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Pat Robertson FALSELY Calls Christian Persecution Our Greatest Threat!

Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

See this link:

As usual, Robertson has it all wrong. The Bible says for us to pay no heed to those that persecute us; indeed to pray for them that spitefully misuse us (see Also, Acts 5:40-41 shows us that the early church thanked God for their persecution! Jesus Christ said that if He was maltreated, should not we be so? Is the servant (us) greater than the master (Christ)? Facing persecution is evidence that we are actually serving God! The person who suffers persecution in God’s Name should thank God for it. The person who is suffering no persecution (or is suffering as a result not of God’s actions but his own) is the one that should seek God urgently, not for persecution, but so that such a person would have a relationship with God and learn how to obey Him, not for the persecution’s sake, but for God’s sake.

I talk about persecution on this weblog not for the “woe is us woe is us!” factor, but rather to show Christians what real Christianity is, and what real Christianity should be girding themselves up to expect both in this time and in the time of great sorrows to come. Now though I am a post – tribulationist and this is not to be taken as a direct criticism of pre – tribulationism itself, it is false teachers like Robertson in their pretending that Christian persecution is in any way exceptional – rather than something that is to be expected by the people of God living in a world that hates and has rejected God – that create the false image that Christians will be taken out of this world in the rapture before anything bad really happens to us.  So, in this respects, the notion of “God is going to come get us before anything really bad starts happening to us” is not the false doctrine of pre – tribulationism per se, because even the time leading up to and immediately preceding the seven official years of the great tribulation is supposed to be mighty terrible for Christians and everyone else, and Jesus Christ says this in Matthew 24 (which incidentally also makes it obvious that pre – tribulationism is false, see Correlating Don Imus, Christians, Blacks, Women, And The Rapture). But this notion that God has this obligation to save us before we Christians – especially the ones in the west that are used to freedom, wealth, and the pleasures and cares of the world – have to so much as get a hangnail is precisely the source of a lot of this false “Christian Zionism” doctrine preached by the likes of Robertson, John Hagee, and so many leading televangelists.

So unlike some people that take a much stronger view against pre – tribulation as in Mike Ratliff’s article What is the Great Delusion?, claiming that it is the problem itself, I take the view that it is people like Robertson that weave pre – tribulationism into the larger overall context of false doctrines that is the problem. And few are better at this than Robertson, who as usual, is playing on the fears and emotions of Christians.

So no, Christians, our greatest threat does NOT come from those that hate and persecute us, and that includes even the anti – Christ, the beast, the man of sin whom your tribulation doctrine denies that Christians will have to face. Instead, our greatest threat is INTERNAL, coming from those who traffic in false doctrines to serve the false god of mammon (money and power) like the billionaire Robertson (who has his malleable appointees all over the Bush administration Was Monica Goodling Taken Advantage Of By Pat Robertson and George Bush?) and Hagee, who is making a direct play for Robertson’s money and power (and see The Rapture Cult – Its Power, Influence and Secret agenda, though I do not endorse everything in it).

But do not let these false preachers scare you. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior follow the The Three Step Salvation Plan. If you have, then follow true Bible – based Christianity so that you will not be vulnerable to the deceptions of false preachers and teachers.


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Christian Values Do Not Exist Part II: The Motivation For Believing A Lie

Posted by Job on June 27, 2007

Please see part I, Christian Values Do Not Exist, before you read this if you have not already.

The amazing part is that professed Christians condemn themselves with their own words concerning the “Christian values” lie. How? They freely admit that “one does not have to be a Christian in order to share, appreciate, respect, and uphold Christian values.” If so, how can it be of God, and God be in it? These people need to read the Gospel of John again; it tells us that things that come from God and will be respected by God on judgment day will be misunderstood, hated, rejected, and warred against by the world. God and the things of Him are the light, the world is darkness, and the darkness does not comprehend the light. So, people that regard “Christian values” are walking after darkness and not after light. Example: the Washington Post article linked to in this post The New Missionary Field: “State Church” Europe Where Christianity Is Practically Dead speaks of how Christians fought to preserve the position of a pastor that acknowledged being an atheist because “one does not have to believe in God to teach Christian values.” A more salient example: many people, including Christians, convert to Mormonism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jesus Only oneness pentecostalism because of the strong piety and oustanding values emphasized by their systems of belief and culture. I know that I mention Mitt Romney more than I should in this weblog, but the media and political analysts speak of how well the fellow is doing very well in heavily Christian areas because he showcases his own history of hard work and achievement, personal integrity, and great family. Why? Because so many people have bought into the “Christian values” lie.

The true underlying motivation here is NATIONALISM. We want to love not only our country, but the notions of western culture on which our nation is based. Since we cannot go around kicking everyone that refuses to convert to Christianity out of our country (which is something that God did not even command the Jews to do; “strangers” were allowed to dwell in Israel under certain conditions), we have to create something else that we can all share for the purpose of having national unity along some set of lines that we can all feel good about. Since so many of these people are Christian, they believe the deception that this set of social, cultural, traditional, and political beliefs have anything to do with true Christianity. (I will grant you that some of these beliefs may well be religious, but none of them are spiritual).

Why? Because they want to. It makes them feel good about themselves. It is … man – pleasing! It is an easy way for man to become convinced of the notion that there is some instrinsic good within himself, and thereby divert to himself the praise and honor and glory that belongs only to God. And such people desire this so strongly, to receive the praise and declarations of being just and righteous that only God deserves, that they are willing to give people that hate and reject Jesus Christ a claim to it; to utterly defile it just so they can keep enough of it to glorify themselves! The very concept of “Christian values” is nothing more than the third thing that satan tempted Eve with in the Garden of Eden regarding the tree of knowledge of good and evil (possible only because satan used what was present in Eve already): the pride of life, the desire to be or to make ourselves into something that we are not. And it plays upon the lust of the eyes, which is coveting, a desire to have something that is not ours. Well, people who follow after the notion of Christian values desire to consider themselves inherently good (based on where they were born; being born in America or another western or “Christian” nation and “in a Christian home” makes you inherently better than being born elsewhere … you even have strands of hyper – Calvinism that claims that God places those that He has predestined and elected to salvation in Christian nations and homes for that purpose, and for that reason Christians should not bother with third world missionary activity; J. R. Ryland is reputed to have told the great missionary William Carey “young man sit down … when it pleases God to convert the heathen He will do it without your aid or mine”) and of course desire to be viewed as being virtuous and great – part of a great society of people – based on it.

