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Muslims Intimidated Church Into Holding Arafat Memorial

Posted by Job on November 15, 2007

JERUSALEM – Intimidation by members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party forced a Catholic church in Gaza to hold a memorial service yesterday for the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat, according to sources in Gaza’s Christian leadership.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity out of fear for their safety, said Catholics now fears retaliation from Hamas, Fatah’s rival, after holding yesterday’s ceremony commemorating the third anniversary of Arafat’s death.

“The church was obliged to hold the event for Arafat after Christian leaders participated in a Hamas event 10 days ago,” said a Christian source close to the church. “Now we fear Christians may be casualties of the escalating violence. We may be caught in the crosshairs, and we’re afraid of retaliation.”

The Arafat memorial was held at Gaza City’s Holy Family Church. Manuel Musallam, the parish’s priest was quoted by participants calling Arafat’s death “a great loss for the Palestinian people.”

“Arafat was a great and very courageous leader,” stated Musallam, according to memorial participants speaking to WND. “We miss this great person who was the first to bring hopes of freedom and independence to the Palestinians. We call on the Palestinian leadership to follow Arafat’s road to end the suffering of Palestinian people.”

The church event was part of larger, three-day memorial services held throughout the Gaza Strip and West Bank, with events in Gaza setting off the worst factional clashes between Fatah and Hamas in months.

Hamas gunmen Monday reportedly opened fire at a massive Fatah rally in Gaza that had over 250,000 participants in the largest show of Fatah strength in Gaza since Hamas took over the territory in June. Seven Palestinians – all reportedly Fatah supporters – were killed in the clashes, according to news reports. Some 85 more were wounded in the violence, three of whom are said to be in serious condition.

The church memorial was the second time in recent days Christian leaders in the Gaza Strip said they were intimidated into showing support for the Palestinian leadership.

Earlier this month, WND reported Christian leaders in the Gaza Strip were intimidated into attending and expressing support for a speech in which the territory’s Hamas leader urged the worldwide spread of Islam, according to sources in Gaza’s Christian community.

Artinious Alexious, priest of Gaza’s Greek Orthodox Church, and Emanuel Salum, a Catholic leader in Gaza, were at a major speech 10 days ago by Ismail Haniyeh, leader of the Hamas government in Gaza and deposed prime minister of the previously Hamas-run Palestinian Authority.

Also present were hundreds of gunmen, including members of a group, Jihadia Salafiya, suspected of carrying out anti-Christian attacks in Gaza such as the lobbing of grenades last September at Alexious’ church.

Hamas banned most international media from covering the event, only allowing entry to journalists accredited by the terror group.

A major theme of Haniyeh’s speech was the spread of Islamic values throughout the world, according to reporters in attendance.

The reporters present said at one point during his speech, Haniyeh spoke about the “excellent” situation for Christians living under Hamas rule in Gaza.

He pointed to the two Christian leaders in attendance, at which point to two raised their hands and nodded in agreement, witnesses told WND.

According to sources in Gaza’s Christian community speaking on condition of anonymity, Alexious and Salum were intimidated into attending the Hamas speech. The sources said in the weeks prior to the event, Haniyeh’s office repeatedly called the Christian leaders to request they free their schedules to assist the Hamas rally.

“The priests thought it was a diplomatic way to threaten them and put pressure on them,” said one source.

“After discussions within the Christian community leadership it was decided it would be dangerous not to assist in the meeting even though it would be very strange to see priests assisting in a meeting about the spread of Islam,” the source said.

Hamas in June seized complete control of the Gaza Strip from Fatah amid widespread fears it would impose hard-line Islamic rule in the territory and that life for Christians might deteriorate.

About 3,000 Christians live in the Gaza Strip, which has a population of over 1 million.

There have been a slew of recent alleged anti-Christian attacks in Gaza, including the murder last month of a Christian bookstore owner whose beaten, bullet-ridden body was found after his shop repeatedly had been targeted by Islamists. Rami Ayyad, who managed the only Christian bookstore in Gaza, also had been threatened a number of times by local Islamist groups.


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Juanita Bynum At Barack HUSSEIN Obama Fundraiser Held By New Age Witch Oprah Winfrey?

Posted by Job on September 7, 2007

I must ask: have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not, follow this link: The Three Step Salvation Plan

See it here!

So here you have a woman raised in and representing Pentecostal/charismatic Christianity speaking at a fundraiser to support the ambitions of one such as Obama who supports abortion, homosexuality, and a number of other abominations? At an event hosted by the best known proponent of the New Age false religion in America (yes, Barbra Streisand, Oprah has surpassed you, and what makes her worse than you is that Oprah promotes mixing New Age and Christianity … after all, she and Barack Obama are both members of the same “church”)? See Is Oprah Winfrey’s New Age “The Secret” The Same As Word – Faith Prosperity? It just shows you that the Bible is true yet again: Amos 3:3 says “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?“ So you supporters of Juanita Bynum and all of these other false preachers when there are so many good hard working legitimate preachers out there … who are YOU walking in agreement with? I will say this: someone who thinks so little of you that they are so bold enough to lie to you on worldwide CHRISTIAN television while knowing full well that her lies will be exposed: Juanita Bynum Lies On TBN! Oh yes, and how that “Christian” TV station TBN just sat back and allowed her to lie like that unchallenged because she is one of their top moneymakers? It is time to stop walking in agreement too. We really do need to consider contacting the legitimate ministries that appear on this network and urge them to stop giving legitimacy – and money – to these people. You would have hoped that they would have done so after Paul Crouch personally endorsed ‘ heretical dual covenant theology: that Islam is just as legitimate as Christianity, but maybe they need some action by the rank and file faithful first. What do you think? And do you think that contacting the legitimate preachers on TBN to ask them to disassociate themselves from these evil people would be effective or worthwhile?

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Rely On God Not the Government!

Posted by Job on July 13, 2007

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Titus 3:1; Psalm 75:7; 1 Samuel 2:7; Genesis 45:8

***WOMEN!  I dedicated the Tuesday night TV program to you!  Women of every age need to watch the first 20 minutes and hear an inspiring word that I promise will bless you!  You can watch it at:

***A SAD DAY IN OUR NATION!  Thursday was a dark day spiritually for our
nation.  For the first time since the Senate was formed in 1789, the opening
prayer was delivered by a Hindu Chaplain.  This nation which was founded on
“one nation UNDER GOD,” prayed to the numerous false and non-existent gods
of the Hindu religion.  Let me share with you a warning from God’s Word.
This comes from the Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 8, Verse 19.  The Bible
says, “If you ever forget the LORD your God and follow other gods and
worship and bow down to them, I testify against you today that you will
surely be destroyed.”  How can we expect God’s protection and blessings when
we have forsaken Him and are now worshipping the false gods of the world?
When the next terrorist attack on our soil takes place, remember this day!

Even though the election for the next President of the United States is
still 16 months away, based on who the most likely people are to win the
highest office in the land, now would be a very good time for all those who
know Christ as their Savior to get on their knees and start praying in
earnest. I have discussed often in the past how the President is the
Commander-in-Chief, not the Pastor-in-Chief. However, the person in that
office has the ability to steer the spiritual direction of this nation
towards God and Biblical values, or away from God and Biblical values. That
is why Christians MUST be involved in the political process and make our
voice heard in trying to lead this nation back to the Godly principles and
values that we once held and are now so far away from.

