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Muslims Intimidated Church Into Holding Arafat Memorial

Posted by Job on November 15, 2007

JERUSALEM – Intimidation by members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party forced a Catholic church in Gaza to hold a memorial service yesterday for the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat, according to sources in Gaza’s Christian leadership.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity out of fear for their safety, said Catholics now fears retaliation from Hamas, Fatah’s rival, after holding yesterday’s ceremony commemorating the third anniversary of Arafat’s death.

“The church was obliged to hold the event for Arafat after Christian leaders participated in a Hamas event 10 days ago,” said a Christian source close to the church. “Now we fear Christians may be casualties of the escalating violence. We may be caught in the crosshairs, and we’re afraid of retaliation.”

The Arafat memorial was held at Gaza City’s Holy Family Church. Manuel Musallam, the parish’s priest was quoted by participants calling Arafat’s death “a great loss for the Palestinian people.”

“Arafat was a great and very courageous leader,” stated Musallam, according to memorial participants speaking to WND. “We miss this great person who was the first to bring hopes of freedom and independence to the Palestinians. We call on the Palestinian leadership to follow Arafat’s road to end the suffering of Palestinian people.”

The church event was part of larger, three-day memorial services held throughout the Gaza Strip and West Bank, with events in Gaza setting off the worst factional clashes between Fatah and Hamas in months.

Hamas gunmen Monday reportedly opened fire at a massive Fatah rally in Gaza that had over 250,000 participants in the largest show of Fatah strength in Gaza since Hamas took over the territory in June. Seven Palestinians – all reportedly Fatah supporters – were killed in the clashes, according to news reports. Some 85 more were wounded in the violence, three of whom are said to be in serious condition.

The church memorial was the second time in recent days Christian leaders in the Gaza Strip said they were intimidated into showing support for the Palestinian leadership.

Earlier this month, WND reported Christian leaders in the Gaza Strip were intimidated into attending and expressing support for a speech in which the territory’s Hamas leader urged the worldwide spread of Islam, according to sources in Gaza’s Christian community.

Artinious Alexious, priest of Gaza’s Greek Orthodox Church, and Emanuel Salum, a Catholic leader in Gaza, were at a major speech 10 days ago by Ismail Haniyeh, leader of the Hamas government in Gaza and deposed prime minister of the previously Hamas-run Palestinian Authority.

Also present were hundreds of gunmen, including members of a group, Jihadia Salafiya, suspected of carrying out anti-Christian attacks in Gaza such as the lobbing of grenades last September at Alexious’ church.

Hamas banned most international media from covering the event, only allowing entry to journalists accredited by the terror group.

A major theme of Haniyeh’s speech was the spread of Islamic values throughout the world, according to reporters in attendance.

The reporters present said at one point during his speech, Haniyeh spoke about the “excellent” situation for Christians living under Hamas rule in Gaza.

He pointed to the two Christian leaders in attendance, at which point to two raised their hands and nodded in agreement, witnesses told WND.

According to sources in Gaza’s Christian community speaking on condition of anonymity, Alexious and Salum were intimidated into attending the Hamas speech. The sources said in the weeks prior to the event, Haniyeh’s office repeatedly called the Christian leaders to request they free their schedules to assist the Hamas rally.

“The priests thought it was a diplomatic way to threaten them and put pressure on them,” said one source.

“After discussions within the Christian community leadership it was decided it would be dangerous not to assist in the meeting even though it would be very strange to see priests assisting in a meeting about the spread of Islam,” the source said.

Hamas in June seized complete control of the Gaza Strip from Fatah amid widespread fears it would impose hard-line Islamic rule in the territory and that life for Christians might deteriorate.

About 3,000 Christians live in the Gaza Strip, which has a population of over 1 million.

There have been a slew of recent alleged anti-Christian attacks in Gaza, including the murder last month of a Christian bookstore owner whose beaten, bullet-ridden body was found after his shop repeatedly had been targeted by Islamists. Rami Ayyad, who managed the only Christian bookstore in Gaza, also had been threatened a number of times by local Islamist groups.


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Pat Robertson FALSELY Calls Christian Persecution Our Greatest Threat!

Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

See this link:

As usual, Robertson has it all wrong. The Bible says for us to pay no heed to those that persecute us; indeed to pray for them that spitefully misuse us (see Also, Acts 5:40-41 shows us that the early church thanked God for their persecution! Jesus Christ said that if He was maltreated, should not we be so? Is the servant (us) greater than the master (Christ)? Facing persecution is evidence that we are actually serving God! The person who suffers persecution in God’s Name should thank God for it. The person who is suffering no persecution (or is suffering as a result not of God’s actions but his own) is the one that should seek God urgently, not for persecution, but so that such a person would have a relationship with God and learn how to obey Him, not for the persecution’s sake, but for God’s sake.

I talk about persecution on this weblog not for the “woe is us woe is us!” factor, but rather to show Christians what real Christianity is, and what real Christianity should be girding themselves up to expect both in this time and in the time of great sorrows to come. Now though I am a post – tribulationist and this is not to be taken as a direct criticism of pre – tribulationism itself, it is false teachers like Robertson in their pretending that Christian persecution is in any way exceptional – rather than something that is to be expected by the people of God living in a world that hates and has rejected God – that create the false image that Christians will be taken out of this world in the rapture before anything bad really happens to us.  So, in this respects, the notion of “God is going to come get us before anything really bad starts happening to us” is not the false doctrine of pre – tribulationism per se, because even the time leading up to and immediately preceding the seven official years of the great tribulation is supposed to be mighty terrible for Christians and everyone else, and Jesus Christ says this in Matthew 24 (which incidentally also makes it obvious that pre – tribulationism is false, see Correlating Don Imus, Christians, Blacks, Women, And The Rapture). But this notion that God has this obligation to save us before we Christians – especially the ones in the west that are used to freedom, wealth, and the pleasures and cares of the world – have to so much as get a hangnail is precisely the source of a lot of this false “Christian Zionism” doctrine preached by the likes of Robertson, John Hagee, and so many leading televangelists.

So unlike some people that take a much stronger view against pre – tribulation as in Mike Ratliff’s article What is the Great Delusion?, claiming that it is the problem itself, I take the view that it is people like Robertson that weave pre – tribulationism into the larger overall context of false doctrines that is the problem. And few are better at this than Robertson, who as usual, is playing on the fears and emotions of Christians.

So no, Christians, our greatest threat does NOT come from those that hate and persecute us, and that includes even the anti – Christ, the beast, the man of sin whom your tribulation doctrine denies that Christians will have to face. Instead, our greatest threat is INTERNAL, coming from those who traffic in false doctrines to serve the false god of mammon (money and power) like the billionaire Robertson (who has his malleable appointees all over the Bush administration Was Monica Goodling Taken Advantage Of By Pat Robertson and George Bush?) and Hagee, who is making a direct play for Robertson’s money and power (and see The Rapture Cult – Its Power, Influence and Secret agenda, though I do not endorse everything in it).

But do not let these false preachers scare you. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior follow the The Three Step Salvation Plan. If you have, then follow true Bible – based Christianity so that you will not be vulnerable to the deceptions of false preachers and teachers.

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Pat Robertson Promoting The Chinese Government

Posted by Job on August 13, 2007

A few years back, Pat Robertson endorsed the Chinese policy of forced abortions. Just last year, Robertson spoke of how gracious the Chinese were for allowing CBN access to their airwaves, and actually claimed that God was dealing directly with the Chinese before He did so with the people of Abraham. Now, here is this article, where Robertson claims that revival is happening in China. Realize that China is doing all they can to keep the horrible crimes committed by their godless regime – including but not limited to its shameful persecution of Christians – out of the public eye while they use the Olympics as a Potemkin commercial for their godless statism. So, you had Rick Warren carrying water for Syria and North Korea, now Pat Robertson is doing the same for China. Further, Robertson supports the Bush administration DESPITE Bush’s dedicated support of China. Then again, since billionaire Pat Robertson has myriad business ventures overseas, it might be because of it. Please see this atrocious link.

Seven days a week, the machines at the Nanjing Amity Printing Company churn out copies of what some claim is one of China’s best-selling books – the Bible. Forty-three million Bibles have been printed legally in Communist China since 1987. Once a banned book, today some 3 million copies are printed and distributed each year across the country.

And this year, Chinese Christian leaders are hoping to print a special edition of the Bible to make available to the hundreds of thousands of athletes and visitors expected to attend next year’s Olympic Games. Dr. Cao Shengjie of China Christian council oversees the printing of Bibles in China. He said, “And so for this very important occasion, we hope we can print a special edition, maybe the four Gospels in English and Chinese, bilingual.”

