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Is Paul Crouch Jr. of TBN Cavorting With Porn Star New Ager Melissa Scott? Sex Sells Especially In The Church Of Judge Not Christianity!

Posted by Job on April 22, 2008

I say again, the Bible draws a direct link between false preachers and their doctrines with sexual immorality. More still, televangelists are engaging in conduct like this right out in the open because they know that they can get away with it! Back in the day, Aimee Semple McPherson, founder of the Church of the Foursquare Gospel denomination, claimed that she was kidnapped and held captive in order to explain her whereabouts during the time that she had run off with her boyfriend. These says, such tactics are wholly unneeded as these people can do whatever they wish right out in the open and no one cares … the news media doesn’t even bother with hunting down and exposing televangelists like they used to because they know that the Christians that follow them will continue to do so no matter what they do, and will instead attack the media for “touching God’s anointed and doing His prophets harm” for reporting the truth.


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Pastor Frank Seeko Lawrence jailed for using evil spirits to force unprotected sex on woman

Posted by Job on March 29, 2008

Courtesy of Soli Deo Gloria and Religion News Blog.

Pastor jailed for using evil spirits to force unprotected sex on woman

TORONTO — A pastor who impregnated a woman he terrorized into a sexual relationship by threatening curses was sentenced yesterday to four years in prison.

Justice Edward Belobaba said Rev. Frank Seeko Lawrence “grossly abused his position of trust as her pastor and spiritual healer and threatened her with evil spirits if she didn’t acquiesce to his sexual advances.

“He intentionally had unprotected sex with her because as he said to her, ‘My seed cannot be wasted.’ He clearly intended to make her pregnant and warned her that, ‘If you’re using any birth control, the spirits will know!” the judge said in sentencing Lawrence for sexual acts ranging from fondling to five to 10 incidents of intercourse from April to November 2003.

The woman, now 29, gave birth to Lawrence’s daughter in August 2004. The victim filed for support in Family Court and, in September 2005 after receiving a “threatening phone call from Lawrence,” she phoned Toronto Police, said Belobaba. Lawrence has two children by his ex-wife and nine children by other women in the community.

Court documents revealed that has fathered and financially supported 11 children by six women, paying $1,400 a month out of his monthly salary in 2005. Lawrence vowed he “supported all of my children to the best of my ability. I am not in arrears under any court order.”

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Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Revolution Church’s SEX.GOD

Posted by Job on February 21, 2008

Courtesy of Slice Of Laodicea who writes: “It is only a matter of time before we see couples in bed, “on stage”, in churches to celebrate sex. Two years ago I predicted that we would have the equivalent of pagan temple prostitutes in evangelical churches. Except in church, it will be married couples (for now) demonstrating it all in public. You’ve been warned. The clip from YouTube below a promo for Revolution Church’s sex campaign last summer. (One of hundreds of churches engaged in this sort of thing.) I give it 3-5 years before we have the real thing in church somewhere.”

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Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Tampa’s The Relevant Church Teaching People To Defile The Bedroom

Posted by Job on February 15, 2008

MyFox Tampa Bay | Pastor issues sex challenge

TAMPA A pastor has a new challenge for his parishioners. It involves sex – a subject that may be taboo in many congregations. The Relevant Church in Tampa’s Ybor City has issued a 30-day sex challenge. “It’s going to be tempting and awkward at the same time for sure,” said parishioner Brent Cayson.

Single men and women can’t have sex for 30 days, and married couples are urged to have it every day. (First of all, if single people in your church are having sex, they need to be disciplined for the sin of fornication and put out if they refuse to repent and change. See 1 Corinthians 5:1-6. Second, preachers are not supposed to dictate the sex practices of married men and women in his congregation. That is what cults such as the one run by R.G. “Brother” Stair do see link and see link.)