The Bible says that it is God who allows men (and women) to rise to power.
No person will occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue unless God allows them to. In
talking about who the next President will be, we have to look realistically
at the system that is currently in place for a person to ascend to that
office. As of today, it is virtually impossible, save a sovereign move of
God, for someone outside of the Republican or Democratic parties to ever
become President. It takes hundreds of millions of dollars and a “human
machine” in all 50 states to have any chance at becoming President, and our
current two-party system has insured that nobody outside of their parties
has a legitimate chance at getting elected President.

Having laid that foundation, let’s take a look at who the two parties will
most likely nominate as their candidate for President in 2008. The
Democratic Party really only has 2 people that as of today have a legitimate
chance at winning their parties nomination. You have the Senator from
Illinois, Barak Obama, who has yet to even complete one term in national
office and lacks the experience or qualifications to run the nation.
However, he is a charismatic, engaging, and well-spoken man who has gained
tremendous popularity in recent months. Most likely, he will not have the
finances or infrastructure to seriously contend in 2008, and is in the race
for the exposure he will gain to become a real force in 2012. It should be
noted that Obama was raised as a Muslim and only recently started attending
a Christian church. However, the United Church of Christ he is part of is a
very liberal denomination that supports gay rights, abortion, and denies the
Absolute Truth of God’s Word. In searching scores of transcripts, never once
has he ever proclaimed that Jesus is His Savior and renounced Islam.

The  most likely person who will end up being the candidate for the
Democratic party is Hillary Clinton. Clinton is the current front-runner,
and due to her 8 years in the White House as First Lady, her years now as a
Senator from the State of New York, she has the finances and human machine
she needs to not only run for President but actually get elected!

Suffice it to say, on the social and spiritual issues facing our nation,
whoever ends up as the nominee for the Democratic Party will be in favor of
special rights for gays, gay marriage and adoption, supporting a woman’s
right to kill her baby, and will not take a real Biblical stand on the
social issues we face in our nation today. The fact is, no person will ever
be able to get the nomination of the Democratic Party without taking stands
in clear opposition to God and His Word on the key social and spiritual
issues of our day since the many special interest groups that make up that
party support causes in opposition to the Bible.

In the Republican party, you have three legitimate candidates who currently
have the ability to make a real run for the White House in 2008. You have
former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former Tennessee Senator Fred
Thompson, and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  Thompson, who is
most famous for being on “Law and Order,” has yet to establish his candidacy
and his actual position on the issues, though in the past he has been in
line with God’s Word on the key social issues.  Giuliani supports gay
marriage and abortion. Romney says he is pro-life and supports God’s Holy
Institution of Marriage, however, he is an active member of the Mormon cult.
Don’t you know that this hideous cult leading millions of souls to eternal
damnation would LOVE to have one of their own occupying the most powerful
office in the world?

Are there others? Certainly. Both parties have scores of people who will be
trying to win their party’s nomination. We will also have dozens of other
parties with candidates. Some of those other parties will actually have men
running who will take a real stand for God and His Word on the spiritual and
social issues and be unashamed followers of Jesus Christ, but due to how our
two-party system works today have ZERO chance (short of a sovereign move of
God) of ever getting elected. The cold hard reality is, others in the
Democratic and Republican parties simply can’t raise enough money nor put
together the national machine to compete with the leading candidates I have
mentioned, nor can anyone outside of those two parties.

Now maybe you can understand why the first 6 years of the Bush Presidency
were so critical and how devastating it was to the Christians who put him
into office twice, to watch him fail to lead on the key social and spiritual
issues our nation is facing despite his many promises to do so. We already
saw last November how Christians stayed home, disillusioned with being lied
to and used by President Bush. Based on who the most likely choices will be
in 2008, I am afraid we will see Christians staying home again, since
neither party will have a candidate running who is going to even try to lead
this nation back to God and Biblical values, only further away.

So what is the answer? PRAYER! Pray that God will raise up a man or woman in
one of the two parties who won’t be afraid to take a stand for Christ, for
faith, and for the spiritual and social issues of the day. I honestly don’t
know who that person would be, since again, without the ability to raise
several hundred million dollars and build the human machine in all 50 states
needed to run a national campaign, getting the parties nomination, let alone
getting elected, is impossible. But God is able to raise up the right man
for the right time to be President and that needs to be the focus of our

I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you today as
you begin to do your homework and pray about those running to be our next
President. As Believers, we are responsible for doing our best to elect
those who will help lead this nation back to God, not away from Him. The
fact is, all candidates will use God’s name to try and get elected. The key
is, which ones will actually honor God’s name and His Word once in office.

Let me encourage you today. No matter who the next President of the United
States is, it is not their job to lead this nation back to God and to
Biblical values, it is the job of those who know Jesus Christ as their
Savior. It is the job of the SPIRITUAL LEADERS, not the political leaders to
inspire the people to righteousness! Why do we expect someone in Washington,
even the President, to do the job God has called us to do? Personally, I
will pray for whoever our next President is like God’s Word commands us to,
just like I prayed for Present Clinton every day and currently pray for
President Bush every day. But I am not going to sit back and wait for even
the Present to do the job God has called me to do!

I don’t expect any longer our government to take a Biblical stand on the
social and spiritual issues of the day. I wish they would, and will try to
elect people into office who will, but ultimately it is my job to lead the
people back to Biblical values. So no matter who may become the next
President, never forget that if you know Jesus as your Savior, it is YOUR
JOB, not theirs, to bring God’s Truth into the place you live each day. Even
though abortion may be legal, get a pregnant woman who is thinking of
killing her baby saved and guess what, she will let that baby live! Get a
man who is involved in homosexual relationships saved and guess what, when
he gets married it will be to a WOMAN as God intended!

I have a strong feeling that whoever the next President is, will help to
further exacerbate the spiritual decline of our nation by taking
anti-Biblical positions on the key spiritual issues facing our land.  I
actually see this as a great opportunity for the Body of Christ to rise up
and let the light of God’s Truth shine in the midst of the darkness that
will envelope this nation of ours.  I actually see the opportunity for a
real spiritual revival as our nation continues to sink into the abyss of sin
and debauchery.  That is why getting people saved and keeping the  Absolute
Truth of God’s Word IN THE MARKETPLACE is the key to seeing this nation come
back to God and Biblical values no matter who the next President is!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

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Hillary Clinton Professes To Believe Upon The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Posted by Job on July 8, 2007 She also likes to talk about, you know, “values” and stuff. But the selective set of values and Bible themes that Hillary Clinton chooses to emphasize on … how does that make her any different from – or better than – the religious right, who also traffics in “values” based on selected (and often out of context) Bible themes? That is why I keep claiming that this “religious right values” (see Why Fox News Is Bad For Christianity, Christian Values Do Not Exist, and Christian Values Do Not Exist Part II: The Motivation For Believing A Lie) thing is nothing but a scam that the left will exploit to advance their own agenda one day soon, if not in the form of Hillary Clinton (too much baggage) and Barack Obama (who indeed is looking more and more like he just isn’t cut out to be anything more than a senator no matter how much experience he gets) definitely someone down the line.

As far as Hillary Clinton claiming to believe upon the resurrection, this goes back to the same doctrinal issue that I was speaking of in Final Answer: The Sinner’s Prayer Is Not Only Unnecessary For Salvation, It May Not Be Expedient! Look, lots of people were raised from the dead, Elijah and Enoch were bodily assumed into heaven, and Muslims believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. So, it is vital that one believes in the deity and person of Jesus Christ – whether He was fully man and fully God and is part of the Holy Trinity, which this article specifically did not deal with. Believing that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, was the Lamb of God that died to take away our sins, was raised from the dead, and even that He was the Moshiach (Messiah) is not enough … you have to believe that He was GOD. And still more: one of the most important – and most overlooked – verses in the Bible that has implications for salvation is James 2:19 – “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.” So yes, evil spirits know all of these things.

