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Bible League: Jesus Christ Changing Lives In India, Kenya, Colombia, Middle East

Posted by Job on March 5, 2008

They could ALL receive Bibles

They could ALL receive Bibles
India–Like many preachers in India, Nikhil had no formal training—he simply felt called to lead a congregation. But once he realized there was so much to learn, he turned to a Bible League-trained Christian who was offering Bible studies. Read more

Taking a stand for the Gospel

Taking a stand for the Gospel
Middle East–Aaqib refused to give up when he encountered difficulties in establishing a church. Because of his faith, more Christians are now sharing the Gospel in an area where Islam dominates. This church and others like it are beacons for Christ amid strife and violence. Read more

Breadth of mercy

Breadth of mercy
Colombia–Envigado, Colombia is home to more than 175,000 people. Surrounded by lush green hills and winding roads, walks on dirt paths and through the mountains are inevitably routes taken daily. One Colombian man shares his story of a winding path that led him into the arms of a loving Savior. Read more

God's Word continues to go forth in Kenya

God’s Word continues to go forth in Kenya
Despite deadly riots and widespread violence in Nairobi, as well as in Kenya’s eastern and western provinces, Bible League staff members are continuing ministry. While three ministry areas have been completely shut down, Bible League staff members are pressing their
way through the tense spiritual environment. Read more.


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Gospel For Asia: Answered Prayer Amid Danger In India

Posted by Job on March 5, 2008

One of our missionaries, Gautam Taru, is back with his family after severe threats
forced them to leave their village for a few days. The police, who previously did nothing to protect Gautam, are now actively trying to help him.Read this update on Gautam to find out more about the situation, which is far from stable.

Praise God for these answers to prayer. Please continue to lift up this brother, who is risking his safety to share the Gospel. Thank you for being part of his ministry through your prayers.

Yours for the unreached.
K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President

“We are extremely grateful for your prayers for Pastor Gautam,” wrote Gospel for Asia’s correspondent in Madhya Pradesh, India. “The situation has calmed down.”

Police have stepped in to protect GFA missionary Gautam Taru after extremist groups threatened him last month. The group told him he must leave the village within three days or face “serious consequences.” At first, police simply advised Gautam to leave the village until things settled down. Gautam sent his wife and children to stay with her
father for their protection, and he sought shelter at the GFA state office.

The anti-Christians did not leave him alone, however. They actively planned to lodge an official complaint against him, compelling many people to give false testimony against him. And three days after the original threat—the day the group said Gautam would face serious consequences—the situation looked ominous.

“Every day, the fanatic group goes to the village to inquire whether Pastor Gautam has left the place or not,” our correspondent wrote that day. “We even heard that they are preparing a person to pretend that the pastor gave him money to become a Christian.” However, now that the police have said they will protect Gautam, the situation appears to be calmer. Pastor Gautam was able to join his wife and children at his in-laws’ home. But the anti-Christian sentiment is still strong. Pastor Gautam asks for prayer for safety to continue his ministry.

Read the original report about the threats against Pastor Gautam.

Madhya Pradesh is Pastor Gautam’s home state.

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Evangelism Road Trip

Posted by Job on February 28, 2008

A grueling schedule does not dampen the enthusiasm of Gospel for Asia’s mobile teams! These six-person teams will go to whatever lengths necessary to share the Good News with those who have never received it before. Click here to see how they do it.

Your prayers for these missionaries are making a difference as thousands hear the Gospel for the first time. Thank you for your heart for them!

Yours for the lost, K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President

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Resurrections From The Dead Winning Christian Converts In India

Posted by Job on February 21, 2008

This week I interviewed two people who were raised from the dead during an evangelistic meeting in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

During my 26 years as a journalist I’ve interviewed some interesting people and heard some amazing stories. But this week set a new standard when I met two people in southern India who experienced biblical-style resurrection.

Six-year-old Jyothi Pothabathula looks like a typical girl from Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India. She has wide brown eyes, mocha-colored skin, slick dark hair and a shy smile. When I asked her who brought her back to life when she was 2 years old, she demurely answered, “Jesus,” in her native Telugu language.

