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Atlanta Radio Talk Show Host Perry Laurentino Compares Dogfighting To African Slavery

Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

Laurentino works for 680 The Fan. Of course, he quickly recanted – to a degree – when he received the predictable response by irate black callers. (The reaction would have been far more were the black audience of 680 The Fan not relatively small and more importantly far more conservative than the black population of Atlanta as a whole.) My point here is not to label Laurentino a racist, but rather to give yet another clear indication of how the anti – Christ mindset is deeply ingrained into our society so much that even very conservative people with Catholic backgrounds like Laurentino would even thing of equating the mistreatment of a human with the mistreatment of a dog. Now the act of slavery and animal cruelty itself is probably similar from a spiritual warfare perspective: the same evil spirits that would cause you to wantonly mistreat an animal through dogfighting would also cause you to mistreat a person through slavery. Thus, animal rights activists do have a point when they mention that people who abuse animals later go on to victimize people. And there are Bible verses that could be construed to oppose animal cruelty, and both are in the portion of the scripture – the Torah or the instructions – that liberals hate so much (who claim that such portions were later added to the scriptures by harsh “Deuteronomists” who blamed Israel’s fall to Babylon on their sins, and falsely claimed that they were written by Moses in order to give their theology legitimacy). They are Deuteronomy 25:4: “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn” and “Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk” (contained in Exodus 23:19, Exodus 34:26, and Deuteronomy 14:21). Now there are a variety of ways to interpret those scriptures (including some Orthodox Jews who interpret the latter to mean that it is a sin to eat a cheeseburger) but correlating both to animal cruelty is reasonable.

But still, the notion that you would compare the suffering of a man to the suffering of a dog is clearly one that is offensive to God. There is a reason why the term “dehumanize” exists. The term presumes the elevated status of man which comes not from man’s ability to reason or create, but from the notion that man was a special creation of God, in His own Image, higher than the angels. I am certainly no ecumenist, but the world’s three monotheistic religions that have so influenced the mindset of the civilized world (both in the west and the near east), Christianity, Muslim, and Islam, all hold this to be factual. By contrast, you have pagan traditions that contrive equality between man and animal. All you have to do is go to India, and see where starving people will not eat cows because they hold them sacred, and then there is the jain Buddhism evil that was co – opted by Martin Luther King, Jr., who denied the deity of Jesus Christ (see Proof From His Own Writings That Martin Luther King Jr. Was NOT A Christian), whose adherents center a great part of their lifestyles around not stepping on insects because they regard them as having the potential to become people in a subsequent lives – and indeed may well have been people in their prior lives. Evolution is just another false religion that denies a true afterlife, that denies a true God, and denies a true eternal punishment in a lake of fire. But we can see that even people who profess Christianity and do not believe in evolution run the risk of adopting the anti – Christ mindset because of their immersion in the culture. Conservatives oppose bi – lingual education for the children of Mexican immigrants and others whose primarily language is not English, and they support instead “full immersion”, knowing that once deprived of their native language in an academic environment, the non – English speaker will quickly and forcibly become fluent in what should be our nation’s common tongue. (Do not believe me to be opposed to people knowing multiple languages, quite the contrary were it up to me all children would learn Spanish and Hebrew. Learn, write, and speak in as many languages as you choose so long as one of them is English.)

And the same is true of Christians. Even if Christianity is your “native mindset”, if you are fully immersed in our anti – Christ culture, you will take on the anti – Christ mindset and equate the brutal dehumanizing subjugation of Africans as a sacrifice to the idol of mammon (money and power) as being little different from what happens to dogs or any other dumb animal. Therefore, according to the idolatrous blasphemous anti – Christ mindset, there is no such thing as “dehumanize” because there is nothing special about a human! Of course this is utterly satanic, because Satan hates God, and he hates man because man is the image of God. Satan knows that if he can get man to defile and murder himself, not only does it grieve God, but it disrespects Him! Everything that Satan does is all about rebelling against God, defying Him, and shaking his rotten fist in God’s Holy Face! Well Satan can have his wretched twisted idea of fun for a time, but his day of judgment and destruction is coming. And so is the day of judgment and destruction of all those who equate dumb common animals with those who were made in the Image of God and special by God, and therefore pervert themselves with all manners of abomination that arise from their blasphemous mindset. Now you see why abortion is so important to Satan and his people, and why so many so – called Christians support the procedure. Just as having people in the pagan ancient Near East sacrifice their children to Molech and Baal as part of pagan fertility rites was to use man to mock God and provoke His wrath we do the same in our “modern Christian west” with our practice of abortion (which we are now trying to export to the so – called third world, as if they do not already have enough problems without introducing yet another level of godless barbarity).

So, how does the Christian prevent himself from taking on the mindset of a wicked world totally ruled by Satan? As is with everything, the answer is in the Bible. Leviticus 20:7
Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy: for I am the LORD your God. We are supposed to be holy for God is holy (I Peter 1:16) and reject the world and all its wickedness. Now we saved by grace and not the works of the law, so we are still to be in the world. Why? Because the world is where the battleground of good versus evil is, and we are a part of that battle whether we like it or not. The stakes of this battle are 1) the souls of men and 2) how long Satan gets to escape judgment (and there are some theologies out there that claim that the two are related). Yet in today’s times Christians, even theologically and politically conservative ones, are not separating themselves. Perhaps the best example is how the former strictness of charismatic Christianity has given way to the vain, profane, worldly, and even utterly carnal and vulgar variety that has now turned the gospel into glamor, profit, and base sexuality (see An Expose Of Just How Bad Juanita Bynum And Thomas Weeks Are and the rest of my “Sex Sells, Especially In The Church” series … the vast majority of these are charismatic, evangelical, and fundamentalist Christian preachers like Rick Warren – Sex Sells, Especially In The Church: Rick Warren’s Lust Driven Evangelism – who actually markets and encourages the use of colognes and perfumes with sexually arousing pheromones in them for use in evangelism! Part of Warren’s “church growth” strategy is to send young men and women with sexually immodest apparel on such as the ones detailed in Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Exploiting The Christian Market no doubt so that people will want to go to church not because of Jesus Christ but rather to please their own carnal lusts!).