So, the question that has to be asked of both the religious left and the religious right: what makes us different? What separates us from the world? What separates us from the demons that know that there is a God because they have seen Him? The demons that know that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation? I propose that it is John 14:15 – “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” And I am not talking about the partial list of commandments that the religious left likes to keep. I am not talking about the partial list of commandments that the religious right likes to speak of. I am talking about all of them! THAT is what separates us from the world. THAT is what separates us from demons. And whether you are a Republican in the religious right or a Democrat in the religious left, if you think that you are somehow standing for God’s righteousness and advancing the kingdom of heaven by promoting a bunch of cultural, social, economic, religious, and political beliefs that are based on not so much a faulty incomplete understanding of God’s Word (though that often is a problem) but a desire to only promote and personally keep the part of God’s Word that you like and agree with and make you feel good, then you are only deceiving yourselves.

And that is why the religious left is now able to copy off the religious right’s playbook. Do not claim that it is not going to work unless they start calling abortion and homosexuality sin. News flash: the majority of the nation supports abortion and homosexuality, including a huge percentage of Republicans. There are plenty of moderates and independents that profess Christianity that either support or simply do not care about abortion and gay rights that the Democrats will be able to reach on election day with their religion talk. This false dichotomy that we like to pretend where the churches are either very conservative fundamentalist on the right and are ordaining gay ministers and abortion doctors on the left: that is not reality. The truth is that most churches are pretty much “in the center”, promote a mix of traditional and revisionist doctrine, and pretty much stay out of the controversial social, political, and religious issues of the day. The Democrats will well be able to come up with rhetoric that will allow them to chase that sizable contingent of voters – ELCA Lutherans, PCUSA Presbyterians, mainstream Baptists and Methodists, Episcopals that support neither Schori or Akinola, most Catholics, etc. while not alienating their base.

Before the religious right starts screaming “its unfair!” please remember that the religious right was only emulating the organizing strategies and tactics of the left, especially the civil rights movement. Just as Martin Luther King, Jr. and similar used religious organizations and selective Bible themes to pursue what was really a secular agenda, the religious right did the same. Neither side sought to truly increase the righteousness of this nation the only true way: which is to increase the number of Christian converts, and to call the existing Christians to righteousness in accordance to scripture. Instead, both movements pushed the very successful message that your righteousness is determined not by your belief in and commitment to the Bible, but rather your political, social, and cultural beliefs. There was no evangelism imperative, because it was all about being better, more moral, than the people on the other side of the ideological divide. And there was no call to repentance, because each side told their own that they were fine: they were already righteous, and it was THE OTHER SIDE that was responsible for the evil in the nation and in the world. Why? Because whether you are in the religious right or the religious left the same message is taught: that you can be a better person and make the world a better place apart from the Bible. So, it leads to the sort of madness that exists today where both the Christian right and the Christian left defend their own leaders and attack the leaders on the other side when they both promote many of the same policies and behave themselves in much the same way. Neither the Christian right or the Christian left is committed to advancing the cause of Jesus Christ in this nation, because both have attached themselves to a political agenda that allows them to ignore the cause of advancing Jesus Christ in their own lives while simultaneously telling themselves that it is their political views that makes them more righteous than the next guy; that if there is a God in heaven then it will be on the basis of their political beliefs that they will be saved and the next guy will perish.

Well, now it looks like the Democrats are finding a way to give the religious middle what the religious left and the religious right have had for decades: a sense of false spiritual maturity, righteousness, and pride that you get from putting your hope in worldly beliefs rather than God who is a spirit. I just want you Republicans to know that before you start howling and crying when this new “religious moderate” thing gets off the ground and becomes the new media buzzword, and you social conservatives get angry when Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, etc. leave you behind to fight the Democrats over them, that you need to know that you made it possible. You were the ones that convinced yourselves that you were standing for God and advancing his kingdom by dealing with people like Ralph Reed, Scooter Libby, Jack Abramoff, Mark Foley, etc. It is as bad as the religious left thinking that supporting race hustling poverty pimps and people who supported the Soviets during the Cold War would somehow result in this nation’s race, class, and gender divisions evaporating.

Is the point of this entry that Hillary Clinton is not truly a Christian or is not truly saved? No. The point is that from where I sit and from what I see, there is no basis to presume that virtually any member of the religious right is any more saved than Hillary Clinton is. Put it like this: if you were to poll most conservative Christian Republicans as to which one of Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush is more likely to be born again, the overwhelming majority would pick Bush, and the same would apply down the line for virtually any matchup between similar Democrats and Republicans. What would be their basis for making such a decision? Political party and political views. And this is the really sad part: given the choice between a Democrat that they perceived to be saved and a GOPer that they perceive to be not, who would they pick? I bet that a great many of them would pick the GOPer and trust the party rather than the saved Democrat and trust God. (Incidentally, it is not as if the Christian Democrats are any better.) And that is the really scary part, and why this nation needs a real revival instead of a religious political movement.

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The Truth Of Christianity Is Under Attack!

Posted by Job on June 26, 2007

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(2 Samuel 7:28, Proverbs 12:19, Zechariah 8:16, Ephesians 4:25) A few video powerful video clips from the TV program:

The TRUTH under attack! In case you haven’t been paying attention, the TRUTH of God’s Word is under serious attack like never before in the history of this nation. You have the national convention for a “church” this past weekend, cheering a man who supports slaughtering innocent babies and trying to redefine God’s definition of marriage, while castigating those who choose to believe the Bible as God’s Truth. June is a month that has been set aside to promote, glorify, and celebrate a group of people who have chosen to engage in unnatural, unhealthy and perverted forms of sex God calls an abomination. The hottest books this summer are books on atheism with many Hollywood celebrities leading a growing movement of people who have chosen to believe there is no God.

It is like the walls are closing in as the TRUTH is coming under attack from outside the church and inside it as well! This past weekend was the General Synod of the United Church of Christ in Hartford, Connecticut. The ultra-liberal UCC has openly gay clergy, supports gay marriage, and the killing of babies. One of their keynote speakers was Democratic Presidential candidate Barak Obama who took the opportunity to lambaste the “Christian right,” evangelicals who are foolish enough to believe what the Bible says, stating that, “”Faith got hijacked partly because of the so-called leaders of the Christian right, who’ve been all too eager to exploit what divides us.” Obama, a member of Chicago’s Trinity UCC whose controversial pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright is famous for his perverse theology of “black empowerment,” also stated, “I don’t know what Bible they’re reading, but it doesn’t jibe with my version.” Well Barak, I want to know what Bible YOU read! Dodging the fact that he supports killing babies and special rights for homosexuals. including redefining God’s definition of marriage, he tried to focus on other social issues like health care, poverty, and the environment. Those are all worthy issues, and issues we should, and MUST be concerned about. However, you simply can’t choose to compromise the Absolute Truth of God’s Word for political gain. THERE IS NO COMPROMISING THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD! Jesus said if you love me, you will obey me. That means the Bible! As a Christian, Obama nor anyone has the luxury of picking and choosing what parts of the Bible they like and don’t like. It is not Obama’s truth that matters, it is God’s! This is why our final authority is NOT what any man says, but what God says in His Word.

