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Voddie Baucham: The Permanence View of Marriage

Posted by Job on November 20, 2009

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And They Say Sin Is Not Real: Sex and debt drove man to kill wife and baby

Posted by Job on June 7, 2008

Link To Story On Man Who Murdered Wife And Child

When God finished with creation and rested, He said that it was “very good” says Genesis 1:31. The Hebrew word for “good” here is “towb [02896]“, and one of its meanings is “ethical.” So when God found creation “very good”, it does not merely refer to how pleasant it looked or its intricate machinery, though such things are clearly so and as a matter of fact is irrefutable evidence of the very existence of God according to Romans 1. Rather, it ALSO means that creation was morally pure, free from sin. The capacity to sin, however, was there. One third of the angels, including Satan, rebelled against God. But the cosmic significance of that act was of little consequence, as there was no covenant between God and the angels concerning creation. But God did make a covenant with Adam, the first man who not only represents humanity, but his named actually means mankind or humanity ([0120]); Adam would have dominion over the earth, and he could not eat from the tree of life. Did Adam ask to be in or agree to this covenant relationship? The answer is of no consequence; as sole creator and sovereign ruler of the universe, God had the right to initiate, set the terms of, and hold Adam to the terms of the covenant.

As we all know, Adam, the covenant representative of mankind, sinned by eating of the tree of life, and through him sin entered into all of creation including the human race. So, we cannot blame God for evil. We cannot even say “the devil made me do it.” No, the entire blame is upon mankind. And because mankind is wicked, evil, and totally depraved, we have events like this. 

WOBURN, Massachusetts (AP) — A British man despondent over his sex life and his mounting debt shot his wife and baby daughter to death as they lay in bed together, covered them with a comforter and then bought a one-way ticket home to England, a prosecutor told a jury Friday. Neil Entwistle, 29, is charged in the fatal shootings of his 27-year-old wife, Rachel, and their 9-month-old daughter, Lillian Rose, in January 2006.His defense attorney said Entwistle was a loving husband and father who was so crazed with grief after discovering their bodies in their Hopkinton home that he flew to England to be consoled by his parents. “Everything he said and everything he did thereafter, he did because he loved them, he did because he loved them both,” Elliot Weinstein said.

The lawyers gave their opening statements Friday in Middlesex District Court after four days of jury selection. Assistant District Attorney Michael Fabbri told jurors that Entwistle had grown increasingly unhappy after the couple moved to the United States from England, where they met in 1999. Entwistle, a computer engineer, had been unable to find a job in the U.S., had fallen into debt and began trolling the Internet for sex, Fabbri said.

In the months before the killings, Entwistle visited Web sites for escort services and began exchanging e-mails with women with whom he sought to have sex. Weinstein told the jury that both Rachel and Neil Entwistle were computer-savvy and said other people had used the computer.

“Over and over and over again during this trial, you will learn that things are not the way they first appear,” he said. Authorities believe that Neil Entwistle took his father-in-law’s gun, shot his wife and daughter and then drove 40 miles back to return the weapon.

Fabbri said Entwistle’s DNA was found on an ammunition container, a gun lock and the grip of the .22-caliber handgun. He said Rachel Entwistle’s DNA was found in and on the muzzle of the gun. Rachel Entwistle’s mother, Priscilla Matterazzo, was called as the trial’s first witness.

During cross-examination, Entwistle’s attorney Stephanie Page focused her questions on Joseph Matterazzo’s gun collection. Priscilla Matterazzo said her husband kept the guns in a locked cabinet in a bedroom but left the key on a kitchen countertop. She said her husband liked to go target shooting and had taken Neil Entwistle with him at least twice.

Some people would look at this and blame the evil of the male gender. Others would blame what they call the outdated and restrictive institution of marriage. Others would blame the proliferation of handguns. Others would blame pornography and prostitution. If those are your cases, make them. But the Bible, God’s complete revelation of Himself and His Will to mankind that is infallible and the final authority in all matters, makes it clear that such tragedies like this are the result of sin, which is failure to live up to God’s righteousness, the inability to keep God’s commandments, and the resulting lack of purity in one’s thoughts and actions. The Bible tells us that all of mankind is guilty of sin, and all of mankind is without excuse.

So does this mean that mankind is without hope? A thousand times no! God sent His Son Jesus Christ to be born into the human race as a man, to die on a cross for our sins, and to be resurrected on the third day. All who through faith believe in this Jesus Christ will have their sin guilt forgiven and live for eternity with God in a new creation that will be just as ethical as the first. (Be not deceived, for faith is not mere intellectual assent or even conviction, but it requires a human response, which is OBEDIENCE. Jesus Christ explained the difference between intellectual conviction and obedient faith in Matthew 25:32-46, and further the book of James deals with the topic heavily.) But all who do not through faith believe in Jesus Christ will spend eternity in a lake of fire with no hope, no relief, and no love.

Now this is not to say that if you have obedient faith in Jesus Christ that you will never do anything bad or wrong again. Instead, this means that obedient faith in Jesus Christ means that you will not have to suffer the cosmic eternal consequences of your sin. So while the human depravity of a man who murders his wife and baby over money and sex is a useful illustration of the nature of sin, the intention of this is not to say “believe on Jesus Christ so that you can be a good person with upright moral character and never do anything like this.” That is not the point, for the lake of fire will contain plenty of good fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. It will contain men of renown that gave themselves in acts of great courage and sacrifice. It will contain women that had a powerful loving and nurturing positive effects on the lives of many people. How is it possible for sinful people that have not been reconciled with God through Jesus Christ to lead good, decent, productive lives? That is the result of God’s common grace freely available to all men, for God still loves mankind. But common grace, and the good works done in it, is not saving grace, for indeed man is not saved by his good works but only through the work of Jesus Christ. What of the work of Jesus Christ, how could the work of this man save other men? Well Jesus Christ was not only fully man but also FULLY GOD, and that was why His works can save man when the works of other men cannot. 

Instead, the point is that obedient faith in Jesus Christ will save your eternal existence from destruction in the lake of fire. Though we can experience great joys and serve the Lord in mighty ways in this life, from an eternal perspective, that is really all that matters. The glory that Christians will inherit the eternal perfect creation is not even worthy to be compared to our experiences in this flawed one that is doomed to be destroyed!

So I encourage you, if you are unsaved, to give your life to Jesus Christ today. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!

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Is Paul Crouch Jr. of TBN Cavorting With Porn Star New Ager Melissa Scott? Sex Sells Especially In The Church Of Judge Not Christianity!

