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Germany Jails Lutheran Pastor Johannes Lerle For Anti – Abortion Sermon

Posted by Job on June 26, 2007 Another view here:

Last week, a German court sentenced a 55-year old Lutheran pastor to one year in jail for “Volksverhetzung” (incitement of the people) because he compared the killing of the unborn in contemporary Germany to the holocaust. Next week, the Council of Europe is going to vote on a resolution imposing Darwinism as Europe’s official ideology. The European governments are asked to fight the expression of creationist opinions, such as young earth and intelligent design theories. According to the Council of Europe these theories are “undemocratic” and “a threat to human rights.”

Without legalized abortion the number of German children would increase annually by at least 150,000 – which is the number of legal abortions in birth dearth Germany. Pastor Johannes Lerle compared the killing of the unborn to the killing of the Jews in Auschwitz during the Second World War. On 14 June, a court in Erlangen ruled that, in doing so, the pastor had “incited the people” because his statement was a denial of the holocaust of the Jews in Nazi-Germany. Hence, Herr Lerle was sentenced to one year in jail. Earlier, he had already spent eight months in jail for calling abortionists “professional killers” – an allegation which the court ruled to be slanderous because, according to the court, the unborn are not humans.

Other German courts convicted pro-lifers for saying that “in abortion clinics, life unworthy of living is being killed,” because this terminology evoked Hitler’s euthanasia program, which used the same language. In 2005, a German pro-lifer, Günter Annen, was sentenced to 50 days in jail for saying “Stop unjust [rechtswidrige] abortions in [medical] practice,” because, according to the court, the expression “unjust” is understood by laymen as meaning illegal, which abortions are not.

Volksverhetzung is a crime which the Nazis often invoked against their enemies and which contemporary Germany also uses to intimidate homeschoolers. Soon, the German authorities will be able to use the same charge against people who question Darwin’s evolution theory.

Indeed, next Tuesday, the Council of Europe (CoE), Europe’s main human-rights body, will vote on a proposal which advocates the fight against creationism, “young earth” and “intelligent design” in its 47 member states.

According to a report of the CoE’s Parliamentary Assembly, creationists are dangerous “religious fundamentalists” who propagate “forms of religious extremism” and “could become a threat to human rights.” The report adds that the acceptance of the science of evolutionism “is crucial to the future of our societies and our democracies.”

“Creationism, born of the denial of the evolution of species through natural selection, was for a long time an almost exclusively American phenomenon,” the report says.

“Today creationist theories are tending to find their way into Europe and their spread is affecting quite a few Council of Europe member states. […] [T]his is liable to encourage the development of all manner of fundamentalism and extremism, synonymous with attacks of utmost virulence on human rights. The total rejection of science is definitely one of the most serious threats to human rights and civic rights. […] The war on the theory of evolution and on its proponents most often originates in forms of religious extremism which are closely allied to extreme right-wing political movements. The creationist movements possess real political power. The fact of the matter, and this has been exposed on several occasions, is that the advocates of strict creationism are out to replace democracy by theocracy. […] If we are not careful, the values that are the very essence of the Council of Europe will be under direct threat from creationist fundamentalists.”

According to the CoE report, America and Australia are already on their way towards becoming such undemocratic theocracies where human and civic rights are endangered. Creationism is “well-developed in the English-speaking countries, especially the United States and Australia,” the report states.

“While most curricula in Europe today unashamedly teach evolution as a recognised scientific theory, the same does not apply to the United States. In July 2005, the Pew Research Center conducted a poll that showed that 64% of Americans favoured the teaching of intelligent design alongside the theory of evolution and that 38% would support the total abandonment of the teaching of evolution in publicly owned schools. The American President George W. Bush supports the principle of teaching both intelligent design and the theory of evolution. At the moment, 20 of the 50 American states are facing potential adjustments of their school curricula in favour of intelligent design. Many people think that this phenomenon only affects the United States and that, even if it is not possible to be indifferent to what is happening on the other side of the Atlantic, it is not the Council of Europe’s role to deal with this issue. That, however, is not the case. On the contrary, it would seem crucial for us to take the appropriate precautions in our 47 member states.”

Though one may disagree with people who take the Book of Genesis literally (believing that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh), surely secularist political organizations telling people what they may or may not believe, constitute a far greater threat to human rights than religious institutions telling their faithful how to vote. In the voting booth people are free to do what they like, whilst in contemporary Europe people are no longer free to publicly voice their own, deeply felt opinions in public.

In Germany, believing abortion to be as murderous as the holocaust is a crime, and educating your own children is a crime too. In France, saying that “homosexual behaviour endangers the survival of humanity” is a crime, and so is the distribution of pork soup to the poor. In Belgium, speaking out against immigration is a crime.

In the latest issue of the Dutch conservative magazine Bitter Lemon the Dutch author Erik van Goor writes that European courts are silencing conservative and orthodox citizens. Freedom of speech no longer exist, says van Goor.

“While many in the West still idolize the second-hand fighters for free speech, such as [Ayaan] Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh, the true victims of curtailment are deliberately kept under wraps. Hirsi Ali, [Pim] Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh were not curtailed by the state or by court, Johannes Lerle is. The former voiced mere opinions – expressions of a public opinion which one may or may not value or believe. The latter – Dr Lerle – shows that what is at stake is not merely opinions, but a moral order which is being questioned; a reality of life and death which is at risk.”

Hirsi Ali, Fortuyn and van Gogh did not defend Europe’s traditional Christian moral order. People such as Johannes Lerle and Christian Vanneste, the French parliamentarian who was convicted for “homophobia,” do. The latter are being persecuted by Western Europe’s political regimes – a phenomenon which is ignored completely by the Western mainstream media, who participate in the persecution.

Update: The story published Tuesday on the jailing of Pastor Lerle in Germany has been retracted after was informed that we were working with false information from trusted news sources. While Pastor Lerle has in the past been jailed for anti-abortion activities his current one year imprisonment stemmed solely from charges of holocaust denial and not from comparing abortion to the Nazi Holocaust as we erroneously reported Tuesday.

My sincere apologies for this serious error.

