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Fred Thompson Exposed As Council On Foreign Relations Worker Like George Bush And Bill Clinton!

Posted by Job on July 26, 2007 Which, of course, means that just like George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, he is pro – abortion(see, as abortion is a key component of the Council On Foreign Relations agenda.


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Why The Media Likes Mike Huckabee So Much: He Is A Rick Warren Worker!

Posted by Job on July 13, 2007

Now IndependentConservative tried to warn me against supporting Mike Huckabee, but I didn’t listen! As it was, I replaced Huckabee with Ron Paul as the guy that I was supporting for now, because I saw no evidence that Huckabee would really take on our leviathan government (and plenty of evidence that Huckabee would continue the corporate welfare – social program – state financing of the church agenda that is supported not only by the religious right, but also the religious left … remember Bill Clinton started funding “midnight basketball”, “gun buybacks” – and if I am correct condom and drug needle giveaways – at churches as part of his “moderate agenda”, and Clinton also was a supporter of and signed the first faith – based programs bill as well). So once I saw that the state would grow and assert more power over the church under Huckabee, I pretty much stopped backing him, and was basically using him to show the hypocrisy of the Christian right for wanting to back people like Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, etc. instead of a former minister. Well, that criticism is still correct, but according to an excellent comment by James Sundquist, who appears to represent a most excellent site, Huckabee is one of the growing numbers of Southern Baptists that have fallen for the Rick Warren scam (that denominaton is now facing an even bigger threat … the emergent church). I was wondering why the media was so complimentary of Huckabee. Please recall that they spent the 1990s claiming that the Southern Baptist Convention was one of the biggest internal threats that this country was facing. I was shocked that they were going around claiming that the evolution – denying “Jesus Christ is the only way” Baptist preacher from Arkansas was “winning the debates hands down” and giving him so much praise when in every other context fundamentalist and evangelical Christianity is portrayed as a great evil threat to the future of our nation and world peace itself. Well this explains it! Rick Warren is a Council On Foreign Relations member, whose goal is to create a global society free of distinctions and divisions created by race, class, politics, nationality, and RELIGION. It was clear that George Bush was one of these guys (like like his father and Bill Clinton) when he professed that Islam was “a religion of peace” and claimed that the Muslim moon cult god is the same as the Christian God. Warren is clearly part of this same agenda by promoting the trend where churches stop dealing with things that might offend sinners (such as the Bible or the message of the cross or repentance of sin and living holy) and replace it with psychology. That way, Jesus Christ goes from being God to a moral teacher, and it becomes far easier for the masses to accept it (and it does not even require them abandoning their prior religions). Since Warren is a Council on Foreign Relations guy, if Huckabee is a Warren guy then Huckabee is a CFR guy too. Which of course means that I have now gone from “kinda sorta” supporting Huckabee to adding him to my list of people like McCain, Giuliani, and Romney (and of course all Democrats in the race) that I am actively opposing. I should have known something was up when a very liberal MSNBC/Newsweek writer recommended Huckabee for the very vital Health and Human Services cabinent post (which would be the leading dispenser of “faith – based” state funds to churches)! Here are James Sundquist’s statement on the EXTENSIVE Warren – Huckabee ties, and please note that the CFR media (i.e. Time Magazine) is aware of them:

“Our church in Little Rock is very similar to Rick Warren’s. We’ve gone from 25 members to about 5,000 in eight years. Our focus has been to minister to people who were otherwise neglected. We built a ministry center before we even had a sanctuary. We held our services in warehouses until a year or two ago.” The center contains a range of faith-based initiatives: welfare to work, job training, programs for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, a food bank. “We are a multicultural, multiracial congregation, with rich and poor,” Huckabee says. “I play the bass in the Praise band.” SOURCE:,9171,1599708,00.html

It is a lot like Rick Warren’s church all right. Here is his church’s website:

which promotes Warren’s Celebrate Recovery, won Warren’s Church Health Award:

“Since 1999, Purpose-Driven ministries have honored four to six churches each year that have shown excellence in adapting the Purpose-Driven paradigm to their congregation. With thousands of churches having participated in the “40 Days of Purpose” discipleship program in recent months, Purpose-Driven decided to honor 79 churches this year. Each church received a check for $1,000.

The Southern Baptist congregations receiving a 2004 Church Health Award were:

Bay Area Fellowship, Corpus Christi, Texas

Brookwood Community Church, Greenville, S.C.

Centro Familiar Cristiano Betesda, Orange, Calif.

The Church at Rock Creek, Little Rock, Ark.”
(Pastor Bob DeWaay wrote a brilliant expose on this Purpose-Driven Church Health Awards in his book on Rick Warren)

And here is a quote from Huckabee’s teaching pastor Greg Kirskey’s sermon entitled Fire Extinguisher…available on the church website:

“No human emotion poses a greater threat to our health and happiness than fear.”
And this is posted by Huckabee’s Senior Pastor Mark Evans:

” Mark Evans is the founder and Senior Pastor of The Church at Rock Creek. Understanding that many people don’t go to church because it is boring and irrelevant, Mark began Rock Creek in 1995. Believing that people really do matter to God, Rock Creek has grown from 25 people to over 5,000 attending the weekend services. Rock Creek was featured in Church Growth magazine’s list of “The 100 Fastest Growing Churches in America.”

