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How The Penn State University Child Molestation Case Demonstrates The Existence Of God

Posted by Job on November 11, 2011

Make no mistake friends, God exists. God is real. Should you countenance thoughts otherwise, this case involving Jerry Sandusky and his committing unspeakable crimes of violation against a number of young boys proves it. This case demonstrates the existence of God by demonstrating the existence of evil. Now of course, evil is not some deity that is the opposite of God who contests God, as dualistic religions and philosophies propose. Neither is evil some force (whether personal or impersonal) as again some religions or philosophies claim, i.e. the “karma” of eastern religions and the New Age ideas that influence them. Instead, (a Christian ministry) provides a very suitable Bible-based definition:

A dictionary definition of evil is “morally reprehensible, sinful, wicked.” The definition of evil in the Bible falls into two categories: evil against one another (murder, theft, adultery) and evil against God (unbelief, idolatry, blasphemy). From the prohibition against eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:9), to the destruction of Babylon the Great, the embodiment of evil to come (Revelation 18:2), the Bible speaks of evil.

So allow it to be said, from a reverse-logic standpoint, that because evil exists – as the Bible clearly bears witness of – then God must necessarily exist also. Moreover, God must exist as the answer to evil, the one who defeats evil, which the Bible also bears witness of. Great, unspeakable, incomprehensible craven crimes against the innocent is evidence of the existence of evil, evidence of a great problem with our existence that must be overcome lest we be destroyed by it, and evidence of a solution to this pressing existential problem and threat that only God can provide. If there is nothing more powerful than evil save God, then God must exist. It is said that love is more powerful than evil. This is so, and the Bible bears witness that God is love and that God is loving.
‘Tis tempting to deny that the actions of Jerry Sandusky were in fact attributable to evil, which one might accuse of being some abstract idea. Instead, one can propose a more rational, reasonable scientific root cause: that Sandusky is simply disturbed, one possessing an abnormal brain biology or chemistry that causes him to both have abnormal urges and be unable to restrain himself from acting on them; that indeed he might have an inability to discern or respond to reality. Legitimate medical science has proven that such is the case with a number of people, indeed those that have committed monstrous crimes against individuals and humanity. And yes, the problem of evil must be explained in such a way that deals with cases as these, just as explanations are needed for such things as natural disasters, epidemics, and stillborn children that lack an identifiable human villain, antagonist or cause.

But in this case, one not need to consider (solely) Jerry Sandusky when it comes to evil. Instead, we have other figures with regards to this case such as Mike McQueary, Joe Paterno, and many other figures at Penn State University and the surrounding community who had knowledge of the crimes of Sandusky for many years and failed to act in a manner that would have punished the guilty and protected the innocent. These figures chose not to act because of the wealth, power and prestige associated with college athletics, in particular Pennsylvania State University football. 1 Titus 6:10 says “For the love of money is the root of all evil!” At other points in the Bible, the contrast between mammon – the desire for money, power and privilege – and the things of God are given, as are the people who seek the former verses the latter. Thus, even if we deny that Sandusky is evil, then the actions of those who chose not to act in the interests of those that Sandusky victimized and to protect him from committing further harm most certainly was! So the monstrous behavior associated with this case was clearly evil, and evil on this scale demonstrates the need for one with the power and desire to defeat it, and this need can be met only by God.

If God hates and can overcome evil, why does He suffer its existence in the first place? The reason is that the existence of evil was the cost of accomplishing creation. Only God is perfect, containing perfect power, knowledge and righteousness. Thus, anything and everything that is not God will inevitably come to a state of imperfection, and this imperfection is either evil itself, or allows for evil events to occur. So, though creation was not evil at the time that God finished it, creation did what was inevitable, which was lapse into an imperfect, evil state.

The Bible describes this occurring both with Satan in Ezekiel 28:13-19 and Isaiah 14:12-17, and with Adam in Genesis 2-3. The Bible states that both Adam and Satan were created perfect (see Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 1:31 concerning Adam and Ezekiel 28:15 concerning Satan) but that they both abandoned that perfect state of their own accord, through no fault or action of God and without being attributable to any flaw or defect in their making or original condition. God did not create evil, but instead evil was the inevitable result of creation. As God did not cause or force the actions of Adam or Satan, being responsible for creation does not make God responsible for the evil in creation.

That creates the question: if God knows all things, then He knew that His creation would lapse into imperfection and that evil would result. This means that God was willing to allow the existence of evil. Why, then, did God allow the existence of evil, even if He is not to be blamed for evil? The answer is this: God allowed the existence of evil in order to accomplish a greater good: for the glory of His Son. 1 Colossians 1:16 states that all creation was done according to the will of God the Father for God the Son. For God the Father to glorify, honor and please God the Son was the greater good that was accomplished by suffering the existence of evil. This can be put into better perspective when one realizes that though evil will only exist for a time, the exaltation of God’s Son that came as a result of creation will last forever!

It is easy to doubt and mock and say “God was willing to allow the existence of evil because it cost Him and His Son nothing; that His creation that He claims to love – including sentient human beings – had to bear all the negative costs and effects.” Now be not deceived: even were this so, it would be perfectly appropriate and within God’s rights, being that He is the sole Owner and Master of whatever He chooses to create for whatever purposes He chooses to create it. However, it should be said that this is not so! Again, it is not so that creation alone must bear the negative effects of evil; that God kept Himself unaffected and unscathed by such horrible events as what Mike McQueary saw being done to a juvenile boy by Jerry Sandusky yet refused to intervene to save the juvenile, though being a 27 year old former football player he certainly had the ability to. Instead, though He was by no means obligated or required to, God demonstrated the legitimacy and the extent of His love for creation by giving up the very Son for whose glory creation was accomplished in the first place to die on a cross!

You see, the existence of evil in creation was no mere set of bad facts. Instead, it was a situation that required a remedy. It created a debt that had to be paid. It was a crime for which something had to be punished. God could have remedied the situation by simply destroying creation, all of it, forever. But instead, God chose to have His Son, totally innocent and blameless of all imperfection and evil, provide the remedy by paying the debt, by taking on all the punishment upon Himself. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, did this by dying on a cross in place of creation. By paying this debt, this allowed creation – or some part of it anyway – to remain forever for the joy and happiness of God’s Son – who was resurrected from the dead – and as this same Son of God is forever the joy and happiness of His Father, this state of affairs is certainly appropriate. Thus, the logic of the greater good of allowing evil to exist for a time for the joy of God the Son and God the Father for an eternity becomes explicit, apparent and utterly reasonable. Suffering the existence of evil was a great price, but one that God was willing to pay with the blood of His own Son. Far from being the “cosmic child abuse” that some doubters propose, the truth is that God’s Son – also divine and one with His Father and with His Father’s Spirit – is a willing participant, is manifestly pleased with the arrangement, and benefit to Him (and His Father) far outlasts and exceeds (in value and duration) the very real and significant loss.

So whenever you learn of – or experience – any great evil, though you may and should mourn it, always remember: the occurrence of this evil does manage to powerfully demonstrate that God exists. So, remember that the God who does exists has already paid the price of evil – through His own Son on a cross – and will one day put an end to all evil forever. God’s creation will endure, but the evil will not. This does leave one final pressing issue: your fate. Will you be part of the creation that endures forever, providing joy and delight to God’s Son while receiving great benefits from this existence (and absent any and all negative effects or considerations) yourself? Or will you be included in the portion of creation that is destroyed when all evil is destroyed? The answer to this is simple: if you renounce and turn away from all of the evil that you have done and thereby represent and believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died to pay the debt incurred by your evil and was resurrected from the dead, then you will be among the portion of creation that remains. Otherwise, you will be among the portion of creation that is destroyed. (As time will no longer exists – for time is part of creation – the process of your destruction will take place in eternity and last for an eternity.)

