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Something Every Homosexual Needs To Hear!

Posted by Job on September 21, 2009

From Battle4Truth:

Homosexuality is a sin – and like every other unrepentant sin, its consequence is eternal.

Leviticus 18:22 – “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable”.

Romans 1:24-27 – “Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator – who is forever praised. Amen. Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion”.

1 Corinthians 6:9 “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders”.

  • And much more…

Is there deliverance from homosexuality? ABSOLUTELY

1 Corinthians 6:11 – “And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God”.

2 Corinthians 5:17 specifically speaks of deliverance over ANY SIN through salvation and faith in Jesus Christ – “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come”!


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Jephthah In Judges: Why You Cannot Bribe God!

Posted by Job on May 12, 2008

Have you ever tried to bargain with God? Negotiate with Him? Have you ever made your service to Him conditional? Let me give you an example: have you ever prayed to God and told Him: “Lord, if you give me this I will do that for you”? “Lord, if you get me out of this situation, I will serve you for the rest of my life?”

Such tactics are commonly practiced in Christianity, and reinforced not only by the sermons and devotionals of so many preachers but even in depictions of Christians in the popular culture i.e. media, literature, etc. As a result, Christians are unaware that this has no resemblance whatsoever to Biblical Christianity. Instead, the concept of bribing God with oaths, promises, sacrifices, tithes, works, service, etc. was imported into Christianity from paganism. The few examples of where anything like this was done by servants of God was in cases where the person making the request had not actively been serving God and for that reason had little knowledge of the true nature of God. Such examples include Moses at the burning bush, Gideon’s demanding that the angel demonstrate to him that God had legitimately called him, Samuel’s sacrifice before a battle rather than waiting on Samuel, and Jephthah’s oath. The behavior of these men before – and in the cases of Gideon, Samuel and Jephthah after – being used by God to fight battles demonstrates that their dealmaking ways before the God of heaven should not be our model for Christian practice and service.

The principle that we can treat God as a corrupt mafia boss or politician that we can bribe or some equal that we can barter with is integral to the prosperity doctrine, the Word of Faith, and much of the way that Christianity, especially charismatic and Roman Catholic Christianity, is practiced in general: doctrines and attitudes that take the God of Heaven as some pagan genie in a lamp. I referenced paganism because the document below makes it clear that treating deities in this manner is part of pagan religious systems, and the children of Israel began to emulate this practice by way of viewing the pagan people around them that God warned to drive out. As a result, they forgot about the true nature of the true God and began treating and serving God as if He were Baal. So though they knew the Name of God and called upon His Name and God would answer because they were His people through His covenant with Abraham, they did not personally know God, because their relationship with Him was not after the way God had revealed Himself to Abraham, Moses, etc. Instead, they were trying to relate to God the same way that people in false religions attempt to relate to their false deities. That is a major danger with syncretism (i.e. Yahweh yoga) and a major problem with false Christian doctrines and systems (i.e. Roman Catholicism, a great deal of charismatic Christianity especially the Word of Faith and prosperity doctrines). 

People, this document also demonstrates that not everyone who works miracles and does mighty acts in the Name of Jesus Christ is a called servant of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ said so about such people Himself in Matthew 21:31-46! So, supporters of the Benny Hinn Oral Roberts Kenneth Hagin Kenneth Copeland – style preachers, take note!

Link to Document Explaining Jephthah Sacrificing His Daughter

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Benny Hinn A Demonic Hindu?

Posted by Job on March 27, 2008

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Randy White Puts Church Without Walls Up For Sale Without Board Approval!

Posted by Job on March 7, 2008

Randy White Puts Church Without Walls Up For Sale Without Board Approval

Spiritual Pathways is following this breaking story; Randy White Puts Church Without Walls Up For Sale Without Board Approval.

Quote from news source..

TAMPA Without Walls International Church, which faces a U.S. senator’s scrutiny for possible abuse of its tax-exempt status, has put its Tampa sanctuary up for sale.

CNL Specialty Real Estate Services and Cushman & Wakefield of Florida were hired to sell the 13.3-acre campus, near International Plaza and Raymond James Stadium, in the burgeoning West Shore business district.

The asking price is $30 million, said Matthew Messier, a principal with CNL who specializes in selling church property. Along with the 4,500-seat sanctuary, the campus includes a 94,000-square-foot office building, a television studio and a small health club.