John-Henry Westen

Of course, this is LifeSiteNews running from this because of this “pastor’s” sinful anti – Semitic views. You are not going to find any support for anti – Semitism from me; this weblog officially calls anti – Semitism a demon. See Demon Of The Day: Anti – Semitism, as well as my most recent post defending Jews from the charge of deicide Two Reasons Why Blaming The Jews For Killing Jesus Christ Is Wrong. But the fact that this fellow is CURRENTLY in jail for Holocaust denial does not make the title of my post “Germany Jails Lutheran Pastor Johannes Lerle For Anti – Abortion Sermon” wrong. Why? “While Pastor Lerle has in the past been jailed for anti-abortion activities …”! Again “While Pastor Lerle has in the past been jailed for anti-abortion activities!” See, folks like in entries like this are using this pastor’s sin of anti – Semitism as an excuse to ignore that Germany will throw you in jail for opposing abortion. So, what they are doing is adding their own lie to his. Why? Because the folks at SUPPORT putting pro – lifers in jail. Please recall that just a few years ago prosecutors were using RICO (a law originally put into place to fight organized crime) against pro – life groups until the Supreme Court made them stop. Sen. Charles Schumer attempted to write language into that evil bankruptcy bill passed by our allegedly Christian GOP Congress and signed by our allegedly Christian President Bush (oppressing the poor is a sin too, people, and in fact it contributes to abortion!) that would make virtually all pro – life protest outside abortion clinics illegal. You know that Schumer language is going to resurface and become law whether Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, or Rudy Giuliani become president! Now please recall that before the Supreme Court only threw the LAST attempt to use RICO against pro – life groups only AFTER it had done its job: running the ONLY EFFECTIVE PRO – LIFE GROUP, Operation Rescue, out of business! The remaining pro – life groups are TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE because they are part and parcel of the corrupt GOP machine. Anyone who believes that the GOP is pro – life, I have two pieces of bad news for you. First, there is no Santa Claus, and there is no tooth fairy or Easter bunny either. Second, the GOP has NEVER been pro – life. Quite the contrary, just a generation ago, the DEMOCRATS were more pro – life than the Republicans were. Pro – life Christians, everybody knows it, everybody knows how these Republicans take your money and your votes and use you as unpaid volunteers to stand in lines in the rain for hours a day and to put up all those signs and send out all those letters and then go behind closed doors and laugh at you. The politicians know it. The media knows it. And yes, your favorite “religious right” preacher knows it. That is why despite over 25 years of supporting “pro – life” candidates, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE, NO LAW HAS BEEN PASSED THAT HAS STOPPED A SINGLE ABORTION, OR EVEN TO MAKE A STAND BEFORE THIS NATION THAT ABORTION IS IMMORAL! All of you are celebrating over this “victims of fetal violence act.” Well, even the hardcore leftists like Barbara Boxer acknowledge that it is a pro – choice bill. If anyone kills a woman’s fetus without her consent, it is murder. But with her consent, it is still legal for anyone to terminate her pregnancy. Happy with this “late term abortion ban?” Well, what this bill actually does is FOR THE FIRST TIME ensures the legality of abortions in the first and second trimester on the federal level. Second, how Christian is it to force a woman to choose between her life or health and having a child? Not in the least. So, what this law “accomplishes” is to legalize on the federal level the very abortions that a Christian should want to prevent, and to make the very abortions that a Christian should concede – procedures which threaten the life and health of a wman – almost impossible to get! Anti – Christian measures like this are EXACTLY what these sham Republican organizing and fundraising arms masquerading as pro – life groups dupe you into supporting. If they were TRUE pro – life groups, people like Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, and Rudy Giuliani would be trying to shut them down just like they did Operation Rescue. And THAT is why was so willing to issue their “retraction.” The issue of how merely standing up for the unborn in Germany will get you thrown in jail is not as important as bad PR. Why? Because bad PR hurts fundraising. It is not about saving lives or promoting Jesus Christ with the religious right folks, it is all about mammon: money and power. The only group that has been more deluded by the political process than fundamentalist Christians with Republicans is black people with Democrats. Black folk: you do realize that our (yes, I said our: as a black fundamentalist Christian, I PERSONALLY AM IN BOTH GROUPS!) percentage of the total population is DECLINING which results in A) misleading statistics like this “percentage of blacks in college up” story: and B) our losing the “political clout” (meaning our ability to put Democrats that pretend to love civil rights in power) that is supposed to be oh so important to the black community. Now I do agree that our incarceration policy (which Bill and Hillary Clinton and other “centrist” Democrats support!) has a lot more to do with our slowing rate of population growth than does abortion, you had better believe that abortion (and other liberal policies LIKE illegal immigration that burden the public schools and remove the unskilled labor jobs that the black community relies on … oh yeah and then there was globalization … NAFTA and China in the WTO and similar that BOTH the Bushes AND the Clintons support that took all of the factory jobs in the “Black Belt” away too!) is playing a role, especially after Clinton started suing states in order to force them to cover abortion under MediCaid, and the public school “comprehensive sex education programs” have started openly advocating abortions (not that I support abstinence education or values education by the way … I support promoting Christianity and then letting abstinence, values, or whatever take care of itself, and no, Christianity should NOT be promoted by or within the government … that tends to result in murderous fascism, remember?). The anti – Semite views of Johannes Lerle does not invalidate this story. It only invalidates the people for whom the anti – Semite angle makes this story too “inconvenient” to talk about because of their own love of the world and resulting cowardice.


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Bill Keller Taking On Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, Mitt Romney, Mormonism, And Universalism

Posted by Job on June 8, 2007

Taking God’s Truth and the fact Jesus is the only way to be saved to a lost and unbelieving nation. My Wednesday night appearance with Bill O’Reilly on his Fox News program, “The O’Reilly Factor,” was an incredible confirmation of all that I have been preaching and sharing with you for nearly 8 years now. The best part is that it was played out on a national stage for millions of people to see and hear. So today I want to give you my personal reflections on my appearance with O’Reilly as well as the feedback we received from several thousand people who watched the interview. If you have not had a chance to see the segment, here is a the link so that you can watch it:

Let me first deal with the interview itself. These types of programs are very challenging since you have a limited time to speak and while you know the general subject matter, you have no idea the actual questions or the direction the interview will take. As “conservative friendly” and “Christian friendly” as FOX News tries to portray itself, it is still very much part of the world. It is the secular media that reaches the masses, who for the most part are NOT followers of Christ and do NOT hold the Bible to be Absolute Truth. Anyone who goes into that environment taking a Biblical position on the issues and telling people Jesus is the only way to be saved, immediately comes under intense fire. The world for the most part may believe in God, but they don’t honor Him, they clearly reject His Truth, and very few have really committed their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ. In addition to speaking to an audience that for the most part rejects Biblical Truth, I was also dealing with exposing a satanically inspired cult that has done a masterful public relationship job of getting people, including many Christians, to believe they are “just another Christian church.” As I have stated often, the teachings and theology of the Mormon cult are completely inconsistent with Biblical Christianity. They are no more Christians than Muslims are despite their attempts to deceive people into believing they are. The god and jesus of the Mormon cult are NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible. To go on national television and publicly expose a satanic cult that looks so good on the outside, brings you under even more fire. Lastly, there is no way I will ever be on ANY program and not make sure those who are watching clearly hear that there is only ONE TRUTH, the Bible, and only ONE WAY TO BE SAVED, faith in Jesus Christ. Of course that turns up the fire even greater since that means those who do not accept Jesus as their Savior will die and go to hell.

Again, the reasons most pastors won’t even stand in their own church and share that truth, the reason very few will ever go on secular media and share that truth, is that they are more concerned with what men think than what God thinks. I have news for you. When you take your last breath and die, it is not a man you will stand before it is God. It is not a man you must please, it is God. I submit to you today that if you really love someone, you will love them enough to tell them the truth, especially about their eternal soul. I did the segment with O’Reilly from the PBS studio in Tampa. I was literally all alone in the studio, with one camera on me, and an earpiece so I could hear what O’Reilly was saying. That environment alone, not being able to see O’Reilly, to hear anything other than his voice when he talked, knowing that the whole thing will be over with in 4-5 minutes, on top of knowing that you have what will be for the most part an audience hostile to your message, even more hostile when you expose the satanic Mormon cult for what they are, and even more hostile yet when you tell them there is only one hope and way to be saved, faith in Jesus Christ, requires you are really prayed up surrendered so that the Holy Ghost can speak through you.

God did speak Wednesday night! Regardless of what they wanted to hear, that audience Wednesday did hear the truth of the Mormon cult. They did hear that the Bible is the only Truth there is. They did hear that faith in Jesus is the only way to be saved. They did respond afterwards as I knew they would. We received about 2,000 emails. They ran about 60/40 negative to good, which was encouraging since I thought it would be worse. Let me address the negative ones first. I have been wondering for months why FOX News has been so pro-Romney. They pass off anyone who questioned the fact he is part of the Mormon cult as a nut job, a hater, and bigot. Well, apx 80% negative emails I got were from those who have sadly bought into the lies of Joey Smith and the Mormon cult and are following those lies to hell. I can tell you what I am certain the people at FOX already knew, they have a large viewer base who are in the Mormon cult. So their sympathy towards Romney and their unwillingness to even deal with the false teachings of the Mormon cult are clear to me now. After all, for FOX News it is about ratings which equal dollars.

