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Pat Robertson FALSELY Calls Christian Persecution Our Greatest Threat!

Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

See this link:

As usual, Robertson has it all wrong. The Bible says for us to pay no heed to those that persecute us; indeed to pray for them that spitefully misuse us (see Also, Acts 5:40-41 shows us that the early church thanked God for their persecution! Jesus Christ said that if He was maltreated, should not we be so? Is the servant (us) greater than the master (Christ)? Facing persecution is evidence that we are actually serving God! The person who suffers persecution in God’s Name should thank God for it. The person who is suffering no persecution (or is suffering as a result not of God’s actions but his own) is the one that should seek God urgently, not for persecution, but so that such a person would have a relationship with God and learn how to obey Him, not for the persecution’s sake, but for God’s sake.

I talk about persecution on this weblog not for the “woe is us woe is us!” factor, but rather to show Christians what real Christianity is, and what real Christianity should be girding themselves up to expect both in this time and in the time of great sorrows to come. Now though I am a post – tribulationist and this is not to be taken as a direct criticism of pre – tribulationism itself, it is false teachers like Robertson in their pretending that Christian persecution is in any way exceptional – rather than something that is to be expected by the people of God living in a world that hates and has rejected God – that create the false image that Christians will be taken out of this world in the rapture before anything bad really happens to us.  So, in this respects, the notion of “God is going to come get us before anything really bad starts happening to us” is not the false doctrine of pre – tribulationism per se, because even the time leading up to and immediately preceding the seven official years of the great tribulation is supposed to be mighty terrible for Christians and everyone else, and Jesus Christ says this in Matthew 24 (which incidentally also makes it obvious that pre – tribulationism is false, see Correlating Don Imus, Christians, Blacks, Women, And The Rapture). But this notion that God has this obligation to save us before we Christians – especially the ones in the west that are used to freedom, wealth, and the pleasures and cares of the world – have to so much as get a hangnail is precisely the source of a lot of this false “Christian Zionism” doctrine preached by the likes of Robertson, John Hagee, and so many leading televangelists.

So unlike some people that take a much stronger view against pre – tribulation as in Mike Ratliff’s article What is the Great Delusion?, claiming that it is the problem itself, I take the view that it is people like Robertson that weave pre – tribulationism into the larger overall context of false doctrines that is the problem. And few are better at this than Robertson, who as usual, is playing on the fears and emotions of Christians.

So no, Christians, our greatest threat does NOT come from those that hate and persecute us, and that includes even the anti – Christ, the beast, the man of sin whom your tribulation doctrine denies that Christians will have to face. Instead, our greatest threat is INTERNAL, coming from those who traffic in false doctrines to serve the false god of mammon (money and power) like the billionaire Robertson (who has his malleable appointees all over the Bush administration Was Monica Goodling Taken Advantage Of By Pat Robertson and George Bush?) and Hagee, who is making a direct play for Robertson’s money and power (and see The Rapture Cult – Its Power, Influence and Secret agenda, though I do not endorse everything in it).

But do not let these false preachers scare you. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior follow the The Three Step Salvation Plan. If you have, then follow true Bible – based Christianity so that you will not be vulnerable to the deceptions of false preachers and teachers.


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Covenant Theology Versus Dispensationalism

Posted by Job on August 14, 2007

Covenant and Dispensational Theology

Covenant and Dispensational Theology Part (2)

Covenant and Dispensational Theology Part (3)

Covenant and Dispensational Theology *conclusion

Spurgeon and Eschatology

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A Website Promoting The Partial Rapture Theory

Posted by Job on July 13, 2007

Watchman Nee ( believed in this doctrine as well. I will not vouch for their theology or exegesis, but at least they are onto that Council on Foreign Relations worker Rick Warren.