The community-focused ministries at Rock Creek – a hands on computer lab, an employment training agency, a food bank, and a car repair ministry – led President Bush to select The Church at Rock Creek as the backdrop for a discussion about the role faith-based organizations play in changing the landscape of America.
And of course, RIck Warren’s PEACE Plan and Discovery Classes:


The Hall of Fame Class is the fourth class in Rock Creek’s Life Development Process. In this class you will learn how to connect other people to God by using your story of how He has worked in your life. You will also be introduced to the P.E.A.C.E. Plan, a radical missions approach that is a key part of how Rock Creek does missions. In addition, we will help you develop and execute your own personal mission statement.


Rock Creek does missions through a radical new strategy called the P.E.A.C.E. Plan. Through P.E.A.C.E. your small group will become equipped to address the world’s five global giants: spiritual lostness, corrupt leadership, poverty, disease and lack of education.

The P.E.A.C.E. plan is designed to mobilize ordinary church members to do normal tasks that can change the world. Everyone can participate through personal, local, and global P.E.A.C.E. projects. God can and will use you and our missions team is here to help you get started.

If you are not ready to go overseas, there are personal and local dimensions to this strategy that do not require any travel at all. Rock Creek’s Hall of Fame Class prepares you to live out the P.E.A.C.E. Plan.

And of course Warren’s baseball diamond:

And like Warren, Huckabee is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Any questions?

Therefore, you have to ask your self, do you want a sold-out Warrenite to be your next President?

I am afraid to even ask him what his position is on Israel!


James Sundquist
Rock Salt Publishing

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Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Prophetess Juanita Bynum Bishop Thomas Weeks Marital Advice

Posted by Job on July 11, 2007

Read: When They Pierced His Side: The Blood And Water Of Jesus Christ

I am going to take a break from the famous false preacher topic and move onto other things for awhile. But in the meantime:  

God can’t heal your husband spiritually, but you can heal him in the bedroom! Interesting endorsement of Frederick’s of Hollywood here. Interesting quote: “Real sex. A lot of you women aren’t doing it right. Let mamma help you. A wise woman buildeth her house but a fool plucketh it down with her hands (not what the Proverb means!). Handle your business!”

Who needs the Word of God when you have a real Christian marriage is built on carnal lust?

Proverbs 31 women testify in church about how she and her husband broke furniture while having sex. Breaking your furniture while having sex is evidence of having a permanent anointing of the Holy Spirit. Which gives you financial prosperity so that you can buy new furniture that you broke during your uncontrolled animal lust! And while testifying about how you can break furniture while having sex and get money to replace it, speak in tongues! Without an interpreter!

Since God cannot drive the evil spirits out of your husband that is causing his emotional security, the wife should heal him by using sex as a weapon to …

The wise woman pretends to be a Christian while bewitching her husband.

Ephesians511’s “Reasonable Service” Located Again!

No more sheets!

Bishop Weeks’ turn!

Taking it to London!

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An Expose Of Just How Bad Juanita Bynum And Thomas Weeks Are

Posted by Job on July 7, 2007

Read: When They Pierced His Side: The Blood And Water Of Jesus Christ

Here is the Bishop Thomas Weeks link as promised:

 The original links to both videos: Why Christians Should Call Out False Teachers and also Just This Once, I’ll Show you How Lust Filled So-Called Bishop Thomas Weeks is. (*Update: His Wife Juanita Bynum Too!*)

And these following links explain at least PART OF THE REASON why they are like this: Please check out Juanita Bynum, Bishop Thomas Weeks, TD Jakes, Noel Jones, Tommy Tenney: Their True Demonic Roots and Juanita Bynum, Bishop Thomas Weeks, TD Jakes, Noel Jones, Tommy Tenney, Mark Hanby Demonic Roots II on the demonic roots of their denominations (and no, I do not have the denominationalism demon in me). Also, Why Do Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, And Oneness Pentecostals Agree? explains who Oneness Pentecostals are walking in agreement with. And for those of you who may feel motivated to defend this type of thing and attack those of us who are merely telling the truth, please start the process of examining to see whether you are still in the faith by looking at The Three Step Salvation Plan. TBN Says The Oneness Pentecostal Jesus Only Cult Was Founded In 1913 In case you are not sure that you need to, please see the false teacher collage:

And this is why Christians are obligated to call out false teachers.

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Anti – Christ Plot Of State Taking Over Church Is Progressing Quite Nicely

Posted by Job on May 14, 2007

See this link: Let us all give Reagan, Bush, and Bill Clinton too a great big hand. Oh yes, and please take note of how the Catholic – led religious right is going to use Mitt Romney to kick the anti – Christ plot up to the next level. Bob Novak does SUCH A GREAT JOB RUNNING INTERFERENCE here Again, looks like the only GOPer who is going to stand against this anti – Christ plot is Ron Paul ( I used to loathe libertarians, but when you consider the alternative … 

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Bob Novak Joins Catholic Chorus Lying For Mormon Mitt Romney