Most of the emails that made up the other 20% were from people who identified themselves as “born again Christians,” with several from those who claimed to be “pastors.” It is those that made me most sad. To see how effective Satan has been in deceiving people to believe the lie that Mormons are Christians. Don’t pastors warn their people about these cults and false religions? Apparently not. As a matter of fact, the few “pastors” I heard from were taking me to ask for telling people there is only one Truth, that you have to accept Jesus to get to Heaven, and that those who follow the false teachings of the Mormon cult will die and go to hell. HOW DID THESE PEOPLE END UP BECOMING A PASTOR? DID THEY EVER READ THE BIBLE? A few even said that I should not embarrass Christ by going on national TV and saying what I did? WHAT? It is no wonder why the sheep are so lost when the shepherds leading them are lost!

As for Bill O’Reilly, I have commented on his warped theology numerous times over the years. Being a Catholic is not his problem. Not believing the Bible is the only Truth and that Jesus is the only way to be saved is. As I have spoken of in the past, he has bought into this lie from the pits of hell that “all good people will get to Heaven,” and that there are “many roads to God.” Hate to break this to O’Reilly but selling Factor gear and giving the money to charity isn’t going to get him to Heaven. I could tell that he was clearly uncomfortable with the whole segment and couldn’t wait to get out of it. He didn’t like the subject. He certainly didn’t like what I had to say. To save face with the bulk of his audience, he used his last words to chastise me for my “unChristian” beliefs. But that is OK. Even though he didn’t know it or understand it, God used O’Reilly’s program Wednesday night to expose the satanic Mormon cult for what it is and to let that audience hear the Bible is the only Truth and that faith in Jesus is the only way to be saved. AMEN!

I love you and care about you so much. First, THANK YOU to all who prayed for me last night prior to and during the interview. Your prayers made all the difference in the world as I gained great strength knowing the Liveprayer family was there praying for the Holy Sprit to speak through me. In the coming days I will be in even more hostile territory on CNN and MSNBC, but that is OK. THIS IS WHERE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE! NOT TO SELL BOOKS BUT TO BRING THOSE AUDIENCES THE TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD! Every second people are dying and going to hell. With the better percentage of two full generations who have never gone to church, there is an incredible spiritual void in most people’s lives that can only be filled with the Word of God and faith in Jesus Christ. These people are not gong to church or turning to the Christian media. if we want to reach them, we have got to find ways to bring the message of Christ to them! This was an incredible opportunity for you to see with your own eyes all I have been telling you for these past 8 yrs now. I see it daily and I hope this brief glimpse you got will give you the same passion I have to take Christ to this lost and hurting world. He is the ONLY hope this world has. He is the ONLY hope for each person now, and for all eternity. This is why I am so driven every day to do what I do here at and the TV program. This is why I have worked so hard to get the TV program locked into a national deal since we need that national vehicle on secular TV to be able to effectively do what God has called us to do. This is why I share our needs with you and ask you to make the sacrifice to give to this ministry. You got a glimpse last night of how we can literally impact this nation for Christ by bringing His Truth to combat the lies of the world while telling people that faith in Jesus is their only true hope for this life and for all eternity.

I am willing to literally put my life on the line each day for the Gospel but I can’t do it without your prayers and support. I will be praying for you today. Praying that God will really speak to your heart about the spiritual abyss our nation and world is in. It is a lost and hurting world that so desperately needs the Lord. I have enough faith to really believe this nation is ripe for a spiritual awakening like some of the great moves of God’s Spirit in the past. However, this move is not going to start in the church, but outside of the church. I see God’s Spirit moving through the masses of lost and hurting souls who don’t go to church, don’t visit any Christian media, but who are open and searching for the answers that are only found in God’s Word and in a relationship with Jesus Christ. God has raised up Liveprayer over nearly 8 years now, each year given us greater influence, a further reach, a bigger platform. It has been key men and women who God has moved to give to this work to help us move forward each year. It has been literally millions of people who have prayed for me and this work. Gold spoke into my heart last night that now is the time, this is the moment, to rise up and make our stand for Him and allow the Holy Spirit of God to flow from this ministry across the land, into the far countries of the world, and bring literally millions and millions of souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! I know life is short, over any moment, there is no time to delay. I am taking my stand for Him now and am asking you to stand with me as together we bring God’s Truth and Christ to this lost and hurting world!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

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Barry Lynn’s Manifesto Against Bill Keller Over Mitt Romney Here

Posted by Job on June 5, 2007

This is destined to fail, because the IRS would have an extremely hard time justifying eliminating the tax – exempt status of a Florida televangelist while not doing the same for, say, the NAACP Voter Fund, the Rainbow/Push Coalition, or any of a number of other left – liberal nonprofit partisan political organizations that a United Church of Christ minister – never says or does anything about (except on the minimal token basis required to keep the claim that his agenda is not itself political, ideological, or religious) because they agree with his personal political agenda and views (pro – abortion, etc.). All you have to do is go to his main page and you see the late Falwell, Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, and the typical right wing bugbears. I should point out that as a  “fundamentalist” (though I hate the label) Christian, I am 100% apolitical and as such am no friend of the religious right or the conservative movement. But it is interesting that you can even do a search of their archives and not see any evidence of the litigation strategy against the partisan political activity of any major (or minor) liberal group or person – including liberal clergy and religious groups – that they frequently engage in against the religious right.

Now of course, the satanic anti – Christ agenda of Americans United For The Separation of Church and State as borne out by their selective choice in filing complaints (as is their right by the way) will probably not make for a valid argument in defense of Live Prayer, especially since the very same anti – Christ government that in the past sanctioned slavery and Jim Crow and today allows the murder of the unborn, grinds the poor with its unjust criminal justice and educational systems (and allows the poor to bear the brunt of corporate pollution while exploiting them with lotteries and other forms of gambling “for education”), refuses to defend our borders, will not protect its children from pornography or child predators, and fights illegal undeclared wars to appease global corporate and political interests will be deciding this case. Do you honestly feel that state, currently run by the Bush administration, will deal justice according to this issue or any other? I will say this: if they do, it will either be by virtue of God intervening on behalf of righteousness, or the state’s feeling that by suffering Live Prayer in this case they will be able to set a precedent that will allow them to inflict an even bigger evil on the true church who hold, promote, and defend the true gospel of Jesus Christ in the future. Regardless of the outcome of this case, I say that the church should reject and oppose the state and support thereof at every turn. No church should take faith – based funds or any other form of aid, and I also look forward to the day where churches will reach the point where they are able to DECLINE TAX EXEMPT STATUS so the state will not be able to regulate its actions in any way, shape, or form. A great many churches and ministries have the financial means to reject state regulation in this manner, but they refuse. Why? The root of all evil, which is the love of money. A bigger issue: a great many of these churches LOVE the lack of financial accountability and oversight that comes from running a “nonprofit organization.” The LAST THING that they would want is to be required to make public quarterly statements on A) how much money they are actually taking in and B) where the money, especially that which is SUPPOSED to go to outreach ministries and programs to help the poor, are really going. One of the reasons why I have no problem supporting Bill Keller and so prominently recommend his ministry on my weblog is because his ministry is 100% transparent. As a matter of fact, you can email him at and ask him to send you his full financial records for the last several years, including his own salary. Compare that to, say, KENNETH COPELAND, who when asked by the family of a woman who had given his “ministry” large sums of money in the belief that if she just gave Copeland enough money God would heal her cancer said in this link:  “Meanwhile, Parker’s husband said Bonnie died believing she hadn’t given enough money to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Parker and Beach said they asked the Copelands for an accounting of Bonnie’s contributions. “I can’t believe, I can’t comprehend them going on vacation in a jet that my mom paid for with her life,” Beach said. “I can’t imagine that.” The Copeland ministry declined requests for an interview, and pointed to an accounting firm’s declaration that all jet travel complies with federal tax laws. A request to see their annual tax filings and list of Board of Directors was also denied. The reason they cited for the denial was that as a church they are not required to disclose that information. “So, why is Barry Lynn going after these folks and not Kenneth Copeland? It probably shows that they are really working on the same side and serving the same master. Actually, that is not true at all; that was an example of a completely dishonest ad hominem attack that I knew was false when I made it. The real reason why Barry Lynn has never to my knowledge gone after Copeland is because he has never had a need to; Copeland would build his little corrupt fiefdom based on money and power from the faithful rather than get out there in the real world and fight the Lord’s battles. Were Copeland to take on Romney, it would just be one deceiver against another, just like your typical Presidential or other political race. Instead, Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and similar are going around claiming that “we are gods” JUST LIKE THE MORMONS. Now I do not agree with everything that Bill Keller says and does, and that is why it grieves me that sometimes people like these good people whose blog I am now linking to confuse this weblog for being his, or me for being affiliated or associated with him in any way, because I have TONS of things on here that Keller most certainly would not want attributed to him because they are my own opinions that diverge from his. But the bottom line is that Keller and I are on the same side because we serve the same master. Can the same be said about you? Do you serve the One True God? Are you ready to stand before Him on judgment day? If not, I urge you to complete this process so that you will be, and that if you are following some false preacher or movement, or even a ministry that is not 100% transparent, please come out of it so that you can retain that which you already have. Many are called, but few shall be chosen. It is in your Bible, people, and it is there for a reason, because it applies to you, me, and everyone else who ever was born and ever will be.