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The Main Problem With Many Of The Theories On Who The Anti – Christ Is Supposed To Be

Posted by Job on July 5, 2007

Catholics say that it will be a rogue pope. More extreme Protestants say that it is the Roman Catholic Church. Evangelicals say that it will be the European Union or the United Nations. During the Cold War, many were certain that the communists were going to play a huge role in it. Now during the “global war on terror” (which a lot of people seem to forget that the Christian west pretty much started and is DEFINITELY responsible for funding and arming “our enemies” in the first place), Islam has replaced the communists. And it is interesting: thanks to the “ecumenism” movement, a lot of Protestants that would have put the blame on Catholics are trying to cast blame elsewhere, especially to the Muslims or the EU. By the same token, a lot of Catholics that would have figured that the best sign that the pope had turned apostate would have been his making overtures to Protestants are now looking elsewhere. After all, Tim LaHaye had to have the pope raptured in his “Left Behind” novels, or that would have seriously harmed his ability to associate with politically conservative Catholics on the religious right through the Center For National Policy and similar. (Since the Center For National Policy is an arm of the Council on Foreign Relations and similar groups, it is interesting that “Left Behind” kept the focus trained solely on the EU, and not on any of the various groups, some secret and some not so secret, that are either aligned with the Council on Foreign Relations or allied with it … no mention of the Skulls and Crossbones, the Bilderbergs, the Masons, etc. Gee, I wonder why! Almost makes you wonder if a lot of these pretribulationists are being used to run interference for certain people.) It is also curious that where many Christians once accused Jews of playing a key role in the anti – Christ coming to power, the neo – dual covenant theologians of the dispensational evangelical movement have taken precisely the opposite view (motivated by their belief that pursuing self – interested, self – motivated, self – pleasing, and self – serving “relationships” with our friends in the Jewish community is the quickest way to get them to all return to Israel and rebuild the temple so the rapture can happen; of course those same Jews that would speed the departing of the Christians to heaven would be left behind to endure the great tribulation … oh well too bad hey it sucks to be you, you should have accepted Christ while you had the chance … ooops I forgot we listened to John Hagee when he said not to target Jews for conversion because doing that will slow down the process of getting you back into Israel so we can leave you behind there to face the anti-Christ. If that is what “loving your neighbor as yourself” means, I really don’t blame Jews for not wishing to be “loved” in that fashion.)

The main issue is that this “man of sin” is supposed to cause all the people of the world to worship one religion. Claiming that it will be Roman Catholicism will mean that Muslims and Jews will have to become Catholic. (Keep on holding your breath waiting for that to happen.) Similar problems exist with the beast being a Muslim, a communist, a mason, a Mormon, a UN/EU secular humanist, or some leading political figure that you don’t like. While all of these may knowingly or unknowingly (I am believing that it is mostly the latter, though you had better believe that the former exists) play a role in bringing the anti – Christ and his system into reality and power, the beast himself will command universal support: be all things to all people. Meanwhile, any person from the groups listed above (or pretty much any other group) will by definition provoke opposition from a substantial percentage of the population. Of course, global economic, political, medical, environmental, etc. catastrophes could change a lot of that and force a lot of people that would ordinarily be enemies to set aside their differences and work together for survival. Some of that is actually happening already, and one could make the case that the Bible does prophecy such a thing happening. Further, the massive horrors that are supposed to precede the rise of the anti – Christ could wipe out a good percentage of the population, thereby wholesale removing a lot of the people that potentially would have reason to oppose the anti – Christ. You only have to look at how AIDS has dramatically reduced the population of Africa and is now spreading in Asia to see how that could possibly happen. Still, that would leave a lot of huge barriers, the primary one being the one world religion.

So, perhaps what will happen is NOT the anti – Christ causing everyone to cast aside their current religion (including atheists who have no religion at all), but rather create a way for everyone to incorporate his religion into their own beliefs? A way for a person to simultaneously participate in the one world religion while remaining a Catholic, Muslim, Jew, atheist, or Christian (including the many strands of conservative evangelical and fundamentalist)? It is very possible … especially if the said people do such a thing without knowing it, or knowing that they are practicing another religion. They may not even have to bring the world religion “into the church”, that is, incorporate it into their religious practice. Quite the opposite, it may even be expedient if they do not, because a lot of Christians would be loathe to imitate or share in what Muslims are doing, and vice versa, and the same goes for a lot of other groups. The new religion whereby the beast is worshipped COULD be something done outside of the context of that which is generally regarded as religious worship, but nonetheless be something that even the very religiously devout of all religions would not only have no problem doing, but would even desire to do, even if only occasionally. Indeed, all but the very elect, as the Bible says.

