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Mormon Mitt Romney Gets EXACTLY What He Wanted From Pat Robertson

Posted by Job on May 6, 2007

See this link Then please see my earlier post where I predicted that this would happen. Did Robertson endorse Romney? No, but as Romney is aiming to be a “centrist” candidate that is merely amenable to “social conservatives”, then he doesn’t want an endorsement from Pat Robertson anyway, especially after the George W. Bush disaster. In other words, Romney is merely seeking to make sure that A) social conservatives don’t turn out to oppose him, B) he will be able to take some of the social conservative vote away from Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Tommy Thompson, and Rick Santorum to make sure that the social conservatives never coalesce around a single candidate in time to make him strong enough to challenge him and Giuliani, and C) there will not be any organized opposition from the Christian right by virtue of either a third party challenge or a “stay at home in protest” in the general election (the way that there was against George H. W. Bush in 1992) should he get the nomination. By calling this deceiver from the false religion that seeks to fill you full of their demons and take you straight to the lake of fire who won’t even talk about what his religion actually believes “a great American” and then allowing him to take the stage and declare that he is running for “commandor in chief and not pastor in chief”, Robertson gave Romney EXACTLY what he was seeking. If this Mormon gets elected President of the United States, it will be because Pat Robertson helped make it possible. Unless he repents of this evil deed, that is something that Christians should NEVER FORGET about Robertson or those like him.


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Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s “Christianity”: The Media Attempts To Run Interference

Posted by Job on May 2, 2007

See this link A three page article that never actually gets around to discussing Obama’s actual beliefs. It only says that Obama “accepts Christian tenets about Christ being ‘the resurrected son of God.” Well, excuse me, but Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses all believe the same! This is more than merely the secularists and liberals at the New York Times not caring about “fundamentalist” religious beliefs. Oh but were this so! No, this is doing their best to cover up the Council on Foreign Relations’ Great Black Muslim Hope (see the “Why I Believe that Barack Obama will be President” series here, here, and here, as well as more media tricks for him here, and here for a great examplel why Obama will be so useful to them.)

And of course, the article mentions how Rick Warren gave this fellow a podium at his “church” Saddleback, which helps insulate Obama from talking about his actual beliefs. See how Council On Foreign Relations types look out for each other (yes, Warren is a member). If this guy goes on to become President, it will be because of Christians allowing this fellow to avoid talking about his actual beliefs. It is an excellent diversion to talk about whether his church is racist (yawn) or separatist (who cares?) rather than whether it is an actual Christian church (it isn’t, and if it was Council On Foreign Relations protege and New Age preacher Oprah Winfrey wouldn’t be members of it, and neither would all those homosexuals be in it). As a matter of fact, “conservatives” like Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh who choose to talk about the church’s racial views rather than their Christian ones are actually playing into Obama’s hands, by distracting the argument away from Christianity and by making Obama look like the victim. Almost makes you think that they are all on the same side, doesn’t it? After all, Limbaugh HAS to know that George Bush, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, John Kerry, etc. are all in the same little clubs: Council on Foreign Relations, Skulls and Bones, etc. As a matter of fact, ALL of these conservative and liberal leaders have to know. So, are they all in on it? If so, are you being deceived?

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Jamal – Harrison Bryant And Steve Munsey Moneychanging Together For TBN?

Posted by Job on April 14, 2007

Update: Please check out this link and this link on the demonic roots of the denominations of TD Jakes, Juanita Bryant, and all others who deny God’s Tri – Unity and Matthew 28:19.