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Bill Keller Takes On Mormonism On Fox News Alan Colmes Radio Show!

Posted by Job on May 17, 2007

As is typical for the Rick Warren porn king buddy Rupert Murdoch ( form of unethical operation, they told Keller that it would only be him on the show, but they ambushed him with a leading Mormon defender at the last minute.  Click on link to access audio of Keller’s appearance:

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The Fallout From Taking On Mitt Romney, The Mormons, And Several Leading Evangelicals

Posted by Job on May 15, 2007

If you would like to start receiving this devotional go to:

2 Chronicles 15:6, Psalms 137:1

***WorldNetDaily Story!  Here is the link to the story did
from the Friday May 11th Daily Devotional on Mitt Romney and the evangelical
Christian leaders supporting him.  This story has caused a national
firestorm and I will be doing lots of national media this week regarding my
comments.  Please be praying as I am able to expose the lies of this cult
and point people to the Truth of God’s Word and the hope we have in the one
true Jesus of the Bible!


See my personal view (NOT authored by Bill Keller, the author of this devotional)why opposing Romney for his Mormonism is NOT a religious test

The fallout from taking on Romney, the Mormons, and several leading evangelical leaders. Even though my life is very interesting every day, virtually non-stop in doing all I can to bring God’s Truth and the hope of Christ to the lost and hurting masses outside of the church, the past 72 hours have been interesting times 100.  What I have been dealing with since Friday’s Devotional on how a vote for Romney is a vote for satan and the growing number of leading evangelical Christian leaders who are supporting this satanic cult member’s bid to become our next President, can very instructive for your life.  It is the number one reason most people never take much of a stand for their faith, or even witness to the people in their life.  There is a price to pay for taking a stand for Christ in a world that rejects the Lord.  However, the one thing I want you to never forget is that it is not man you have to please, but God. One day you will die, and at that moment, it is not a man you will stand before….it is God!

The response to Friday’s Devotional was pretty much what I expected.  Alex Burgos, a spokesman for the Romney campaign said, “I guess what I can tell you is it shows that bigotry can still rear its ugly head in society.  It’s sad that anyone would target a fellow American on the issue of faith.”  Ah, the “b” word.  If I had a dime for every time I have been called a bigot in the past 72 hours Liveprayer would be funded for the next 5 years! I’ve told you for years now that the way those who oppose the cause of Christ try to silence those who have the audacity to shine the light of His Truth on their lies is to attack them.  If you speak out against the sin of homosexuality you are called a hate monger.  If you call abortion what it is, murder, you are called intolerant. If you speak out against the cults and false religions of the world you are called close minded. Nobody I know wants to be called any off these things and even worse, so it has proven to be a very effective tactic to verbally assault people of faith who do speak out, and try to intimidate them into silence. Sadly, most of the time it works!

*Be honest.  When was the last time you failed to speak up to defend your faith because you simply didn’t want to take the grief you knew would follow???

For the nearly 8 years I have been writing the Daily Devotional and the over 4 years of doing the TV program, some of the most viscous attacks on our technical infrastructure, on me personally, have come when I expose the lies of the satanic Mormon cult. This time was no different, except it was at an unprecedented level of ferociousness since I was taking on their greatest hope to capture the most powerful office in the world. We had our website and servers attacked relentlessly all weekend.  I’ve received 12 death threats so far in addition to the scores of emails telling me that “someone will visit me when I least expect it.” I refuse to live in fear and having dealt with these types of threats for the past 8 years, have learned how to use the common sense the Lord gave me and ultimately trust Him to watch over me as I serve Him each day.

Even though I expected it, what made me saddest of all were the brutal attacks by those who identified themselves as Christians.  People totally outraged that I would attack such a good man and brother in Christ (meaning Romney).  This is why I do my best each day to expose the lies of the world so you are not as ignorant as the vast majority of Believers. This devious and deceptive cult has done a masterful job of selling the lie that they are “just another Christian church.”  A Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is.  The god and jesus born out of the rebellious mind of Joey Smith are NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible!  The false theology of Mormonism is in 100% contradiction to Biblical Christianity. There is only one Truth, and if Mormonism is true than Christianity is a lie. I was not shocked, only saddened by how many who claim to be Christians are so deceived, so gnorant, that they think a Mormon is a Christian.

It was also sad to see just how many people are influenced, have their houghts and views shaped by TELEVISION!  If there was ever a case for why God has given me this passion, this drive to get the TV program back on nationwide, this was a classic example.  I wish you could have read all of the emails over the past few days, the ones still pouring in, from people who parroted virtually word for word what they have heard from people like Sean Hannity and many who reach the masses on secular TV and radio and support Romney. Hannity is on record stating that anyone who attacks Romney for being a Mormon is a hate monger.  The emails poured in from people who have been brainwashed by those they listen to on TV and radio who make the case for Romney that it doesn’t matter that he is a Mormon, that he has great family values, that he is the best choice there is for a Republican to win the White House in ’08.

This is another perfect example of how critical it is to have a program that is on every day, reaching the nation with a Biblical worldview. So many people, even Christians, have their thoughts and views shaped by what they hear on TV, and there is NOBODY with a nationwide platform on secular television who is dealing with the issues of this world and in people’s lives from a Biblical worldview!

The legitimate question that this has also raised is who to vote for in ’08. As in the past, I refuse to tell you who to vote for, that is a choice YOU have to make.  However, let me give you this guidance.  No person who is serious about their faith can vote for a person who is going to support the killing of babies.  No person who is serious about their faith can vote for a person who is gong to support redefining God’s Holy Institution of Marriage.  No person who is serious about heir faith can vote for a person who is part of a satanic cult since that person will give mainstream credibly to that cult which will lead people to join and end up in hell for rejecting Jesus Christ.  That makes this upcoming presidential election a very difficult choice since it is almost a certainty that the nominee from both parties will support killing babies, possibly gay marriage, and be the member of a satanic cult if Romney wins the Republican nomination. So who to vote for?