*As an interesting side note, even though he doesn’t pastor a church, or teach the Bible, or hold evangelistic meetings, for “credibility” Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State is an ordained minister. Lynn, who recently asked the IRS to take away the tax exempt status of Liveprayer for my comments about the Mormon cult is ordained with….THE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST! Now, you want to talk about hypocrisy! I made educational and spiritual comments about the fact Romney is part of a satanic cult, something I have every right to do, yet his own church at their annual convention has a man as one of their keynote speakers who is RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNTIED STATES!!! TALK ABOUT SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!! WHAT MORE OF AN ENDORSEMENT DO YOU NEED??? Memo to Barry, what time are you going to send the letter to the IRS to ask them to revoke the tax exempt status of YOUR OWN CHURCH???

June is also the month that as a nation we promote, glorify, and celebrate the sin of homosexuality. All throughout the nation there are special events at places like the family-friendly Disney properties in addition to parades in many cities to spotlight this CHOICE some people make to engage in a perverted and deviant form of sex. I lay the blame for the fact this nation now accepts and has legitimized this sinful choice right at the door of the church. My goodness, you have one entire denomination that caters to and specifically targets the homosexual community! While we have been hiding behind the four walls of our churches, building bigger and more beautiful buildings to meet in, creating our own little Christian subculture, satan has been busy turning this sexual perversion into a mainstream lifestyle that now, most people accept and condone. The United States in 2007 is no better or different than Sodom and Gomorrah, deserves the same punishment, and it is the gutless Christian leaders who sat back in silence, AND STILL ARE, who are to blame!

Also, the hottest selling books this summer are books on atheism. With many Hollywood celebs publicly supporting this belief that there is no God, atheism is a growing movement across the nation. As I have told you before, this makes sense because people don’t want to be held accountable for their actions. By denying there even is a God, that means they are free to do whatever they want, live however they please, without having to answer to anyone. The Bible says, “A FOOL says there is no God,” and surely this is the mental exercise of a fool to deny God’s existence. However, they are not worried about tomorrow, only today, and by denying the existence of God in their mind it gives them a pass to do what they want without being accountable to anyone. Of course, this a lie from the lips of satan, since the moment they die, they will stand before the very God whose existence they denied, be judged for their sins, and cast into hell for all eternity. GOD WILL HAVE THE LAST WORD!

I love you and care about you so much. What is a true follower of Christ supposed to do? With the TRUTH under attack from inside and outside the church, what are Christians supposed to do? What God has called us to do my friend, TAKE OUR STAND FOR THE TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS! One reason the Truth is under such fierce attack is that the Truth is not being told in the marketplace! We have abandoned the marketplace and left it to satan, and it has now even infiltrated the church! Like cancer spreading, we have allowed the lies to live and they been told long enough and loud enough that people have now exchanged the Truth for a lie. All we can do is boldly, visibly, and without compromise, bring God’s Truth into the conversation. We have to tell Obama that killing babies and trying to redefine God’s definition of marriage is WRONG! We have to stand in the public square and tell people that choosing to have sex with people of the same sex is WRONG! We have to make the case that without any doubt there is a God and those who are foolish enough to deny His existence are WRONG! Those who have committed their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ by faith, who accept His Word as Absolute Truth and our final authority in all matters, MUST speak out and not be silent any longer! You do that where God has you planted. In your home and neighborhood. At your school. On your job. Where you recreate. With those people the Lord allows to cross your path each day. The Truth is under attack because those who possess it have been silent for too long. Now is the time to speak out and let our voices be heard in the marketplace. If those who tell the lies of satan are so bold and unashamed, how much more bold and unashamed should those who have the Truth of God on their side?

My friend, the TRUTH is under attack from within and without the church. Now is the time for the people of TRUTH to take their stand and let this lost and dying world know that there is only ONE TRUTH, and it is not what any man says it is, IT IS WHAT GOD SAYS IT IS IN THE BOOK HE WROTE….THE BIBLE!!!

In his love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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No, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, We Don’t Only Care About Abortion. BUT WE DO CARE ABOUT IT!

Posted by Job on June 25, 2007

Seriously, who do these Democrats think that they are fooling with this nonsense? Yes, has been wrong of the religious right to focus on a narrow set of issues. Not only is it bad theology, but it has also been bad politics, as had their refusal to deal with poverty and racism cost them the votes of millions of fundamentalist and evangelical Christian blacks and Hispanics that would have given them a permanent governing majority. But if these people honestly think that abortion and gay marriage are negotiable issues for fundamentalist Christians, they are absolutely insane. The only thing that will get a pro – life voter to vote for a pro – choice candidate is either A) anger at the pro – life candidate or B) finding out that the “pro – life candidate” is actually a pro – choice liar. That is precisely what happened in 2006. The Christian right voters got sick of the lies and the excuses that the GOP has basically been telling them since Reagan’s first term (when a large GOP majority in the Senate yielded two pro – abortion judges, one of them, Sandra Day O’Connor, abortion – on – demand) and either voted for Democrats (some of them who were willing to play pro – life) or stayed at home. Well, I have to ask you this, “Christian” left (who for the most part seem to have left their Christianity), how come YOU care as much about abortion and gay rights as the Republicans do? How come YOU are dividing Americans and dividing the church over this issue by taking a stand that opposes scripture? Now,  I will be the first to admit, virtually all of these Christian right leaders are hypocrites. But on the issues of abortion and homosexuality, their stances are scriptural! Not only are you all being just as hypocritical by demanding that the other side unilaterally disarm so that you can win a border state or two in the 2008 election and pick up another Senate seat or two so that you can ram your ACLU general counsel Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court nominees through (and then LIE and claim that they are MODERATES, how on earth is the general counsel of the ACLU a moderate?) but you are being fundamentally dishonest! Now, of course, this might be a ploy not so much for conservative Christian voters, but for the middle, by trying to paint the other side as extremists. But they are not going to buy it. Why? Because moderates are MODERATES. They don’t hate the other side for disagreeing with them. They understand and respect that a great many people, many Christian but some not, consider abortion murder. They can look at a sonogram and see a baby writhing in pain as it is sucked out of her mother’s womb ( and understand how a person could see abortion as murder. They may disagree, but they do so RESPECTFULLY. So when they see this sort of self – righteous hypocritical deception, they cringe! And you know what else, Christian left? They see pro – abortion pro – homosexual Republicans! They see Rudy Giuliani leading the current pack of GOP contenders! Meanwhile, liberal Democrats that oppose abortion and gay rights are not even allowed to speak at Presidential nominating conventions held in their own states! Even the anti – Christ New York Times has started to acknowledge the importance of at least LYING to the people who care about the innocent blood shed in abortion mills every day with editorials like this: So where are you, Obama? Aren’t you supposed to be avante garde? The choice of a new generation? The next big thing? Weren’t you the one who was supposed to be able to bring us all together? Well, Mr. Muslim turned agnostic turned liberal Christian Barack HUSSEIN Obama, you are going to just have to try a little bit harder than your little left wing think tank echo chamber finger wagging in the face of the many tens of millions of Americans who disagree with you! The many tens of millions of Americans that didn’t see American Beauty. That didn’t see Monster’s Ball. That didn’t see Cider House Rules. That didn’t see Brokeback Mountain. They didn’t see any of that stuff because they disagree with it! Now these people may vote for you, Mr. HUSSEIN Obama, if you can convince them that you respect them though you may disagree with them. But self – righteous sanctimonius hypocritical finger wagging in the face of people who because of their religious, political, legal, moral, intellectual, or scientific convictions believe that there is something wrong with sucking a human life out of a womb putting it down the garbage disposal just isn’t going to cut it!