So since contemporary Christians are not only refusing to abstain and refrain from the ways of a world perverted and corrupted by Adam’s sin that will one day be destroyed by fire (ignore the lies of false preacher Jack Van Impe who claims otherwise … there will be a new heaven and a new earth, Jack Van Impe, and NO JACK VAN IMPE OUR PETS WILL NOT BE WITH US IN HEAVEN!), is it any wonder that so many of us are taking on the satanic anti – Christ mindset. So the question is: if we Christians are willing to debase, defile, and dehumanize, and thereby deny our God – image with regards to dogs and other dumb animals, how else are we going to do it? Maybe we should ask the members of the clergy that now exist exclusively to serve canines and other dumb soulless animals – contact information for such professional ministers of the cloth can be found in this post Christians, Now They Have Preachers For Animals! – and find out!

It is all about circumcision, people, not according to the law but by grace. We have to have circumcised hearts, minds, and wills if we are to oppose the anti – Christ worldly mindset; if we are to fulfill II Corinthians 10:5: Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ! It all starts with salvation i.e. The Three Step Salvation Plan, but even that there is a process of dying to self and hating and rejecting the world daily!


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Tonex Demonstrates That Those That Have Concerns About Him Are Justified

Posted by Job on July 12, 2007

Background: Now the first post on this weblog to generate any real controversy (or traffic for that matter) was Tonex Is Back: Is That A Good Thing? The hubbub caused me to reconsider, and I made a subsequent post that was more conciliatory. That post is now gone, and this one is in its place.

Original source link for this post: Gospel Music Bytes’ Editorial: This is the video response from Tonex, to the accusations about Tonex being gay. We have been asking everyone to pray for Tonex. In this clip Tonex as for us not to pray for him, as he is totally ok. Tonex needs our prayers more then ever, as you will see in this video clip, Tonex is moving further and further away from the body of Christ. We must warn you that there is a little colourful language in this clip, so please beware. Please listen to it and let us at Gospel Music Bites know what you think. Please note video at bottom: when Tonex claimed that he was trying to “take that homophobic slur away from people, to take the power away from it”, well that is the mantra of the homosexual rights group “Queer Nation.” So, Tonex either knows that he is using the language of a homosexual rights group, or worse – he doesn’t know it.

And this is the video that caused people to falsely accuse him of being homosexual.

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Did The Communist Atheist Stanley Levison Write Part Of Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream Speech?

Posted by Job on July 3, 2007

Note: this is not just something out of the blue. It is in response to a devotional that I received from a ministry that I really respect:, based on Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech that discussed the Christian aspects of it. Now Born To Win is not a superficial televangelism outfit, but a teaching ministry that deals with a lot of heavy Christian topics. So I felt that if a ministry like THIS is going around promoting the notion that King was positive for Christianity, then it such a notion is taking hold in fundamentalist religious Christianity as opposed to merely popular, cultural, or political Christianity, and therefore this issue needs to be examined.

It is known that King employed Stanley Levison as a speechwriter.  If Levison did write part of the speech (which the link acknowledges as possible), then what should Christians make of the speech? And what does the fact that a Christian minister like King sought the ideas of atheist communists like Levison and jainists (an Indian religious tradition) like Mohandas “Mahatma” Ghandi (whose personal religious beliefs were reputed to be agnostic; Ghandi was said to have borrowed from various religious traditions, including Christianity, to create his political philosophy) make fundamentalist think about King? At the very least, we have to consider that this MAY be why the religious left (as well as the secular left and the “we hate Christianity” left) loves King so much.

Oh yes, and this Stanford’s King Encyclopedia Entry On Stanley link speaks of how much Levison was involved in the SCLC despite the SCLC’s proclamations that their laws prevented communists from “officially” joining.  This link says that he was involved in ALL their activities:

I propose that Martin Luther King’s main legacies are 1) mixing Christianity with jainism (syncretism … and we can go ahead and include mixing Christianity with atheist communism as well while we are at it) and 2) the notion that Christianity supports political subversion through nonviolent civil disobedience. Now claiming that 1) is ok is a nonstarter: what part of “thou shalt have no other gods besides me” do you not understand? But I am open to any counterarguments that claim that nonviolent civil disobedience was given to us by God under either covenant. (Please do not accuse me of opposing or being motivated by an opposition to the aims of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. Yes, I know that many of the aims of King and the civil rights movement were biblical. Some were not by the way … for instance King and abortionist Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood were great friends … when you consider that she also got along great with Hitler, amazing company Sanger kept, isn’t it? This is all about King’s METHODS, which included syncretism and political subversive tactics.) In light of that (and in light of the fact that it is reasonable to conclude that the very reason why I as a black man have the right to have a weblog to express these views in the first place is because of the success of the civil rights movement), what should Bible – believing Christians think of King and his legacy? I solicit and welcome all comments.