As you know I am a huge advocate of Christians taking their stand in all areas of the marketplace, including politics. Most likely our only real option will be choosing a third party candidate who will take a stand to uphold Biblical values. I already know that in this two party system we have, a third party candidate has virtually ZERO chance of ever being elected. However, this election is going to be a test of conscience for Christians. Do they compromise and vote for the “lesser of two evils,” or as some will call it, throw away their vote by voting for a third party candidate who has no chance of winning?  As I said, this will be a real test of conscience for Christians unless a strong man who will take a stand for Biblical values comes out of nowhere to win the Republican nomination. (Sadly, the Democratic Party will never put forth a nominee who doesn’t support killing babies.)

Let me share this with you. Given that the next President is NOT going to be a friend of God and Biblical values, this will be a tremendous opportunity to see this nation come back to God and for many souls to be won to Christ. I have told you often that it will not be a politician but a preacher who will lead this nation back to God. With a President who will not lead this nation in any way spiritually, this is going to force true men and women God who can not be bought or influenced, who don’t care about money or the temporal power of this world, to rise up and lead this nation spiritually. This nation is going to suffer and will be looking for hope and answers, and the Bible and Jesus are the ONLY true hope and answer there is!!!

I love you and care about you so much.  Let me say a HUGE THANK YOU to so many in the Liveprayer family who have emailed me with your love and prayers. I can’t even begin to tell you how much your kind words of support have meant. The strength I received from knowing how many of you were praying for me helped me get through some very long days. In the midst of the death threats, the threats of physical harm, the nasty and vicious attacks on me personally, came the love and prayers of so many in the Liveprayer family. No matter how strong we think we are, we are still flesh and blood, week frail humans. I have such great confidence each day in this work God has called me to knowing that you are there with me, standing with me, taking the time out of your busy lives to pray for me. THANK YOU!

In announcing last week that I would be dealing with Romney this past Friday, I heard from one of the top 10 donors of Liveprayer who over the past few years has given between $70,000 and $100,000 each year. He and his family have been blessed by God and have made the sacrifice to support what Liveprayer is doing each day in millions of lives. He called me and told me his family was very active in Romney’s campaign and that if I spoke negatively about Romney he would not be able to support me any longer. I told him that I understood and took the time to explain my concerns with Romney being part of a satanic cult and why I felt he was such a danger to the eternal souls of people if he got elected. I told him that as much as I respected him, I could not withhold or water down this important message warning people of what  it will mean if Romney became President. I also reminded him that he is giving to God, not Bill Keller, thanked him for his
sacrifice for the Lord’s work here, prayed for him and his family and asked God’s blessings on them.

I heard from many more who said they would no longer give to Liveprayer as well as those who unsubscribed from the Daily Devotional. But that is OK, I deal with this all the time. God is the one who has raised up this last day’s work, God is the one who moves on people’s hearts to give, and God is the one who can replace what this one family and these others give each year with others in the Liveprayer family who will be burdened for a true work of God that is about saving souls. This ministry has literally operating month to month since we started 92 months ago.  There are no reserves, no real estate, no safety net of any kind. As I sit here this very moment, we still need $60,000 just to pay the rest of May’s expenses and I have no idea where that will come from. Actually I do. God will move on hearts to provide. Who, how, when, I can’t tell you. I just know that my job is to be faithful for today and God will handle those things outside of my control!

Here is the bottom line to this whole Romney issue. What too many people, especially the people who have been reading what I said in the press can’t comprehend is that this is not about politics, this is about SOULS! My frustration with the many evangelical leaders who are supporting Romney is that they have forgotten that God raised them up to lead people in the eternal things of God, not the temporal things of this world. Why men of God, great groups like the Southern Baptist Convention are willing to support a man who is part of a satanic cult is beyond my ability to comprehend. I realize he is running to be the commander-in-chief, not the theologian-in-chief. I realize that he has a great marriage, great kids, and says he will stand for family values. He actually might be one of the best men there is to be President and lead this nation. (My note: the guy was a one – term governor of a liberal state. What makes people think that he is so electable or qualified? That proves that it is spiritual deception going on.) 

Even if all of that was 100% true, it is still no excuse to support a man who is part of a satanic cult, whose election to the most powerful office on the planet will give worldwide credibility to that satanic cult, will cause millions of people to join their ranks, and ultimately cause them to die in their sins and spend eternity in hell! His candidacy alone has already been a non-stop infomercial for the Mormon cult! I am not saying to abandon the political arena, quite the opposite. We must have a presence and be heard in all areas of life. However, we must never forget that we go into everything we do in this life guided ultimately by eternal goals, not earthly goals.


In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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If You Vote For Mitt Romney You Are Voting For Satan!

Posted by Job on May 11, 2007

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Update: see my personal view (NOT authored by Bill Keller, the author of this devotional)why opposing Romney for his Mormonism is NOT a religious test  Also, see part II of this devotional by following this link




If you vote for Mitt Romney, you are voting for satan!  This message today is not about Mitt Romney.  Romney is an unashamed and proud member of the Mormon cult founded by a murdering polygamist pedophile named Joseph Smith nearly 200 years ago.  The teachings of the Mormon cult are doctrinally and theologically in complete opposition to the Absolute Truth of God’s Word. There is no common ground.  If Mormonism is true, then the Christian faith is a complete lie.  There has never been any question from the moment Smith’s cult began that it was a work of satan and those who follow their false teachings will die and spend eternity in hell.  This message is about the top Christian leaders in our nation who are supporting this cult members quest to become the next President of the United States.

I have watched in horror over the past weeks as one evangelical Christian leader after another has either endorsed, supported, or just as bad, refused to denounce Romney’s run for the White House and those Christian leaders who support him.  Last weekend Pat Robertson, founder of CBN and Regents University, had Romney deliver the keynote address to the graduates of Regents.  Regents is one of the great Christian colleges in this nation and Robertson allowed this cult member to deliver the commencement address.  Is
he out of his mind?  Do you think there would ever be a true Gospel preacher giving the commencement address at Brigham Young?

I have been warning you for years now about this cult born out of the pits of hell and responsible for sending millions of souls to eternal damnation. For the nearly 200 years this cult has been in existence they have strived for mainstream acceptance.  They are the most devious of all the cults since they have always tried to portray themselves as “just another Christian group” when in fact, they are no more Christian than a Muslim is!  Their deception starts with their name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Sounds like a Christian church doesn’t it?  Some Mormons have recently changed their name to simply Community of Christ to disguise even better who they are in an attempt to lure people in.

The Mormon cult talks of God and Jesus, but again, don’t be deceived since the god and jesus of Mormon theology are NOT the one true God and Jesus of the Bible.  This cult also uses the Bible, but like in all cults it is NOT their final authority.  The Bible is superceded by the writings of Smith in the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants.  These books form the perverted teachings of Mormonism and is
what their false theology is based on.  There are many great ministries who work to bring those lost in the Mormon cult out of that deception to true faith in the Jesus of the Bible.  You can visit any Christian bookstore and find many books that will detail in great depth the bizarre theology of Mormonism which is not based on anything but the imagination of Smith.

I am not even going to deal with the tons of documentation that exists on the Mormons strategy to gain mainstream acceptance in the American culture. Obviously a big part of this strategy is to wield political power, with the Presidency being the ultimate political prize.  There are reportedly 12 million Mormons worldwide, half of those in the United States.  The worldwide holdings of the Mormon cult are in the tens of billions of
dollars.  Mitt Romney is the first member of this cult who has had the legitimate opportunity to help them achieve their goal of mainstream acceptance while holding the most powerful office in the world.  Romney will have the full resources of this cult behind him in his bid for the White House.

As I have told you often, despite what some polls say, the better percentage of two full generations living right now have never even been to church. Everyone has a spiritual side to their life, and the cults and false religions, the new Age movements, have been having a field day attracting people to their false beliefs because of the overwhelming number of people who have no faith coupled with the fact Christians have quit evangelizing and virtually removed themselves from the culture leaving these lost souls
to satan.  It is against this backdrop that I tell you without any hesitation or equivocation that to support and vote for Mitt Romney is to support and vote for satan!

