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Did God Tell George Bush To Invade Iraq?

Posted by Job on July 23, 2007 reminds me of This is one of the SHOCKINGLY FEW mainstream media stories about this, though I would hazard a guess that pretty much everyone has heard about it. Now the fact that no real sport has been made of this in the media shows which side the media is on. Were they to deal with it in any serious way, it would provoke a real theological debate, and that would have forced the leaders of the religious right to take a stand on whether Bush ever received a direct revelation from God on Iraq or any other issue. The result of such a debate would have been the obvious: there is NO WAY that Bush EVER received such a revelation from God (more on that later). But by placing it out there in a manner where everyone would find out about it but so serious examination of it would take place serves the purpose of the anti – Christ media: to make Bible – believing Christians look like fools, fascists, or some combination thereof. And it has worked, see this link: Because Of George Bush, The World Regards Christianity As Evil!

And this better than anything else exposes the utter corruption of the Christian leaders in America, especially those on the religious right. If they were on the Lord’s side, out of a desire not so much to defend the reputation of the church on earth but THE NAME OF OUR GOD IN HEAVEN, they should have openly challenged Bush on this blasphemy. But since no righteous man or woman of God performed the role of a prophet, it shows the apostasy of our churches just as does this article: Do You Go To Church? If So, Why?! (Pay special attention to the fact that only 3% of Christians truly care whether their kids go to heaven or hell according to this survey as compared to 39% wanting their kids to get into a good college.) What demonstrates the apostasy even more so is that the MEMBERS of their churches did not DEMAND that their pastors oppose Bush’s speaking against our Lord.

How can I be so sure that God did not tell Bush to invade Iraq and Afghanistan? It is a simple Bible test, really. (Test Your Bible Knowledge With The Prophecy Quiz! and
The Requirements For The Office Of A Prophet are the types of things that would point you in the right direction.) Some simple ones: prophecy only goes to Israelites (meaning people that are saved). Bush = member of Skulls and Crossbones, pro – abortion and pro – homosexual: see Why Christians Should Not Support George W. Bush, and believes that Muslims worship the same God as Christians do (which is, er, quite a surprise to the Muslims). Add to that Why President George W. Bush Honestly is Not a Christian and it is pretty clear. Incidentally, none of the things in any of those links are secret. They were known to our clergy before he was elected to office, and by the time this “revelation” allegedly came to him, it was obvious that he had not changed! So strike one.

Strike two: things of this nature are only true if established in the mouth of two or more witnesses. Well, was there any evidence of any other Christian hearing a word from the Lord that we should strike Iraq and Afghanistan? If there were, I didn’t hear of it!

And strike three: all revelation must be consistent with prior revelation. For Christians, our completed, inspired, inerrant, literally true, and final authority in all matters – including revelation – is the Bible. It is what by which we can try all spirits by the Holy Spirit, and call anything and everything that does not measure up to be accursed. Now I am not one of those who believes that the Righteous One who shall one day return to make war and overcome the armies of Gog and Magog and those who follow Him are called to be pacifists: see CHRISTIANS ARE NOT TO BE PACIFISTS!!! please. But just show me one place in the Bible where God told Christians to start wars of aggression against a nation that did not attack us and was not imminently planning on attacking us (and had no real capability of executing any plan that they did have) but JUST HAPPENED to be MIGHTY CONVENIENT to various domestic and international economic and political aims of his. (Puppet regime? Check. Oil companies? Check. Halliburton? Check. Defense contractors? Check. Re – election? Check. Increased Christian persecution in Iraq and across the Middle East? Check. (And check here too.) Increasing the amount of carnage, disorder, racial and religious tension, fear, and economic/political instability in the world, which in turn makes us more likely to submit to international leadership for “solutions”? Check. Giving illegal immigrants an easy path to citizenship by allowing them to fill Army quotas? Check. Increasing our national debt to China and similar? Check. Sending so many of our best and brightest workers overseas through the “backdoor draft” so we can claim a “labor shortage” that we need to replace with immigrant workers? Check. And boy, those National Guardsmen and equipment sure would have come in handy after Hurricane Katrina, and to fight all of these wildfires, but oh well … check.) I have not seen it in the Bible. Nor have I seen anything in the Bible where Christians have this manifest destiny to go about imposing Christianity, “democracy”, or anything else on a sovereign nation. Have you?