Posted by Job on April 22, 2008

I say again, the Bible draws a direct link between false preachers and their doctrines with sexual immorality. More still, televangelists are engaging in conduct like this right out in the open because they know that they can get away with it! Back in the day, Aimee Semple McPherson, founder of the Church of the Foursquare Gospel denomination, claimed that she was kidnapped and held captive in order to explain her whereabouts during the time that she had run off with her boyfriend. These says, such tactics are wholly unneeded as these people can do whatever they wish right out in the open and no one cares … the news media doesn’t even bother with hunting down and exposing televangelists like they used to because they know that the Christians that follow them will continue to do so no matter what they do, and will instead attack the media for “touching God’s anointed and doing His prophets harm” for reporting the truth.

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Endtimes Alert: Doctor Gives 9 Year Olds Sex Changes. And They Say Evil Spirits Are Not Real?

Posted by Job on April 21, 2008

See link here.

Genesis 6:5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Luke 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

A liberal Christian came by about a year ago to challenge me as to whether corporate industrial pollution was responsible for the increase in homosexuality – especially among children – by messing with their hormones (see link here). My response to him? COULD BE! Whether corporate greed drives sexual perversion, or whether sexual perversion drives corporate greed (pornography IS a multi – billion dollar business, and that does not even include the things that aren’t counted as pornography but should be, so where there is a demand mammon will meet it). But now here is the evidence that sexual perversion is deeply embedded into our culture and being normalized:

CHILDREN HAVE CUT themselves. In some cases, 9- or 10-year-old kids have staged suicide attempts. The little boys sob unless they’re allowed to wear dresses. The girls want to be called Luke, Ted, or James. Their parents, desperate to know what is wrong, go online and type “gender disorder.” And what they find is that, even now, decades after doctors performed the first sex changes in America, there’s little help for transgender children. 

There is more.

IDEAS: When are children old enough to declare what gender they will be?

SPACK: All I know is that when I see preadolescents, they have been dressing in the underwear of the other sex for years. These kids are almost certainly transgendered.

And they say evil spirits are not real? We are not just talking about the evil spirits in the children, but rather from the ADULTS that accommodate this vile wickedness, this abuse of God’s creation. This is the key part: the article says that pre – adolescents have been exhibiting this behavior for years. Pre – adolescent means pre – teen, which equates to 10 – 12. So if a 10 year old has been doing this for years, it means since 6, or 4. That is before a child has had any meaningful exposure to the culture: schools, movies and television, etc. So then, how is it that these children have been turned so perverse so early? Child molestation is an easy answer, but too easy. You may want to blame parental neglect due to so many households in which women work – especially households led by single mothers – but that is a class based argument, not a spiritual one, for many of our lower income and minority communities have always seen high percentages of working mothers and single mothers without anything like these sorts of problems. And please realize that the article talks about how this fellow learned these techniques from the oh so progressive Dutch who lack some of our social problems (instead having entirely different ones that the American media rarely speaks of). 

I think that an answer may be found in studying the state of Old Testament Israel. Regrettably I do not have a link at hand, but in one of his messages in The Minor Prophets series, Ronald Dart of Born To Win spoke of King Josiah’s efforts to spiritually rescue Israel, and gave the opinion that sometimes a nation’s apostasy has gone on so long and is so deeply embedded into the culture that it cannot be saved. Dart spoke of Israel then with their idolatry, sexual perversion (including child prostitution) and murder of the innocent (including child sacrifice) and compared it with the evils of contemporary America, making the conjecture that America had itself crossed its spiritual Rubicon into irrecoverable corruption and apostasy. So, God destroyed Israel, leaving it utterly desolate, so that the land could rest from the abominations of the people. Why? Well, God still had plans for the land … for His Son to be born into it. But Israel had so corrupted the land that God intended to be holy and set apart for the purposes of Jesus Christ that it had to be cleansed through desolation. 

Think back thousands of years earlier, Sodom and Gomorrah. The place was filled with sexual immorality and violence, so God overthrew it. And think back quite a time earlier, in the primordial period just before the flood. The whole world was filled with violence and other evils, including the giants in the land, the nephilim about which there has been so much speculation. But in all of these instances, the Word of God records that the very land itself had become corrupted with sin. Not just the people. Not just the cultural traditions, perverted religions, and public institutions of government, military, and commerce. And not just the animals (which the Bible makes clear can be corrupted, not only through God declaring everything that had breath of life corrupt and having to be destroyed in the flood and the evil spirits entering the swine when Jesus Christ cast them out of a man, but when God often warned the children of Israel not to keep or sacrifice to Him the cattle and sheep of pagan nations, but instead to destroy them all along with the people!), but the very land itself!

Now I will grant you, there is some ambiguity or flexibility as to what precisely the term “land” means in various contexts in the Bible, but in this instance we can be reasonably certain that it is strongly correlated with the geography of a nation itself. So if the land is polluted by what the people living in the land are doing, then in what manner is this pollution? If it is not a horde of evil spirits attracted to an area by repulsive sinful conduct of the worst manner, I do not know what is. And there is no worse sin than that of the person who has knowledge of God or professes God but rejects God. Yet that was what happened with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and mankind falling into sin and the entire creation being corrupted with it was the result. Romans 1:18-32 makes it clear that many in the world knew of God during the primordial period. And then you had the apostasy of Israel, God’s elect nation of stiff – necked people. Now I reject dominion and official theology, America is not the new Israel. But still, how can we not compare the wretched conduct of so many people who claim to believe in God to that of biblical Israel, of Sodom and Gomorrah, or of the cosmos before the flood? So if we are indeed a land corrupted by sin, with what is the resulting corruption? From my humble estimation, it can be nothing else but evil spirits that have such reign over the land that they can now enter into children of very young ages – ages before both Jewish and Christian doctrine claims that they can possess any responsibility for sin – and fill them with thoughts and provoke them to behaviors that are not convenient even without those children personally having been exposed to external sources of wickedness on that scale.

So we can suppose, then, that the effects of God ridding a corrupted land from its people so that it can rest as He did with Israel, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the entire world with the flood can be viewed in terms of Matthew 12:43-45, which reads “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.” Get rid of all the people, and there is nowhere for these unclean spirits walking through dry places to find rest, and nowhere for him to bring the seven spirits more wicked than he. It would honestly appear that with the grotesque abominations that are now not only commonplace and accepted but DEMANDED by our contemporary society that America as a nation is that wicked generation that is in that last state. The only question is whether it applies just to America, as it did to Israel in the time and place that Jesus Christ was speaking (as the nation of Israel was destroyed in 70 A.D.) or does it apply to the whole world? Is this the beginning of sorrows for the earth, or just for America? After all, nations have come and nations have gone! Remember the mighty civilization that the Aztecs built? Yet the conquistadors overthrew it all! So … time will tell. 