Haven’t you wondered why certain Christians will get as angry – or angrier – at attacks on their country or their leaders as they would if you attacked their Jesus Christ? The reason is simple: if you attack Jesus Christ, you attack Jesus Christ. But if you attack their country or its leaders, you attack THEM, because you are denigrating their own image of virtue that comes from being associated with a “Christian nation and culture.” It is really  self – idolatry, self – worship. People who sell themselves out to and give themselves over to this sort of thing will do anything to preserve it! Case in point: the testimony of the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission. When the leaders of the apartheid regime that committed such grotesque crimes against innocent people were asked what motivated their evil, their answer was “fear of communism.” While communism is certainly evil and should be in all cases opposed, what they really feared losing was their precious nation and self – concept of virtue and worth based on it! Indeed, cannot you see the anti – Christ, the beast of Revelation, the son of perdition, the man of sin, building an entire system based on these beliefs and exploiting it?

And I have to tell you: what really seems like a taste of this to me is this “Left Behind” false doctrine, especially that in the book “The Remnant” and in the video game “Left Behind: Eternal Forces.” You know, the “convert or kill” thing. “The enemy” are the typical bugbears of the right wing: the United Nations, urban criminals, and similar. SoldierServant does a great job of pointing this out in these three posts: Should Christians Commit Murder For “The Cause”?, How Can We Judge If Christianity Is Still True?, and False Doctrine In “Left Behind”: The Remnant Teaches Against the Doctrine of the God-Sent Strong Delusion. I will not go so far as some in saying that dispensationalism is the problem in and of itself, but clearly their “convert or kill” notion is not justified anywhere in scripture (which instead speaks of fleeing Matthew 24:15-21 or salvation through martyrdom Revelation 20:4). And this goes back to the Iraq venture. We probably will never know what Bush’s motivation for invading Iraq was. I say that it is for the same reason that he supports illegal immigration, supply side economics, corporate welfare, abortion, and homosexual rights (see SoldierServant‘s President Bush — Bad Fruits versus Good Fruits: merely to increase the amount of violence, fear, chaos, warfare, disease, and economic uncertainty in the world; a precondition for the anti – Christ to take power). But I am certain the reason why so many good Christians supported Bush in the Iraq War – and still do – is because (just like the South African whites) they have been deceived into thinking that Muslim terror threatens their “Christian nation”, and therefore their notions of being intrinsically good and being worthy of being worshipped and praised by virtue of their birthright and citizenship will go with it.

Consider this: Jerry Falwell said on CNN that he was willing to sacrifice biblical positions on abortion and gay marriage in order to support a President that was strong on national security because the key to defending our Christian values is defending America, and if America falls to Islam our Christian nation goes with it. For that reason, he stated that he would be willing to vote for an atheist if he was the best at defending our nation. What happened to just trusting God that He would defend our nation, or that no matter what happens God’s Will shall be done? There is no place in that in the heart of one who follows after Christian values, because the one who sells out to those wants not to glorify God, but rather to hold onto that which he uses to glorify himself.

And through religious right politics, many Christians are trying to use the power of the state to impose upon an unwilling public a system of beliefs that will not even save them because promoting such values, values which they themselves admit are not spiritual because non – Christians can have them, exalts themselves. Can you imagine what such people will do when their strong delusions of self – righteousness through their culture and national identity are taken away from them? Please recall, for a second, that Hitler used notions of goodness inherent in the Weimar Republic (Germany) by virtue of their birth, ethnicity, culture, state, etc. preached in the state churches to sell his Nazi program. Also realize that John Hagee is pushing George W. Bush to bomb Iran to speed up the great tribulation because he cannot bear to see Hillary Clinton get elected in 2008 (which would represent the final stake through the heart of the religious right movement), and millions of “Christian Zionists” are ignoring all of the Bible prophecies that have to be fulfilled (there is no temple in Israel, there are no sacrifices, the gospel has not been preached to all the Gentiles) before Jesus Christ can return according even to their own  dispensational doctrines!  This notion of worshipping man through worldly things like values rather than worshipping God in spirit and in truth is very dangerous. It has caused great evil throughout history, and will cause the greatest of sorrows in the time to come. I urgently entreat all of those who wish for heaven to be your reward to turn aside from this abomination immediately and begin instead to trust God alone for your deliverance and your salvation.

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Slain In The Spirit Injury Lawsuit, More False Prosperity, And Mormon Doctrine Exposed

Posted by Job on May 9, 2007

First, see the false prosperity teachings of Christian Zionist “I will not target Jews for conversion and Jesus Christ was killed by Rome for His political beliefs, making Him just another failed political subversive and not the sinless God who died for our sins” John Hagee (demonstrating that once you start preaching one false doctrine, it opens the door for a great many others).

Second, see where a woman is now suing because of her getting injured during this utterly abiblical (violates Corinthians and everything else) “”slain in the spirit” abomination.

Third, we have the Mitt Romney translation table, which is an excellent expose of how when Mormons and actual Christians say the same thing they mean totally different ones.

As usual, many thanks to the Independent Conservative for compiling this.  

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Jews Against Jesus: Evangelical Judaism Targeting Christianity Is Born!

Posted by Job on May 6, 2007

I honestly couldn’t make this – and the prior post in this series which also contains great links – up if I tried. Now for CENTURIES, rabbinic Jews have taken pride in the fact that their religion refuses to proselytize, and as a matter of fact actually discourages converts, because unlike the Christian bigots, THEIR RELIGION offers UNIVERSALISM to Gentiles. As a matter of fact, one of the central points of the “Jesus was a pharisee” scam is purporting to use scripture to “prove” that Y’shua HaMashiach opposed converting non – Jews. Well now, Shmuley Boteach, who has a show on the same family of secular national cable channels that aired the “Jesus Tomb” broadside is advocating Jewish proselytization. Of course, do not be naive: the very reason why this show was put on in the first place was a trial balloon to see if America was fertile ground for conversion. Jews have been long kvetching about their slow population growth, with the number one problem being that Jews that are raised in the secular anti – religious societies that they have worked so hard to create out of their animosity to Christianity tend to quickly lose interest in being Jews. (This prior post shows that some Jews realize that believing that they could turn a nation against Christianity only without it affecting Jews also was folly.) So NOW we have Shmuley Boteach using the Juanita Bynum tactic: “I had no intention of doing this, but BECAUSE THE DEMAND WAS SO POPULAR …”, claiming that their intention to convert non – Jews into Christianity WAS NEVER THEIR GOAL (then why TV SHOW?!?!), but BECAUSE OF THE GREAT TOTALLY UNSOLICITED RESPONSES THAT THEY HAVE BEEN GETTING, they are going to go ahead and start doing it. Now of course, since so many “conservative”, “fundamentalist”, “evangelical”, etc. Christians have forsaken the true gospel to promote legalism and “family values” anyway (see Boteach win award from the National Fatherhood Initiative) Boteach’s show is very tempting to disaffected Christians. Now, are the John Hagee Christian Zionists going to be mount an effective counterattack? If so, what will be their basis? Are they going to say that anyone who leaves Christianity for Judaism will spend an eternity in the lake of fire? (Don’t go holding your breath for that unless you like the color blue.) Oh, but do not believe that anything has changed. Though it has now been declared that Christians are open season for conversion by Jews, Boteach makes it clear that Jews being converted by Christians is the greatest of evils. Oh yes, and pay no attention to Boteach’s claim that the reason why Jews have dissuaded conversion was to prevent false and dishonest conversions motivated by a desire to marry Jews. That sounds correct enough to Christians who from their reading the Old Testament recall God’s Commandments for Jews not to intermarry. But thanks to people like John Hagee, most Christians are unaware that the vast majority of Jews no longer see themselves bound by that dictate (or most any other) for though God has not cast aside His people, they have cast aside Torah Judaism for manmade rabbinic Judaism. The REAL REASON (other than to draw a distinction between themselves and Christianity) was their teaching that it is much harder for Jews to “earn” their way into heaven than Gentiles, so the Gentile that converts greatly increases his risk of eternal damnation.