Did God command His people to fight wars in the Bible? Sure. In the OLD TESTAMENT to ISRAEL. But that was in the interests of creating a nation out of Abraham – and defending said nation – that God would use to bring Jesus Christ into the world. After that was done, there was no need to go about putting men, women, and children to death with the sword (or with carpet – bombing campaigns). Of course, a nation has a right to defend itself, and the case can be made that we have an obligation to rise up and stop grotesque human rights abuses (although our next detachment of troops to Sudan to stop the genocide against Christians there will be the first). But it is safe to say that the large scale (or small scale) slaughter of innocents so that occult groups like the Skulls and Bones can exert its political and corporate dominance over the globe is fundamentally incompatible with Biblical revelation, correct?

Now say George Bush had sold all that he had and given it to the poor as Jesus Christ told the wealthy young ruler. Or had he used these “Radio Free Wherever” government radio propaganda broadcasts to pump Christian evangelistic messages across the globe fulfill the Christian mandate to take the gospel to every nation. Or had he proposed a massive wealth transfer program to the poor, or to imposed strict environmental regulations on big business based on Bible verses and doctrines. Now I would not necessarily advocate Bush going and doing those things because they may be taking Bible doctrines out of their appropriate contexts. But in those instances had Bush said that God told him to do these things, we would at least have to consider the POSSIBILITY that God MAY have told him to do so because the claimed revelation would have at least some scriptural basis. But a revelation that IS OBVIOUSLY COMPLETELY OPPOSITE TO EVERYTHING THAT THE BIBLE SAYS AND STANDS FOR? That should have made at least SOME CHRISTIANS suspicious.

Well, either we Christians bought into the obvious lie, or we knew it was a lie and failed to speak up and demand that others do the same. Which is it? Either way, it is enough to make you wonder if God is going to hold us to account for our silence on Judgment Day, right alongside those who support or refuse to appose abortion. If you do not feel that such is the case, or if you disagree with anything else that I have proposed, now is the time to make your dissent known and tell me where I am wrong!


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The Vaticanized Supreme Court Removes More Individual Rights Lowers Wall Of Separation Between Church And State

Posted by Job on June 26, 2007

I have no idea why God – hating liberals (which of course does not refer to all liberals just as there are PLENTY of God – hating conservatives, especially among the religious right) care so much about protecting the wall of separation between church and state, because in any nation where the church and state mix, true spiritual religion dies. So why not lose a battle to win a war, by allowing the wall between church and state to be removed now so that religion will die out in America 50 or 100 years from now? It is, after all, about the future isn’t it? About our children and grandchildren? That is what they say about every other issues: global warming and environmentalism, tax and spending policies, and social programs … how we should make big sacrifices today in order to make a better world for future generations tomorrow. Perhaps this is a classic case study in hypocrisy: it is easy for them to call for sacrifice when someone else has to make it. No different from the pro – war conservatives who do so from the safety of their own climate – controlled TV rooms with their sons and daughters sitting right next to them. Or maybe their opposition is part of a scam to distract the masses? Ah, no matter.

