is!

Moses was on Mount Sinai less than 40 days when Israel said “We don’t know what happened to this guy, so let us build a golden calf and worship IT as the god who led us out of Egypt!” Now please note: they didn’t forget coming out of Egypt. No, they forgot Who led them out of Egypt! So, since they needed to give the glory to someone, they chose a dead, dumb idol that was the work of their own hands! And Aaron, the priest of YHWH went along with this idolatry just as so many pastors and preachers do the same when confronted with adversity and temptation!

How many pastors and preachers lead their congregations into their vain ideas and wild schemes instead of teaching them with their own example to trust God? How many pastors and preachers when confronted with hardships are known to say “The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away (for all things are God’s to give and take away in the first place) and blessed be the Name of the Lord!” How many pastors and preachers succumb to the notions of personal failings and the need to get up to do something to rectify it by adopting some program or strategy, instead of just accepting the moving of God’s sovereignty? How many pastors and preachers are conforming to some internal or external expectation rather than being conformed to God through His Word no matter the result?

Again … remember Jeremiah: he didn’t win any converts. No, it was the false prophets who spoke lies in their own name, who passed on revelations from devils bent on causing the people to stumble and be destroyed, who gained the huge followings. Yet the contemporary message today is how we need to be more like the false prophets to get the crowds coming and churches growing again, more like Zedekiah who assaulted and mocked Micaiah – and by extension YHWH by saying “Which way went the Spirit of YHWH from me to speak unto thee?” Instead of being like the prophet of God, we choose to be like the blasphemers of God. The reason for this is that we have forgotten YHWH, and as a result we are judging by external (carnal) standards rather than by righteous judgment (John 7:24).

So how fortunate are the elect that in the time of judgment, those saved by Jesus Christ will have Him, the righteous Judge, to speak on the elect’s behalf? Jesus Christ will not speak for the elect on the basis of the elect’s righteousness, because it has been proven time and time again that the elect is unrighteousness if for no other reason that we frequently forget YHWH and fall into idolatry and sin. Instead, Jesus Christ will speak for His bride on the basis of His own righteousness that He imputes to His bride by way of the work that Jesus Christ did on the cross!

So, even though we forget YHWH, Jesus Christ has not forgotten about us, as He was slain for us! In a similar manner, the Holy Spirit has not forgotten about us, as He regenerates us and keeps us in the faith, and God the Father has not forgotten about us, as He chose us from before the foundation of the world. Because of this, though we sin, our sins are forgiven. God is just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness! Because of this we must rejoice in YHWH with worship and praise, but we also must do so with reverence, fear, trembling and the utmost humility! In all things, we must remember that if YHWH forgot about us the way that we so often forget about Him, we would be doomed to an eternity in the lake of fire! How amazing, how wonderful, how awesome it is to have such a great and loving God who forgives us; One who never forgets us as we forget Him! How great a God, and how great a salvation … who can despise or trivialize it and stand before this God?

Yet, we are saved by grace. We are justified by faith. We are sanctified not by the works of our own, sinful idolatrous hands, but instead by the workings of the sinless Holy Spirit upon us. These facts are true as clearly set forth by the Bible. Yet it is equally true – a fact of the same Bible – that we are not to use that truth as an excuse to wallow in error! Jude 1:4 calls this denying – or forgetting – YHWH. So though we are not saved or sanctified by our works, by our striving, work and strive we must do. It is what God commands us, and the man who loves God is the man who keeps YHWH’s commandments (John 14:15). The man who calls upon YHWH but fails to keep His commandments is a goat, and Jesus Christ says that the goats will be forgotten, left outside the camp and cast into outer darkness, on judgment day (Matthew 25:31-46). So though we are saved by Christ’s obedience and not ours, woe is the man who forgets YHWH and rejects obedience!

In closing, I urge you: do not forget what YHWH has done for you. Do not dare forget that YHWH sent His only begotten Son to die on a cross for sins that were not His Son’s, because being equal with God and being God by nature of His Sonship and pre-existence, the Son was and is sinless just as is the Father and the Spirit. Do not forget that YHWH verified His Son’s identity – including His sinlessness – and validated His work and mission by raising Him from the dead and accepting Him back into heaven where He sits on God the Father’s right hand, interceding for His bride, His church. Do not forget that YHWH did these things so that men might have their sins forgiven and inherit eternal life in His service. Do not forget that as a result of this, eternal torment in the lake of fire is not the future of those who believe. Instead, have faith, remember these things, repent of your sins so that they will be forgotten, and believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ. Go, and do it quickly by:

Following The Three Step Salvation Plan!