Now how elect does one have to be not to follow after some of these things? One does not have to be an elect Catholic to generally avoid Protestantism, or an elect Muslim to stay away from masonry. (That was not a universalistic or ecumenical statement on my part, since I steadfastly reject both; I am just making a general point.) And no, observing the sabbath on Saturday instead of Sunday (when actually according to Jewish tradition it is sundown Friday until sundown Saturday anyway) and refusing to partake in the “Christmas”, “Easter”, or other traditional Christian holidays (in the western or orthodox tradition anyways) does not make you an elect Protestant Christian either (because if it would, it would imply that God would hold such a thing against a Christian on judgment day even if the Christian erred out of ignorance).

Instead, we might have to look in another direction; something whereby everyone in the world can worship Satan while not knowing that they are doing so; something that everyone from a person living in a “remote illiterate primitive tribal culture” to a refined Middle Eastern oil aristocrat to a middle America fundamentalist would theoretically be able to share in. One “easy out”: causing “the whole world” to worship the anti – Christ may not be a reference to each individual, but rather to the leadership of each nation. Keep in mind: it is a pretty consistent biblical principle that the actions of the leaders of a nation were counted to the nation, and that God would punish a whole nation on account of wicked actions by its leaders. (Before you claim that God is unfair in doing this, please realize that holding an entire nation accountable for the evil actions of its rulers in this life is a way of sparing them individual accountability on the day of judgment; destroying the nation on account of its leaders prevents the spiritual evil that is coming from the leaders of the culture from infecting each individual member of it. Therefore, it is actually an action of God’s mercy and saving grace to destroy a nation whose leaders want to turn it into Sodom and Gomorrah before it actually BECOMES Sodom and Gomorrah, because when a nation becomes Sodom and Gomorrah everyone in it is wicked, everyone is individually accountable on the day of judgment for their evil, and none will be saved.) That was why God warned Israel not to pray for a king, and why the results of their getting a king was the nation dividing and ultimately going into captivity because of the wickedness of their kings. Also, since one would have to be a “nation” to actually qualify, remote cultures that have not politically organized themselves into a nation – state or kingdom might for these purposes be excluded, and not be part of “the world”, so to speak, in this respect (another example of God’s saving grace, and also why we should not be so quick to look down upon “third world, primitive, tribal, savage, heathen” peoples and presume ourselves to be better than them because of our wealth, culture, and technology … they might actually be the ones that wind up with the better deal of it!

Another thing to consider: the gospel. The end cannot come until the gospel is preached to all nations, so said Jesus Christ in the gospels. Since we are talking about the “anti – Christ” here … is it possible that the gospel must be preached in a nation before people can choose the anti – Christ by virtue of either A) rejecting the gospel outright or B) accepting it initially only for a great many of them to turn away to a false Christianity? It would be the greatest of ironies if one of the consequences of our spreading the gospel to an unreached land would be the people of that land ultimately falling under the control of the anti – Christ. Or perhaps it would be better to think of it this way: what if the very reason why God wants to use His preachers of the gospel in a certain area is so the people there can hear it and reject it so that God can judge them? Please realize that God used Moses in a similar fashion before pharoah for the purposes of God judging the entire nation of Egypt, thereby glorifying Himself.

In the end, God’s Will alone shall be done, and the result will be God alone being glorified. Remember: it is ultimately not Christianity or even the church that will be glorified and whose righteousness will be vindicated, but Jesus Christ Himself, so that through Jesus Christ the Father alone will be vindicated. Think not that Jesus Christ saving you is in any way evidence of your righteousness or the correctness of your church or movement or of the church itself, but is instead merely proof that God alone is able to do the impossible, which is to save one individually (and the church collectively) from sin and the punishment of sin in the time, place, manner, and reason of His choosing. That, perhaps is the main thing that Christians should keep in mind when considering these endtimes scenarios lest they forget that it is God alone who will save them and as a consequence of their failure to remember God they will also fail to be elect and in that way be led astray, not so much by the man of sin but rather by their own pride of life.

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Another View On The Strong Delusion Prophecy

Posted by Job on June 21, 2007

I personally once believed that “strong delusion” was what God was going to send into the world as part of the pre – tribulation secret rapture so that the people Left Behind would not know that we were gone. Why? Because what the rest of the world will make of our disappearances is a major “issue” in dispensationalism and other pre – tribulation rapture doctrines that has not been dealt with in any serious way in anything that I have heard or read (and no, “Left Behind” does not qualify for dealing with it in a serious way). But as I recently re – read the passages of II Thessalonians 2, I saw that the strong delusion will be sent to the church, not to the world.