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Why Is The System Promoting The Least Qualified Candidates For President?

Posted by Job on May 24, 2007

If you listen to the media, the only candidates that have any real shot at winning and therefore the only ones worth even considering with your votes and campaign contributions are undercover Muslim Brotherhood member Barack HUSSEIN Obama, cross – dressing baby killing advocate Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, the great white (he would have to be of course since we cursed seed of Ham have to know our place) hope for the Mormon cult that wants to convert you to their apostasy, fill you full of demons, and take you to hell for eternity, and Hillary Clinton, who to me is actually the one of the four that would do this nation and world the least amount of damage (because she has ZERO POLITICAL SKILLS and wouldn’t be able to get anything done) certain people are convinced is the anti – Christ or something (read Daniel 11 people; even if the anti – Christ, or more accurately, the beast, is going to be a literal person, that person will be MALE). Just to make this clear: PLEASE DO NOT CONSTRUE THIS AS AN ENDORSEMENT OF HILLARY CLINTON OF ANY SORT. CHRISTIANS, PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR HER. I am only pointing out that Clinton is no more of an “anti – Christ” than the other leading contenders, whom you should not vote for either.

Well, what is the common thread uniting all of these candidates? Their stunning lack of political experience in any official capacity. Hillary “female anti – Christ” Clinton: first elected to political office in 2000. Barack HUSSEIN Obama was first elected to political office in 1997 … as a STATE LEGISLATOR. With all due respect to state legislators out there, his first position of real political power and responsibility (for he was not even a member of the leadership in the Illinois Congress) was the United States Senate seat that he won in 2004. Mormon Mitt Romney? His only official political experience was being governor of Massachusetts. For one term. Rudy Giuliani, the cross dressing advocate of partial birth abortion and cohabitor with a pair of homosexual men? THE ONLY ONE WITH ANY EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE, AND THAT CAME AS MAYOR OF A CITY, HIS ONLY POLITICAL EXPERIENCE! All of the four “leading candidates” have much less experience in terms of breadth (diversity of offices held … indeed Obama is the only one that has been elected to more than a single office, and neither has been in more than one branch of government in a political position) and depth (number of years served; with Obama the only one having been in an official political position for more than 8 years). And you know the best part? NO ONE TALKS ABOUT HOW INEXPERIENCED THESE “LEADING CANDIDATES” ARE! NOT THE MEDIA, NOT THE OTHER CANDIDATES, NO ONE! THE ONLY ONE FOR WHOM THE LACK OF EXPERIENCE OR QUALIFICATIONS ISSUE HAS BEEN RAISED IS BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, WHO IS ACTUALLY THE MOST EXPERIENCED GUY IN THE RACE! And you know what, I wonder if that is by design. They can talk about Obama’s inexperience for a second or two and then dismiss it using the convenient unmentioned “affirmative action” elephant that is in every room that causes every political reporter, analyst, or even the other candidates from dwelling on it lest they be considered RACIST, and that allows them to ignore the fact that the other leading candidates are even less experienced!

What is really galling is the Mitt Romney thing. After his ONE TERM AS GOVERNOR, what else do they have talk about him? Oh yes … “the man who saved the Winter Olympics.” (Incidentally, I wonder how he felt about the fact that the first Winter Olympics gold medal ever to be won by a member of the cursed seed of Ham was achieved right in the middle of Mormon country. A Jesse Owens in Nazi Germany moment if there ever was one. Hey, did anyone know that the Nazi regime was also centered around a pantheistic pseudo – Christian cult that also denied the deity of Jesus Christ just like Mormonism? And Mormons, before you claim that you do not deny the deity of Christ, this says you do, and this says you promote the deity of man while denying that of Christ.)

Before you talk about all of this great experience that all of these candidates have outside of official political office, about how Hillary Clinton was first lady in Arkansas and in the White House all those years, and how Rudy Giuliani’s background as US attorney makes him qualified to lead the war on terror … please spare me. The other “minor candidates” have similar experience. And yes, I know that Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, and several other Presidents have been elected on thin political resumes. I also know that there is something to be said for the populist “outsider who will change the way things are done in Washington” deal. Hey, if that is what the body politic wants, then fine, there is something that can be said for it. But that should only be done in comparing multiple candidates with varying levels of experience. Also, merely being an “inexperienced outsider” does not mean that you will “change the way things are done in Washington”, especially if your beliefs and methods hew to party – and Washington – orthodoxy, and if you are a “legacy candidate”. Well, NONE of the candidates represent a departure from party or Washington orthodoxy on any issue. (Spare me about Giuliani’s support for abortion and gay rights; as show me one actual thing that the national GOP or the Republicans in Washington have done to oppose either the abortion or homosexual agenda in 20 years … the only difference is that where some GOPers like Colin Powell and Rudy Giuliani are honest about their social liberalism, others like BOTH BUSHES lie about it. Case in point about “evangelical” George W. Bush: like he didn’t know about Dick Cheney’s family before he nominated Cheney to be his Vice President, and rumor has it that liberal Episcopal John Danforth – and remember that Bush’s family are longtime member of that denomination that JUST HAPPENS to be the vanguard of the homosexual agenda in American Christendom – was actually Bush’s first choice, just as pro – homosexual Harriet Miers was his first choice for the Supreme Court. As as for abortion, well taxpayers are still paying for them, right? And Bush and the GOP Congress had six years to do something about it AND DIDN’T DO A THING!) What is more, Romney and Clinton, the two candidates most likely to get the nomination, are legacies.

Realize that there is a reason for this. If you put an experienced person that holds a strong set of well – developed personal views that he has put into practice in a variety of positions over many years, that person is going to do his best to implement those views. As a matter of fact, the very reason why such a person would be willing to leave a Senate or House job that he has held for life or try to make the jump from the governorship to the White House rather than take a lucrative private sector or plum academic or public policy foundation job would likely be a desire to put those ideas into practice in a position where it would have the maximum benefit to the country. That means that such a person would likely resist the agenda of his party, and more accurately the powerful international big business and NGO interests that run both parties behind the scenes. And who wants that? Not the wealthy and influential crowd that have narrowed the field with their big campaign donations and control of the media. Those are the ones telling fundamentalist and evangelical Christians that their interests are better represented by a Mormon investment banker than a former leader in the Southern Baptist Convention who was governor of a key battleground state for 11 years, and telling the “progressive” crowd that Barack HUSSEIN Obama – who voted for that awful bankruptcy bill to prove that he can oppress the poor just as good as George W. Bush can – is better than Dennis Kucinich, who has been consistently anti – war, advocating for the poor, and opposing big business in a variety of offices since the late 1970s.

The powerful interests are doing all that they can to place someone in the Presidency that will basically just do as they are told and implement their agenda. What agenda is that? The anti – Christ agenda of further integrating the American economy, military, and political and cultural systems into “the global village”, which includes (of course) opposing Israel every which way one can.  (If you think that there is a difference between the two parties’ approach to Israel, please do Internet searches on names like “Dennis Ross” and “Brent Scowcroft.”) For this reason, I am calling on all Christians, regardless of ideology or political affiliation, to reject being manipulated by the media, big business, and the party bosses and instead support one of the “minor candidates” in this election. 