For make no mistake, even if you had no part in this incident, we have all committed evil, if not according to our own standards, according to God’s standards. Though the debt incurred by your evil actions has already been paid for by Jesus Christ, the Bible makes it clear that only those who renounce their evil actions and ways and believe in Jesus Christ will have their paid debt applied. It is the same as having won a contest, but having to go present yourself and your ticket to those running the contest to claim your prize. Though your debt has been paid, one has to renounce his evil actions and tendencies and believe in the Sonship, Lordship, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to have that paid debt “applied to their accounts.” In order to further explain and assist you in this process, please click on “The Three Step Salvation Plan” link below, which contains information presented in both written and video form. I entreat and implore you to do so – to heed and believe – immediately. Thank you.

The Three Step Salvation Plan


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More Proof That Evolution Is Inherently Racist: Nobel Prize Winner James Watson

Posted by Job on October 17, 2007

Original link here. Will the liberal anti – Christ media cover this, especially from this angle? Probably not.

Now here is what the Bible says: Genesis 1:26-27And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Colossians 3:11Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.” Galatians 3:28 – “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Philemon 10,15-17 – “I beseech thee for [runaway slave from his master] my son Onesimus, whom I have begotten in my bonds: For perhaps he therefore departed for a season, that thou shouldest receive him for ever; Not now as [your slave] a servant, but above [your slave] a servant, a brother beloved, specially to me, but how much more unto thee, both in the flesh, and in the Lord? If thou count me therefore a partner, receive [your slave] him as myself.”

Now as you see, Christianity and the Bible are clearly racist. They are incontrovertibly the source of African slavery, the subjugation of the Native Americans, discrimination, segregation, and all racial evil. It is incumbent upon us that we discard the evil of the Bible and the Christianity that arises from it so that we can rid ourselves of racial conflict and enter a new area of peace, tolerance, cooperation, mutual respect, and toleration between the races. Here is a clear example of what the secular humanist and naturalist mindset that comes from rejecting the Bible and embracing reason and rationalism in its place leads to, and how it can result in our racism – free tomorrow.

One of the world’s most eminent scientists was embroiled in an extraordinary row last night after he claimed that black people were less intelligent than white people and the idea that “equal powers of reason” were shared across racial groups was a delusion.

James Watson, a Nobel Prize winner for his part in the unravelling of DNA who now runs one of America’s leading scientific research institutions … reopened the explosive debate about race and science in a newspaper interview in which he said Western policies … were wrongly based on an assumption that black people were as clever as their white counterparts when “testing” suggested the contrary. He claimed genes responsible for creating differences in human intelligence could be found within a decade.”

Dr Watson told The Sunday Times that he was “inherently gloomy … because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really“. He said there was a natural desire that all human beings should be equal but “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true.”

His views are also reflected in a book published next week, in which he writes: “There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so.””

The furore echoes the controversy created in the 1990s by The Bell Curve, a book co-authored by the American political scientist Charles Murray, which suggested differences in IQ were genetic and discussed the implications of a racial divide in intelligence. The work was heavily criticised across the world, in particular by leading scientists who described it as a work of ” scientific racism”. ” (What the furor left out by the media was that Charles Murray and Richard Hernstein, who wrote The Bell Curve, were atheist/agnostic. They also do not like to point out that “scientific racism” was practiced by the Nazis. It was their defense at the Nuremberg trials. Instead, they contrive that the Nazis, whose swastika was a pre – Christian European pagan symbol representing the sun god and their leader specifically rejecting the deity, resurrection, and virgin birth of Jesus Christ in his writings, as a Christian movement.).

Critics of Dr Watson said there should be a robust response to his views across the spheres of politics and science.” But not religion oddly, because they hate Jesus Christ more than they hate racism. “These comments serve as a reminder of the attitudes which can still exists at the highest professional levels.” Yes, they do prove that attitudes in rebellion against Jesus Christ and the Bible exist at the highest professional levels.

He shared the 1962 Nobel Prize for medicine with his British colleague Francis Crick and New Zealand-born Maurice Wilkins.” Al Gore won a Nobel Prize. So did Yasir Arafat. Hmmm …

He has also suggested a link between skin colour and sex drive, positing the theory that black people have higher libidos, and argued in favour of genetic screening and engineering on the basis that ” stupidity” could one day be cured.” Wasn’t that precisely what the Nazis were doing in creating their race?

This is the best part.

Steven Rose, a professor of biological sciences at the Open University and a founder member of the Society for Social Responsibility in Science, said: ” This is Watson at his most scandalous. He has said similar things about women before but I have never heard him get into this racist terrain. If he knew the literature in the subject he would know he was out of his depth scientifically, quite apart from socially and politically.”

Anti-racism campaigners called for Dr Watson’s remarks to be looked at in the context of racial hatred laws. A spokesman for the 1990 Trust, a black human rights group, said: “It is astonishing that a man of such distinction should make comments that seem to perpetuate racism in this way.”” It is astonishing to YOU because you have been taught that racism is a product of Christianity. In your fanatical zeal to oppose Christianity, you have systematically suppressed and ignored all of the things that prove that evolution is inherently racist, including the title of Charles Darwin’s book “On the origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life“.

Want some more? “The human race has evolved to its present state of intelligence and power because of “the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.”* “Race”* is the central mechanism of evolution that has created all living things. “The preservation of favored races”* is a simple process to understand, but its effects over time are awesome. If we examine the process, we find that at some stage in evolution we can observe a group of individuals of a single species which exists in an area segregated from other members of that same species. As a result of chance mutation, there occur genetic variations in some members of that segregated group. As the generations continue to reproduce, these genetic variations accumulate in the progeny of that segregate group. At first, the accumulated genetic variations do not make the segregate group different enough from the original species to justify calling the segregated group a new species or even a new “favored race”* of the original species. However, after many generations, the segregated group or tribe which had accumulated sufficient genetic differences would be called a new “race”* of the original species. Over time, these newly developed segregated races continue to accumulate genetic differences through chance mutation, variation, etc. The “favored”* variations increase the survivability of the “race”* which carries them. Once this new “favored race”* has become different enough from the original species, it is called a new species. Hence the subtitle, “On the origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.”*There is really no probability that the “races”* would be equal. In fact, the whole notion runs counter to all evolutionary theory and to the whole science of biology.

Given the laws of biology, it would be a great surprise if the average strength or intelligence of one “race”* was found to be exactly equal to the average strength or intelligence of a different “race”*. Despite the controversy surrounding “race”*, it is not particularly useful to know which “race”* happens, as a result of an accident of evolutionary development, to have greater average strength or greater average intelligence because one could not predict from this average that any particular individual member of one “race”* was going to be superior or inferior to any particular individual member of a different “race”*. There are superior and inferior, strong and weak, intelligent and intelligent individuals in all “races”*. Regardless of “racial”* averages, one would still have to judge each individual on the basis of individual merit without reference to the average of the group to which he happened to belong. Only by judging people as individuals, could we avoid injustice and enable all people to make the maximum contribution to society. There is not such thing as a superior “race”* per se, in the sense that every member of one “race”* is superior to every member of another “race”*. Neither is there such a thing as “racial”* equality in the sense that the average strength or intelligence of one “race”* is equal to the average strength or intelligence of every other “race”*. By judging people as individuals, one could perhaps identify a (superior) socio-biological class which might be a cross section of all “races”* although probably not in equal proportion. The only way you could have a (superior race) would be if a “favored race”* evolved into and became the next more highly evolved species above Homo-Sapiens, in which case it would become a superior species. Eugenics is a moral commitment not a racial affiliation and any “race” that adopted a eugenic program could, given sufficient time, evolve into and become the next more highly evolved species above Homo-Sapiens. It is our hope that all “races” will accept that moral responsibility and accomplish that objective, but it can not be accomplished within the political, philosophical and religious milieu of the 20th century.”