“If you look at studies, studies say in 30 days you can develop a habit,” said Pastor Paul Wirth.” (Another guy who puts more faith in “psychological studies” than the Bible. Instead of trying to bewitch people with psychiatry to obey rules according to the flesh – legalism – how about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may hear, repent of their sins, and experience rebirth so that the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit can enable them to resist sin? The latter is Godly living that God smiles upon as an acceptable sacrifice made through faith like Abel, the former is self – persecution of works that God frowns upon like Cain, see Hebrews 11:4!) It definitely caught wives in the church by surprise. “Our married people are far more fearful than our single people,” said Wirth. “Sex is about more than intercourse and that’s what we’re trying to tell people,” said church member Jarret Haas.

Wirth has found biblical references that he says suggest Jesus disapproved of pre-marital sex and promoted sex in marriage. (When? Yesterday? Last week?) So, he believes people connect to God through life-long commitment. (Jesus Christ and the gospel of Him crucified and resurrected is the only way to God. So your message of a lifelong commitment to God is either committing to a God other than the One of the Bible or is deeply flawed with doctrinal impurity.) That’s why he tells his single followers to abstain, and his married followers to indulge. Wirth is a former Baptist. He founded his non-denominational ministry three years ago. (Obviously three years before finding out what the Bible says about how to run a church. See When? Yesterday? Last week? above.) And he markets his church by tackling unusual or controversial topics. (It will get you more fame, money, and power than by giving people the gospel of Jesus Christ slain and risen, I have to admit that! But it will also take those who preach and follow it straight to gehenna, the lake of fire.)

This is an entry for A Little Leaven’s Graveyard of Relevance if there ever was one. Or then again, maybe it is an entry for their Christian Erotica section! Look people, the whole notion that the church has to become “relevant” on sexuality or anything else is just an excuse to get church people to approve of vulgarity and sin. The original “Christians need to start facing reality and talk about sex” came when God – hating groups in the late 1980s decided that they could exploit AIDS by using it to promote gay rights and sexual libertinism. Even this, however, was building on the decades – long strategy of exploiting the rising teen pregnancy – and sexually transmitted disease – rates of promoting sexual libertinism in public schools using sex education classes. So these people began demanding that churches offer sex education classes and do other things such as hand out condoms to 12 year olds as well. Of course, promoting and supporting fornication in that manner meant having to discard what the Bible said about sexual sin, first with heterosexual fornication, then with homosexuality. Then came along the notion that continuing to teach what the Bible said about sexual sin was “irrelevant” to the problems of the black community. The church had to stop preaching obedience to Jesus Christ in all matters and start promoting “safe fornication” to prevent AIDS and illegitimacy. If you recall, those were the first “faith – based programs”, politically conservative Christians. Or have you forgotten the Bill Clinton era, who co – opted the black church to push his socially liberal agenda long before John Ashcroft put the charitable choice provision in the 1996 welfare reform bill that Bill Clinton signed, the same charitable choice provision that has been expanded by President Bush and by Democratic and Republican governors all over this nation to give tax money – and along with it coercive government regulations! – to Christian organizations, most of them Roman Catholic? It will soon grow into a leviathan system that will crush Christian organizations that refuse to do business with the relationship between Vatican and state because they will not be able to compete financially with the resources of both Rome and the taxpayers. This is already happening with a lot of Christian daycares in my own state of Georgia that are having extreme difficulty competing with the lower prices and the state seal of approval offered by the state – funded daycare system (implemented by “conservative Democrat” Zell Miller and now presided over by evangelical conservative Republican Sonny Perdue) that will pave the way for the universal preschool system to be implemented either by Hillary Clinton or Barack HUSSEIN Obama (it really does not matter which).

But before the right began to use this idea to promote evangelical churches being turned into government social welfare offices, Bill Clinton was using inner city black churches for midnight basketball, and yes to pass out condoms and drug needles in pilot programs administered by the likes of David Satcher and Jocelyn Elders. See where the demand for Purpose Driven apostate churches “relevant” to the world that has rejected Jesus Christ is going to lead, people? That is why it is better to have churches that are relevant to God by teaching its people to obey the Bible.