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Great Context For The TRUTHFUL Ron Paul Remarks That So Offended Everyone

Posted by Job on May 18, 2007

So people are going to stop pretending that the term “blowback” doesn’t exist now? If the GOP is that dumb that they are going to ignore reality just to protect a president that has sold them out and hurt them at every opportunity, then they are so stupid that they DESERVE Hillary Clinton, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, or Mormon Mitt Romney as President.  And no, Mr. Martin, it wasn’t “the way that he said it” that offends so many people. It offended them because it was true. Look, even if you SUPPORTED the gulf wars, you have to admit that our conduct of the military operations and the administration of the region have been a complete disaster. Under three Presidents (Clinton, Bush, and another Bush) and three U.N. secretary generals (Boutrous Boutros Gali, Kofi Annan, and Ban Ki – Moon). Bad execution does not negate noble intentions, but noble intentions also do not negate bad execution. We should have either fought the Iraq wars to win them or stayed out. We didn’t do either, either time. People need to quit living in a fantasy world. Who gains by it? Is God pleased by denying the truth? And please quit pretending that you have to prop up Bush, because he doesn’t care about his party or his country. If he did, he’d defend the border, stop the outsourcing of our economy, and do something about China’s economic and foreign policy aggression against us. He does all of this bloviating against Hugo Chavez,  yet he gets China into the WTO, so we know that Marxism isn’t an issue with this guy, and neither is Christian persecution. Hey, Republicans, take a word from a guy who left your party in disgust: your only shot at retaining the White House is washing your hands of Bush and figuring out a way to either win in Iraq (which may well be impossible at this point) or getting out of there. It isn’t “cutting and running.” It is acknowledging how Bush took a perfectly winnable war and made it unwinnable, almost as if he wanted a quagmire. But hey, if you folks want to march off a cliff like lemmings to save a guy who wouldn’t even stop tax your money from going to Planned Parenthood, that is your affair. That’s right, Christians, after six long years you are still personally paying for the murder of babies. So go ahead and keep supporting the bad policies of the guy who is making sure that you are a financier of baby – killing.

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But He’s Our Best Chance To Stop Hillary: Demon Of Fear I Rebuke You In The Name Of Jesus Christ! II Timothy 1:7

Posted by Job on May 17, 2007

My inspiration for this post: an odious billboard that I have to see virtually every day that has Sean Hannity’s picture on it with just three words: “Stop Hillary Now!” Now, what sorts of thoughts and emotions are supposed to be introduced in the reader by the billboard? Anger. Rage. Indignation. A desire for action. Fear. Mostly fear. It is designed to fill you with so much fear that you will do anything that you can to keep Hillary out of office, meaning that you will vote for whoever else is running for her, and vote for whoever is the best matchup against her in the GOP primary. Or that is, who certain people, such as Newscorp owned by Rick Warren buddy king of pornography Rupert Murdoch (, say is the best matchup against her. Hmmm ….

Look, I know what a TERRIBLE THING it would be for Hillary Clinton, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, or any Democrat running for that matter to become President of this nation. (And yes, I know that a lot of bible – believing Christian Democrats feel that it would be a TERRIBLE THING for most any Republican to become President, and this applies to you too.) But realize this: it would be a TERRIBLE THING if any of a number of these Republicans become President too. Christians really have to elevate their minds out of this worldliness and get into the spirit realm that Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ died to place us in (I Peter 2:9). The world will always put you in a position where you will have to choose the lesser of two evils, so that you will always lose, because ultimately you are just picking one demon over the other. Even if somehow you are going with the lesser depraved and powerful of the demons, it is still a demon! And yes, the main way that the world pressures you into false choices is by using fear to blind you from the sensible path: the way of God. Now because you were born in sin, it is the nature of your flesh to feel fear and react to it. But if you are born again into Yeshua HaMashiach, Romans 8:12 – 17 says that you have been bought back from the slavery of fear! That is how we are able to fulfill II Timothy 1:7 (For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind), because as we have been freed from fear, it should have no power over us to cause us to act irrationally, to act against righteousness.

Now again, this is not a plea to elect Hillary, or to sit back and allow Hillary to be elected. I know the bad things that a Hillary Clinton presidency would hold for Christians (and everyone else). But so what? What false theology or devil’s doctrine have you been following that tells you that bad things won’t happen? And it isn’t as if we haven’t had liberal Presidents before. We survived Jimmy Carter, we survived Lyndon Johnson, we survived Bill Clinton, and we will survive Hillary Clinton (or Barack HUSSEIN Obama). But let me tell you: if enough Christians let the spirit of fear control them, the result will be putting in a Republican that will be as bad or worse as Hillary or Obama!

Christians should be looking for a man of faith, temperance, compassion, strength, and character. Someone willing to oppose evil wherever they find it, will not favor the rich, and will do justice to the poor. We should not allow fear to cause us to compromise AGAIN. We should not support any abortionist, homosexual, cross dresser, representative of a false religion, or anybody who supports or consorts with them because “they’re our best chance to win.” That is what we did with George Bush, and now look at us. The signs were there, people. Bush ran for Congress as an adamant pro – abortionist in 1978. Not only that, his family, including his father, mother, and wife, were pro – abortion. Not only did Bush NEVER ONCE commit himself to the goal of overturning Roe v. Wade, but he actually came out and said that he OPPOSED overturning it, saying that “America’s heart is not right yet.” And he also sent his wife, Laura Bush, on the “Today” show saying that it should not be overturned. Scores of Bush’s appointments to his administration and the judiciary have been pro – abortion, and in his administration, the few known pro – lifers that he appointed (John Ashcroft and Tommy Thompson, and both only served in his first term) were prevented from advocating that position in any official capacity. And it is not just abortion. Pre – 9/11, it was a key part of Bush’s strategy to court Muslims in Michigan, New Jersey, and Florida in order to try to win those states. It was well known that George W. Bush liked to party with the homosexual crowd in his Ivy League days. Bush made an openly homosexual man our “AIDS czar”, and told James Robison to his face that he wasn’t going to stand against the homosexual agenda. Bush tried to keep the gay marriage ban amendment from coming to Congress, and then refused to support it until Christian right leaders made it clear to him that he would lose re – election if he did not endorse it. He endorsed it, but refused to do anything to get it to pass (none of the arm – twisting tactics that was used on the tax cuts, energy bill, or MediCare bill), and after re – election immediately gave up the pretense of even supporting it. And then you have Dick Cheney, who claims that whether homosexuals should be married should be “a state issue.” Look at the long Bush family global financial connections, and the secret (and not so secret) societies they are members of. Look at how Bush keeps trying to line the pockets of the rich with tax cuts, corporate welfare, and schemes to put government tax dollars into the hands of corporations. Look at all the money Halliburton stole in Katrina and Iraq contracts. Speaking of Iraq, can anybody tell me why we went to war with them in the first place? Or how about why the first Bush went to war with them? And where’s Usama bin Laden, huh? So what are you going to say, Christians? How much worse it would have been had Gore been President? Well let me tell you: had Christians not bought the line that was given them about how only Bush could keep Gore out of office, JUST MAYBE the nominee would have been A) moral, B) qualified, and C) ABLE TO BEAT GORE!