As stated in a previous weblog post, Mike Ratliff asserts that pre – tribulation rapture doctrines themselves are the strong delusion in What is the Great Delusion?. A hole in his theory in my opinion: believing in a rapture of any sort is a decidedly minority – and much despised – view in Christendom, even among Protestants. He also states that it is because pre – tribulationists reject truth out of the hardness of their hearts (I say “their” because I am now post – tribulationist; see Correlating Don Imus, Christians, Blacks, Women, And The Rapture) … how can that be when the rapture issue is not clearly stated in understandable language? It is not as if these are people claiming that murder isn’t a sin or that godliness is gain (at least not in this instance anyway). But for another perspective on the strong delusion prophecy, please see this Soldier Servant post Strong Delusion – The Apostate Christian Church Has Received The Curse Of The Strong Delusion Sent By God

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More “Left Behind” False Doctrine Exposed

Posted by Job on June 21, 2007

Mike Ratliff, whose weblog I find fascinating despite (or perhaps because of) disagreeing with everything on it, makes the bold case that dispensationalism and other pre – tribulation rapture doctrines make up the strong delusion prophesied by Paul in his What is the Great Delusion? article. I disagree, but it is not hard to see why he feels this way. I have detailed how John Hagee is using his dispensational beliefs to justify not attempting to convert Jews and to get us to attack Iran. And Soldier Servant has a couple of posts on the false doctrine is in the “Left Behind” books, and how dangerous it can be! Should Christians Commit Murder For “The Cause”? and False Doctrine In “Left Behind”: The Remnant Teaches Against the Doctrine of the God-Sent Strong Delusion articles. Both webloggers have very strong statements about the matter. I am looking for an article or research paper that contains an unbiased view of the various endtimes doctrines, especially from a historical point of view, so that I can provide it to you. But in general, please be very suspicious of anything that is embraced by the masses and is popular in favor of things that are simple, common, detested, and rejected even by the vast majority of professing Christians.

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Correlating Don Imus, Christians, Blacks, Women, And The Rapture

Posted by Job on April 13, 2007

In the past I have declared that while I do believe in the rapture, I could not decide between the pre – tribulationist, mid – tribulationist, or post – tribulationist camp, and decided that it really doesn’t matter. At the suggestion of Independent Conservative, I read Matthew 24, and am now 100% in the POST – TRIBULATION rapture camp (and have a lot more tolerance for the rapture – deniers), and have decided that it DOES MATTER. Why? BECAUSE WHEN THE GREAT TRIBULATION COMES, WE WILL STILL BE HERE. “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:), Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:, Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” That is Matthew 24:15-22, and those warnings apply to US when we will have to HEAD FOR THE HILLS (to the place of refuge) AFTER THE BEAST (the anti – Christ) defiles the soon – to – be reconstructed third temple! And that is why it is important. Those scriptures refer to US! Now, the pre – tribulationists deal with this scripture by claiming that it referred to the destruction of the second temple and the end of the Jewish dispensation in 70 AD, when millions of Jews who refused to abandon Jerusalem fell to the Romans (non – Messianic Jews after the Simcha Jacobovici strand claim that Jesus Christ’s “true radical Pharisee teachings perished” with His followers, a ridiculous claim easily disproved by the historical fact that though some of Yeshua HaMashiach’s followers did die defending Rome, others had previously left Jerusalem and Israel to spread the gospel). Even if that is true, it is merely a prophetic type, a foreshadowing of the real event during the REAL tribulation, just as the first destruction of the temple and scattering of the Jewish people was a foreshadowing of 70 AD. And why is it important? Because if we don’t KNOW that we are going to STILL BE AROUND for the great tribulation, WE WON’T BE PREPARING FOR IT! We won’t heed Yeshua HaMashiach’s Words and head for the place of refuge when the beast defiles the second temple! (The best current theory is that the place of refuge will be Bozrah). Those who are currently being misled by the pre – tribulationists (Tim LaHaye, Left Behind, John Hagee Christian Zionists, and pretty much the vast majority of the fundamentalists and evangelicals) and the mid – tribulationists will have to endure the second half of the tribulation. WE WILL ALL HAVE TO ENDURE THE FIRST HALF, AND ONLY A FEW WILL MISS THE SECOND.