Lui Bainian, a top leader of China’s officially sanctioned Catholic organization, wants to take it a step further and place these Bibles in some of the major hotels in Beijing. “I want our visitors to know that we have religious freedom here and this is a small step to meet their religious needs during the Olympic,” Bainian said. The Chinese capital has hundreds of hotels. One of the biggest in town, the Minzu hotel, is entertaining the idea of making the Bibles available to Olympic guests.

“We are doing our preparations and once we know where our guests are coming from, we will be ready to meet their spiritual needs,” Minzu Hotel General Manager Chen Guoyao said. The Beijing Olympic Committee is also getting religious. It plans to provide Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim services. “I think the needs of various religious groups will be taken into consideration and as a matter of fact, for example, inside the Olympic Village, we are going to set up a religious service center,” Sun Weide, deputy director of communications for the Beijing Olympic committee said.

Shengjie says it is important for people outside of China, especially Christians, to know the real situation of Christianity in China. “I think the Olympics is a good opportunity because so many people will come from all over the world. And so they can come and see with their own eyes,” he said. And what they will see is a China that’s experiencing unprecedented religious fervor. When athletes and visitors arrive in Beijing next year for the Olympic Games, they will find a city and a nation in the middle of what some are calling a spiritual awakening.

Despite the government’s official doctrine of atheism, millions of Chinese are turning to religion. (The reason why is because communist governments have acknowledged that if they prohibit faith, it will only make the people even more zealous and willing to agititate against the regime. So, rather than making the same mistake that the Soviet Union and other Marxist regimes did, statist regimes are now co – opting religion, knowing that doing so will actually increase their power. Vladimir Putin, for instance, is using the Russian Orthodox Church for his own ends, including keeping the Through The Bible radio ministry off Russian airwaves.)

And as Pat Robertson says, “It’s not China our enemy, it’s China our friend.”  Watch the video above for the complete report followed by Robertson’s prayer for China. (Please note, the bold and the italics appear in the original article: I DID NOT ADD IT!)

“People now feel more freer, more open to express their religious convictions,” said Tong Shijun, professor of philosophy at East China Normal University. (That is the ticket, make them THINK that they have more freedoms so that they will not oppose the regime, while the state is still in control through their regulation of religious life.)Tong Shijun teaches at a prominent university in Shanghai. He’s just completed the first major survey on religious beliefs in China. And according to his findings, 31.4 percent of those surveyed said they were religious – putting the number of believers in China at about 300 million.

“The increase of the number and the increase of the percentage was quiet large,” Shijun said. “Quite dramatic.” Christianity is also growing fast. Twelve percent, or 40 million people, described themselves in the poll as followers of Christianity, much higher than official figures given by the Chinese government. (The reason why is that attending any church outside of the churches regulated by the Chinese government is ILLEGAL. The Chinese government even appoints Catholic bishops to peddle their propaganda in their nation, similar to how the Roman government used to appoint Sadducees as high priests during the time of Jesus Christ.)

What is fueling these conversions? Chinese experts say that a growing number of people are turning to religion to better cope with the country’s rapid social and economic changes. (And like all satanic state churches, China is just fine with people becoming Christian for any reason OTHER than to accept and spread the gospel, because that is what Satan desires. Since Pat Robertson is obviously fine with this too, it is clear whose side on the war between Jesus Christ and Satan he is on.)

Molly Fung works in Beijing’s financial district. She recently started going to church. She said she wanted God to give her strength to deal with the pressures of life. “I think that when I am stronger, I can help others, my friends and my family and tell them how to deal with the pressures,” she said. (Helping people make Jesus Christ their personal savior so that they can be freed from sin and death and go to heaven? Apparently that is not part of the agenda.) He Hong is an economics student in Shanghai who recently spent an afternoon at a local Christian bookstore. “Today in our country, more and more people, especially the young people have a yearning for spirituality” Hong, a Shanghai university student, explained. “So many of my friends feel empty in their hearts. We feel so much pressure to get a job, have a better education.”According to Shengjie, so many of them are turning up at church looking for answers. (And the Chinese government says “If false Christianity motivates you to work harder for longer hours for less pay, then we’re fine with that. And since these same Chinese “Christians” would obviously use their money to support Pat Robertson’s financial empire, he is fine with it too. And have you noticed that where Robertson used to be fundamentalist his doctrine has been trending more and more towards prosperity lately?)

“People can easily think that to have a better living and to earn more money is the goal of life but the church, we will tell people that the man does not live by bread alone, we need the Word of God,” Shengjie said.

Buddhism, Taoism, and other religions are also experiencing growth. Shijun believes that the government is starting to recognize the role religion could play in society.

“In the last couple of decades the situation is that religious life is recognized to have a positive role in society, generally speaking, as long as these religious groups abide by the national and local laws,” he said.

Strict limitations on religion remain, however. For example, China only recognizes government registered churches and considers unregistered house churches illegal.  (The only reference to the actual situation in China, and they do their best to A) bury it and B) portray it in the best possible context, a far cry from how Robertson treats the issue of Christian persecution in nations where he does not have substantial business dealings with the governments.)

Still Chinese Christian leaders hope next year’s Olympic Games will be an opportunity to showcase China’s diverse and growing religious tapestry. (If by that you mean keep the U.N. and western financial interests from threatening boycotts and sanctions over their persecution of legitimate religious groups rather than state – controlled ones, sure that is what they want, and Pat Robertson is helping.) “Our expectation is to have more friendship and fellowship,” Shengjie said.

Pat Robertson’s CBN empire may produce some decent children’s entertainment now and then – yes Superbook and The Flying House are great, although their newer stuff, while having better production values, are very thin theologically – but now that his business and political interests are dictating his theological positions, it is time to put him in the false preacher category. I wonder if these Sun Myung Moon Council On Foreign Relations/Center For National Policy hooks that are into Robertson and so many of these other leading Christian evangelists are far deeper than we previously thought. And oh look … Ralph Reed lobbies for China also! Christians, we must stay true to the Bible, and that means opposing these false preachers and liars on the religious right as well as those in the religious left.


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The World Continues To Turn Against Israel

Posted by Job on July 31, 2007

My dear Brothers and Sisters,

     I wish to thank you all for the questions, answers and statements you sent me after the recent Desk of the Rabbi prayer alert. It is always interesting to me that people think that prophecy is something that comes true only in the way that we understand it. When I send you some information and ask you to pray,  it is to pray for the mitigation of God’s will.  It is my blessing that what did occur on the ninth of AV was not violent, with no great disasters.  I believe that this occurred because of  the mitigating prayer. 

     It is also my blessing that some of you had sent additional information to me so that I may enter it in to my prayer time as additional information which may help to direct and guide that which God would have us do.

     I am watching, over the last two days, areas in governments around the United States and the world begin to move in the direction that is required for the fulfillment of the prophecy that all the world will turn against Israel.  I have heard both Congressman and so called experts say that if the problem between the Palestinians and Israel would go away, Al Qaeda would no longer have a focal point to recruit terrorists.  This is probably the single most idiotic thing I have ever heard.  This “new” war against democracy actually began in the 1920’s, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and has continued on and off to this very day.  From them has sprung almost all of the other terrorists and ideologically militant forms of Islam.  The religious advisor or head of bin Laden was from the Muslim brotherhood. 

     When I say that we need to pray, its that something is about to happen and we need to mitigate it. Our desire is not to change God’s will but to bring His mercy into our presence. So, as we watch together, the events in the world take place, ever growing and expanding.  We must ask the Lord to be as merciful, and kind as He can and will be in order to line up with the fulfillment of  His word.  We must know that it is our job to stand as warriors for the truth, to be the light in the world and to bring Gods knowledge and power.

     I can only tell you that war is eminent – that the people in charge of governments today are there not only because of their strength but also because of their weaknesses.  When the disasters begin, we must be the ones who will go into that darkness and destruction and speak the truth and power of God and bring HIS light.

     More specific information will be following very soon on what is going on, day by day, in the world.  Please pray for us as we travel to Jamaica to take part in the consecration and dedication of pastors from 15 churches and stand with the Bishop to bless them.

     Blessings on to all of you, may the Lord bless you and keep you, may His countenance shine upon you and bring you peace in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

In Service to the King,

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Shofar Be Tzion Ministries

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James Dobson: Do Not Vote For McCain Or Giuliani But Romney Is Still On The List!