“In May 2004 we were coming to the evangelistic crusade on a bus when she collapsed,” Jyothi’s father, Suribabu, told me on Monday during a chat in my hotel room. The little girl had no history of illness, but she suddenly stopped breathing during the bumpy ride. The girl’s mother, Nagamani, said she began desperately praying for God to save her baby.

Suribabu and his wife were traveling to the town of Kakinada to attend an outreach festival sponsored by Harry Gomes, an evangelist based in the southern Indian city of Coimbatore. When the couple arrived at the event with Jyothi’s lifeless body in her father’s arms, someone urged them to push through the crowd to reach the stage where Gomes was praying for the sick.

They quickly carried the girl to the preacher. Immediately after he prayed for her, they said, Jyothi sat up and then began walking. The crowd erupted in applause.

“I know Jesus is a great God because he raised my daughter to life,” Suribabu said, wiping away tears. He was already a new Christian when the miracle occurred. His brother and two more of his Hindu family members converted to Jesus after they heard the story and saw the revived girl.

On Dec. 4 of last year, Mesheck Manepally, a 45-year-old shop owner, was attending one of Gomes’ meetings in Prathipadu, another city in Andhra Pradesh. His son, Varaprasad, said his father collapsed in the back of the crowd and began foaming at the mouth. Varaprasad was hysterical, but he managed to flag down an emergency vehicle so he could take his dad to a hospital.

When crusade organizers learned of the emergency and alerted Gomes, he interrupted his preaching, left the stage and walked to the side of the crowd—which had swelled to 100,000. By that time, Gomes said, Mesheck had no pulse and showed other signs of death including a dark pallor and stiffness of the body.

Gomes laid his hands on the man and prayed for his life to return. Within a few minutes, Mesheck sat up in the back of the vehicle with a dazed look on his face. “People started telling me, ‘You were dead and now you are alive!'” Mesheck said. “I was confused and I started crying. I was so thankful.”

Mesheck’s wife, Laxmi, said Hindus from her village came to visit her husband for 10 days after the incident. “They came to view him as a Lazarus,” she said. “The people were saying, ‘Their God is the true God.'”

Since medical documentation is not easily available in isolated rural areas of India, skeptics will argue that these miracles can’t be confirmed. Death certificates weren’t issued in either case, and no doctors were on hand to verify the facts. But Jyothi’s parents and Mesheck’s family say that doesn’t negate what they know is true. Neither the girl nor the man has had medical complications since they collapsed, their relatives said.

Gomes believes God is displaying His power in India today in dramatic ways in order to draw Hindus to Jesus Christ. He has witnessed five incidents of resurrection in his meetings since he began doing evangelistic crusades 14 years ago.

“Every time it happens it boosts the people’s faith,” Gomes said. “In the Bible we are told that the crowds came not just to see Jesus but to see Lazarus. As the word about these miracles spreads, everyone’s faith is elevated.”


J. Lee Grady is editor of Charisma

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Gospel For Asia: Demons Cast Out Of Jharkhand India Man!

Posted by Job on February 17, 2008


A Last-Resort Effort Saved His Life
A Last-Resort Effort Saved His Life Gospel for Asia For Immediate Release

JHARKHAND, INDIA (ANS) — Nogen acted like a madman. He ran wildly from one place to another in his village in Jharkhand, India. He was incoherent and could no longer speak clearly. Of course, Nogen’s family was concerned and tried all they knew to get help for him. What they did not understand was that Nogen was being controlled by a demonic spirit.
Demons often torment their victims as Christians pray them out.

When a loved one is in physical or mental distress, Asian families will employ a variety of methods to help them. In addition to medical treatment, they will turn to the rituals of their traditional religions or ask a witch doctor to perform an incantation over the sick person. They also turn to Gospel for Asia missionaries for help.

Many in India, like this woman who was tormented by demons for many years, have been released from the bondage of Satan through the prayers of Gospel for Asia missionaries.

