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Abortion Is Racist Population Control Against Blacks AND BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES SUPPORT IT!

Posted by Job on April 29, 2008

From Breaking Christian News and The Tedland Daily Exposer. Anonymous phone calls to abortion clinics seem to substantiate the charges of ethnic cleansing of African-Americans by Planned Parenthood.

For years, accusations have been made regarding what can only be described as diabolically chilling racism at the heart of Planned Parenthood. In an October 2005 issue of Life Issues Institute, for example, Susan W. Enouen, P.E., writes: “Since the legalization of abortion in 1973, African Americans have taken a disproportionate blow to their population growth. Although today there are thirty-four million African Americans in the US, fourteen million unborn black American babies have been aborted since 1973, representing over one-fourth of their potential population. Today, blacks account for 12.3% of the American population, but African American women receive 36% of the abortions and are three times more likely than white women to have an abortion. The sad fact is, more African American babies have been killed by abortion since 1973 than the total number of African American deaths from AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer and heart disease combined.”

“One key factor that has contributed to this tragedy,” says Enouen, “is the lasting influence of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Sanger began the ‘Negro Project’ in 1939 to promote birth control as a solution to the poverty and degradation experienced, at that time, by blacks in general. Sanger was a strong proponent of birth control for the ‘unfit’ in society, who she believed should be discouraged from reproducing. Sanger sought to prevent the growth of certain segments of society, including blacks, through legislation or easy availability of sterilization and birth control. She recognized that these efforts might be seen as an attempt at racial genocide, and that the best approach must include recruiting and training African American doctors and ministers to help with the project.”

“Margaret wrote in a letter to Clarence Gamble dated October 19, 1939, ‘The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.’ She convinced black leaders that birth control and sterilization would ‘improve the welfare of the Negro population,’ and she enlisted their help in a mission to reduce maternal and infant mortality through birth control (as opposed to better prenatal and medical care). Thus began an undeniable effort to limit the growth of the African American population, irrespective of the intent.”

Just this month, on April 11, 2008, the Christian Post reported that a pro-life student group at UCLA released a series of shocking videos they claim proves that Planned Parenthood is still carrying out racially targeted abortions.

Today, BCN subscriber Pastor Brian Noble of Sandpoint Assembly of God in Sandpoint, Idaho, passed along an audio clip in which phone calls to Planned Parenthood were taped to authenticate these charges. Pastor Noble felt strongly that the Body of Christ at large needs to be made aware of this horrific practice. We agree wholeheartedly.

*My note: conservative Republican Christians, please remember that the GOP Congress and George W. Bush have had many opportunities to stop the $300 million that goes to Planned Parenthood annually but have refused. You had the GOP control of the Senate from 1980 – 1986, the Republican Congress from 1994 – 2006, and the Bush White House from 2000 until now. So Christians, always know whose side you are on. This issue was the main reason why I left the Republican Party in 2006: I realized that they were pro – abortion too! And as for you Barack HUSSEIN Obama supporters, this fellow supports the genocide of his own people. That the Clintons are aggressively pro – murder goes without saying. John McCain? He told the San Francisco Chronicle in 1999 that he would not seek to overturn Roe v. Wade. If I know this, John Hagee, Rod Parsley, and the rest of the religious right know this, yet they supported Bush and will support McCain anyway … and as far as black liberation theologists James Cone and Jeremiah Wright, apparently liberating the race means murdering it off, as both aggressively support abortion.


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What Does The Bible Say About Racism? Try Galatians 3:28!

Posted by Job on March 28, 2008

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you
are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

From Pastor Bill Keller. To sign up for his daily devotionals, click on link below.

Genesis 1:26,27, Deuteronomy 10:17, Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11, Galatians

What does God say about racism? Like in all matters of life, when we need
the Truth, the real answers, we have to go to our final authority in all
matters, the Bible. One of the greatest weapons of satan is division. The
enemy has figured out every way imaginable to divide men. Since virtually
the beginning of the human experience, man has fallen into satan’s trap of
division based on the color of a person’s skin or their ethnic origin.
While racism has always been an issue in this country, the fact is it is an
issue in every country. This divisive mindset is not unique to the United
States. Sadly, in some form it is practiced everywhere on the planet.

Since the racially incendiary remarks by B. Hussein Obama’s pastor of 20
years, Dr. Jeremiah Wright, became such a big part of the Presidential
campaign a few weeks ago, it has sparked a national dialogue on race. A few
weeks ago Senator Obama gave a speech on race that was lauded by many.
Those who made such a big deal over his speech were most likely swayed by
the fact he was dealing so openly with a taboo subject few will talk about.
However, his speech was hollow, self serving, and nothing more than a
political move to do damage control because of his close association with
Dr. Wright.

B. Hussein Obama’s race speech did NOTHING to help people or this nation
deal with this scourge, since the victory over racism isn’t going to come
from the flowery words of a politician whose only motive and goal is to get
elected President. No my friend, if people and this nation are going to
truly get victory over racism, it has got to come from an understanding of
what God says about this issue and by people who are willing to follow what
God says in the Bible.

If Senator Obama had intended to really take a leadership role on the race
issue, educate the nation and provide real answers for how to get victory
over this inhumane way people treat others who are different than they are,
then he would have told people what God says about racism. God says MUCH
about this issue, but Senator Obama didn’t find it worth including even one
verse of Scripture.


The fact is, there is only one race, the human race! People may have white
skin, black skin, brown skin, yellow skin, red skin, or any other color
skin, they may have different ethnic backgrounds, but they are all part of
the same race, the human race! The Bible says that ALL MEN are created in
the image of God. God created all men equal. I tell you frequently that
satan is the great perverter. It is satan, not God, who seeks to divide men
by their skin color, ethnicity, financial means, and any other way you can
dream up to divide people. God created men equal to live in harmony with
one another. It is satan who introduced division into the human experience.

In God’s plan of redemption, there is no division. John 3:16 says that God
so loved the world, ALL men. It says that WHOSOEVER BELIEVES. That is a
universal call to ALL MEN regardless the color of their skin or where they
live. In 1 John 2:2, it talks about how Jesus laid down his life for
EVERYONE. Everyone means ALL MEN, the entire human race. This satanically
inspired way we have of dividing ourselves through racism, prejudice, and
discrimination all make a mockery of what Christ did on the cross. He
faithfully and obediently went to that cross to die for the sins of ALL

That is why all of the black pastors I know repudiate the false black
liberation theology Dr. Jeremiah Wright has been teaching for over 3
decades. Wright is actually a student of James Cone who made this perverse
theology popular in the 60s that teaches the Bible is the basis for blacks
to be liberated from social, political, economic, and religious bondage. B.
Hussein Obama is a liar when he states he never heard the types of comments
made by Dr. Wright the media has been playing, since that is the
foundational teaching of the black liberation theology Wright has been
preaching in Chicago for over 30 years.

The fact is the Bible DOES teach liberation theology, LIBERATION FROM SIN!!!
It was not written to people with dark skin, but to all people regardless of
their skin color. We are all part of the human race, which means we are all
born with the sin of Adam, we all sin during our life, and that is why Jesus
went to the cross. He gave His very life on that cross as the payment for
the sins of all mankind, that through faith in Him men might be find freedom
from their sins. There is nothing in the Bible to support this false black
liberation theology Dr. Wright preaches, since the liberation theology of
the Bible is about the freedom from sin for ALL MEN!

You also have the Biblical example of Jesus during His earthly ministry.
Again, racism is not a new phenomena to the United States in our brief 232
year history. Forms of racism have been part of the human expedience since
the very beginning. Jesus commanded us in John 13:34 to love each other as
He loves us. He used people of other ethnic backgrounds often in His
parables. One of the most powerful is the story of the Good Samaritan. If
you remember, the Jewish religious leaders passed by the man who had been
robbed and beaten and laying on the side of the road, leaving him to die.
It was the Samaritan, the non-Jew, who honored God by stopping and
ministering to the needs of the injured man. Don’t forget, it was Jesus who
told his followers to make disciples of EVERY NATION, reaffirming the value
of all men.