Posted by Job on July 18, 2007

Now I can see his problem with pro – homosexual pro – abortion Rudy Giuliani (though it is fair to point out that Mitt Romney had those same positions until, oh, yesterday). But what does he have against McCain? You know the answer to that, don’t you? GOP party politics. Dobson would rather have a Mormon with no record of social conservatism in his political or business or philanthropic career (no huge donations to Operation Save America from that private fortune of his) than a Christian (yes, McCain is a Christian, though not fundamentalist or evangelical) with a long socially conservative voting record (McCain did not vote for the gay marriage amendment, but in doing so his position was no different from that of George Bush or Dick Cheney … Bush only gave lukewarm transparent vocal support to the amendment when it was made clear to him that he would lose re – election in 2004 without it). Why? Because McCain ran against Bush and bucked the GOP party line. Even with McCain’s turn left in recent years and Romney’s turn right in the past few minutes, Romney’s record is still far to the left of McCain’s … remember that healthcare bill that he signed? This proves that Dobson when you get down to it is just another establishment GOP party hack. Oh yes, and let us not forget about the faith – based money: Romney doled out tons of taxpayer dollars to religious groups during his tenure. McCain, despite his brief strange association with the self – deluded and now disillusioned Gary Bauer (another religious right guy who accepted money from Syung Moon), opposes that sort of thing. Money: faith based programs, some of which would no doubt flow to Dobson’s many interests, and that was the also the same reason why Pat Robertson backed Bush and why he is also backing Romney, a person who believes in this (see link) and calls himself a Christian. Power: control over the GOP. That is what it is all about people: mammon.

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Egypt Fears Muslim Brotherhood Takeover

Posted by Job on July 12, 2007

Original link: Egypt fears Muslim Brotherhood may follow Hamas example

CAIRO — The government has been concerned over how the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip would affect the Islamic opposition in Egypt.Officials and government-sponsored analysts have expressed concern that the Hamas victory would encourage the Islamic opposition to develop military capabilities in an effort to overthrow the regime of President Hosni Mubarak. They said the Interior Ministry has already been examining options against the Muslim Brotherhood, the sponsor of Hamas and the largest opposition group in Egypt.

“The Hamas military victory in Gaza is not what Egypt wanted,” a senior official said. “It makes everything more dangerous.”

The officials said Mubarak has assessed that the Hamas takeover would halt the prospect of a diplomatic breakthrough between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. They said Cairo regarded the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip as a victory for Iran and Syria.”In Egypt, there are those seeking to reproduce what Hamas did in the Gaza Strip,” Tariq Hassan, a columnist for the Egyptian state-owned daily Al Ahram said. “For anyone who has the slightest doubt about this and wants proof, it is enough to consider statements by Brotherhood representatives in parliament.”

Hassan said the Hamas victory marked a setback for any Arab country that sought peaceful relations with Israel. The Egyptian analyst said the opposition has compared Cairo to the Palestinian Authority and the Brotherhood to Hamas.

“The Brotherhood holds the same positions and uses the same ideas and statements with which Hamas conducted a coup against the [legitimate] government, and through which it declared the Gaza Strip a rebel region under its rule,” Hassan said.

In April, the Brotherhood began training young men for what officials asserted was a militia. Egyptian authorities arrested more than 30 people after Islamic students held a military-style parade at Al Azhar University that featured the green flag of Hamas.

“For the first time, the Egyptians felt fear when they saw the Al Azhar University students conducting combat displays with the same methods as Hamas, and in the same clothes, with the same slogans and means,” Karam Gabar, chairman of the Egyptian government weekly Ruz Al Yusef, wrote. “The public felt the danger growing under its skin, flowing in its blood, and touching its nerves — a real danger flowing from the depths, and not something imported from abroad.”

Mohammed Al Ibrahim, editor of the state-owned daily Al Gomhouriya, said Hamas comprised the Palestinian branch of the Brotherhood. Al Ibrahim said the Brotherhood was guiding Islamic insurgency groups throughout the world.

“It is possible that Hamas will receive orders from Iran and fulfill them, and then it will drag the region into a destructive total war,” Al Ibrahim said. “It is also possible that Teheran will convince Hamas leaders to repeat Hizbullah’s experience.”

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Mitt Romney Show Me Your Magic Mormon Underwear!

Posted by Job on June 22, 2007

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“Mr. Romney, show me your underwear!”  When asked about my recent statement
that ” a vote for Romney is a vote for satan,” Romney through his spokesman
replied, “”It shows that bigotry from time to time can still rear its ugly
head in society.”  The game in 2007 is to label anyone who has the audacity
to bring a Biblical worldview to the issues of the day as “hateful,”
“intolerant,” “a bigot,” or other names to try and discount what they say
and silence them.  Since Mr. Romney wants to try and dismiss me as simply a
“bigot,” I am publicly challenging him today to take off his jacket, open up
his shirt, and let the world see that as a “temple Mormon” and high priest
in this satanic cult he wears under his clothes literally 24/7 the sacred
undergarments of the priesthood given to him in the Temple ritual that bear

(  I was actually able to get a pair of the “magical underwear” as they are
often referred to, and wore them on the Liveprayer TV program Thursday
night, June 21st!  To see that program, go to:   )

For my new friend Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church
and State, like my previous message on how “a vote for Romney is a vote for
satan,” this message today has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS, this is about
the eternal souls of men.  I have never told people who to or not to vote
for.  That is not what I do.  While your mission in life is to oppose the
work of God and watch people die and go to hell, my mission is to bring His
Truth to this dark world and lead people to everlasting life though faith in
Jesus Christ.

Mr. Romney, like all members of his satanic cult, is a LIAR!  He goes out on
the campaign trail and talks about his belief in God, Jesus, and the Bible,
and that he is just like any other Christian.  He has calculated that the
theologically ignorant and politically correct secular media will never have
the guts to challenge him on what he refers to as “his faith” or “his
church.”  Just moments before going on with Bill O’Reilly a few weeks ago,
in my earpiece came O’Reilly’s voice telling me that he did NOT want me to
get into the specific beliefs of Mormonism, that “he didn’t want to go
there.” The secular media on one hand really doesn’t care what their
theological beliefs are, and on the other hand, don’t want to be seen as
bashing someone’s “religion.”

Romney has been very clever and calculating in perpetuating the lie that he
is a “Christian” by attracting mainline evangelical figures like Jay Sekulow
and many others to support his candidacy. (My Note: Sekulow works for the organization founded, controlled, and funded by Pat Robertson). Sekulow and any other Christian leader that support Romney should be held accountable by the Christian
community for backing a member of a satanic cult that is leading the souls
of men to hell.  They have sold out the Truth of the Bible and Jesus Christ
just like Judas did for whatever short term political power they may receive
if Romney is elected.  There is NO justification for their endorsement and
support of a man whose influence will attract people to his cult, knowing
those who follow the lies of Mormonism will die and go to hell!

Here are just a few of the theological issues that makes the satanic Mormon
cult totally inconsistent with Biblical Christianity and why a Mormon is no
more a Christian than a Muslim is.  These are the things the lying Mr.
Romney won’t tell you, so I will.  The god of the Mormon cult is NOT the God
of the Bible.  Their “god” is named Elohim and was once a man like you and I
who came from another planet.  Mormon theology teaches that men can
eventually become a god and have their own planet.  Romney, as a member of
this cult, believes that he too will one day become a god.  When he talks
about “god,” he is talking about this fictitious god of Mormonism and NOT
the God of the Bible!

This holds true for Jesus.  The jesus of Mormon theology is not God
incarnate as the Bible teaches.  The Mormon jesus was not supernaturally
conceived by the Holy Ghost, but the natural offspring of their “god” Elohim
who had sex with Mary, meaning he is a created being no different than you
and I. Mormons also teach that their jesus had several wives and children,
again, in compete contradiction to what the Bible teaches.  The jesus of
Romney and the Mormon cult is also the brother of Lucifer and will return
not to the Mt. Of Olives as the Bible teaches, but to Independence, Missouri
to set up his earthly Kingdom.  When Romney talks about “jesus,” he is NOT
talking about the true Jesus of the Bible!

 *What Jesus you put your faith in is so critical, since this is why anyone
who puts their faith in the imaginary jesus of Joseph Smith and the satanic
Mormon cult will die in their sins and their souls burn forever in the
flames of hell!