Spread Jewish radiance
When I began hosting Shalom in the Home in the United States I did not intend the show as a promotion for Judaism. To be sure, viewers are well aware that the show is hosted by a bearded rabbi with his tzitzis flying, who bases the advice he gives for marriage and child-rearing on ancient Jewish wisdom. Still, the show’s purpose is simply to heal broken families. I have therefore been taken aback, as I travel around the US for lectures and a book promotion, to discover large numbers of non-Jews, especially young men and women, who have told me that watching Shalom in the Home has made them decide to become Jewish. Last week alone men and women from as far afield as Louisville, Kentucky, and Edmonton, Alberta, told me just that. And the number of emails flooding in from viewers asking me how they might become Jewish keeps rising. JUDAISM IS virtually alone among the religions of the world in not proselytizing. We even go so far as to actively discourage non-Jews from joining our faith. We do not believe that one must be Jewish to come close to God, to be saved, or to lead a spiritually fulfilling life. Less so do we believe that we are the only true religion, given that any religion that leads to a God-centered, moral life is blessed with truth. And yet, I cannot honestly say that hearing that the show has inspired a great many to seek to adopt the Jewish faith is entirely unwelcome.

There are far too few Jews in the world, and relying solely on a declining Jewish birthrate is not going to change that any time soon.

While Judaism does not believe itself to be better than any other religion, it also does not believe that it is less than any other religion. And there are a great many to whom the Jewish emphasis on using faith to master practical living appeals.

FOR MOST of modern times Judaism has shunned converts because a great many people who have wanted to convert to Judaism over the past few decades have been inspired to do so for reasons of marriage and have thus made their conversions suspect. Adopting a faith and becoming part of a people is a choice as personal as marriage, and just as no one wants someone to marry them for the wrong reasons, so a religion cannot be adopted for ulterior motives. A faith has a right to demand a serious commitment from prospective converts, and that means backing up a religious identity with passionate ritual observance.

But I believe that the world Jewish community must change its skepticism toward conversion and now openly seek to spread the light of Judaism to gentiles. Synagogues should offer a weekly class advertised as a taste of Judaism for non-Jews.

These classes should focus on the richness of a Jewish life, from the sublime rest of the Sabbath, to the humanity behind the kosher laws, to Jewish advice for a passionate and intimate marriage.

Whether or not non-Jews decide to actively embrace the faith is entirely up to them. Even if they do not, they can still extract elements of the religion which they find healing and uplifting.

After all, you don’t have to be Jewish to agree that a monthly period of sexual separation is an erotic barrier that enhances romantic desire. Less do you have to be Jewish to turn the TV off for a 24-hour period every Saturday and really communicate with your kids.

An opening to non-Jews would fulfill, in the most straightforward sense, the biblical mandate to be a light unto the nations.

FOR TOO LONG Jews have wrongly believed that the radiance of Judaism is only for Jews. The net result is that we have allowed the world to believe that our religion is dark.

Recently the news broke that Pope Benedict is considering reviving the Latin mass, with its Good Friday liturgy containing a prayer “For the conversion of the Jews,” which reads, “Let us pray also for the Jews, that the Lord our God may take the veil from their hearts and that they also may acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ.” The prayer goes on to refer to the Jews’ “blindness” and prays for them to be “delivered from their darkness.”

For thousands of years spiritual racism has been brutally practiced against the Jews. Just as Africans were identified as sub-humans through the darker color of their skin, the Jews were identified as sub-spirituals for the darkness of their faith. They were the spiritual inferiors of Christians and could be subjugated to oppression and servitude as a result.

The allegation of “Jewish blindness” bespeaks a belief in an innate Jewish spiritual defectiveness that can only be cured by Jews shedding the blinders of their faith to allow in the majestic Christian light. Such words are more racist and offensive than even Don Imus’s revolting description of African-American female athletes, seeing that his repulsive remarks pertained only to their bodies, while the words of this prayer address the the sightless Jewish soul.

It behooves our Catholic brothers and sisters to retire, rather than revive, such odious prayers. But it equally behooves the Jewish community to retire such sentiments by actively demonstrating to the world the brilliance and luminescence of Judaism – by opening the faith to a broken world that is desperately in need of healing.

To paraphrase the sage Hillel, “If we are not for ourselves, who will be? If we are only for ourselves, what are we? And if not now, when?”

The writer hosts the weekly television program Shalom in the Home on The Learning Channel, and is author, most recently, of a book by the same title. (

Please realize that these tactics only CONFIRM the TRUTH of Christianity. If you have not already, please accept the Truth so that you will be empowered to war against this attack and other attacks against God, against the Jewish Messiah! Accept Yeshua HaMashiach as your Lord and Savior today!

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Jews Against Jesus: Shmuley Boteach Uses Virginia Tech Tragedy To Bash Christianity

Posted by Job on May 6, 2007

Excellent tactic; exploiting the anger and grief against this great tragedy to turn people away from Christianity by telling them that Judaism makes it OK to hate your enemies. I have read Jewish manifestos that blame the failure of Christians to rescue Jews from the Holocaust was because of the “love your enemies” thing. Now, please realize that Boteach has a national TV show on a secular network, something that to my knowledge has not been afforded to Christianity. Please note that his network JUST HAPPENS to be in the same family of networks that showed Simcha Jacobovichi’s “Jesus Tomb” sham. Coincidence? Keep believing it if you want, especially since like Jacobovichi, Boteach is among the leaders of the “Jesus Christ was actually a Pharisee” movement.