I acknowledge that during the short time (a little over a year) since I started this website, I have gone from (disillusioned) Pentecostal to a more Reformed Christianity, but people, evil spirits are real, and Reformed Christians have to come up with a way to deal with these problems through evangelism and ministry programs so that we can redeem God’s children from the clutches of the enemy. That is one of the reasons why I have yet to remove the spiritual warfare materials from the top (also to the side) of the site: it is mostly from the charismatic perspective – with due respect to the Baptist Frank Hammond – but really what else is there?  

From another perspective, this type of evil shows how perversion is taking over the world. Not only is it happening virtually unchecked, but it is the people that say that it is wrong that would face opposition. Suppose you and I were to go to Boston right now with picket signs and bullhorns in front of this fellow’s office, declaring to the world the abomination that it is. (Of course, some would propose that quietly talking to people and handing out gospel tracts would be a more effective and more Christian way of dealing with this evil than publicity – seeking grandstanding, but consider the question anyway.) The news media, the intellectuals (of which there is no shortage of in Boston) and even many clergy would denounce such an effort as hateful, bigoted, intolerant, etc. and before long there would be hate crimes legislation against it, with news footage of Christians yelling and swinging signs at crying confused children, it would be a political watershed moment for the gay rights community, their Selma. Yet a mere 40 years ago, such an establishment working this type of evil against children would have been burned to the ground!

It has to be spiritual. Satan knows that he has but a short time, so the forces of spiritual wickedness are being unleashed upon the earth in a way like never before, and it will build until the return of Jesus Christ. The moral climate, the economic climate, the wars and diseases, the apostasy of the church … it all adds up to one thing: the fulfillment of the things spoken of in Daniel, Ezekiel, the Olivet discourses of Jesus Christ in the gospels, Revelation, etc. And yes, the apostasy of the church is a clear indication. How can these things be going on in a nation that claims to be over 75% Christian (if not higher) without a single hint of righteous outrage? Without armies of Christians motivated to action? It is as if a spiritual cloud of fear, defeat, blindness, pacifism, and accommodation is hanging over the church. And so many are that are fighting are doing it the wrong way: through electoral politics and in the courts. Were John Edwards and George Whitefield about today, what would they say about us? And better yet: how come WE are not doing what John Edwards and George Whitefield did? And yes, I include myself among the number of those that really are not doing nearly enough for the gospel. I have to do more. We ALL have to do more!

Jesus Christ is coming back soon, Christians. And when He does, what will you say if He asks you why didn’t you do anything to help, defend, and advocate for His little children such as these?

To Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan Click Here! 

Click Here For Videos To Help You Learn How To Evangelize A Child

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Artwork Depicting Jesus Christ Last Supper As Homosexual Orgy Shown At Austrian Museum

Posted by Job on April 8, 2008

Click on link below.

Erotic Jesus sparks art debate in Austria | U.S. | Reuters

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US church helps ex-porn star come back to Christ

Posted by Job on March 23, 2008

Original link here. A former porn star has left the sex industry to start a new life as a college student and church secretary, a group ministering to sex workers announced Tuesday.

Sophia Lynn, 24, is now an office staff at Celebrate Community Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in the US, where she will work while attending college. The South Dakota church offered Lynn a place to live, a college scholarship, and a job at the church office when they heard she wanted to leave the sex business.

“This is like a dream,” Lynn reflected from her new home in South Dakota nearly a week after her move. “I hope I don’t have to wake up from this. I feel like my life has been saved.”

Lynn came from a self-described devout Christian family and entered the porn industry only to make money to support herself and her young child after a divorce.

“When you have bill collectors calling you every five minutes, you start to feel hopeless,” she said to ABC News last year.

She began with modelling but then was encouraged to try the porn business at the age of 18.

“I kept thinking, ‘Why am I doing this?’ But then I reminded [myself that] my car payment was due.”

Lynn was re-introduced to Jesus Christ and eventually delivered from the sex industry with the help of Heather Veitch, an ex-stripper turned Christian evangelist. Veitch, who founded the ministry JC (Jesus Christ)’s Girls, and has been counselling Lynn for more than a year.

Veitch said many girls want to leave the business, but find it difficult to start a new life.

“It takes the kind of commitment we’re seeing from Celebrate Community Church,” the ex-stripper explained. “This is the story of the little church that could.”

Celebrate Community Church claims to have 550 members and about 2,200 attendees on the weekends.

The South Dakota church first heard about Lynn when she appeared on an ABC news report last March and expressed her intention to leave the industry. The church reached out and invited Lynn to visit, but without success.

Instead, Veitch flew to South Dakota and spent a weekend educating the church on the size and extensiveness of America’s sex industry. The former stripper told the congregation that the first step towards helping girls like Sophia Lynn is to pray for them, which the church did, according to a report by the ministry.

“Three weeks later, my phone rang and it was Sophia,” Veitch recalled. “She told me she was ready to make a real life change and wanted some real help. I called Pastor Loy [of Celebrate Community Church] and told him God held up his end, so now what are we going to do?”

The following morning at 6 am Pastor Keith Loy called Veitch and said, “We’re ready to take this on.”

Sophia Lynn, who was living in New Jersey at the time, was on a plane to a new life in South Dakota six hours later.

“We’re not going to play church anymore,” Loy said. “We’re going to be a church.”

The JC’s Girls founder urges churches to follow Celebrate Community Church and help a sex worker leave the industry and start a new life.

“I’m calling it ‘One Church For One Girl Program’,” said Veitch.

Last month, a new documentary – “The PussyCat Preacher” – was released chronicling Veitch’s journey as she formed the ministry JC’s Girls. The film records her initial struggle with gaining acceptance from women at her former church in California to winning them over and actually bringing them to strip clubs to minister to dancers.

Veitch now resides in Las Vegas where her ministry is supported by Central Christian Church.

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Your Public Library May Be A Sanctuary City For Child Pornography Consumers!

Posted by Job on March 21, 2008

Original World Net Daily article link here. This article shows the depths of the Marxist radicalism controlling so many of our educational organizations and institutions, in this case the American Library Association.

A bizarre battle has erupted over the arrest on child pornography charges of a man at a California public library, with library and county officials siding against the staffer who called police to arrest the alleged criminal.

Librarian Brenda Biesterfeld was fired from her job after disregarding her supervisor’s orders not to call police.

Now a pro-family organization and a law firm are rallying support for her.

“We’ve come alongside her, providing media training and legal representation,” said Randy Thomasson, chief of the Campaign for Children and Families, a prominent pro-family leadership group. “Our goal is to get Brenda’s job back, to institute a new library policy that has no tolerance for obscenity and child pornography, and to send a nationwide message that child predators will not be allowed to ‘do their thing’ in libraries.”