Somehow, they left that out in school didn’t they? By the way, has anyone ever asked Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and similar what they think of black people? Of course not.

Right now, I am offering you the opportunity to reject the racism of evolution and everything else that rejects and exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and to accept Yeshua HaMashiach, also known as Jesus Christ, as your personal Savior. Please realize that had Jesus Christ been alive in Germany in the 1940s, evolutionist Adolph Hitler would have put him in his gas chambers. And since the genealogy of Jesus Christ included some people that might have been of African extraction, evolutionist Margaret Sanger, founder of federally Planned Parenthood thanks to the rejecter of God and the Bible in favor of universalism George W. Bush, would have lobbied for Yeshua HaMashiach to be aborted, or for Miriam (Mary) to have been her uterus disabled to prevent her conception. Please reject the evil of racism and choose the love of Jesus Christ today. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!

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Christopher Hitchens: The Fool Says In His Heart There Is No God Psalms 14:1

Posted by Job on June 12, 2007

“The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ ”  Psalms 14:1

Why does the secular media love Christopher Hitchens and his new book, “God
is not Great, How Religion Poisons Everything.”  The Devotional today is NOT
a book review, the only book I review is the Bible.  The Devotional today
isn’t even about Christopher Hitchens, the British-born author, journalist,
and political commentator.  It is about the secular media’s love affair with
anyone who will boldly state there is no God and lambaste people of faith.
There is an insatiable appetite in the marketplace to eliminate God, dismiss
the Bible as Truth, and thoroughly reject faith in Jesus.

Of course the first logical question is why?  The answer is no more
complicated than the fact that the masses who have made the choice to live
in open rebellion to God do not want to be held accountable for their
choices.  Since they cannot see a person called God despite the overwhelming
evidence of His existence and presence, they have gone through the tortured
mental exercise of simply denying there even is a God.  In their drive to
live without being held accountable for their actions and choices, they have
taken the position that there simply is no God.

Once a person makes that foolish choice, you can easily see how rejecting
the Bible, rejecting Jesus Christ, embracing a theory like evolution, and
supporting others who are involved in every type of sin imaginable follows.
Obviously if you deny there even is a God, it makes it easy to dismiss the
book God wrote, the Bible, as simply a book “written by men” or a million
other idiotic responses you will get from people who have rejected the
Absolute Truth of God’s Word.  As I share with you often, the number one
reason people choose to reject the Bible is because it is the very Truth
that judges them.  Once again, those who choose to live in rebellion to God
and His Truth do not want to be held accountable for their actions.

How does a ridiculous “theory” like evolution become accepted by the
mainstream culture as the explanation for man’s existence?  Men can say they
never have seen God, therefore there is no God.  However, they are still
left with the little problem of explaining how we came to be.  So they have
turned to this laughable notion that we evolved from a drop of pond scum, to
a monkey, and voila, here we are!  LOL!  Of course they can never tell you
where that drop of pond scum, or where that first cell came from, or the
“big bang” that some claim started it all.  In the end, those who embrace
this “theory” are left flopping around like a fish out of water.

Sadly, when people choose to reject God they end up aligning themselves with
others who have also rejected God.  Again, this is how you end up with a
society that supports the slaughtering of innocent babies.  This is how you
end up with a society legitimizing and accepting the unnatural and unhealthy
sexual perversion of homosexuality.  Jesus said you can’t serve two masters.
Those who reject God and His Truth, have chosen to serve sin and follow
satan.  The Bible proclaims in the Book of James that, “You adulterous
people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God?
Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.”


Satan is the “prince of the power of the air” for a short season.  He has
dominion over the airwaves.  Why do you think you see a steady diet of sin,
of blasphemy, of the lies of the world, of anything that will lead people
away from God, Biblical Truth and faith in Christ 24/7/365 on TV,  the
radio, the movies, the Internet, and every form of media there is?  This is
why when an avowed atheist like Hitchens writes a book declaring God is not
great and tries to make a case that religion is the cause of all of man’s
and the world’s problems, the media falls over itself to put him on.

Let me help Chris.  God IS GREAT!  God is the Creator of the heavens and the
earth and all that exists including OUR CREATOR!  He is right that religion
does poison everything, since Christianity is not a religion, it is a faith.
The false religions and cults of the world are simply man’s spiritual
rebellion to the God of the Bible and His Truth.  The poison is actually the
sin that infests every aspect of our existence due to man’s rejection of God
and Biblical Truth.  That is why the only hope for man now and for all
eternity is faith in Jesus Christ.  He and He alone is the only answer.

I love you and care about you so much.  Sadly, Christopher Hitchens will
take his last breath one day soon and at that moment stand before the very
God whose existence he denies.  Sadly, at that moment he will be judged for
his sins and cast into the eternal fires of hell from which there will be no
escape.  That is the fate which awaits all of those who die rejecting Christ
as their Savior.  God loved His fallen creation so much that He made a way
for man to have an eternal relationship with Him by sending Jesus to die on
the cross as payment for man’s sins.  It is God’s desire that none be lost,
that all repent and be saved.

However, God gave Christopher Hitchens and all men the free will to make
their own choices.  They are free to love Him and live for Him, or reject
Him and even believe He doesn’t exist.  Each person has to make this choice
for themselves during their brief life, nobody can make it for them.  I pray
today that Hitchens will come to a place in his life where he will open his
heart to not only the existence of God, but God’s love for Him and the fact
Jesus died for his sins so that he would not have to spend eternity in hell.
Pray for him today, since God has given him a great gift to communicate and
he could become a powerful man of God and advocate for the Christian faith.

I will pray today for those people in your life who like Hitchens, have
chosen to deny the existence of God, reject the Bible as Truth, and have
refused to surrender their lives to Christ.  I pray that they will come to a
place in their life where God will be real to them, where His Word will
become the Truth they live by, and they will accept Jesus into their hearts
and lives by faith.  That is why it is so critical to preach the Gospel
without compromise and to reach out into the marketplace since that is where
the lost live.  That is also why we must find ways to bring the message of
God’s Truth and of Christ’s love to the secular media since that is the
communication tool the enemy uses to lead people away from God and to hell.

The fool says in his heart there is no God.  Most of those fools do come to
a place, maybe only once, when they are ripe to hear the Truth and the fact
there is not only a God, but a God who loves them!  It is at that moment
when the hardened hearts of men soften, they fall to their knees, and cry
out for Jesus to save them!  I see it happen every day here at Liveprayer.
Why do you think the fire burns within my belly to wake up each day and do
all I can to reach the lost and hurting?  It is God’s desire that NONE BE
LOST, that ALL COME TO REPENTANCE!  I possess the words of everlasting life,
how can I sit back and watch people die and go to hell without doing all I
can to let them know that Jesus loves them and wants to give them life, and
life everlasting!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
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Thursday, May 31 when Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of
Church and State sent a letter to the IRS asking them to revoke our tax
exempt status due to my comments about Mitt Romney and the Mormon cult.  I
have broken no laws and will not be silenced by bullies like Lynn.  I have
every right to preach the Truth of God’s Word and will be doing so with my
dying breath.  The story has been carried on Drudge, WorldNetDaily, and in
every major newspaper across the nation.  Please be praying as we press on
despite these attempts to silence the Truth!