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Muslims Play On “Blackness” To Recruit In The USA

Posted by Job on February 27, 2007

See link here from the great “Independent Conservative” weblog. This is a concern not only for the blacks that will join a religion that will take them straight to the lake of fire, but whites as well. We have long known that whites have been so filled with self – hate and guilt (demons!) that they allow blacks to define what is acceptable and cool for them. The minds of white people have been so poisoned by the media, the educational system, entertainment moguls, etc. that they literally hate themselves and they hate their culture, traditions, and backgrounds. (Why? Because their culture, traditions, and backgrounds are CHRISTIAN!) So, filled with all those demons of self – rejection, self – hate, guilt, and false burden (you have tons of white college kids whp have never even been in position to oppress black people or deny them blubbering on about how racist they are because they have been brainwashed and received white privilege and whatever), the go out and imitate whatever is “black.” Of course, they do not emulate black lovers of Yeshua HaMashiach (whether American or, you know, African). Nah, blacks like that are “sellouts.” “Uncle Toms.” Not “real black people.” Nope, they emulate the dope smoking pimp slapping downlow black pathology!

Well, here is something to tell you people who are buying into this “Christianity is a slave religion” garbage. Christianity was the first major world religion to declare that slavery was undesirable. It was not a Biblical stand, mind you, but rather a moral stand based on Christian philosophy and interpretations of the teachings of Yeshua HaMashiach. So yes, CHRISTIANITY is why slavery has disappeared from the civilized world. But Islam? Nope. Islam NEVER HAS DECLARED SLAVERY TO BE WRONG. As a matter of fact: MUSLIMS ARE HOLDING CHRISTIANS AS SLAVES TODAY! Let me repeat this: LIGHT SKINNED ARABIC MUSLIMS ARE HOLDING DARK SKINNED AFRICAN CHRISTIANS AS SLAVES RIGHT NOW IN “THE MOTHER LAND”, THE VERY SAME CONTINENT OF AFRICA THAT BLACK AMERICANS COULD TRUTHFULLY NOT CARE LESS ABOUT!

Of course, the media is not talking about this. Why? Because in their interests to cause blacks – and whites – to abandon the crimes that Christians committed long ago, they ignore the crimes that Muslims commit right now! Gotta tell you folks, Satan is busy and will do anything to turn you away from Yeshua HaMashiach. I will say it: I am black, and it absolutely stinks that black people have been put through and still have to endure in this country, in Africa, and all over the world. But does that turn me away from Yeshua HaMashiach? OF COURSE NOT! Why? Because there is NO WAY that I am going to put up with being discriminated against, profiled, mocked, and made sport of in this life ONLY TO BE DESTROYED LAKE OF FIRE IN THE NEXT! I gotta tell you; it makes no sense! Why on earth would you suffer evil in this life AND the next? Why should BOTH your lives end up with you on the short end of the stick? Why finish last in BOTH lives? So, you want be denied employment, housing, educational opportunities, fair police treatment, and proper medical care in this life AND spend eternity being tormented by demons in the lake of fire? Just because you cannot let go of the anger, hate, and resentment against the people who mistreated you in this one?

Wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if that cop that pulled you over, threw all of your stuff out of your car onto the highway, and fondled your wife while he was at it (I didn’t see the movie “Crash” but stuff like that does happen) gave his life to Yeshua HaMashiach, repented of his sins, and went to Heaven? Wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if that boss of yours, who didn’t want to hire you but had to in order to fill a quota because, you know, government contracts, and never gave you the good assignments, never gave you a raise, and made SURE that you would be THE FIRST to be let go during downsizing AND WOULDN’T EVEN GIVE YOU A GOOD REFERENCE SO YOU CAN GET ANOTHER JOB were to repent, give his life to Yeshua HaMashiach, and go to heaven while you are burning in the lake of fire because you are mad at him?

Oh, and that’s your problem. That is why you have abandoned true Christianity for Islam. Or for some “black empowerment” false Christianity nonsense. You do not want those people who treated you, your family, your ancestors, etc. so badly to go to Heaven. You want them to pay what they did for you and your people. FOREVER! So, you join a religion that explicitly rejects forgiveness, and instead promotes jihad against your enemies, because all you just want to do is shoot that white devil between the eyes and his mother, daughter, and sister too, don’t you? Just like your hero Denmark Vesey, right? Or maybe you want to join some fake “black Christianity” that promises you heaven on earth, because you regard the white man as too unworthy of the real heaven?

Well, I got news for you. There is nothing special about racism. It is just another sin, just like everything else. No different from murder, rape, lust, gossiping, lying, coveting, blaspheming, you name it. The blood of Yeshua HaMashiach covers that sin just as much as it covers yours. So you had better stop hating God because He made and loves and wants to forgive your white oppressor, and instead open your heart to God and accept His Son so that your sins will be covered and He will forgive and pardon YOU. If you have this hate in you because of racism or whatever else you have experienced, here is your chance to be free right now and for eternity. Do you want to be free, or do you want to stay bound in hate and false religions? If you want to be free, follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!