Mathew Staver, head of Liberty Counsel, said his organization has sent a demand letter to the Tulare County Board of Supervisors challenging the librarian’s dismissal.

The incident developed on Feb. 28 when Beisterfeld, a single mother, was working in the Lindsay Branch library, and she noticed Donny Lynn Chrisler, 39, viewing child porn on one of the public-use computers.

“She immediately went to her supervisor, Judi Hill, who instructed her to give him a warning and explain that on his second warning he would be banned from the library,” Liberty Counsel said. “When Biesterfeld asked if she should call the police, Hill told her not to and that the library would handle it internally.”


Biesterfeld was so unnerved by the situation, she talked with police the next day. Then on March 4, when Chrisler returned, Biesterfeld saw him viewing more child porn and called police.

“When police officers arrived they caught Chrisler viewing the child pornography, arrested him, and placed him in the Tulare County Jail, where he remains on $10,000 bail,” Liberty Counsel said. “Further investigation uncovered more child pornography in Chrisler’s home.”

But when police confiscated the computer from the library, Hill confronted them and said they had no business enforcing the child pornography law within the library.

“Even after the police captain explained that a federal law had been violated, making it a legal matter to be handled by police, Hill never offered to help,” Liberty Counsel said. “Instead, she demanded to know who made the report.”

Even though police investigators concealed Biesterfeld’s name, Hill claimed she knew who it was, and within 20 minutes the captain got a call from Biesterfeld saying Hill had called her and rebuked her. Two days later and without explanation Biesterfeld was fired.

The law firm’s letter demands Biesterfeld’s reinstatement and that the library change its policy to prevent the use of library property for illegal behavior and to establish a prompt reporting system. Mayor Ed Murray submitted a similar request to the county, officials said.

“Brenda Biesterfeld had a moral and a legal responsibility to report to police a library patron whom she observed viewing child pornography,” said Staver. “It is outrageous that the Lindsay Branch library fired Ms. Biesterfeld for reporting child pornography. Child Pornography is a despicable crime against children.”

Thomasson said the local battle, however, has national implications.

“We’re also defending children nationwide,” he said. “You see, the American Library Association, which is the controlling influence over libraries nationwide, views pornography and obscenity as ‘intellectual freedom.’ Because of this, many libraries in the U.S. allow child pornographers to use their Internet system undetected and unreported. Is it any wonder why child molestation has become so common?”

According to the association’s own web page regarding intellectual freedom and censorship, it is not the work of a library to protect children from material that is “legally obscene.” “Governmental institutions cannot be expected to usurp or interfere with parental obligations and responsibilities when it comes to deciding what a child may read or view,” the ALA says. It also defines “intellectual freedom” as the right to see material “without restriction.” Those who object to obscenity and its availability are “censors,” who “try to use the power of the state to impose their view of what is truthful and appropriate.” “Each of us has the right to read, view, listen to, and disseminate constitutionally protected ideas, even if a censor finds those ideas offensive,” the ALA states. (My note: as a libertarian Christian, I have some sympathies for this view, particularly because of my belief that one day the government will start hauling of Christians for possessing Bibles. But in this present time with its current policy, by preventing its employees from enforcing local, state, and federal laws, the American Library Association is contributing to precisely the sort of lawlessness and moral degradation in this society that will allow that awful time to take place.)

“Censors might sincerely believe that certain materials are so offensive, or present ideas that are so hateful and destructive to society, that they simply must not see the light of day. Others are worried that younger or weaker people will be badly influenced by bad ideas, and will do bad things as a result,” the ALA said.

That was the point Steve Baldwin, a former California lawmaker, was making when he previously penned a column citing a report from the Family Research Council.

“A 2000 report by the Family Research Council details how its researchers sent out surveys to every librarian in America asking questions about access to pornography. Despite efforts by the ALA to stop its members from responding, 462 librarians did respond. Their replies revealed 472 instances of children assessing pornography, 962 instances of adults accessing pornography, 106 instances of adults exposing children to pornography, five attempted child molestations, 144 instances of child porn being accessed and 25 instances of library staff being harassed by those viewing pornography. Over 2,062 total porn-related incidents were reported by a mere 4.6 percent of our nation’s librarians so one can assume the number of incidents is probably twenty times higher,” he reported.

He wrote that the “bias” of the ALA is obvious.

“When parent groups have offered to place books in libraries with conservative themes or are critical of the left, the ALA’s claims of being First Amendment guardians suddenly look fraudulent. When one parent tried to donate George Grant’s book, ‘Killer Angel,’ a critical biography of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, the library sent a letter stating that ‘the author’s political and social agenda…is not appropriate.’ Huh? A biographical book with zero profanity is banned but books that feature the ‘F’ word a hundred times are sought after with zeal. Go figure,” Baldwin wrote. (My note: so censorship is evil and must be prevented at all costs … unless we are doing it.)

Thomasson called on librarians across the country to report child pornography to law enforcement whenever it happens.

“The liberals who run the library system in America must stop violating the federal law because they regard child pornography as ‘free speech,'” he said. “All pornography is immoral, but possession of child pornography is a federal crime. No librarian should fear reporting child pornography to the police, but libraries that fail to report these crimes should be very afraid. Brenda Biesterfeld will get her job back, and more.”

Biesterfeld said she felt intimidated by Hill after the police investigation was launched. “She kind of threatened me,” Biesterfeld said. “She said I worked for the county, and when the county tells you to do something, you do what the county tells you. She said I had no loyalty to the county. (My note: Anyone remember 1984, people accused of being being “disloyal to the party?” Wait … this aside would be more suited for a post on the Republican or Democratic parties.) I told her I was a mother and a citizen also, and not just a county employee.”

The dismissal letter from Tulare County Librarian Brian Lewis said probationary employees can be fired if they don’t perform at a level “necessary for fully satisfactory performance.” But Thomasson reported a Lindsay city councilwoman said she’d been told just a few weeks earlier Biesterfeld was doing a great job. The city of Lindsay also has complained to the county about Hill’s “abrupt, demanding and demeaning” telephone call to police telling them to halt their pornography investigation.

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Barack HUSSEIN Obama Says No Gun Shops Within Five Miles of Schools But Pornography Shops Okay

Posted by Job on March 20, 2008

(Look, I know that I have been hammering Barack HUSSEIN Obama a lot lately while neglecting John “I will attack Iran and keep us in Iraq for 100 years” McCain and Hillary “ice queen” Clinton. I am sorry, it is not an indication of political preference or lack thereof, but merely a matter of what I have happened to run across lately. Certainly plenty of evidence that John “I joined a Baptist church before the election to increase my vote share in South Carolina” McCain and Hillary “now that they aren’t voting for me I am free to let those inner city Negroes know how much I feared them growing up in suburban Chicago!” Clinton are against Jesus Christ is out there, and when I come across it I will relay it!)