Posted by Job on May 13, 2007

See this outrageous Bob Novak article in Real Clear Politics (no doubt part of his syndicated column that will appear in newspapers nationwise) and please realize that it is further confirmation of my assertion here Bob Novak’s lies are even worse than the usual. “The U.S. Constitution prohibits a religious test for public office, but that is precisely what is being posed now. (That is a LIE, one where I expose here There was no such collision 38 years ago when Romney’s father, George, then in his third term as governor of Michigan, unsuccessfully sought the presidential election. Apart from reporters sniping at what were then Mormon exclusionary policies toward blacks, religion was the least of the senior Romney’s political problems. In the intervening four decades, American religiosity has grown (and that is a bad thing?) and Evangelical influence in the Republican Party emerged (apparently so because it decreased the Catholic influence, and now people like Novak want it back).”  The Republican whispering campaign against Mormons is broader-based on ridicule of the church’s doctrine. I have heard Republicans who have read the Book of Mormon express astonishment that any rational person could believe that fanciful stuff. These amateur theologians occasionally get mixed up, with some Republicans asserting that Mormons do not believe in the divinity of Christ. The first of Mormon founder Joseph Smith’s 13 Articles of Faith reads: “We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.” It is true that the Mormon understanding of the Trinity is not what is taught by Catholic and most Protestant faiths. But nobody today seeks to disqualify Jews and non-Trinitarian Protestants from high office. This liar Mike Novak knows fully well that Mormons consider Yeshua HaMashiach to be a created being just as do Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Mormon claim of believing in the Trinity is a LIE designed to make them more acceptable to actual Christians, which is becoming more and more obvious that Catholics like Novak ARE NOT. I guess if you believe that the Pope takes the place of Yeshua HaMashiach in the Holy Trinity on earth and that Mary was born without sin, remained a virgin, and takes the place of the Holy Spirit on earth and rules as the Queen of Heaven (making it ODDLY SIMILAR TO MORMON CONTENTIONS THAT JESUS CHRIST WAS THE RESULT OF A SEXUAL UNION BETWEEN GOD AND MARY), then pretty much anything else goes, right? Just like the Catholic practice of “sainting” people for their works is little different from Mormons “progressing to godhood” by virtue of their works. Looks like the same evil spirits working through Catholicism is working through Mormonism, and these demons are sticking together. Oh yes, and since when does the notoriously anti – Semitic and anti – Israel Novak, part of the Pat Buchanan crowd, care about Jews?

Romney wisely has no intention of lecturing America on Mormon theology. Of course not. Tell people that the God of the Bible is just one of many Gods but the only one that you should worship or be concerned with (pantheism) and that Jesus Christ and Satan are spirit brothers who offered competing redemption plans for mankind, and that the Garden of Eden was located in Missouri, and that blacks are the cursed seed of Ham, THEN THE FELLOW WOULD MOST CERTAINLY LOSE! The main goal of Romney and other Mormon evangelists is to convert people to their religion without telling them what Mormonism actually believes! Novak is contributing to their efforts, so now we know what side people like him, Sean Hannity, Kathryn Jean Lopez, etc. are on. Technorati Tag: ,,  

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Why So Many Prominent Catholics Are Supporting Romney

Posted by Job on May 12, 2007

Here ( is a perfect example of what of Live Prayer was talking about regarding conservative Christians’ being completely dishonest in their support of Mormon Mitt Romney, the man who wants you to convert to his false religion, fill you full of demons, and take you to the lake of fire for an eternity. , a Catholic, does his best to make Mormonism just another bunch of Christians who do not pray to Mary, angels, and saints with lies like this: “Governor Romney amusingly replied, “This may sound strange to some, but my grandchildren will be eagerly awaiting presents to be delivered to their homes by a bearded man in a red suit led by a pack of flying reindeer. The lead reindeer, by the way, has a red light bulb for a nose — certainly a YouTube scandal waiting to happen.” Mormons celebrate Christmas too!” (This was in response to a softball setup question from the National Review’s Katherine Jean Lopez, another religious right Catholic who is supporting Romney, and actually is denouncing those who are fighting the Lord’s battle by righteously opposing him. Please realize that Kate O’Beirne of the National Review attacked David Kuo, whose book exposed the lies of the Bush administration, merely because Kuo was a Protestant who attacked his Catholic boss. And by the way, since Christmas is a totally Catholic invention that is utterly abiblical as Yeshua HaMashiach our Saviour was born on the Jewish holiday the day of atonement, if you wish to use this as yet another reason to reject Christmas go ahead.) There are differences between doctrines of churches. But the values at the core of the Christian faith, the Jewish faith and many other religions (note, here Gaynor allows Romney to call Mormonism Christianity unchallenged) are very, very similar and it’s that common basis that we have to support and find ability to draw people to rather than to point out the differences between our faiths. … Because Governor Romney believes in God … (Not only does Gaynor fail to mention that the Mormon god is NOT the Christian one, but by capitalizing the reference to the false Mormon god, he states that the Christian god is the same as the Mormon one. Well, maybe the Catholic god IS the same as the Mormon god, since both groups supersede the Bible for extrabiblical revelation, and both believe in elevation of man by virtue of Catholics praying to Mary and saints. Hey, before you accuse me of Catholic bashing, address your outrage to Catholic Romney defenders like Gaynor, Sean Hannity, Jean Lopez, and O’Beirne.) Exactly! Most Americans don’t want a Satanist in the Oval Office, a good person of any faith will do nicely, and a co-religionist who violates fundamental tenets of his or her and still professes to be a member in good standing will be repudiated by his or her co-religionists. Three Roman Catholics have run for president as a majority party candidate. So, Gershon calls Mormons co – religionists. All right, that is fine. If Gerson wants to make Roman Catholicism another false pseudo – Christian cult, by calling them his co – religionists, then who am I to argue?