It is true, it is true. I actually watched Jamal – Harrison Bryant on his grand TBN debut when he triumphantly declared that it was a historic moment: the first time an African Methodist Episcopal Church was featured on TBN, which to me represented a historic opportunity for TBN to expand its reach into black audiences and mainstream denominations of all races who currently feel put – off by the evangelical movement because of its conservative politics, which at the time I felt was A GOOD THING (I, er, feel othewise now). Now prior to this I had known about him because he was being given a huge push on The Word Network; his own show plus a bunch of specials. Yet though I loyally watched The Word Network at the time (TD Jakes, Fred Price, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, etc. big supporters and defenders of them all I was until TBN ruined it all for me by introducing me to the term “Oneness Pentecostal” in an Azusa Street commemorational book they sent me; not that all of these people are anti – Trinitarian heretics, but that was the beginning of my eyes being opened) I just could not watch his show. Something about him; I cannot put my finger on it. Further, there was the fact that he named his church “Empowerment Temple.” Now as one who spent years in the grips of fever swamps of “black radical racism hate and kill all whites Jews Christians Asians” (yep, I went straight from “holiness or hell” to the fake hip/hop black power movement) and was new in Christ, I just couldn’t deal with mixing that terminology with Christ. Now I know that Jamal – Harrison Bryant SAYS that he MEANS spiritual empowerment, and he also means financial empowerment through the prosperity doctrine that he preaches (which at the time I also was an adherent to) and THAT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HELPING YOUR OWN KIND WHEN YOUR OWN KIND IS DISPROPORTIONATELY POOR AND PLAGUED WITH ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS, but on the other hand, WHY ALL THE TIES WITH POWERFUL INFLUENTIAL CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS, PASTOR BRYANT? It just seemed to be some weird mix of prosperity doctrine and liberation theology, Creflo Dollar crossed with Al Sharpton, and all under the auspices of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. So, I just couldn’t deal with it.

BUT, I was REALLY EXCITED to watch their TBN praise special. Tye Tribbett, of whom I am a huge fan, was on it. So was Deion Sanders. Fortunately, most of the Praise special was Tye Tribbett performing and Deion Sanders doing his thing (Sanders went from TD Jakes to Harrison Bryant, so obviously LITTLE THINGS LIKE TRINITY do not mean anything to him or his preacher wife … I remember her cry – a – thon with Paula White, DeLeon Richards, and a third black female preacher on ANOTHER TBN Praise edition), so I did not have to deal with the whatever it is that sets me so ill at ease about Harrison Bryant for very long. Now I know that Harrison Bryant is the son of a very influential preacher. Still, the guy literally comes out of nowhere, gets a head pastor position at a church on prime real estate in very pricey (and strategically located) Baltimore (professional athletes and other well – to – do and influential folks are members of his congregation), gets himself on The Word Network (who I repeat promotes him HEAVILY), and moves into the TBN inner circle all within a few years. Now  has him beat in terms of fast – rising, but even Cummings had a huge profile, first as a high – ranking member of the Nation of Islam and then as someone who traveled overseas deceiving to THOUSANDS of Muslims by claiming that they can use the Koran to become Christians before landing his church and TBN slot. So I put Harrison Bryant and Cummings both into my “fast risers” category: watch out for these people. Take a particular interest in who is REALLY backing them with money and connections.