O’Reilly Factor” last Wednesday night defending the allegations I had
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can see the video clip of the segment on the homepage.  I
am also scheduled to be on CNN with Lou Dobbs and MSNBC with Chris Matthews
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God’s Truth and the hope we have in Jesus Christ with their viewers.  “What
man meant for evil, God meant for good!”

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Federal Court to seek injunctive relief against Microsoft for blocking our
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of blocking SPAM is becoming a big problem.  Pray that we find favor from
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Man’s Genetical Hardwiring Toward Religious Belief

Posted by Job on June 7, 2007

From BornToWin.Net, a most excellent teaching ministry.

Is it true that man is “genetically hardwired” towards religion? According to Tony Blankley, some neuro – scientists think so. One thing is clear. Man is hardwired with a system of logic. I didn’t understand years ago that computers are hardwired with a logical system that included a language. If you didn’t know know the language, you couldn’t do much with the computer. Some friends gave me my first computer. I suspect because they hadn’t been able to make it work any better than I could at first. I turned it on and started pressing keys, but nothing of interest happened. I could make letters appear on the screen, but the letters didn’t do anything.

I sort of felt like the proverbial monkey at a typewriter, banging out random symbols. And them someone told me the magic word: DOS. But what was DOS? Ah well, there was the rub. DOS means “Disk Operating System.” The computer had slots for two disks, so I bought one that said “DOS” and put it in. I still couldn’t do any work, I had to get another disk that had a program. But neither disk would work in just any computer. The computer had to be hardwired with a language so that it would understand what was on the disks.

So the term hardwired entered into the language of psychology and neuro – science as a description of that part of the human mind we are all born with. Every child born into the world arrives with a built – in system of logic. We don’t have to be taught it, because it is hardwired into us. The brain itself is “wired” according to a logical system, and the mind operates on that system. We start life witih an untrained logical system with an enormous potential for development.

What makes this interesting is that, in the absence of true religion and faith in God, man will inevitably make up his onw. In primitive societies, they create wooden gods. In intellectual societies, a little more ingenuity is required. Blankley: Some neuro – scientists see evidence that man is genetically hardwired to be disposed to religious conviction. If this is so, it might explain why even among the French – the most secular culture on earth – only 25 percent claim to be atheists and a full 60 percent believe in a spiritual component to life. It might also explain why the environmental movement tends to veer towards a religious, rather than a scientific, sensibility.

There are two things I found of special interest. One is that you cannot eradicate religion from the human being by education. If you could, the French would have done it long ago. Maybe this accounts for the persistence of religious faith in this country despite of an educational system that is legally hardwired to eradicate it. I also notice the suggestion of religious sensibility in the environmental movement (*my note: the Gaia religion). The idea of a religious instinct is important. Geese are hardwired to migrate. Man is hardwired to make sense out of his world – what Viktor Frankl called a “drive to meaning.” And making sense out of the world involves some sense of direction, thus prediction. Or, in biblical terms, prophecy. Now, I pause to reflect on an obvious truth. Man didn’t wire himself. Nor did his system of logic evolve from neurons, any more than than the logic of my computer evolved from a collection of wires. Both are the works of a designer/creator. Any suggestion that man is hardwired to do anything is a suggestion of design and object.

Yours in the service of true religion, Ronald L. Dart

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Jews Against Jesus III: Jews Attacking John Hagee Because He Hasn’t COMPLETELY Rejected The Bible

Posted by Job on April 1, 2007

See link here. Please pay attention to the first two entries here and here as well, in addition to another on how they are trying to “steer Christianity” in America and elsewhere. It is clear that the only way that you can get the support of these folks IS IF YOU TOTALLY ABANDON THE BIBLE. Do not be deceived, Christians. These folks will pretend to dance with you initially, but the closer your “relationship”, “friendship”, and “trust” goes over time, the more they will convince you to SLOWLY abandon the Bible over time. It is time to come out and get real about this issue folks, and to cast aside all political correctness and sensitivities: this is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE. What does the BIBLE say about ALL who deny the resurrection, the deity of Yeshua HaMashiach, and the Tri – Unity of God? THEY HAVE THE SPIRIT OF ANTI – CHRIST. The spirit of anti – Christ IS A DEMON. SO IF JEWS DENY YESHUA HAMASHIACH, THEY HAVE THE DEMON OF ANTI – CHRIST IN THEM! Look, I know that this is a historical anti – Semitic charge, BUT IT IS STILL TRUE NONETHELESS! And the truth of this statement is PRECISELY THE REASON WHY WE SHOULD NOT FOLLOW AFTER HAGEE BY REFUSING TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO JEWS, BUT IS RATHER WHY WE SHOULD PREACH TO THEM AS WE WOULD EVERYONE ELSE!

Listen, what does the Bible say about evil spirits? Resist the devil and he will flee from you. THE BIBLE SPECIFICALLY WARNS AGAINST ENTERTAINING ANY OTHER SPIRITS. Case in point: look at TBN. Back in 1999, TBN opened the door to anti – Christ by allowing anti – Trinitarian heretics on the air because they wanted to chase the money – and fanatical devotion – that this cult attracts by virtue of TD Jakes and others. So whereas before the “Jesus Only” movement was a marginal diversion from charismatic Pentecostalism (who kicked the heretics out), THANKS TO TBN THEY ARE MAINSTREAM ALL OVER THE WORLD, IN NO SMALL PART BECAUSE WHEN THEY ARE IN PUBLIC THEY DO THEIR BEST TO HIDE THE FACT THAT THEY OPPOSE TRINITY (see TD Jakes’ LIES on this topic analyzed here, an even stronger one here, and how other famous TBN Word of Faith televangelists blaspheme Trinity). Once that door was opened, they allowed undercover Muslim to get a show on the network claiming that the Koran is a legitimate revelation inspired by God! And THERE HAVE EVEN BEEN MORMONS ON TBN (THEIR OWN WEBSITE BRAGS ABOUT IT HERE!) AND WORD IS (told to me by a person who used to work for a Christian broadcaster, is still active in ministry, and knows all the “inside stuff” but it is a private conversation so I cannot reveal his name) THAT TBN IS ACCEPTING LOTS OF MONEY FROM MORMONS (and from Sung Moon)! So expect to see them on TBN more and more often soon; it is only a matter of time before Mitt Romney is on there to “spiritually baptize dead Jews” in order to please the Word of Faith “Christian Zionists”!