I love you and care about you so much. If B. Hussein Obama had wanted to
give a real speech on racism to move hearts and lead people in this issue,
THIS is the message he should have delivered. It would have been a message
from God’s Word that laid the Biblical foundation all men are created equal
and those who seek to divide men by the color of their skin are not of God,
but of satan! It would not have been the self serving, politically crafted
words to try and help him weasel out of his 20 year association with a
pastor and church that preaches and teaches division based on the color of a
person’s skin. Dividing men by skin color, ethnicity, are the works of the

Those who truly seek to serve and follow the Lord are not looking to divide
men but unite them. A true follower of Christ understands that God created
all men equal, that we are all part of the human race. Racism, prejudice,
and discrimination are NOT of God, since we are hurting someone God created
and loves and Jesus died for! Sadly, 11 am on Sunday morning is the most
segregated hour of the week in this nation. That is truly a shame since the
one sanctuary from racism should be the church. Yet sadly, most churches
don’t lead the culture, they allow the culture to lead them. So rather than
modeling what God says about this issue, in far too many churches, they
perpetuate this ungodly attitude men have for other men who look different
than them.

They better wake up since when we die, and stand at the gates of Heaven,
there won’t be a line for whites, or a line for blacks, or a line for
Asians, or a line for Hispanics, or a line for those from the Middle East,
just like there won’t be a line for Catholics, or Baptists, or Methodists,
or Pentecostals. No my friend, when you take your last breath there will
only be two lines. One for those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ
and one for those who have rejected Christ. The Bible proclaims those who
reject Christ will be cast into the flames of hell for all eternity, and
those who know Jesus will be welcomed into their eternal home with God their
Creator in Heaven. At that moment, Galatians 3:38 will be realized, “There
is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all
one in Christ Jesus!”

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY? The fact is you will die one day. At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator. To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

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(C) Copyright 2008, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved.

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A Brief List Of Reasons Why Christians Should Not Support Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Posted by Job on February 15, 2008

Courtesy of Independent Conservative.

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Posted by Job on February 14, 2008

(2 Peter 2:1, Lamentations 2:14, Jeremiah 14:14, Matthew 24:24)

“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and
wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.” JESUS CHRIST

NO WE CAN’T! The cult of B. Hussein Obama. Remember I told you there would
be a revival in this nation this year. Well, before we see a true spiritual
revival that will bring millions to faith in Christ and help lead this
nation back to God and Biblical values, there is going to be a “faux
revival” led by the latest preacher of false hope, B. Hussein Obama. Obama
is running for the Democratic Party’s nomination to try and become the next
President of the United States. He is preaching a gospel of change and
hope. Thousands are flocking to his campaign rallies and becoming
emotionally charged as this “political evangelist” preaches about hope and
change. The problem is he is a false prophet and no true follower of Christ
can follow or support this “false messiah of hope and change!”

Very troubling to me has been watching the “revival-like” atmosphere
surrounding B. Hussein Obama’s campaign for the Presidency. Like all false
prophets, it is a false gospel with lots of smoke and mirrors. I think
people would be troubled to know that the flowery rhetoric flowing from
Obama isn’t coming from his heart, but from a 26-year-old white man named
Jon Favreau. Favreau is the author of those flowery and dynamic hope and
change messages you hear, not B. Hussein Obama. Obama has even had some
input from legendary JFK speechwriter Ted Sorensen who is now 79.

Want another interesting fact about B. Hussein Obama. As someone who has
done live TV every night for 5 yrs, if you watch Obama, he only gives those
stirring hope and change speeches when he has a teleprompter so he can READ
HIS LINES! This man is a complete fraud! When he is without a
teleprompter, he resorts back to his typical stump speech on the issues.
This “false messiah” of hope so many are clinging to, isn’t even the author
of his message of false hope and is incapable of delivering those passionate
speeches without a teleprompter!

Before I get any further into this Devotional today, sadly I have to stop
and address something I have already been accused of just by announcing I
would be dealing with Obama today. Anyone who has ready my Devotionals
knows that I am not in any way shape or form a racist. You need to go my
Devotional archives on the website and search for the
Devotionals I have written on racism. The fact is, half of the Board of my
Ministry are African-American men. Of the 2.4 million subscribers to the
Daily Devotional, there are Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, people of
every race in all parts of the world.

In the first 3 years of my ministry when I preached in over 500 churches
around the country, I mainly started out preaching in black churches in
Chicago where I was based, through doors opened by the men on my Board. One
of my dearest friends is the legendary civil rights leader Dr. Clay Evans of
Fellowship Baptist Church in Chicago. Dr. Evans has always referred to me
as his “white son.” He honored me by letting me preach his broadcast
service from the “Ship” as it is known on several occasions, one of the only
white preachers to have done so.

What I am sharing about Obama today has NOTHING to do with the color of his
skin. It has everything to do with his stand on the spiritual issues of our
day and the fact he takes stands in complete opposition to the Bible and
God! That is why a true follower of Christ can’t support B. Hussein Obama.
You don’t need to look any further than his stand on abortion. Forget his
weasel rhetoric. The FACT is, B. Hussein Obama supports a woman’s right to
kill her baby. Obama supports the legalized slaughter of babies. There is
really nothing more a true follower of Christ needs to know about this man.
But that is not all. B. Hussein Obama also supports redefining God’s Holy
Institution of Marriage to include people who choose to engage in deviant
sexual acts with others of the same sex. How can a true follower of Christ
support a man who wants to change God’s definition of this most holy union
of marriage?

What is most troubling to me is that B. Hussein Obama claims to be a
Christian. Only God knows his heart, but Jesus said, “If you love me, you
will obey me,” not live in rebellion to me. If B. Hussein Obama is truly a
follower of Christ, how can he vote to support the legalized slaughter of
babies and the redefining of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage? Let me
dispel an Internet rumor. Obama is NOT a Muslim. However, he did grow up
in Muslim culture. Your life experiences shape who you are, so while not
being a Muslim, he is no doubt sympathetic to the issues Muslims face.

Let me be blunt. Islam is a false religion of hate and death, a 1400 year
old lie dreamed up by a murdering pedophile named Mohammed. They have a
very real goal of destroying this nation and all who live here who refuse to
convert to their false religion. While those who seek to make Islam more
acceptable and mainstream talk about peace, the fact is, ALL Muslims are
guided by the same book of fantasies Mohammed inspired, the Qu’ran. Their
book clearly calls for the DEATH of all infidels, and that means all
Christians and anyone else who won’t convert. They routinely execute
Christians in other parts of the world, and would do so here in a heartbeat
if they could get away with it. While B. Hussein Obama is NOT a Muslim, due
to his life experiences, he is clearly sympathetic to Muslims, the ones who
want to see this nation destroyed and all who live here who won’t convert to
their false religion dead!

B. Hussein Obama is part of this new movement I have warned you about, the
Religious Left. In case you have been sleeping, there is a new group of
people in our nation who call themselves the “religious left.” This is a
relatively new term so you may not be familiar with it. That is why I felt
it was so critical to take the time today to insure you not only understood
what it means, but who actually makes up this new group of people. Forty
years ago, this group didn’t even exist. They have actually evolved and
grown tremendously over the past decade.