What does this have to do with Don Imus? Well, it appears that all of these Christians that contributed to and are so gleefully cheering the demise of his radio show are not considering that the SUDDEN CRACKDOWN ON CERTAIN BIGOTS NOW WHEN THERE HAVE BEEN BIGOTS ON THE AIRWAVES AND IN THE PRESS FOR DECADES is serving a larger agenda. Which is? Setting the stage for true Christianity to be illegal. Denying us education and employment. Making it a crime to preach the gospel. And so forth. Now, all of this is going to happen anyway, of course. BUT SHOULD WE CHRISTIANS BE TRYING TO HELP IT ALONG? I suppose the “John Hagee Christian Zionist push the US into attacking Iran so Jesus Christ will come back” crowd would say so. (Of course, if they weren’t PRETRIBULATIONISTS they would PROBABLY SEE THINGS A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY, WOULDN’T THEY? Everyone wants the rapture to hurry up and come NOW, but tell them that they will have to go through tribulation first, and the vast majority will quickly change to RAPTURE HURRY UP AND WAIT.)  Now do not get me wrong, evil is evil. Imus’ little act was evil, and Christians were right to oppose it. But shouldn’t there be a way to do this without furthering the agenda of the anti – Christ?

So, Christians who are jumping up and down cheering at how Don Imus’ bloody scalp is now pinned to the wall of the speech code mob (I mean come on, if it was really about respecting black women, wouldn’t they have gone after RAPPERS by now? even WHITE ones, like Eminem? And Quentin Tarantino is not a rapper, but where is the mob over HIS racist work?) please try to understand rather than accusing me of being insensitive to blacks and women and their emotions over the evil words of one Don Imus. Instead, let me see if I can explain this in the “multiculturalism diversity tolerance” language that I learned all those times that I was sent to human resources for “training seminars” every time that I offended someone at work. The anti – Christ will persecute Christians during the great tribulation. Black people are disproportionately Christian. Women are disproportionately Christian. Black women are disproportionately Christian. So, the anti – Christ’s persecution of the church will have a disparate negative impact against blacks, women, and ESPECIALLY black women like Rutgers basketball coach Vivian Stringer, a Christian. Therefore, the anti – Christ’s persecution of the church will be RACIST and SEXIST. So please, Christians of all sexes and races, do not contribute to the anti – Christ’s racism and sexism (or anything else for that matter). As Christians we must zealously oppose all sin with the gospel, but when it comes to sin (Imus’ remarks) versus sin (the political correctness agenda) either oppose them both without being used by either, or just sit on the sidelines and let God take care of it.

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Should Christians Boycott The March Of Dimes?

Posted by Job on April 5, 2007

This article makes a very convincing case.

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More Evidence That The Left Is Turning Against Israel Because of Christian Zionism

Posted by Job on April 1, 2007

See link here. While it contains no new Palestinian disinformation, what is shocking is that such blatantly anti – Israel and anti – Semitic lies are on This is OBVIOUSLY due to the American left (and many others who simply hate or fear Bible  – believing Christians) deciding that the friend of my enemy is my enemy. They hate Jews for the same reason that we love them: THE BIBLE. People who hate the Bible hate the Jews, people who love the Bible love the Jews. Why? It is all spiritual. If you reject the Bible because your “Christian” religion tells you to usurp it with your own doctrines and traditions or not to literally interpret it (as is the case with many Catholics and mainline denominational Christians, ecumenists, and liberation theologists) then evil spirits that cause you to hate God’s people will gain a legal claim over your mind, utterly corrupting it with the same hate and rejection that you have for God’s people that you have for God’s Spirit and Truth. One of the better manifestations of that I have experienced lately was this radio show that was tearing into the Tim LaHaye “Left Behind” phenomenon. While I have real problems with LaHaye doctrinally and politically, these people were absolutely insane, claiming that literally believing Revelation made Israel the bride of Christ and the church the concubine or prostitute of Christ. They went on to claim that the OLD TESTAMENT’s references to Israel did not literally mean a physical or ethnic nation or even a religion at all, but rather a “prophetic forshadowing of the church.” People, if you cannot literally interpret Romans 1:11, then it is obviously because of DEMONS IN YOUR HEAD, AND YOU WANT THEM THERE. So, what does this have to do with the mainstream left? Well, they reject the Bible because it tells them that they cannot murder their children with abortion, they cannot have sex with whoever they want to whenever they want to, and so on and so forth. Now these people were willing to PRETEND to love Israel so long as people who PRETENDED to love the Bible hated them. But now that people who ACTUALLY love the Bible love Israel (my only problem with John Hagee and similar is that they have started to love the current physical nation of Israel MORE than they love the Bible that tells them to love them, a fact which Jews are beginning to exploit and are getting better at it), the people who hate the Bible are beginning to abandon all pretenses. This can only mean, people, that time is getting short. The people who hate Israel (and this is proof that it is not just the left!) are now being emboldened with not only real monetary and political power, BUT REAL SPIRITUAL POWER THAT COMES FROM THE MOST POWERFUL NATION ON THE GLOBE. If you are still playing around with your “religion” and have not come to a personal relationship with Yeshua HaMashiach, well, now is the time to do so, and I am here to do anything that you require to help you to attain that goal! Father YHVH may the rising tide of anti – Israel and anti – Semitism cause people all over the world to realize that the time is becoming short and that to be saved from destruction and the lake of fire they are going to have to become part of spiritual Israel by accepting salvation through Yeshua HaMashiach and being indwelled with the Ruach Hakadosh so that they can stand with spiritual Israel for Your Word the Bible and for You. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, Amen.