Hate the sinner, too Shmuley Boteach, THE JERUSALEM POST Apr. 29, 2007

A particularly troubling aspect of the news coverage of the gruesome massacre at Virginia Tech is the fact that no one seems to hate the killer, Cheo Seung-Hui. Indeed, he is not even referred to as a killer or a murderer.

Cheo is invariably described as a gunman or a shooter. A gunman implies someone who goes to a local gun range a few times a month, and a shooter connotes someone who pops off a couple of rounds in the woods with friends. It conveys nothing of the monstrous nature of Cheo’s crimes, the cold-blooded and deliberate slaughter of 32 innocent human beings.

Likewise, Cheo is never held responsible for what he did. Instead, we hear about Cheo’s mental instability, how his English professor alerted authorities as to his troubled writings and how he stalked two young women.

The implication is that this is a man who could not help but pull out two hand-guns and blow his fellow students away. He was troubled, he was diseased, he was sick. He had no control over his actions.

What we never hear was that Cheo was evil. That he committed a repulsive crime that forever wiped the image of God from his countenance and consigned him to the oblivion of malevolence and wickedness.

THERE ARE many troubled people in the world, and there are many who are emotionally disturbed. But not all choose to rake university classrooms with bullets intended to maim and kill. Not all decide to vent their rage at innocent people unconnected with their anger.

No, however troubled Cheo was, he chose to punish people who had never harmed him. He deserves our hatred, revulsion and abhorrence.

Modern life is geared toward neutralizing both a belief in, as well as a hatred of, evil. Indeed, as Don Imus demonstrated, you are more likely to hear filthy racial slurs on network newscasts than ever hear someone described as “evil.” It’s an astonishing insight into our modern secular culture that innocent African-American female basket-ball players can be described on the morning news as prostitutes, but the killer of 32 students and faculty is treated as deranged but morally neutral.

If Cheo was so sick, how did he have the presence of mind to steal out in between the two shootings and post to NBC news his multi-media screed, designed to grant him posthumous immortality?

Did not the trauma of having killed two human beings, and the knowledge that hundreds of police were now searching for him, push his fragile mind over the edge and make him keep on killing? No. He took a break and calmly went to the post office, interacted sanely with a clerk to send his package, and then chose to return to his killing spree.

Of course Cheo was disturbed. But he could have killed himself in the privacy of his dorm room. Instead, he chose to take 32 innocent people with him. He was no more disturbed than a suicide bomber who does the same. If they are not evil, then neither is Cheo.

AS A SOCIETY we recoil from the belief that people are responsible for their actions and seize upon any emotional disturbance to explain loathsome behavior. It is convenient for us to deny the power of personal choice. If murderers are not responsible for their heinous crimes, then we, who are not as guilty, are not responsible for cheating on our wives or neglecting our children either.

On the contrary, we are governed by powerful, external forces that are beyond our control. It is the wife who denies her husband sex that makes him find a lover. It is the pressure to pay the mortgage that keeps us in the office and makes it impossible for us to find time for our children. It’s never our fault.

A few years ago on my radio show I was discussing Mark Hacking, a Salt Lake City man who killed his pregnant wife, Laurie, by blowing her head off with a shotgun while she slept. He was sentenced, under Utah state law, to six years in prison.

I was appalled that a man who had shot his wife in the head could receive such a ludicrously minimal sentence. I declared my hatred for Mark Hacking, and for the act of a society that dared show leniency to a monster who could murder his own wife and child.

THE PHONES lit up. Not because I had thundered against an absurdly minimal sentence, but because I dared to hate a murderer. Here’s my exchange with Susie, who called into the show:

Susie: Rabbi, I am a Christian, and I was raised to love everyone, even murderers. Why are you being so cruel?

Me: Compassion for a killer? Are you out of your mind? Are you seriously telling me that you were taught to love a man who murders his wife in cold blood? You should be reserving all your love for the victims of such violence, for the dead woman’s relatives. Where did you ever get the idea that you should love murderers?

Susie: From the Bible. From Jesus. From my Christianity.

Me: Does the Bible command us to love evil? On the contrary, Ecclesiastes says that “There is a time to love, and a time to hate.” If ever there was such a time, Susie, it is now.

Susie: Jesus said to love your enemies. To turn the other cheek. That’s what Christian love is all about.

Me: You’ve completely misunderstood Jesus, who said that you ought to love your enemies. Not God’s enemies. Your enemy is the guy who steals your parking space. Your enemy is the woman who is angling for your job at the office. But a man who kills his wife is not your enemy, but God’s enemy.

Susie: Well, I’m really worried about the kind of god you worship because it seems that He does a whole lot of hating.

Me: And I’m concerned about the kind of god that you worship, who seems morally callous and ethically blind. A god who can love murderers is unjust, corrupt, and unworthy of worship.

THERE ARE those who believe that the problem with our world is that there isn’t love. But precisely the opposite is true. Evil continues to stalk our world because there isn’t any hate. We excuse Palestinian suicide bombers, and blame Israel. We seek to understand the minds of mass murderers even as we fail to hate their monstrous, evil core.

Yes, we have all been taught to hate the sin and not the sinner. But in a case where the sinner’s actions involve brutal inhumanity or mass murderer, we must learn to hate the sinner, too.

The writer’s newest book is Shalom in the Home, and he hosts a weekly TV series by the same title on The Learning Channel

Please, war against this attack against God, against the Jewish Messiah! Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan of Yeshua HaMashiach Today!
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Demon Of The Day: Anti – Semitism

Posted by Job on April 22, 2007

This essay will not deal with so – called Christians who were brought up in and follow after replacement theology and in doing so are forced to negate the entire Bible like these people with nonsense like “the references to Israel in the Old Testament were actually prophetic spiritual types that pointed to the church.” Look, I am as big an advocate of dual and multiple reference in the Bible as anyone, but the literal meaning cannot be negated. Rather, the multiple references are only valid IF they confirm and enhance the literal meaning. If we are not to literally believe the scriptures calling the Jews God’s Chosen People and Israel God’s Holy Land forever, then why not just throw out the whole “salvation through Jesus Christ” too?  I will either produce something on that topic or more likely will post the excellent work of someone else (provided that it is not a dual covenant preacher like John Hagee). Speaking of John Hagee, do you know what the most disgusting, revolting, obviously ascriptural form of anti – Semitism is? Refusing to share the gospel with Jews and thereby not doing a thing to save God’s Chosen People from an eternity in the lake of fire. Look, people, the epistles specifically commanded us to preach the gospels to the Jews, and even said that Jews were a higher priority for evangelism than were Gentiles. Where does it say it in the epistles? You know what, I am not going to tell you. Go read it and find it yourself. If you are following after this “neither me nor any member of my congregation is going to target Jews for conversion nonsense” just because some pastor veering on the edge of apostasy says so, it is because you either haven’t read your Bible, or you have replaced your Bible with your pastor.  Would you refuse to show love to homosexuals by sharing the gospel with them if some TV pastor told you to? If that offends you, well it should, because where homosexuals choose their sin, Jews have done NOTHING to cause themselves to be hated in the worst possible fashion. This is not to say that homosexuals have; God forbid! I am just using them to illustrate how a Christian who forbids sharing the gospel with Jews can only be under the influence of demons. Yes, I know, the gospel offends Jews. So what? Who DOESN’T it offend? Are Muslims out there begging you to convert their people to Christianity? Hindus? Atheists? Scientologists? Now none of those are God’s Chosen People that God made His Covenants with Abraham and Moses to bring Yeshua HaMashiach into the world, yet you have no problem offending THEM.