The “religious left” is made up of people who identify themselves as
Christians and hold strong religious beliefs as well as sharing left-wing
ideals. Obviously, this group has risen up in opposition to those who have
been tagged the “religious right” or the “Christian right.” The “Christian
right” is that group of Bible-believing Christians who are politically
active and seek to elect to office those candidates who hold to Biblical
values on the key spiritual issues of our day that are also political

These would be issues like abortion and life related matters, gay marriage,
family issues, the proliferation of the pornography industry, and the drive
to remove God from the public square. Those in the “religious left” actually
take an anti-Biblical position on these issues and are also heavily involved
in the ecumenical movement, environmental issues, opposing war for any
reason, world hunger, and social issues like healthcare, welfare, and

Interesting that B. Hussein Obama’s first bill as a United States Senator
was a world hunger relief bill that they are trying to ramrod through as we
speak. This would force the United States to pay apx. $900 billion MORE
than we already spend on world hunger. While we have to do our best to feed
the hungry, I guess Obama never read where Jesus said, “The poor you will
have with you always.”

There is nothing wrong with pursuing these noble social issues, Believers
should be more involved on those fronts. The problem with this group is
their anti-Biblical position on the key spiritual issues of our day and
their involvement in these ecumenical movements that require you to set
aside the Absolute Truths of the Bible. However, they support the legalized
slaughter of babies, redefining marriage to include men with men and women
with women, perverting the family by brining children into homes with
homosexual parents, and embrace ecumenical fellowships with all of the cults
and false religions of the world. They deny the inspiration and inerrancy of
the Bible, have rejected God’s Word for the Absolute Truth it represents,
and have bought into the lie of the world that there are “many roads that
lead to God.” These are the people who make up the “religious left!”

B. Hussein Obama’s church is the liberal Trinity United Church of Christ in
Chicago, pastored by the racist Dr. Jeremiah Wright. Wright preaches a
message of black separatism and is a racist in every sense of the word. The
UCC is one of the most liberal denominations there is. They ordain
practicing homosexuals, support slaughtering babies, and preach the social
Gospel of the religious left, having abandoned the inspiration of the Word
and preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The queen of the New Age
witches, Oprah, also calls Trinity UCC her church.

A modern day foe of God, Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of
Church and State is ordained thru this liberal and ungodly denomination.
Lynn has made it his life’s work to try and silence and destroy true works
of God, and last year came after Liveprayer for my stand on satanic cult
member Mitt Romney, by trying to get the IRS to take away our tax-exempt
status. His efforts failed because we did nothing wrong. The fact is, Lynn
has tried to get the IRS to revoke the tax-exempt status of over 70 churches
and ministries over the years, and has failed to be successful even once!

I love you and care about you so much. Revival is currently sweeping the
land, however, it is not the spiritual revival that will be coming very
soon. This current revival is a political one that has transcended into an
emotional charged movement of false hope and promises. The leader of this
cult-like movement is B. Hussein Obama. He is no more the next savior of
this nation than I am the next great heart surgeon, and I hate blood! I am
not even going to talk about his inexperience and the great peril all
Americans will be in with this “child” at the helm in today’s complex and
dangerous world of terror and global economics. I’m not even going to talk
about the fact he is the most liberal of the 50 United States Senators and
what his Presidency would do to this nation. I am most concerned with
people who know the Lord getting caught up in and becoming part of this
movement of hype and false hope.

My friend, the only true hope is Jesus. The only true answers are found in
the Word of God. God gave us in black and white in the Bible, specifically
how to deal with all of the issues in our lives and in this world. More
troubling than anything is that Obama won’t even speak in specifics, only
flowery platitudes. Once you tear away the hype, the smoke and mirrors, all
you are left with is empty rhetoric that inspires people and makes them feel
good, but leads them nowhere. However, it is empty since it doesn’t give
them any real direction. Hope is the greatest gift one person can give to
another, however, if that hope is in anything else but the Lord and His Word
it is false hope.

What we do know about B. Hussein Obama is that he supports the slaughtering
of innocent babies and trying to redefine God’s Holy Institution of Marriage
to include those who choose to engage in deviant forms of sex. Both
positions clearly in rebellion to the Lord and to the Bible. Obama, like
each follower of Christ has to heed the words of Jesus and decide which
master he is going to serve. You can only serve one. I am challenging you
today to decide who YOU are going to follow, B. Hussein Obama, the most
recent false messiah, or Jesus Christ, the true Messiah!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
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Big Trouble For Barack HUSSEIN Obama Based On His Church?

Posted by Job on January 16, 2008

Now a few months back when Trinity Church of Christ was being derided for being a black nationalist liberation theology outfit that does not preach the true Jesus Christ, the left out of their hatred for Jesus Christ rushed to condemn Tucker Carlson and the other attackers. As a matter of fact, I participated in a lively “discussion” on that issue the day that I started this weblog. But now that Hillary Clinton fans see their ice queen’s march to the presidency threatened by this Negro usurper, the white left begins to pull from the same bag of racist parlor tricks as does conservatives.

Witness this article from Richard Cohen of the Washington Post. Now Cohen is actually an atheist, but he pretends to be Jewish when it is time to launch political attacks at his enemies by associating them with anti – Semitism. Cohen completely ignores the huge Jew and Israel hating contingent among Hillary Clinton supporters to demand that Obama disavow his church because its magazine gave an award to Louis Farrakhan. Now Trinity United Church of Christ has been doing similar things for years. As a matter of fact, it is impossible for the leading black liberation theology church in Chicago, where Farrakhan has his home base, not to have praised Farrakhan and similar black nationalists. If Cohen didn’t care about it when Obama was elected to Senate and becoming a much – needed celebrity for the Democratic Party the past four years, he certainly doesn’t care about it now. Just like he didn’t care about the ties that Congressional Black Caucus and NAACP leader Kwiese Mfume had with the Nation of Islam. Mfume, you see, wasn’t running against Bill Clinton’s wife.

Of course, the goal of this is to put Obama in a no – win situation. First of all, associating Barack HUSSEIN Obama with the “black Muslim” radical Farrakhan reminds white voters of things like Barack HUSSEIN Obama having an African Muslim father (and stepfather) and spending a few years in a Muslim school in Indonesia. Now the Nation of Islam is every bit the pseudo – Islam as Trinity United is pseudo – Christianity, but Cohen (and the Clintons) are banking on your typical Nevada, South Carolina, Florida, etc. white primary voter not knowing this.

Second, suppose Obama chooses not to respond. The line then becomes that JUST MAYBE Obama loves Farrakhan and hates Jews. That brings the fact that Obama, for a host of legitimate reasons that I will not get into, is known to be more sympathetic to the Palestinians and less sympathetic to Israel than most prominent politicians from the backburner to the forefront. Now this has not been a major issue so far primarily because Cohen and the rest of the left have been far more willing to countenance anti – Israel and pro – Palestinian voices than in the past because of spite against the pro – Israel Republican evangelical Christians. (More than a few Jewish leaders, and not all of them liberal, have even found backing a Palestinian state and risking the almost certain destruction of Israel as a result preferable to having to thank evangelical Christians for defending Israel.) This makes support for Israel a prominent political consideration in the Democratic Party that is less than two years removed from running off Joe Lieberman again. The thing is that even if Barack HUSSEIN Obama does what is required of him, Jews will have to think long and hard about whether to support the “risky unknown unproven black guy from Chicago with the African Muslim name” or “stick with the safe proven fighter for Israel and Jewish interests Hillary Clinton.” Please recall: a major hindrance with Jews in choosing between black and white candidates is the fear that whenever black interests and Jewish interests collide, that the black elected official will side with his own people. Needless to say, no threat of that exists if the elected official is Jewish or Caucasian Gentile. And that was the point of Cohen’s rehashing the “black – Jewish coalition” during the civil rights era, to the point of stating rather hyperbolically “Martin Luther King, Jr. always stood up against anti – Semitism and for Israel” and the utterly ridiculous charge “Obama’s failing to speak out would be like stomping on Goodman and Schwerner’s graves!” Being a well educated black man with strong ties to the civil rights community, Obama needs no history lesson from Cohen, and Cohen knows this. Instead, its purpose was to send a clear message to Jewish Democrats – of which there are not a few especially in the key February 5th Florida primary that will basically make or break Hillary Clinton’s campaign as Nevada is expected to be inconclusive, she is toast in South Carolina and Georgia, and she has been forced to use up her best ammunition (crying, attacks on Obama’s SUPERIOR qualifications) – that the appropriate thing to do is to vigorously support and promote Clinton regardless of what Obama does, and that they can do so without guilt and with demands that there be no recriminations from the black community and demand that our leadership lie down and take its place behind every other coalition on the left (labor, feminists, Jews, environmentalists, homosexuals, atheists) just like always. Well consider that when a lot of prominent Jews such as Lieberman (and Cohen) started opposing affirmative action because blacks were taking too many college spots away from Jews and when they joined the right wing hatemongers to defend Jewish Ivy League student Eden Jacobowitz’s yelling “hey you black water buffalo, if you want to act like animals you should go to the zoo!” at black black students for the “crime” of interrupting his studying, the past sacrifices of those like Goodman and Schwerner were invoked to deal with any guilt over those issues as well.

