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Why Does The Media Focus Only On Harold Camping?

Posted by Job on May 26, 2011

Yes, Harold Camping has been exposed as a false prophet, deceiving many as concerning the timing of the second coming of Jesus Christ. Again. Yes, his deception has caused lots of problems and unnecessary harm, especially for his followers. Again. The question is this: what is the big deal? Why has Camping been the subject of such media attention for months when there are so many pressing stories to cover i.e. wars, famines, diseases, natural disasters, economic failures, political intrigues etc. on a global scale? Clearly the media has an agenda, but what is it?

First off, for the sake of sound doctrine, let it be known that the return of Jesus Christ will not occur until A) the gospel has been taken to all nations and B) a great apostasy, a great falling away from the true faith, occurs. As the great commission is a primary duty of the church, it logical to conclude that the falling away will occur shortly after the great commission is fulfilled, or when the great commission’s fulfillment and with it the time of the Gentiles draws to a close. Anyone who extricates themselves from rapture watching and religious right (or religious left) politics long enough to pay attention to the global missions movements knows that barring a fantastic miracle we are at least 100 years from fulfilling the great commission (the 10/40 window alone is an amazing challenge) and – despite the claims of Camping otherwise – far from there being a great falling away, there are more Christians – or definitely appreciable numbers of Christians in more places – today than at any time in history. So, if we can learn anything from this Camping episode, it is that we should heed the words given by angels and recorded by the physician Luke at the direction of God the Holy Spirit “why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.” That was an exhortation to cease waiting for eternity and to get on with the business of living for eternity by loving Jesus Christ and walking in His ways.

With that out of the way, let it further be said that the error of Camping does not undermine the authority of the Bible, Jesus Christ or His church but rather confirms it. How? Because the Bible repeatedly warns against false teachers, including those who would lead people into error concerning His second coming. Jesus Christ said that “false prophets shall deceive many” in Matthew 24:5, and that many will be offended by the true faith in Matthew 24:10. Such false teachings were present even while the New Testament was being written, as the apostle Peter referenced them in 2 Peter 3:4, the apostle John did the same in 1 John 2:18, and the apostle Paul did the same in 2 Thessalonians 2.  Further, Jesus Christ predicted such specifically in Matthew 24:4-5! The New Testament makes it clear that we identify false teachers when they teach things that are in contradiction to the Bible. This truth is what drove William Tyndale to martyrdom, when he stated “I defy the Pope and all his laws. If God spare my life ere many years, I will cause the boy that drives the plow to know more of the scriptures than you!” in response to being told that common people didn’t need to be knowledgeable concerning the Bible’s contents, because it was better to obey the pope than the Bible anyway. So, in rejecting Jesus Christ when He stated that none knows the timing of His return save God the Father (Matthew 24:36), and in rejecting Jesus Christ when He stated that the great commission will be fulfilled before He returns (Matthew 24:14) and in rejecting the Holy Spirit’s inspiration of Paul concerning the falling away first in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, this Camping teaches against things concerning God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and by his doing so and attracting so many followers he verifies the pages of the New Testament when it said that such a thing would happen. So, Camping did not harm the authenticity or integrity of the Bible by being wrong, but rather verified the Bible’s truth! Instead, Camping’s being RIGHT would have been an occasion to challenge the veracity of the Bible, for were Jesus Christ to return before we reach the many tribes in the 10/40 window or while there are tens of millions of believers risking persecution to worship in Africa and Asia, what would be said of those Bible texts?

So, make no mistake, there is nothing special about Camping. Was not just over ten years ago when there were tons of false prophets claiming based on Bible codes and numerology that Jesus Christ was going to return in 2000? (Never mind that the Bible doesn’t follow our modern calendars, and that Bede almost certainly incorrectly calculated the date of the birth of Jesus Christ that we use for “B.C.” and “A.D.” anyway). Or about 25 years ago Jesus Christ was going to return because it was 40 years after of the establishment of the modern state of Israel? (Never mind that Jesus Christ spoke “this generation” to the Jews of His own time concerning the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D., and if the Bible actually does speak of the restoration of the political nation of Israel, it does not link this event to any timetable concerning Christ’s return.) So why all the fuss and the furor? It has to serve some sort of media agenda.

Consider this: how come when the subject in view is Usama bin Laden or some other Muslim terrorist, the media is quick to say “he isn’t a real Muslim” or “he doesn’t represent mainstream Islam that is practiced by hundreds of millions of peaceful followers”, but the media is quick to depict Camping as being in or near the mainstream of evangelical and fundamental Christians? In truth, as Camping rejects the Holy Trinity, he shouldn’t be classified as Christian at all. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims and Jews all reject the Holy Trinity, a core foundational doctrine of Christianity that sets it apart from other religions that are either polytheistic or present a false teaching on God’s Unity. But while the media does its best to present Islam and increasingly Mormonism as moderate and mainstream, it uses Camping to create a wild eyed, dangerous fanatical face for Bible-believing Christianity.