I have an interesting scenario. You know someone else who attends an “Empowerment Temple”? Why the Council On Foreign Relations’ Great Muslim Hope BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (see my three part series on why I think that he will be president here, here, and here)! See, a lot of folks are unaware that these “liberation theology churches” are about politics and economics and not Yeshua HaMashiach (and get offended if you try to tell them otherwise, as I found out the first day that I imported this weblog to WordPress). Folks like Harrison Bryant are only adding to the spiritual deception in this matter, and TBN is helping, BIG TIME. So, thanks to TBN, folks are going to think that there is no difference between HUSSEIN Obama’s church (which also includes New Age witch Oprah Winfrey, who is also a Council On Foreign Relations worker AND a Word of Faith/prosperity teacher after the Jakes/Kenneth Copeland/Creflo Dollar/Ken Hagin/Rod Parsley manner except of a New Age bent) and Bryant’s “Empowerment Temple.” They will see it as, you know, “a black thing.” Now again, consider my earlier statement: Harrison Bryant has major backing in the civil rights movement; a former NATIONAL youth leader for the NAACP. What if, say, undercover Muslim Brotherhood member (again, just TOTALLY UNFOUNDED SPECULATION ON MY PART, DO NOT REPEAT IT OR EVEN FOR THAT MATTER BELIEVE IT FOR I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE) Barack HUSSEIN Obama were to take a swing by Jamal – Harrison Bryant’s “Empowerment Temple” while the TBN national and global viewing audience is watching. Of course, doing so won’t help Obama with the whole “not black enough” charge. But big deal, he will pick up so much support (or better yet lack of opposition) from white evangelicals and fundamentalists through his association with the TBN “in – crowd” through Bryant that it won’t matter. Which, of course, is exactly what the Council On Foreign Relations wants anyway. The Council On Foreign Relations doesn’t want race leaders or any other marginal or divisive sort, but rather “moderates” with “broad appeal.” You know, like Rick Warren, Tom Brokaw, and the aforementioned Oprah Winfrey and TD Jakes; people who are either members of CFR or work closely with them like Warren, Brokaw, Winfrey, Jakes, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and HUSSEIN Obama. Now sure, bombthrower Newt Gingrich is part of that group, but what did he do? Bring the conservative movement into agreement with the CFR agenda in matters like free trade and globalism in a way that an outsider to the conservative movement never could have. For all the barking against NATO and the UN that Newt Gingrich did during the six years that he was speaker of the House, not once did he actually cut funding to either when he had the power to do it all that time, remember? And now Gingrich is going along with the CFR – approved method for dealing with global warming, and even hanging out with George W. Bush’s Skulls and Crossbones buddy John Kerry. Now I have not been able to tie the Crouch family to the Council On Foreign Relations (just the heretic Sun Myung Moon, and see this also for another witness, and here for a third) but I will keep looking.

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Bob Novak Ignores Muslim Terrorism To Blame Israel Over Palestinian Christians

Posted by Job on April 11, 2007

Shows that Novak cares much less about Palestinian Christian persecution (or Christians anywhere for that matter) than he does about bashing Israel.

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Was Monica Goodling Taken Advantage Of By Pat Robertson and George Bush?

Posted by Job on April 11, 2007

Let us consider some things on the Monica Goodling matter.

1) George W. Bush gets elected President thanks in no small part to the machinations of Pat Robertson in the South Carolina 2000 primary. Note that Robertson went full bore for Bush despite A) Bush’s abject refusal to commit to overturning Roe v. Wade B) Bush’s absence of support for Israel C) Bush’s tendency to spend big and expand government D) Bush’s preference for the multinational conglomerates over American companies and workers E) Bush’s liberal views on homosexuality F) Bush’s liberal views on immigration G) the more conservative Steve Forbes in the race. (Some allege that Robertson supported Bush because of the billionaire – that’s right, Robertson is a billionaire, was born to a wealthy family, and is a Yale graduate like Bush – Robertson has heavy interests in oil refining  – Robertson caused me, a former asthma sufferer, great offense when he demanded that the EPA requirements forcing him to use ethanol instead of that poison MBTE in gasoline be lifted when I was watching his 700 Club – and has other international business interests  – including diamond trading, causing him to be an apologist for Liberia’s genocidal ruler Charles Taylor –  preferring the corporate welfare/alter regulations to help big business Bush over the more free – market oriented Forbes.)

2. One of Bush’s appointments during his first term was Kay Cole James to the director of the Office Of Personnel Management (the top human resources job in federal government), who at the time was a Robertson employee but had a history of jobs in the Reagan and Bush administrations and with the Heritage Foundation and similar. (ExxonMobil is a major contributor to the Heritage Foundation). James hires 150 Regent University Law School graduates to the Department of Justice, including Goodling. Now personally, I say that this is a GOOD THING. The people who are acting AGHAST at this are merely angry that Bible – believing Christians are working in government. The very same people who are shrieking “qualifications” forget that Bill Clinton fired virtually every single White House staffer and replaced them with college kids when he came into office; he later claimed that it was to save money, but it was obviously to remove as much of the Reagan – Bush influence as he could and replace them with people that he could intimidate, take advantage of, and mislead (excuse me, trust).