Third, suppose Obama disavows his church, Farrakhan, or both. First of all, his doing so will not prevent Jewish political leaders from backing Hillary Clinton. Second, and almost as important, it keeps the race issue alive, and that always benefits Hillary Clinton. Doing it in a way that keeps Hillary Clinton out of the picture so that she cannot be accused of race baiting or benefitting from the practice? Even better! And in a manner that will allow the media – especially the many in the media (and have ready access to it) that are supporting Hillary Clinton, like Gloria Steinem, who made the ridiculous claim that wealthy white women like her have had it harder than black men, and got away with it because of black leaders so fear crossing swords with white feminists because they know who will win that battle in the leftist coalition EVERY SINGLE TIME to start the “is Barack Obama black enough?” and to start sticking a microphone in the face of every black primary voter in South Carolina asking “Is Barack Obama a sellout for denouncing the man who led the Million Man March?”

Anything that takes the attention away from the fact that electing Hillary Clinton would mean continuing the past 20 years of this country being governed by utterly corrupt members of the same two families that are actually great friends (please note that Bill Clinton did not prosecute George H. W. Bush over Iran – Contra and that George W. Bush did not prosecute Bill Clinton over Chinagate … if Hillary Clinton gets elected do not think that she will go after George W. Bush over his scandals) and support basically the same policies (click here to read “The Bush-Clinton Dynasty by Chuck Baldwin) is good for Hillary Clinton. So is not talking about how not only did she vote for the Iraq War, but her husband used the same rationale as did George W. Bush – weapons of mass destruction – for bombing Iraq during his impeachment hearings. So is not talking about how she supports the death penalty, three strikes laws, and welfare reform. Or how “the great Clinton economy” was nothing more than companies ripping off hundreds of billions of dollars – much of it retirement fund money – through the stock market on schemes, and how the Enron scandal (and remember Enron executives contributed heavily to the Clintons!) actually began during the Clinton administration, and how the current mortgage crisis was created by lenders desperate to recover the capital that they lost when the bubble (that the Clinton administration encouraged every step of the way and even took credit for helping create) burst. And no, it is not talking about how under the Clinton the September 11th hijackers all entered the country and did their training all while our huge national security apparatus was monitoring them. That was why the attacks were attributed to Al Qaeda almost immediately, long before they took responsibility for them.

This is not to say that Obama would be any better on these or other issues. But these issues are compelling reasons to vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton. Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton will govern just as her husband did. As a matter of fact, she has actually used that fact as a major part of her platform (refusing to acknowledge that her husband is not nearly as popular as is portrayed, with most of his “popularity” due to dislike of the other side). Instead, her message has been “even though I am going to continue the same evil policies that have been disastrous for the country in every way as have my husband and both Bushes since 1988, my being the first female president would make it all different and better!”

The lesson for Christians in this incident is clear: do not be conformed to the world or the ways in it. Else you will be party to its wickedness.

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Black Women Receive One Third Of All Abortions!

Posted by Job on January 12, 2008

Anti – Abortion Blacks Marching On Berkeley Saying Culture Of Death A Civil Rights Issue!

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Was I Wrong About The Whole Confederate Flag Thing?

Posted by Job on October 7, 2007

I may have to delete and apologize for my earlier post.

Update: IndependentConservative says NO:

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Jena Louisiana: The Black Christian Perspective

Posted by Job on September 21, 2007

Update: See The Multiculturalism Tolerance Diversity Movement Is Greco – Roman Paganism

Let us not deceive ourselves people: this case is all about race. Why are we so unwilling to admit that this is the case? I will provide the answer: worldliness. Professing Christians are so given over to worldliness in their minds, wills, and emotions that they have no knowledge of or sensitivity to spiritual things, and even when the Holy Spirit does try to reveal the true knowledge of the Godhead to them, they reject it because it conflicts with their flesh.

And that is why so many are so willing to deny the presence of racism. Because what is racism? Sin. Sin is disobedience to God, and God in the Incarnate Person of Jesus Christ told us to love God with all our heart, soul, and strength and to love our neighbor. Racism is failure to love our neighbor. It is as simple as that. Because of its simplicity we wish to reject it to follow after the high sounding things of the world, thinking that their complexity as articulated by men with peerless credentials obtained by their much learning gives it credibility. Well I am here to tell you today that there is no knowledge outside of or apart from the Holy God, and God makes things simple to confound the great and wise so that we that are humble enough to admit our ignorance before Him will be glorified. The simple truths that come from God we reject. The complex lies that come from Satan we accept. It has been that way ever since the Garden of Eden, when God gave Adam one simple prohibition: do not touch the tree of knowledge of good and evil or eat of its fruit. But the instant that Satan comes along with his subtle words and intellectual rationalizations, the fall of man occurred.

And this, dear Christians, is the real problem. You see, once we reject that racism is a spiritual problem, we reject the only spiritual solution for that problem, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ which brings the fruits of the Holy Spirit into the regenerated believer. The inevitable result is that we seek worldly solutions for spiritual problems. And that opens the door wide open for Satan. Consider this: how many times have you heard some self – righteous Christian utter the ridiculous statement “I cannot BELIEVE that racism is a problem today! Why can’t we just get over race and get past it?” That is the conservative political and cultural viewpoint.

Now take racism away and substitute another sin in its place. “I cannot BELIEVE that murder is a problem today! I cannot BELIEVE that lying is a problem today! I cannot BELIEVE that adultery is a problem today! I cannot BELIEVE that theft/gossiping/addiction is a problem today! Why can’t we just get over it, get past it, and stop seeing homosexuality? Just stop thinking in terms of abortion?” Don’t you see how utterly ridiculous that sound? For all Bible believing Christians know that people cannot just up and stop doing these things. Yes, even born again Christians will inevitably fall into sin. We know that we were born in sin and live in a world that is corrupt, wicked, depraved, under the rule of Satan, and is doomed to die. This world is so irredeemably tainted that even the return of Jesus Christ to rule the nations with a rod of iron for 1000 years, which some postulate will be a type of final Sabbath, will cleanse the filth of sin from creation.

Why? Because the Bible teaches that even after a thousand years of rule by the return of the Incarnate Word of God Himself, once Satan is loosed, it is only going to take a LITTLE SEASON for Satan to gather up the peoples of the world for an all out rebellion against God. It will be at that point when fire will come down from heaven and destroy that corrupted creation forever, and there will be a new heaven and a new earth. And only at that time will racism be defeated. And even then, it will only be defeated in the people that are resurrected to life and get to live in New Jerusalem, the second Eden. Those that will be resurrected to death will burn forever in the lake of fire, and you had better believe that a great percentage of them will still be racists and still blaming other races, ethnicities, cultures, etc. for their fate. So no, these people will never ever just get over and past race, just as they will never give up their sorceries, abominations, murders, rebellions, gossip and filthy communication, and lusts. Just as Christ will never leave the righteous, iniquity will never leave the sinner, not even in the lake of fire.