Now that I have dealt with the two most prominent causes of anti – Semitism in the church, I will deal with it in a general basis. It is commonly reported that Jews bring anti – Semitism on themselves with their own behavior, and this includes their actions to undermine Christianity, and as such anti – Semitism against them is merely an understandable human response. Even if this is true – and I am not conceding that it is – so what? It is still no excuse, especially for Christians. Look, the Bible says what it says. The Jews are God’s Chosen People. This status was given to God by the Jews unconditionally, in spite of anything and everything that they allegedly do or do not do, and that means what they do or do not do to you. Even if they come and put you out of your home, take your land, and bring about political changes and use the media to alter your culture and control the banks to keep you poor, and they are the cause of all the wars in the world (again, I am NOT saying that any of this stuff is true) they are still Jews and you are supposed to love and defend them and Israel because the Bible says so. (Actually, the Bible says that you are supposed to forgive and love ANYONE and EVERYONE who does this.) The Bible says that God will bless those who bless Jews and curse those who curse Jews. The Bible does not say that it is contingent upon the actions of Jews. The Bible does not say that it is dependent upon Israel acting righteously. The Bible does not have any allowances for “the Jewish lobby that has our government and media quaking in fear” (again, not saying that it is true). Now even if all these things are true (a mighty big if) and it is natural to have anti  – Semitic grudges because of it, so what? Again, we are CHRISTIANS. We are supposed to die to our flesh, die to our nature, and walk after the spirit. If we have to do the same with our desire not to steal, commit violence, cheat in our business dealings, and commit sexual sin, from whence comes our license to fail to resist our impulses to hate Jews? Seriously, replace “Jew” with any other race, religion, or ethnicity and replace “Israel” with any other nation, and the abuse that they get from supposed Christians would never be tolerated.

How does the demon of anti – Semitism enter? Well, I am going to propose that anti – Semitism is 100% natural. Jews are God’s Chosen People, and it is in our nature to oppose God in everything that He does. So, you do not need some force, some influence, some occurrence, or some upbringing to hate Jews and Israel. Rather, you are going to do those things just by existing. So, when you hate Jews out of your own corrupt human nature, that opens the door for the demon of anti – Semitism to enter. Of course, the demon of anti – Semitism is being bridled by God’s Hands, the prayers of the saints, cultural forces, and similar. But when the man of sin, the anti – Christ, comes, wiping Israel and all Jews off the face of the earth for good is going to start looking like a mighty good idea – the answer to all of the world’s problems plus a great way to spend an afternoon outing – to a lot of people. Realize that the anti – Christ himself will be nothing but the creation and personification of man and his nature (click on this link).

Yes, there is also jealousy, another sin and spirit. Muslims, who are taught in their false religion that Jews have usurped their birthright, are systematically infected with the anti – Semitism demon in this manner. But as for Christians? Well that takes the form of: “They’re the people of God and we are not. Even though the church has accepted Christ and the Jews rejected Christ and sent Him to the Romans to be crucified, saying ‘His Blood be upon us and our children’ in order to get Pilate to agree to the deed, Jews are still God’s Chosen People! God still likes the Jews better than me! It isn’t fair! It isn’t fair! It isn’t fair!” First off, even if the Jews saying “His Blood be upon us and our children” was binding under the New Covenant (and it isn’t), Yeshua HaMashiach’s prayer for God to forgive them would have lifted it anyway, OK? Second, I fail to see what is just so unfair. Don’t you realize that you get to go to Heaven despite your sins? Heaven is worth any unfairness, indignity, humiliation, rejection, and sacrifice that you have to make. If you are going to sit around being angry and jealous because God likes Jews better than you, then you aren’t worthy of God’s Heaven to begin with, and if you do not believe me then just wait … God will tell you Himself on judgment day. And oh you Mr. Big Strong Bad man, you won’t take that, will you? You are going to get right in God’s Face and tell Him that He is wrong for liking those Jews better than you, aren’t you? Well, good luck with that. Let me know how it turns out. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to write! Those “return to sender” deals that you are going to get, sending all those letters to us REAL Christians and Messianic Jews (and all other Jews who accept Shiloh as the their Messiah and their God) from the lake of fire while we’re in Heaven and everything? Don’t get discouraged by those, just keep on trying. You will have an eternity, after all!

Seriously, go find a Bible and tell me where it says that God has to be “fair” to you, especially according to the vile standards of your puny brain, worldly values, and desperately wicked heart. It isn’t in there. Let me illuminate the darkness that is in your heart and mind with the Truth so that you can see your reality check: God doesn’t owe you a thing, buddy. He has no obligations to you whatsoever. He is not in your debt, and you have nothing on Him. You cannot bribe, coerce, intimidate, or guilt Him. If you doubt this, when you get through reading the epistles, go read Job, especially the part where God lets Job know just how small he is. Where is it? Go find it yourself. God doesn’t have to be “fair”, especially to you, worm. God only has to be RIGHTEOUS. And how is God RIGHTEOUS? By keeping HIS WORD, which is RIGHTEOUS. And you know what is written in His Word? That the Jews are God’s Chosen People and Israel is their land forever. For God to break HIS WORD to be FAIR to YOU, then He wouldn’t be RIGHTEOUS to ANYBODY, rendering His “FAIRNESS” UTTERLY WORTHLESS TO YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE. But since God ALWAYS KEEP HIS WORD, then HIS WORD IS GOOD FOREVER FOR YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE. And that is why if you refuse to renounce this anti – Semitism demon and your Jew and Israel hatred that goes with it, God will be true to His Word by destroying you in the lake of fire for eternity.