Free speech: the Supreme Court’s first attack on free speech came in a cross – burning case. Of course, since THE RACE ISSUE was being exploited, no one cared that the Supreme Court struck down a form of religious and political protest and dissent. And how, er, cute it was to have Opus Dei Clarence Thomas be the media star on that issue. Look, am I the only one who thinks it SO STRANGE that a fellow who is A) divorced, B) was so into hard core pornography movies that he talked about them constantly at work, and C) tried desperately to coerce Anita Hill to commit fornication with him, and did so in the most vulgar demeaning disrespectful way possible became the darling of the religious right? Of course I am not! Well, now that Thomas, Kennedy, and Scalia have Alito and Roberts, their assault on free speech continues. Against the backdrop of all the Bush/GOP appointee court decisions in favor of the Patriot Act and against whomever the state might decide to brand a terrorist or enemy combatant (including Chief Justice Roberts’ own decisions), the Supreme Court ruled to restrict free speech in the “Bong Hits For Jesus” case. Blasphemy? Of course. But the essence of a free society is freedom to choose Jesus Christ. In a free society, some will choose Jesus Christ. In a closed society, virtually no one will. And in a closed society that pretends to be Christian, even fewer will choose Jesus Christ than will do so in a Marxist, Hindu, or Muslim state. Get the picture? And in ruling against the right of this student to blaspheme, the Supreme Court broke new ground by for the first time making illegal on the federal level speech that constitutes absolutely no threat of violence, subversion, or disorder. Please recall: the STATED reason why speech was restricted in the KKK case was because burning a cross on someone’s yard implies the threat or possibility of violence. Now while it is illegal to “yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre”, there has to be an ACTUAL IMMINENT THREAT OF PHYSICAL DANGER. Since it is no longer the 1880s with pater – rollers, night riders, and KKKers doing their evil deeds, no one can honestly claim that anymore. So, the Supreme Court had to use HISTORICAL REFERENCES OF VIOLENCE ASSOCIATED WITH CROSS BURNING IN TIMES PAST to place the act in CONTEXT, and, you know, CONSIDER THE EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL ANGUISH OF THE VICTIM. You know, hate crimes stuff. And precisely what keeps homosexuals, abortion clinic providers, Muslims, Jews, and basically anyone else using the same excuse (the Holocaust, the Crusades, things like that) from banning a NON – BURNING CROSS? OR ANYTHING ELSE AT ANY TIME? Nothing really. So, that decision opened the door for this: making it ILLEGAL for a kid to display a sign that has absolutely no potential whatsoever to directly or indirectly contribute to the threat of violence or subversion, either imminently or afar off. And you know what was worse? IT WAS POLITICAL SPEECH! Now the media is not doing a good job of letting you know this, but the kid was advocating marijuana legalization. And by including Jesus Christ, insinuating (wrongly of course) that Jesus Christ would have supported becoming strung out on poison that will kill your brain cells and sterilize you also makes it RELIGIOUS SPEECH! In this case, the Supreme Court openly defied the Second Amendment, restricting the political and religious speech of a private citizen.

And on the very same day that they restricted political and religious speech of private citizens, THEY EXPANDED IT FOR CORPORATIONS BY STRIKING DOWN McCAIN – FEINGOLD! Now, I am no fan of McCain – Feingold. I am certain that things such as this will be used to ban Bible – based religious speech from politics first and then from society in general (pharisee pseudo – religious legalistic “values” speech will still be allowed, and probably will be required by the state church). But what this decision does is allow the Pat Robertsons, Jay Sekulows, the Sun Myung Moons, the Tim LaHayes and Paul Crouches, the Rupert Murdoch talking heads on Fox News, and other figures of the “Christian” right to continue to flood the airwaves with their perversion of Christianity, making people think that free market capitalism (and wars fought and property seized in defense of it; which by the way was another ABSOLUTELY GREAT court decision) was given to us by God in the Bible. The prosperity doctrine for fascists, right?

And what would it be without yet another decision tearing down the wall between church and state? The Supreme Court has now ruled that people cannot even sue to stop a chief executive from giving churches taxpayer money! It makes me think that the Council On Foreign Relations/Skulls and Bones types who really run this country are going to nominate Clinton/Obama on one ticket just so Thompson/Romney can beat them on the other. Result? Gigantic amounts of state money will flow to the church, first to Rome and then to the Pat Robertson “Protestant” types. And you know what the rationale will be? Why? The church will have to step up and make sure that these 12 million illegal immigrants that are now able to “come out of the shadows”! They will need schools, English lessons, vocational training, health care, housing, etc! And OF COURSE the CHURCH will be better able to provide the services that PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE need in order to become U.S. citizens, right? The oldest government trick in the book: create a problem so that you can expand government to solve it. And the best part is that by insulating the chief executive from the legal AND political process, there will be NO RECOURSE! He will be able to hand out BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in “discretionary spending.” And this is how Republicans and Democrats double – team you, Christians. A Democrat gets in office, and he ratchets up the “discretionary spending” (to Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, you know the deal). Republicans complain, but don’t do anything about it but use your anger over the deal to distract you from reading your Bible, and get you so worked up over it that you give yourself over to fear and to hating your neighbor. Then the Republicans get into office, and not only do they A) continue funding Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign but B) they pick right up where the unconstitutional “discretionary” spending of the Democrats left off by doing more of it of their own to “religious groups!” It is the perfect scam!