Back to the universal preschool thing, I can predict how it is going to go. Hillary (or B. Hussein Obama) are going to promote it as a complete government entity, an extension of Head Start as part of public schools. “Conservatives” are going to demand that it be a “public – private” affair. The result will be a universal voucher system for preschools, most of whom will be run by church groups, and most of those will be Roman Catholic. That will then give the political impetus to remove the Blaine amendments enacted to protect us from merging church and state. Yes, they were enacted after large numbers of Roman Catholics moved to America, BUT THAT IS BECAUSE BEFORE THE LARGE SCALE ROMAN CATHOLIC IMMIGRATION THEY WEREN’T NEEDED BECAUSE THE OVERWHELMINGLY PROTESTANT NATION AT THE TIME HAD NO INTEREST IN MERGING CHURCH AND STATE! WHY? BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO FOUNDED THIS NATION IN THE FIRST PLACE WERE FLEEING PERSECUTION AT THE HANDS OF THE STATE CHURCHES! You may have heard George W. Bush, who is not a Christian, speak of “Pell grants for K – 12” in his state of the union address (the previous “school voucher” and “opportunity scholarship” language having failed). The Roman Catholics on the neoconservative blogs and websites were loving that one, as were the not a few Jews (not all of whom are conservative) who want to use taxpayer money to financially support their own day schools. Again, if you want a “relevant” church, this is what it leads to … everything else but the gospel and mission of Jesus Christ.

Update from A Little Leaven: THEY HAVE A YOUTUBE VIDEO!

Relevant Church Website

1Cor. 2:1 And I, when I came to you, brothers, did not come proclaiming to you the testimony of God with lofty speech or wisdom. 2 For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.

Further Resources from A Little Leaven …

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3. Christless Christianity, by Michael Horton

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5. Why I’m Not a Purpose-Driven Pastor

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To The Church Of Judge Not Touch Not Mine Anointed: Perjury Warrant Issued For Earl Paulk

Posted by Job on January 15, 2008

See link here. An 80-year-old leader of a DeKalb County megachurch who is at the center of a sex scandal has been charged with lying under oath for saying he had sex outside marriage with only one other woman, court documents show. A warrant for the arrest of Archbishop Earl Paulk, co-founder of Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester Church in Decatur, was issued Monday, according to court documents. Paulk was making arrangements Monday night to turn himself in, WAGA-TV reported. His attorneys did not immediately return calls from The Associated Press seeking comment. Former church employee Mona Brewer is suing Paulk, his brother and the church on allegations that Paulk manipulated her into an affair from 1989 to 2003 by telling her it was her only path to salvation. In a 2006 deposition stemming from the lawsuit, the archbishop said under oath that the only woman he had ever had sex with outside of his marriage was Brewer.

But the results of a court-ordered paternity test revealed in October that Paulk is the biological father of his brother’s son, D.E. Paulk, who is now head pastor at the church. As part of Brewer’s lawsuit, eight women have given sworn depositions that they were coerced into sexual relationships with Earl Paulk. A judge ordered the paternity test at the request of the Cobb County district attorney’s office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. District Attorney Pat Head declined to comment when reached at his home Monday night. Paulk and his brother, Don, have been hit with lawsuits from former members alleging they were coerced into sexual affairs, but this is the first time criminal charges have been filed against the archbishop.

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Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Juanita Bynum Jezebel Apostasy Act On BET

Posted by Job on December 21, 2007


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Judge Not Lascivious Christianity: Karrine Steffans And Darius “Eddie Winslow” McCrary On Not Defiling The Bedroom

Posted by Job on December 19, 2007

Remember this feature anyone? Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Video Vixen Karrine Steffans Worships At The Church Of Judge Not? It was about the woman who excellently represents the TD Jakes/Eddie Long/Creflo Dollar/Noel Jones/Paul Crouch/Paula White/Joel Osteen/Juanita Bynum “it is all about me!” false Christianity. It appears that this woman Karrine Steffans, she who used to prostitute the image of her body in rap and R&B videos and then prostitute her actual body itself by committing fornication with various music and sports industry figures only to then go on to declare herself the new sort of Christian that follows a false Jesus Christ who requires no repentance, holiness, or righteousness but rather writes tell all books glorifying her past sinful exploits, peddles her own flesh to the corruption of many, and then demands not to be judged … well it seems that she has herself a husband. That husband would be actor Darius McCrary, most famous for Eddie Winslow of that Family Matters (Urkel) show from the 1990s.