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Peace Prize Winner Bishop Desmond Tutu Advocates Media Censorship On Behalf Of Muslim Terrorists

Posted by Job on June 28, 2007

Jews frequently call Bishop Tutu a vehement foe of Israel. I ignore such talk, because in doing so they generally leave out the inconvenient fact that Israel supported the South Africa apartheid regime until the very end, even when the rest of the world had turned their backs on them, just might have something to do with it. Now while Tutu and Mandela rightfully opposed our president’s skull and crossbones adventure in Iraq, it was almost certainly for the wrong reason. Statements like this (see cut and paste below) make me more convinced that anyone that the “international community highly respects”  should have their comments and actions carefully weighed and measured against the Bible by Christians. Please recall, for instance, how the American equivalent of Desmond Tutu, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. popularized syncretism (mixing Christianity with other religions or belief systems) in American religious life by mixing Christianity with Mohandas (Mahatma) Ghandi’s jainism, and more still solidified the notion that Christianity can be (or should be) used to seek earthly ends rather than a heavenly reward. (Do I have a problem with “nonviolent social change”? Well, not so much with the idea of God calling us to be nonviolent, but rather our seeking change through subversive  and aggressive political pressure movements. Please recall that Jesus Christ and his disciples and apostles specifically abstained from political activism, which is a major problem with the “Bible prophecy as resistance literature” eschatological interpretations.)

And as a result, it is now more tolerable to criticize God in this country (and in most others) than King! So, if you don’t believe that “the international community” isn’t co – opting these preachers to suit their own agenda, then you need to look a little more clearly, not only at the preachers on the religious left, but right wing ones like T.D. Jakes and Rick Warren (both of whom have endorsed syncretism themselves: see HERETIC TD JAKES ENDORSES YOGA AND CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER! and  

Archbishop Desmond Tutu recently called on the media to be more careful when choosing words for religious conflict reports. Archbishop Tutu, a South African who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, said on Wednesday that broad understanding of trouble spots was often complicated by the language used to describe the activities of people or religions involved in them. Speaking at a Reuters Newsmaker event in London, Tutu addressed journalists in the audience, calling for tolerance and understanding of religions. “I would hope that you in the media would be passionate about letting people judge for themselves, that you would be careful about some of the language that you do actually use,” he said. “‘Muslim terrorism’ – have you ever read anywhere ‘Christian terrorism’? – as if Islam propagates violence, but you have never spoken about what happened in Northern Ireland as Christian terrorism,” he said. “Fundamentally there is no faith that I know that propagates violence that says it’s a good thing to oppress anybody.” Tutu said he recognised the media could be a force for good but that it had responsibilities. “You have a very powerful media. I know because you helped us very much in our struggle to tell our story. You did it for us and we benefited enormously.”

However, Archbishop Tutu added that understanding different religions required peoples of all faiths to understand different perspectives. “We Christians ought to get off our high horse and learn to be a great deal more humble, when you look at our history, the bloody things that we did in the name of religion,” he said. The gathering also marked the launch of the Tutu Foundation UK, an organisation intended to bring the experience of truth and reconciliation in South Africa to inner city communities in Britain. The foundation will aim to give young people an increased understanding of people from other cultures, working in partnership with bodies such as the YMCA, the Prince’s Trust and Henley Management College. Its work is also intended to reach out to people who, through their work, find themselves in a responsible position where they can help others and affect their quality of life. Original link: here

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Another View On The Strong Delusion Prophecy

Posted by Job on June 21, 2007

I personally once believed that “strong delusion” was what God was going to send into the world as part of the pre – tribulation secret rapture so that the people Left Behind would not know that we were gone. Why? Because what the rest of the world will make of our disappearances is a major “issue” in dispensationalism and other pre – tribulation rapture doctrines that has not been dealt with in any serious way in anything that I have heard or read (and no, “Left Behind” does not qualify for dealing with it in a serious way). But as I recently re – read the passages of II Thessalonians 2, I saw that the strong delusion will be sent to the church, not to the world.

As stated in a previous weblog post, Mike Ratliff asserts that pre – tribulation rapture doctrines themselves are the strong delusion in What is the Great Delusion?. A hole in his theory in my opinion: believing in a rapture of any sort is a decidedly minority – and much despised – view in Christendom, even among Protestants. He also states that it is because pre – tribulationists reject truth out of the hardness of their hearts (I say “their” because I am now post – tribulationist; see Correlating Don Imus, Christians, Blacks, Women, And The Rapture) … how can that be when the rapture issue is not clearly stated in understandable language? It is not as if these are people claiming that murder isn’t a sin or that godliness is gain (at least not in this instance anyway). But for another perspective on the strong delusion prophecy, please see this Soldier Servant post Strong Delusion – The Apostate Christian Church Has Received The Curse Of The Strong Delusion Sent By God

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More “Left Behind” False Doctrine Exposed

Posted by Job on June 21, 2007

Mike Ratliff, whose weblog I find fascinating despite (or perhaps because of) disagreeing with everything on it, makes the bold case that dispensationalism and other pre – tribulation rapture doctrines make up the strong delusion prophesied by Paul in his What is the Great Delusion? article. I disagree, but it is not hard to see why he feels this way. I have detailed how John Hagee is using his dispensational beliefs to justify not attempting to convert Jews and to get us to attack Iran. And Soldier Servant has a couple of posts on the false doctrine is in the “Left Behind” books, and how dangerous it can be! Should Christians Commit Murder For “The Cause”? and False Doctrine In “Left Behind”: The Remnant Teaches Against the Doctrine of the God-Sent Strong Delusion articles. Both webloggers have very strong statements about the matter. I am looking for an article or research paper that contains an unbiased view of the various endtimes doctrines, especially from a historical point of view, so that I can provide it to you. But in general, please be very suspicious of anything that is embraced by the masses and is popular in favor of things that are simple, common, detested, and rejected even by the vast majority of professing Christians.