As more and more churches get tax money, the more corrupt they will get, and the less willing to stand up to and criticize the government they will be. Which, of course, will make it much easier for the government to attack free speech and religion. Just as has happened in Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, and other places where it is a hate crime to call homosexuality a sin; just like in Germany where
Germany Jails Lutheran Pastor Johannes Lerle For Anti – Abortion Sermon! I say that in 50 years all religious speech in America will be banned except the speech that the government will want you to say. And since the government will be training our pastors (they pretty much are already thanks to federal grants and loans and the accreditation system without which virtually no seminary or Bible college can survive … Christian colleges that refuse to hire homosexuals may have to close in California because they will be ineligible to participate in the state college grant program thanks to a bill that was signed by the REPUBLICAN Arnold Schwarzenneggar, the very same one who likes to drop in and talk to Paul Crouch on TBN from time to time), that will be pretty easy! But before you let the religious right scare you about your inability to call homosexuality and abortion sin, let me remind you: it isn’t about that. Islam, Hinduism, and Mormonism declare homosexuality and abortion sin. No, I am talking about the state making it ILLEGAL to preach that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Is God, who died from our sins, was raised from the dead, and will one day return for the church. You want to say that He was born of a virgin? Fine. Muslims and Mormons say the same. You want to say that He rose from the dead? Mormons say the same. You want to say that He taught great values? Virtually everyone this side of Richard Dawkins believes that. You want to call Him a great prophet who did many mighty wonderful works? A great many Jews who are discouraged from even speaking His Name will concede such (see link). The the state church that is soon to come, you will be able to call Jesus Christ anything and everything you want … as long as you do not call Him Lord. And the religious right that is deceiving so many Christians is leading the way, and so are most of these megachurches, most of these corrupt TV preachers with their false doctrines, most of these corrupt Christian TV networks who do not have a doctrinal, theological, or even ethical litmus test to determine who they grant airtime to, etc. So, now you know. The question is: what are YOU going to do about it?

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Stalin and Hitler: Both Statists (Lessons from the Holocaust)

Posted by Job on June 13, 2007

While not technically from a Christian perspective, I will use this link, because it supports the position of Heal The Land that the state is an enemy of God (along with false religion). After all, who was it that crucified Jesus Christ? Now you must consider the fact that the reason why certain “Christians” later blamed all Jews (rather than a collaboration between the state and a corrupt religious system based on works, rituals, and rules standing in the base of a true spiritual relationship with God) is because, well, these “Christians” would have been blaming themselves. In many of these nations, there was no separation between church and state, so you had all of these “state churches.” Of course, “state churches” tend to institute religion by ritual and oppose true worship of God, exhibited by this notion that all you have to do in order to go to heaven is A) perform some baptism ritual (and even that was “sprinkling in the name of Jesus only” instead of full immersion in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit), even to infants and B) paying your taxes – excuse me, tithes. So, realize how the “state church” system (which included the Mormonesque pagan religion of the Romans that worshipped Caesar and others as gods) that killed Jesus Christ so easily turned into a “state church” system in Europe that persecuted Jews for centuries and morphed into STATISM, meaning fascism and communism, that killed at least 6 million Jews in the Holocaust and millions more elsewhere. So please read Stalin and Hitler: Both Statists (Lessons from the Holocaust), and if you have not accepted a true relationship of Jesus Christ, please read and follow The Three Step Salvation Plan.