If Romney gets elected as the next President of the United States, the Mormon cult will finally have the mainstream acceptance they have been striving for these past 200 years.  Romney winning the White House will lead millions of people into the Mormon cult.  Those who follow the false teachings of this cult, believe in the false jesus of the Mormon cult and reject faith in the one true Jesus of the Bible, will die and spend eternity in hell.  *ROMNEY GETTING ELECTED PRESIDENT WILL ULTIMATELY LEAD MILLIONS OF SOULS TO THE ETERNAL FLAMES OF HELL!!!

Knowing all we do about this satanic cult leading people’s souls to hell, knowing that a Romney presidency would give mainstream acceptance to this cult, why are most of the top evangelical leaders of our day falling over themselves to support this man?  How can any Christian in good conscience have anything to do with Romney?  I submit to you there are only 2 possible reasons, money and power.

Let me first discredit immediately the reason many are publicly giving for supporting Romney, and that is his stand on family issues and life.  Romney has distinguished himself as the leading Republican candidate to be pro life.  It is important to note this has only happened recently since Romney used to support women killing their babies.  His wife even donated money to the leading baby killing organization in he world, Planned Parenthood.  But even giving Romney the benefit of the doubt that he will take a stand for
life, the chances of him being responsible for moving that issue are minimal even if he went on record that his number one objective of his presidency is to overturn Roe vs. Wade, which of course he has not done and never will do. Supporting and voting for Romney because of his position on life is NOT a reason to elect a man who will ultimately be used to lead millions of souls to hell.

No my friend, as sad as it is, this is about what most things in life boil down to, money and power.  Is it any wonder why the Christian faith is so weak and ineffective, has such little influence in our culture when those who are recognized as leaders aren’t really interested in God’s Truth or in seeing souls saved, only in money and power.  It was just a few decades ago that another cult member bought the evangelical leadership of this nation.
His name was Rev. , head of the Unification cult.  To gain mainstream acceptance for his cult, he set up a myriad of conservative organizations and through them funneled literally millions of dollars to people like , Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Tim and , , , , , , and many others. (My insert: one of the Moon organizations which Bill Keller is speaking of is the Center For National Progress.)

Fast forward to the year 2007 and you now have many of these same names involved in Romney’s bid to become the next President.  Romney had a very clear gameplan to court the evangelical leaders of this nation to support him.  There is nobody who will dispute that it was the Christian vote which was responsible for President Bush being elected twice.  Knowing the satanic nature of the Mormon cult and the fact they have worldwide resources in the tens of billions, literally thousands of non profit and for profit
corporations they control, it would be pocket change for them to funnel money and/or services to those Christian leaders who support Romney for President.  Having been embarrassed when their ties to Moon’s cult became public, I have no doubt that those who are in bed with Romney have been very careful to insure that however they are being rewarded for their support, it will be virtually impossible to discover.

Of course, the other component to those who are supporting Romney is power. Sadly, many evangelical leaders are also smitten with being “near the throne.”  Many of these men and women are willing to compromise the Truth in exchange for political power.  They are willing to ignore the fact this hideous cult is leading millions to hell in order to be part of Romney’s team.  These leaders are nor driven by the Gospel but by political power!

FOX News, that likes to portray itself as being friendly to the Christian faith, might as well be renamed the Mitt Romney for President network.  , who wears his Romney cheerleading dress to the program every night, has stated numerous times that those who dare question Romney’s faith are hate mongers.  It is clear that Hannity could care less about the spiritual implications of a Romney presidency, only that he will be on the inside as one of Romney’s biggest advocates.  Of course there is radio and TV host
 who rarely lets people know he is a Mormon, often stating he is “born again.”  Beck is either like most Mormons and hasn’t got a clue what his cult really believes, or he is simply trying to reinforce the lie from hell that a Mormon is a Christian.

I love you and care about you so much.  It is no wonder why the church is so weak and ineffective when you have those in leadership willing to compromise the Gospel for a few shekels and some political clout.  I remember last year being excited about a wonderful deal we had put together with ‘ Feed the Children organization that would have meant millions of dollars a year to Liveprayer and been a big part of the answer to giving us all the resources we needed to do what God has called us to do in reaching the lost through secular television.  I’ll never forget getting the phone call that Jones was bought and used by the Mormon cult as part of their overall strategy to appear as “just another Christian church.”  I had no choice but to sever the ties we had established with Jones.  All the money and power in the world is not worth selling out Jesus!

Please take some time today and pray for Mitt Romney and all those who have been deceived by the lies of the Mormon cult.  The fact is that unless they renounce those lies and turn to faith in the one true Jesus of the Bible, they will die and spend eternity in hell.  Pray also for these Christian leaders who have for whatever reason, foolishly aligned themselves with Romney.  Pray the Holy Spirit will convict them and that they will renounce Romney and find a candidate to support who will hold to Biblical values. There is no excuse, no justification for supporting and voting for a man who will be used by satan to lead the souls of millions into the eternal flames of hell!

I refuse to sit back and be silent while those who people look up to, who lead them in spiritual matters, are selling out the faith for whatever money and power they might be able to get in return.  I challenge any of them to come on my TV program, or I’ll appear on theirs, and answer one simple question,  “Knowing that Mormonism is a cult and those who follow this cult will die and go to hell, what possible justification can you give for
supporting Romney?”  Having Romney as President is no different than having a Muslim or Scientologist as President.  Please, don’t tell me that Mitt Romney is the best option.  I’ll stay home and not vote before I will vote for satan, since if you vote for Romney you are voting for satan!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Yolanda Adams Promotes Humanist Anti – Christ On Nickelodeon

Posted by Job on May 6, 2007

Now I extend a degree of tolerance to Christians whose beliefs are different from mine, but we have to draw the line and take a stand somewhere. I was watching gospel artist Yolanda Adams – probably the #1 female act in the business – on TBN’s “Praise The Lord” a couple of years back when she vigorously defended herself for appearing in secular venues that promote anti – Christian messages such as Black Entertainment Television and the TV show “The Parkers” (on which Mary Mary also appeared), saying that “Christians need to be represented in the mainstream.” The audience enthusiastically agreed, and I was consenting to it at the time. As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons why I support Bill Keller’s Live Prayer Ministry despite my having some doctrinal disagreements with him is because he is willing to do things like go on the Howard Stern show. While at the time I was denouncing Christians who criticized Adams for her courtship of the secular market as Pharisee legalists, it is now obvious that it is not so much WHETHER Christians take on the mainstream, but WHICH Christians do so. From what I have seen Ms. Adams’ forays into the mainstream, supporting her when she does so is NOT what Christians should do.

It is bad enough that in Jet Magazine, she claimed that God intended her second marriage to last “only for a season”, and insisted that her daughter would benefit from her parents being divorced and shuffling from one house to the other.  It is bad enough that on “The Parkers”, she portrayed a never married preacher with an out – of – wedlock child that was becoming the head pastor of a church, and the show depicted people who opposed her taking over the church as accusing bigots (as opposed to people who wanted to adhere to what I Timothy 2:9 – 14 and elsewhere says about pastorship qualifications). But her appearance on Nickelodeon’s “Jack’s Big Music Show” takes the cake.