And yet we reject that knowledge, and it is not just the right. The Christian left partakes in this too. Rejecting the ways of God for the evils of the world, they make and promote the lie that man can cleanse himself of this evil. They claim that through psychology, education, and full immersion in media brainwashing a person can be freed of racism! If that is not humanism, the notion that man can improve himself with by his own hands, what is? And what is worse, whenever they run up against recalcitrants that refuse to bow to their forced conversions, they without fail turn to the power of the state. Of course, in doing so, they knowingly trade a lesser evil for a greater one. They trade the individual sin of one racist for the collective sin of government racism. They exploit the the localized racism of certain communities to expand the very same government that has always been the chief source of racism – as well as hatred for the poor and the righteous – in any society. How ironic that the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are in Jena, Louisiana telling their black charges that the very same state has persecuted black people from the moment that it brought us over here as slaves will deliver us?

Even if Jackson and Sharpton were not part of the same left that supports atheism, homosexuality, abortion, and a multitude of other abominations it would still be self – evident that they are false preachers lacking the Holy Spirit of Truth because they daily bear witness from within themselves the LIE that good can come from evil, that light would come from darkness. If these two men were true preachers of righteousness, they would preach to their black charges and to people of ALL RACES that the state is part of the anti – Christ system that nailed Jesus Christ to the cross and will one day be used by the beast, the man of sin, to inflict upon the church the greatest persecution that has ever been seen! Or what, black Christians, have you not yet been told that the same state that you petition for voting rights, fair treatment from police (yes, I have been stopped for driving while black) and anti – discrimination measures (yes, I have faced discrimination while seeking employment and on the job) will one day be placing you in concentration camps and demanding that you renounce Christ or else face the guillotine? And for all of you who are looking for the pre – tribulation rapture to come and take you away from all of these Republican Confederate flag wavers that hate rap music and won’t give black quarterbacks their due? Read your Bible people: Revelation 13:1-8 says that the anti – Christ will make war against and overcome the saints. How will that happen if the church is raptured away and is safe in heaven? Why did Jesus Christ tell us to head for the hills in Matthew 24 (start in verse 15) when the abomination of desolation takes place if we will already be raptured then or shall be shortly thereafter? No, a lot of you will follow the beast and the false prophet precisely because he will offer a worldly carnal answer to your racial grievances that you never bothered to give over to Jesus Christ. “O what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer?” That is talking about YOU, Christian, which is why you need to stop listen to some of these old hymns every now and then.


So yes, this Jena, Louisiana case is all about racism. The Jena 6 committed a vicious criminal assault against another person because he was white. They were charged by a white prosecutor and Mychal Bell was convicted by an all – white jury with a white judge presiding of attempted murder because they were black. Not a few whites, especially in that area, are defending the charges and conviction because the criminals are black. And not a few blacks are demanding that these criminals not receive any legal sanction whatsoever because of the race of the victim and perpetrators and the circumstances surrounding the case.

Well let me tell you something people who support an attempted murder charge: in order for something to be attempted murder, there has to be clear evidence of a premeditated attempt to kill someone! Merely assaulting someone in a manner that MIGHT cause their death is felony assault and battery. Even if a gun or knife is used (as opposed to a tennis shoe) it is assault with a deadly weapon. Even if a spur of the moment decision to kill someone is made, it is only manslaughter. No premeditation, no murder, no premeditation, no attempted murder, and it is as simple as that. The prosecutor knows this, the judge knows this, the jury was instructed of this, and virtually anyone who has ever watched a cop drama on TV knows this! Further, of all the people that get beaten and battered senseless or even stabbed or shot, how often does it result in attempted murder charges? If such were sought even 1% of the time, our legal system would be hopelessly clogged, and we wouldn’t have enough prisons to hold all the men – and women – that are serving the 25 year sentences. And yet so many people are consenting to this unrighteousness while pointing the finger of hypocrisy at the unrighteousness of others.

Meanwhile, you have not a few blacks demanding that nothing at all be done to these boys merely because it is alleged that a similar assault by multiple white males against a lone black males was perpetrated. Since the white people got off, they say, let the black males get off too. Do these people not know that where the old covenant calls for an eye for an eye, the new covenant says to turn the other cheek?

This process of tit for tat and continual retribution will only result in all lawbreakers going free and more evil and disorder in the society. If equal justice is what these people want, why not demand that both the white and black assailants be charged with simple battery? Simple: these people are not interested in justice. Rather, they are merely interested in establishing the concept that because of the presence of racism, poverty, and state oppression blacks should not obey the law. Their zeal in this regard is so great that they are willing to allow those that they are allege are white racist criminals go free despite a similar beating of a black person. Their very campaign to prevent having the perpetrators of a black racist crime accountable for their actions depends on having the perpetrators of a white racist crime going unpunished. This baby – splitting logic that only serves to prove that evil only begets evil can come only from a depraved fallen worldly mind.

And do not forget that Satan is truly behind this, manipulating it to his own ends. Everyone who casts aside God to join this madness on one side or another is contributing to the injustice, hatred, division, rebellion, fear, and outright SIN in this world. All this does is create a climate where everyone will be oh so willing to accept anyone or anything that promises peace and unity, and they will do so at all costs. The forces of anti – Christ are so bold that they are not even trying to hide. The civil rights leaders are making the fantastically ridiculous lie Jena, Louisiana symbolizes why there are so many blacks in jail. Our failed war on drugs (which should be illegal, but its enforcement should not be an excuse to exploit and oppress the poor and seize private property for the state) notwithstanding, these people are actually demanding that victims of black violent criminals, who almost always are also black, not receive any justice, and that no effort be made to prevent them from hurting other innocent people. Even criminals benefit from law enforcement, because the more criminals there are in the streets and the more there is a general state of disorder and chaos, the result is CRIMINALS KILLING EACH OTHER. Or have we forgotten the all out gang warfare in our streets during the 70s and 80s?

But ultimately, it is not about justice or opposing the sin of racism but exploiting this issue to increase state power and even more wickedness. Exhibit A: homosexuals are exploiting this incident to promote their own sinful agenda. Exhibit B: the media is using this case to show why we need more poverty programs. And you have black activists thrilled that this case is galvanizing the black community. Al Sharpton called it the rebirth of the civil rights movement for the 21st century. I heard a host on the black talk radio station joyfully proclaim that she was so happy that so many young blacks were involved, and maybe this will stop the previous black generation’s criticisms of their not taking up the fight. It is obvious that these folks do not care about true justice. I am reminded of how the parents of a young black man murdered in a New York hate crime were appalled at how Jesse Jackson in told them to their face in their own home how he was going to exploit this incident to help David Dinkins beat Ed Koch in the upcoming mayoral election.

Folks, I really couldn’t make this up if I tried, but it is true. This case is proof that following after the ways of the world can only lead to evil. This case proves that we need God, because true justice can only come from Him. Darkness cannot produce light, and a sinful world cannot produce righteousness. You need God, and God wants you. Why not answer His call? Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan right now. Do it now, for not only is tomorrow not promised, but the next hour or minute is not.

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Did The Jews Kill Christ or was Jesus a Victim of Identity Theft?

Posted by Job on September 12, 2007

From Randy Weiss of, who can be reached at and

Did The Jews Kill Christ or was Jesus a Victim of Identity Theft?

Consider the facts:

* The Jews did not kill Christ because the Jews could not kill Christ.
They did not have legal authority in matters of capital crimes under
Roman law at that time.

* The Jews were a diverse group of 4,500,000 people spread out over
many nations of the world. They could not collectively make a single
matzah ball or take any solitary decisive action for which all could take
credit or all share blame.

* The Jews did not have power over God. The death of Christ was
according to God’s sovereign will according to the Scriptures.

*The Jews did not have control over a decision that belonged to Jesus.
Jesus laid His life down. Nobody took it from Him. It would be wrong
to depreciate His love by suggesting that the Jewish people, or other
groups of people were responsible for our eternal salvation. After all,
that is what Christ purchased through His death.