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The United States Will Sell Smart Bombs To Saudi Arabia!

Posted by Job on April 20, 2007

Gates says Washington to sell smart bombs to Saudi Arabia (original link)
By Ze’ev Schiff( , Haaretz Correspondent
 (My reasoning: Why? The stated reason is probably to defend Saudi Arabia from Al Qaeda and from the Shi’ite triangle – Iran, Syria, and similar – but come on …. Saudi Arabia is the world’s #1 exporter of terror, with their weapons filtered through Egypt to “Palestine.” These weapons are going to wind up in the hands of Hamas, and will put ever more pressure on Israel to sign a peace deal).
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said during his visit to Israel that Washington has decided to sell Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) bombs to Saudi Arabia, Haaretz has learned. A recent discussion in Washington raised the possibility that Jerusalem would ask the U.S. not to sell the satellite-guided smart bombs to the Saudis, but it was decided to reject this request.

The Israel Air Force itself has purchased the high-accuracy JDAMs, and used them against Hezbollah targets during the Second Lebanon War. Defense Minister Amir Peretz expressed Israel’s opposition to the sale of the weapons to Saudi or other Persian Gulf states during his visit to the U.S. a few weeks ago. Peretz said Israel was concerned the weapons might fall into terrorist hands. Israel also argues that the presence of such weapons in the Arab countries undermines Washington’s pledge that Israel will enjoy a qualitative edge in the region – attained mainly by the possession of advanced weaponry.
Articles by Arab security experts in the Western and the Arab press recently have argued that Israel’s opposition to the sale of advanced arms to the Arab states has placed the country in a strategic contradiction. According to the head of the Kuwait Center for Strategic Studies, Dr. Sami al-Faraj, various countries in the Gulf have armed themselves as a deterrent against Iran, but while Israel has a great interest in creating focuses of deterance against Iran, it expresses automatic opposition when other countries seek to obtain these weapons.

Washington has rejected such requests from Israel before: surrounding the sale of AWACs and advanced F-16s to Saudi Arabia, and Harpoon missiles to Egypt. Arab experts say satellite-guided weapons can be purchased from Europe or Russia, although there is no comparison between European and Russian technology and that of the U.S.

The main component of the JDAM is not the bomb itself, but rather its tail kit, which can also be installed on an ordinary bomb. The target location is fed to the system by satellite, which can also be done by computer during flight. The computer determines the best moment for the pilot to release the bomb. Pilots and other experts say this type of bomb “can be aimed through a window.”

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Apparently Steny Hoyer DID Meet With The Muslim Brotherhood

Posted by Job on April 10, 2007

Follow this link. This is the earlier reference. The question is: why? What is there to gain by meeting with such a group? And does the mainstream media care?  Then again, I guess they do. Is the Bush White House and the Republicans all over this? Maybe Nancy Pelosi’s going to Syria was a distraction ploy? Technorati Tag:

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Did Steny Hoyer Meet With The Muslim Brotherhood?

Posted by Job on April 8, 2007

See link here. He says that he didn’t (of course). But if he did, then it means that this Muslim Brotherhood thing goes deeper than previously thought. Of course, the influence of Saudi Arabia (note the “our friends the Saudis” feature on Little Green Footballs, and’s Best of The Web has a similar feature, and there is more here, here, and here) on our politics and economy is HUGE, not the either party or the media ever talks about it. Father YHVH in the Name of Jesus Christ, please open up the eyes of your people to this anti – Christ deception that is being done against them by so many of our political and corporate leaders. May they realize the truth and it cause those who are not saved to turn to You through Your Son, and those who are saved to start going into spiritual warfare against the forces of the enemy. By the Blood of Jesus Christ, amen.