Governor Romney explained:“There’s not very much that’s well known about my church because it’s not broadly based throughout the nation with large numbers of people who are adherents. When anything is unknown, people are going to be a little skeptical. But I think, again, as individuals look at my life and my family’s life, they’ll recognize that my values are quintessential American values; that my religious beliefs are consistent with the religious beliefs of other Judeo-Christian faiths, such as a belief in the divinity of God and the need to need to provide service to others, the preeminence of the family unit. These types of elements are what America looks for in a leader.” And rightly so. Well, since Jews apparently hate the term “Judeo – Christian”, then I guess that if that is the term that Gaynor and other Catholics, Mormons, and similar wish to apply to their pseudo – Christian cults as opposed to actual Bible – based Christianity, that is fine with me. As President, Governor Romney would not Mormonize America. He would respect religious liberty and America’s religious heritage instead of trying to trying to transform America into a secular extremist state (like the defunct Soviet Union or France) and to restrict the free exercise of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment to churches, synagogues, temples and mosques. Excuse me, but what would prevent a Muslim, Buddhist, or Satanist from doing the same? “But the particular doctrines of a church I don’t think are a major part in a political sense.” They were not supposed to do so. That’s why the Constitution prohibits a religious test for federal office. All right, the Catholic is LYING here. He knows full well that an invididual or religious group making a decision to oppose Romney because of his religion is not the same as the government or even a political party barring him from running for that reason, and as a matter of fact that the Constitution that he loves so much gives us precisely that right by virtue of freedom of religion and expression. Gaynor is actually demanding that Bible – believing Christians surrender their constitutional rights. In service of whose agenda?As to funding faith-based institutions, Governor Romney pointed out not only that “we don’t fund faith-based institutions, other than when they’re performing a non-faith role,” but also that “some of the faith-based institutions, particularly in the inner city, are doing a lot better job helping the poor, helping kids, helping families get on their feet than some government social service agencies,” concluding that “helping them in their secular role is, of course, fine,” but helping them in a religious role is “unacceptable.” Now this is the main reason why Bible – believing Christians should immediately stop associating with the religious right. Now Mormons are not a worry here, as their church currently opposes receiving state funds (though that could quickly change, just as their church changed their teachings on polygamy to allow Utah to become a state and their more overt racist teachings because of civil rights laws that would have threatened the status of Brigham Young University), make no mistake: Catholics are. Listen: the notion that religious institutions should receive government funds were LONG anathema to the religious right, with prominent exceptions like some segregationists advocating school vouchers so that low – income whites could skirt forced integration policies. That only changed when the conservative movement was merged with TRADITIONALLY DEMOCRATIC CATHOLICS under  – who lest we forget signed the nation’s most liberal abortion law in the 1960s. The payoff? Reagan was pro – illegal immigration, setting the stage for policies that ultimately let tens of millions of MOSTLY CATHOLIC Hispanics to come into the country, and Reagan appointed two (pro – abortion!) Catholic judges to the Supreme Court in Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy. (The Bushes have since given us three more; Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, and Samuel Alito.) It is hilarious how (Catholic) Rush Limbaugh used to hammer Bill Clinton over the illegal immigration issue when the truth is that Clinton did more to stop illegal immigration than Reagan and both Bushes have combined, and Limbaugh knows it. In any event, there was a REASON why all of these Blaine Amendments were passed when Catholic immigration to this country greatly increased: it has ALWAYS been the agenda of the Vatican to get the government of every nation on the planet to support the Catholic Church with taxes, for the Catholic Church to be paid by the government to deliver government services, for the Catholic Church and the state to “partner” on delivery of services and functions, etc. Now, as the Catholic Church takes on a bigger and bigger role (and can do it cheaper, more efficiently, and better), the state takes on less and less. Pretty soon, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the government to extricate itself from the Catholic Church because the state needs the services that the Catholic Church provides and has no viable alternative. This gives the Catholic Church great influence over the government! We have already seen an example of this with the Catholic Church flexing its muscles by threatening to withdraw its counseling and adoption services when the state attempts to impose the same regulations on the Catholic Church that everyone else who receives state funds has to obey. Now I first began to oppose school vouchers after reading novel “Piercing The Darkness”, but you can just imagine what would happen were a huge percentage of children attending Catholic schools with government funds: the government would try to impose regulation, the Catholic Church would threaten to shut the schools down or kick the voucher kids out, and that would be the end of that! So as we see in this article where Mitt and Ann Romney praise THE VERY SORT OF GOVERNMENT WELFARE THAT THE MORMON CHURCH OPPOSES AND DOES NOT ALLOW ITS OWN MEMBERS TO TAKE, Romney is willing to push the Catholic agenda.