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Would The Left Oppose Abortion If The Religious Right Supported It?

Posted by Job on April 11, 2007

See link here. Many liberals, including the Kennedys and Jesse Jackson, were staunchly pro – life back when it was the pro – death Rockefellers running the Republican Party. Now that the Christian right is supporting Israel, the left is having all of these “what does it mean to be an anti – Semite again?” convulsions.

The final topic that the panelists discussed was about the Christian Right’s unwavering support of the state of Israel. Many conservative Christians believe in the existence of the state of Israel due to their religious views on the land and what is said in the Old Testament. Margolick, as a one-time legal affairs editor of The New York Times, had a strong stance on the subject matter. “I don’t think that one has to wait for the second coming of Christ to see the danger of the Christian Right’s support for Israel,” he said.
All panelists agreed that it wasn’t the actual support of Israel that bothered them about the Christian Right, but the group’s reasoning behind its support. Berlet, co-author of Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort, led the charge.”(It is) impossible to resolve a struggle over land when certain factions have raised the defense of that land to cosmological proportions,” Berlet said. You mean like, er, WHEN THE MUSLIMS DO IT? Oh sure, just ignore that the Muslims (and for that matter the Jews) also value the land for religious reasons, and that Israel isn’t just as important to THEIR eschatological beliefs. And I suppose that were right wing Christians supporting Israel for the same reasons that the Russians and the other Marxists supported Palestine (a lust for power, land, and global domination) rather than religion, THEN THAT WOULD MAKE IT ALL BETTER, RIGHT? Then again, if Martin Luther King REALLY supported the civil rights movement because of his EXTREME FUNDAMENTALIST RELIGIOUS BELIEFS (Christian AND jainism), doesn’t that make the civil rights movement JUST AS BAD IF NOT WORSE? Oh yes, and King supported Israel back when the Zionists were leftist and it was the communist thing to do. Come on out and admit it folks: no matter what the context, you just hate Bible believing Christiand and will never be happy until we are all dead or converted into your apostasy. Which is, of course, why you all will be following the anti – Christ unless you repent. Do you want to repent and change your ways? If so, do it now with The Three Step Salvation Plan!

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The Spiritual Corruption Caused By The Movie Industry

Posted by Job on April 11, 2007

From Pastor Bill Keller

***COMING TOMORROW!  The Don Imus controversy.  When making hateful comments about a group of people costs you your job, and when it doesn’t.  Don’t miss this powerful word ripped from today’s headlines!

***ROSIE CHALLENGE!!!   Monday night, I issued a formal challenge to Rosie O’Donnell to a debate on Howard Stern’s Sirius radio channel regarding her outrageous comment that “radical Christianity is no different than radical
Islam,” as well as her hostility to the Christian faith.  Rosie uses her
daily pulpit on ABC’s “The View” to continually spew her anti-Christian
remarks uncontested and nobody has the guts to challenge her.  Please be in
prayer that she will accept this challenge. You can help by encouraging Rosie
to debate me by emailing Barbara Walters at:

Full hourlong clip of Bill Keller’s appearance on Howard Stern:

Some of the great movies of all time would never even be made today!  Easter
Sunday afternoon I was able to enjoy some down time watching the back nine
of the Masters.  Congratulations to Zack Johnson for holding off Tiger Woods
and winning one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments.  Johnson took
several opportunities to let a worldwide TV audience know that his faith in
Jesus Christ sustained him in those final holes. After chatting with
several good friends who are on the PGA Tour, it turns out that Zack is not
only a great golfer, but a very committed Christian.  How fitting his great victory came on Easter Sunday!

After my wife and I ate some dinner, I sat down to catch up on some of the
day’s news before going to bed.  In scrolling thru the stations, I stopped
on AMC (American Movie Classics).  Just starting was the 1937 classic movie
“Heidi” starring Shirley Temple.  Instead of going to bed, I got my wife and
we watched this great movie classic together.  Immediately following, we
watched another Temple classic “Little Miss Broadway.”   As I sat there and
enjoyed these two great movies, I couldn’t help to think that if someone was
trying to make those exact movies today in the year 2007, they would be
laughed out of the offices of every major motion picture studio.

Let me tell you what are some of the hottest movies the major motion picture
studios are putting out today.  The Hills Have Eyes 2, Grindhouse, 300, Dead
Silence, Hannibal Rising, and soon to be released, Hostel 2, and Saw 3. What do these movies all have in common?  They make the studios tons of cash and they are some of the sickest, most disgusting movies ever created depicting human torture, mutilation, and killing.  I already know the standard answer from those who support these types of movies is that it is not real, it is just a movie, it is entertainment, and that nobody was really tortured and killed.  I counter that weak justification with the simple question, “What possible good can a person gain by watching such a movie?”

The answer is simple, NOTHING!  I would also add that anyone who is
“entertained” by watching a person being tortured, mutilated, and killed, has some very serious psychological issues.  It is simply not normal to find anything entertaining in seeing a person being tortured, mutilated and killed.  This is partially a byproduct of the world we live in that places little to no value on human life.  We slaughter 4,000 innocent babies every day in this nation.  Children grow up playing video games where the goal is to kill your opponent.  The media is feeding young adults a steady diet of death on TV, in the movies, on the Internet, and through music.  It is no wonder kids today grow up desensitized to death and place little value of human life.