Original link here. This is one of the rare times that I use discussion board material rather than news articles, web pages, or weblog entries, but it was too good to pass up!

Dave Kopel and David Bernstein note, Barack Obama proposed a few years ago a federal law against licensed firearms dealers operating within five miles of a school or park. As Kopel notes, “Every town I’ve ever visited which has more than a few dozen inhabitants has either a school or a park. Hypothesizing that the ban would apply to city parks (e.g., Central Park in New York City) but not to National Parks, pick a geographical region, and describe where a licensed firearms dealer could operate. Or pick a geographic point (e.g, Houston)and identify how far a peson would have to drive in order to get to the closest point where a gun store could legally be located. Extra credit for illustrative maps.”

As the commenters noted, this would effectively ban gun shops from most of the country, and just about every city.

However, Obama appears to find another kind of establishment to be perfectly fine operating near your children’s school:

Obama was also the sole present vote on a bill that easily passed the Senate that would require teaching respect for others in schools. He also voted present on a measure to prohibit sex-related shops from opening near schools or places of worship, which ultimately did not pass the Senate.

In both of those cases, his campaign said, he was trying to avoid mandates on local authorities.

The bill did not get the required three-fifths majority, so it did not in fact pass. (Mr. Obama voted “present” on the measure.)

Why on God’s green earth does Barack Obama object to mandates on local authorities for porn shops but not for gun stores? Or conversely, why does he feel it’s necessary to keep gun stores five miles from a school, but no limit on porn shops?

Not sure if this is the “si se puede” type of change we’re really looking for…

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Eliot Spitzer Discovered Psalm 90:8 And 1 Corinthians 4:5 To Be True!

Posted by Job on March 12, 2008

(Job 24:16; Psalms 90:8; Ephesians 5:12)

“Thou hast set our iniquities before thee, our secret sins in the light of
thy countenance.” Psalms 90:8

New York Governor Elliot Spitzer has learned the hard Biblical lesson that
“The Lord bring to light the things hidden in the darkness” (1 Cor. 4:5).
It was Jesus who said, “There is nothing covered up that will not be
revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Accordingly, whatever you have
said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in
the inner rooms shall be proclaimed upon the housetops” (Luke 12:2-3).
Anyone who thinks they can sin and keep their sin a secret is a fool,
because no matter how well you try to cover up your sin, GOD SEES

My heart is breaking this morning, because I know that many who read these
words this morning are hurting because of secret sins in your life. To
those in your life, everything looks wonderful. Many envy you. Most see you
as a person who is strong in the Lord and a pillar of faith. You are a
business person, a mom, dad, son, daughter, or pastor. You serve God in many
ways. You love God. You have put your faith in Christ. But there is sin in
your life. Secret sin. Sin nobody else sees. Sin that possibly has been part
of your life for many, many years. Sin that you have swept into a back
closet so nobody else would know about it. SIN THAT IS KEEPING YOU FROM THE

What is this sin? For each person that is different. For some it is alcohol.
The two beers each night, the scotch after work, have become so much a part
of your life that even though you are not classified as an alcoholic, you
know and God knows, that you HAVE to have it. THAT is a problem. Some of you
woke up this morning after not sleeping well because you are deeply involved
in gambling. Possibly you owe a local bookie for sports bets. Or maybe it is
those lottery tickets you HAVE to buy each day. Or maybe it is the local
casino down the road that you just can’t stay out of. Just as bad are those
who play the markets each day, not investing for the future, but looking for
the daily “hit.”

Others of you are dealing with sexual sins. Pornography is the easiest since
it can be just you and your movies, or magazines, or computer. Possibly you
have evolved past the solo stage and it involves other people. Still others
of you are secretly involved in drugs, legal and illegal. Actually, those
who use prescribed drugs to get that “high” outside of the medicinal
purposes it was designed for, is a MUCH larger problem than the more
publicized illegal drug problem. However, that is a multi-billion dollar a
year industry so SOMEBODY is buying all that cocaine, pot, heroin, meth,
ecstasy, and the rest. Still others of you are involved in the sin of greed.
Making money is more than just a way to support yourself and family, it is
an obsession. Money is your drug of choice. And of course, there are a
multitude of other sins people are secretly involved in.

You see my friend, the Bible says that the enemy comes to kill, steal, and
destroy. That verse is talking about believers. How does that happen? We
know that if we give our lives to Christ by faith we are saved. The enemy
can’t have our souls. But he can destroy us from being the productive
servants God has called us to be. The easiest way to do that is to get us
trapped in sin. Sin is like cancer. It starts out almost innocently. But it
grows and spreads. Very few who are involved in gambling, don’t drink. Very
few involved in drugs are not involved in sexual sins. Very few are tied to
just one secret sin.

As a matter of fact, once you let sin into your life, and practice sin, it
opens the door for other sins. You see, at some point it doesn’t matter any
longer. The great justifier satan says, “oh well, you already are this deep,
what harm could a little more sin do?” This my friend is the trap. It is
like quicksand. You get in, and get deeper, and deeper, and deeper, and
getting out becomes harder, and harder.

I realize that this word today has made some turn their computer off, some
have hit the delete button, and others are sitting right now in tears. You
see, the Holy Spirit is talking to YOU! God is speaking to you this moment
louder than He could if he were on a public address system at a stadium. He
is talking to YOU and saying READ THIS . . . THIS IS YOU!!! The Prodigal Son
came from a Godly, good home. I think when he went out, he was a good
person. I think like many brothers and sisters in Christ, he simply allowed
sin to enter into his life, and it ate him up to the point of near
destruction. But in the end, he knew when he hit the bottom, there was only
one place to go . . . HOME to his father!

Were there consequences for his sin? YES! His inheritance was gone, he
suffered the damage of the horrible experiences he encountered. He probably
had some health issues. But the point was, when he “came to himself” he went

I love you and care about you so much. I wish I was able to help make it all
okay by snapping my fingers. I would but that is not reality. Sin didn’t
start overnight, didn’t occur overnight, and the effects of sin won’t go
away overnight. As a matter of fact, they will be with you the rest of your
life. Sadly, that is one of sin’s by-products. But you can have victory over
sin today! Today can be the first day of victory over sin in your life. But
the first step MUST BE YOURS!!!