Messier referred all questions to the church.

Randy White, co-founder and head pastor of Without Walls, declined repeated requests for an interview. White’s ex-wife, Paula, co-founder and board member, also did not return phone calls. She now spends most of her time in New York and San Antonio, where she formed a partnership with a ministry called The Epicenter – A Place for Life.

The possible sale surprised one board member.

“I had no clue this was on the table,” said Alick Clark, a board member from Acton, Calif. “You can’t make a decision like that without the board’s approval. Right?”

The news comes as U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley is intensifying his inquiry into Without Walls and the global teleminstry it spawned, Paula White Ministries.

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Want To Know The Truth About Healing Prayers? Take The Jesus Christ Miracles Bible Quiz!

Posted by Job on January 13, 2008

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Bible League News: Works In Action

Posted by Job on January 13, 2008

From illness to inspiration

India–Located on the northeastern side of Maharashtra
State, Gondia is known as the “rice city,” and
is heavily dependent on farming for survival—as
is much of India. The need for God’s Word is
great. One laborer shares his first encounter with
the Gospel. Read

 A life with purpose
Venezuela–Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth,
Morris had
been overlooked by his Venezuelan community. Isolated
and lonely, he had minimal contact with anyone but
his mother. But when God sent someone into Morris’ life,
everything changed. Read

Her doubt turned to true faith
Moldova–Christians in Moldova, the poorest nation
in Europe, are finding life’s true riches in the pages
of God’s Word. Solomia is one of them. Meet this teacher
who had been firmly entrenched in the ways of communism
during Moldova’s more than four decades as a Soviet
republic. Read

and children first

Middle East–The Middle East is the geographic
origin of three of the world’s major religions:
Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. This historic distinction
also makes it a flashpoint for some major conflicts.
Reza, however, works toward meaningful connections—not
conflicts. Read

Historic impact and bold vision mark 70th Anniversary
Bible League celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2008. While the mission hasn’t
changed, the vision has expanded. Bible League partners now help lead people
to Christ in more than 60 countries by placing Bibles into waiting hands. Find
out more

Latin America ministry experiences momentum
John Wagenveld, promoted to Vice President of Latin America
ministries, brings vibrant passion and strong leadership
to the Latin America team. Last year more than 800,000
Bibles and New Testaments were placed in the hands of waiting
Christians throughout the 10 countries where Bible League
has ministry. Find
out more

Bibles for Latvia: Staff project a success
League staff supports Bible-sharing ministry by donating
time and talent to raise funds for Latvian Bibles. Through
creative efforts of staff—raising more
than $12,000—Latvian Christians rejoice for the
Bibles they received. Find
out more.

to their voices cry out in need and thanksgiving

Visit our audio library and listen to people around the world express their need
for God’s Word. Select the country that you have a heart
for. Tune in now.


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Gospel For Asia: Notorious Sumitr Dalit Comes To The Lord

Posted by Job on December 22, 2007

Life for one Dalit man seemed hopeless. He was an alcoholic and abusive toward his family. And he hated Christians. No one in his village wanted to be around him. His wife suffered from a tumor in her breast, and one of his sons had not been home for years.

Read about how God used Gospel for Asia missionary Nabhoj Vaman to reach out to this man and his family. As you read their story, you are sure to be reminded that even in the most hopeless situations, God still makes a way for His light to flood the darkness.

Imagine knowing a man who is so intimidating and out of control that everyone is afraid of him. In addition to being a drunkard, he abuses his wife and children, exploits pastors and despises Christianity as a whole. This description fit a man named Sumitr, but even then it only told half of the story. For many years, his wife had been trying to cope with a tumor in her breast, in addition to the reality of her son leaving home to get away from the harsh environment.

Sumitr lives in Kerala, a tropical state on the southern tip of India. One day, he invited Gospel for Asia missionary Nabhoj Vaman to come to his house. He told the pastor he wanted to hear about Jesus, but he really only invited him so he could mock him and other Christian believers. God, however, had other plans.

When Pastor Nabhoj came over, Sumitr began asking many questions about Christianity. At the end of the discussion Sumitr was surprised to realize his misconceptions about the Christian faith. Eager to learn more, he accepted Nabhoj’s invitation to visit the GFA-related church. After observing Christians at the church, Sumitr whole-heartedly gave his life to Christ.