What about the Bible and true Christian churches?  Mormons love to use the
Bible and quote from the Bible to support their deception that they are
Christians.  The trademark of all cults and false religions, even those who
use the Bible, is that it is NOT their final authority.  In the Mormon cult,
their authority does not come from the Bible which they view as incomplete
and not reliable, but the writings of Smith, the Book of Mormon, the Pearl
of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants.  These are the writings that
form the false theology of this cult.  Romney and all Mormons believe that
non-Mormons are “abominations.”  While they don’t have the guts the Muslims
do to publicly call a non-Muslim an infidel who should be put to death, a
Mormon views a Biblical Christian as part of a “false religion” and void of
all authority.  Mitt Romney believes a Bible-believing Christian, the very
people he is courting so hard, are an abomination!

Like in all cults, the average member hasn’t got a clue what their cult
really believes. You only get to know everything after you have proven
yourself to be a loyal and worthy member of the cult.  That is true in the
Mormon cult as well.  Most Mormons go to their “church,” sing many of the
same hymns they sing at the Baptist church down the road, give their tithe,
read a few passages out of the Bible, hear a message about being a “good
person,” and go home.  It is only when you get to become a “temple Mormon”
that you really learn all of the deep, dark, beliefs of Mormonism.  The
Mormon temple rituals are actually little more than the temple rituals Smith
copied from another cult, Freemasonry!  Smith who was involved in the
Masonic cult, simply copied and incorporated their chants, handshakes, and
ceremonies when he started the Mormon cult.  These are the same chants,
handshakes, and ceremonies Romney participated in when he took his oath to
the Mormon cult above anything else, INCLUDING THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND

The average person has no idea that the ultimate goal of the Mormon cult is
to establish a theocracy here in the United States.  Joseph Smith, the
cult’s founder actually ran for the Presidency.  So did Romney’s father.
This cult has the very real goal of establishing the “Kingdom of God,” which
means advancing the physical and earthly organization of the multi-billion
dollar Mormon cult.  There is a special room in the Mormon Temple located in
Washington, DC that has been prepared and in place for over 30 years, which
will be the seat of power for the Mormon-led government which will supplant
our current government.  This was the vision Smith laid out less than 200
years ago, and Mitt Romney and those in the hierarchy and leadership of the
Mormon cult see this as the time for that vision to become fulfilled!

I love you and care about you so much.  I have done my best in a limited
amount of time to give you a brief overview of the false and satanic beliefs
of the Mormon cult..  I have just barely scratched the surface, but just in
what I have shared with you today, NOBODY in their right mind could ever
believe that a Mormon is a Christian.  When you study Mormon theology and
understand the wild beliefs of Smith and this cult, you need faith greater
than I will ever hope to have to believe what they do.  There is no logic to
it and there is absolutely nothing they believe that has any basis in realty
or can be proven.  The mythical gold tablets Smith said he found .  Men who
become gods and have their own planet where they have many wives and create
“spirit babies.”  It all makes Star Trek look believable!

The Mormon cult shares some of the same scientific fantasies of the
Scientology cult dreamed up by that science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.
It also has some elements of the false religion of Islam in that they
believe all non-Mormons are an abomination and they will one day rule the
earth.  As I shared earlier, they have also taken some of the dark, satanic
rituals of the Masonic cult and incorporated them into their temple
ceremonies.  Listen, Mitt Romney and those in this cult can believe whatever
they want.  God gave us free will, and men who live in rebellion to God
since the very beginning have dreamed up the wildest and most ridiculous
things, and sadly people who were spiritually void chose to believe their
lies and will be lost for all eternity because of it.  My main  point is
that they be honest and truthful about what they believe.  The danger of
Mormonism is that they are deceptive (just look at their name, the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and will lie without conscience  just
like the father of lies, satan (John 8:44), to get people to join their

The secular media has got to be responsible enough to tell people what the
Mormon cult really believes.  They can’t simply give Romney a pass when he
talks about “his faith” and “his church.”  They need to have the guts to
tell people what “his faith and church” really believe and challenge him
when he uses words like God, Jesus, and the Bible.  They don’t have to take
my word for it.  There is a wealth of information easily accessible out
there by thousands of people who were once part of this cult.  There is 100%
proof and documentation of all that this cult believes.  When you challenge
a Mormon on their beliefs, they will flat out lie to you.  In a recent
debate with Mormon apologist Scott Gordon on the Alan Colmes radio program,
I addressed many of the issues I have talked  about today, plus things like
their belief that you can pray for someone who is dead to be saved, their
belief Black people have been cursed, and each time he flat out LIED about
what they really believe.

So I am calling today for Mr. Romney to take off his jacket, unbutton his
shirt, and let the world see that he wears the sacred undergarments of the
priesthood  that bear the emblems of SATAN’S POWER AND PRIESTHOODS!  I am
calling on Mr. Romany to stop lying and deceiving people that he believes in
God, Jesus, and the Bible, and tell people the god he believes in used to be
a human being who evolved into his status as a god as he plans to one day,
that his jesus is not deity but a created being who can’t save your soul,
and the Bible is imperfect and his final authority are the writings of
Joseph Smith.  That is all I am asking Mr. Romney, TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOUR

***Ed Decker and his wife Carol are very dear friends as well as being part
of the Liveprayer family for many years now.  Ed is one of the world’s
leading and most sought after authorities on the Mormon cult, having been a
member of that cult for 20 years and a “temple Mormon,” until he came to
know the real Jesus 32 years ago.  Over the past 3 decades, Ed co-authored
the bestselling book “The God Makers,” and has written many other books and
created resources to help educate people about the truth of the Mormon cult.
He has also put his very life on the line to travel the world and help lead
people out of that darkness of Mormonism and into the light of the Truth of
God’s Word alone.  If you want to know all there is to know about the
satanic Mormon cult, please visit Ed’s ministry site:

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

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be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
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1-845-510-2722 (C) Copyright 2007, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved.

Please be praying for our attorney, David Gibbs III, as God uses his gifts
and talents to not only help Liveprayer, but many churches and ministries
deal with the legal issues that arise out of their service to our Lord.
Please take time to visit David’s website,

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Is Corporate Welfare Sinful According To Proverbs 22:6?

Posted by Job on June 20, 2007

Psalm 22:6 – He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want.  Now we can debate with the left all we want over “cutting social programs in order to give tax cuts to the rich” fulfills the “oppresseth the poor to increase his riches” part. You can defend tax shelters and wanting to do away with the inheritance tax if you want as well. But there is NO WAY that corporate welfare does not violate “and he that giveth to the rich.” So people who do this AND people who support this will have some explaining to do when they stand before God.

Now of you looking for another reason to vote for Ron Paul: he opposes corporate welfare. So what if he and libertarians like him oppose social welfare programs for the poor. The Bible never at any point says that governments should provide for the poor. That is the job of the church, and one of the reasons why the church isn’t doing it anymore is because the government IS. But the Bible DOES EXPLICITLY say that transferring wealth to the rich through corporate welfare (tax cuts and tax shelters do not qualify because it was their money to begin with) and similar policies is sinful. Have any of the other candidates, including former minister Mike Huckabee, taken a strong Biblical position against corporate welfare? Speaking of ministers, have ANY of the leading figures on the religious right come out against corporate welfare? Or is a fundamentalist literal interpretation of the Bible limited to, er, certain issues? If any of you can come up with a leading religious right figure coming out against the corporate welfare policies of the George W. Bush administration or this blatant violation of not only the letter but the spirit of the Bible, let me know.

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More On Ron Paul And The Iran “Blowback”: Did The US Create The Middle East Problem?

Posted by Job on May 24, 2007 Is anyone out there going to say that this stuff isn’t true? If so, consider the implications: it is the United States’ oil – driven foreign policy and NOT ISRAEL that is the #1 cause of tension in the Middle East. If anything, we are pushing Israel to commit suicide by creating a huge base for perpetual warfare and terror (called a Palestinian state) in order to try to lower the tensions in the region created by our own foreign policy, starting with our putting the shah in power in the 1950s, training what later became Al Qaida to oppose the Soviets in strategically vital Afghanistan in the 1970s, putting Saddam Hussein in power to oppose the shah when Iran became too strong in the 1980s, attacking Iraq in the 1990s when Iraq invaded Kuwait because they were broke from their war with Iran (that we put Saddam in power to start and armed Iraq to fight) and wanted Kuwait’s oil fields, causing Usama bin Laden and Al Qaida to proclaim jihad on us which resulted in the first (courtesy of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Abdel Rahman and company in the early 1990s) AND second World Trade Center bombings, the USS Cole and African embassy bombings, etc. which (if you buy the party line) led us to our current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (as well as our inserting ourselves into the Somalia situation, which was done in the first Bush administration as a “humanitarian intervention”, while steering clear of the far worse humanitarian catastrophes regarding the Sudan/Darfur situations). Any comments? Any place where I am wrong? Or where I omitted anything? I wonder when Rudy Giuliani, who is supposedly so strong on national security, intelligence, and foreign policy, is going to answer these questions. You know that he saw some of this intelligence back when he was working for the Justice Department as a U.S. attorney during the 1970s and 1980s. An even better question: when is the media going to make him?