Nogen’s family asked GFA missionary Kamat Ramtake to pray for Nogen.

Kamat prayed for him, and slowly Nogen began to regain his senses. But the family decided it would be good to also take him to a local witch doctor, who said a mantra over him. Much to their surprise, Nogen got worse after the witch doctor’s incantations.

After this setback, the family took Nogen to a hospital, where he was admitted and stayed for three days. But his condition remained the same. When doctors discharged him, he was in no better shape than when he entered the hospital.

As a last resort, the family again approached Kamat, asking him to again pray for Nogen. Kamat spent time praying over Nogen, and as a result, the Lord healed him completely, freeing him from the evil spirit that was tormenting him.

Just as his erratic behavior pointed to demon possession, Nogen’s dramatic healing was a testimony to the power of Christ. After seeing the change that Christ brought into his life, many people in Nogen’s village chose to put their trust in Jesus, too.

Kamat requests prayer that Nogen and his family will live for Jesus, and that through them, many more would come to know the Lord.
Jharkhand, India is home to many tribal groups. Read about this interesting state.
Read an article about the ways in which God uses difficult circumstances to help missionaries share the Good News.

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Gospel For Asia: India Mother’s Prayers For Son’s Conversion And Deliverance From Anger Demons Answered!

Posted by Job on February 5, 2008

My note: another report from the mission field that references demonic activity among the unsaved. It is good to see that Third World Christians acknowledge that demons are real and spiritual warfare and deliverance are real and tangible necessities, not things to be dealt with indirectly or referred to metaphorically or in abstraction as do many western “civilized and educated” fundamentalist and evangelical Christians.

The first time Dhanjoy read a Bible was at a Gospel for Asia Bible college. There, his life would change forever. Read his story–and learn how his transformation was the answer to his mother’s prayers–here.

you so much for your prayers for people like Dhanjoy to have a chance
to hear the Gospel. Truly, you are making an impact for eternity.


Yours for the unreached,K.P. Yohannan Founder & President

“Lord, please change my whole family as you have changed my life,” Meena Patni earnestly prayed. Meena had found peace and joy she never expected after a pastor told
her about Jesus. Delivered from a life of spirit worship and bondage to
demons, Meena’s hope was that her family would find salvation
too—especially her son Dhanjoy, who was difficult to handle. Dhanjoy had grown up among people whose only hope in life was to
appease the anger of evil spirits. He was a mischievous boy, and he
fought with his father and brother. He would even grab and pull his
mother’s hair or throw his sandal into the food she was cooking. Meena
desperately wanted her son to grow up knowing the love of Jesus, and
she prayed for him often.

She began to see the answer to her prayers when Gospel for Asia
missionary Benjamin Masih visited their home. For the first time,
Dhanjoy—who was by then a teenager—listened to the Gospel message. When
Benjamin invited Dhanjoy to visit a GFA Bible college, he agreed. Dhanjoy attended an introductory class at the Bible college,
intended for young men such as himself who had been introduced to the
Gospel but didn’t yet know the Lord. During the weeks he was there,
stories of Jesus’ life deeply touched him, as did reading the Bible for
the first time. Dhanjoy gave his life to Christ there at the college.

Soon, Dhanjoy received a phone call from his father with the news
that he had passed his college exams and could look for a job. But by
that time, Dhanjoy desired to stay and study at the Bible college. He
stayed for two months, then went home for his brother’s wedding. During this visit, Meena was overjoyed to see her son again and
witness the changes that had taken place in his life. Dhanjoy shared
his new faith with his family members who did not yet know Christ.

Now, Dhanjoy is a Bible college graduate serving the Lord full-time
in the mountainous Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. He has faced
opposition several times from anti-Christian groups, but he continues
faithfully. Dhanjoy asks for prayer that many people will receive salvation
through his ministry, and especially that his brother and father will
choose to follow the Lord. 

Read about an exciting outreach in Jammu and Kashmir.   Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful state in North India.   Read the story of another man whose mother’s prayers impacted his life.