Word about Sumitr’s new faith and radical life-change spread throughout the village. When his friends heard the news, they immediately met with Sumitr and tried to convince him to come back to his old ways. They even threatened to hurt his wife if he did not comply. Yet Sumitr knew that Jesus had been the only One who transformed his life, so he refused to submit to his friends’ requests. Knowing that Sumitr was serious about his faith, they gave up and left.

Now Sumitr’s family is filled with the unshakable joy of the Lord. Sumitr and his wife were baptized, God healed his wife’s breast tumor through Pastor Nabhoj’s prayers and they have been reunited with their son.

The church is praising the Lord for His miraculous work in this family, and Nabhoj asks for prayer for Sumitr and his family as they grow in their faith.

Read more about God’s work among the Dalits.

Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India. Read more about this tiny state.
Dalit News Reaching The Dalits Facts About DalitsThe Caste System Dalit Videos Dalit Photos Donate to Dalit Outreach Sign Up for Dalit News

Yours for the unreached,K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President

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The Miracles of Jesus Christ

Posted by Job on December 11, 2007

From Crackle: R.C. Sproul Miracles Of Jesus Christ

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Posted by Job on September 12, 2007

Another from


Our brother is healed !


Apparently this is the fellow that he is talking about.

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Why Are Faith Healing Ministries So Important?

Posted by Job on August 22, 2007

Where we western Christians have become too prideful because of our wealth to speak of such things as faith healing and deliverance from evil spirits, causing many to become ashamed of them and some to even claim that they were “for the apostolic age of the early church” and are now abiblical deceptive spiritual practices, the truth is that these very such “charismatic” ministries are vital to promoting and defending the faith in other parts of the world. Here is a defense of such ministries from gfa.orgThis is the original link to the document.

  • Chantamma was a disgraced widow who sunk even lower in society when she was diagnosed with AIDS.
  • Sindhubai had heard the Gospel many times and rejected it-until she had an extreme allergy problem.
  • Sudhakar suffered from epilepsy, and when it worsened, he came to the verge of committing suicide.
  • And Shanti’s mental problems threw her parents into such depression that they, too, considered suicide.

Yet each of these people found miraculous healing when they heard about and trusted in Jesus Christ. Here’s how it happened:

Chantamma’s life was transformed when a Gospel for Asia missionary shared Jesus, and after a few days she was healed completely. Chantamma gave her life to Christ and is growing in Him day by day.

Sindhubai visited a prayer meeting in her brother’s house and allowed the pastor to pray for her agonizing allergy. Days later, it disappeared and she received salvation.

A GFA missionary came to Sudhakar’s home with the Gospel and, full of hope, Sudhakar believed, and the Lord healed him from epilepsy. Sudhakar and his wife decided to follow Jesus, and he is now in a GFA Bible college.

Shanti’s family first rejected the message of GFA missionary Kumar, but slowly they started listening as he kept visiting. When Kumar and several believers prayed for 40 days, Shanti was healed and the family turned to the Lord.

The stories could—and do—go on and on. It is becoming apparent that the individual stories of miraculous healings happening in Asia today are part of a much larger move of God. But what is the reason for all these miracles, and why do they happen so much in Asia?

In Asian culture, devotion to spirits and gods leads people to seek spiritual solutions. Often witch doctors’ services are sought or sacrifices are made to gods of healing or good fortune. But when they are unable to cure an illness, these deities’ lack of power becomes apparent. Then, when the people see the healing power of Jesus and hear of His sacrifice for them, they see that their Creator is the only one who can overcome their physical problems.

In these spiritually-focused cultures, people are quicker to realize who deserves the credit for miracles. Healings in these places draw people to salvation as they realize Jesus is more powerful than all their gods. The glory doesn’t go to the missionary who prayed, or to the believers who fasted and sought the Lord. The glory goes to God, who touched them with love.

The flood of healing stories coming from Asia shows again the Lord’s love and desire for souls to be saved. And through His mercy, thousands of people are being saved and giving glory to God.

