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Man Centered Spirituality Linked To Poor Mental Health

Posted by Job on January 23, 2008

See link here.

first study examining young adults’ religious and spiritual thoughts,
behavior and feelings in Australia has found those replacing
traditional religious beliefs with trendy, self-focused religions and spirituality are not the happier for their attempts at self-transformation.

Rosemary Aird conducted surveys of 3,705 21-year-olds in Brisbane as part of her Ph.D. studies at the University of Queensland’s School of Population Health.

had a look at two different beliefs – one was a belief in God,
associated with traditional religions, and the other was the newer
belief in a spiritual or higher power other than God,” Aird told the
Brisbane Times.

Her research found the newer non-traditional beliefs linked to higher rates of “anxiety, depression,
disturbed and suspicious ways of thinking and anti-social behavior” –
results, she suggested, arising from New Age beliefs focused on
self-transformation, self-fulfillment and self-enlightenment to the
exclusion of community.

religion tends to promote the idea of social responsibility and
thinking of others’ interests, whereas the New Age movement pushes the
idea that we can transform the world by changing ourselves.

downside is that people are very much on their own and not part of a
community, which may lead to a kind of isolation,” she said.

a 51-year-old agnostic, said individualism was the common thread in the
shift away from traditional religious thoughts to non-religious

Aird’s study, eight percent of respondents attended church once a week,
a practice linked to a reduction in antisocial behavior among males,
but not females. While those with traditional religious beliefs enjoyed
no major benefit in the study, their New Age counterparts were twice as
likely to report higher levels of anxiety and depression.

Those coming from Pentecostal backgrounds were less likely than other religions to adopt non-traditional beliefs in adulthood.

who are into the New Age spirituality tend to shop around and will
often borrow from all sorts of old beliefs, like Wicca, witchcraft or
Native American religions,” said Aird. “It’s a whole mish-mash and
changes all the time, where they’ll do something for a while before
doing something else.

there’s no sense of any kind of tradition, it means you’re kind of cast
adrift and means there’s no fundamental basic thing to hang on to.”

Aird said popular culture has fed the trend toward non-traditional beliefs with a popularization of “spirituality.”

“Religion and belief has kind of become mixed up with popular culture,” she said.

at television and the kinds of shows that we’ve got, like
‘Supernatural,’ ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Medium’. They promote
witchcraft, special powers and spirituality and the general population
and young people especially are exposed to these things and could see
them as very attractive.

“People want to find some way of embedding these things into some sort of belief system.”

Aird also singled out popular self-help books for creating a do-it-yourself approach to matters of faith.

generation was about social responsibility and collective interests
compared to the Me Generation,” Aird said. “‘New Spirituality’ promotes
the idea that self-transformation will lead to a positive and
constructive change in self and society.

“But there is a contradiction – how can one change society if one is focused on oneself?”

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Tonex Demonstrates That Those That Have Concerns About Him Are Justified

Posted by Job on July 12, 2007

Background: Now the first post on this weblog to generate any real controversy (or traffic for that matter) was Tonex Is Back: Is That A Good Thing? The hubbub caused me to reconsider, and I made a subsequent post that was more conciliatory. That post is now gone, and this one is in its place.

Original source link for this post: Gospel Music Bytes’ Editorial: This is the video response from Tonex, to the accusations about Tonex being gay. We have been asking everyone to pray for Tonex. In this clip Tonex as for us not to pray for him, as he is totally ok. Tonex needs our prayers more then ever, as you will see in this video clip, Tonex is moving further and further away from the body of Christ. We must warn you that there is a little colourful language in this clip, so please beware. Please listen to it and let us at Gospel Music Bites know what you think. Please note video at bottom: when Tonex claimed that he was trying to “take that homophobic slur away from people, to take the power away from it”, well that is the mantra of the homosexual rights group “Queer Nation.” So, Tonex either knows that he is using the language of a homosexual rights group, or worse – he doesn’t know it.

And this is the video that caused people to falsely accuse him of being homosexual.

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Canadian Churches Using Saint Patrick’s Day To Promote Paganism And Attack Christianity!

Posted by Job on March 17, 2007

 See link here. The whole article is an attempt to discredit Saint Patrick – and Christianity – and promote other religions as “better alternatives.” No mention of the HUMAN SACRIFICES of the Druids at all. They claim that Christianity existed in Ireland before Saint Patrick, but it was a “better, more tolerant version that was inclusive of the native religions.” Now, “Christian pastors” are teaching their congregations that they should mix false religions with Christianity. See where multiculturalism, tolerance, ecumenism, interfaith exchanges, etc. leads you?

Excerpts: Born in Wales, a land that long ago was populated by Celts, Carver noticed connections between contemplative prayer (MEDITATION, YOGA, EASTERN RELIGIONS … you know they promote this stuff on TBN, don’t you? Except that THEY CALL IT PROSPERITY/WORD OF FAITH!) and the Celtic spirituality he had been reading about. It was an approach to faith that emphasized that everything around us, including us, is imbued with the presence of God, Carver said. (So the presence of God is included in SIN? That’s not in my Bible.)