3. Now while I am actually GLAD that Regent University graduates are in government (and would love it if Liberty, Oral Roberts, Wheaton, Bob Jones, etc. students would join them), we have to consider the real possibility that Bush, Robertson, Ashcroft, Gonzales, and Cole James put them in places where they could be intimidated, taken advantage of, and misled precisely for that purpose. Now of course, despite what the anti – Christ media would have you believe, the mere presence of such people in these positions is nothing unusual: Republicans regularly hire them in place of the products of the Marxist elite universities in hopes of getting someone whose views will represent the other 95% of the population. But the more you read about the Goodling case, it honestly appears that she was tricked and pressured into doing things that A) were not in her own best interests and B) possibly illegal on orders from people that she trusted, and that she was placed in that position precisely so that she could be used in that reason.

Again, this is nothing exceptional whatsoever. The anti – Christ media would have you believe that Monica Goodling’s behavior can be blamed on A) Christian law schools having their students playing vacation Bible school trivia during legal ethics classes and B) Christians will do whatever their pastors tell them without question. Please remember that one of the most disgusting things about the Clinton administration was the endless string of people willing to fall on the sword for Clinton by losing their jobs, going to jail, etc. As a matter of fact, if one buys the whole notion that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was actually as it appeared on its face rather than a plot by Gingrich and Clinton to distract the nation while they pursued the Council on Foreign Relations (to which they both belong) agenda behind the scenes, then the only reason why Clinton was ever nailed on THAT charge was because Kenneth Starr finally found one person, Vernon Jordan, with enough sense not to buy Clinton’s “it’s about the movement!” nonsense and go to jail for him (word had it that Clinton tried mightily, and was very angry at Jordan for not doing so). This happened with non – Christians under Clinton, Reagan, Bush I, Carter, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Truman, Roosevelt, etc., it happens in big business, it is just a fact of power and privilege that the powerful and privileged will surround themselves with people who are so devoted to them that they will break the law for them, and will take the punishment for their bosses when their bosses break the law.

The problem here is that CHRISTIANS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DIFFERENT. AND CHRISTIAN INSTITUTIONS ARE SUPPOSED TO INSTILL A SPIRITUAL AND MORAL CHARACTER IN THEIR STUDENTS TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY WILL BE DIFFERENT. Now of course, Monica Goodling does not represent Regent University and all of its fine graduates, no matter how much the anti – Christ media and the others who have rejected the Bible would like you to believe. But you must realize that this nonsense happens far too often in CHURCHES with the scandals, coverups, circle – the – wagons, etc. for us to ignore. And just as Clinton supporters remained in his camp despite the scandals and the Bush fans have done the same, a great many church people rarely abandon their corrupt preachers and administrators, or if they do it is for worldly reasons (i.e. people embarrassed by Ted Haggard, not that they left because of his bizarre behavior beforehand) and not spiritual ones. This is proof that in many cases and respects, the church system is just another worldly institution like government, business, and everything else. Any wonder why churches will fall under control of the beast (the anti – Christ) during the great tribulation along with governmental and economic systems?

So this brings us back to Bush, Robertson, Cole James, and Goodling. Now if you watch the 700 Club and similar, you will see Robertson and everyone else talk about how great it is to have “an openly professing Bible – believing Christian like Bush in the White House”. It is reasonable to assume that Goodling was familiar of Robertson’s vigorous endorsements of the fellow since she used to work for Robertson. It is also reasonable to assume that such endorsements carried weight with her since she sought out his university to attend. So, if she did in fact commit what she is accused of, how much did the statements of a man that this woman regard as a pastor influence her thinking that her employers, the Bush administration, could and should be trusted? I wonder if this woman would have acted in this manner had Robertson made the obligatory “well, he may be a Christian, but he is also a politician and is also just a man, so you know when people get that type of power you never know …”. Then again, were he to say that about Bush, I guess he would have to say that about HIMSELF, right?