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The Fallout From Taking On Mitt Romney, The Mormons, And Several Leading Evangelicals

Posted by Job on May 15, 2007

If you would like to start receiving this devotional go to:

2 Chronicles 15:6, Psalms 137:1

***WorldNetDaily Story!  Here is the link to the story did
from the Friday May 11th Daily Devotional on Mitt Romney and the evangelical
Christian leaders supporting him.  This story has caused a national
firestorm and I will be doing lots of national media this week regarding my
comments.  Please be praying as I am able to expose the lies of this cult
and point people to the Truth of God’s Word and the hope we have in the one
true Jesus of the Bible!


See my personal view (NOT authored by Bill Keller, the author of this devotional)why opposing Romney for his Mormonism is NOT a religious test

The fallout from taking on Romney, the Mormons, and several leading evangelical leaders. Even though my life is very interesting every day, virtually non-stop in doing all I can to bring God’s Truth and the hope of Christ to the lost and hurting masses outside of the church, the past 72 hours have been interesting times 100.  What I have been dealing with since Friday’s Devotional on how a vote for Romney is a vote for satan and the growing number of leading evangelical Christian leaders who are supporting this satanic cult member’s bid to become our next President, can very instructive for your life.  It is the number one reason most people never take much of a stand for their faith, or even witness to the people in their life.  There is a price to pay for taking a stand for Christ in a world that rejects the Lord.  However, the one thing I want you to never forget is that it is not man you have to please, but God. One day you will die, and at that moment, it is not a man you will stand before….it is God!

The response to Friday’s Devotional was pretty much what I expected.  Alex Burgos, a spokesman for the Romney campaign said, “I guess what I can tell you is it shows that bigotry can still rear its ugly head in society.  It’s sad that anyone would target a fellow American on the issue of faith.”  Ah, the “b” word.  If I had a dime for every time I have been called a bigot in the past 72 hours Liveprayer would be funded for the next 5 years! I’ve told you for years now that the way those who oppose the cause of Christ try to silence those who have the audacity to shine the light of His Truth on their lies is to attack them.  If you speak out against the sin of homosexuality you are called a hate monger.  If you call abortion what it is, murder, you are called intolerant. If you speak out against the cults and false religions of the world you are called close minded. Nobody I know wants to be called any off these things and even worse, so it has proven to be a very effective tactic to verbally assault people of faith who do speak out, and try to intimidate them into silence. Sadly, most of the time it works!

*Be honest.  When was the last time you failed to speak up to defend your faith because you simply didn’t want to take the grief you knew would follow???

For the nearly 8 years I have been writing the Daily Devotional and the over 4 years of doing the TV program, some of the most viscous attacks on our technical infrastructure, on me personally, have come when I expose the lies of the satanic Mormon cult. This time was no different, except it was at an unprecedented level of ferociousness since I was taking on their greatest hope to capture the most powerful office in the world. We had our website and servers attacked relentlessly all weekend.  I’ve received 12 death threats so far in addition to the scores of emails telling me that “someone will visit me when I least expect it.” I refuse to live in fear and having dealt with these types of threats for the past 8 years, have learned how to use the common sense the Lord gave me and ultimately trust Him to watch over me as I serve Him each day.

Even though I expected it, what made me saddest of all were the brutal attacks by those who identified themselves as Christians.  People totally outraged that I would attack such a good man and brother in Christ (meaning Romney).  This is why I do my best each day to expose the lies of the world so you are not as ignorant as the vast majority of Believers. This devious and deceptive cult has done a masterful job of selling the lie that they are “just another Christian church.”  A Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is.  The god and jesus born out of the rebellious mind of Joey Smith are NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible!  The false theology of Mormonism is in 100% contradiction to Biblical Christianity. There is only one Truth, and if Mormonism is true than Christianity is a lie. I was not shocked, only saddened by how many who claim to be Christians are so deceived, so gnorant, that they think a Mormon is a Christian.

It was also sad to see just how many people are influenced, have their houghts and views shaped by TELEVISION!  If there was ever a case for why God has given me this passion, this drive to get the TV program back on nationwide, this was a classic example.  I wish you could have read all of the emails over the past few days, the ones still pouring in, from people who parroted virtually word for word what they have heard from people like Sean Hannity and many who reach the masses on secular TV and radio and support Romney. Hannity is on record stating that anyone who attacks Romney for being a Mormon is a hate monger.  The emails poured in from people who have been brainwashed by those they listen to on TV and radio who make the case for Romney that it doesn’t matter that he is a Mormon, that he has great family values, that he is the best choice there is for a Republican to win the White House in ’08.

This is another perfect example of how critical it is to have a program that is on every day, reaching the nation with a Biblical worldview. So many people, even Christians, have their thoughts and views shaped by what they hear on TV, and there is NOBODY with a nationwide platform on secular television who is dealing with the issues of this world and in people’s lives from a Biblical worldview!

The legitimate question that this has also raised is who to vote for in ’08. As in the past, I refuse to tell you who to vote for, that is a choice YOU have to make.  However, let me give you this guidance.  No person who is serious about their faith can vote for a person who is going to support the killing of babies.  No person who is serious about their faith can vote for a person who is gong to support redefining God’s Holy Institution of Marriage.  No person who is serious about heir faith can vote for a person who is part of a satanic cult since that person will give mainstream credibly to that cult which will lead people to join and end up in hell for rejecting Jesus Christ.  That makes this upcoming presidential election a very difficult choice since it is almost a certainty that the nominee from both parties will support killing babies, possibly gay marriage, and be the member of a satanic cult if Romney wins the Republican nomination. So who to vote for?

As you know I am a huge advocate of Christians taking their stand in all areas of the marketplace, including politics. Most likely our only real option will be choosing a third party candidate who will take a stand to uphold Biblical values. I already know that in this two party system we have, a third party candidate has virtually ZERO chance of ever being elected. However, this election is going to be a test of conscience for Christians. Do they compromise and vote for the “lesser of two evils,” or as some will call it, throw away their vote by voting for a third party candidate who has no chance of winning?  As I said, this will be a real test of conscience for Christians unless a strong man who will take a stand for Biblical values comes out of nowhere to win the Republican nomination. (Sadly, the Democratic Party will never put forth a nominee who doesn’t support killing babies.)

Let me share this with you. Given that the next President is NOT going to be a friend of God and Biblical values, this will be a tremendous opportunity to see this nation come back to God and for many souls to be won to Christ. I have told you often that it will not be a politician but a preacher who will lead this nation back to God. With a President who will not lead this nation in any way spiritually, this is going to force true men and women God who can not be bought or influenced, who don’t care about money or the temporal power of this world, to rise up and lead this nation spiritually. This nation is going to suffer and will be looking for hope and answers, and the Bible and Jesus are the ONLY true hope and answer there is!!!

I love you and care about you so much.  Let me say a HUGE THANK YOU to so many in the Liveprayer family who have emailed me with your love and prayers. I can’t even begin to tell you how much your kind words of support have meant. The strength I received from knowing how many of you were praying for me helped me get through some very long days. In the midst of the death threats, the threats of physical harm, the nasty and vicious attacks on me personally, came the love and prayers of so many in the Liveprayer family. No matter how strong we think we are, we are still flesh and blood, week frail humans. I have such great confidence each day in this work God has called me to knowing that you are there with me, standing with me, taking the time out of your busy lives to pray for me. THANK YOU!

In announcing last week that I would be dealing with Romney this past Friday, I heard from one of the top 10 donors of Liveprayer who over the past few years has given between $70,000 and $100,000 each year. He and his family have been blessed by God and have made the sacrifice to support what Liveprayer is doing each day in millions of lives. He called me and told me his family was very active in Romney’s campaign and that if I spoke negatively about Romney he would not be able to support me any longer. I told him that I understood and took the time to explain my concerns with Romney being part of a satanic cult and why I felt he was such a danger to the eternal souls of people if he got elected. I told him that as much as I respected him, I could not withhold or water down this important message warning people of what  it will mean if Romney became President. I also reminded him that he is giving to God, not Bill Keller, thanked him for his
sacrifice for the Lord’s work here, prayed for him and his family and asked God’s blessings on them.