So for the past couple of decades Carver has incorporated a Celtic vision of spirituality into his Christian faith. (Making it not Christian anymore.)

Carver said a central tenet of Celtic religion is a belief in panentheism — not to be confused with pantheism — which says all things are imbued with the presence of the Ultimate Reality. (Again, not in my Bible, so it isn’t Christian!)

Hence, people practising the religion in old times put great spiritual significance on such natural things as wells and springs. (Jews marked the wells dug by Abraham, Jacob , and similar, but they did not worship them, but rather THANKED THE ONE TRUE GOD FOR GIVING THEM WATER! And when Yeshua HaMashiach met the Samaritan woman at the well, HE USED THE WATER AS A METAPHOR FOR HIMSELF, GOD. HE DID NOT TELL HER THAT THE WATER OR THE WELL ITSELF HAD ANY SPIRITUAL VALUE! See how people who are DETERMINED TO MISREPRESENT THE TRUTH distort things?)

About a decade ago, Carver led about 15 people, mostly from his Kitchener congregation, on a pilgrimage of Celtic holy sites in Britain. Many of the sites were remote wells. For some people, the appeal of Celtic spirituality may be in the stories of wandering saints who evangelized the people, Carver said. (Nothing to do with the Ruach Hakadosh, right?)

“They stepped into the unknown without any definitive goal,” he says. “That’s a definition of faith.” (LIAR! Their goal was to spread the true gospel, not to deceive people with lies, for faith cometh by hearing and hearing BY THE WORD OF GOD!)

People might also want to embrace more mystical approaches to spirituality, Carver says, as a reaction to churches’ emphasis on maintaining conservative doctrines. (Sure, they MIGHT want to do that if they want to burn in the lake of fire for eternity as God’s judgment on their idolatry. But if they want to go to HEAVEN, THEY DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT!)

“More grace is to be found in the search than in definitive answers,” Carver said. (LIAR! The DEFINITIVE ANSWER is that grace is not FOUND but GIVEN AS A FREE GIFT TO THOSE WHO REJECT FALSE RELIGIONS FOR CHRIST!)

Also, the notion of panentheism resonates with people who consider themselves friends of the environment. (Replace “environment” with “Satan and demons” and you are half right. Stick “and are enemies of God” on the end and you will be 100% right.)

“Christianity has to be redefined in ways to address basic issues,” Carver said. “And one of our major (contemporary) issues is to be ‘green.’ ” (No, his major contemporary issue is how to allow best allow Satan to use him to fill people with demons and take them to the lake of fire.)

Rev. Canon Christopher Pratt, rector of The Church of St. John the Evangelist, said for many the appeal of Celtic spirituality is its deep respect for feminine images and its sense of mysticism. “There is that whole sense of mystery being a part of religion is something, I think, which people yearn for and are looking for in Celtic spirituality.” (Boy, the way they used to sacrifice female virgins was a showing of the greatest form of respect for femininity. But “the feminine image” won’t REALLY get what IT TRULY DESERVES until IT IS DESTROYED IN THE LAKE OF FIRE ALONG WITH ALL WHO WORSHIP IT!)

Remember my much – criticized “why I hate black history month” series? I guess I need to start a “why I hate white history month or European culture” thing (although I did write a similar article for the main Heal the Land website awhile back because this shows that white people are just as capable of using “their roots” as an excuse to bring Satan in the church through worshipping themselves as blacks are. Why did these people decide that the Bible was not good enough for them? Because the Bible tells them that they have to worship GOD. They do not want to worship God, they want to worship themselves, and will follow after anything that allows them to. That, my people, is the spirit of anti – Christ that will cause the beast to rise out of the waters of the multitudes from every nation, tribe (ethnicity), and language: people worshipping themselves. THAT is why “the anti – Christ” will have the number of man and will represent man, because his creation will be brought about by man’s worship of himself (which reminds me of another article that was written for the main website).

Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please warn your children away from the worship of themselves out of their own pride, selfishness, and rebellion, and instead may they desire to overcome that evil with the Blood of the Lamb and instead worship You, the True God, by adhering to Your Word without turning aside to the right or the left. Amen.

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“Christian Meditation” Is Actually YOGA, People, From Such Turn Away!

Posted by Job on March 7, 2007

Look, Yeshua HaMashiach warns against vain repetitions. And Paul’s letters to the Corinthians were all about warning them against how losing spiritual control inevitably leads to evil spirits taking advantage of the situation. So this “Christian meditation”, where you start to “imagine” and “visualize” and “alter consciousness” and “chant”, etc. is clearly after the same demonic arts of yoga, self – hypnosis, etc. When did we start allowing all of this nonsense in the church, including this utterly sinister “Christian meditation for kids” book aimed at FILLING YOUR CHILDREN WITH DEVILS? Oh, and there is this “Christian talk show” on an Atlanta area Christian radio station that teaches you the Scientology method of “auditing”, claiming that Christians are wracked with guilt because religion teaches them “self – condemnation”, but that Jesus came to free us from sin and the “self – condemnation” that comes with it which brings stress, sickness, family problems, etc., so you just do the following “mental exercises” …

So yes, now you have Scientologists, yoga people, and New Agers claiming to be Christians.

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