What is REALLY DISTURBING is how the Romneys exploiting inner city blacks in doing so. First of all, we know the racist teachings of Mormons, which despite their claims still influences the church. But realize that this was key to the Reagan strategy of aligning neo – segregationist Christian fundamentalists and conservative Catholics. Please recall that Reagan kicked off his Presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where the civil rights workers were murdered, with a pro – states rights speech. See, the “small government” mantra of conservatives was not the legitimate libertarianism of people like Ron Paul, but rather was code words exploiting the racial anger of whites over Great Society and affirmative action programs meant to uplift blacks as well as the aforementioned forced integration policies. Please realize that many of these same whites supported the New Deal policies of Roosevelt and the similar policies of Truman and Kennedy, back when they only helped whites (please see this book and this article), and also supported farm programs, price supports, and protection of American industry from foreign competition. So, they supported smaller government for blacks, not for themselves! These “neo – conservatives” (not to be confused with Jewish liberals who became conservative when they realized that secularism was a bigger threat to them than was Christianity, though such Jews HAVE gone on to make an odd political alliance with conservative Catholics … please keep in mind that the most recent Vatican council ended active overt attempts by Catholics to convert Jews while non – John Hagee evangelical and fundamentalist Christians still make converting Jews a priority) did the perfect bait – and – switch: getting whites angry at government programs for blacks, and then claiming that churches would do a better job at providing the very programs and services that they opposed in the first place! How was this possible? Simple: it was IMPOSSIBLE to OPENLY ADMIT that the REAL REASON why they opposed these programs was because of their intention to help black people. Instead, they had to build up huge layers of dishonesty, claiming that the reason was that the programs were “inefficient”, “mismanaged”, “abused”, “corrupt”, “harmful to the economy”, and “created dependency and poor values for the very people that the government was supposed to help.” While true, why is this not said for, say, FARM PROGRAMS? Or public schools, which are attended by millions of kids whose parents could easily afford private education (why do places like Beverly Hills and Santa Monica even have public schools)? We do not even want to talk about how much taxpayer money is wasted on building country club public schools for affluent children in order to convince their parents to keep their kids in public schools. But in any event, after awhile, these people began to believe their own lies, and this is even moreso the case with the post – 60s conservatives raised on them: their parents can’t bring themselves to admit the real reason why they switched parties and moved to the suburbs. So, if you cannot say: “I oppose HUD because it takes black people off the street and out of shacks and gives them houses similar to mine” but instead claim “I oppose HUD because it traps black people in poverty”, then you will ultimately start believing your own lie and start supporting giving the very same money that you were giving to HUD to the Catholic Church (and other groups) to house these same black people and call yourself “a small government conservative.” Now PLEASE do not mistake this as a defense for Great Society programs, but rather how illegitimate opposition into them evolved into support for transferring public funding for programs that the church out to be providing anyway WITH CHURCH FUNDS to the Catholic Church (and others).

Now, here is the best example of Romney pushing the Catholic agenda: Further, Governor Romney respects the religious freedom of people of other religions, as illustrated by his urging the Massachusetts Legislature on March 10, 2006 to work with him on “a bill…to ensure that religious institutions are able to participate in the important work of adoption in a way that always respects and never forces them to compromise their firmly held beliefs.” Governor Romney’s press release on the matter read as follows: “DEFENDING RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, ROMNEY TO FILE BILL EXEMPTING RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS FROM GAY ADOPTION REQUIREMENT “Calling it an issue of ‘religious liberty,’ Governor Mitt Romney today said he plans to file legislation to permit religious institutions to perform adoptions without violating the tenets of their faith. Now stuff like this is why I am convinced that my most important entry to date on this weblog was my warning that Bible – believing Christians should not allow their opposition to the sin of homosexuality become homophobia, which would open the door to all sorts of demons that would ultimately allow the Christian to be manipulated by the forces of anti – Christ through culture and politics. YES, homosexuality is a sin. But if you are going to receive STATE MONEY and provide STATE SERVICES, you have to abide by STATE RULES. Romney was merely aiding the Catholic Church in a power play and power grab against the state.

Gaynor then invokes John Kennedy (again, if Catholics want to call themselves another pseudo – Christian cult like the Mormons, who am I to argue?) and then writes this ABSOLUTELY CHILLING PASSAGE: “The problem for genuienly religious people of any faith is NOT Governor Romney or his personal religious preference, but secular extremism, which arbitrarily redefined the institutional separation of church and state contemplated by America’s Founders as absolute separation of church and state mandating governmental neutality between religion and irreligion and prohibiting governmental support for religion generally, as though America is an agnostic or atheistic country. Governor Romney may be the person who paves the way for a return to the constitutional path suddenly abandoned by the United States Supreme Court in 1947 and resulting in a number of other judicial activist Supreme Court decisions as the Court slid down a slippery slope after leaving the constitutional path. Like President Kennedy, Governor Romney has assured his fellow Americans that no religious leader will dictate to him if he is elected President of the United States. UNlike President Kennedy, Governor Romney refused to embrace absolute separation of church and state to please secular extremists and to calm irrational fears. That, America’s Founders would enthusiastically cheer. Governor Romney, they would joyfully befriend, not foolishly fear. As John Marshall, America’s greatest Chief Justice commented: “[W]ith us Christianity and Religion are identified. It would be strange indeed, if with such a people, our institutions did not presuppose Christianity, and did not often refer to it, and exhibit relations to it.” That’s NOT absolute separation of church and state. To be sure, America’s Constitution (including the First Amendment) respected the private right of conscience and repudiated the idea of government compelling religious practice, but it acknowledged God (dated “in the Year of our Lord”), accorded Sunday special significance (not counted it toward the days that the President has to acted on a bill passed by Congress) and sought “the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” surely from the Creator who bestowed upon people those rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness asserted in the Declaration of Independence.”