This is just another example of how Christians should always put their faith and trust not in man but in God, and to always do what is right. Whatever God we get, we are to advance God’s agenda and not our own. That way, if we do get fired and or thrown into prison, we A) will not have to take the Fifth Amendment and more importantly B) our tribulation will be in service to the Will of God, and not over some partisan political nonsense over voter fraud. Look, I generally (make that almost exclusively) vote Republican myself, but if this is how these people are going to act, then JUST MAYBE the voters in a generally Republican – leaning state like New Mexico knew what they were doing when they went to the other side, and it JUST MIGHT have been God’s Will for things to turn out the way that they did. Unfortunately, it does not appear that there was anyone around to tell Monica Goodling that when it counted. Ultimately, Goodling herself is to blame, but us country folks do have this phrase called “fattening frogs for snakes”, and if Robertson and Regent University allow these kids to think that they can trust the Bush administration or any other political/big business outfit, then that is EXACTLY what they did. The lesson, Bible – believing Christians, is that if YOU are in one of these situations, whether you are in the secular arena or the church one (ESPECIALLY in the church one), make sure that you do what GOD commands you to do (if you are unsure or confused what God expects of you, THE BIBLE is a very big book that covers every topic and issue and can always be trusted), and not what any man tells you to, no matter if he claims to be a man of God, or if someone whom you regard to be a man of God endorses him as so. At the very minimum, you have to ask yourself: if this man is a man of God, why is he asking me to oppose the Bible in this matter? Or you could look at it this way: if I stand against this man and for the Bible in this matter, maybe he will see the error of his ways and repent, change! At the very least, you will not be found in a situation where you are guilty of doing something that God would not want you to, which sadly does by all appearances (i.e. her taking the Fifth Amendment to avoid incriminating herself and statements claiming that she suborned perjury) she did in fact do. 

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Apparently Steny Hoyer DID Meet With The Muslim Brotherhood

Posted by Job on April 10, 2007

Follow this link. This is the earlier reference. The question is: why? What is there to gain by meeting with such a group? And does the mainstream media care?  Then again, I guess they do. Is the Bush White House and the Republicans all over this? Maybe Nancy Pelosi’s going to Syria was a distraction ploy? Technorati Tag:

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The Monica Goodling Scandal: Maybe The Bush Administration Isn’t So Bad After All

Posted by Job on April 9, 2007

Then again, maybe not. I have made my many grievances with Pat Robertson, George W. Bush, and the religious right clear on this weblog, but I for one am very happy (for now) that Christians from Regent University as opposed to humanists from Yale, Harvard, or wherever, are working for the Justice Department. Of course, the forces of anti – Christ are using this as an example of why workplaces can and should discriminate against Bible – believing Christians who put their faith first in everything they do. Well, as I have said before, maybe a little persecution is all we need to wake up Christendom in America. I just have one minor question for Pat Robertson and Regent University (other than inviting Mitt Romney, the great hope for the false religion that wants to fill you to the brim with demons and take you to the lake of fire for eternity, to your campus for the coveted commencement speaker spot that SHOULD be going to Duncan Hunter or Mike Huckabee or Tommy Thompson): what on earth are you doing accepting donations from the Coors family? As in, the family that has made a fortune selling BEER? Hmmm …

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The New York Times Exposes The Lies Of Mitt Romney And The Mormon Church!

Posted by Job on April 9, 2007

See link here. Oh, and for you Pat Robertson fans, check out this line: IN May, Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and 2008 Republican presidential hopeful, will give the commencement address at Pat Robertson’s Regent University. What better opportunity for Mr. Romney to discuss the issue of his Mormon faith before an audience of evangelicals?” The hilarious thing is that while trying to DEFEND this apostasy, they do a better job of explaining how spiritually dangerous this cult is than I have. As a matter of fact, they do such a good job of pointing out the Mormon heresies in trying to defend them, that I do not even need to comment on the article. Of course, I do say this, though. All of you Mormons who have been claiming that I have been lying on your church and misrepresenting your beliefs: please direct those same claims to the New York Times. Tell them how their claiming that “salvation” to a Mormon means admittance to a celestial kingdom where a married couple can become gods themselves, or that the Heavenly Father is married to a Heavenly Mother. And check this out: “Thus, when Mr. Romney told South Carolina Republicans a few months ago that Jesus was his “personal savior,” he used Southern Baptist language to affirm a relationship to Christ that is quite different in Mormon belief. (For Southern Baptists, “personal savior” implies a specific born-again experience that is not required or expected of Mormons.) “ Ha ha! More good stuff: “Moreover, Mormons are perceived to be unusually secretive. Temple ceremonies — even weddings — are closed to non-Mormons, and church members are told not to disclose what goes on inside them. ” Gee, I wonder why?