It seems to me that the folks who confuse these matters misunderstand
the real character and true identity of Jesus. Actually, many people
reinterpret the life and purpose of Jesus to fit their own agendas.
They recreate Jesus to fit a pattern they prefer. Perhaps that is what
happened in Mr. Gibson’s film.

The producers substituted bread for matzah in the Feast of Unleavened
Bread. Whether intentional or not, this error moved Jesus to a place
outside the flow of Judaism. It is well known that Jews were forbidden
to eat leavened bread during the time of Passover. To ignore this lowest
common denominator that Jesus shared with the Jews of His community
is to ignore that He was a faithful member of the Jewish community.
If He can be extricated from His situation in life as a Jewish man in the
first century, He can be recreated and recast in anyway that anyone
chooses. In essence, He could be molded to fit the need anyone wished
for Jesus to fill. But Jesus does not change at our insistence; we change
at His. God does not change; He is perfect. We must change because
we are imperfect. This may seem like an abstract philosophical concern,
but it is not. It is a fundamental truth and we must let Jesus be Jesus.
If we are permitted to modify Him to suit our fancy then we become God
and He becomes our servant. That is why I refuse to ignore that the Last
Supper was a traditional Jewish Passover. To make it less is to rob Jesus
of His heritage on this earth. Of course that is the pattern for many
Christian traditions. Leonardo Da Vinci had the same problem when he
was commissioned to create The Last Supper for the Convent of Dominican
friars at Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. If one looks carefully at this
most famous religious painting, the traditional Gentile dinner rolls will
become evident.

Jesus was born into the line of Jewish kings. Christians believe He is King
eternal. Had He been born into a non-Jewish home, He would have been
discredited from inheriting this throne. The prophetic mantle would have
remained unfulfilled. Had He sinned in His dietary regimen eating food
not kosher for Passover, He would have been disqualified as a perfect
sacrifice and the Cross would have been pointless in the Father’s plan of
salvation. If we ignore the small details of the food Jesus ate at His final
Pesach seder, it becomes easier to ignore other details, such as the clothing
Jesus wore.

Consider what the poor woman with the issue of blood would have done
if the wardrobe designer from Mr. Gibson’s film had outfitted our Savior?
She touched the ?hem? of His garment and was healed according to
Matthew 9:20. To the uninitiated reader, it might seem that Jesus wore
Levi Docker slacks and the woman grabbed the neatly turned, starched
hem of His pleated trousers gently draping over His penny loafers.
Of course that would be quite ludicrous to suggest because everyone
knows Jesus did not wear slacks. Would dressing Jesus in slacks be
anymore foolish than presuming He disobeyed the commands of
Numbers 15:38 and disregarded wearing His tallith with the proper
long tsithith?fringes in the corners? According to Jewish practice and
the best scholarship, it is these fringes that the women touched. It was
not the hem of His trousers, it was the borders (corners or wings) where
the tsithith hung.

If we can quietly allow Mr. Gibson to separate Jesus from His Jewish
food and His Jewish dress, we can begin to disentangle Him from His
other Jewish characteristics. That is why the subtitle of this book asks
the question, Did the Jews Kill Christ or Has Someone Stolen His Identity?
The Jews are not to blame for His death. I believe He lives! There is no
body. The accusation of murder is a moot point in light of the Resurrection.
The crime is in how Jesus is usually represented. Many groups have stolen
His identity.

That is how the founder of The Great Passion Play of Eureka Springs,
Arkansas, promoted Jesus. He presented images of a blond-haired,
blue-eyed, WASP Savior. Jesus was the victim of identity theft.
He stole the true identity of Jesus and created a fairy tale Christ invented
in his vain imagination. The Bible commands us not to worship false
gods, yet that is what happens when we worship an idea of God that is a
fabrication. This can happen quite easily if we become distracted from
worshipping the God of the Bible and begin to serve an illusion about God
presented by false teachers.

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Vanessa Hudgens: Still Sacrificing Our Little Girls

Posted by Job on September 9, 2007

Two seemingly unrelated headlines are in the “top 5 articles” of as I write this. Number 3: Mummy of girl sacrificed by Incans prompts gasps. Number 5: ‘High School Musical’ star apologizes for nude photos. In one instance, we had the life of a teen girl sacrificed to the false idolatry of the ancient Incan abomination. In the second instance, we have the privacy, morals, and image of another teen girl sacrificed to the false idols of fame, money, wealth, and a desire for attention that drives so many young girls to do whatever they can to seek it. Different time, different culture, same system of Satanic abomination that puts itself in the place of the knowledge of God and exalts itself against God.

In case you have not guessed, yes I do have the opinion that Vanessa Hudgens did this on purpose. After all, how many 18 year old girls have pictures of themselves taken in the nude? Of those, how many said pictures wind up on the Internet? And of those, how many of those cause a global phenomenon? The last question is key: it isn’t as if there aren’t already millions of such images already floating around there. This was carefully orchestrated by this young woman and her handlers to advance her career. After all, if it worked for Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson, why not her? If such tasteless people as Britney Spears and the Spice Girls were able to keep themselves in the limelight long after their actual entertainment careers had ceased to be viable by exposing themselves in public knowing that their images would wind up on tabloids and on the Internet, then why not?

I will tell you why not: because of Jesus Christ. Things like this are why the Bible speaks of riches and fame are like grass burnt up in the oven. It is temporary, it is meaningless. It provides no happiness, and it certainly does not give you love. After all, this woman is the star of a hit TV franchise that is soon to be the subject of what will be a very successful motion picture. She could have been happy with the heights of fame and wealth that she has already attained, knowing that what she has already accomplished will open doors for her the rest of her life. If Shirley Temple could become an ambassador, Danielle Spencer (Dee on “What’s Happening”) can become a veterinarian, and Mayim Bialik (the star of “Blossom”) could earn a doctorate in neuroscience, who knows what this Hudgens woman could have accomplished?

But you see, people, that when Jesus Christ is not your purpose, if God is not your joy, and the Holy Spirit is not your guide, you are NEVER SATISFIED. No matter how much money you get, you still want more. No matter how much fame you get, it is never enough. No matter how much attention you receive, you are still insecure. While I shall not defend the character or behavior of former professional baseball player David Justice, you cannot discard his version of the events concerning his failed marriage to Halle Berry. He claims that this woman constantly demanded of him to tell him that she was beautiful, even waking up in the middle of the night. And since we know what Halle Berry did ON CAMERA to get her precious Oscar, it is not hard to believe Justice’s story of what this woman did OFF CAMERA to advance her career in Hollywood. Again,  this is not intended in defense of Justice, who was later accused of beating and later refusing to pay child support to the mother of a child that he fathered out of wedlock, in any way. It is just an example of what people who have rejected Jesus Christ for the pleasures of this world are capable of.

And this goes back to the church. How many of us have rejected sound doctrine, sound practice, and the true knowledge of God that can only come from it in order to enjoy the things of the world? How many of you have ceased your warfare with the world and are now living in agreement with it? How many of you have decided that it is OK to be lukewarm with this or compromise with that? How many of you are following after false “Christian” doctrines that tell you that godliness is gain and that it is OK to live your life lasciviously? After all, it isn’t THAT BAD, you say. God is a forgiving, loving God, you say. And it isn’t like I am one of THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE you say, as you point the bony finger of a hypocrite sinner at someone else who for all you know might be at that very second crying out to God to forgive and save him as he is gasping for his last breath of air before the crack or AIDS takes his life!

So, many hundreds of years ago, we had one girl sacrificed to false religion. Today, we have another girl sacrificing herself to the pride of life of celebrity. So I ask of you today, Christian, what are you sacrificing yourself to?

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Jesus Christ Opposes Gun Control!