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Gospel For Asia: New India Believer Turns Successful Islands Evangelist!

Posted by Job on January 29, 2008

Giri, a new believer in West Bengal, brought more than 100 people to a saving knowledge of Jesus through his testimony. Read how the Lord used this believer to pave the way for Gospel for Asia missionaries to disciple the people.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say it is a blessing to hear how Asian believers
are so faithfully sharing the Gospel. They are excited because the Lord
has transformed their lives.

Yours for the lost,
K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President

Dashing along the waves in a small motorboat, Rasul Layak, Gospel
for Asia’s island ministry leader in West Bengal, India, traveled to
meet a small group of local believers for a prayer meeting. When he
stepped onto the shore he was shocked: There stood Giri Banke with 150
believers to greet him.

Giri, a criminal investigator, had received the love of Christ in
his life and was faithfully following the Lord, but Rasul had no idea
that Giri was involved in ministry as well. Since his transformation,
Giri had been sharing the Gospel in five surrounding villages, and many
people had come to Christ as a result.

Seeing that the number of believers had grown so large, Giri
realized they needed a full-time pastor to conduct worship services and
disciple the people. So he had called Rasul to come to a prayer meeting
to see the need for himself.

After the prayer meeting, Rasul went to visit Giri’s cousin, Priti
Rajat, who was also involved in outreach in a nearby area. She hosts
five prayer groups of about 50 people each who have recently come to
know the Lord through her witness. She also leads several women’s Bible
study groups.

As Rasul saw how the Lord was working through Giri and his family,
he knew it was time to send missionaries who could help minister to the
people’s long-term needs. When he returned home, he found three young
men who felt called to serve on the islands. They all had recently
graduated from GFA Bible colleges and were eager to begin ministry.

Gospel for Asia native missionaries provided relief for flood victims in West Bengal.

Learn more about the Indian state that is home to the islands where Giri and Priti live.

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Gospel For Asia: Two Wheels Carry A Family

Posted by Job on January 23, 2008

Previously Gospel For Asia introduced you to Gospel for Asia native missionary Sandeep Kishan who uses his bicycle for tract distribution in many villages in Haryana, India. Now, I want to share with you how he also uses his bicycle to lift up and encourage fellow believers in his area.To see the PhotoShow about his trips to conduct worship services and prayer meetings, click here.

These bicycles allow many of our missionaries to have ministries that reach much farther than their own villages. It is amazing to see how God is using something as simple as a bicycle to greatly expand His kingdom.

Yours for the unreached,

K.P. Yohannan

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Gospel For Asia: How Effective Gospel Tracts Are In India

Posted by Job on January 17, 2008

How much does
salvation cost? The Bible tells us that salvation is the free gift that
God gave us that first Christmas—His Son, Jesus Christ. But what about
those who still don’t know about that gift? One of the easiest ways for
them to hear the Good News is by reading a simple Gospel tract. Click here to view a photoshow about how one GFA Mobile Team uses Gospel tracts to multiply its ministry.

These tracts only cost half a penny each to produce. They are printed in dozens of
languages so that many more can read about God’s greatest gift—Jesus

Yours for the unreached,
K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President

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Gospel For Asia: Christian Missionary Attacked On Train In India

Posted by Job on January 15, 2008

Can you imagine boarding a plane and being attacked by other passengers because you
were a Christian? Arun faced this terrifying situation when he shared his faith with another passenger on a train in Haryana, India.
Learn more about Haryana, the Indian state where Arun serves, here.

May your faith be strengthened as you read this powerful story of Arun’s willingness to suffer for Christ. Please keep Gospel for Asia’s missionaries in your prayers. Opposition like this is a daily fact of life for many of them.

Yours for the unreached,
K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan

Founder & President

As the train pulled out of the station and bumped down the track, Gospel for Asia native missionary Arun Brajendra found his seat. Striking up a conversation with another passenger, he saw an opportunity to share the love of Jesus. So, with a Gospel booklet in
his hand, he began outlining the steps to becoming a follower of Christ. Little did he know that he was about to pay a great price for obeying the Lord’s call on his life.

