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Why I Hate Black History Month Part II

Posted by Job on February 15, 2007

Thought I was exaggerating in my last post about how the civil rights movement was used to turn blacks from God? Well, let me tell you about what goes on at these “black history month events” that go on at many companies, schools, and CHURCHES across America: witchcraft. That’s right. They invite African practictioners of false religions (and their American emulators) to perform religious ceremonies. Consider not so much the fact that in many of these same places CHRISTIAN ceremonies are not allowed, and instead recognize this fact: BLACK HISTORY IS BEING USED AS AN EXCUSE TO PROMOTE AND LEGITIMIZE THE WORSHIP OF RELIGIONS THAT WILL FILL YOU TO THE BRIM WITH DEMONS AND TAKE YOU TO HELL! And you know that white people just can’t refuse to go to these things or refuse to host them; that would be “racist.” And black people can’t do the same; that would be “selling out.” Even if you protest on the grounds of Christianity (and incidentally “Christian supremacy” is a phrase gaining a lot of popularity and will be mainstream soon) , you will be told that the appropriate thing to do is to suffer it just this once because of black history month. I wonder how many evil spirits have entered into people, especially children, due to their having watched a witch come in and perform her rites and cast spells (usually in another language that the Christians watching cannot understand, and often that the black American Christian emulator performing the rites and spells do not understand) at their school, workplace, or AT THEIR CHURCH!

At my job specifically, they are bringing in a “Yoruba priestess” to perform on an African drum. They claim that hearing her perform the drum may even “inspire you to move to your own healing dance.” Now you have seen on National Geographic and on some very politically incorrect movies from back in the day Africans and other tribal people playing drums, dancing, and chanting (remember, Christians are not supposed to be doing “vain repetitions”); they don’t do those things because they are fun ways to pass the time and express themselves, THAT IS PART OF THEIR RELIGION. And all religions are about interacting with spirits, so of course playing this music, chanting, and dancing to it was designed to bring power to and conjure up demons! Which is exactly what this priestess, who is dedicated to promoting her religion and demon “gods”, will be doing. Of course, if her demon “gods” were to enter into anyone and everyone who watches her performance and cause all sorts of havoc, she would be well pleased with that outcome just as a true Christian would be pleased if a person accepted Christ and received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and began to manifest the gift of tongues as a result of our being asked to speak or perform anywhere. And get this: the person responsible for organizing this event and bringing this witch there for people to give audience to and pay respects to this witch and be filled with demons IS A CHRISTIAN. A REGULAR CHURCHGOER.

And that should not surprise you. Why? Because thanks to MULTICULTURALISM, DIVERSITY, TOLERANCE (for everything except Christianity of course), POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, and IDENTITY POLITICS, this mess is actually regularly practiced in churches, often under the guise of “African dance”, presumably promoting “blackness” and “black heritage” to make black Christians feel included and more comfortable. It is a total crock. If honoring or being similar to blacks is the goal, WHY NOT EMULATE THE WORSHIP OF THE ONE TRUE GOD THAT AFRICANS HAVE BEEN PERFORMING SINCE THE MEETING BETWEEN PHILIP AND THE ETHIOPIAN IN ACTS? But that is not the real goal, because their intent is not to honor God but to honor their “blackness”, which is self – worshipping idolatry, as well as the worship of an image and an idea, concept, or philosophy. So, it is satanic from the start, based on feelings of rejection and bitterness (remember the “root of bitterness” demon mentioned in the Bible). Because of that, out of all of these very many church folk, the idea to emulate the very many black Christians in Africa never occurs. Instead, they AS A RULE go and emulate the pagans and dance with the demons. An exception that I do like: the GRAMMY NOMINATED Kurt Carr “One Church” album (and live concert DVD). Another: Paul Simon’s Graceland album (remember Paul Simon is a LIBERAL SECULAR ARTIST; yet he manages to outdo many black Christians who claim to be “so in love with their roots”, and oh yeah Simon actually, er, has been to Africa). But those are exceptions that just prove the rule of how demonic motivations just make for demonic results.

You doubt? You think that I am making a mountain out of a molehill? Well consider this article from the “The King Is Coming” ministry. It speaks of Baal worship in Old Testament Israel. Part of the Baal worship included LEWD DANCING. It also speaks of how by virtue of introducing this idol worship into the congregation, people forgot that they were worshipping Baal and thought that they were worshipping YHVH Elohim, and soon it was impossible to tell the idol worshippers from everyone else! Watch the “urban congregations” on TBN or the Word Network, see the “black history” or “African celebration” programs (or often just regular services), and see the idolatry of Israel replicated live and in, er, living color. (As stated in the first post, I am black and very happy that God made me so in order for me to fulfill His Purpose.)

Black history month had legitimate origins (especially since it was originally, er, only a week). Now, the civil rights movement, which was a communist subversive plot from the start, did not, and neither did the multiculturalism/identity politics movement, all of which were by definition and in many cases by design anti – Christian. The sad part is that many sincere, well – meaning black (and white) Christians have allowed such things to be used to introduce idolatry in our churches and our nation. The motivation has been the real hurt and pain in blacks who have been discriminated against, marginalized, and suffered real harm by a racist white society, and whites who feel true guilt and shame over the fact that such things ought not to be. But rather than take those feelings to GOD, follow the BIBLE, and address these issues GOD’S WAY, we have followed after the world and thereby have become polluted by it. We really do need to acknowledge that Jesus Christ died on the cross to take away the sins of the racist and the resentment that comes from being mistreated by racists, and start telling the truth to everyone, starting with ourselves: racism is inevitable because racism is hate, and in a world that is being ruled by the usurper Satan and in the hearts of men who do not truly love Jesus Christ, hate will always be present. So, we need to take our racism and our anger over being mistreated by racists to the cross for it to be killed and buried, and we need the Blood of our Lord and Saviour Yeshua HaMashiach to take away our sin, cast out our demons, and redeem us, to make us new creatures. Only by that way can we feel valued. Only that way can we see why God created races, and each race’s role in God’s Plan, and our role within God’s Plan no matter our race. Only that way can we attain Galatians 3:28 and Colossians 3:11 (the whole “there is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male or female”) within ourselves. As a matter of fact, before that, we will not even WANT Galatians 3:28 and Colossians 3:11. We will WANT to continue to nurse our hates, fears, and grievances, and allow that to drive us to idolatry. Why? Because that is what the demons that are driving all this want. Well in the Name of Jesus Christ, I bind and rebuke and cast out those demons from all who read this and are willing to be changed! But it all starts with you becoming truly saved and a new creature through Christ. Become that tonight. Admit that you need change, that you need help. That you are a racist, and that makes you a sinner, and that only God can cure you, make you right, make you happy, and remove all of your angers and fears. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan, and it will be yours!


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