Posted by Job on August 30, 2007

What is my basis for saying such a thing? The same as everything else: scripture. The words of Jesus Christ as recorded in Luke 22:36Then said He unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Accuse me of taking scripture out of context, will you? Well this same Jesus Christ said in Matthew 10:34 – Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. So, if you are a Bible – based Christian, it is your duty to arm yourself, and to oppose gun control measures.

It is the people that portray Jesus Christ as a pacifist that take the holy scriptures out of context. Jesus Christ’s admonition to “turn the other cheek” refers to how Christians should deal with others in private matters, not to whether someone should defend themselves or another innocent person from being murdered or violated. The references to Jesus Christ being “the Prince of Peace.” Andrew Wommack makes the excellent point in this devotional ( that the “peace” that Jesus Christ is prince of is between God and the righteous, the saved, the redeemed of the brethren. For everyone else, their future is not peace with Christ, but being overcome by Christ. Take Revelation 19:11‘s picture of the warrior Christ: And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. And who will this Christ make war with? Why you, unsaved person who continues to resist the Holy Ghost, and all the other rebellious and wicked of the earth! Tell me, people, how this pacifist false Christ that people bear false witness of would have overcome Satan and death?

Jesus Christ Himself specifically sought to correct misunderstandings due to these same false doctrines in His day. I give you Luke 12:51-53Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.” And this is very important, not just as a mere worldly political issue. Nay, it is all theological. The false image of the pacifist Christ is one of the primary things used by people to make the false claim that the depiction of God in the Old Testament is inconsistent with the depiction of God in the New Testament. The only possible thing to make of this consistency, they say, is to deny that the Bible is inspired, inerrant, literally true, and the final authority. So, you start to interpret the Bible as a political document to fit your sensibilities.

The reason for making this claim is they want to run away from how the Old Testament deals with sin, the punishment of sin. But this is their problem: the New Testament deals with sin and the punishment of sin too. Thus, there is no inconsistency, no disconnect. So what really is going on is that these people are using a few verses out of context to deny what both Testaments say about a holy righteous sovereign God that will judge and destroy all sin and sinners. You go one way, and you get universalism, like what Carlton Pearson is preaching now. You go the other way, and you get deism. Either way, denying that Jesus Christ came to oppose and overcome the sin and wickedness that are this fallen world and all who love it is denying the whole meaning and intent of the Bible itself.

So am I saying that you should go out and get a gun? Let me say this: any Christian adult that is afraid of guns or is harboring concerns over whether they can be responsible with it is in need of spiritual deliverance. If you have faith in God that He has made you righteous through Jesus Christ’s Blood, then that includes faith that you would use said gun – or anything else that God suffers you to receive – righteously. And further, look at statistics. How many things do you own or operate that are more dangerous and used to wreak more havoc than guns?

Consider this, Christian. If these people deny that the Bible is inspired by God and therefore true, why is it so important to them? Why do they use it to create and promote a political theology of pacifism? Well, the thing that you must know about evil people is that they hate opposition. Evil wins when good men fail to act. Their goal is to convince the righteous people to reject arms (and resistance in general … Christians are told that even speaking out against sin and saying that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven is “hateful” and “divisive”). You are familiar with the old adage “make guns illegal and only the criminals will have them”? Well, if the godless are able to get the godly to reject self – defense and opposing evil, then the godless will be unhindered to inflict their evil upon whoever they choose.

So yes, if the lawful give up their guns, the only ones left with the guns will be the lawless. And when I say lawless, I speak not of the street criminal … the disproportionately black and brown members of the powerless underclass that our media and Hollywood has you so afraid of. They use these images to make you think that the only way to be safe is to ban firearms so that the criminals will not have access to them. You are supposed to be so afraid of the black male yesterday, the Mexican immigrant today, and the Muslim terrorist tomorrow that you are supposed to nullify the thinking portion of your brain to the point where the idea that a law against owning a gun will somehow prevent a criminal who is lawless by definition from possessing one?

I can just imagine Rudy Giuliani, who supposedly is the best choice for president because “he will keep us safe” in the estimation of so many people, telling us that the way to be safe is to renounce our personal God – given responsibility to defend ourselves? If Rudy Giuliani is so immoral that he opposes protecting a viable full term baby in the womb, what makes you think that such a man who has no respect for God or man (as such a person who would take so evil a position could only be) would lift the grimy fingernail that still has the residue of the polish on it that he used to dress like a woman (for the sole purpose of mocking Christians to curry favor with the God hating elites that have driven him to frontrunner status in this campaign, trying their best to set up a Rudy – Hillary campaign so that heads they win tails you lose!) to protect you?

So people like Giuliani and entities like Fox News will make you so fearful of the black, brown, and Arab or Muslim small time criminals that you will give up your right of self – defense and ability to defend the poor, the widow, the fatherless, and the oppressed as the Bible clearly tells us to do in Psalm 82:3Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy (and how will you defend them if YOU HAVE NO WEAPON?). And when that happens, the REAL CRIMINALS will begin their reign of terror. And what criminals am I speaking of? Why, the criminals of THE STATE, FALSE RELIGION, and BIG BUSINESS. And let me tell you something, there are no criminals like those criminals … the very criminals that nailed Jesus Christ to the cross: Rome, Caiaphas, and the merchants upset with Jesus Christ after He broke up their ponzi scheme and ran them out of the temple! Now do not take this to be an endorsement of the open advocacy of cold – blooded murder as the false Christians depict in their utterly ascriptural “Left Behind” movies, but we must face facts: it is your duty as a Christian to oppose the real criminals and the Satan that will give them power.

And this is why I support Ron Paul, people. Other GOP candidates may be willing to keep your guns, but only Ron Paul is talking about why … because of the danger that the state poses to all righteous people. . . .

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Should Christians Repent Of Supporting Hollywood?

Posted by Job on August 17, 2007

From an interview with Ray Comfort on (see link).
Ray Comfort has taken on the challenge of witnessing to people on the street, and of debating atheists over the existence of God on national television. Now, in his latest project, the New Zealand native and co-host of The Way of the Master is taking on the entertainment industry.

Comfort’s latest book is titled Hollywood Be Thy Name: The Idol Makers (Bridge-Logos, 2007). He recently sat down with to discuss what’s going on in Hollywood and what Christians can do about it. . . .

One of the promos for Hollywood Be Thy Name said that “If people would apply what is in this book, it would revolutionize America.” How so?
First, we’ve got to understand that Hollywood has an agenda, and that agenda is anti-Christian in nature.

So from the year 1934 to the early ’50s, we got some good movies. I mean, real good, wholesome family movies. You got Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments, It’s a Wonderful Life—all those great movies that are heartwarming and family oriented.

In the 1950s, Hollywood began to push the envelope through First Amendment freedom of speech laws. They said, “It’s our right to say what we want.” So, there were some innuendos and profanity in the ’50s that got kind of bad. In 1968 they threw out the Hays code—they outlawed it. They just said, “You’re outta here,” and they gave parental control.

Is that when the ratings system came in?
Yeah. That unlatched the door to profanity, adultery, unspeakable violence, and especially blasphemy. That’s when it really started, and they could say those words they’d been forbidden to say.

Now for some reason—no one seems to know why—but in the late ’60s crime rates in the U.S. tripled. Not only that, but for some reason during the late ’50s and the ’60s, a whole generation became rebellious, and turned against the Judeo-Christian ethic of their parents. No one knows why. But I think I know why, because I can see the power of the media.

I mean, why do we pay $30 million for a 30-second advertisement during the Super Bowl? Because people are influenced.

So what concerns me is this: in this little 13-minute DVD that we’re giving away [Hollywood and God is free with purchase of Hollywood Be Thy Name or can be viewed online at]—we want to get it in the hands of pastors—I ask Christians: “Do you go to R-rated movies?” And they say, “Yeah.” And most of them do.

“So whaddya think of the blasphemy in them?”

“Do you stay in the movie?”