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Why I Hate Black History Month Part I

Posted by Job on February 15, 2007

For the record – and yes it DOES matter – I am black. No, I do not “happen to be black”, but I am a proud black man, and my pride is not in my own identity and existence but in the God Elohim YHVH who predestinated both. I believe that God made the races for a reason, and gave all races special gifts, attributes, and roles. Recall when the late Reggie White stated as such, he was hatefully excoriated by the haters of God and those who allowed themselves to be used by them on this issue. Indeed, the humanists through their zeal to reject Yeshua HaMashiach (for some reason, I feel more power using the Hebrew name in prayer rather than the transliterated English name Jesus Christ) have been hard at work working to deny the very concept of race. They claim that it is just a social construct imposed upon us by racist paternalistic Christians in their desire to create a capitalist class system. They misuse valid science to advance this political/religious agenda by claiming that “the genetic differences between racial groups is so little as to be virtually nonexistent.” Well, it would have to be for us to all be HUMAN. My goodness, the genetic differences between apes (or is it gorillas?) and humans is 1 – 2%! So, if the 1% accounts for the difference between a dumb animal that lacks a soul like an ape and a human created in Elohim’s image, then OF COURSE THE GENETIC DIFFERENCES BETWEEN RACES WOULD HAVE TO BE SMALL. The fact is that the medical and public health community is acutely aware of the differences between racial groups, and as a matter of fact some doctors and medical researchers state that many lives would be saved if the medical, scientific, public health, social scientific, and government communities emphasized racial differences MORE, not less. But make no mistake, the anti – Christs among us wish to erase all distinctions between race and culture to A) prevent God’s plan for each race from coming into fruition and B) make it easier for the beast, the anti – Christ, to rule by reducing the number of distinct groups. Regrettably, left – leaning Christians support this agenda in their well – meaning desire to fight discrimination, poverty, and hate crimes. Right – leaning Christians support this agenda in their well – meaning desire to promote assimilation and adoption of western culture, which they believe will lead to stability, prosperity, and peace. Both groups have also been led to believe that their respective agendas will facilitate the spread of the gospel when in truth departing from the narrow path to the strait gate to the right OR the left hinders the preaching of the true gospel rather than helps it. How sad it is that Christians of all races follow after this anti – Christ system because of a mistaken belief that they should be spared persecution, frustration, humiliation, rejection, etc. Look, if you cannot handle being passed up for a job or promotion because you are black or Hispanic (or not getting into your first choice of college or a government contract because you are white or Asian) then how are you going to handle the real persecution against CHRISTIANS before (and according to many Christians during) the great tribulation? So many people have been deceived because they do not study and believe the Scriptures, and they do not believe that it applies to them. Don’t you remember where Yeshua Ha’Mashiach said that “you must suffer many things” and “in the days preceding my return things will be very evil”? So all of you people sitting around waiting for Jesus Christ to come back, maybe Christ’s return is being delayed by a bunch of whiny self – important Christians who think that they are too good to endure even the slightest indignity (let alone natural disasters, governmental failures, economic collapses, wars, massive plagues, and oh yeah being hunted like dogs and not being able to buy or sell) and that God is waiting for the next generation when HOPEFULLY we will be made of stronger stuff.