Arun grew up in a nominal Christian family, but in August of 1997 he wholeheartedly gave his life to the Lord. He soon answered a call on his life to full-time ministry and left his secular job to travel with an evangelistic group across India.

During this time, Arun read an article about missionary Graham Stanes and his two sons who were burned to death by anti-Christian extremists. Challenged by this missionary’s dedication, Arun felt the Lord calling him to serve regardless of the cost. So, he enrolled in
Bible college to further prepare himself for ministry. Following graduation from the GFA Bible college, Arun went to serve in Haryana, India. As he boarded the train that day, Arun looked for someone who needed Christ. He began discussing the Gospel message with the person sitting next to him.

Out of nowhere, some of the other passengers jumped up and began beating Arun. They were anti-Christian extremists and had been listening in on his conversation. Tearing his clothes and destroying his Gospel literature, the extremists kept attacking Arun until he fell to the floor unconscious. As the group was ready to throw him off the train, another passenger came to his rescue.

After a few days rest, Arun became well enough to continue his ministry. Although he was badly injured in the attack, his resolve to reach the lost was only strengthened. Since the attack, Arun has faced more opposition along the way. However, he counts it a blessing to be able to suffer for the name of Jesus to be proclaimed. Through perseverance in his ministry, Arun recently started a church where 40 people now regularly worship.

Arun requests prayer that more people will come to know Jesus as he shares the Gospel message with those who have never heard it before. GFA field leaders also ask for prayer for protection for Arun and his new wife as they serve in an area where many are opposed toChristianity. Read about two other missionaries who were recently attacked in Haryana. Learn more about Haryana, the Indian state where Arun serves, here.

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Gospel For Asia: Missionary Identifying With Christ

Posted by Job on January 15, 2008

It was only 6:30 p.m. when Gospel for Asia missionary Girji Mathew started home from a prayer meeting on his bike. But it was very dark, and four men stopped him, shouting insults about Christians. By the time the four men were finished with Girji, they had left him for dead. Read the story here.

Every day, Christians and missionaries like Girji face persecution for their faith. I want you to know how much your prayers mean to them-and to me. You are standing with our family in Christ, and the Lord is faithful to them. May the Lord bless you.

Yours for the unreached,
K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President

It was only 6:30 p.m. when Gospel for Asia missionary Girji Mathew started home from a prayer meeting on his bike. Only an hour and a half before, he had gone to the prayer meeting even though it was getting dark and the sky threatened storms. Now, it was very dark and difficult to ride without hitting potholes.

Suddenly, four men stopped Girji, shouting insults about Christians to him. Then they began beating him severely, even smashing a large flashlight against his head. By the time the four men left Girji, they thought he was dead. They stole the missionary’s wristwatch, cell phone and $63 in cash.

Girji somehow managed to get to the next village, where some local people took him to the hospital. Girji told police what had happened, but they were not able to identify his attackers.

After medical treatment, Girji returned home, praising the Lord for saving his life and giving him the opportunity to identify with Jesus’ sufferings. However, there are some hindrances to his ministry. Fighting in his area has caused an evening curfew to be put in place, and no one is allowed to go outside at night, which makes his usual evening prayer meetings impossible.

Girji asks for prayer for his ministry to continue despite the obstacles, and for the Lord to bring much fruit. Read more about Girji Mathew’s state, West Bengal.   How real is persecution to the Church in Asia?

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Abrahamic Faith: Assassination Of Benazir Bhutto A Sad Loss Or New Beginning For Pakistan?