Here is some practical advice for you to follow if you really want victory.
You are in a battle. To win a battle, you must have a battle plan. Pray, sit
down and let God give you a plan that you can faithfully work each day.
Then, you need someone you can be accountable to on a daily basis. You can’t
win this fight alone, you need someone to stand with you, and to hold you
accountable. Lastly, you need the strength you can only get from God. That
comes from your daily relationship through prayer and the Word, from being
in church, from finding ways to serve the Lord. All of this working together
will help you overcome this battle and see victory.

Pray today for Gov. Spitzer, his wife and 3 children. Being the first
family of the state of New York means nothing today. These are 5 people who
are all hurting and struggling to deal with the consequences of the
Governor’s sin. I have no clue where this family is spiritually, but I pray
in the midst of this tragic time, they will each find a real relationship
with the Lord who will comfort them and guide them through these difficult
days. In turning to Christ, the Governor and his wife can find healing and
restoration to their marriage. Their children can find the strength to go
through such a public airing of their families problems. Pray that they
will each turn to Jesus in this time of need.

I will be praying for you today. There is victory in this life, victory for
Jesus. The biggest trap we as Christians must avoid are those secret sins
that will eat away at us from the inside. Destroy us from the inside. Make
us virtually useless in serving God. Never forget, our purpose in this life
is to serve and glorify Him with our lives. The easiest way for the enemy to
stop us from fulfilling that purpose is to get us entangled in sin in our
lives. We can live FREE from sin if we choose to. That is what God is
calling you to do today. Turn from your secret sin, and turn fully, 100% to

Again, know that I am praying for you. I can’t do this for you, YOU have to
do it. But know that I am here praying for you, standing with you for
victory over the sin in your life. God will strengthen you, embolden you,
and help you see victory. The first step, however, is yours. The prodigal
son had to go home before he could get victory. Bury your pride since God
already knows the full story, and go to Him today. My prayers are with you.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
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A Brief List Of Reasons Why Christians Should Not Support Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Posted by Job on February 15, 2008

Courtesy of Independent Conservative.

We Don’t Have to Wonder What Barack Hussein Obama Would Do as President.

Barack Hussein Obama and the Art of Looking Good! And Let’s Look at Hillary Clinton’s Donors.

How Barack Hussein Obama Plans to Spread Pro-Homosexual Heresy to Black Churches and Related Items to Beware of.

Barack Hussein Obama and the False Apostles Ron and Hope Carpenter. Political Kingdom Building.

Al Sharpton Again Fronts Like He is Against Trash Hip Hop and Democratic Presidential Candidates Line up to Join Him.

Barack Hussein Obama’s Black Supremacist Idolater Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

Stumbling Out of the Gate. Barack Hussein Obama Says Troops Lives Were “Wasted” in Iraq.

Barack Hussein Obama, Claims Christianity, but Prefers a Secular Political Party.

Barack Hussein Obama versus Jesus Christ

Barack Hussein Obama Pays Homage to Jesse Jackson’s Anti-Semitic 1984 Presidential Campaign.

The Source of Problems That Plague America Today.

Barack Hussein Obama Jr. and the Shady Land Deal (*UPDATED*)

More on Barack Hussein Obama Jr. and the Shady Land Deal. Plus Other Ties to Tony Rezko and More.

More on the Fraud Named Obama

Barack Hussein Obama and Anti-Semitism

Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim Trained Advocate of Child Murder, Gay Adoption, Porn and Thugs!

Over Hyped Barack Obama. Another Liberal Posing Pseudo-Conservative.

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Bibles Being Replaced With Sex Kits In Hotels?

Posted by Job on January 14, 2008

My note: though this is a good “signs of the times” warning, Christians should not be expecting the secular world to do our jobs.

“Accept instruction from his mouth and lay up his words in your heart.” Job

Bibles are being replaced with sex kits at hotels. The next time you take
your family on vacation and check in to a hotel, ANY HOTEL, make your
children stay in the lobby while you inspect the room. When you get to the
room, start with the television. Virtually every hotel now carries
hardcore, triple x movies that can be accessed in a few seconds with the
remote control. Take 2-3 minutes and block those channels so your children
can’t access them. Next, go through all the drawers in the room. Sadly, in
November of 2007 you will no longer find a Bible in any of the drawers, but
you are very likely to find a sex kit!

More and more hotels are no longer supplying Bibles in their guest rooms.
Many hotels are removing the Bibles because some guests complain other
religion books are not also available. One trendy Manhattan hotel doesn’t
put Bibles in their rooms because “society evolves,” said a hotel
spokeswoman. She said that providing Bibles would mean the hotel “would
have to take care of every guest’s belief.” According to the American Hotel
and Lodging Association, since 2001 the number of luxury hotels with
religious materials in the rooms has dropped by 18 percent. However, what
is replacing the Bible in many hotels are “intimacy kits” with items like

The new Indigo hotel in Scottsdale, Ariz., a “branded boutique” launched by
InterContinental, also has no Bibles, but it does offer a “One Night Stand”
package for guests seeking VIP treatment at local nightclubs and late
checkout for the hazy morning after. Sofitel’s brand, for example, is
taking “a new direction,” says Daniel Entenberg, the “romance concierge” at
the chain’s flagship Los Angeles location. He was brought in two years ago
in an effort to reposition the entire company’s image. With business travel
down and leisure travel up, the hotel industry is now catering to a “less
religious” younger clientele who are out for a good time, and certainly
don’t want to open up a drawer on the nightstand have be confronted with
God’s Word!

I know many people will think that this is no big deal, if people are really
into God’s Word they should bring their own Bible, and that this is much ado
about nothing. I disagree. I think this is a VERY big deal from this
perspective. It is simply more empirical proof of what I have been telling
you for over 8 years now that this is no longer a Christian nation, in fact,
we are a nation in complete rebellion to God and His Word. Since 1908, the
Gideon’s have been providing Bibles for hotel rooms. It was a given even 10
years ago that virtually any hotel you went to, whether it be a $20 a night
or a $2,000 a night room, there would be a Bible in the room. From the east
coast to the west, from the north to the south, you could always count on
findiing a Bible in your hotel room.

The fact that Bibles are now being purposely excluded from most new hotels
and removed by many hotels where they had been part of the standard room
amenity, is simply further evidence that we are not only a nation in
spiritual freefall, but a people who are living in complete rebellion to God
and His Word. Look at what IS now being offered in hotel rooms. Gone is
the Bible, but now available are hardcore triple x adult movies. Gone is
the Bible, but now available are condoms. As business travel has decreased
over the years, the hotels are clearly marketing their facilities to people
looking to meet for sex.