Wow, another long introduction. I really do have to get better at this blogging thing, being more pithy and to the point and less self – indulgent. Anyway, when I was a kid growing up not so terribly long ago, we would have these black history programs at school (which was 70% black). Back then, I had a great interest in science, and my dreams were to study engineering and win a Nobel Prize in medicine. (Unfortunately my work ethic never matched my ambition.) So at first I loved reading about the great black scientists, the Benjamin Bannekers, George Washington Carvers (an outstanding Christian!), and the Percy Julians. But then I noticed something: after over 100 years of overcoming against the worst forms of poverty, poor education (George Washington Carver in particular lacked a formal education), segregation, and racism to become great scientists and make huge advances in the field, all of the great accomplishments just, well, stopped. It was explicitly illustrated in these “black history timelines”, where we went from “the first to perform open heart surgery” to “the inventor of the gas masks and traffic signals” to “the guy who helped invent the telephone and the light bulb” to “the inventor of vehicle refrigration” to “the inventor of blood transfusions” to “the inventor of the Super Soaker squirt gun.” All of our great scientific progress just up and stopped right around the time the civil rights movement started. Why? Could it be that perhaps in our zeal to join these leftist subversive movements and joined those who supported communism, gay rights, feminism, abortion, one world government, etc. to “advocate for our rights”, we forgot about God? Funny how all of us Christian blacks who love Martin Luther King, Jr. seem to just ignore the fact that King studied, practiced, and caused many others to practice the devil’s religion of jainism! And just a few decades after the civil rights movement, look at us. Some of us are better off financially, but at what cost? And it is good that the lynchings have stopped and we no longer have to live in fear of the Klu Klux Klan, but far more of us are victims of heinous crimes due to the breakdown in social and civil order and lack of respect and support for legitimate authority than were ever at risk of being lynched. 70% of black children are now being raised by single mothers, and about that same percentage of black females have their first child before they graduate high school (with most of the rest doing so shortly after, and while unmarried). Of course, the bitter fruit of that behavior is AIDS and other venereal diseases wracking our community, and the absence of fathers in the home leads to males not only being absentee dads themselves but turning to crime: 60% of black male either are or have been in jail or on probation due to having been convicted of a crime, and those are just the ones that are caught. Homosexuality and bisexuality are exploding in the black community thanks in large part to the huge prison population and culture and the result of the friction in the community that comes as a result of girls and boys never having seen the model of responsible manhood from a father in the home and therefore do not know how to relate to or treat each other, but instead grow up learning how to act and treat each other like the endless stream of boyfriends, girl friends, baby mammas, baby daddys, and just causal sex partners that their parents are constantly bringing into and kicking out of their lives. Even the black men that do not wind up criminals, homosexuals, or littering the landscape with children that they do not take responsibility for often experience academic failure and professional and financial instability, become hooked on marijuana and other recreational drugs, and go through life in a childlike state (literally spending all their time either playing basketball and video games, going to parties and clubs, or getting high on alcohol and drugs) depending on a network of women (mothers, grandmothers, wives, etc.) to take care of them. And that is just the men! The women have their problems too; I just will not speak of them to an extent greater than I have already because of space, time, and perhaps, alas, chivalry. But the worst part is that we have not yet gotten to the point where these “Baby Boys” (after the John Singleton movie chronicling black men who never leave childhood; I do not recommend it to Christians because of the pervasive explicit sexual content and some of the “actors” who appear in it, even if it does end with a major character converting to Christianity and is one of the few movies out there that actually does deal with an important sensitive issue in an honest way) have not yet reach old age! What is going to happen to them when they reach 40, 50, 60, etc. when their mothers and grandmothers have died, and their girlfriends (or wives) get tired of taking care of them? Again, these are men who lack the capacity to earn a living, manage a budget or household, or take care of themselves! So if the present condition is a bad dream, the future is a feverish nightmare!

I speak not as one who condemns, but rather one who was headed down that same path myself (I mentioned my own lack of work ethic earlier after all) before God saved me out of it. But I wonder how many of these problems in the black community today are due to the fact that the black community individually and collectively turned from the God of our fathers (despite what liars like the Muslims and Alex Haley in “Roots” claim, there were plenty of Christians in Africa before the white slave traders and missionaries arrived, Ethiopia was practicing Christianity while the Romans were still feeding members of the early church to the lions, so if you want to “go back to your African roots” black people, return to true Christianity!) and to idolatry because we lusted after the world and its riches? Are the plagues that God allowed to be inflicted on Israel when they turned after Him to idols now being poured out on America’s blacks? I gotta tell you how depraved America’s blacks are: here we are the richest and most powerful collection of blacks on the globe, and we aren’t doing a thing to help blacks in Africa, the Caribbean (especially Haiti), or Latin America (where in many places they still do “the paper bag test”, meaning that you cannot get anything more than a servile job if the color of your skin is darker than a paper bag). That was probably why George W. Bush in that infamous incident mentioned to the Brazilian President “there are black people in Brazil?” early in his presidency. It was attributed to a person with degrees from Harvard and Yale somehow being stupid, but I honestly believe that it was a subversive reference to Brazil being one of the most racist nations on the globe; a nation that is actually majority black but where blacks are completely absent from the media, government, and corporate boardrooms. But instead of taking what opportunity God gave us to uplift our own race across the globe, all that wealth and political influence and our relations with whites who are more than willing to help the black poor in Africa and elsewhere (even if they are, ahem, less willing to help the black poor over here, but that, while the topic of an excellent movie “The Second Chance” that unlike “Baby Boy” I DO recommend, is another topic for another day), all we do is sit around, beg, and complain … not even being thankful let alone having enough love to help someone else. White right wing conservative Republicans actually do more for blacks in Africa and the rest of the third world than blacks do! So, how can God be pleased with the condition of blacks in America? How can God be pleased that blacks in America are not fulfilling the purpose for which He created our race and the purpose for which He placed us in America? (Yes, slavery was bad for blacks in America, but remember, God placed His own chosen people in even worse slavery in Egypt – remember the “slay all the male children” thing? – so we cannot complain or deny that it was not God’s Will.) Black history month only serves to remind me how blacks in America have so thoroughly turned from God, and that is why I dread its coming each year. If you are black, or no matter your race, I invite you to start fulfilling the purpose for which God created your race and you in it. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan and be saved through Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ), and thereafter believe, obey, and live the Bible!

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