Now this McCrary also professes to be a Christian. He even made a Christian movie starring Tia and Tamara Mowry to that effect (in addition to his other acting choices). But of what sort? Now of course, I shall not judge this man for marrying a woman with a bad past. I myself have my own personal history of sinful wickedness. But what about marrying a woman with A BAD PRESENT AND THEN PARTICIPATING IN IT YOURSELF? Look at this woman’s website, why don’t you? She has not changed one bit. Not one bit, especially as you see how she, like gospel artist Tonex, curses less than 10 seconds into one of the videos that she has on the site. Another video, called “The Marital Bed”, is her and her “husband” lying in bed. In it McCrary also unleashes vulgar profanity. He also refuses to have his face shown, and when asks why, he speaks of “not defiling the marriage bed” and then starts making grotesque allusions to the sex acts that he and his wife performed earlier that morning and will resume later. It reminded me of how immodest and inappropriate so many members of this “Christian” celebrity culture are in presenting their wives and speaking of their marital activities.

So is this what Christianity has become? Vulgar profanity? Flesh peddling? Exhibitionism? Making a mockery of scripture? Obviously it is. Check out Rick Warren’s Lust Driven Evangelism for instance. People, stuff like this is why I BEGGED BlackCalvinist not to pull his Heresy Hunter The Phantom Teaching video. This false form of Christianity is becoming the dominant form: what everyone is seeing in stores and on TV, both secular and “Christian.” It is not enough to merely withdraw yourself from it. It is not enough merely to provide the right teaching. We also have to expose the wrong teachings and teachers and show how they damage people!

Now we know that Karrine Steffans has not changed. That does not mean that she will not change in the future. Maybe the Darius McCrary of today is not the same one that made the Something To Sing About movie (presented by Billy Graham by the way). If that is the case, then maybe he can go back to the true faith. All I know is that based on their current public face, what they are representing NOW is not real Christianity, and it is my job to tell you that.

Christians, I know that it is going to be hard, but we are just going to have to flee this Christian celebrity culture. We have to wed ourselves from it somehow. Gay Christian Movement Watch has an example of it in Patti Labelle’s black church partnership. LaBelle quite simply is a Jezebel with heretical beliefs (including her statements that it is the Christians that denounce homosexuality that are the sinners). Yet these are the places that she will visit on her “gospel tour” (secular artists frequently resort to the gospel industry when their secular careers are over like Coko of the notoriously explicit R&B group SWV, see this link of her performing at Eddie Long’s New Birth):


  • Potters House, Oct.7 Dallas, TX
  • St. Agnes, Oct. 13 Houston, TX
  • West Angeles COGIC, Oct. 27 Los Angeles, CA
  • House of Hope, Oct. 28 Chicago, IL
  • Deliverance Evangelist Church, Nov. 10 Philadelphia, PA
  • Christian Cultural Center, Nov. 17 Brooklyn, NY
  • Greater Grace, Dec. 1 Detroit, MI
  • Jerico City of Praise, Dec. 2 Landover, MD
  • New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Dec. 6 Atlanta, GA
  • Faithful Central Bible Church (The Forum) Dec 16, Los Angeles, CA
  • The “gospel tour” of “churches” is SPONSORED BY CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES. So yes, Christianity is now a product that you can package and sell just like your body. And some other members of Christianity Showbiz Inc. that joined this woman? Mary-Mary, Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Soul Seekers, and J. Moss!

    We have to be vigilant, people, not only for ourselves but the other sheep in the flock. We may not be pastors personally directly responsible for a certain set of sheep, but as members of the Body of Christ we ALL have a communal shared responsibility for EACH OTHER: male, female, black, white, young, old, rich, poor, new and struggling in the faith, mature and strong meat eater, leader, follower, hot, cold, or lukewarm! Christians, I have to ask you one thing: who is on the Lord’s side? After that I must ask of you: what are you doing about it?