I think it is wonderful that the movie studios are producing more family friendly movies.  It is nice to have those options.  While people of faith, people who support more traditional family values will go to see those types of movies, the very same studios also produce the sexual, violent, mutilation films that glorify death because there is an insatiable demand for those types of movies.  The lost and hurting masses who choose to reject Christ’s love, live in rebellion to God and His Word, have so hardened their hearts that they demand more blood, more gore, more sensational ways to view death.  Never forget, satan is about death and God is about life.  Those who follow satan embrace death and those who follow Jesus embrace life, even in the movies they watch!

Long gone are the innocent days of Shirley Temple.  In just one generation we have gone from the wholesomeness of Temple to the utter depravity of movies graphically depicting every kind of deviant sexual act and ways to
kill another human being.  As I watched those two Shirley Temple movies last
Sunday, I smiled as little Shirley knelt by her bed and said her prayers, as
her grandfather read passages from the Bible, and the scenes of a church
service complete with a few minutes of sound preaching and the great old
hymns of the faith.  The sad reality of the year 2007 is that you won’t even
find that in most so-called churches today!!!

You don’t have to have any history degrees to simply look at where this
nation was spiritually 70 years ago and where it is today.  While things
weren’t perfect, we still lived in a nation that honored God and revered His
Truth.  Even though we had many different denominations, all Christian
churches still preached the Bible and called sinners to repent and turn their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ by faith.  Sin was not glorified and accepted but condemned.  Alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography all existed, but they were deemed as deviant behavior not socially acceptable.  False religions and cults were not given a place of prominence but kept underground.

Marriage was without question one man and one woman for one lifetime, with
there being a huge stigma to divorce.  Most children grew up in a home with
a mother and father, unlike most children today who grow up in broken and
blended homes.  TV, radio, and the movies produced wholesome family
entertainment with strict standards of decency. Many say we have progressed over the past 70 years.  I agree that we have progressed in every way but the most critical, SPIRITUALLY!  You don’t have to be saved, read the Bible, or even believe in God to know that as a nation, as a people, we are in spiritual free fall!

I love you and care about you so much.  As I layed in bed Sunday night, I
couldn’t go to sleep right away.  I wanted to cry but couldn’t.  We have become a wicked people.  Millions of people are spending eternity in hell because we have allowed our society to lose sight of God, forget the Truth of His Word, and reject the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.  As someone who has committed my life to serving the Lord I weep daily for this nation and the lost masses who will perish and spend eternity in hell.  I am resigned to the fact that this nation is so lost, its heart so hardened, that it will never turn back to God.  But that only motivates me to do more each day to reach those who are hurting, are searching for answers, and do want to find true hope that only exists in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

You see, it is still about souls my friend.  One at a time.  Yes  it would be wonderful to see this nation fall on its knees and repent and turn back to God.  If that happens praise God.  However, those who know the Lord can still make a huge impact on millions of lives who without Jesus will spend eternity in hell.  We have great hurdles to overcome, great obstacles to clear, but with God’s strength we can overcome those hurdles and obstacles and be victorious in bringing in that last great harvest of souls before our Lord returns.

The contrast between the Shirley Temple movies of a generation gone by and
the graphic mutilation and death movies of today demonstrate how far we have fallen as a people.  But it is still about each individual soul, and knowing
how many souls will be lost forever should be all the motivation the child of God needs to give all they have to reach as many as they can with the Truth of God’s Word and the hope and love of Jesus Christ.  The time is short, Jesus is coming, and the lost masses are out there waiting for someone to reach them.  It is time to get serious and busy about bringing these lost souls the hope they yearn for and helping them find the peace, joy,  and everlasting life that only comes from knowing Jesus!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY?  The fact is you will die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator. To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now
available via AUDIO each day.  Simply go to

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The IEET’s Cyborg Buddha Project

Posted by Job on March 31, 2007

Big time anti – Christ stuff going on here! Remember, we have to consider every possibility which Revelation 13:13-15 might mean!

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Bush Administration Opposes Religious Right In Free Speech Supreme Court Case

Posted by Job on March 19, 2007

See link here. Obviously, the fear of the religious right in this instance is that anti – Christian school administrators will try to prevent Christian students from having prayer groups and Christian clubs, and from advancing Christian views in the student newspapers. With cases like this one, the religious right has ever reason to be concerned. Not surprising at all that “Patriot Act” Bush is opposing free speech in this case.

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Obviously ATHEISTS Have No Problem With Martin Luther King Day