You even have some Christians who reject God and the Bible entirely because of the “chosen people” claim thanks to humanism and modern thinking giving them the out that “the Bible’s claims that Jews are God’s chosen people is racist, and that makes the Bible racist, and therefore it cannot be the Word of God.” Oh, arrogance and pride. Everyone has to be #1. No one is happy to be #2. Why? Because these people do not worship God. They worship themselves! They want God to bow down to and worship THEM. Going to heaven in the next life isn’t good enough for them. They would rather be “masters of their domain” in this life. Well, do you know why the nation of the Jews is called Israel? Because they are called after the name of JACOB thanks to VILE ESAU SELLING JACOB HIS BIRTHRIGHT FOR A BOUL OF SOUP! Christians, do not sell your eternity in the next life because you want to please the false god of your own flesh in this one. Humble yourself. Know your place. And I am not talking about humbling yourself before Jews and knowing your place with respect to Jews. I am talking about doing that before and with respect to GOD. The GOD who has the right to do as He sees fit, the GOD who created us for His Reason and pleasure alone. You anti – Semite, you are so foolish in your ways that you have not seen that your problem is not with Jews, but rather with God. Well let me be the first to tell you: all of God’s problems are going to be consumed in the unquenchable flame on the day of judgment. So if that demon of anti – Semitism is your problem, you had better straitway repent, ask God to change your heart, and then ask Him to cast it out of you. Afterwards, start reading your Bible cover to cover AND BELIEVING IT LITERALLY in order to keep it from coming back.

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Correlating Don Imus, Christians, Blacks, Women, And The Rapture

Posted by Job on April 13, 2007

In the past I have declared that while I do believe in the rapture, I could not decide between the pre – tribulationist, mid – tribulationist, or post – tribulationist camp, and decided that it really doesn’t matter. At the suggestion of Independent Conservative, I read Matthew 24, and am now 100% in the POST – TRIBULATION rapture camp (and have a lot more tolerance for the rapture – deniers), and have decided that it DOES MATTER. Why? BECAUSE WHEN THE GREAT TRIBULATION COMES, WE WILL STILL BE HERE. “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:), Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:, Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” That is Matthew 24:15-22, and those warnings apply to US when we will have to HEAD FOR THE HILLS (to the place of refuge) AFTER THE BEAST (the anti – Christ) defiles the soon – to – be reconstructed third temple! And that is why it is important. Those scriptures refer to US! Now, the pre – tribulationists deal with this scripture by claiming that it referred to the destruction of the second temple and the end of the Jewish dispensation in 70 AD, when millions of Jews who refused to abandon Jerusalem fell to the Romans (non – Messianic Jews after the Simcha Jacobovici strand claim that Jesus Christ’s “true radical Pharisee teachings perished” with His followers, a ridiculous claim easily disproved by the historical fact that though some of Yeshua HaMashiach’s followers did die defending Rome, others had previously left Jerusalem and Israel to spread the gospel). Even if that is true, it is merely a prophetic type, a foreshadowing of the real event during the REAL tribulation, just as the first destruction of the temple and scattering of the Jewish people was a foreshadowing of 70 AD. And why is it important? Because if we don’t KNOW that we are going to STILL BE AROUND for the great tribulation, WE WON’T BE PREPARING FOR IT! We won’t heed Yeshua HaMashiach’s Words and head for the place of refuge when the beast defiles the second temple! (The best current theory is that the place of refuge will be Bozrah). Those who are currently being misled by the pre – tribulationists (Tim LaHaye, Left Behind, John Hagee Christian Zionists, and pretty much the vast majority of the fundamentalists and evangelicals) and the mid – tribulationists will have to endure the second half of the tribulation. WE WILL ALL HAVE TO ENDURE THE FIRST HALF, AND ONLY A FEW WILL MISS THE SECOND.

What does this have to do with Don Imus? Well, it appears that all of these Christians that contributed to and are so gleefully cheering the demise of his radio show are not considering that the SUDDEN CRACKDOWN ON CERTAIN BIGOTS NOW WHEN THERE HAVE BEEN BIGOTS ON THE AIRWAVES AND IN THE PRESS FOR DECADES is serving a larger agenda. Which is? Setting the stage for true Christianity to be illegal. Denying us education and employment. Making it a crime to preach the gospel. And so forth. Now, all of this is going to happen anyway, of course. BUT SHOULD WE CHRISTIANS BE TRYING TO HELP IT ALONG? I suppose the “John Hagee Christian Zionist push the US into attacking Iran so Jesus Christ will come back” crowd would say so. (Of course, if they weren’t PRETRIBULATIONISTS they would PROBABLY SEE THINGS A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY, WOULDN’T THEY? Everyone wants the rapture to hurry up and come NOW, but tell them that they will have to go through tribulation first, and the vast majority will quickly change to RAPTURE HURRY UP AND WAIT.)  Now do not get me wrong, evil is evil. Imus’ little act was evil, and Christians were right to oppose it. But shouldn’t there be a way to do this without furthering the agenda of the anti – Christ?

So, Christians who are jumping up and down cheering at how Don Imus’ bloody scalp is now pinned to the wall of the speech code mob (I mean come on, if it was really about respecting black women, wouldn’t they have gone after RAPPERS by now? even WHITE ones, like Eminem? And Quentin Tarantino is not a rapper, but where is the mob over HIS racist work?) please try to understand rather than accusing me of being insensitive to blacks and women and their emotions over the evil words of one Don Imus. Instead, let me see if I can explain this in the “multiculturalism diversity tolerance” language that I learned all those times that I was sent to human resources for “training seminars” every time that I offended someone at work. The anti – Christ will persecute Christians during the great tribulation. Black people are disproportionately Christian. Women are disproportionately Christian. Black women are disproportionately Christian. So, the anti – Christ’s persecution of the church will have a disparate negative impact against blacks, women, and ESPECIALLY black women like Rutgers basketball coach Vivian Stringer, a Christian. Therefore, the anti – Christ’s persecution of the church will be RACIST and SEXIST. So please, Christians of all sexes and races, do not contribute to the anti – Christ’s racism and sexism (or anything else for that matter). As Christians we must zealously oppose all sin with the gospel, but when it comes to sin (Imus’ remarks) versus sin (the political correctness agenda) either oppose them both without being used by either, or just sit on the sidelines and let God take care of it.

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More Jews Against Jesus: The “Jesus Was A Pharisee” Scam Is Picking Up Steam

Posted by Job on April 9, 2007

And finding favorable forums in both the anti – Christ media and in our “seminaries that have rejected the true gospel. Claiming that by studying the gospels the “new Jewish way”, A) Jews can become “better Jews” and B) Christians can “better understand Judaism, become better Christians, and become less anti – Semitic” (of course by ceasing to claim that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh who died for our sins and rose again). Now granted, this woman works at Vanderbilt University and is speaking at an Episcopal Church, but let us not kid ourselves into thinking that this anti – Christ plot is only being aimed at liberal Christians who have long abandoned Biblical truth. Instead, it is being test – run and modified so that it can be used against fundamentalist types with weak foundations in scripture who are being misled by certain “Christian Zionists” out there into thinking that it is OK to view their own beliefs as causing injury to Jews and to thereby water down or abandon them. Interesting that this piece comes to us from Austin, Texas, the same state that JOHN HAGEE hails from.