And the same is true this time around. Why are we just accepting that Mormon Mitt Romney, cross – dressing “I love baby killing” Rudy Giuliani, and chameleon John McCain are the only ones who have a shot at the nomination? People, it is MAY 2007. The Iowa caucuses aren’t until FEBRUARY 2008. Do you know that Bill Clinton was polling in the single digits this time in 1991? I don’t think Jimmy Carter was even in the race this time in 1975. Sure, things are different now with the amount of money that you have to raise and the front – loaded calendar, but there is still plenty of time for Christians to coalesce around a candidate and make sure that candidate has a strong showing in Iowa and New Hampshire, which would set up the South Carolina showdown, where we can ask all of those Bob Jones, Furman, and College of Charleston graduates do you REALLY want to vote for a Mormon or for a cross – dressing baby killer that supports civil unions or for a guy who wants give amnesty to illegal immigrants? I say that Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, and some of the other guys have a chance if only REAL CHRISTIANS would stop listening to those who are only after money and power and are using fear to manipulate them. We need to be letting the GOP know that if a strong Christian is not nominated this time around, we will vote for a third party candidate or be leaving the slot blank.

And I have to tell you: it is time to start looking at the Republican Party and these powerbrokers in the religious right (most of them not chosen by us, but rather by the Republican Party apparatus or these TV and radio networks … how many of you have ever seen Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh at an evangelistic revival anywhere?) and wondering if they are on our side. It sure looks to me like they are doing all they can to move the party away from the Bible – believers. Maybe we embarrass them. Maybe they think that we are a bunch of dangerous uneducated unsophisticated types. Or you know what? Maybe they just aren’t fans of true Christianity; the Christianity that tells them that sin is sin and that there is only one way to heaven. Maybe all they care about is “values”, “tradition”, and “culture.” Maybe “America”, or their concept of America, is what they worship, and not God, and they don’t want anything to do with any candidate that actually worships God, and certainly don’t want anything to do with his supporters (or her supporters … interesting that the GOP has made no interest to groom Protestant women of God for high office; the vast majority of the prominent female GOP officeholders are pro – abortion). Maybe the notion that one party is a godly party and the other party is the anti – God party has just been a bill of goods from the beginning. If I am interpreting him correctly (and he will let me know if I am not) Independent Conservative sure thinks so: check his Jerry Falwell entry out by clicking here. Maybe Christians need to take an adversarial stance towards BOTH PARTIES and in each individual state and district engage whatever party gives us the best opportunity. ESPECIALLY in the south and west and even in some places in the north, Christians need to look at joining the Democrat Party, and that way get all of the Bible believers among the blacks, Hispanics, and poor behind us so that Christians won’t be under the thumb of the Wall Street international banker types that actually run the GOP. You know, I read this article about the wild parties that Tom DeLay used to throw for campaign contributers: he got this pretty little CHRISTIAN girl to put on a skimpy bikini and get into hot tubs with married CEOs that were drunk on the alcohol that he was giving them. Remember: Herod gave his wife the head of John the Baptist after his stepdaughter dirty – danced for him, so you know these guys were willing to sign bigger checks after their drunk hot tub parties. Now Tom DeLay’s done some good things, including start a decent group home for foster kids, but come on! Look at all of those other scandals that the GOP got themselves involved in over the years. Like these “family values” Republicans didn’t know what was going on with Mark Foley and with Newt Gingrich. Like a lot of these pastors didn’t know. Like a lot of pastors didn’t know what was going on. According to this, a lot of these pastors were part of the DeLay – Abramoff shakedown. We know that these things are all going on, but we ignore it and support these people anyway? Why? Fear of the other side. Fear of the unknown. Well let me tell you Christians, any of you who let yourselves be ruled by fear is on the same side as Hillary Clinton and the other Democrats that you so fear, because if you give yourselves over to fear, you will be on the side of the anti – Christ whether you know or admit it or not. So Christians, do not fall for this game. The Bible says to “watch and pray lest ye enter into temptation” (Matthew 26:41). So we should do our Christian duty and watch this Presidential race (and the other races) as they unfold and pray to see whom we should vote for.

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Rick Warren Is “Pastor” To Porn King Rupert Murdoch!

Posted by Job on May 11, 2007

There are a bunch of Christian links to this story that you can find on any search engine, but I decided to use this secular link from CNN instead (click here).

That is right, , one of the globe’s biggest purveyors of pornography through his many media outlets (especially DirecTV) – and who is also doing his best to get international banker Mormon Mitt Romney elected President through his Fox “News Channel” so that Romney can fill you with whatever demons that Murdoch’s media empire won’t and take you to the lake of fire for eternity – calls Mitt Romney is “pastor.” And I thought  calling  his “pastor” was bad enough Come to think of it, I thought Rick Warren inviting Barack HUSSEIN Obama to Saddleback was bad enough!

And surprise, surprise, it turns out that Rupert Murdoch likes to run with the Council On Foreign Relations crowd now. See this link and this one too, oh and there are many more. Perhaps that WOULD explain how Murdoch got the United States government to change their rules preventing foreign ownership of major media entities back in the 1980s. Free market GOP, right? Well, looks like Rick Warren is just another commodity that can be bought and sold for money (and power), and be not deceived: he is not alone, for far many more prominent (and not so prominent) ministers are falling for the same trap of the enemy (and that is assuming that they were ever legitimate servants of Christ to start out with, an assumption that should NOT be universally applied).

When challenged about his affiliation with Murdoch (who published “The Purpose – Driven Life”, making me more and more convinced that Warren is nothing more than a CFR anti – Christ plant sent to seduce Christians into practicing false doctrines and other religions and lead them into supporting the anti – Christ’s political goals), Warren said something to the effect of “I focus on the 80% that Murdoch and I agree on rather than the 20% that we do not.” Excuse me, but I would say that the Pharisees and Sadducees that Yeshua HaMashiach contended against agreed on 80% or even 90% of things, and the same with the gnostics, Judaizers, and other heretics that the New Testament epistle writers exposed, castigated, and warned the church against following (yep, the New Testament prophesied that people like Warren would come on the scene, and multiply in number and power during the last days).

Christians, it is no longer about challenging Rick Warren on the things that he says and does: the guy knows 100% what he is doing and does not care, OK? It is about challenging the people who go to his “church”, and by challenging his supporters. As a matter of fact, we have to challenge EVERY Christian pastor, leader, person with a presence on TV, radio, print media, etc. why they aren’t challenging Warren and these other obvious heretics like anti – Trinitarian yoga master heretic TD Jakes (who incidentally is another Council On Foreign Relations “pastor”). The only reasons why more Christians are NOT taking these guys on (or are taking them on for nonsense reasons that have nothing to do with heaven or the lake of fire) are A) fear of public condemnation and B) lust for money and power. In other words, DEMONS!

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Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s “Christianity”: The Media Attempts To Run Interference

Posted by Job on May 2, 2007

See this link A three page article that never actually gets around to discussing Obama’s actual beliefs. It only says that Obama “accepts Christian tenets about Christ being ‘the resurrected son of God.” Well, excuse me, but Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses all believe the same! This is more than merely the secularists and liberals at the New York Times not caring about “fundamentalist” religious beliefs. Oh but were this so! No, this is doing their best to cover up the Council on Foreign Relations’ Great Black Muslim Hope (see the “Why I Believe that Barack Obama will be President” series here, here, and here, as well as more media tricks for him here, and here for a great examplel why Obama will be so useful to them.)