Listen, people using hotel rooms for illicit sexual rendezvous is certainly
nothing new. That has existed since hotels have been around. However,
never before was it so openly marketed for that purpose. In Asia, the
infamous “love hotels” have been around for thousands of years. They have
always unashamedly promoted themselves as a place for people looking to
engage in sex. It is common for some Asian businessmen and businesswomen to
take off a few hours during the day and visit their lover at one of these
“love hotels.” The new “boutique hotels” now popping up around this country
are not much different, they just aren’t quite as bold about declaring that
is what they are.

No doubt husbands and wives will occasionally spend a night at a hotel, but
most people using hotels as a place to have sex are either cheating on their
spouse or engaging in sex outside of marriage. So from a marketing
standpoint, I guess porn movies on the TV, sex kits in the rooms, and no
Bibles makes sense. After all, who wants to open up the drawer and see
BIBLE as they get ready to commit adultery or an act of fornication? It
isn’t likely that afterwards, either will be reading the Psalms together or
the 10 Commandments!!!

I love you and care about you so much. This is simply another visible
cultural sign of how far we are from God and His Truth. It is not getting
any better. I really do believe this coming year is a year of GREAT change.
We are either going to turn back to God and His Truth, or we may be seeing
His wrath unleashed. It has only been His mercy and grace that has kept it
from happening so far. But after killing 50 million innocent babies since
our nation legally protected the practice of infanticide, with God’s
definition of marriage and family now redefined, with homosexuality and
every other kind of sexual sin now accepted in our culture, with the vast
majority of people who live their lives in open rebellion to God and His
Word, we should not be surprised or shocked when God finally says enough is

Putting Bibles back in hotel rooms is NOT going to lead this nation to
repentance. That is only going to happen as hearts and lives are changed by
the power of God. Just like the rich, fat priests of the Old Testament,
most of God’s priests today are focused on the temporal things of this world
and not the eternal things of God. They are more interested in a person’s
bank account than their soul. They water down the Gospel and comprise the
Truth of the Bible like any other motivational speaker, giving people the
false hope of this world instead of the life changing hope found in the
Scriptures. So why would we expect the people to live a holy and righteous
life when it is not a standard many of God’s leaders even try to live up to?

The good news is that there is a remnant. There is a group who will not bow
their knee to Baal and follow the lies of this world, but have chosen to
follow the Lord. It is that group and “many more who are lost today but
will soon be saved” who will lead this nation back to God and to HIS Truth.
The message of “repent and surrender your life to Jesus” won’t sell many
books or get you on Larry King, but it is the message that is going to save
this nation from experiencing God’s wrath and unleash a spiritual revival
that has never been seen before. The hotels may be removing the Word of God
from their rooms, but they can’t remove God’s Word from the hearts of His

In his love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

die one day. At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

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Satan Is Real And After Your Kids: Mass Effect Video Game Depicting Graphic Fornication And Nudity Marketed To Children

Posted by Job on January 12, 2008

By Evan Moore Correspondent January 11, 2008

( – A new, best-selling video game, Mass Effect,
made for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console, allows the characters to
engage in explicitly graphic sexual intercourse. Some game experts and
pro-family analysts say Mass Effect is marketed to young kids and
presents a moral danger to them and that the companies making and
marketing the game should be prosecuted. The game is “clearly
marketed to minors,” Cathy Ruse, a lawyer and senior fellow for legal
studies at the Family Research Council, told Cybercast News Service. “There
are cultural implications for feeding porn to kids in this way,” and
“when you do this, you’re teaching them a distorted lesson about human
sexuality and human dignity. These are lessons that they will take with
them into adulthood and ultimately society,” Ruse said.Mass Effect is made by BioWare Corp., in Alberta, Canada. The game has a strong, plot-driven storyline reminiscent of the Star Wars films or television shows like Babylon 5. As
part of that story, the playable character can become romantically
involved with a woman, if playing as the default male character; a man,
if playing as a woman; and an alien that looks and talks like a woman,
for any play-through. This storyline culminates in a cutscene in which
the characters copulate in full digital nudity. The game is
rated “M” for mature, as are many video games, and was banned in
Singapore last year, though the decision was later reversed. Mass
Effect has sold over 1.6 million copies since its release in November
2007. The game scored “Best RPG” in the 2007 Spike TV Video Game
Awards, and it has been nominated for Game of the Year

Critics blast

Bob Waliszewki, media specialist with Focus on the Family, told Cybercast News Service,
“We never shy away from sexuality in the media. It’s just a question of
how is that sexuality portrayed. One can use the media to portray some
very healthy forms of sexuality. And when done wisely with taste and
age-appropriateness, it can be done well.” “Unfortunately,” he
said, “Mass Effect doesn’t do that and even goes so far as to allow
homosexuality to be on par with heterosexuality and heterosexuality
outside of its proper context of marriage.” Ruse said, “I don’t
know if people are really aware about what’s in this game, but [the
people who made it] should lose a lot of money, and they should lose
consumer confidence, because this is a stupid move.” She noted
that “when you expose children, whose brains and personalities are
still developing, to degrading and harmful material, you’ve got to
believe that’s going to have an effect on the way that they view
themselves, others, and the world.”

“People try to raise a
straw-man argument and say that people from my perspective are saying
that everyone who views something is going to go out and become a
serial sex killer. Nobody’s saying that,” Ruse said. “But, it is
profoundly naive to suggest that feeding children graphic sexual
material is going to have no effect on their psyche. That’s just stupid
to think that,” she added. Waliszewki noted that numerous
reputable studies from firms like the RAND corporation have emerged
over the past four years that show causal links between exposure to
sexual images, profanity, smoking, and violence to a higher degree of
sexual activity, greater use of profanity, higher smoking rates, as
well as higher aggressive tendencies and violent action. “This
is about money,” Ruse said. “This isn’t about a First Amendment debate.
This is about [BioWare] making as much money as it can. It’s putting
elements in its games which they think will help them sell more games.
They don’t care about what they’re doing to kids.” She
concluded, “This is unethical, and they have a duty to be good
corporate citizens. There’s no First Amendment right to exploit
children … They’re making money at the expense of children in
America, and they ought to be vilified for that.”

The state of the industry

Calls made to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) for comment were not answered by press time. However, a report from the ESA says that the game player population is older and diverse than conventional wisdom would assume.
to the ESA, the average game player is 33 years old and has been
playing games for 12 years. Also, 38 percent of all game players are
women. Women over the age of 18 represent a significantly greater
portion of the game-playing population (31 percent) than boys age 17 or
younger (20 percent). The voice of the video game industry also
says that parents are strongly involved when their children buy or rent
games. Eighty-six percent of game players under the age of 18 reported
that they get their parents’ permission when renting or buying games,
and 91 percent say their parents are present when they buy games. Furthermore,
the ESA reports that the field of choices available to consumers is
very family-friendly. Eighty-five percent of all games sold in 2006
were rated “E” for Everyone, “T” for Teen, or “E10+” for Everyone 10+
by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Cybercast News Service also sought comment from BioWare Corp but did not receive a reply.