Hey, if you want to condemn me for allowing my kid to watch Nickelodeon in the first place, go ahead, I shall mount no defense, for I myself only recently stopped asserting that such a thing was wrong.  Even now I only say that watching secular TV every now and then will actually harm you LESS than sitting around watching TBN all day. Why? Because secular TV makes no pretense of serving God. Now I do turn the channel when the content on “Jack’s Music Show” is overtly anti – Christian (i.e. when they sing New Age songs and such), but otherwise, it is a pretty cool show. (Which is not to say that you should go and let your kids watch it; this is NOT an endorsement, just an acknowledgment of its entertainment value and artistic merit.) Similar to “Backyardigans” (except that “Backyardigans” is better, though again this is NOT an endorsement, and it DOES have some objectionable content at times), it introduces very young children to different music styles and encourages them to dance, be happy, and have a good time (as opposed to the usual children’s entertainment fare that promotes that promotes cynicism and subversiveness). The one thing that “Jack’s Music Show” has on “Backyardigans” is that it is “live action”, allowing it to have musical guests; celebrities and what not. So I found myself wishing that a gospel or Christian artist would be a guest on the show. I mean come on, ONE CHRISTIAN ARTIST SINGING ONE CHRISTIAN SONG couldn’t POSSIBLY harm anyone, right? Especially since, again, they DO have singers on there promoting eastern religion – inspired New Age music. They wouldn’t even have to mention Jesus Christ (since after all, an increasing number of “Christian” and “gospel” songs make no mention of the Name, and a great many that do fail to describe His Purpose and Nature)!

Well, today I find out that the old saying “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it” thing is quite true indeed, for who should be the musical guest today (though who knows when the show was actually taped or first aired) but YOLANDA ADAMS! First, she comes out dressed in her usual, er, attire (very tight and see – through) but hey, she has been dressing like that for years, plenty of other female (and some male) gospel artists have followed after her “if you got it flaunt it” style of dress, and Adams and those who have been influenced by her example have pretty much used the “accuser! legalist!” defense to win that battle a long time ago, so no news there. The main thing was that here she was, in the secular arena, getting kids to glorify the Lord, even if by singing a traditional song that doesn’t mention the Lord (or a contemporary song for that matter, including on of the MANY that she has made that doesn’t mention the Lord).

Wrong. Oh, it had a great, promising start. The background music was one of those old time black church gospel beats. And Yolanda Adams starts exhorting the, er, puppets (hey, it’s a kid’s show and I have kids, all right!) to jump up and down, wave their hands, get glad and excited with joy in their hearts, just like a choir director or a worship leader in a lively song service. And then Adams goes right along with the anti – Christ agenda by leading the, er, puppets (and the countless children watching the show) into a toe tapping foot stomping rendition of “THE SONG OF ME!” I am serious. She tells them “This is a song about me! I feel good about me! I love me! I am so happy to be me that I want to jump up and down! I want to run around! I want to dance! I want to clap my hands! Because I AM ME!”

Now in a great many contexts, there is probably not a whole lot wrong with this in and of itself. I cannot find much fault with telling a bunch of 3 to 6 year olds that they should love themselves and regard themselves as special. And let us face it this IS a secular show, so I am not going to state that a Christian should demand it be said “you are special because God made and loves you” or else refuse to participate. Christians who act like they are in church all the time and insist that people who do not share our beliefs pretend as if they do cause far more harm (a lot) than good (virtually none if any at all). But there is a line between “I am special and I like being me” and self – idolatry. How fine is that line? Well in this case it really doesn’t matter because this Yolanda Adams outrage was very much onto the other side!

Look, let us not be naive here. Nickelodeon knew what they wanted. Invite the leading female gospel singer on and have her not only sing a “song about me” but also exhort kids into worshipping themselves using the music, dance, chants, and traditions of gospel music! Nickelodeon wanted to use a prominent Christian to promote kids worshipping themselves in the place of God and found someone perfectly willing to do it – someone willing to be used to teach the little kids how to be little idolators – and to use Christian traditions in the course of doing so.

Now I am not going to claim that all these kids suffered such great spiritual harm by this five minute appearance on a show that virtually nobody watches. (Or more to the point, it is no greater than the spiritual damage that they potentially receive in a host of other places.) No, this is all about Yolanda Adams and those like her. Look, people, Nickelodeon is owned by the same people that own MTV and BET, and who gave us Oprah Winfrey and Phil Donahue. EVEN IF SHE HAS NO DISCERNMENT WHATSOEVER, SHE HAD TO HAVE KNOWN WHY THEY WANTED HER TO HAVE KIDS JUMP, DANCE, CLAP THEIR HANDS, PRAISE, AND SHOUT TO “THE ME SONG”! But she did it anyway. Why? Well, the same reason why she dresses the way that she does. The same reason why she is a frequent guest – and host – of TBN’s “Praise The Lord” despite knowing what TBN and a great many of the people who are on it are all about. The same reason why she claimed that her involvement in a short term marriage was God’s Will (claiming that her marriage was “for a season” is saying that God intended for her to be married to her husband only for a time). What was this reason? Because she WANTED to.

And that goes back to her saying how it was SO IMPORTANT for Christians to be represented in secular forums. Well, judging from her appearances on Nickelodeon, “The Parkers”, and in “Jet Magazine”, though Christians were represented by virtue of her presence, Jesus Christ most certainly was not.

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Germany Tells Turkey to Take Action Against Brutal Christian Killings

Posted by Job on April 23, 2007

To read article, please click on text below.

Germany Tells Turkey to Take Action Against Brutal Christian Killings

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Why Does God Let Things Like The Virginia Tech Massacre Happen?

Posted by Job on April 19, 2007

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Why does God let tragic events like the Virginia Tech massacre to happen?
In the aftermath of the horrible tragedy that took place on the Virginia
Tech campus Monday, I want to dedicate this Devotional today to the families
who lost loved ones as well as to the entire Virginia Tech and Blacksburg
communities.  The prayers of all those in the vast, worldwide Liveprayer
family are with you in your time of loss and grieving.  I pray that during
these difficult days, you will find the peace and strength of Christ to
sustain you and help you to move forward.  May the hand of Almighty God be
upon you in a special way!

A horrible tragedy like what happened Monday always causes people to ask the
inevitable question, “Why does God allow such events to occur that take the
lives of innocent people?”  People reason that if God is all powerful, that
if nothing happens apart from His allowing it to happen, then why would He
allow something like this to occur?  That is a fair question.  I have found
over the years, that it is a question asked more by non-Believers than
Believers.  People who have rejected the Christian faith will often point to
these types of events to justify their rejection of the Truth. However, it
is a legitimate question and the answer is simply we do not know.

In Isaiah 55:8,9, God’s Word says, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. As the heavens are higher
than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than
your thoughts.”  The simple fact is there is very little that happens that
we know why it happened.  God is sovereign.  God doesn’t have to check with
us before He does anything.  God has His plan and purpose that is going to
unfold regardless of the free will choices we make.  We can choose to live
in obedience to God and enjoy the blessings of our obedience, or rebel
against God and deal with the consequences of our rebellion.  Either way,
God’s plan will be fulfilled, with or without us.

The cold hard truth is that much of what happens in life we will simply
never know “why.”  This is where our faith must come into play.  There are
simply times in our life we must trust God that no matter what is going on
in our life, He is watching over us, He is in control, and He will see us
through.  It is in these moments when there are more questions than answers
that our faith must become real.  We simply must trust God.  We live in a
fallen, sin-filled, and evil world.  Evil is all around us and until Jesus
returns, we will always be faced with the evil acts of one man on another.

We trust people all the time, every day, in many different circumstances.
Every time we get behind the wheel of a car we trust other drivers to obey
the laws and drive properly.   Every time we get on a plane we are trusting
the pilot to get us to our destination safely.   Many work in dangerous
careers where they are trusting the people they work with.  In many cases,
we don’t even know these people we are trusting to do the right thing so we

The reality is, in the United States there are apx. 300 million people.  We
live in a free society.  In all honesty I am more shocked that what happened
Monday doesn’t happen more often.  I see God’s grace at work in the fact
this doesn’t happen somewhere every day!  Do you realize that we have the
better percentage of two full generations who have grown up not going to
church, a large percentage in broken and blended homes with no faith
background at all.