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    Paula White Claims She Is A Better Preacher Than Apostle Paul!

    Posted by Job on November 15, 2007

    In the process of Brother Laz’ weblog a visit, I happened upon a video where Paula White compares her preaching to that of to Apostle Paul. Now Brother Laz shows more mercy towards Paula White than I have. Maybe I will one day reach where he is in Christian love, mercy, and maturity. But where I am right now, I say UNLESS THIS WOMAN REPENTS SHE IS GOING TO SPEND AN ETERNITY IN THE LAKE OF FIRE AND WILL TAKE A MULTITUDE OF PEOPLE WITH HER!

    Anyway, White says that Paul never took hermeneutics, never took homiletics, that he was boring (says she NEVER puts anybody to sleep). But do not worry, according to her, it doesn’t matter because what we need isn’t PREACHING anyway. Instead, what we need anyway is “a word from the Lord.” Yet, she claims that Paul’s words are useful to her. Why? Because according to her exegesis of the Pauline scriptures, GOD WANTS HER TO BE RICH! That is right, she used (selective, out of context, and outright inaccurate) quotations from the writings of Paul to support her prosperity doctrine. And then she claims that Romans 1:8 means that no one has the right to call her a lying blaspheming heretic that is going to bust the lake of fire wide open unless she repents. See below:

    Well, I can understand her desire to belittle Paul because lest we forget it is Paul that told us that women are not supposed to be pastors – especially not head pastors – in the first place. Paul also says that you cannot spouse – swap and be a pastor. And Paul also says that Christian women should have modest appearance for various reasons, which is inconvenient to Paula, Inc. as represented in the video below.

    Paul was talking about PEOPLE LIKE HER in 2 Timothy 3. Oh yes, despite his being lacking in the art of homiletics, Paul manages to totally destroy her prosperity doctrine AND tell people what to do regarding those who preach it in a single verse: 1 Timothy 6:5.

    Paula White loves to say that she is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Well neither am I, and that is why I make a priority of speaking against people like her that pervert it. Speaking of which, do you know that Juanita Bynum is being featured in an upcoming issue of Essence Magazine, which has long been promoting homosexuality, capitalist consumerism, elitism, and New Age? What will her message to the readers of this publication be? Why victimization, of course!

    Oh yes, and this is the best part: PAULA WHITE IS TOTALLY WRONG! Lest we forget, Paul was a Jewish scholar. Jews had been studying hermeneutics and homiletics for hundreds of years – possibly longer – in Paul’s day. Hermeneutics means analyzing and applying texts. When Paul analyzed the Old Testament scriptures and applied them to New Testament doctrine in a way that used the long – established Old Testament scriptures to explain and develop the New Testament doctrine WHILE AT THE SAME TIME using New Testament doctrine to give a greater and more fulfilled meaning to the long established Old Testament scriptures, he was doing hermeneutics par excellence.

    Homiletics? Using rhetoric in preaching. Not only did Paul use the diatribe, polemic, hyperbole, etc. but he used multiple rhetorical forms in the same epistle. Some scholars say that Paul invented new styles of rhetoric in his epistles because the literary forms are so complex that they can’t figure them out or classify them. Oh yes, and Paul did produced his hermeneutic and homiletic writings things in plain language that was understandable to everyone from the wealthy intellectual to the penniless illiterate in his day. Though he was a very well educated man, he never once spoke over the heads of – or talked down to – his audience, nor did he pander to the arrogance of the elites. As such, Paul’s homiletics have been emulated by preachers ever since. That is … until the rise of the church of judge not that Paula White is an apostle of apostasy in.

    So in short, Paula White is a liar, and an incontrovertible grotesque one at that. And if you didn’t know that already, well it is my job to tell you. Now I leave it to Paula White’s many defenders to come up with an explanation of why Paula White’s standing up and saying things that cannot possibly be true in any context to the roaring approval of her congregation has anything to do with Christianity. Why a woman that stands up and willfully lies to her congregation in order to glorify and elevate herself should not be judged, but loved and prayed for until she is restored. Why you would advocate a liar remaining in the pulpit so that she can lead people astray with more lies.