This is very nice too: “Finally, there is the question of authority in the Church of Latter-day Saints, and of what obligations an office holder like Mr. Romney must discharge. Like the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church has a hierarchical structure in which ultimate authority is vested in one man. But unlike the pope, the church’s president is also regarded as God’s own “prophet” and “revelator.” Every sitting prophet is free to proclaim new revelations as God sees fit to send them — a form of divine direction that Mormon missionaries play as a trump card against competing faiths.” (It also helps you to ditch the polygamy thing JUST IN TIME for Utah statehood to be approved).

Now of course, the New York Times has an agenda here. They are VERY CONCERNED with all the money that Romney has raised, and think that he is a threat to cross – dressing late – term marriage supporting marriage – desecrating Rudy Giuliani. So, this column was both designed to A) sink Rudy Giuliani’s chances and B) attack true Christianity by demanding that Christians “accept his beliefs.” The worst scenario for the Times is that Romney gets elected, which would A) be a huge stick in the eye to Bible – believing Christians and B) Bible – believing Christians would be discredited and their very powerful political and social structures would split apart over some people – like Robertson – supporting a heretic. So, the Times figures that they cannot lose. What they do not realize is that they are giving still more evidence to people like me that Mormonism should not be tolerated but rather opposed, and that the true people of God when they stay faithful to His Word never fail, but rather always succeed, and it is only those who oppose God who will fail, in this world and in the next.

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Did Steny Hoyer Meet With The Muslim Brotherhood?

Posted by Job on April 8, 2007

See link here. He says that he didn’t (of course). But if he did, then it means that this Muslim Brotherhood thing goes deeper than previously thought. Of course, the influence of Saudi Arabia (note the “our friends the Saudis” feature on Little Green Footballs, and’s Best of The Web has a similar feature, and there is more here, here, and here) on our politics and economy is HUGE, not the either party or the media ever talks about it. Father YHVH in the Name of Jesus Christ, please open up the eyes of your people to this anti – Christ deception that is being done against them by so many of our political and corporate leaders. May they realize the truth and it cause those who are not saved to turn to You through Your Son, and those who are saved to start going into spiritual warfare against the forces of the enemy. By the Blood of Jesus Christ, amen.

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The Muslim Brotherhood Is Gearing Up Its United States Operations!

Posted by Job on April 5, 2007

See link here. I still claim that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is with these guys, but cannot prove it. Hey Christians, would you support a Muslim candidate for president if he was “right on all the issues” and “a strong leader.”? Hmmm …

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Jews Against Jesus III: Jews Attacking John Hagee Because He Hasn’t COMPLETELY Rejected The Bible

Posted by Job on April 1, 2007

See link here. Please pay attention to the first two entries here and here as well, in addition to another on how they are trying to “steer Christianity” in America and elsewhere. It is clear that the only way that you can get the support of these folks IS IF YOU TOTALLY ABANDON THE BIBLE. Do not be deceived, Christians. These folks will pretend to dance with you initially, but the closer your “relationship”, “friendship”, and “trust” goes over time, the more they will convince you to SLOWLY abandon the Bible over time. It is time to come out and get real about this issue folks, and to cast aside all political correctness and sensitivities: this is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE. What does the BIBLE say about ALL who deny the resurrection, the deity of Yeshua HaMashiach, and the Tri – Unity of God? THEY HAVE THE SPIRIT OF ANTI – CHRIST. The spirit of anti – Christ IS A DEMON. SO IF JEWS DENY YESHUA HAMASHIACH, THEY HAVE THE DEMON OF ANTI – CHRIST IN THEM! Look, I know that this is a historical anti – Semitic charge, BUT IT IS STILL TRUE NONETHELESS! And the truth of this statement is PRECISELY THE REASON WHY WE SHOULD NOT FOLLOW AFTER HAGEE BY REFUSING TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO JEWS, BUT IS RATHER WHY WE SHOULD PREACH TO THEM AS WE WOULD EVERYONE ELSE!