See, this is how this fellow’s lies are exposed. What Marshall was merely speaking of was the presupposition that all of the nation’s vital institutions, public and private, would be run by and made up of people of the Christian faith. Marshall DID NOT MEAN that the government money should fund religious institutions. While I agree that there was never a hard or fast law or court ruling prohibiting such, it was never needed. Why? BECAUSE NO ONE WANTED IT! AFTER ALL, THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED BY PEOPLE FLEEING PERSECUTION AT THE HANDS OF STATE CHURCHES! As such, THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO PRECEDENT FOR LARGE SCALE TRANSFER OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS TO RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS UNTIL THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION (under the charitable choice welfare reform provision inserted by ), PRECEDENTS WHICH THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION GREATLY EXPANDED.

And it is very interesting that this fellow mentions 1947. Why is that? Simple. Before Roosevelt’s New Deal, the government provided very little in the way of services to ANYBODY. (The income tax and most other tax policies were primarily started to pay for WARS.) It was only after Roosevelt GREATLY EXPANDED THE ROLE AND REACH OF GOVERNMENT with the New Deal that it became an issue, and thus the Supreme Court in 1947 handled the issue appropriately. Now yes, before the atheist revolution, there were cases where the government transferred money to religious and private groups, but those were only in special cases, such as reimbursing religious schools for education costs in sparsely populated areas where building and maintaining public schools were unviable. There WERE no arrangements outside of that, because as a general rule before Roosevelt there very few government programs and services to speak of to begin with, and not only that there were very few people demanding them. 

So, Christians really need to be supporting people like Ron Paul. Why? Because instead of going after people who will allow us to believe the LIE that we can somehow “Christianize” our government programs after the manner of the church – run or church – influenced governments in countries that the Catholic Church dominated (again, please realize that the Church of England was founded in rebellion against the Catholic Church, and America was founded in no small part due to rebellion against the Church of England), we need to change the debate to why these programs are necessary in the first place. Instead of thinking that we are somehow turning this nation back to God by turning America into what France, Portugal, and Spain were in the 1500s (and you Christian Zionists in the religious right, please remember how Jews were treated by these church – run states), we should be asking ourselves whether the way to turn this nation back to God is to return our government to its original pre – Roosevelt and Johnson state, so that people will depend upon God and turn to the baptized body of believers for help rather than the state.

Look, you see where following big government big business Republicans like Nixon (see our “engage China” policy), Reagan, and both Bushes has gotten us. (Better yet, see where it has gotten Israel). Why go for another big business (remember, Mitt Romney is a Wall Street guy; international investment banker secretly backed by the Bushes) big government (remember his universal healthcare scheme in Massachusetts, which will transfer even more money to their Catholic hospitals … do you want that to go nationwide?) Republican? Now I have been promoting Mike Huckabee myself (I am not Southern Baptist, but am very fond of them), but IndependentConservative (a Duncan Hunter fan who is willing to consider Paul) warned me that Huckabee had issues, and he is right: Huckabee is a tax – cut and spend Republican after the manner of George Bush.

So then, why are conservative Catholics backing Romney rather than Huckabee? My theory is that it is a power play, plain and simple. Do not be deceived: this Catholic – Protestant thing has never died, and it never will. First off, if the President isn’t going to be Catholic (and they know that Giuliani has no shot), they would prefer that he be Mormon rather than Protestant. Why haven’t they backed Mormons and other non – Protestants before? Because none of them have had a chance to win before. Further, Catholics know that once the threat of the “evil Hillary Clinton” (a specter that Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, etc. has created to fill Christians with fear knowing full well that we have had Democratic presidents in the past, and that this current batch of Republicans have done more to undermine our tradition of Protestant conservatism than defend it) is done away with, then Bible – believing Christian Republicans will all of a sudden discover that their opposition to Mormonism. Democrats? Well, they will have voted for someone else. Romney would have nowhere to turn to but the very same Catholics that put him in office for political support, and Romney would be able to do more for Catholics than any Catholic president could (in no small part because the watchdog groups would be distracted by looking for any evidence of his helping Mormons). Consider this: with five Catholics on the Supreme Court and with Catholics making up 5 of the last 6 GOPers Supreme Court (O’Connor, Kennedy, Thomas, Roberts, Alito, with Souter the only Protestant), if a Catholic OR Protestant were to be the next GOP President, the next pick (or even the next TWO picks) would HAVE to be fundamentalist Protestant. Otherwise, the Catholic – Protestant alliance on the right would crack. But with Romney in office, he could – and almost certainly would – nominate two Catholics (or a Catholic and a Mormon) and no one would bat an eye.