Look, the rabbis and political leaders that John Hagee, Pat Robertson, and these other Christian Zionists are dealing with are VERY POWERFUL IN THE POLITICAL, SECULAR, ACADEMIC, MEDIA, AND RELIGIOUS SPHERES. To understand the significance of that, PLEASE SEE Ephesians 6:11-13! It is there for a reason, AND IT MEANS THINGS! If you entertain those with the spirit of anti – Christ rather than resisting the spirit of anti – Christ with the gospel, the spirit of prophecy, and the power of testimony, THE SPIRIT OF ANTI – CHRIST WILL SEDUCE, OPPRESS, AND EVENTUALLY OVERCOME YOU! Come on Christians, wake up. Take a look at these mainline denominations. They didn’t just up and decide that they didn’t believe in the Bible anymore one day. It was a long process that took CENTURIES of their abiding blasphemers, heretics, and apostates in their ranks, and eventually the spirits of anti – Christ, heresy, and blasphemy took over these whole denominations save a few remnant. As a matter of fact, even the notorious World Council of Churches was once a legitimate Christian body, now some of their LEADERS claim that anyone who believes in a literal virgin birth is uneducated and dangerous (though they use nice soothing interfaith ecumenical dialogue when saying so).

And we can start being honest about John Hagee, ok? He was once a straight Bible preacher who began to realize how much money he could make by focusing on prophecy. And now he realizes how much money he can raise – tax free – by being Israel’s #1 defender in the Christian community, and by creating a tax free nonprofit organization (Christians United For Israel) around it. How interesting that Hagee himself openly proclaims that Christians United For Israel is modeled after AIPAC, an organization by, for, and centered around the rejection of Christ that works tirelessly to cause others to reject Christ and to discredit those who have not! And with this money comes – you guessed it – POWER. Hagee now has the ear of President Bush, a great many political leaders in Israel, and political and religious leaders in both countries, AND BOLDLY SPEAKS OF THAT FACT! Thanks to the money, support, and prayers of many fundamentalist and evangelical Christians and of Jews who have been deceived from the true path a second time by following a “Christian” who withholds the gospel from them after rejecting it the first time by rejecting the gospel itself, Hagee now has real clout, and it is only going to increase as he gets more sophisticated in the public eye and stops being the fundamentalist from San Antonio who talks about Armaggeddon and starts speaking the language that folks in Washington D.C., New York, London, Jerusalem, China, Saudi Arabia, etc. can abide. And I am certain that the Council on Foreign Relations will be right there to give him any help that he needs.

Has God cast aside His people? God forbid! But they cast aside HIM when they rejected Him when He came to them in the flesh, and they reject Him again when they reject all who preach the gospel of He who came in the flesh in the Name of He who came in the flesh. Christians, if you cease promoting and defending the faith in order to follow after these Christian Zionists, you will wind up casting aside your faith and your God with it too! By dealing with the spirit of anti – Christ by accepting the Jewish demand to alter and not preach the gospel, the very man who preaches against the anti – Christ (actually the beast) is actually helping set the stage for him. In that respects, how different is he REALLY than the Iranian president ? And if he is no different, if you are not following Christ, how are YOU any different? Let me clue you in: you aren’t, so please fix that fact now! Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please open the eyes of your children to the spiritual deception and wickedness that is moving through among so many people who call themselves fundamentalist and Bible believing Christians, doors opened because people will not reject money, power, and worldliness. May they stand against all enemies and seek all goals by obeying the Bible and preaching and adhering to the gospel, and reject any and all who try to restrain them from it. And may all Christians know that any attempts to deal with Jews that includes withholding the gospel from them will only result in the destruction of Jewish life in this world AND in the next. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, amen.

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Christian AIPAC Meeting Attendee Admits It Was Anti – Christ (Without Knowing It)

Posted by Job on March 17, 2007

See link here. “Internationally known Pastor John Hagee’s rousing plenary address to the over 6000 delegates is well documented by now …” Did John Hagee deny the New Testament by claiming that Yeshua HaMashiach was murdered by the Romans for His subversive political activities again, like he did at one of his GLOBALLY TELEVISED “nights to honor Israel”?

his speech was emblematic of the strong alliances maturing between the two ancient faiths rooted in the Jewish olive tree with its growing branches of grafted-in Christians” Umm, this would have been true had he been speaking to MESSIANIC Jews. As it is, sounds like the fellow is pushing dual covenant theology, despite his many claims otherwise, while in the presence of Jews.

The discussions and interactions proved valuable and insightful for me as a line of mostly Jewish questioners stepped up to the microphone to ask questions ranging from “What is an evangelical Christian?” to “How can those of us who are liberal Jews work with conservative Christians?”  First, if you are not an evangelical Christian, then you are not a Christian, for to love God you must keep His Commandments, which include preaching the gospel. Second, while liberal Jews CAN work with “conservative” Christians who are in love with worldliness through the worship of culture, politics, and nationalism just as they were able to work with liberal Christians (all Jews are doing is switching teams for expediency!), they cannot work with BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS because THE BIBLE says those who walk in the light cannot mingle with those who have rejected the light for darkness, as Jews did when they rejected the Light of the Word, their own Jewish Messiah Yeshua HaMashiach. Bible believing and following Christians should only work with other Bible believing and following Christians on spiritual issues.

Rev. Glenn Plummer made it clear that while he is clearly dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with “anyone that moves” he notes clear lines of appropriateness. He pointed out that he speaks in many synagogues and Jewish audiences and understands that it is not appropriate to proselytize in a synagogue and a Jewish audience. So why go? The Bible says to preach the gospel EVERYWHERE before ALL MEN. Does he transgress the Bible before all audiences, or just Jews? Seriously, if he is A MINISTER who is going to be before a bunch of SINNERS and isn’t going to TELL THEM HOW NOT TO DIE IN THEIR SINS, THEN WHY ON EARTH IS HE GOING THERE? Is this guy REALLY CALLED BY GOD? What good is this guy accomplishing, and why is he wasting his time?

Rev. Robert Stearns spoke to the issue of those things which may divide us in essence saying we do not have to agree on pro-choice/pro-life/or sexual orientation issues. We can agree to disagree, stand together to advocate on behalf of Israel, yet remain true to our own belief systems. So “standing with sinners” is OK why? Because they are Jews? Would they be “agreeing to disagree and standing with” the NAACP? GLAAD? ACT – UP? The ACLU? Americans United For the Separation of Church and State? Of course not. Yet these same Jews are working with these very same groups to undermine Christianity. Today they work with Christians at AIPAC, tomorrow the ADL is trying to pressure Wal – Mart from selling Left Behind video games with lies claiming that it encourages people to kill Jews. Yes, people, these Jews did join with the anti – Christian groups to take prayer out of schools and remove Christianity not only from the public square, but even work against it in many private arenas. How about this: before these Christians agree to work with AIPAC, they should get Jewish groups to stop allowing anti – Christian groups to use the false “anti – Semite” smear in their campaign to suppress Bible – believing Christianity.

Why would I as a Christian want to align myself with despots and dictators who subjugate their people, persecute them, allow them to starve, and forbid them to practice their religion? Give me America! Give me Israel, the two greatest democracies on the face of the earth. Actually, Israel does not allow religious freedom to Christians: evangelism is a crime punishable by five years in jail, and they are drafting another bill to make their anti – missionary policies even tougher. And Messianic Jews – the only TRUE Jews by the way – are finally coming forward with how they have been mistreated in Israel after decades of keeping silence about their shameful persecution out of ethnic and national loyalty (i.e. the same culturalism and patriotism that is causing these “Christian Zionists” to throw away their Bible beliefs to pursue political alliances with Jews who hate their religion and have rejected their Christ).

Look people, I believe in the rapture. I want Yeshua HaMashiach to come back too. But I do not want it so badly that I am going to transgress God’s Word and Commandments in pursuit of it. Jews are God’s Chosen People, God tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and support Israel, and will bless those who bless Jews and curse those who curse them, and Israel, all of it, belongs to the Jews alone. But apart from that, Jews are to be dealt with for what they are … people who have rejected Christ, and therefore are sinners just like everyone else. Christians should deal with Jews just like they deal with any other group of sinners. Why? Because the Bible says so! Excuse me, but haven’t you read HEBREWS and the rest of the New Testament? Oh how quickly you are willing to diverge from the truth.

Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach and by Your Spirit Ruach Hakadosh, please warn Your children and prevent them from following after lies and being seduced into abandoning Your Word and transgressing Your Commandents. May Your People represent Your Truth and preach Your Gospel among all nations, especially the Jews, and not stand in the way of ANY sinners or be in the counsel of ANY that are ungodly. Amen.

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What Simcha Jacobovici Will Never Make A Movie About

Posted by Job on March 13, 2007

Amazing that James Cameron is taking all the heat for trying to peddle the “tomb of Jesus discovered” fraud, and none is being directed at the DIRECTOR of the film, ultra – Zionist Simcha Jacobovici. (I suppose that would make “Christian Zionists” like John Hagee, who is getting hammered all over the blogosphere as a nutcase and anti – Semite for cozying up to every Christ denier that he can find in the hopes that he can push along the fulfillment of the Ezekiel prophecies and MAKE Yeshua HaMashiach come back quicker, fellow travelers with a man who is trying his best to destroy the faith that he hates like Jacobovici.) We all know why; the media and the left want to do all that they can to mask the deep antipathy that many Jews have for Christianity, and when people like John Hagee could and SHOULD be telling their people the truth, they go after the power, money, and connections (mammon).   I already mentioned the foolishness of people like Hagee for sidling up to people who view us as no different from Mormons, Muslims, and Jehovah’s Witnesses (and quite frankly prefer Muslims to us even though it is the MUSLIMS who are trying to kill them and US who is defending them), and how as a condition for being accepted by the likes of AIPAC and of Jewish rabbis and political leaders who are willing to APPEAR to be conciliatory he had to A) promise not to proselytize Jews (though Jews are accusing him of doing it anyway) and claim that Yeshua HaMashiach was a political rebel killed by Rome as opposed to BEING GOD AND THE JEWISH MESSIAH (though Jews are calling him an anti – Semite anyway).

I have to admit, I fell for the “Christian Zionism” scam until I started reading Jewish and Israeli newspapers and blogs and saw what Jews actually think of us and our religion. News flash: THEY REALLY DO NOT LIKE US! THEY ACTUALLY DO PREFER ISLAM TO CHRISTIANITY, BECAUSE ISLAM DOES NOT OFFEND THEIR RELIGION BY PROCLAIMING YESHUA HAMASHIACH AS THE MESSIAH, GOD IN THE FLESH! WHATEVER THEY CAN DO TO UNDERMINE AND DESTROY TRUE CHRISTIANITY, THEY DO IT! They do so claiming to fear the threat of persecution – and yes we Christians HAVE violated the Bible and persecuted Jews – and of conversion – and yes we Christians HAVE violated the Bible and forced Jews to convert or be killed and even stolen their children for the purposes of converting them. Yes, Christians have committed real crimes against Jews ever since Constantine. BUT THAT IS NOT THE REAL REASON WHY JEWS LOATHE CHRISTIANITY! THAT IS NOT THE REAL REASON WHY JEWS STOPPED NAMING THEIR BOYS JOSHUA! THE REAL REASON IS BECAUSE OUR RELIGION DEEPLY PERSONALLY OFFENDS THEM! Now go back to the gospels. Why were there severe ethnic tensions going on between the Samaritans and the Israelis? Because the Samaritans claimed to be worshipping the same God as the Jews were. And that was, you know, just about it! Just as the Jews of that time would really have rather the Samaritans been Greek and Roman pagans than try to worship their God, modern Jews would rather us be Muslims stealing the land that God gave them forever, raining rockets on their cities, and doing our best to get chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons to REALLY get after them than go around claiming that YESHUA HAMASHIACH WAS THEIR GOD IN THE FLESH!

Make no mistake, hating and mistreating Jews is a sin. But Christian leaders who refuse to deal with the deep antipathy that Jews have towards our religion and take part in these “interfaith dialogues” and anything else designed to get them to water down and refuse to promote and defend the faith (as John Hagee has done) in order to avoid offending them are doing a disservice to the job that God called them to do. So yes, fight anti – Semitism, defend Israel, but do not hate your own God in the process!

The good news is that right when Simcha Jacobovici is making movies claiming that Christianity is a lie because he thinks that stripping the world of its Christians and leaving Jews and Israel at the mercy of the Muslims, the Marxists, and the ACLU would somehow advance their agenda, the truth still wins out: remains of the oldest church ever found in the Holy Land. While it is not old enough to tie to the era of Yeshua HaMashiach and the New Testament writers (it is 300 – 400 AD as opposed to 1st century AD), it is early enough to discredit the main thrust of conspiracy theorists like Jacobovici (and Dan Brown) who claim that Yeshua HaMashiach’s divinity was invented by Constantine. Which is, of course, why people like these are never going to make a movie about the early churches not only in the Holy Land, but all over Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. In order to continue to try to cause people to believe that Christianity is a lie, the truth is too inconvenient, and there are far too many “Christian Zionists” like John Hagee (as well as fearful publications like Christianity Today, who also puts the bulk of the blame on Cameron) who are unwilling to confront the enemies of Christianity by calling them on it.

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The “Angry Atheist Scientists” Are Actually Scared

Posted by Job on March 9, 2007

See the New York Times’ amazing tolerance shown towards venomous haters of religion here. These folks, who pride themselves on being so “intellectually honest”, are being completely DISHONEST when they claim that now is the time to launch into their jihad against religion because of September 11th and the “wars over religion.” Like the wars over religion that have gone on throughout history are any worse now than they have ever been, or as if the wars and oppression due to, say, political ideologies like communism are somehow better. The real reason, folks, is that Christians have them intimidated. They thought that Christianity was going to go away into the long good night so that their lies would go unchallenged. If it were not for the challenges of Christians, we would not know how thoroughly bogus the works of Freud and Kinsey were. Actually, we still don’t know, because even though their works have been thoroughly discredited, that fact has never been taught in schools or told in the media or entertainment, just as the media/entertainment/education complex still causes us to believe that Christians LOST the Scopes evolution trials. And it is because of Christians that the embarrassing holes in the evolution theory –  such as their “early man fossils” turning out to be other animals, and the scientist who actually proposed at a conference on evolution that the aliens from another planet got the ball rolling on evolution on earth – would not be known. If this were a secular society, all of their errors, mistakes, coverups, etc. would be kept nice and secret; you would have no Christians forcing evolutionary scientists to admit that the “evolution timeline” that is in all our textbooks has long been discredited and abandoned (and so have a great many of the “early man” fossils, they are still in our textbooks too), that date – testing of fossils is rare (or that date – testing itself has been proven to be wildly unreliable; one of those tests run on a hat that found at an excavation site showed that the hat was 40,000 years old), or that the “father of modern geology” whose conjectures made the development of the theory of evolution possible was a LAWYER whose motivation was to disprove the Bible (which is why they understandably do not teach much about him in schools, and the exposure of his true motivation by creationists has caused people to come out with “James Hutton believed in God, just not the Bible!” nonsense that they used to try to rehabilitate the racist misogynist Charles Darwin back when they wanted to bestow upon him credibility – which is why of course they also never teach his racist misogynistic rantings, or mention that the Nazis were big Darwin fans; they are instead teaching that the Nazis were fundamentalist Christians). And now that creationism museums are opening up that confront the lies of the evolutionists before the masses, these people have no choice but to come out swinging (not that they should have called it “Creation Museum or placed it in rural Kentucky, it should have been named after the manner of any other museum and placed in New York City or someplace … if these abortion diversion centers named themselves “pro – life counseling information” or something like that they would not be nearly as effective at saving lives and keeping women from experiencing post abortion syndrome over being murderers, Christians do really need to learn how to stop preaching to the choir, but not to worry because more such museums and efforts are on the way)!