Posted by Job on January 15, 2008

friends have asked me of an assessment on the recent situation in
Pakistan with the saddened news of the slaying of Benazir Bhutto the
candidate for the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the forthcoming
elections. Normally, I don’t like to share my opinions of internal Pakistani politics but this time round I have decided to speak.

the way for those who perhaps may not be aware that my friend Jay Smith
an American apologist and scholar in Islam did visit Benazir in her
flat in London not so long ago to discuss the historicity of Yahushua
(Jesus) of the Bible versus the Qur’anic Isa (Arabic name used for
Yahushua) so I would say she had a clear cut message of the gospel
delivered to her house but sadly died as an unsaved Muslim as far as I
know. She was brought up in the echelons of Catholic
Convent schools the domain of the rich in Pakistan such as Jesus and
Mary convent and later to be educated in Harvard and Oxford.

of all we need to go back to the hay days of her father Zulfikar Ali
Bhutto who had ministers tortured and removed from the administration
that he did not like. Our Master Yahushua (Jesus) of
Nazareth said ‘do unto others as you would do to yourself’, it would
seem that Bhutto did not heed to that advise well later to be
imprisoned by General Zia ul-Haq who had him tortured and hanged.

people are not aware that Benazir Bhutto was removed from Government
before by then President Lugari for corruption charges during 1996. Her husband Asif Ali Zardari is popularly known in Pakistani circles as Mr Ten Percent. In other words he allegedly owns what is claimed to be ten percent of Pakistan. He had all sorts of scandals and proven corruption charges levelled against him and have also served eight years jail term. Both
Benazir and her husband received hundreds of millions of dollars worth
of commissions on Pakistani Government contracts and creamed off what
they could to the West buying properties in England, France, and having
a large holding in Swiss bank accounts to the tune of 1.5 billion
(My note: Sounds like the George Bush family to me. No wonder the National Review loved Bhutto, claiming that she is “pro – life.” Political conservatism is obviously anti – Christ.) Of course the people robbed were the Pakistanis
by these modern day thugs but who would care for the poor Pakistani
people after all they are nobody’s and soon people would forget their
struggles in life.

would not bemoan the death of Benazir Bhutto because she made many
promises to women about repealing the Hadood and Zina ordinances
(unfair rape/adultery charges against women)
. The Hadood
ordinance specified that a woman raped must produce four male witnesses
as per the Qur’anic law before a conviction can be brought. Can anyone see that happening? The
Zina ordinance specified that if an adult male had sexual relations
with a woman both being unmarried would either be stoned to death or
receives one hundred lashes.

Benazir used soft words but did not deliver on any of her promises in the past and neither would now. I
remember when she was last in power that young teenage girls were being
abducted by assailants in cars raped and then left for dead. The people were fed up of her government until she was ousted. It
was in this climate that the Pakistanis were willing to try anything to
stop the tide of violence and bloodshed and so they welcomed Nawaz
Sharif with an open arm. It was common knowledge that in
his steel factory his brother melted a whole Pakistani train for metal
and also anyone who would not be a yes sir to these guys would be
thrown in the smelting works never to be seen again. We heard many such horror stories that the news would dare not report.

was during Benazir’s last government that the Taliban rose to power
largely funded by her government thanks to the US Clinton
Administration and governed and orchestrated by the ISS secret service
of Pakistan and blessed by the whore of Babylon to fight the soviet
union but the Frankenstein Monster turned on the US that help create
Benazir has been full of broken promises. One
may feel the sad loss of a mother to her children but to the nation of
Pakistan it is no big loss, the people of Pakistan will overcome this
and move forward. The crying you see on TV is largely her supporters and not the whole nation. The
Christians in Pakistan did favour her but to be honest I have seen more
good done by Gen. Musharraf in Pakistan than any previous government. In my opinion Pakistan needs a steady secular dictator lined up with the West and that is the only way to run that nation. Look
what happened to Iran when a secular dictator was removed and then hard
Islamic governments came in and today people worry about Iran and a new
nuclear threat.
(Same thing Ron Paul says. Oh well.) I am afraid Western beaurocrats would
never understand why Muslim nations thrive on dictatorships and droop
with democratic leaders.
(Anyone still support the Iraq War?)

Who could have plotted to kill her?