Posted by Job on February 28, 2007

See this link about an atheist blogger who had a great time attending a Martin Luther King ceremony at a “church”. None of that, you know, church state stuff, trying to turn this nation into a “theocracy”, or “trying to impose your values on everyone else” and concerns of that nature seemed to concern this woman. Instead, she proclaimed herself to be INSPIRED by the whole thing. Of course, this was because no one at that “church” or during the ceremony talked about anything like SIN or JUDGMENT. There were no CALLS TO CHRIST during the service. Or anything like that. So, is there any doubt that Martin Luther King Day has NOTHING TO DO WITH YESHUA HAMASHIACH, and instead is in fact ANTI – CHRIST? Now since I live in Atlanta and was made black by the design of God, I do happen to know people who knew and marched with Dr. King, and they profess that he was a devout, dedicated Christian. I personally am concerned with his worshipping Jainism and causing untold numbers to follow after his idolatry, but otherwise will not challenge statements from the people who actually met the man, except perhaps to ask if they knew exactly to which god King was praying to at any given time; the true God Elohim or the jainism false god. But in any event, even if King was a true Christian, the people who are now using his name to press their agenda obviously are not. For instance, have you been to the King Center in Atlanta? If you have not, please do not go. If you have, you may need spiritual deliverance! You might say “Well, why impose upon people by talking about Yeshua HaMashiach? You have to be respectful of other faiths, traditions, beliefs, etc., as it was a Martin Luther King program after all.” Why? Because it was at a CHURCH, that’s why? That is what CHURCHES are there for. CHURCHES are not civic centers. They are not political action centers or social welfare service stations, they are places where people come to hear the gospel, be saved, and fellowship to serve Jesus Christ! See how sick we have gotten? We have fallen so far that we will allow the “secularization” of churches AND accept being told that we cannot bring Christ outside the four walls of the church into the mainstream either! So, if we take Christ out of the mainstream and Christ out of the church, where will Christ be? Certainly not in our hearts if we stand for nonsense like this.

Now this begs the question: why does John Edwards apparently only hire atheist bloggers? And if so, why are “religious right” activists foolishly demanding that such people be fired? John Edwards, who supports homosexuality and abortion, can do what he wants, and I am not surprised. But these religious right people are imitating the left, who can exert mainstream pressure on the media and other institutions to get people who offend them – especially BUT NOT ALWAYS Christians – fired. So the people who acted in this manner are probably jumping up and down bumping their chests glorifying in how they got payback for Jimmy The Greek Snyder and Rush Limbaugh. Please. We do not want to silence these people. We do not want John Edwards to deceive people into thinking that he is a good “moderate” Baptist boy. We want people to find out that Edwards is walking with people who hate our Christ, and how can two or three walk together unless they be agreed? So, if they were interested in furthering the agenda of Christ instead of that of politics and religion and thereby loving the world, they would have let those bloggers mock our God while continuing to work for Edwards, and use that as an example of how if a major Presidential candidate is capable of being so openly hostile to Yeshua HaMashiach and still mount a credible campaign then obviously we all need to get serious about getting saved through Christ ourselves and spreading the gospel so that others can do so as well.

But then again, these religious right folks aren’t going to do that. Why? Because the vast majority of them know that if it comes down to it, they are going to support Mitt Romney and walk in agreement with a man whose religion they know is taking millions to the lake of fire, and their endorsement of them will enable him to lead even more to the lake of fire. So the religious life and the religious left are the same: religious. And religion never has been and never will be about Yeshua HaMashiach. It will always be about this world, which means that it is about anti – Christ. So again, if you are not off the religious right or religious left bandwagon, please get off now before you sell your soul to the one driving it.

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Why I Hate Black History Month Part I

Posted by Job on February 15, 2007

For the record – and yes it DOES matter – I am black. No, I do not “happen to be black”, but I am a proud black man, and my pride is not in my own identity and existence but in the God Elohim YHVH who predestinated both. I believe that God made the races for a reason, and gave all races special gifts, attributes, and roles. Recall when the late Reggie White stated as such, he was hatefully excoriated by the haters of God and those who allowed themselves to be used by them on this issue. Indeed, the humanists through their zeal to reject Yeshua HaMashiach (for some reason, I feel more power using the Hebrew name in prayer rather than the transliterated English name Jesus Christ) have been hard at work working to deny the very concept of race. They claim that it is just a social construct imposed upon us by racist paternalistic Christians in their desire to create a capitalist class system. They misuse valid science to advance this political/religious agenda by claiming that “the genetic differences between racial groups is so little as to be virtually nonexistent.” Well, it would have to be for us to all be HUMAN. My goodness, the genetic differences between apes (or is it gorillas?) and humans is 1 – 2%! So, if the 1% accounts for the difference between a dumb animal that lacks a soul like an ape and a human created in Elohim’s image, then OF COURSE THE GENETIC DIFFERENCES BETWEEN RACES WOULD HAVE TO BE SMALL. The fact is that the medical and public health community is acutely aware of the differences between racial groups, and as a matter of fact some doctors and medical researchers state that many lives would be saved if the medical, scientific, public health, social scientific, and government communities emphasized racial differences MORE, not less. But make no mistake, the anti – Christs among us wish to erase all distinctions between race and culture to A) prevent God’s plan for each race from coming into fruition and B) make it easier for the beast, the anti – Christ, to rule by reducing the number of distinct groups. Regrettably, left – leaning Christians support this agenda in their well – meaning desire to fight discrimination, poverty, and hate crimes. Right – leaning Christians support this agenda in their well – meaning desire to promote assimilation and adoption of western culture, which they believe will lead to stability, prosperity, and peace. Both groups have also been led to believe that their respective agendas will facilitate the spread of the gospel when in truth departing from the narrow path to the strait gate to the right OR the left hinders the preaching of the true gospel rather than helps it. How sad it is that Christians of all races follow after this anti – Christ system because of a mistaken belief that they should be spared persecution, frustration, humiliation, rejection, etc. Look, if you cannot handle being passed up for a job or promotion because you are black or Hispanic (or not getting into your first choice of college or a government contract because you are white or Asian) then how are you going to handle the real persecution against CHRISTIANS before (and according to many Christians during) the great tribulation? So many people have been deceived because they do not study and believe the Scriptures, and they do not believe that it applies to them. Don’t you remember where Yeshua Ha’Mashiach said that “you must suffer many things” and “in the days preceding my return things will be very evil”? So all of you people sitting around waiting for Jesus Christ to come back, maybe Christ’s return is being delayed by a bunch of whiny self – important Christians who think that they are too good to endure even the slightest indignity (let alone natural disasters, governmental failures, economic collapses, wars, massive plagues, and oh yeah being hunted like dogs and not being able to buy or sell) and that God is waiting for the next generation when HOPEFULLY we will be made of stronger stuff.