So now you know the REAL reason why these scientists have gotten so militant: they are scared and they want to get the world to rally behind them to silence us for them before their little racket is exposed.

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The New York Times Says Religion Is Great So Long As It Does Not Involve God

Posted by Job on March 4, 2007

See link (which is extremely long!) here. Why adhere to such a curious position? Well, of course believing in God is a nonstarter, because if there is a God then He will want to do things like tell you what to do, and will be so serious about it as to leave behind a BIBLE containing in it things that you can do and can’t do. Oh yes, and this God will also punish you for not doing those things, and that punishment will also be described in that same BIBLE. So why not just promote atheism? Well, I want to say that it is because they want to remain relevant and influential in a culture where they themselves admit that 92% of people believe in a God that has personal characteristics and even most of the remaining 8% believe in a God of SOME sort, and that is no doubt part of it. But the main reason that they are not willing to advocate that religion be declared a danger and be discarded as a result (as is Richard Dawkins, whom they mention in the column while not mentioning his antipathy for religion in general and Christianity in particular, or that his motivations seem to strangely revolve around being upset that Christianity tells him who – or what – he can or cannot have sexual relations with) is that they find religion useful. Martin Luther King Day et al, remember? Religion is a powerful tool, the most powerful in fact, for advancing their soical and political goals. The takeover of America and of many Latin American nations, for instance, would have been impossible to accomplish so quickly without an active “Christian left” willing to be used to speak the language of faith in order to attain social and political goals (goals that I might add that are almost always in opposition to God, and the tactics used to achieve those goals being in opposition to Him as well). So their desire is for people to keep their religious practices and observances and be as devoted and passionate to them as you choose, but leave this “God stuff” out of it. Which, of course, is – as I stated earlier – precisely what the beast, or the anti – Christ, has used in the past and will use again. So does that leave any doubt as to which side the New York Times is on? (Now of course I am not engaging in the favorite right wing pasttime of bashing the New York Times; I am just using them for the same reason why anyone would shoot fish in a barrel … it is easy and fun.) So then the question that is left is: which side are YOU on? If you are on the wrong one, use this link to get on the right one!  

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Jews Against Jesus (And The Christians That Help Them)

Posted by Job on February 25, 2007

All right, John Hagee and all of you other “Christian Zionists”? What is your take on this one, a “documentary” whose sole purpose is to undermine Christianity by claiming that Yeshua HaMashiach never resurrected (and that He was married to Mary Madgalene, had kids, and other heretical blasphemies)? Now you might ask why is this news, because we have long had these sorts of attacks on Christianity, with the laughable Dan Brown Da Vinci Code nonsense being the most recent and profitable (even if it was also among the worst, so bad that even those who have dedicated their life to disproving the deity and existence of Yeshua HaMashiach hate it because its obvious historical and logical errors “make them look bad.” You know, by exposing that the true motivation for their pursuits is a hatred of Christianity, rather than “a quest for truth, history, and greater understanding.” Indeed, many of these people claim to believe that they are actually “helping Christianity” by reducing it from a religion to a philosophy). So what makes this different? It is the first one whose frontman is Jewish!

And oh, this isn’t a case of someone who “just happens to be someone of Jewish heritage”, either. Check his background: he was the chairperson of the North American Jewish Students’ Network; founded and chaired Network Canada, the country’s national union of Jewish students; founded the Canadian Universities Bureau of the Canadian Zionist Federation and served on the National Executive of the Canadian Jewish Congress, was president of the International Congress of the World Union of Jewish Students. For his Zionist work on North American campuses, in he was awarded the Knesset Medal. He served as special consultant on Nazi war criminals to the Solicitor General of Canada. Co – founder of the Canadian Association for Ethiopian Jews and Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief. President of the Riverdale Jewish Community Centre which he co-founded.

Now the nature of this fellow’s devotion to rabbinic Judaism (i.e. Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, strict, lapsed, etc.) is not known by me, nor is it really important, all that matters is this fellow is very much a part of and dedicated to his people. Who, lest we forget, rejected Yeshua HaMashiach despite their protestations otherwise in public settings, revile Him and all who accept Him as the Moshiach (Messiah). Now while it is obvious and easily provable that Jews in the past have been integral parts behind previous efforts to defame Yeshua HaMashiach and attack Christianity (for instance, “The Last Temptation of Christ” was released by MiraMax, founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, and they also distributed the exceptionally anti – Catholic “Priest”), this is notable because it is the first time that a Jew – and especially one with such strong ties to nationalistic Jewish social and political movements – is leading the charge. Heretofore disaffected Christians – especially lapsed Catholics – have been their convenient frontmen.

Now of course, the forces of anti – Christ are just going to eat this up and give it a huge push. Lately, they have been emboldened by the groupthink consensus that it is necessary to oppose true Christianity at all costs because Christianity causes wars,  causes global warming, makes gay teenagers to get AIDS and commit suicide, and murders pregnant women by forcing them to kill their children in backalleys with coathangers. And of course, they will find it very convenient to use the anti – Semitism smear against any Christian who opposes this “scholarship” and the people behind it, so the media attacks on Dan Brown, Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, etc. that kinda sorta worked during the “Da Vinci Code” mess will not be nearly so effective.

In a way, this will be “turnabout is fair play” for the Jewish community. They were forced to be restrained during “The Passion Of The Christ” mess, because the media, the academic crowd, and everyone else who oh so badly wanted to attack the movie did not want to overtly appear to be as they were, which is aggressive enemies of Christ. Ultimately, the need to keep their attempts to destroy Christianity subversive and underground – at least for now – forced even Abraham Foxman of the Anti – Defamation League (which recently joined with liberal “Christians” and Muslim activists to try to pressure Wal – Mart into dropping the “Left Behind” video game) to ultimately defend the movie. Despite the well – known virulent anti – Semitism and Holocaust denying of Mel and Hutton Gibson, and the fact that the movie had much more to do with Catholic tradition than the actual contents of the Bible, Jews had to sit on their hands and just take it while “fundamentalist”, “evangelical” and “traditionalist” Christians of all stripes made this movie into the biggest R rated – and indy subtitled! – movie of all time, showing their rank Biblical ignorance (hilarious that many Jews and others who have rejected Christ know the Bible far better than do most Christians) by declaring “Yep, that’s the way it was! Yep, the movie was a faithful depiction of the Bible!” In other words, fulfilling every “ignorant uneducated bigoted Christian” stereotype there is. 

Well, Christians, now the shoe is going to be on the other foot! It’s payback time! So, just as the Jews had to sit back and suffer silently while the Christians were duped into accepting the demonic fantasies of Anne Catherine Emmerich as Biblical truth BECAUSE THEY NEVER READ THEIR BIBLES are going to have to do the same, because, hey, fair’s fair. We had to sit back and allow you to believe a lie to protect your precious religion, so now you sit back and let us tell our lie to protect ours! And what recourse will we have? In that article that I linked to above, it estimates that EIGHTY PERCENT of that movie was EXTRABIBLICAL! EIGHTY PERCENT!