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Why Churches And Ministries Should Not Take State Money Part I

Posted by Job on March 13, 2007

When I was a member of the religious right – which means when I was out of my mind – I supported school vouchers, charitable choice, faith – based programs, etc. Then I read Frank Peretti’s Darkness series (This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness) and saw EXACTLY how out of my mind I was. The inevitable result of churches accepting state funds is A) our churches and ministries having to abide by regulations created by Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi and B) churches and ministries who are NOT willing to abide by the anti – Christ rules being unable to compete with the ones who get taxpayer dollars. This is already happening to a degree in the fine state of Georgia. A church can run a daycare and receive taxpayer dollars from the LOTTERY FUNDED “PeachCare” programs SO LONG AS THEY DO NOT TEACH RELIGION. Of course, virtually every working parent looking to save money AND put their children in a “PeachCare certified childcare facility” AND benefit from the “seamless transition from PeachCare daycares that offer the approved Georgia Department of Education curriculum to Georgia public schools” is going to patronize the daycares that receive tax money. Of course, the megachurches with deep pockets and affluent congregations are not being threatened by this, but the smaller churches and ministries are having to choose between going the PeachCare route and not only being forbidden to teach Jesus but being ultimately forced to promote the anti – Christ agenda (they are indoctrinating kindergartners with pro – homosexual lies in Massachussets among other places, and though “conservatives” are running Georgia NOW, do not forget that Georgia has a very large and powerful liberal community) or close their doors. Look, churches and ministries should not only stop seeking state money, they should also start declining tax – exempt status. Otherwise, they will be relying on the beast, the government (read Revelation, it is true, the government is part of the beast’s system) for their survival, and the beast’s support will inevitably come with anti – Christ strings attached. The Christian right’s pushing “faith based programs” is nothing but fattening frogs for snakes, or should I say dragons. 

Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please lead your pastors and children to seek You for guidance concerning the future of their churches and ministries. Please may they realize that they are going to have to shortly change their operations in order to prevent being ensnared by the beast system; that they will not become complacent and be devoured by the spirit of strong delusion that will come into the land, along with it the false belief that it will be OK to change and compromise to accommodate the beast. May those who truly love You and are willing to sacrifice and face persecution to obey You and spread the true gospel of Your Son’s Resurrection and Deity stand up and do so. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, amen.

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One Thing That The Hollywood Liberals Are Right About: Fascism

Posted by Job on March 4, 2007

Not long ago – less than a couple of years ago in fact – when I was living my prior existence as a far right wing ultraconservative hyperpartisan Republican, one of the things that so irritated me about the left – liberal types in Hollywood, academia, media, etc. was their attempts to – in my opinion – plunge the nation into fearmongering over fascism. This coincided with the election of George W. Bush, of course, and everything that Bush and his supporters purported to stand for – from capitalism to entitlement cuts to deregulation to (of course) Christianity – represented some pillar of the fascist regime that Bush and company were going to bring in. It was trotted out in virtually every oped column, scholarly paper, talk show, political speech, etc. and got so pervasive that even kids’ cartoons began to indulge in “fascism” fearmongering. Of course, what the left was doing was trying to recreate the same type of “McCarthyism” and “red scare” anticommunist environment that they believe that the right cooked up to wrest power from the Roosevelt – Truman – Kennedy Democrats. The left to this day feels that communism was never a threat – and indeed had a great many positive points – and that the right knew it, and pretended otherwise to A) scare and divide the electorate in order to steal political power that rightfully belonged to the left that the right would have never gained by legitimate means and B) to “discredit” and prevent the universal adoption of “communism’s good parts.” So, they felt it very appropriate to do the same regarding “the Christian right” that Bush supposedly represents (but as I conjecture REALLY does not), especially since unlike the peace – loving harmless communists, the Christian right IS a threat! So I regret to admit that my zeal to defend right wing GOP conservative causes and candidates at the time caused me to hatefully resent their “fascism bashing”, all of their bleating and scaremongering about “coming fascism”, etc. and ultimately became, well, SOFT ON FASCISM!