    It just so happens that I have a few Bible commentary books in my possession and know what homiletics and hermeneutics mean. I also have a DVD on hermeneutics from Ray Comfort’s ministry (it is called Herman Who, please buy it, it is only $20, the cost of one of Paula White’s DVDs, and I know this because I used to buy those too before, well, I started buying Bible commentaries and DVDs on hermeneutics). So I was immediately able to spot the lie. The vast majority of Paula White’s members and supporters do not, White knows this, and cravenly willfully took advantage of them to serve no purpose other than to glorify herself.

    This is not about me worshiping Paul, by the way. Paul is not even my favorite New Testament writer, and I actually prefer the Old Testament to the New Testament anyway. This is about a woman who chooses to be a liar in the pulpit. If you want to defend and follow a liar and accuse me of worshiping Paul to justify it, that is your business. But the bottom line is that you cannot read this without being confronted with the fact that Paula White lies to glorify herself. What you choose to do with that information is between you and God.

    Update: Please see IndependentConservative’s superior treatment of this video

    Paula White Trashes the Words of Paul and Empowers Greed.

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    Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Video Vixen Karrine Steffans Worships At The Church Of Judge Not

    Posted by Job on October 7, 2007

    Earlier, I mentioned how Satan attacked the Internet ministry of fearless Christian Ingrid Schlueter, whose former Slice of Laodicea weblog forced me to face the truth on so many ministries that I was loyally supporting and vigorously defending on TBN. Now most of the people that she exposed I had never heard of, and most of the rest I was really not a big supporter of to begin with. But what the main way that her weblog opened my eyes was revealing how these ministers collaborated behind the scenes to promote themselves and make money. It reminds me of Proverbs 1:10-18My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause: Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit: We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil: Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse: My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path: For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood. Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird. And they lay wait for their own blood; they lurk privily for their own lives“. Get what I am saying?

    I suppose the main eye – opener for me was when the Southern Baptist megachurch preacher and TV pastor, Ed Young invited oneness heretic TD Jakes to speak at a conference, and when challenged to their actions defended it with the usual “we need to all come together and forget about the things that divide us” nonsense. That caused me to consider not so much what these false preachers were preaching and doing, but how they would work with each other despite fully knowing their abominations and heresies. Since two cannot walk together unless they be agreed and there can be no fellowship between Christ and the world, darkness and light, it caused me to wonder how many of these people were actually following the Lord and how many were following mammon.

    Still, I had my disagreements with Schlueter, and would email her and post comments on her blog to let her know. You see, Schlueter is Reformed Protestant, I am charismatic evangelical (especially if I am to believe the results of What Kind Of Christian Are You? Take This Quiz And Find Out!), so my taking grievous offense at some of her pronouncements was inevitable. Now the one that offended me the most was her statement that certain Christians were “worshiping a false Christ.” If you take the case of “Video Vixen” Karrine Steffans, I cannot deny that she was right.

    Steffans, by her own admission, used sin for her personal gain by being a sexually provocative dancer in music videos. Her career and lifestyle choices also included many sexual encounters with artists and others in the music industry. Of course, it would be fashionable to portray Steffans as a victim exploited by the rich and powerful men in the music industry. You realize, though, that such is precisely the sort of message of female victimization heavily marketed by male AND female preachers (including the TD Jakes/Paula White/Juanita Bynum “Women Thou Art Loosed” school but by no means limited to them) that just happens to take advantage of the Oprah – ism of popular culture. The truth is that if anything, Steffans made the choice not only to dishonor her own body, but to use it to feed the lusts of these artists and whoever saw her semi – nude gyrating body displayed in those videos … not to mention influencing countless other young females that saw and envied not so much her image but the attention that they so craved that she used her image to get. How many women have been given over to sexual exploitation, promiscuity, and even brutal rape because they saw the choices of Steffans and the many like her?