And best of all, Protestant Christianity in this country would be that much more politically marginalized by the fact that the party which represents the majority of Bible – believing Protestant Christians will have elected a Mormon that they neither want, like, support, or trust! Even the left has made it clear that they would prefer Romney over anyone that Jerry Falwell or James Dobson is likely to support, first out of spite but also out of hope that Mormons would join their “minority” coalition.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the media and the big contributors have done their best to make the GOP race into a three man horserace between two guys who have no shot in the primary or the general election (John McCain and Rudy Giuliani) and Mitt Romney while doing their best to dissuade or ignore other options. Look at their agenda: where they really want to take this country and the planet. Even the secular left who wants to keep church and state separate will readily sacrifice that in order to fully integrate America into the global community, and is there a more “globalist” organization around than the Roman Catholic Church? Come to think of it, the Catholics INVENTED globalization and have been practicing it since the very beginning, because it came out of Rome, the empire that dominated the known world. Well, looks like Rome wants their global empire back. They have the third world through religion (please note how Pope Benedict XVI was in Brazil, giving that nation their own saint that you KNOW that they all are going to pray to … look if you are going to pray to something that makes it a god even if it isn’t the “main” god, please realize that Roman paganism there was the main most powerful god and other lesser gods, and most prayed and served to the lesser gods because they feared the main god, who wasn’t very nice, so by their practice of elevating people to saints based on good works to the Catholic Church, then yes Catholicism allows you to “progress to godhood” just like Mormons, and please note that like Mormons they emphasize works too), many claim that they have Europe through the EU (which I now believe to be an oversimplification), and unless Bible – believing Christians rise up they will soon have America if the church – state protections are removed. (Getting America would be huge, because America is where a lot of the world’s main international financial institutions are located.) And Bible – believing Christians, you KNOW what that would lead to. The question is: whose side are you on, and on which side will you fight? Technorati tag:  

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What Happens To The Souls Of Aborted Fetuses? They’re MARTYRS!

Posted by Job on May 4, 2007

This piece from Soldier Servant ( blew me away. Not the stuff about how George Bush and Bill Clinton have the same record on abortion and how the whole political debate on abortion is a sham: I knew that already and have addressed it in the past here, though I must admit that this guy does a much better job! No, it was how this fellow clearly points out that every child who has ever been aborted or otherwise murdered in the womb IS A MARTYR, A MURDERED MEMBER OF THE BODY OF CHRIST! It is very hard reading … meat instead of milk, folks. Are you ready for it? Whether you are ready or not you need it, so you better go over there and get it!

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Bill Clinton’s New Girlfriend

Posted by Job on April 23, 2007

Please see this link (!

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Any Fans Of Juanita Bynum And Bishop Thomas Weeks Out There?

Posted by Job on April 17, 2007

When They Pierced His Side: The Blood And Water Of Jesus Christ
Let me know if you still are after watching this!

And to those who would defend false preachers:

Also, I must ask: have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not, follow this link:

The Three Step Salvation Plan

Update: Please check out Juanita Bynum, Bishop Thomas Weeks, TD Jakes, Noel Jones, Tommy Tenney: Their True Demonic Roots and Juanita Bynum, Bishop Thomas Weeks, TD Jakes, Noel Jones, Tommy Tenney, Mark Hanby Demonic Roots II on the demonic roots of their denominations (and no, I do not have the denominationalism demon in me). Also, Why Do Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, And Oneness Pentecostals Agree? explains who Oneness Pentecostals are walking in agreement with. Further: TBN Says The Oneness Pentecostal Jesus Only Cult Was Founded In 1913

An Expose Of Just How Bad Juanita Bynum And Thomas Weeks Are

Another link, Another link, Another link, Another link, Another link, Another link, Another link

Update: thanks to Independent Conservative for letting me know even more information about these two: they are anti – Trinitarian Jesus Only Oneness Pentecostal heretics, and part of TBN’s huge lineup of secret anti – Christians! See this link and this one too for more details on those two, including “Bishop” Weeks’ demonination, er denomination! See, Weeks and Bynum are excellent at using spiritual intimidation and deception to raise funds from their primarily black (or African – American) audiences. This is more proof that TBN went after Oneness Pentecostals like Bynum, Weeks, Noel Jones, TD Jakes, etc. so they could expand their reach from being a lily – white suburban operation in order to extract more contributions from the black community. (Not that TBN has discriminated against white Oneness heretics; quite the contrary it made a movie out of Tommy Tenney’s TOTALLY ASCRIPTURAL Hadassah: One Night With The King. The only color that TBN cares about is green.) It happened right about the time that all of these media articles proclaiming “the rising buying power of the black community” came out. While you are on Ephesians511’s site, make sure you check out “Bishop” Eddie Long, who purports to be a “Full Gospel Baptist” preacher, but is known to call the anti – Trinitarian heretic TD Jakes his “spiritual father.” If you deny Trinity, HOW FULL CAN YOUR GOSPEL BE? WHO DID JESUS CHRIST PRAY TO AND ASK “WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME” WHEN HE WAS DYING ON THE CROSS? Now, I have gotten a lot of heat for attacking hip – hop/gospel artist Tonex, but HE calls Eddie Long HIS spiritual father, and also is a BIG SUPPORTER of Juanita Bynum. In his post proclaiming to the world his retirement, he talked about how he was in a HUGE spiritual funk, BUT THAT HE WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE THRESHING FLOOR TO GET HIM OUT OF IT; TO RECHARGE HIS SPIRITUAL BATTERIES! Now, Tonex DID make a BRAVE statement in defense of Trinity on his first album. But despite what you SAY, how can two walk together unless they be agreed (Amos 3:3)? Speaking of “agreeing” with TD Jakes, Paula White’s claim that “God must be behind TD Jakes, or otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to pull off Megafest” … ever been to a ROCK CONCERT Paula? Woodstock? Lollapalooza? Lillith Fair? Don’t pretend as if you don’t listen to that stuff, because you were on TBN bragging about how you held a secular concert starring serial adulterer Bryan McKnight and several other R&B and rap artists with their “lyrics” and then had all who would “say the sinner’s prayer” at the end. Ummm … now I am no Calvinist, but SALVATION MEANS KNOWLEDGE AND REPENTANCE OF SIN, Pastor White! Oh, but no one cares about holding female preachers like White accountable on things like doctrine and whatever, not when they are blonde, thin, and can cry on cue like Bill Clinton (who lest we forget visited PLENTY of churches when honing his political skills). Stuff like this shows the powerful spirits that these Oneness Pentecostal folks are dealing with. And that is why TBN went after them: because he knows that they use those spirits to get people to open their wallets and to be unquestioningly loyal. What? A Bible – believing Christian like me said that Christians should question their leaders! OF COURSE! Questioning your leader is not being disrespectful or subversive! I mean, didn’t David continually ask Saul WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? The Bible doesn’t say “Check your brain at the door.” It says “Come let us reason together.” It says “Study to show thyself approved.” But if you are in a controlling intimidating spiritual atmosphere, judging your leaders against the Bible is strictly forbidden lest their lies be exposed, the deceived sheep leave, and the money stop flowing in. That is why we MUST pray for these people who are in these Oneness Pentecostal denominations, and those who refuse to separate themselves from them.

Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please raise up your mighty hand against all those who are perverting the gospel for gain and with false doctrines. May those who do so out of ignorance, please show them the error of their ways, and those who deceive on purpose please pull Your people away from them. We know, Father, that Your Will must be done, that all things must be fulfilled, and people have to decide which they love foremost, You or themselves. I am merely asking, Father, that the eyes of the deceived be opened and that they choose to seek after and fight for Your righteousness. Amen.

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More Liberal Anti – Semites Pretending To Care About Christians

Posted by Job on April 11, 2007

See link here. The next time any of these outfits talks about how Christians are REALLY suffering in Sudan, China, North Korea, or in any Muslim country (including “secular” Turkey) let me know. I won’t be holding my breath because I would rather stay alive to preach the gospel than die of asphyxiation.

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Bob Novak Ignores Muslim Terrorism To Blame Israel Over Palestinian Christians

Posted by Job on April 11, 2007

Shows that Novak cares much less about Palestinian Christian persecution (or Christians anywhere for that matter) than he does about bashing Israel.

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Ahmadinejad Aims To Keep Bush, Israel On Their Toes

Posted by Job on April 11, 2007

Either that, or they are all in this together and it is a big show. Basically, the US and Israel have given Ahmadinejad (who is no dummy, but rather a former college professor) everything he wants. The fellow has outwitted the leaders of both nations at every turn while keeping the Sunni Muslims at bay and lining up non – Muslim leaders like Vladimir Putin (George Bush buddy) and Hugo Chavez (Jesse Jackson buddy) to his side. Not that it is that hard to do. Putin likes the strategic influence that dealing with Shi’ite leadership gets him, and so does Chavez, and both have their reasons for using them to oppose the United States and the European Union. And the weak political situations that both George W. Bush and Ehud Olmert (Israel’s prime minister) have in their own countries makes handling external threats exceedingly difficult. And it also helps Ahmadinejad, who himself is little more than a figurehead for the mullahs that REALLY run the country and Ahmadinejad himself is accountable to, that no one else in the world really wants to deal with the problem. They keep saying “negotiate negotiate” (knowing full well that Ahmadinejad and the mullahs claim that it is God’s Will for them to have nuclear energy and defeat Israel) because as long as they keep telling US to negotiate THEY won’t have to do anything. Then again, this could all be a big show, and they are all collaborating behind the scenes in order to apply so much pressure to the Israeli public and the Israel supporters in the American public that they will have little choice other than to accept a Palestinian state. How quickly we seem to forget that before September 11th World Trade Center/Pentagon attacks (and the other plane that crashed in Pennsylvania under murky circumstances), Bush had basically washed his hands concerning Israel, telling Sharon and the PLO to work it out amongst themselves: it is none of our business. After September 11th, Bush appeared to swallow the line that “failure to support a Palestinian state made the US vulnerable to terrorist attack” so he then presented Israel with “the roadmap to peace” (the same Council On Foreign Relations’ plan that BOTH Bill Clinton AND Newt Gingrich supported) which would lead to Palestinian statehood on harsh terms for Israel. Please keep in mind that the assassinated Israeli President Yitzhak Rabin supported that plan in principle, as does current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and indications are that Ariel Sharon had ultimately come around. Indeed, the biggest holdup to the whole deal was Hamas and the other Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims for whom the deal wasn’t enough: people who wanted not a two – state solution but a one state solution, with that state not being Israel! So, my guess is that either this is all a game that they are all in on, or a game that everyone is in on but Iran and Ahmadinejad, but with Iran acting precisely as everyone else expects, wants, and hopes.

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