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Modern Protestant Persecution By Catholics In Mexico???

Posted by Job on February 14, 2007

Now I am not one who spares Catholics criticism. As a matter of fact, I do not even spare Jews criticism, despite their still being God’s chosen people and Israel their land and nation, and God’s Promises to them still being valid (including His Promise to curse those who curse the Jews … I constantly wonder if my many criticisms of Jews and modern – as opposed to Torah – Judaism violates God’s Word after that fashion). And yes, there are documented cases of Catholics and Orthodox Christians persecuting and suppressing Protestants in modern times, usually in concert with the government in those areas. Case in point: Russia, where the Orthodox Church is helping Vladimir Putin consolidate his power and restrict media, and a result the outstanding Through The Bible Radio Ministry has been banned from Russia’s FM airwaves.

But this story about shameful treatment of Mexican evangelicals by “Catholics”, is extremely unfair. So, count this as one of the times when this blog will defend Catholics and instead denounce the fundamentalist and evangelical Christians who are circulating this story. Yes, evangelicals are being persecuted in southern Mexico, and Mexico is a 94% Catholic nation, and of course Catholics want to keep it that way (and of course, to be fair evangelicals and fundamentalists do not want any of their ranks to switch to Catholicism). But these people committing such acts that previous to now were being done by Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists (ok, to be fair Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist criminals) ARE NOT CATHOLIC. They call themselves Catholic, but just like Mitt Romney and any other number of “many paths to Heaven” liberal and moderate universalists and pantheists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Oneness Pentecostals or other anti – Trinitarians call themselves “Christians”, saying so doesn’t make it true.

Instead, these “Catholics” are really folks who have begun to mix their own idolatrous and paganistic practices with their Catholic practices and beliefs. They also have added their own laws, traditions, and what have to you to Catholicism. Further, they have disassociated themselves with and have nothing to do with any Catholic diocese or anything else connected to Rome. Hard core Catholic bashers – a road which I was heading down until a preacher showed me the error of my ways – would say “six of one, half a dozen of another”, but to me that is the same thing as tarring fundamentalist and evangelical Christians by associating us with people like
, Adolph Hitler, those who bomb abortion clinics and shoot abortion doctors, David Koresh, and those people who disrupt funerals screaming homophobic slurs.

Yes, I have real problems with Catholic teaching and tradition. I also have problems with PROTESTANT teaching and tradition; folks pretending that people like Luther, Calvin, Wesley, etc. helped write the Bible (or what they said has as much force as the Bible). I have a problem with all of these denominations bickering, debating, and voting on “resolutions” (some binding and some not) that often have more to do with bureaucracy, legalism, and politics than promoting Jesus Christ. I also have a problem with a great many of these “charismatics”, many of whom are absolutely convinced that they are so brilliant and so anointed that they have discovered or had revealed mysteries of the Bible that were hidden from all else because all the other Christians in the history of the church were either not as righteous or “anointed” as they, or because “the time wasn’t right and we weren’t ready to handle it back then, but now we are because these are the last days and Jesus Christ is coming back within the next five or ten years!” (I, er, used to be in the latter group myself, and anyone who reads some of the older archived content on my website, you will easily be able to tell.) So the Catholics certainly have their problems, but with mainline denominations running headlong into apostasy and heresy, fundamentalist Christianity heading into legalism, and evangelical and charismatic Christianity heading into gnosticism, spiritism, animism, and modalism, and ALL of them obsessed with power, influence, and money, we have our fair share too. People going around claiming that the Catholic Church is the beast or that the anti – Christ will be the pope and that all these Catholics are going to hell … even if that is true, then the Catholics are going to have a lot of company, because when the great tribulation comes ALL WHO ARE NOT TRUE CHRISTIANS WILL FOLLOW THE BEAST. Repeat for clarity … ALL OF YOU FUNDAMENTALISTS, EVANGELICALS, AND CHARISMATICS WHO DO NOT HAVE A PURE HEART TOWARDS GOD AND A STRONG LOVE FOR GOD WILL FOLLOW THE BEAST. And in that respect, the warnings given to the churches in Revelation 2 and 3 were to were to ALL OF US, not just Catholics!