And we allowed this stuff to happen because of this “religious right family values” nonsense. We were OH SO DESPERATE to “have our values represented and respected” BY THE VERY MAINSTREAM THAT HATES AND HAS REJECTED OUR CHRIST that we swallowed a big lie. Here’s one important one: the horrific beating that Christ took. Look, the prophecy said that Jesus Christ would be beaten 39 times! Believing that movie means rejecting the prophecy of Isaiah, which of course means that Yeshua of Bethehem/Nazareth, son of Mary and Joseph, WAS NOT THE MESSIAH! But oh, who cares about Biblical truth when it comes to using the media and government to impose your agenda on mainstream America? See what taking the easy way out, trying to impose your religion, your culture, and your values on people by coercing the media and trying to take over the government with political and pressure campaigns, leads to? See what happens when you GIVE UP TRYING TO SAVE PEOPLE FROM THIS WICKED WORLD WITH THE GOSPEL?

So, this overt Jewish attack on Christianity is going to have legs, and there isn’t anything that the bunch of people who ran out with their church groups to support “The Passion Of The Christ” can do about it! So the question is: what are you going to do about it, Christian Zionists? International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, what are you going to go? Are you going to take the easy way out? Again? Or are you going to finally start standing up for Yeshua HaMashiach, no matter the cost?

The amazing thing is that some of the biggest critics of how these people do all they can to retain good relationships with the modern – day descendants of the Pharisees (it is true, modern day Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Judaism is built upon the teachings of the very same Pharisee rabbis that rejected Yeshua HaMashiach, and one of the primary reasons why they hate the gospels is because of how it portrays the Pharisees) are Messianic Jews themselves. Sid Roth, Gary Hedrick, Moshe Laurie, Randy Weiss; people like that are THE FIRST to criticize these “interfaith dialogues”, “ecumenical exchanges”, and other ways Christians accommodate Jewish demands to abandon the gospels, not to evangelize Jews, and start preaching – in one form or another – a “dual covenant” heresy. Of course, such people do their best not to inform, warn, and prepare their charges for the deep antipathy that a great many Jews have towards Christians and Christianity. That Jews regard Christianity as the greatest threat to the existence and future of Judaism, and that Christianity is a pagan religion that directly opposes their own. That Jews have a much bigger tolerance for Islam, Mormonism, and other religions that deny the Trinity of God and deity of Jesus Christ than they do Christianity (the only problem that Jews have with Mormons is their custom of baptizing people as surrogates for dead Jews; never mind that Catholics have a similar tradition only because it originates in the Jewish apocraphal Maccabee books).  And yes, that Jews have been huge backers of a great many of the political, educational, entertainment and media, etc. movements that have attacked Christianity in the west. Socialism? Marxism? Communism? Secularism? Humanism? Rationalism? Atheism? You name it, Jews have decided that even if it transgresses their own religion, so long as it destroys the Christian influence and the faith of individual Christians, it is fine with them! Case in point: that is why Jewish interests are heavily involved in defending evolution being taught in our schools, and sit idly by while Christians are called dumber than the rocks that we allegedly evolved from for believing what is written in the very books that Jews themselves wrote! Only now have Jews gotten involved in the fight – a little – because Richard Dawkins included broad attacks against Judaism in his most recent book. And only now have Jews begun to realize that where before their survival was guaranteed in Christian societies where faith in their God was promoted, valued, and respected, now secularism is a much better threat to their future than Christianity ever supposedly was. Do not get me wrong, Jews have long made great accommodations for secularists, rationalists, atheists, humanists, etc. in their religion, claiming that they can still bring the Messiah back and go to Heaven without even believing in their own God (while Christians who actually fervently believe in the literal truth of their own Torah are “idolators”). But only now are they beginning to see that it has been living in a culture that respects Judeo – Christianity that causes even a secular atheist Jew to care a whit about his kids remaining Jewish. They believed that turning America and the west against Christianity (starting with – get this – black people, as the NAACP was founded and funded by socialist and communist Jews with the sworn enemy of Christ Marxist W. E. B. Du Bois as their frontmen; there was actually this article bemoaning how blacks devastated by Katrina turning to the church instead of to the government for help was evidence of the collapse of “the black – Jewish alliance”) would make for fewer Christians while not having any effect on Jewry, actually the opposite has occurred. There are more Christians in the world than ever before – with most of the growth occuring in nonwestern countries where Jews can do very little to counteract or water it down by promoting liberal/secular/humanist politics – while Jews are very concerned about the future of Judaism even in Israel to the point where they can no longer scapegoat and straw man all of their problems on Christians anymore!

That is why if you REALLY LOVE THE JEWS AND WANT TO STAND UP FOR THEM (as the Bible tells you to by the way!) then a Christian has to be a true one. Stop listening to those syrup – tongued megapreachers who tickle the ears with the new fads that they are pushing. Know that the best way to help the Jewish people is to A) know who ALL the enemies of the gospel are and B) overcome those enemies and the demon forces behind them WITH the gospel. And if it means being called an anti – Semite for the gospel, then so be it. technorati tags:

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Or Maybe You Don’t Think That You Need God? Think Again!

Posted by Job on February 18, 2007

Here is my case for why you need God. And here is a case for the very existence of the God that you do need whether you acknowledge it or not. And here is what God must do to those who remain hard – headed.

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Is There A Post Abortion Syndrome?

Posted by Job on February 11, 2007

An article asking whether people who murder the innocent have a conscience concerning the sin against God that they have committed. The Biblical answer to that is: if you do, then there is still hope! Repent of your sins, say the salvation prayer! Do not listen to “the experts” who are trying to tell you that your feelings are not real! No matter what you have done, God will forgive you if you ask Him, if you accept salvation through His Son!

Now even though the New York Times ultimately comes down AGAINST Biblical truth (of course, considering the source) the fact that they were forced to acknowledge it is a victory. Christians should realize that there are plenty of women out there hurting because of this issue – and men too! – and this gives us an opportunity to meet the real needs of real people and in the process win them for Jesus Christ. It is an opportunity that should not be wasted.

Is there a point where all hope is lost? Well, the Bible does speak of “being reprobate”, a stage where one who commits sin feels no more remorse. I urgently entreat all sinners, whether the sin is murder of the innocent by abortion or gossip, to repent before you reach that stage and redemption is no longer possible. Why? Because once you reach that stage, you will no longer even have the mind to be able to seek it. True salvation is impossible without Holy Spirit conviction, and if your mind reaches the state where the Holy Spirit cannot or will not convict it, then you are already spiritually dead and awaiting your inevitable fate in the lake of fire. Now the truth is that far more GOSSIPS, LIARS, SLANDERERS, CONFLICT – CAUSERS, ACCUSERS, TEASERS, and OTHERS WHO PRACTICE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION WITH THE TONGUE will “bust hell wide open” than people who receive or perform abortions, and that includes a lot of you “good church folk”, so if the shoe fits, then go ahead and say the salvation prayer before it is too late for you too!

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My Hypocrisy

Posted by Job on February 11, 2007

It just occured to me: I talk a lot about problems on this weblog, but have not yet once given the solution. The solution is none other than salvation through Jesus Christ, Y’shua Hamashiach the Moshiach. So, if you are not saved from both your sins and this wicked world and reconciled with God through His Son Y’shua Hamashiach the Moshiach, please say this prayer and do so immediately! Tomorrow may be too late!

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