Listen, what does the Bible say about evil spirits? Resist the devil and he will flee from you. THE BIBLE SPECIFICALLY WARNS AGAINST ENTERTAINING ANY OTHER SPIRITS. Case in point: look at TBN. Back in 1999, TBN opened the door to anti – Christ by allowing anti – Trinitarian heretics on the air because they wanted to chase the money – and fanatical devotion – that this cult attracts by virtue of TD Jakes and others. So whereas before the “Jesus Only” movement was a marginal diversion from charismatic Pentecostalism (who kicked the heretics out), THANKS TO TBN THEY ARE MAINSTREAM ALL OVER THE WORLD, IN NO SMALL PART BECAUSE WHEN THEY ARE IN PUBLIC THEY DO THEIR BEST TO HIDE THE FACT THAT THEY OPPOSE TRINITY (see TD Jakes’ LIES on this topic analyzed here, an even stronger one here, and how other famous TBN Word of Faith televangelists blaspheme Trinity). Once that door was opened, they allowed undercover Muslim to get a show on the network claiming that the Koran is a legitimate revelation inspired by God! And THERE HAVE EVEN BEEN MORMONS ON TBN (THEIR OWN WEBSITE BRAGS ABOUT IT HERE!) AND WORD IS (told to me by a person who used to work for a Christian broadcaster, is still active in ministry, and knows all the “inside stuff” but it is a private conversation so I cannot reveal his name) THAT TBN IS ACCEPTING LOTS OF MONEY FROM MORMONS (and from Sung Moon)! So expect to see them on TBN more and more often soon; it is only a matter of time before Mitt Romney is on there to “spiritually baptize dead Jews” in order to please the Word of Faith “Christian Zionists”!

Look, the rabbis and political leaders that John Hagee, Pat Robertson, and these other Christian Zionists are dealing with are VERY POWERFUL IN THE POLITICAL, SECULAR, ACADEMIC, MEDIA, AND RELIGIOUS SPHERES. To understand the significance of that, PLEASE SEE Ephesians 6:11-13! It is there for a reason, AND IT MEANS THINGS! If you entertain those with the spirit of anti – Christ rather than resisting the spirit of anti – Christ with the gospel, the spirit of prophecy, and the power of testimony, THE SPIRIT OF ANTI – CHRIST WILL SEDUCE, OPPRESS, AND EVENTUALLY OVERCOME YOU! Come on Christians, wake up. Take a look at these mainline denominations. They didn’t just up and decide that they didn’t believe in the Bible anymore one day. It was a long process that took CENTURIES of their abiding blasphemers, heretics, and apostates in their ranks, and eventually the spirits of anti – Christ, heresy, and blasphemy took over these whole denominations save a few remnant. As a matter of fact, even the notorious World Council of Churches was once a legitimate Christian body, now some of their LEADERS claim that anyone who believes in a literal virgin birth is uneducated and dangerous (though they use nice soothing interfaith ecumenical dialogue when saying so).

And we can start being honest about John Hagee, ok? He was once a straight Bible preacher who began to realize how much money he could make by focusing on prophecy. And now he realizes how much money he can raise – tax free – by being Israel’s #1 defender in the Christian community, and by creating a tax free nonprofit organization (Christians United For Israel) around it. How interesting that Hagee himself openly proclaims that Christians United For Israel is modeled after AIPAC, an organization by, for, and centered around the rejection of Christ that works tirelessly to cause others to reject Christ and to discredit those who have not! And with this money comes – you guessed it – POWER. Hagee now has the ear of President Bush, a great many political leaders in Israel, and political and religious leaders in both countries, AND BOLDLY SPEAKS OF THAT FACT! Thanks to the money, support, and prayers of many fundamentalist and evangelical Christians and of Jews who have been deceived from the true path a second time by following a “Christian” who withholds the gospel from them after rejecting it the first time by rejecting the gospel itself, Hagee now has real clout, and it is only going to increase as he gets more sophisticated in the public eye and stops being the fundamentalist from San Antonio who talks about Armaggeddon and starts speaking the language that folks in Washington D.C., New York, London, Jerusalem, China, Saudi Arabia, etc. can abide. And I am certain that the Council on Foreign Relations will be right there to give him any help that he needs.