Wow, another long introduction. I really do have to get better at this blogging thing, being more pithy and to the point and less self – indulgent. Anyway, when I was a kid growing up not so terribly long ago, we would have these black history programs at school (which was 70% black). Back then, I had a great interest in science, and my dreams were to study engineering and win a Nobel Prize in medicine. (Unfortunately my work ethic never matched my ambition.) So at first I loved reading about the great black scientists, the Benjamin Bannekers, George Washington Carvers (an outstanding Christian!), and the Percy Julians. But then I noticed something: after over 100 years of overcoming against the worst forms of poverty, poor education (George Washington Carver in particular lacked a formal education), segregation, and racism to become great scientists and make huge advances in the field, all of the great accomplishments just, well, stopped. It was explicitly illustrated in these “black history timelines”, where we went from “the first to perform open heart surgery” to “the inventor of the gas masks and traffic signals” to “the guy who helped invent the telephone and the light bulb” to “the inventor of vehicle refrigration” to “the inventor of blood transfusions” to “the inventor of the Super Soaker squirt gun.” All of our great scientific progress just up and stopped right around the time the civil rights movement started. Why? Could it be that perhaps in our zeal to join these leftist subversive movements and joined those who supported communism, gay rights, feminism, abortion, one world government, etc. to “advocate for our rights”, we forgot about God? Funny how all of us Christian blacks who love Martin Luther King, Jr. seem to just ignore the fact that King studied, practiced, and caused many others to practice the devil’s religion of jainism! And just a few decades after the civil rights movement, look at us. Some of us are better off financially, but at what cost? And it is good that the lynchings have stopped and we no longer have to live in fear of the Klu Klux Klan, but far more of us are victims of heinous crimes due to the breakdown in social and civil order and lack of respect and support for legitimate authority than were ever at risk of being lynched. 70% of black children are now being raised by single mothers, and about that same percentage of black females have their first child before they graduate high school (with most of the rest doing so shortly after, and while unmarried). Of course, the bitter fruit of that behavior is AIDS and other venereal diseases wracking our community, and the absence of fathers in the home leads to males not only being absentee dads themselves but turning to crime: 60% of black male either are or have been in jail or on probation due to having been convicted of a crime, and those are just the ones that are caught. Homosexuality and bisexuality are exploding in the black community thanks in large part to the huge prison population and culture and the result of the friction in the community that comes as a result of girls and boys never having seen the model of responsible manhood from a father in the home and therefore do not know how to relate to or treat each other, but instead grow up learning how to act and treat each other like the endless stream of boyfriends, girl friends, baby mammas, baby daddys, and just causal sex partners that their parents are constantly bringing into and kicking out of their lives. Even the black men that do not wind up criminals, homosexuals, or littering the landscape with children that they do not take responsibility for often experience academic failure and professional and financial instability, become hooked on marijuana and other recreational drugs, and go through life in a childlike state (literally spending all their time either playing basketball and video games, going to parties and clubs, or getting high on alcohol and drugs) depending on a network of women (mothers, grandmothers, wives, etc.) to take care of them. And that is just the men! The women have their problems too; I just will not speak of them to an extent greater than I have already because of space, time, and perhaps, alas, chivalry. But the worst part is that we have not yet gotten to the point where these “Baby Boys” (after the John Singleton movie chronicling black men who never leave childhood; I do not recommend it to Christians because of the pervasive explicit sexual content and some of the “actors” who appear in it, even if it does end with a major character converting to Christianity and is one of the few movies out there that actually does deal with an important sensitive issue in an honest way) have not yet reach old age! What is going to happen to them when they reach 40, 50, 60, etc. when their mothers and grandmothers have died, and their girlfriends (or wives) get tired of taking care of them? Again, these are men who lack the capacity to earn a living, manage a budget or household, or take care of themselves! So if the present condition is a bad dream, the future is a feverish nightmare!