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Anyone Believe That Pelosi Had No Authorization To Talk Israel Peace Deal With Syria?

Posted by Job on April 6, 2007

See link here. If you do, then I have a bridge and beachfront property to sell you in Death Valley, real cheap. (Then again, if this report is true, all of the southwest will basically be Death Valley.) Come on, Nancy Pelosi isn’t this stupid. This was all about putting more pressure on Israel to sign a peace deal while giving the Bush administration – and the “official” America – plausible deniability, not so much to Israel, but to the Christian Zionists, AIPAC Jews, and the right wing (and admittedly not a few left wing) “supporters of the only democracy in the Middle East.” See, this is why she was elevated to speaker of the House to begin with. She will be able to do the agenda of the anti – Christ in situations like this while the “real America” ignores her because she is a liberal woman representing the liberal party from an ultra – liberal city, and she has carefully built up her image of a shrill less than competent shrew with questionable judgment right after catapulting her to power seemingly overnight. In other words, she is the other side of the coin to the Council on Foreign Relations’ point man during the 1990s, Newt Gingrich, who willfully took one for the team by totally humilating himself every time the public got fed up with Bill Clinton (you know, the same role that John Kerry and, er, Usama bin Laden has played for George W. Bush).  In an attempt to keep the game going, the Washington Post ran this idiotic editorial, pretending that A) the person who is third in line from the Presidency does not represent the foreign policy interests of our country and B) a person could somehow acquire that position without the person AND the people who put her there not knowing that A) is a lie. Make no mistake, America is pressuring Israel to sign a peace deal under George W. Bush just as they did under Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. The parties may change, but the policy doesn’t, because the people who are REALLY in charge never do. Believe it. Most of the American people may be duped into thinking that George W. Bush is an empty suit and Nancy Pelosi (Catholic) is a California nut with a fruity flavor, but you had better believe that Israel, the Middle East, and the rest of the international community doesn’t know what is going on.

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Ethiopian Evangelist Murdered By Muslim Extremists Inside Mosque

Posted by Job on April 6, 2007

See link here. It is more details on the tragic death of Tedase. Of course, Saudi Arabia, our “ally” because of oil, is behind this. Then again, where is the “no blood for oil” people now? They could care less when Christians get killed as usual. And again, no mention of this persecution in the media. But if it had been an abortion clinic or gay nightclub getting bombed even if no one was in there to get injured, it would make international news as a human rights violation.

Now keep in mind that Ezekiel prophecies that African nations will be counted among those that attack Israel. Do you like your prophecies literal or allegorical, Christians? Since Africa appears to be falling to the Muslims thanks in no small part to the refusal of western Christians to advocate for them in any least way (including the “African American” Christians), it looks as if the capacity for the literal fulfillment of that prophecy may be less than ten years off. Father YHVH, please stretch forth Your hand to defend the queen of the south that she might again prosper in the faith. Please, Lord, overcome all of her enemies, deliver her in this time of tribulation, and cause more still to be converted from Islam into Christianity in Ethiopia and all over the world. May this not cause evangelists in Ethiopia and elsewhere to withhold the gospel, but may it cause them to preach it. Please, Lord, may the leaders in Ethiopia protect the people and bring order to that nation, and please raise up new leaders in that nation who will do Thy Will. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, amen.

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Jews Against Jesus: Jewish Magazine Calls For The Destruction Of Christianity

Posted by Job on April 5, 2007

See link here. They are so disillusioned with liberal Christians (because they have FINALLY decided that if you no longer respect the New Testament then you aren’t going to respect the Old Testament either) that they have decided that the best way is to use the Bible – believing Christians’ beliefs against them by getting them to abandon Christianity in favor of adhering to the Noachide laws. And this is an important issue. Why? Because though Jews rejected the one who gave them the true and only plan for salvation for Jews AND Gentiles, Jesus Christ, and as a result have no TRUE salvation plan for themselves and anyone else and are hence universalistic after a fashion, they do not believe that EVERYONE will be saved. Instead, they believe that Jews who worship Christ and Gentiles who fail to keep the will be eternally lost. It has FINALLY dawned on them that as liberals by nature not only reject objective truth but A) start calling sin righteousness and righteousness sin and B) invariably oppress those who do not do as they, then a society ruled by “Christian” liberals (or liberals after any fashion) will not respect Jewish belief, or for that matter Jews at all. So, this article proposes as  response to try to get fundamentalist Christians to stop practicing tehir form of Christianity (which this article all but admits isn’t a threat to Jews at all, which proves that it merely OFFENDS Jews) and instead to convert them to being Gentiles who follow Noachide legalism. In other words, get Christians to reject the New Testament but strictly adhere to and believe in the Old. That way, Jews will not be offended by our claiming Yeshua HaMashiach as our (and their) Messiah and God, and we will be useful in defending them against liberals. The best way to do this? Get like  to start preaching that Jesus Christ was killed by the Romans for His political beliefs in order to prevent offending Jewish sensibilities as a precondition for Jewish “cooperation”, as Hagee has already started doing. Won’t work, you say? Well, Christians have this funny habit of believing whatever their preachers tell them. How else can you explain all these Christians who are following , , , , etc. believing that Jesus Christ had to be born again? And of course, it is something that the world has already embraced. Fox News ran a special promoting his lie during the height of “The Passion Of The Christ” controversy (not a peep from “the religious right” over this either). I can see the strategy now: just as Messianic Jews tell their followers that they can still be a part of the Jewish community while believing in Jesus Christ, Jews are going to tell Christians that they can still call themselves Christians will rejecting the deity of Christ so long as they retain “Christian values.” Since many conservative Christian movements are forsaking actual doctrine, theology, and practice for politics and values anyway, they are creating a ripe environment for this type of spiritual deception, especially since Christians have been raised in deadly fear of being anti – Semitic.  So people, stuff like this is why we cannot abandon preaching the gospel to promote and defend the faith no matter who it offends and no matter where we are. People’s eternal souls literally depend on using the gospel to expose and combat spiritual deception like this.