And of course, the article mentions how Rick Warren gave this fellow a podium at his “church” Saddleback, which helps insulate Obama from talking about his actual beliefs. See how Council On Foreign Relations types look out for each other (yes, Warren is a member). If this guy goes on to become President, it will be because of Christians allowing this fellow to avoid talking about his actual beliefs. It is an excellent diversion to talk about whether his church is racist (yawn) or separatist (who cares?) rather than whether it is an actual Christian church (it isn’t, and if it was Council On Foreign Relations protege and New Age preacher Oprah Winfrey wouldn’t be members of it, and neither would all those homosexuals be in it). As a matter of fact, “conservatives” like Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh who choose to talk about the church’s racial views rather than their Christian ones are actually playing into Obama’s hands, by distracting the argument away from Christianity and by making Obama look like the victim. Almost makes you think that they are all on the same side, doesn’t it? After all, Limbaugh HAS to know that George Bush, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, John Kerry, etc. are all in the same little clubs: Council on Foreign Relations, Skulls and Bones, etc. As a matter of fact, ALL of these conservative and liberal leaders have to know. So, are they all in on it? If so, are you being deceived?

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Jamal – Harrison Bryant And Steve Munsey Moneychanging Together For TBN?

Posted by Job on April 14, 2007

Update: Please check out this link and this link on the demonic roots of the denominations of TD Jakes, Juanita Bryant, and all others who deny God’s Tri – Unity and Matthew 28:19.

It is true, it is true. I actually watched Jamal – Harrison Bryant on his grand TBN debut when he triumphantly declared that it was a historic moment: the first time an African Methodist Episcopal Church was featured on TBN, which to me represented a historic opportunity for TBN to expand its reach into black audiences and mainstream denominations of all races who currently feel put – off by the evangelical movement because of its conservative politics, which at the time I felt was A GOOD THING (I, er, feel othewise now). Now prior to this I had known about him because he was being given a huge push on The Word Network; his own show plus a bunch of specials. Yet though I loyally watched The Word Network at the time (TD Jakes, Fred Price, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, etc. big supporters and defenders of them all I was until TBN ruined it all for me by introducing me to the term “Oneness Pentecostal” in an Azusa Street commemorational book they sent me; not that all of these people are anti – Trinitarian heretics, but that was the beginning of my eyes being opened) I just could not watch his show. Something about him; I cannot put my finger on it. Further, there was the fact that he named his church “Empowerment Temple.” Now as one who spent years in the grips of fever swamps of “black radical racism hate and kill all whites Jews Christians Asians” (yep, I went straight from “holiness or hell” to the fake hip/hop black power movement) and was new in Christ, I just couldn’t deal with mixing that terminology with Christ. Now I know that Jamal – Harrison Bryant SAYS that he MEANS spiritual empowerment, and he also means financial empowerment through the prosperity doctrine that he preaches (which at the time I also was an adherent to) and THAT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HELPING YOUR OWN KIND WHEN YOUR OWN KIND IS DISPROPORTIONATELY POOR AND PLAGUED WITH ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS, but on the other hand, WHY ALL THE TIES WITH POWERFUL INFLUENTIAL CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS, PASTOR BRYANT? It just seemed to be some weird mix of prosperity doctrine and liberation theology, Creflo Dollar crossed with Al Sharpton, and all under the auspices of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. So, I just couldn’t deal with it.

BUT, I was REALLY EXCITED to watch their TBN praise special. Tye Tribbett, of whom I am a huge fan, was on it. So was Deion Sanders. Fortunately, most of the Praise special was Tye Tribbett performing and Deion Sanders doing his thing (Sanders went from TD Jakes to Harrison Bryant, so obviously LITTLE THINGS LIKE TRINITY do not mean anything to him or his preacher wife … I remember her cry – a – thon with Paula White, DeLeon Richards, and a third black female preacher on ANOTHER TBN Praise edition), so I did not have to deal with the whatever it is that sets me so ill at ease about Harrison Bryant for very long. Now I know that Harrison Bryant is the son of a very influential preacher. Still, the guy literally comes out of nowhere, gets a head pastor position at a church on prime real estate in very pricey (and strategically located) Baltimore (professional athletes and other well – to – do and influential folks are members of his congregation), gets himself on The Word Network (who I repeat promotes him HEAVILY), and moves into the TBN inner circle all within a few years. Now  has him beat in terms of fast – rising, but even Cummings had a huge profile, first as a high – ranking member of the Nation of Islam and then as someone who traveled overseas deceiving to THOUSANDS of Muslims by claiming that they can use the Koran to become Christians before landing his church and TBN slot. So I put Harrison Bryant and Cummings both into my “fast risers” category: watch out for these people. Take a particular interest in who is REALLY backing them with money and connections.

I have an interesting scenario. You know someone else who attends an “Empowerment Temple”? Why the Council On Foreign Relations’ Great Muslim Hope BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (see my three part series on why I think that he will be president here, here, and here)! See, a lot of folks are unaware that these “liberation theology churches” are about politics and economics and not Yeshua HaMashiach (and get offended if you try to tell them otherwise, as I found out the first day that I imported this weblog to WordPress). Folks like Harrison Bryant are only adding to the spiritual deception in this matter, and TBN is helping, BIG TIME. So, thanks to TBN, folks are going to think that there is no difference between HUSSEIN Obama’s church (which also includes New Age witch Oprah Winfrey, who is also a Council On Foreign Relations worker AND a Word of Faith/prosperity teacher after the Jakes/Kenneth Copeland/Creflo Dollar/Ken Hagin/Rod Parsley manner except of a New Age bent) and Bryant’s “Empowerment Temple.” They will see it as, you know, “a black thing.” Now again, consider my earlier statement: Harrison Bryant has major backing in the civil rights movement; a former NATIONAL youth leader for the NAACP. What if, say, undercover Muslim Brotherhood member (again, just TOTALLY UNFOUNDED SPECULATION ON MY PART, DO NOT REPEAT IT OR EVEN FOR THAT MATTER BELIEVE IT FOR I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE) Barack HUSSEIN Obama were to take a swing by Jamal – Harrison Bryant’s “Empowerment Temple” while the TBN national and global viewing audience is watching. Of course, doing so won’t help Obama with the whole “not black enough” charge. But big deal, he will pick up so much support (or better yet lack of opposition) from white evangelicals and fundamentalists through his association with the TBN “in – crowd” through Bryant that it won’t matter. Which, of course, is exactly what the Council On Foreign Relations wants anyway. The Council On Foreign Relations doesn’t want race leaders or any other marginal or divisive sort, but rather “moderates” with “broad appeal.” You know, like Rick Warren, Tom Brokaw, and the aforementioned Oprah Winfrey and TD Jakes; people who are either members of CFR or work closely with them like Warren, Brokaw, Winfrey, Jakes, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and HUSSEIN Obama. Now sure, bombthrower Newt Gingrich is part of that group, but what did he do? Bring the conservative movement into agreement with the CFR agenda in matters like free trade and globalism in a way that an outsider to the conservative movement never could have. For all the barking against NATO and the UN that Newt Gingrich did during the six years that he was speaker of the House, not once did he actually cut funding to either when he had the power to do it all that time, remember? And now Gingrich is going along with the CFR – approved method for dealing with global warming, and even hanging out with George W. Bush’s Skulls and Crossbones buddy John Kerry. Now I have not been able to tie the Crouch family to the Council On Foreign Relations (just the heretic Sun Myung Moon, and see this also for another witness, and here for a third) but I will keep looking.

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More Liberal Anti – Semites Pretending To Care About Christians

Posted by Job on April 11, 2007

See link here. The next time any of these outfits talks about how Christians are REALLY suffering in Sudan, China, North Korea, or in any Muslim country (including “secular” Turkey) let me know. I won’t be holding my breath because I would rather stay alive to preach the gospel than die of asphyxiation.

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