And note that I said “have a pure heart towards God” and not “practice a pure form of Christianity” or “are in a pure church.” Why? Because otherwise virtually all of us would be in real trouble. Why? Because the current Christian system is NOTHING like the early church anyway. The early church met every day of the week, and not in buildings but in each other’s homes and in public places, and in SYNAGOGUES. Further, virtually any believer was allowed to minister, teach, testify, prophecy, and preach, not just members of a professional preacher class. The early church was an integral part of the societies that they lived in, not segregated it from it in some alternate culture or universe, and the church preachers and leaders were part of the people they preached to and served, not separated from it and elevated above it as a profession and a bureaucracy. And the early church was extremely intellectual. They loved to get together, study the Scriptures, and debate doctrine. It was also very experiential. They would go out and try themselves to do the great things that Jesus Christ and the apostles did: they would go out in groups all over the cities and countryside looking for opportunities to preach the gospel, heal people, cast out demons, and see signs and visions. None of that stuff is going on today among 99% of the believers. So it is by GOD’S GRACE AND THROUGH FAITH IN THE RISEN JESUS CHRIST THAT ANY OF US WILL BE SAVED, NOT JUST CATHOLICS! But you say that Catholics are idolators who pray to saints and to Miriam (Mary). Well, do you say the pledge of allegiance? Do you have patriotic paraphernalia around your home, and swear by our mighty system of democracy, military might, and capitalism, revere the founding fathers, and are a strong patriot? Or let us say that you are more liberal, and just think that Martin Luther King, Jr. and all of these other 60s counterculture icons were the coolest, and you are dedicated to influencing the government to help the poor, minorities, marginalized, and to renounce war and regulate private property. Or suppose you can talk for hours and hours about what great men and women Emmanuel Moody and some of the others who laid the foundations for modern Christianity were, and you have all of their books and have taken their philosophy to heart. Or maybe you are after a more modern fashion, with guys like Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland, Billy Graham, and similar more to your speed. Ummm … like that is any different? I am serious, go read your Bible, especially the things in Daniel regarding Daniel going to the lion’s den, or Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace. TONS of Christians practice idolatry through our religion, our love of celebrity, and our political and worldly beliefs. As a matter of fact, some would go so far as to say that we should not have crucifixes (especially if there is an image of Jesus Christ on it) and the cute little statuettes of angels and such around. Sure, maybe it is not the same as actually praying to Mary and the angels and saints, but according to a strict (not legalistic, but strict) reading of the scriptures, it is a sin and should not be done. That is why the Heal The Land/God’s Love websites (,,, and have so few graphics and images: only a rotating cross, the cover art for the God’s Love poetry book, a graphic of the Ten Commandments (for people to print and post in their workplaces and hand out to people), a graphic of the Hebrew alphabet, and will soon include some outlines of “Bibleman” and other characters that can be printed and used as children’s coloring pages. The only things that we have in our home is a keepsake from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and a small statue of Yeshua HaMashiach’s return riding a white horse wielding a sword and blowing a trumpet. Does this make me better or more holy than the next Christian? Of course not! For one, I still have a great many flaws and shortcomings, for another there are a great many works that other Christians have done that I have not yet, and most of all we are made holy through faith and Christ’s Blood anyway, not by what we have or do not have in our homes and on our websites (although I would warn you that if you have anything pertaining to another religion or depicts any manner of sin in your home or on an article of clothing, get rid of it immediately).