I heard from many more who said they would no longer give to Liveprayer as well as those who unsubscribed from the Daily Devotional. But that is OK, I deal with this all the time. God is the one who has raised up this last day’s work, God is the one who moves on people’s hearts to give, and God is the one who can replace what this one family and these others give each year with others in the Liveprayer family who will be burdened for a true work of God that is about saving souls. This ministry has literally operating month to month since we started 92 months ago.  There are no reserves, no real estate, no safety net of any kind. As I sit here this very moment, we still need $60,000 just to pay the rest of May’s expenses and I have no idea where that will come from. Actually I do. God will move on hearts to provide. Who, how, when, I can’t tell you. I just know that my job is to be faithful for today and God will handle those things outside of my control!

Here is the bottom line to this whole Romney issue. What too many people, especially the people who have been reading what I said in the press can’t comprehend is that this is not about politics, this is about SOULS! My frustration with the many evangelical leaders who are supporting Romney is that they have forgotten that God raised them up to lead people in the eternal things of God, not the temporal things of this world. Why men of God, great groups like the Southern Baptist Convention are willing to support a man who is part of a satanic cult is beyond my ability to comprehend. I realize he is running to be the commander-in-chief, not the theologian-in-chief. I realize that he has a great marriage, great kids, and says he will stand for family values. He actually might be one of the best men there is to be President and lead this nation. (My note: the guy was a one – term governor of a liberal state. What makes people think that he is so electable or qualified? That proves that it is spiritual deception going on.) 

Even if all of that was 100% true, it is still no excuse to support a man who is part of a satanic cult, whose election to the most powerful office on the planet will give worldwide credibility to that satanic cult, will cause millions of people to join their ranks, and ultimately cause them to die in their sins and spend eternity in hell! His candidacy alone has already been a non-stop infomercial for the Mormon cult! I am not saying to abandon the political arena, quite the opposite. We must have a presence and be heard in all areas of life. However, we must never forget that we go into everything we do in this life guided ultimately by eternal goals, not earthly goals.


In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

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Christian Opposition To Mormon Mitt Romney Is NOT A Religion Test!

Posted by Job on May 13, 2007

In this prior Romney post (click here), I made notice of the fact that most of the biggest religious right supporters of Romney (and especially the ones playing the “religious bigotry” card) are Catholic, and suggested that the reason was that Catholics believe that they could get more out of a Mormon than they could a Catholic or Protestant, especially in the area of Supreme Court nominations and the state financing of Catholicism. This article is a particularly egregious example of it. See, they are trying to sell you the LIE that opposing Romney because of his religion is “a religion test.” To do so, they oppose the TRUTH, which is that religion test only applies to a government law or political party rule that bars a person of a particular religion, by making the spectactular claim that private citizens should abide by the same rules that the government has to. “We know many people are saying “So what? This applies to the government, not us.” On the contrary, it does apply to us. We are told that this is unacceptable for the government to do, so why is it different for us? It is not.” Let us say we allow this inquisition to happen, and Mitt Romney is not elected because of his faith. Not only will we have denied a competent, capable person of achieving a federal office, denying him based only on his religious identity, but we will have also created a very slippery slope. We, the people, will have literally created a new form of political attack. No one would be safe from such an assault. Thomas and I would be just as disdained as Governor Romney for our beliefs about Communion, the Trinity, or the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. And so they lay it all on the line: if Protestants start resisting Mormonism for their blasphemies and heresies, THEY MIGHT COME AFTER OURS NEXT! And do you know what? I was watching this excellent TV show produced by the folks at AmazingFacts.TV, and it assuaged the guilt that I used to feel whenever I go after Catholics. How? 1) THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HOLDS THAT THE POPE TAKES THE PLACE OF THE SECOND PERSON OF THE TRINITY ON EARTH. 2) They gave the precise point in history when the Catholic Church crossed the line (when they started using STATE ARMIES to force conversions). So, rest assured, I will be adding Catholicism to Mormonism and unitarianism (Jesus Only Oneness Pentecostals and similar) to my list of cults whose heresies I will expose.

In any event, do not believe either conservative Catholics like Sean Hannity and Kathryn Jean Lopez or secular liberal lies like this nonsense from my hometown Pulitzer Prize winning “newspaper”(click here). Make no mistake: the ILLEGAL (as it should be) religion test ONLY applies to government and to entities that are of public accommodation and as such cannot discriminate (i.e. restaurants, places of employment, political parties, etc.). It DOES NOT apply to individuals. It DOES NOT apply to private groups or entities. And individuals and private groups SHOULD NOT feel beholden to emulate the government on this issue or on any other issue!

Let me give you an example of how foolish this is. Say someone was convicted of a brutal child rape and murder based on overwhelming evidence, but the conviction was overturned on appeal because the police and prosecutors made procedural errors gathering and handling the evidence, and they can’t try him again because the courts won’t allow the evidence to be submitted again, and without it there is no case. (Yes, people, it does happen.) In this instance, THE STATE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TREAT THE MAN AS IF HE IS COMPLETELY INNOCENT. Now, if you were to adhere to what the writers of this article say, then you – despite being fully aware of the facts and circumstances of the case – should have no problem with renting a room in your house to this fellow, ESPECIALLY if you have have children, right? Moreover, IF IT HAD BEEN YOUR DAUGHTER THAT HAD BEEN RAPED AND MURDERED, SINCE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO ACT AFTER THE SAME MANNER AS THE STATE, YOU SHOULD HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THIS FELLOW WHATSOEVER. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT FORGIVING THIS FELLOW (as God requires as a condition of your own forgiveness), NO, BUT YOU WOULD HAVE TO PRETEND AS IF HE WERE NEVER ACCUSED, ARRESTED, CHARGED, TRIED, AND CONVICTED OF THE CRIME BASED ON OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE, WHICH IS PRECISELY THE SAME STATUS THIS FELLOW WOULD  HAVE IN THE EYES OF THE GOVERNMENT!

And for a more hypocritical example: the state cannot make distinctions in religious belief and sexual preference or behavior when hiring and firing, right? So, if we are supposed to use the same standard as the state, then in Massachusetts the Catholic Church ought to ordain married pagan lesbians as priests and allow them to adopt children from their adoption agencies, right? 

Listen, Christians. What these “no religion test” people are actually trying to get you to do is RENOUNCE YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. That is correct. An individual Christian or even a large well organized group of Christians making the decision to oppose Mitt Romney, the representative of the false cult religion that wants to fill you to the brim with demons and send you to the lake of fire for an eternity, because of his religion or any other person for their religion IS CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED FREEDOM OF RELIGIOUS (and political) BELIEF, PRACTICE, EXPRESSION, AND SPEECH! THESE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO EITHER CONVINCE YOU THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS IN THIS AREA, OR SHAME YOU INTO SURRENDERING THEM WITH ACCUSATIONS OF BIGOTRY!

Now I will admit, if you have been totally plugged into the media, entertainment, educational system, political discourse, or even attend many churches, you will have the CONVICTION that it is BIGOTRY to oppose someone SOLELY for their religious beliefs. (Which is all the more reason why Christians should strive to renew their minds from those things by full continuous immersion of them in the Word of God Romans 12:2.) I say so what? THE CONSTITUTION GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO BE A BIGOT IN THIS AREA JUST AS IT GIVES THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TO BAR WHOM THEY CHOOSE FROM THEIR OFFICES AND THE FAMILIES OF VICTIMS OF HORRENDOUS CRIMES THE RIGHT TO DENY REQUESTS FOR HOUSING TO THOSE WHO COMMITTED THEM AND ESCAPED PRISON ON TECHNICALITIES!

Christians, you must understand that there is a well – coordinated effort underway in this country to deprive Bible – believing Christians of their rights. The first avenue is always the political/legal realm, but when that fails, there is the “pressure tactic” strategy, and then the “shame/guilt/condemnation” strategy. And no, it isn’t about Mormons, really: it is about religious speech. Now it is impossible to make TRUE Bible – based speech illegal NOW, but after decades of getting Christians to stop saying that homosexuality is sin, abortion is murder, and the Yeshua HaMashiach of the Bible is the only way to heaven and all who reject Him will be cast into the lake of fire for eternity. They do this by telling us that our views are irrational, discriminatory, dangerous, divisive, hurtful, etc. and by taking all sorts of methods of reprisal against us (including but not limited to firing us from our jobs and ostracism). Christians that are in love with the world and themselves will fall in line, and that will make it politically feasible to pass laws that make Bible speech hate crimes. Anyone who gives up their rights today allows those same rights to be taken from someone else tomorrow, and it happens time and time again and again.