In addition to the Godless and unstable environment so many grow up in,
there is a large and growing percentage of society that is anti-social and
has little contact with other people.  More people than ever are on
mind-altering medication daily for depression and other mental illnesses.
They don’t handle the problems of life well.  Millions of people get most of
their mental stimulus from the media, TV, the movies, publications, the
Internet and live in a world that blends fantasy and reality.

With no faith, on medication, living in between reality and fantasy, it is
easy for these people to cross the line into hopelessness.  Add to the mix a
very real enemy whose stated goal is to kill, steal, and destroy, planting
evil thoughts in their head, and it is a miracle of God, a true sign of His
grace and mercy, that we don’t deal with these types of horrible tragedies
every day!

Two things that have disturbed me during the past few days has been the
media coverage and the gutless words of the “Christian representative” at
the Convocation Service Tuesday attended by President Bush.  The media,
especially the 24 hour cable news stations, FOX, MSNBC, and CNN, have become
experts at turning these tragedies into “around the clock entertainment” and
cashing in on the great ratings they bring.  It is terrible that 33 innocent
people lost their lives on Monday, but I wonder why the media doesn’t cover
as zealously the murder of over 4,000  innocent babies in this

I sat in my office Tuesday afternoon and watched the Convocation Service on
the Virginia Tech campus.  Of course they had the Muslim Imam without shame
telling people the non-existent false god of Islam allah was the answer.
You had a woman representing the false religion of Buddhism without shame
quoting his ridiculous philosophies of life.  Last to speak was a spineless
gentlemen who was there to represent the Christian faith.  HE NEVER ONCE

I didn’t expect him to have the courage to ask people to accept the Lord,
though he should have.  I didn’t except him to have the courage to tell
people that there is only one true hope for men in times of grief and
sadness, though he should have.  I DID EXPECT HIM TO AT LEAST SAY THE NAME
OF JESUS!  A worldwide stage, an opportunity to share with those who are
hurting, looking for hope in the midst of this tragedy, and not one mention
of Jesus Christ!

I love you and care about you so much.  The great lesson of the Virginia
Tech massacre is that we must be ready to stand before God at any moment.
Many say they will think about the spiritual side of their life “later.”
Well, the cold hard reality is that you may not have “later.”  You can die
in an instant, and at that moment, your eternal fate is sealed.  You either
know Jesus as your Savior or you don’t.  You are either destined to hell for
all eternity or assured of being with God your Creator for all eternity.

There is of course only ONE hope for all men, and that is Jesus Christ.  If
there is one lesson from this Virginia Tech massacre for all people to
learn, it is that life is very brief, very fragile, and can end in an
instant without any warning.  I can assure you that as those college
professors went to teach their classes on that Monday morning, as those
students got up to start another week of classes last Monday, NOT ONE OF
THEM ever expected to die in their classroom!  I remind you often that the
Bible teaches tomorrow is promised to none of us.  Each day is literally a
gift from God.  That is also why God says that TODAY is the day of
salvation.  There is no guarantee you will have tomorrow.

Let me ask you a question today.  If your life ended in the next 10 seconds,
if your heart stopped beating for whatever reason this moment and you are
standing before God, are you ready for that moment?  As you read these
words, do you have the 100% assurance that if you died today you would be
forever with Jesus?  If you have never made that commitment of your heart
and life to Jesus by faith, if you aren’t 100% certain you will be with the
Lord when you die, please take a moment to go to the link below.  Pray and
ask God to open your heart to receive His love today.  Watch the short video
clip, read the words, and make the most important decision you will ever
make as you accept Jesus Christ into your heart and life by faith and
receive the promise of God that when your brief journey through this life is
over, you will be forever with Him!

What happened Monday in Blacksburg on the campus of Virginia Tech was a sad
day for this nation.  It was an isolated event that only reinforced how evil
this world we live in really is.  Until Jesus returns and this world as we
know it ends, there will always be the type of horrific events we witnessed
this past Monday.  These events show us how desperately men need to have a
personal relationship with Christ and how desperately this world needs to
repent and turn back to God!

As we remember those who lost their lives Monday, remember their families
who are grieving, remember all those in the Virginia Tech and Blacksburg
communities, may those who know Jesus as their Savior be motivated to do our
part each day to bring Christ to the people we meet each day in our lives.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY?  The fact is you will die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator. To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now
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***COMING TOMORROW, how can you trust what you read on Christian Internet
sites, even worse, how can you trust what church to go to?  This is one of
the most important Devotionals I have ever written, don’t miss it!!!

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Hear Audio Replay Of Televangelist’s Third Appearance On Howard Stern Show!

Posted by Job on April 10, 2007

Gotta go get the sinners where they are, Christians!

***LIVEPRAYER SPECIAL ON HOWARD STERN’S SIRIUS CHANNEL WRAP-UP!  Monday night we had another opportunity to do a one-hour Liveprayer special on
Howard Stern’s “Howard 101” Sirius Satellite Radio channel.  It was a powerful 60 minutes as God touched many lives.  To hear the audio of the full hour, go to:

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Televangelist Challenges Rosie O’Donnell To A Debate On Howard Stern Show!

Posted by Job on April 10, 2007

***ROSIE CHALLENGE!!!   Monday night, I issued a formal challenge to Rosie O’Donnell to a debate on Howard Stern’s Sirius radio channel regarding her outrageous comment that “radical Christianity is no different than radical Islam,” as well as her hostility to the Christian faith.  Rosie uses her daily pulpit on ABC’s “The View” to continually spew her anti-Christian remarks uncontested and nobody has the guts to challenge her.  Please be in prayer that she will accept this challenge.  YOU can help by encouraging Rosie to debate me by contacting “The View” at: or by fax at:  212-456-0951.

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Pray That Microsoft Turns Away From Anti – Christ

Posted by Job on April 7, 2007

I remember back when Microsoft decided to offer domestic partner benefits to homosexuals, this well – meaning pastor decided to boycott them. Well, I wonder if anyone is going to launch a boycott against them over THIS. Please read below, how they are trying to use their power to hinder the gospel. Please pray that God will change their hearts.

PRAY FOR MICROSOFT!  Bill Gates and Microsoft have decided to place a block on all Liveprayer Daily Devotionals.  After delivering the Daily Devotional to our Microsoft subscribers for over 7 years, last Thanksgiving Microsoft put in new filters based on “content” which caused our Daily Devotional to be blocked.  We are “whitelisted” with AOL and every other major email provider and have been for over 7 years due to the fact we are one of the largest daily emailers on the Internet.  Microsoft could solve this issue in less than 30 seconds, but we have email documentation that they have lied to us, deceived us, and run our techs in circles for over 4 months.  We have begged and pleased with them to clear up this very simple problem, but they have refused and we now have overwhelming proof from our logs they have specifically targeted Liveprayer and the Christian content of our Daily Devotional.

This has already greatly hampered our ability to minister to our Microsoft subscribers, cost the ministry over $100,000 in overtime for our technical people. not to mention an unknown amount of lost donations.  We have no other options left but to get our attorneys involved so please be praying that the Microsoft attorneys will work with us to get this matter resolved quickly.  I am still praying God will allow the right person at Microsoft to
get involved so we can settle this in a friendly manner, so if you or someone you are close to is in an executive position with Microsoft, please have them contact me at:

People, this is evidence that big business, especially huge multinational powerful corporations like Microsoft, are with few exceptions sold out to the spirit of anti – Christ.

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Should Christians Boycott The March Of Dimes?

Posted by Job on April 5, 2007

This article makes a very convincing case.

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