Now that I have abandoned GOP religious right politics and my eyes have cleared as a result, I must admit something: the liberals were right! After a fashion only and not in the way that they believe, of course, but they were right: fascism is coming. Whose fascism? Why the beast’s (or the anti – Christ’s!) of course! Again, turn your Bible to the book of Revelation and read its description of the reign of the beast and the false prophet, and remember that this evil person’s reign was mentioned in the book of Daniel as well. Allow your analytical mind to show you how the picture of how the prophetic apocalyptic language description of the reign of the beast on earth given in Daniel and Revelation would be implemented in practical terms in the real world, and you would quickly come to the realization that the beast’s regime IS INDEED FASCISTIC. It will be A) extremely imperialistic, B) built on authoritarian control enforced by brutal violence and the threat and fear of such violence, C) the beast will have not only total military and political control but ECONOMIC control as well (i.e. you will not be able to buy or sell without “the mark”) and D) the unifying force will be A STATE RELIGION (the false prophet will cause everyone to worship the beast and the image of the beast).

This is even better: study Nazi Germany! No, not the version given in Hollywood movies and the leftist “history books” that teach you that Hitler and his regime were just “religious right” types who hated Jews, homosexuals, immigrants, minorities, and (of course) communists. (And do not buy the “Hitler was a liberal” right wing revisionism that I myself used to peddle either; the truth is both the left and the right, both Republicans and Democrats, hold views that were espoused by Hitler. As a matter of fact, these “Left Behind” folks like Tim LaHaye who portray the anti – Christ as some liberal UN or EU type because the UN and the EU are their opponents in worldly politics is doing a great disservice … in fact it furthers the anti – Christ agenda. Do these people honestly think that if you are a right – wing conservative Republican you will be less likely to follow the anti – Christ and more likely to be taken in the rapture? Well, let me just say that Satan is more than pleased with that type of worldly self – righteousness where people believe that they are justified by their views, culture, and lifestyle rather than by grace and faith. Believe me, the right wingers will be eating out of the beast’s hand – and taking his mark on their own hand or forehead – just as will be the left wingers, Marxists, libertarians, anarchists, etc.) Just as the destruction of the first temple by Nebuchadnezzar was a foreshadowing of the destruction of the second temple and the end of the Jewish Age in 70 AD, and the desecration of the second temple by Antiochus Epiphanes in 168 BC was a foreshadowing of the desecration of the third temple that the beast will do (and as stated earlier, some Jews have begun speaking of restarting the animal sacrifices that the beast will halt), I am convinced that Nazi Germany was a foreshadowing of the reign of the beast. 

And yes, Nazi Germany did have a STRONG RELIGIOUS ELEMENT. This fact is currently obscured by the dishonest political debates of the day, with the left calling Hitler a Christian, hoping to thereby discredit Bible – believing Christians and drive them from politics and the public square. Rather than fighting their lies by standing for the truth, the “religious right” responds in kind, after a wordly manner, by claiming that because Hitler supported abortion, evolution, social programs, gun control, government ownership/control of private property and enterprise, wage and price controls, and unions that he and Democrats – especially the Clintons! – are one and the same. Instead, we have to talk about WHAT HITLER REALLY DID WITH RELIGION IN HIS EMPIRE: a very strong element of the Nazi regime was HITLER CREATING A PERVERTED FORM OF CHRISTIANITY THAT REPLACED THE WORSHIP OF GOD WITH THE WORSHIP OF THE STATE AND OF “THE HUMAN IDEAL OR THE SUPERIOR/PERFECT HUMAN” AND HAVING GERMANY ADOPT IT AS ITS STATE RELIGION! (Now even though this weblog does not shy away with the many problems regarding Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Christian Church, we are not among those who call the Catholic Church “the beast”, especially since the ones most famous for going around proclaiming that are the very same Seventh Day Adventists who claim that Jesus Christ and the archangel Michael are one and the same because they have to defend Ellen White’s “special revelations”, although it is curious to note that Catholic dogma itself) teaches that the beast will be an invalidly elected pope.) And part of parcel of Hitler doing so was conducting a reign of terror against the legitimate churches of the time – and rumor has it that there were not that many, and such was part of the problem that facilitated Hitler’s rise, and by the way such is the same climate today! – by having pastors who opposed Hitler’s idolatry imprisoned or murdered, their congregants terrorized, and churches burned. One fascinating – and terrifying – part of Hitler’s program was compelling churches to replace images of Yeshua HaMashiach and the saints with those of “gods” from Nordic mythology (and other things that represented Hitler’s notion of idealized humanity) and HAVING PATRIOTIC SONGS SUNG IN CHURCH in place of hymns honoring God. Again, I should point out that the state of Christianity in Germany at the time was in such a state of disrepair with a great many people practicing religion through traditions, rituals, and doctrines rather than actually attempting to honor or know God that (save the few instances where resistance was attempted) the changes went virtually unnoticed; people could not tell that the icons that they were praying to had been changed from Christ, “Virgin” Mary, the angels, and the saints to Thor, Odin, and whoever, and did not mind much the hymnal and liturgical changes. Yet, the spiritual consequences of this behavior plunged the whole nation into a state of darkness that made all of the Nazi crimes, including the Holocaust, happen.