Has God cast aside His people? God forbid! But they cast aside HIM when they rejected Him when He came to them in the flesh, and they reject Him again when they reject all who preach the gospel of He who came in the flesh in the Name of He who came in the flesh. Christians, if you cease promoting and defending the faith in order to follow after these Christian Zionists, you will wind up casting aside your faith and your God with it too! By dealing with the spirit of anti – Christ by accepting the Jewish demand to alter and not preach the gospel, the very man who preaches against the anti – Christ (actually the beast) is actually helping set the stage for him. In that respects, how different is he REALLY than the Iranian president ? And if he is no different, if you are not following Christ, how are YOU any different? Let me clue you in: you aren’t, so please fix that fact now! Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please open the eyes of your children to the spiritual deception and wickedness that is moving through among so many people who call themselves fundamentalist and Bible believing Christians, doors opened because people will not reject money, power, and worldliness. May they stand against all enemies and seek all goals by obeying the Bible and preaching and adhering to the gospel, and reject any and all who try to restrain them from it. And may all Christians know that any attempts to deal with Jews that includes withholding the gospel from them will only result in the destruction of Jewish life in this world AND in the next. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, amen.

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China Has America’s Number, And Neither Political Party Is Doing Anything About It

Posted by Job on March 22, 2007

See link here. Yes, the source, the John Birch Society, is regrettable, but it was THEIR PRESENTATION on C – SPAN that years ago told me about how the Republicans, Democrats, and the media were all dancing to the beat of the Council on Foreign Relations. It is interesting how all of these “religious right” leaders have been absolutely nowhere in pushing Bush to take a hard line against China. Quite the contrary, the major religious broadcasters like TBN (Paul and Jan Crouch and family) and CBN (Pat Robertson) have lined up to sign broadcasting deals with the Chinese government, and are always very complimentary! Pat Robertson even claimed in a letter that God was dealing with the Chinese before He dealt with the Jews! It is all about the money, and it is all about placing global control of money, politics, economics, and religion under one entity; the beast (or the anti – Christ). So if China using the technology that we sell them (or allowed them to steal with no resistance) to send our society back to the stone ages by knocking out our satellites gets America to consent to global government, well then you have to break eggs to make omelettes don’t you? You had best get yourself a close and personal relationship with Yeshua HaMashiach to make sure that even if your earthly eggs are broken, the real you, your spirit, will be forever with God!

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Jay Sekulow And Ann Coulter Embrace Mormon Mitt Romney And Blaspheme Christ!

Posted by Job on March 21, 2007

Another great link from Independent Conservative. I have spoken of how a caller to Jay Sekulow’s own show exposed the guy as a fraud on the abortion issue (when the caller became frustrated to the point of tears at Sekulow’s explaining why he and the rest of the “pro lifers” refused to do anything that would, you know, actually oppose abortion in favor of sham “issues” like the “partial birth abortion” bill that is ILLEGAL and WILL NOT PREVENT ANY ABORTIONS) and everything else. And I have not dealt with >, on this weblog in the past because, hey even I have standards! But hey, this is yet another example of how the “Christian” right is selling their soul in order to keep their hands on money and power. I predicted that this Romney campaign was going to separate the wheat from the tares on the religious right, and it is interesting that one of the people that BEFORE NOW I actually liked LEAST on the religious right, James Dobson, has stood strong against the religion that will fill you with demons and take you to an eternity in the lake of fire, while some of the people that I liked MOST on the religious right, Pat Robertson, have gone all wobbly. How many more “Christian right” figures have to sell out their religions over the pursuit of money and power will it take before true Christians stop following after them?

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