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Deepak Receives Healing And Spiritual Deliverance In Nepal

Posted by Job on August 22, 2007

Imagine if you saw a man living in the forest, a man who seemed to act more like a wild animal than a human. What would you do? You may be frightened and want to back away. For Gospel for Asia missionary Akash, the choice was simple: He would pray for the man. And as he and the believers in his GFA-affiliated church faithfully prayed for this man named Deepak, the Lord healed him! Read more about Deepak—and the other lives that have been touched in a village in Nepal—here.I appreciate you and your prayers, which make it possible for Akash to serve the Lord in Nepal. Yours for the unreached, K.P. Yohannan

The sight of the man filled Gospel for Asia missionary Akash and his team with compassion. Left alone in the forest, this young man had been considered deranged for years. In fact, he scarcely seemed human. As the missionaries approached him, he muttered something incomprehensible. Once they heard him speak, they realized that he was demon-possessed.

Drawing near to Deepak, the missionaries began to pray for him. In the days that followed, they and the believers in Akash’s congregation continued to pray for him. Within two weeks, Deepak was restored and delivered—much to the amazement of the other villagers. Everyone knew the kind of person Deepak had once been, and they were amazed to see his radical transformation.

Beginning to see that Jesus could heal anyone, the villagers brought to Pastor Akash six others who suffered from mental illness. As Akash and the believers in his church faithfully prayed for these people, the Lord healed each one.

The sight of the man filled GFA missionary Akash and his team with compassion.
Through the healings, people in the village are seeing God’s power at work and His love for those living in bondage. Akash asks for prayer that all in this Nepali village will experience the redemptive love of Jesus in their hearts. Also pray for those who were healed, that they will grow in the love and grace of the Lord.

Links: Read more about Nepal and Gospel for Asia’s ministry there.  Why healings? Last 15 News Articles  News Archives  PhotoShows  SEND! Magazine  Video Archives

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Mark 5:25-34 Do You Need God To Heal You Today?

Posted by Job on August 17, 2007

Click to sign up to receive Pastor Bill Keller’s devotionals. Mark 5:25-34

Do you need God’s healing touch on your body today?  I know that a large
percentage of people reading these words need God’s healing touch.  Many of
you are reading these words today in tremendous pain.  Many of you are
reading these words today as you face an upcoming surgery.  Many of you are
reading these words today as you deal with a serious disease.  Many of you
are reading these words today as you are trying to heal from a sickness or
injury.  Every person reading these words today has a family member, friend,
or someone you know who needs God’s healing touch.  Let me say this very

Out of the 40,000+ emails for prayer we receive every day here at
Liveprayer, out of the phone calls I take 5 nights a week from viewers of
the Liveprayer TV program, healing is one of the top 3 requests along with
financial problems and relationship issues.  Several hundred thousand of the
over 3 million praise reports we have received since we started Liveprayer
almost 8 years ago, are from people God has healed.  Rarely a night goes by
on the TV program that a caller doesn’t share a praise report of God’s
healing.  Don’t forget, Jesus healed 10 lepers and only one came back to say
thank you, so I have no doubt God has healed 10x more people who we never

As you read these words today I want to remind you of a great truth.  GOD IS
NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS.  What that simply means is what God has done for
someone else, God will do for you.  Please, let me say that one more time so
you can let it sink into your Spirit.  What God has done for someone else,
God will do for YOU!!!

In the Bible, we read about the woman with the issue of blood.  God’s Word
tells us that she spent all of her money on the doctors of her day trying to
get better without any success.  Then one day she heard about a man named
Jesus coming to her town who was doing great miracles, including healing
people.  With no other hope, she exercised that “measure of faith” each
person has and began to believe Jesus could heal her.  We read how when she
got to the place Jesus was ministering, a great crowd, the Bible calls it a
“throng,” was already present.  Now it would have been very easy for this
woman to get discouraged after seeing all the people gathered around Jesus
and simply give up and go home.  But you see this woman was not going to be
denied the opportunity to see our Lord, the One she was believing could heal

We read how she pressed through the crowd of people.  I can picture this
woman elbowing her way past people, pushing them out of her way, wading
through this sea of humanity foot by foot until she was finally close enough
to reach out and touch the hem of the garment Jesus was wearing.  The Bible
tells us that the moment she touched the hem of His garment she was
instantly healed.  Please understand that there was nothing magical about
what Jesus was wearing that day.  His garment had no magical healing powers.
It simply became a point of contact for her faith.  She had the faith to
believe as she stretched our her hand and grabbed the hem of His garment
that she would be healed, and she was!!!