I speak not as one who condemns, but rather one who was headed down that same path myself (I mentioned my own lack of work ethic earlier after all) before God saved me out of it. But I wonder how many of these problems in the black community today are due to the fact that the black community individually and collectively turned from the God of our fathers (despite what liars like the Muslims and Alex Haley in “Roots” claim, there were plenty of Christians in Africa before the white slave traders and missionaries arrived, Ethiopia was practicing Christianity while the Romans were still feeding members of the early church to the lions, so if you want to “go back to your African roots” black people, return to true Christianity!) and to idolatry because we lusted after the world and its riches? Are the plagues that God allowed to be inflicted on Israel when they turned after Him to idols now being poured out on America’s blacks? I gotta tell you how depraved America’s blacks are: here we are the richest and most powerful collection of blacks on the globe, and we aren’t doing a thing to help blacks in Africa, the Caribbean (especially Haiti), or Latin America (where in many places they still do “the paper bag test”, meaning that you cannot get anything more than a servile job if the color of your skin is darker than a paper bag). That was probably why George W. Bush in that infamous incident mentioned to the Brazilian President “there are black people in Brazil?” early in his presidency. It was attributed to a person with degrees from Harvard and Yale somehow being stupid, but I honestly believe that it was a subversive reference to Brazil being one of the most racist nations on the globe; a nation that is actually majority black but where blacks are completely absent from the media, government, and corporate boardrooms. But instead of taking what opportunity God gave us to uplift our own race across the globe, all that wealth and political influence and our relations with whites who are more than willing to help the black poor in Africa and elsewhere (even if they are, ahem, less willing to help the black poor over here, but that, while the topic of an excellent movie “The Second Chance” that unlike “Baby Boy” I DO recommend, is another topic for another day), all we do is sit around, beg, and complain … not even being thankful let alone having enough love to help someone else. White right wing conservative Republicans actually do more for blacks in Africa and the rest of the third world than blacks do! So, how can God be pleased with the condition of blacks in America? How can God be pleased that blacks in America are not fulfilling the purpose for which He created our race and the purpose for which He placed us in America? (Yes, slavery was bad for blacks in America, but remember, God placed His own chosen people in even worse slavery in Egypt – remember the “slay all the male children” thing? – so we cannot complain or deny that it was not God’s Will.) Black history month only serves to remind me how blacks in America have so thoroughly turned from God, and that is why I dread its coming each year. If you are black, or no matter your race, I invite you to start fulfilling the purpose for which God created your race and you in it. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan and be saved through Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ), and thereafter believe, obey, and live the Bible!

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Make America Feel Guilty – Excuse Me – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Posted by Job on February 11, 2007

I will have a weekly sermon that will not REALLY be about Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement, and the “holiday” (it is not a REAL holiday from a Christian perspective, as the only true HOLY DAYS were given by God in the Bible, so that means that “Independence Day” and “Christmas” are not REAL “holidays” either), but will include it as a lead – in to the more general topic of how subversion is thoroughly Satanic. After I am done with it, I will probably go ahead and do a daily devotional specifically on King and the civil rights movement. I was wondering if it was worth the effort since it, like my sermon on Christmas, was going to be too late. But seeing this clearly piece of manipulative garbage in the Washington Post ( made me change my mind. Thanks Washington Post! Keep it up and you will be almost as good as the New York Times! It is sickening how the very same people who are going to the mat for the right NOT to celebrate Christmas, the birth of THE SON OF GOD, evey year go around making people feel guilty for not sufficiently celebrating AND “getting into the spirit of” (meaning afflicting themselves with guilt for being not sufficiently unconditionally supportive gays, feminists, and homosexuals, Marxist anti – poverty activists, and anti – war protesters, atheists, and – of course – abortionists). Oh, what, you thought Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement was about BLACK PEOPLE?

One of the things that you didn’t know about Martin Luther King, Jr. The guy was a MINISTER, YET HE DID NOT WRITE HIS OWN SPEECHES! Who did? Ummm Stanley Levison, … a Jew. So, what is a CHRISTIAN MINISTER doing giving speeches written by a person who knowingly rejected Jesus Christ? But you way wait … we cannot be ANTI – SEMITIC or a REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY sort … after all, do not we worship the same God? Well, leaving out the rabbinical versus Torah Judaism thing (rabbinical Judaism is Catholicism’s twin), STANLEY LEVISON WAS AN ATHEIST! But wait … it gets better … HE WAS A COMMUNIST! A BLACKLISTED COMMUNIST! Martin Luther King, Jr. only fired him WHEN WORD GOT OUT ABOUT HIS COMMUNISM! And we were led to believe that the FBI had all those files on Martin Luther King because J. Edgar Hoover was such a racist! Yeah, sure, right.

Now do not get me wrong, a lot of good Christians supported and worked in the civil rights movement, some of whom undoubtedly were duped by communism and socialism for a time. But all evidence points to the fact that MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. WAS NOT ONE OF THEM! This Martin Luther King business is just another example of why Christians have to reject and hate the world. If Martin Luther King contended for the faith and of Jesus Christ, THE WORLD WOULD HATE HIM! Get this: notice how Martin Luther King Day REPLACED the holidays celebrating CHRISTIANS: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Instead, we have “President’s Day”, meaning that we must celebrate ALL PRESIDENTS, CHRISTIAN OR NOT!

If the media told the truth about Martin Luther King and the “civil rights movement”, (which was actually a concerted effort to turn this nation away from Christ and towards atheistic communism or at least secular socialism) no one in their right mind would support it, certainly no Christians, and least of all blacks, who are the most Christian segment of the society (despite the way we act sometimes, it is true). So, they just withhold the truth from you! Another thing about King: we all know that he got his methods for “nonviolent change” – including his THEOLOGICAL DOCTRINE – FROM STUDYING THE PAGAN MOHANDAS GHANDI! SINCE WHEN ARE CHRISTIANS SUPPOSED TO BE LEARNING THEOLOGICAL THINGS FROM PAGANS INSTEAD OF CONVERTING THEM? And to think all of these Christian civil rights leaders have been practicing principles of the pagan Indian religion “Jainism” ever since. Making them what? IDOLATORS!!! Now you have them taking “Martin Luther King” principles in public schools, teaching the JAINISM RELIGION IN PLACES WHERE YOU CANNOT TEACH CHRISTIANITY, which was SUPPOSED TO BE MARTIN LUTHER KING’S RELIGION! Now again, what does the Bible say about idolatry? Cast into the lake of fire, right? And what about the reverence that they DEMAND that you show Martin Luther King (his name AND his image) on “his day” (not his actual birthday!) at the penalty of perhaps, say, LOSING YOUR JOB sound suspiciously like, eh? Again Christians, please wake up!

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