Now if an argument is to be made AGAINST an organized campaign by Bible – believing Christians to oppose Romney, it is NOT a legal, political, or moral one. Instead, it would and should be as everything else: 100% Biblical and spiritual. A person could posit that opposing Romney based on his Mormonism alone would be failing to “love thy neighbor as thyself” as Yeshua HaMashiach commanded us to. That is actually an argument worth considering. I deal with that with my statement advanced in my “Demon Of The Day: Racism” article (and I do need to get back to the “Demon Of The Day” feature): that does not mean that you should fail to oppose Romney because if YOU were the Mormon YOU would not want HIM to oppose YOU. It does not even mean that “well, we wouldn’t want Mormons to oppose Christians so we can’t oppose them.”

The easiest way to disprove that intellectual dishonesty is this: what is the greatest act of love that you can show someone? Simple: sharing them the gospel so that their spirits will be spared the lake of fire on the day of judgment and instead be with God for eternity should they accept and endure until the end. Of course, were you a Mormon, you would not want some Christian coming to you telling you that your religion is false and it will take you to the lake of fire for an eternity, right? And as a Christian, you certainly do not want Mormons (or Muslims or Jehovah’s Witnesses or Oneness Pentecostals or Catholics or secular humanists or homosexuals or abortionists or anyone else) proselytizing you, do you? I mean, you concede that they have the right to do it in a free country, but you do not WANT them to do it, do you? That teaching of Yeshua HaMashiach instead means that we should give the Love of Christ just as we desire to receive that same Love. And you know what that Love of Christ includes? Warning. Reproof. The Bible – including Christ’s very teachings – is consistent in it’s treatment of sin and sinners. It is explicitly clear in what will happen to all who do not reject sin: eternal destruction! And that gets back to “loving your neighbor as yourself.” If you were lost in sin and in danger of eternal damnation, would YOU want people to pat you on the back and say “You’re fine, you’re a good person, God is going to accept you just the way you are!” That is not loving someone, that is hating him. By the same token, a Christian failing to take into account Mitt Romney’s false religion is not loving Romney, it is hating him, and it is certainly hating the millions of people that would convert to Mormonism were he to gain the seat of power of the most powerful nation in the world. 

So, not only is it the duty of every Bible – believing Christian to refuse to support Romney, it is the duty of every Bible – believing Christian to oppose him. Are you a Christian or are you not? Do you believe in the Bible or do you not? Well, the Bible clearly says that A) false religions are evil and B) to resist evil. No case can be made otherwise, and the only reason for attempting to is your being such as one whose heart is filled with the words and “values” of this world and of men (and their demons) rather than the Word of God. We are to be upholding the Word of God, not worldly views and values. It is about being obedient to Christ, not keeping Hillary Clinton out of office. Yes, Christians are supposed to oppose Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, and everyone else that supports gay rights and abortion, but no Christians are not supposed to be trying to parse between “the lesser of two evils” like you are trying to choose between whether to let a demon of violence or a demon of hate to let into you or something. 

Now I have been saying from the beginning: this is not so much to do with Romney. Romney is one man with one eternal spirit who has to decide for himself whether he will submit himself to the Triune God of the Bible or not. This is about BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS. Support for (or failure to oppose) Romney and all of the other Christ opponents is a test of A) whether your mind is of Christ or after the world and B) whether you are willing to fight the Lord’s battles or not. Now there are some Christians who simply practice rarely or not voting as a general practice; this is not necessarily aimed at them. But as to Christians who plan to vote or do vote, do not fool yourselves into thinking that you can compartmentalize God. God should dominate your every word, thought, and action. Everything you do should be to serve, honor, and glorify God and to advance God’s righteousness. I did not say to advance the pro – life pro – family traditional values agenda. An atheist, pagan, Satanist, or witch can be pro – life and pro – family with traditional values. Do not think that your participating in putting a Mormon in the White House so that he can overturn Roe v. Wade will please or honor God. So he may stop abortion and gay marriage: what about everything else he does?

And if your failure to support Romney puts Hillary Clinton in office? Well, this is what it is about, Christians. Read Frank Peretti’s “The Visitation” about this “taking this town/city/nation for Christ”nonsense. God did not put you on this earth to save America and set it on the right path. If He did not send His Own Word who is also God as His Son to free Israel from captivity and compel the Jews to follow Him, what makes you think that it is your job to save America, or to participate in America’s saving? Read your Bible, Christian. No where in the New Testament does it say that we are supposed to transform nations politically. Why? Because nations and political systems ARE OF THE WORLD. THE WORLD REJECTED CHRIST. SATAN IS THE RULER OF THIS WORLD, AND SATAN AND THIS WORLD HAS NOTHING IN CHRIST. SINCE WE ARE CHRIST’S AND THE BODY OF CHRIST, WE ARE TO HAVE NOTHING IN THIS WORLD AND THIS WORLD IS TO HAVE NOTHING IN US! The only reason why this doctrine – which is explicitly given in crystal clear scripture – is not only not commonly known but is regularly contradicted in the words and actions of so many Christians is because we have been raised to believe that we should merge politics and culture with our relationship with Christ. (I actually heard this right – wing talk show once claim that our Constitution was divinely inspired by God!) And that is the main problem with this “religious right” movement, which is really the right wing version of the Marxist “liberation theology” movement. We are not supposed to be trying to save America: it is God who raises up, judges, and brings down nations and kings as HE sees fit. God gave us fall free will; free choice. We cannot bring, drag, or compel nations to righteousness. We cannot even bring, drag, or compel INDIVIDUALS to righteousness. Each individual and each NATION must make its own choice regarding whether to follow good or evil. Your job, Christian, is to A) work out your own salvation and B) preach the gospel so that God can use you to save others and to C) resist evil GOD’S WAY, not the world’s way, which is also evil. And how do you perform C)? By A) and B). It is a 3 point circle with definite distinct parts that are interdependent, point to the other parts, and with B) and C) dependent on (subject to) A, just like the Triune Godhead. We are, after all, made in God’s Image, and salvation through Christ gives us the power to act like it, and we are supposed to use it!

So if America elects Hillary (or Romney) that is America’s problem, not yours. You are supposed to have FAITH in YOUR GOD that HE will deliver YOU NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO AMERICA! These “religious right” types have forsaken the fact that we are supposed to be living for the next world and not this one; the next world is where we are supposed to have our treasure. And that is why so many Christians like the billionaire Pat Robertson (who has made his share of questionable business deals in his time) are even THINKING of supporting Romney: their treasure is in the wrong place. Barring some miracle, it is very likely that the next President of the United States will be someone that is OVERTLY AGAINST THE BIBLE IN A CLEAR SIGNIFICANT WAY. Christian, it is my duty to tell you that A) if that happens God is still on the throne and that event will be used as part of His Plan and B) it would be in your best interests if it happens without your help.

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If You Vote For Mitt Romney You Are Voting For Satan!

Posted by Job on May 11, 2007

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Update: see my personal view (NOT authored by Bill Keller, the author of this devotional)why opposing Romney for his Mormonism is NOT a religious test  Also, see part II of this devotional by following this link




If you vote for Mitt Romney, you are voting for satan!  This message today is not about Mitt Romney.  Romney is an unashamed and proud member of the Mormon cult founded by a murdering polygamist pedophile named Joseph Smith nearly 200 years ago.  The teachings of the Mormon cult are doctrinally and theologically in complete opposition to the Absolute Truth of God’s Word. There is no common ground.  If Mormonism is true, then the Christian faith is a complete lie.  There has never been any question from the moment Smith’s cult began that it was a work of satan and those who follow their false teachings will die and spend eternity in hell.  This message is about the top Christian leaders in our nation who are supporting this cult members quest to become the next President of the United States.

I have watched in horror over the past weeks as one evangelical Christian leader after another has either endorsed, supported, or just as bad, refused to denounce Romney’s run for the White House and those Christian leaders who support him.  Last weekend Pat Robertson, founder of CBN and Regents University, had Romney deliver the keynote address to the graduates of Regents.  Regents is one of the great Christian colleges in this nation and Robertson allowed this cult member to deliver the commencement address.  Is
he out of his mind?  Do you think there would ever be a true Gospel preacher giving the commencement address at Brigham Young?

I have been warning you for years now about this cult born out of the pits of hell and responsible for sending millions of souls to eternal damnation. For the nearly 200 years this cult has been in existence they have strived for mainstream acceptance.  They are the most devious of all the cults since they have always tried to portray themselves as “just another Christian group” when in fact, they are no more Christian than a Muslim is!  Their deception starts with their name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Sounds like a Christian church doesn’t it?  Some Mormons have recently changed their name to simply Community of Christ to disguise even better who they are in an attempt to lure people in.