Preventing exposure to children

parental involvement is at a high level,” Waliszewki said, the warning
labels provided by the ESRB could deter children from being exposed to
inappropriate material. But he warned that “in many cases, where
parents are less involved and oblivious to the world of entertainment
these days, an ‘M’ rating is almost a badge of endorsement.” “Parents
really just need to be involved in [their children’s] entire
entertainment world,” he said. “There’s just too much gunk out there
for parents to be ‘hands-off.’ They have to be involved. They have to
know … what their kids are into in today’s entertainment.”
noted that “most states have what’s called ‘Harmful to Minors’ laws on
the books that say that selling sexual material that a jury would deem
‘patently offensive to minors, which lacks literary, artistic,
political or scientific value.’ … might be prosecutable.” However,
she also noted that these laws are “very likely not enforced.” Rather
than new laws, “we need state and local prosecutors with spines and
backbones to prosecute some of these companies that are violating the
law” in order to prevent children from being exposed to indecent
material, she said.

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Have You Looked At Pornography In The Past 24 Hours?

Posted by Job on December 22, 2007

Question. Have you looked at pornography in the past 24 hours? How about
in the past 24 minutes? It is NO ACCIDENT you are reading this message
today! God is speaking to you!

If there was ever a guy who belonged in jail, it is Joe Francis, the
infamous founder of the Girls Gone Wild pornographic videos. Sadly, in this
nation they don’t put people in prison for poisoning minds and hearts, but
earlier this year Francis was in jail on contempt of court charges stemming
from a civil lawsuit for using under age girls in his videos, and has
subsequently been indicted for failure to pay over $20 million in taxes. It
couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

The reality is, Francis’ legal problems stem from his ego and pride more
than anything else. He will settle the civil case he was being held on,
settle an incident he had while in jail for being in possession of
contraband (his business partner smuggled in a bottle of water, cash, and
some sleeping pills), and he will write a check to the IRS to clear up his
tax issues. You see, Francis has the money to buy the best lawyers and pay
his way out of these current legal problems. He has made that money by being
a big contributor over the last 10 years to the ever growing porn monster in
this nation with his popular Girls Gone Wild video series.

The Girls Gone Wild video series grosses $40 million a year in sales. FORTY
MILLION! There is virtually no production costs since these videos are
nothing more than a single video camera filming young girls on Spring Break,
in nightclubs, at places like Mardis Gras, exposing their breasts and bodies
for the camera. They pay the girls nothing so the only real costs involved
are tied up in the marketing of these videos to consumers. The ironic thing
is the target audience for this garbage are middle age men, many who have
daughters the age of the girls in the videos.

I’ll never forget 4 years ago I received an email from a man who was
struggling with an addiction to porn. He emailed me that the last straw for
him was sitting down one night to watch a Girls Gone Wild video, when all of
a sudden on the screen…was his daughter! He told me that as he sat there
frozen, seeing his daughter expose her body for the camera, all he could
think about were the tens of thousands of men who would watch that video,
looking at his little girl as nothing more than a sex object. It took that
experience for this man to come under the conviction he needed to take a
stand and fight his addiction to pornography.

Pornography is a problem many men, AND women have battled for a long time.
With the advent of the Internet, it has made accessibility to pornography
incredibly easy, and has now become a very real societal problem. As with
all problems in society, many Christians also end up caught in the traps the
enemy has laid to destroy people’s lives. Let me say up front, DO NOT
underestimate the destructive power of pornography. Like all sin, it starts
almost innocently, but always escalates. One day you are browsing through
X-rated pictures, and the next you are actually involved in a real physical
relationship. One day you are chatting with someone, the next your chat
becomes more graphic, and then you are actually sitting next to them. Like
all sin, there is a seductiveness that eases you into it, and one day you
wake up and you are in total bondage to that sin.

The reason pornography is a sin is because God’s plan for sex is ONLY for
marriage, and with your spouse. Our sexual thoughts are to be only about
that person God gives us to share our life with. ALL other thoughts are
impure. Fantasies take our mind to places they shouldn’t be going. Even if
we never act on them. Jesus said, “If you lust in your heart, you have
already committed the sin.” Is that a high standard? Yes! But God has called
us to live at a high level in our life. We are to live above the low
standards of this world. We are to find our sexual satisfaction in the mate
God gives us to share our life with. That means very simply this. First of
all, if you are NOT married, you need to keep your thoughts pure and save
not only your body, but your MIND for the one God has for your life. If you
are married, your sexual thoughts and activities are to be ONLY with your
husband or wife. Anything else is not God’s plan and is sin.

Now that we know what God expects, let’s talk about real life. There is to
be NO compromise. This is what God expects from us. Now, how do we get to
that point. The best case is you are still young, have not been exposed to
pornography, you have the warning of this message to guard yourself against
it. For those who have been exposed in the past to pornography, the key is
to “renew your mind” and flush it out. We do that each day using the
spiritual detergent of God’s Word. Stay away from porn and guard your
thought life.

Of course, there are those who are currently involved in pornography at some
level. It is bondage. Before you can get victory over it, you have to want
to quit. Once you get to that point, you must realize it is a battle. Like
any battle, to see victory you need a battle plan. You need one or several
people in your life to be accountable to. You need the strength each day
only the Lord can give you. There is victory over pornography just like any
other sin if you really WANT victory.


I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you. I realize
this is hitting home with many of you. Let it be a special tap on the
shoulder from God that NOW is the time to deal with this issue in your life.
It isn’t going to change until you decide to change. As you know, any time
we pervert the original plan of God, things never really work. We always get
cheated out of the best God has for us when we settle for what the world
offers. You can only know the true blessings of God, the fullness of what
life can give, when we are in His will, living life His way.

Please take a moment and pray for Joe Francis. Pray that through all he is
going through in his life right now, he will open his heart to hear God’s
voice speaking to him. He is obviously a very creative and talented young
man. He could use that talent and creativity to do great things for the
Kingdom. Pray that he will open his heart to receive Christ’s love and turn
his heart from this world and destroying people’s lives, to Jesus and help
save lives!

Since this is such an incredible problem so many face, this Friday, I will
be spending several hours praying for those in this bondage to pornography.
God is in the deliverance business, and I know that He can deliver you from
the bondage of pornography. I will be praying for those people fighting this
sin in their life and believing God to touch their heart, bring them under
conviction, and help them to have the courage to take the steps necessary to
walk away from this sin and live a victorious life. He is able, and can set
you free. God is STILL in the deliverance business!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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