Let me share something exciting with you today.  There is a powerful truth
in the Book of Hebrews that tells us “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,
today, and forever.”  Listen to me carefully now.  The powerful meaning of
that truth for YOUR life today is simply this.  The very same Jesus who
healed that woman we read about in the Bible who had the issue of blood, is
the very same Jesus who is here to heal you today.  Please, stop for a
moment and meditate on this powerful truth.  THE VERY SAME JESUS WE READ

I love you and care about you so much.  My friend, as I come to you today I
want you to know that not a day goes by I don’t see the healing power of
Jesus Christ at work in people’s lives.  Every single day I receive praise
reports from people Christ has healed.  If you need God’s healing touch in
your body today, if there is someone that you know that needs to be healed,
I want to encourage you to be like that woman with the issue of blood and
exercise that “measure of faith” today.  Just like she reached out to touch
the hem of the garment Jesus was wearing, you can reach out to Him today
through prayer.

Stop what you are doing right now and call on the name of Jesus.  Reach out
to him IN FAITH ask Him to heal you or the one you love.  As you do,
remember that the very same Jesus you are crying out to today, is the very
same Jesus who healed the woman with the issue of blood.  He is no
respecter of persons and what He did for her, He will do for you.  As the
healing virtue of Christ flowed through her body and she was made whole,
Jesus looked at her and said, “Go, your faith has made you whole.”

I want you to know that I will be praying for you today.  I will be standing
in agreement with you today as you take that step of faith for God’s healing
touch on your body or the body of the one you love.  GOD IS STILL IN THE
HEALING BUSINESS IN AUGUST OF 2007!   May you hear Him say to you, “Go,
your faith has made you whole!!!”

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY?  The fact is you will die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator. To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now
available via AUDIO each day.  Simply go to Also, you can now listen to the Daily Devotional by phone by calling, 1-845-510-2722

(C) Copyright 2007, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved.

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Jesus Christ Heals India Dalit’s Speech So That He Can Preach Gospel!

Posted by Job on August 13, 2007

The ability to speak loudly and clearly is important for anyone who wants to become a Gospel for Asia native missionary. This was a serious problem for Ravi, who had a speech problem that left him with a soft, quiet voice. How could this quiet man ever hope to be able to fulfill his calling to become a GFA missionary? Click here to read Ravi’s story.

Ravi’s journey to the mission field is a reminder to us that God is faithful to provide all our needs. May you be encouraged in your own life as you ponder the awesome power of our Creator.

Ravi was a quiet, unassuming young man. Like millions of other young husbands throughout India, he worked hard at his construction job so he could provide for his family. People noticed that Ravi did not talk much. What they didn’t know was that he had a very soft voice that sounded like it had never fully developed. To make matters worse, Ravi also had difficulties when he tried to express himself verbally. But that all changed when he learned about the love of God.

One day, Ravi met a Christian who was excited to tell him about a God who loves him. This believer then gave Ravi a Gospel tract. Ravi was perplexed about the message in the tract and all that the believer had told him about Jesus. He had never heard of a God who was not an idol. That is because Ravi was raised in a village of poor, tribal people who worshipped idols, nature and the spirits of their ancestors. Now he was fascinated by the idea that there was a God who was alive.

The Gospel message touched his heart that day, and he prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior. Soon, he was clamoring to learn more about Jesus and how to serve Him, and he sought the help of a GFA native missionary. This missionary steered Ravi to a GFA Bible college, where he was accepted for studies.

Then, while he was in Bible college, a miraculous transformation occurred in Ravi’s life. His fellow students began to pray for him, and soon they noticed his voice was changing. This man known for his soft-spoken, stunted speech was suddenly speaking loudly and clearly. Ravi and his classmates are thrilled that the grace of God has rested upon him.

Today, Ravi is looking forward to the time when he can use his new, loud, strong voice to tell people about Jesus on the mission field.

Gujarat state leaders ask that you pray for Ravi, his wife and their two-year-old daughter. Pray that God will protect them and help them grow in the Lord. Also ask for the Lord’s blessings on the family as they solely depend on their crops for their livelihood while Ravi is in Bible college. From

Ravi is from the West Indian state of Gujarat. Read more about his home. GFA Bible college graduates often plant a church during their first year on the field. Read more about the Bible colleges here. Dalit News Reaching The Dalits Facts About Dalits The Caste System Dalit Videos Dalit Photos Sign Up for Dalit News Donate to Dalit Outreach

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