The Mormon cult talks of God and Jesus, but again, don’t be deceived since the god and jesus of Mormon theology are NOT the one true God and Jesus of the Bible.  This cult also uses the Bible, but like in all cults it is NOT their final authority.  The Bible is superceded by the writings of Smith in the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants.  These books form the perverted teachings of Mormonism and is
what their false theology is based on.  There are many great ministries who work to bring those lost in the Mormon cult out of that deception to true faith in the Jesus of the Bible.  You can visit any Christian bookstore and find many books that will detail in great depth the bizarre theology of Mormonism which is not based on anything but the imagination of Smith.

I am not even going to deal with the tons of documentation that exists on the Mormons strategy to gain mainstream acceptance in the American culture. Obviously a big part of this strategy is to wield political power, with the Presidency being the ultimate political prize.  There are reportedly 12 million Mormons worldwide, half of those in the United States.  The worldwide holdings of the Mormon cult are in the tens of billions of
dollars.  Mitt Romney is the first member of this cult who has had the legitimate opportunity to help them achieve their goal of mainstream acceptance while holding the most powerful office in the world.  Romney will have the full resources of this cult behind him in his bid for the White House.

As I have told you often, despite what some polls say, the better percentage of two full generations living right now have never even been to church. Everyone has a spiritual side to their life, and the cults and false religions, the new Age movements, have been having a field day attracting people to their false beliefs because of the overwhelming number of people who have no faith coupled with the fact Christians have quit evangelizing and virtually removed themselves from the culture leaving these lost souls
to satan.  It is against this backdrop that I tell you without any hesitation or equivocation that to support and vote for Mitt Romney is to support and vote for satan!

If Romney gets elected as the next President of the United States, the Mormon cult will finally have the mainstream acceptance they have been striving for these past 200 years.  Romney winning the White House will lead millions of people into the Mormon cult.  Those who follow the false teachings of this cult, believe in the false jesus of the Mormon cult and reject faith in the one true Jesus of the Bible, will die and spend eternity in hell.  *ROMNEY GETTING ELECTED PRESIDENT WILL ULTIMATELY LEAD MILLIONS OF SOULS TO THE ETERNAL FLAMES OF HELL!!!

Knowing all we do about this satanic cult leading people’s souls to hell, knowing that a Romney presidency would give mainstream acceptance to this cult, why are most of the top evangelical leaders of our day falling over themselves to support this man?  How can any Christian in good conscience have anything to do with Romney?  I submit to you there are only 2 possible reasons, money and power.

Let me first discredit immediately the reason many are publicly giving for supporting Romney, and that is his stand on family issues and life.  Romney has distinguished himself as the leading Republican candidate to be pro life.  It is important to note this has only happened recently since Romney used to support women killing their babies.  His wife even donated money to the leading baby killing organization in he world, Planned Parenthood.  But even giving Romney the benefit of the doubt that he will take a stand for
life, the chances of him being responsible for moving that issue are minimal even if he went on record that his number one objective of his presidency is to overturn Roe vs. Wade, which of course he has not done and never will do. Supporting and voting for Romney because of his position on life is NOT a reason to elect a man who will ultimately be used to lead millions of souls to hell.

No my friend, as sad as it is, this is about what most things in life boil down to, money and power.  Is it any wonder why the Christian faith is so weak and ineffective, has such little influence in our culture when those who are recognized as leaders aren’t really interested in God’s Truth or in seeing souls saved, only in money and power.  It was just a few decades ago that another cult member bought the evangelical leadership of this nation.
His name was Rev. , head of the Unification cult.  To gain mainstream acceptance for his cult, he set up a myriad of conservative organizations and through them funneled literally millions of dollars to people like , Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Tim and , , , , , , and many others. (My insert: one of the Moon organizations which Bill Keller is speaking of is the Center For National Progress.)

Fast forward to the year 2007 and you now have many of these same names involved in Romney’s bid to become the next President.  Romney had a very clear gameplan to court the evangelical leaders of this nation to support him.  There is nobody who will dispute that it was the Christian vote which was responsible for President Bush being elected twice.  Knowing the satanic nature of the Mormon cult and the fact they have worldwide resources in the tens of billions, literally thousands of non profit and for profit
corporations they control, it would be pocket change for them to funnel money and/or services to those Christian leaders who support Romney for President.  Having been embarrassed when their ties to Moon’s cult became public, I have no doubt that those who are in bed with Romney have been very careful to insure that however they are being rewarded for their support, it will be virtually impossible to discover.

Of course, the other component to those who are supporting Romney is power. Sadly, many evangelical leaders are also smitten with being “near the throne.”  Many of these men and women are willing to compromise the Truth in exchange for political power.  They are willing to ignore the fact this hideous cult is leading millions to hell in order to be part of Romney’s team.  These leaders are nor driven by the Gospel but by political power!

FOX News, that likes to portray itself as being friendly to the Christian faith, might as well be renamed the Mitt Romney for President network.  , who wears his Romney cheerleading dress to the program every night, has stated numerous times that those who dare question Romney’s faith are hate mongers.  It is clear that Hannity could care less about the spiritual implications of a Romney presidency, only that he will be on the inside as one of Romney’s biggest advocates.  Of course there is radio and TV host
 who rarely lets people know he is a Mormon, often stating he is “born again.”  Beck is either like most Mormons and hasn’t got a clue what his cult really believes, or he is simply trying to reinforce the lie from hell that a Mormon is a Christian.

I love you and care about you so much.  It is no wonder why the church is so weak and ineffective when you have those in leadership willing to compromise the Gospel for a few shekels and some political clout.  I remember last year being excited about a wonderful deal we had put together with ‘ Feed the Children organization that would have meant millions of dollars a year to Liveprayer and been a big part of the answer to giving us all the resources we needed to do what God has called us to do in reaching the lost through secular television.  I’ll never forget getting the phone call that Jones was bought and used by the Mormon cult as part of their overall strategy to appear as “just another Christian church.”  I had no choice but to sever the ties we had established with Jones.  All the money and power in the world is not worth selling out Jesus!

Please take some time today and pray for Mitt Romney and all those who have been deceived by the lies of the Mormon cult.  The fact is that unless they renounce those lies and turn to faith in the one true Jesus of the Bible, they will die and spend eternity in hell.  Pray also for these Christian leaders who have for whatever reason, foolishly aligned themselves with Romney.  Pray the Holy Spirit will convict them and that they will renounce Romney and find a candidate to support who will hold to Biblical values. There is no excuse, no justification for supporting and voting for a man who will be used by satan to lead the souls of millions into the eternal flames of hell!

I refuse to sit back and be silent while those who people look up to, who lead them in spiritual matters, are selling out the faith for whatever money and power they might be able to get in return.  I challenge any of them to come on my TV program, or I’ll appear on theirs, and answer one simple question,  “Knowing that Mormonism is a cult and those who follow this cult will die and go to hell, what possible justification can you give for
supporting Romney?”  Having Romney as President is no different than having a Muslim or Scientologist as President.  Please, don’t tell me that Mitt Romney is the best option.  I’ll stay home and not vote before I will vote for satan, since if you vote for Romney you are voting for satan!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Ron Paul: Why Not?

Posted by Job on May 8, 2007

More great Ron Paul links. This link from Baptist News Press is a doozy.   A great weblog link. whom I normally do not endorse.   The Conservative Voice Article.   Another Lew Rockwell article. Read them and ask yourself WHY ON EARTH ARE SO MANY “RELIGIOUS RIGHT LEADERS” SUPPORTING MORMON MITT ROMNEY WHEN THERE ARE GUYS LIKE THIS IN THE RACE? My guess, these “religious right” types are NOT about this country and they CERTAINLY are NOT about Christianity. OK you Pat Robertson defenders, why hasn’t Ron Paul spoken at Regent University, and had Pat Robertson call him a great American? Not that I am picking on Robertson. James Dobson is going after Newt Gingrich, and lots of other religious right leaders are compromising themselves. And that is the key: once Satan can get you to compromise in one area, others follow. So many Christians have been misled into thinking that they need to get behind certain candidates to save this nation from homosexuality, abortion, and crime, and while that is true (yes, I do and will vote) what ELSE do they vote for? Are we Christians being led into trading one side of the anti – Christ for another? Now I am not saying that Ron Paul is God’s man in the race, but merely by virtue of NOT being the DEVIL’S man, that makes him worth considering. 

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