Another thing: it isn’t as if Camping is the only false prophet or source of wrong information. Far from it. It is just that when so many others get things wrong and are exposed for their false, anti-Biblical thinking, nothing is ever said about it. Instead, the media, the academy, the elites simply move on. (Or they carry on as if the error was never made.) Consider liberal Christianity, such as the critical “scholars.” Barely a year goes by when an archaeological find of a Biblical site or a scientific breakthrough that confirms Biblical truth or discovery of early manuscripts verifying the existence of historical persons, places and the integrity of Biblical texts that the critical scholars challenged, yet the critical scholars are still accepted as scholars, and their methods – which would never be used in any other field because of their ascientific nature – accepted as reliable.

But that is just the Bible, right? Wrong. Take psychology. The theories of giants in that field like Sigmund Freud and Alfred Kinsey have long been discredited. Yet they are still revered as having made great contributions to science, modern thought and human progress, and furthermore their discredited theories are still being taught as fact in our schools and universities. But psychology, save when it is based on experimentation and observation and does not deal with brain’s biology and chemistry, is a “soft science”, right? Sure, except that the theories in the hard sciences like physics and biology turn up erroneous also. Our schools still teach the long-discredited false leads in evolution theory, i.e. the “evolutionary timeline tree chart” that has long been abandoned as unworkable, and fossils allegedly showing primates evolving into humans that were actually either diseased humans or other animals as fact. You would be surprised to know how many of the things that were taught in science class has been quietly abandoned, how much more needs to be pushed from the classroom, and would be if the media held that community to the same scrutiny that it does evangelical and fundamental Christianity.

But that is just arcane science that has little relevance to our daily lives, so what harm does it do? Fine, except that the realm of false prophets also exists in government and policy. Many fantastic, dire predictions have been made and influenced the direction of governments and leaders to who knows what ends. Example? Global warming. Except that they couldn’t call it “global warming” anymore when many places in the world started experiencing prolonged unseasonably cold weather! So, the cause of the cold weather was attributed to greenhouse gas emissions also and “global warming” became “climate change.” I remember a specific prediction from the global warming prophets that had a lot of people frightened: after Hurricane Katrina and other large, powerful destructive hurricanes in 2005, the global warming community (the “climate change” moniker had not yet been instituted) claimed that the increase in the power and severity of the storms were caused by global warming, and that we could expect worse storms – and more of them – thereafter. They predicted that the hurricane season of 2006 was going to be one of the worst in history! All their models said so! What happened? We haven’t had anything approaching Katrina since.

Another example: peak oil. The experts a few decades back claimed that we had maxed out our oil production, that we had exploited the main reserves, that oil production was heading for an inevitable decline, and that we needed to alter our lifestyles and change our way of life to conserve what oil was left or face a global energy crisis. A few years after those dire predictions, some of the largest oil reserves in history were discovered, as well as technological breakthroughs for accessing oil, and possible new sources of oil, such as from shale and sand. (Do not mistake me for an oil company and fossil fuels advocate, quite the contrary I am fully supportive of alternative energy, and believe that a lot of great technology in that area is not being exploited.) And there was also the “overpopulation crisis.” It was promoted by folks who believed that if the world’s population reached 4 billion, it would become unsustainable, and the result would be mass famines and starvation, diseases, wars and environmental degradation. The only solution was immediate global population control programs! Well, now the world population is 6.75 billion and counting.

There is more. Remember when mad cow disease was going to ravage our food supply? Oprah Winfrey said “I’ll never eat a hamburger again!” (Of course, these folks OPPOSE abstinence from fornication as a defense against sexually transmitted disease as the Bible commands, but constantly promotes abstinence from eating the animals that God gave us dominion over and called lawful to eat.) Remember when bird flu was going to kill thousands, or tens of thousands? What about swine flu? Brought to you by the same false prophets who told you to run out and buy cellophane and masking tape to protect yourself from a nuclear terrorist attack after September 11th.

The prophets told us in the 1980s that AIDS was going to wipe out a significant portion of the U.S. population with little or no regard for lifestyle, and needless to say they were wrong, as AIDS rates only increased among homosexuals, the promiscuous and drug users while declining for everyone else. The lead false prophet was surgeon general C. Everett Koop, who used this false information to promote sex education and condom giveaways in schools starting in 3rd grade. Speaking of sex education, the false prophets told us that it would drastically reduce the venereal disease and teen/out of wedlock pregnancy rates, and it did neither. Instead, both shot through the roof, and further there are now new venereal diseases that even condom manufacturers acknowledge their products are useless against (not that you will ever hear that in any public school sex education program).