Again, lots of professed Protestant Christians have tried to use Hitler’s crimes to indict Roman Catholicism, but in doing so they conveniently forget that the largest percentage of German Christians were actually LUTHERAN; that indeed Lutheranism and not Catholicism was the prior state or “official” (meaning tax – supported) form of Christianity. This is fitting, because Martin Luther himself was German, and the REFORMATION BEGAN IN GERMANY! So, instead of pointing the finger at one group of Christians that abandons the Bible and blaming the coming fascism of the beast and false prophet on THEM, instead what needs to be done is to hold up a MIRROR, and thereby examine our own beliefs and lifestyles that fail to conform to the teachings and example of Christ. How many churches have become social clubs, welfare centers, and political action committees? How many churches have abandoned the gospel of grace and mercy and redemption for legalism and works; the “holiness or hell” nonsense that was originated by the anti – Trinitarian Pentecostals but is now popular throughout Christendom because it encourages people to put their trust in works and outward signs rather than in faith (“whew, I spoke in tongues last night, so that means that I am really saved!”). What about the social gospel, the empowerment gospel, liberation theology, the prosperity gospel, and all of these other doctrines that teach men to seek and store up their treasure on earth rather than in Heaven? And what about this “purpose driven your best life now seeker power of positive thinking megachurch” religion that is nothing more than a New Age self – help motivational speaking movement with Christian windowdressing? (These folks are actually inviting the leading “self – help gurus” to come participate in their conferences and address their congregations.) What about the “many paths to heaven” universalism that has gripped most of our mainline denominations (and that speaks nothing of the ones who have up and decided that the Bible is just a bunch of stories and metaphors). And what about all of these “prosperity Word of Faith” people with their special revelations, claiming that Jesus Christ was made perfect when He received the Holy Spirit, or that He was born again in hell AFTER He died on the cross (if so, how did He resist Satan’s temptation during His fast? with the power of His own sinful flesh? And if His flesh was sinful BEFORE He went to the cross, what did His death on the cross accomplish that the death of Barabbas would not have? And since He was born not of Adam but of God, then does not that make God the original sinner who Himself is evil and depraved and needs a Saviour? See how this stuff negates the Bible?) So, you can just imagine how a charismatic (after the original sense, not the Christian, Holy Spirit sense) leader could get all of these church folk to worship HIM in place of God. How? Because they aren’t worshipping God NOW, that’s how. And as for all of the other religions: well they aren’t worshipping God either, remember? Either you worship God through Yeshua HaMashiach exclusively or you worship Satan every way else. There is no middle ground!

The Bible says: “where there are two or three gathered together in My Name there am I also in the midst of them.” Well, the converse of this statement is: “whenever a group of people get together around a common purpose whose goal is anything else BUT worshipping God only, then Satan just walks right in and takes over.” That was the lesson of the tower of Babel, that was the lesson in Nazi Germany, and that is what will come to fruition once again during the reign of the beast and the false prophet. The only question in my mind that remains: which side are you on? Let me give you a hint: if you are unsure, then you are on Satan’s side! I urgently entreat you to get on the right side: the winning team, which is God’s, right now! And if you already are on the right side, to start respresenting God in every facet of your life.  technorati tag:

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