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Jews Against Jesus III: Jews Attacking John Hagee Because He Hasn’t COMPLETELY Rejected The Bible

Posted by Job on April 1, 2007

See link here. Please pay attention to the first two entries here and here as well, in addition to another on how they are trying to “steer Christianity” in America and elsewhere. It is clear that the only way that you can get the support of these folks IS IF YOU TOTALLY ABANDON THE BIBLE. Do not be deceived, Christians. These folks will pretend to dance with you initially, but the closer your “relationship”, “friendship”, and “trust” goes over time, the more they will convince you to SLOWLY abandon the Bible over time. It is time to come out and get real about this issue folks, and to cast aside all political correctness and sensitivities: this is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE. What does the BIBLE say about ALL who deny the resurrection, the deity of Yeshua HaMashiach, and the Tri – Unity of God? THEY HAVE THE SPIRIT OF ANTI – CHRIST. The spirit of anti – Christ IS A DEMON. SO IF JEWS DENY YESHUA HAMASHIACH, THEY HAVE THE DEMON OF ANTI – CHRIST IN THEM! Look, I know that this is a historical anti – Semitic charge, BUT IT IS STILL TRUE NONETHELESS! And the truth of this statement is PRECISELY THE REASON WHY WE SHOULD NOT FOLLOW AFTER HAGEE BY REFUSING TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO JEWS, BUT IS RATHER WHY WE SHOULD PREACH TO THEM AS WE WOULD EVERYONE ELSE!

Listen, what does the Bible say about evil spirits? Resist the devil and he will flee from you. THE BIBLE SPECIFICALLY WARNS AGAINST ENTERTAINING ANY OTHER SPIRITS. Case in point: look at TBN. Back in 1999, TBN opened the door to anti – Christ by allowing anti – Trinitarian heretics on the air because they wanted to chase the money – and fanatical devotion – that this cult attracts by virtue of TD Jakes and others. So whereas before the “Jesus Only” movement was a marginal diversion from charismatic Pentecostalism (who kicked the heretics out), THANKS TO TBN THEY ARE MAINSTREAM ALL OVER THE WORLD, IN NO SMALL PART BECAUSE WHEN THEY ARE IN PUBLIC THEY DO THEIR BEST TO HIDE THE FACT THAT THEY OPPOSE TRINITY (see TD Jakes’ LIES on this topic analyzed here, an even stronger one here, and how other famous TBN Word of Faith televangelists blaspheme Trinity). Once that door was opened, they allowed undercover Muslim to get a show on the network claiming that the Koran is a legitimate revelation inspired by God! And THERE HAVE EVEN BEEN MORMONS ON TBN (THEIR OWN WEBSITE BRAGS ABOUT IT HERE!) AND WORD IS (told to me by a person who used to work for a Christian broadcaster, is still active in ministry, and knows all the “inside stuff” but it is a private conversation so I cannot reveal his name) THAT TBN IS ACCEPTING LOTS OF MONEY FROM MORMONS (and from Sung Moon)! So expect to see them on TBN more and more often soon; it is only a matter of time before Mitt Romney is on there to “spiritually baptize dead Jews” in order to please the Word of Faith “Christian Zionists”!

Look, the rabbis and political leaders that John Hagee, Pat Robertson, and these other Christian Zionists are dealing with are VERY POWERFUL IN THE POLITICAL, SECULAR, ACADEMIC, MEDIA, AND RELIGIOUS SPHERES. To understand the significance of that, PLEASE SEE Ephesians 6:11-13! It is there for a reason, AND IT MEANS THINGS! If you entertain those with the spirit of anti – Christ rather than resisting the spirit of anti – Christ with the gospel, the spirit of prophecy, and the power of testimony, THE SPIRIT OF ANTI – CHRIST WILL SEDUCE, OPPRESS, AND EVENTUALLY OVERCOME YOU! Come on Christians, wake up. Take a look at these mainline denominations. They didn’t just up and decide that they didn’t believe in the Bible anymore one day. It was a long process that took CENTURIES of their abiding blasphemers, heretics, and apostates in their ranks, and eventually the spirits of anti – Christ, heresy, and blasphemy took over these whole denominations save a few remnant. As a matter of fact, even the notorious World Council of Churches was once a legitimate Christian body, now some of their LEADERS claim that anyone who believes in a literal virgin birth is uneducated and dangerous (though they use nice soothing interfaith ecumenical dialogue when saying so).

And we can start being honest about John Hagee, ok? He was once a straight Bible preacher who began to realize how much money he could make by focusing on prophecy. And now he realizes how much money he can raise – tax free – by being Israel’s #1 defender in the Christian community, and by creating a tax free nonprofit organization (Christians United For Israel) around it. How interesting that Hagee himself openly proclaims that Christians United For Israel is modeled after AIPAC, an organization by, for, and centered around the rejection of Christ that works tirelessly to cause others to reject Christ and to discredit those who have not! And with this money comes – you guessed it – POWER. Hagee now has the ear of President Bush, a great many political leaders in Israel, and political and religious leaders in both countries, AND BOLDLY SPEAKS OF THAT FACT! Thanks to the money, support, and prayers of many fundamentalist and evangelical Christians and of Jews who have been deceived from the true path a second time by following a “Christian” who withholds the gospel from them after rejecting it the first time by rejecting the gospel itself, Hagee now has real clout, and it is only going to increase as he gets more sophisticated in the public eye and stops being the fundamentalist from San Antonio who talks about Armaggeddon and starts speaking the language that folks in Washington D.C., New York, London, Jerusalem, China, Saudi Arabia, etc. can abide. And I am certain that the Council on Foreign Relations will be right there to give him any help that he needs.

Has God cast aside His people? God forbid! But they cast aside HIM when they rejected Him when He came to them in the flesh, and they reject Him again when they reject all who preach the gospel of He who came in the flesh in the Name of He who came in the flesh. Christians, if you cease promoting and defending the faith in order to follow after these Christian Zionists, you will wind up casting aside your faith and your God with it too! By dealing with the spirit of anti – Christ by accepting the Jewish demand to alter and not preach the gospel, the very man who preaches against the anti – Christ (actually the beast) is actually helping set the stage for him. In that respects, how different is he REALLY than the Iranian president ? And if he is no different, if you are not following Christ, how are YOU any different? Let me clue you in: you aren’t, so please fix that fact now! Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please open the eyes of your children to the spiritual deception and wickedness that is moving through among so many people who call themselves fundamentalist and Bible believing Christians, doors opened because people will not reject money, power, and worldliness. May they stand against all enemies and seek all goals by obeying the Bible and preaching and adhering to the gospel, and reject any and all who try to restrain them from it. And may all Christians know that any attempts to deal with Jews that includes withholding the gospel from them will only result in the destruction of Jewish life in this world AND in the next. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, amen.

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More Coverage Of Janet Parshall’s Courageous Biblical Stand

Posted by Job on April 1, 2007

See link here plus another here, and please refer to my previous entry on this issue, which includes a plug for her website and ministry. Father YHVH, may more people be led and inspired by the Ruach Hakadosh to submit not to their will or the will of any man, but of Your Will alone as expressed in the Bible, and we thank You that many Christians are doing so already! In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, Amen. Technorati tag:

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