    Well, it appears that now Steffans pronounces herself as a Christian. But wait … if you look at the picture that is included in this link that has the story about her it is hardly that of a woman that is following the modest humble example of Jesus Christ and also of how the Bible commands her to be. Am I making the mistake of judging her by appearances, especially since that may be an old photo? Hardly, because Steffans is promoting a book that gives all the gory details of her past, including the names of her sexual conquests. Now she claims that this is being done with a Christian aim, but please. “Confessing your faults to one another” does not mean naming names in a book to be read by everyone. Not only is it by definition immodest, but it could cause the people named in the book – and their families – severe harm and embarrassment.

    She is obviously doing this for the same reason that she entered her “video vixen” lifestyle to begin with: a desire for fame and money, and she is showing as little concern for the consequences of her current actions to not only the people whose behavior she is exposing but to the cause of Christianity itself as she did in her former life.

    But surprise, surprise, the carnal Christian Steffans, who is still playing the flesh game by using BOTH her looks AND dirty sex stories to sell books, has found a theology to justify her current actions. When two former college and professional athletes that are now radio talk show hosts that were none too happy that her book contained her sex stories with professional and personal acquaintances of theirs, and challenged her on what possible good – Christian or otherwise – could be done by her writing and promoting her book and the true nature of her motives, she gave a detailed extensive heartfelt yet disarmingly intellectual exposition of her beliefs. Do you wish to read it? Well here goes: it was “Judge not b*****” and then hanging up the telephone. (I should point out that my information regarding the incident was not based solely on the events as depicted in the Atlanta Journal – Constitution, which heavily favored Steffans … no shock there as the paper heavily backs the female victimization culture in virtually all forms, but also listening to the talk show hosts themselves speak about the incident on their radio show. But please realize that the Atlanta Journal – Constitution has done countless stories on how male music artists exploit females in their videos and songs, but never mentions how female artists, including underage ones, exploit themselves.)

    And this is what is meant by how popular evangelical Christianity worships “false Christs.” The TRUE CHRIST requires obedience to His Word as expressed in the Bible. The TRUE CHRIST requires GENUINE repentance of sin. The TRUE CHRIST requires holiness, modesty, meekness, wisdom, knowledge, purity, compassion, sacrifice, and RESPONSIBILITY. But no one wants a Christ like that. What people want is a Christ that will allow you to, upon “repentance”, exploit your past sins for attention and gain, knowing full well that it may fascinate people and cause them to stumble. But she need pay that any mind, because her false Christianity based on a false Christ does not require her to think about anyone else or even God for that matter. Her Christianity is all about pleasing herself … what she wants and needs and how she can get it. And if you have a problem with that, then you are “judging.”

    I would not be terribly surprised if this woman, who if that picture is any indication is still all about promoting her sexuality, is feted on the usual Christian circuit – you know, the 700 Club or TBN’s “Praise The Lord and things like that – of people who trade on flesh for money. I wonder if she realizes that these people don’t care about her. They will use her salacious stories to draw ratings – and financial donors – during an appearance or two, and then move on to the next piece of maggot infested piece of meat for their sausage grinder. One day – and soon – it is all going to end, because truthfully none of these people care about her story or for that matter HER. All they want is what they can get from her, which in truth makes them no different from her. (Except, of course, for the fact that a year from now they’ll still be on TV and she won’t be!)

    So one day, this poor woman is going to be confronted with the reality that none of these people care about or love her, and that ESPECIALLY includes her false Christ. And you know what? The same is going to happen to everyone that worships at the church of the judge not carnal Christianity. People, let us pray for Karrine Steffans – and others like her – that they be confronted with this reality soon, while genuine repentance is still possible for them. Why? Because a non – negotiable precondition for true salvation is genuine repentance (which cannot be mistaken for merely emotional experiences like guilt, regret, grief, or catharsis)! So let us pray that these carnal Christians face up to what they really are and fall on their knees and beg the true Jesus Christ to come save them from the wrath that is to come.

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