“Eh, it depends on the story line.” It’s what they say. So okay, here’s a question for you: would you go to a movie that used your mother’s name as a cussword? And they go, “Never!” Well, would you go to a movie that used God’s name as a cussword, and they go, “Whoa. I never thought of it like that.”

And what we’ve got . . . in 2005, the box office take in the U.S. was $8 billion. Just under $7 billion came from churchgoing people in America. So who’s supporting these blasphemous movies that don’t blaspheme Mohammed? They don’t go near Mohammed. But continually they blaspheme the name of God, and of Jesus, and it’s a hard thing to say, but they say things like, “Jesus [expletive] Christ” throughout the movie.

Why?! What has that go to do with it? Why use someone’s name to express disgust? Why don’t they say “Mohammed?” Why don’t they say, “Buddha?” Why don’t they say, “George Bush?” Why use the name of Jesus?

It’s offensive to Christians. I can’t do anything about their adultery. People love it. Can’t do anything about their violence. But I can do something about their blasphemy. And here’s what I can do. . . .

We’ve started a website called, where Christians can go in, and they can find out which movies have just come out that use blasphemy. And in that website it’s got the e-mail address of the producers of that movie. So you can e-mail whatever production company has produced it and say, “You have used blasphemy in this movie; you’re not getting my money at the box office.”

Now, we’ve got incredible power as Christians. We showed the power to speak to Hollywood with The Passion of the Christ, over $700 million. There’s 177 million professing Christians in the United States. If even a percentage of those were prepared to say, “Okay. They cannot blaspheme the name of the God I profess to love, I will not support,” and later say: “Here’s an e-mail! We’re not goin’!”. . . they get enough e-mails, we’re talking millions and millions of dollars—that will speak to Hollywood. It will hit them where it hurts in the box office. So I think that’s how we can do it.

Now what’s wrong with a little blasphemy? It’s what comes with it. If your favorite movie star says, “I like driving this sort of car, I like wearing this sort of clothes, I eat this sort of food . . .” millions of fans follow them. Whatever they like, people tend to like. How they talk, we tend to talk. Why is there so much blasphemy? Why did 900 atheists go on YouTube earlier this year and blaspheme the name of God? Why did they do that? Whey didn’t they say “Mohammed?” Why didn’t they say “Buddha?” Why Christianity? It’s because Hollywood has an agenda. It’s made up of a nucleus of people whose life’s philosophy is anti-Christian.

We want to give away hundreds of copies of the DVD [Hollywood and God], we want pastors to screen it in their assemblies—I screened one in Chicago recently. Didn’t hardly have to say a word. I just stood up afterwards and said, “If you’re watching blasphemous movies, you need to repent and say, ‘God, I’m sorry.’” They just streamed forward. No music, no nothing – they just came forward and knelt. I think it can purify the Church, because it’s hypocrisy when you sit and listen to someone cuss the name of God, who you profess to love, because God has highly exalted the name of Jesus and given Him a name that’s above every name.

So when you say in the book that we have one rock with which to slay this giant, it’s that e-mail, and letting the studios know that you’re not going to tolerate blasphemy anymore?
Mmm-hmm. Just say, “We’re done with it. Hollywood, we’re gonna hit you in the dollars.” And that’s Hollywood’s language. If they knew that millions of dollars are not going to come in just because they use blasphemy, then they’ll stop using blasphemy. Every time we go to a movie and pay money, we’re saying, “Hollywood, bring it on. We like what you’re doing. We’re paying you to do this.”

So, I’m not saying boycott movies, I’m just saying, stop them doing this. This is turning a generation against Christ, and that should be grievous to every Christian. Especially when we’ve got Islam. If they should be angry at anything it should be Islam.

You would think.
Yeah, go to the Red Cross . . . the Salvation Army, soup kitchens worldwide, hospitals named St. Jude’s, St. John’s, St. Peter’s . . . they’re there because of Christianity. We’re here of benefit, we love our enemies, do good to those who . . . we don’t go around cutting people’s heads off or bombing buildings or any of that. So why do they hate Christianity? Why are they hating Christians? Because of Hollywood’s agenda. And they won’t do it—Mohammed isn’t written into any of those movies, he’s not in the script, they wouldn’t use his name, and why? They’re scared to do it. But they’re not scared to do it to Christianity.

What do you think it is that Hollywood doesn’t want us to know?
I would say their agenda . . . well, I mean . . . most people know that Hollywood is anti-Christian. But they don’t realize the negative repercussion that’s upon this nation. I mean, if we want God to bless our land, if we want God to give us blessing back on fruit of the womb, if we want God to bless our weather so we’re not having hurricanes lined up to where we run out of names to give them, or tornadoes that run around six or seven states . . . I mean, God’s in charge of the weather. One part of the country’s in drought, the other part people are drowning with so much water . . . I saw yesterday where thunderstorms are sending water but the water’s dissipating before it hits the ground . . . and a lot of the fires that are started are started by electricity and we know who’s in charge of the electricity department—it’s the lightning strikes that are starting fires . . . and cancer is just spreading on the land, it’s a plague, and if we want God’s blessing upon the land we’ve got to come to Him with a sincere heart and humility and ask Him to heal our land. And since judgment begins in the household of God, we’ve got to clean up our own house first.

So, I’m not saying boycott movies, I’m just saying, stop them doing this. This is turning a generation against Christ, and that should be grievous to every Christian. Especially when we’ve got Islam. If they should be angry at anything it should be Islam.

You would think.
Yeah, go to the Red Cross . . . the Salvation Army, soup kitchens worldwide, hospitals named St. Jude’s, St. John’s, St. Peter’s . . . they’re there because of Christianity. We’re here of benefit, we love our enemies, do good to those who . . . we don’t go around cutting people’s heads off or bombing buildings or any of that. So why do they hate Christianity? Why are they hating Christians? Because of Hollywood’s agenda. And they won’t do it—Mohammed isn’t written into any of those movies, he’s not in the script, they wouldn’t use his name, and why? They’re scared to do it. But they’re not scared to do it to Christianity.

What do you think it is that Hollywood doesn’t want us to know?
I would say their agenda . . . well, I mean . . . most people know that Hollywood is anti-Christian. But they don’t realize the negative repercussion that’s upon this nation. I mean, if we want God to bless our land, if we want God to give us blessing back on fruit of the womb, if we want God to bless our weather so we’re not having hurricanes lined up to where we run out of names to give them, or tornadoes that run around six or seven states . . . I mean, God’s in charge of the weather. One part of the country’s in drought, the other part people are drowning with so much water . . . I saw yesterday where thunderstorms are sending water but the water’s dissipating before it hits the ground . . . and a lot of the fires that are started are started by electricity and we know who’s in charge of the electricity department—it’s the lightning strikes that are starting fires . . . and cancer is just spreading on the land, it’s a plague, and if we want God’s blessing upon the land we’ve got to come to Him with a sincere heart and humility and ask Him to heal our land. And since judgment begins in the household of God, we’ve got to clean up our own house first.

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China Arrests House Church Pastor Shuang Shuying

Posted by Job on August 17, 2007

Despite this, Pat Robertson declares: “the Chinese are not our enemies.” Pat Robertson Promoting The Chinese Government

On January 26, 2007, 76-year-old Shuang Shuying and her son, house church leader Hua Huiqi, were attacked, wounded and arrested by police while walking near a 2008 Olympic hotel site in Beijing. Shuying has numerous medical problems and is serving two years in prison. We invite you to write a letter of encouragement to Shuying. We have experienced incredible results when readers write to believers who have been imprisoned for their faith. The letters often result in shorter prison sentences. Send a letter of encouragement to Shuying and let her know you are praying for her. Also, write to the Chinese government requesting she be released. Let your friends know about suffering believers in China and encourage them to pray and write too. Get involved. Pray and write today. More information here:

View Prisoners by Country

China – 9 Eritrea – 3 Indonesia – 1 Lao People’s Democratic Republic – 1 North Korea – 1 Uzbekistan – 1 Vietnam – 1

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