Now I have to put my prophecy hat on. The
assassination of Bhutto came together like a Bollywood plot straight
out of a film play and had to be acted out by the one who was the
closest to her body after her death bemoaning her death and citing
revenge for her.
No, it was not Gen. Musharraf, we can at
least accord some respect to the secular dictator to control a country
like Pakistan who is a Muhajir (Muslim families who emigrated from
India in 1947) and it is believed that this is why the Benazir clan and
the elite circles in Pakistan hate Musharraf because they accord third
class status to Muhajirs.

Yahushua was crucified the one that betrayed him Judas Iscariot was one
also close to him yet was the son of the adversary and likewise many
fingers are pointing at Al-Qaeda but they only want to take glory for
someone else’s action. Since they did not enact the plan it is easy to take credit for what you have not done but someone else did. It
was not Imran Khan either as he is only a small player in politics in
Pakistan and the only thing he was capable of doing recently was
gathering supporters to incite violence in Pakistan for the alleged
shredding of Qur’an and flushing into toilets which brought about the
burning and looting of Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets and other Western
concerns to vent his frustration at his lack of success. Where
is Imran Khan and his holy sentiment when the Bible pages are torn by
Palestinians and used to clean excrement in Israel we would never know?

this plot is no other but the whore of Babylon, and that is not the US
Washington or New York City but Saudi Arabia and guess who came out of
the whore of Babylon by her consent and blessings to stand for election
and that my friends is the potential murderer.
You still did not guess his name? How about Nawaz Sharif. Surprised, none of the world has caught on to that yet. The
one who benefits the most out of all this political turmoil is non
other than him who belongs to the Muslim League Party, the man that was
brought into power last time by Gen. Zial Ul-Haq.
This man my friends is a firm advocate for Sharia in Pakistan. It may have happened had he stayed in power long enough last time around but it was not yet time.

Did you even remotely think of the possibility probably not?

So where does this take up scripturally?

Rev 17:6 And I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the set-apart ones, and with the blood of the witnesses of ?????. And having seen her, I marvelled – greatly marvelled!

Where are we heading?

Gunfight at the OK corral, that is right. Pakistan
is being prepared for a take over like the Taliban style government and
Nawaz Sharif is the man for it with people in the government in that
favour and Saudi Arabia right behind it all.
Oh and by the way he is the sort of person who will bring Sharia in through the backdoor. Whether
this is the right time for Pakistan to go radical or not only time will
tell but so far prophecy has proven conclusive that Pakistan is heading
prophetically to line up with the major Muslim nations of the world to
help attack Israel and it does not need to go as a Sharia nation to do

the Anti-Messiah nation hates the desire of women so Benazir was one
such woman whose only desire was for self and that was certainly not
acceptable by Saudi Arabia
. Even the little that Benazir
could have done was a threat to the Saudi Muslim society and for all
Muslim women in the world would cause anarchy and that could not be
allowed to happen by the whore of Babylon.

Dan 11:37
and have no regard for the mighty ones of his fathers nor for the
desire of women, nor have regard for any mighty one, but exalt himself
above them all.

thing is certain that behind Pakistan’s politics is not the US but
powerful Muslim nations of the world and Saudi Arabia has had a hand in
since the days of the creation of the Islamic Nuclear Bomb when planes
full of money used to land in Pakistan to make this happen during
Benazir’s father’s government.

Rav Simon

Yahushua Radio
I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he Truth unleashed are you ready?

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Gospel For Asia: India’s Jesus Wells Bring Showers Of Blessing

Posted by Job on January 14, 2008

Can you imagine
having to travel nearly two miles—and possibly even farther—just to
find water? Neelam would often walk this distance to draw water for her
household. Then she had to travel all the way back, balancing the heavy

But life became much easier for this family when a Jesus Well was drilled in their village. Read the story of how God used this Jesus Well to meet their physical and spiritual needs.

As you pour
yourself a glass of water today, may you be reminded to pray for other
families like Neelam’s. Please pray that not only will their physical
thirst be met, but that they will embrace salvation in Jesus to satisfy
their spiritual thirst.

Yours for the unreached,
K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President
Click here to help sponsor a Jesus Well.
Right-Click here and “Save-Target-As” to download the PowerPoint. PowerPoint

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