So please, stop the Catholic bashing. It is OK to list their many deviations from Bible teachings and oppose those things, but to oppose people merely because they are Catholic is wrong because, quite simply, Catholics will be well represented in Heaven, and fundamentalists, evangelicals, charismatics, and mainline denominationals will be well represented in the lake of fire. And don’t you forget it lest you be counted among those who are in the latter. technorati tag:

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The Rapture IS Mentioned In The Bible!!

Posted by Job on February 13, 2007

There are lots of theological battles raging on within the church concerning the rapture. Most are intramural squabbles betwixt the “rapture – believer” camp; I will not get into that here save to say that post-millennialism and “the social gospel” is clearly anti – Scriptural, and my suspicions that the overwhelming popularity of the pre – tribulation rapture stance as exhibited by “Left Behind”is due at least in a great part to the desire of Christians to escape any real persecution or price for their faith.

But nay, this post is aimed at the dominant viewpoint in Christendom held by Catholics and most mainline denominations: that there will be no rapture, but only a final resurrection and bodily assumption of everyone at the conclusion of Jesus Christ’s Millenial Reign. (Then again, even that is in reference to the declining percentage of Catholics and mainline denominationalists who even interpret the Bible literally anymore: not that the charismatics, evangelicals, fundamentalists, etc. are immune from their own set of problems; if that were not the case this weblog and the Study The Bible weblog and the Heal The Land website would not exist.)

Their biggest argument (other than their slavish adherence to their own false doctrines and traditions that they hold to in lieu of reading the Bible for themselves, or when they do read the Bible themselves they nullify and reject what they believe for their own church teachings) against the rapture is this: that the word is not mentioned in the Bible. And that, like everything else concerning false doctrine, is false. The word “rapture” is a transliteration of the Latin word “rapio“, which itself is used to translate the Greek word harpagesometha, which means, well, THE EXACT SAME THING THAT “RAPTURE” DOES! For an excellent source, see this link. I would be remiss if I did not shamelessly promote my own website’s (regrettably inferior to the first source) article here. Now though both my first listed source and my own article both indicate a post – tribulation (or at least very near to the end of the tribulation) rapture (the former source explicitly states it, my website’s article stops just short by saying that according to my own reading the signs strongly point to it, but there is also justification for the pre – tribuation and mid – tribulation theories in the Bible as well), again, it is not the intent of this post to take a position. Another source is here, another here.. Now to give (somewhat) equal time, I will give an article  (here) that attempts to explain why despite “rapio” and “harpagesometha” being in the Bible there still is not going to be a rapture anyway.

Why do most mainline Protestant denominations deny the rapture? Because they came out of the Catholic Church that denies the rapture. Why do Catholics deny the rapture? Who knows, especially since the word “rapio” was used by the CATHOLIC FATHER JEROME when he translated the Vulgate from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts! See what happens when tradition begins to usurp the inerrant word of God? The Catholics claim that they have the right to usurp the Bible based on the authority as the leader of the church given by Jesus Christ to Simon Peter, and since the office of Peter is with the Catholic Church, so is the authority. One small problem with that: NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE IS IT SAID THAT PETER WAS THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH. WHY WOULD THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH BE A FALLIBLE MAN? Oh, you have that “upon this rock” that has for CENTURIES been PURPOSEFULLY MISINTERPETED! Well, that verse says “UPON THIS ROCK I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH!” It doesn’t say “THIS ROCK SHALL LEAD MY CHURCH.” Second, the rock was not PETER. The rock was FAITH. You’d think that all the times that Peter’s faith wavered and he transgressed would be a hint about that?

Look, Ephesians 5:23 CLEARLY STATES THAT THE LEADER OF THE CHURCH IS JESUS CHRIST! God, GOD is the leader of the church. Not Peter or any man! Jesus Christ is the leader of the church, Christ is the head, and we are the body, and the Holy Spirit is the guide of the church. So yes, EVEN WHAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH USES TO DENY THE FINAL AUTHORITY OF SCRIPTURE IS DIRECTLY OPPOSED BY SCRIPTURE!

So please, good people, quit denying what “Saint” (remember, according to the Bible we are not supposed to be bestowing such titles or “veneration” upon people, let alone praying to them) Jerome himself wrote for the Catholic Church simply because the Catholic Church up and decided that they could ignore the Bible and do what they wanted. Had the Catholic Church not decided to reject the rapture, then no one else in Christendom (save those who make no pretense regarding rejecting the Bible) would either.

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