But wait, there’s more. The prophets told us that abandoning classical education for new education reforms (often based on Freudian or Marxist theories) would lead to markedly improved results and a transformation of society. They were totally wrong, American academic achievement has fallen off the map, and no one talks about it. The prophets told us that divorce and illegitimacy were GOOD for women, children and even most men, but education, poverty, drug use and incarceration rates say otherwise. The prophets claimed that we could eliminate racism through education. How is that working out? They claimed that we could eliminate poverty through government action, and now not only is poverty still a reality (as Jesus Christ said it would in Mark 14:7, not a favorite text among liberal theologians!) but unprecedented numbers of people in America and worldwide are reliant on government assistance of some kind. The false prophets also claimed that the triumph of Soviet communism was inevitable, and the best course of action was resignation, acceptance and learning from and becoming more like them, only to have the Soviet Union collapse and many remaining Marxist regimes like China and Viet Nam adopt more capitalistic economies. Those who predicted that the war on drugs and the war on terror (especially Afghanistan and Iraq) could be effectively and quickly won? Whatever happened to them?

The sociologists who said that eliminating censorship laws and allowing the free trafficking of pornography would make us more progressive and improve relations between the sexes? They have been nowhere to be found as rapists, child molesters and other sex criminals have proliferated, multiplying like rats. The social theorists who claimed that putting criminals in jail wouldn’t lower crime rates because the root causes were economic? Wrong, and verified when crime rates still remained lower despite two severe recessions and deep cuts in social services. (Well, street crime is lower anyway. White collar crime, the rich in their vain attempt to sate their lust for greed, remains through the roof. But the Bible said that this would happen concerning the wealthy also … see the book of James, which is not a favorite among political conservatives or those who teach the false prosperity gospel.) And another example: remember Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s claim that we had to immediately adopt a stimulus package to keep unemployment from hitting 8%? Unemployment has been at or near 10% for over two years! Anti-Christ? Probably not. False prophet? Definitely.

So, on one hand you have ONE Harold Camping, who again due to his rejection of the Holy Trinity and of many Bible texts (he forbids his followers from fellowshipping in local churches in violation of Hebrews 10:25) should not be considered a Christian is a false prophet. On the other hand, you have MANY worldly prophets who due to their embrace of ungodly, anti-Biblical ideas, doctrines, philosophies and imaginations that exalt themselves against God (2 Corinthians 10:5) that are utterly, totally and completely wrong all the time. Now both groups of false prophets are wrong for the same reason: their rejection of Biblical revelation as true, infallible, inerrant, and the final authority in all matters, and not merely things necessary for salvation. But the media and the elites shine the light on Camping to defame and discredit Christians who actually do adhere to the Bible while doing their best to cover up the fact that they so wrong so often on so many issues to the great harm of so many is appalling. It is hypocrisy at best, and a conspiratorial cover-up at worst. If anything, talking about Camping gives them an excuse to keep from having to address the huge mess that these folks have made of the economies, governments and societies of the world. Further, it allows them to transfer the blame from their failed policies – and the rejection of Jesus Christ and the Bible which reveals Him ideology that motivate them – to Christians, as if Christians are undermining their efforts.

Christians, for instance, are blamed for illegitimacy by opposing sex education. Christians are blamed for AIDS by opposing homosexuality. Christians are blamed for poor educational performance for opposing evolution. Christians are blamed for global warming for opposing climate change legislation. Christians are blamed for the wars and tension in the Middle East for supporting Israel and not a Palestinian state (by the way, I reject Zionism, and “Christian” Zionism is especially repugnant to what the Bible actually says, and John Hagee and not a few other false prophets follow this flawed school of interpretation). Christians are called misogynist for adhering to what the Bible says about the roles concerning men and women in the church, in marriages and homes and in society, and for opposing the murder of abortion. Christians are blamed for “Islamophobia” and “anti-Semitism” and “anti-Mormonism” for refusing to deny that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, and accused of undermining cultures with our missionary work. And the list goes on and on.

And it is only going to increase. As more and more ideas based on a rejection of the Bible and even of general revelation (see Romans 1:18-32) causes still more decline and failure, anger will increase against Christians. As the world continues to reap the fruit of the sin and wickedness that it sows, it will increasingly see Christians as scapegoats. Instead of repenting of their sins and acknowledging those as the true source of the misery and calamity, the blame will be on Christians for failing to get with the program.

This will climax in first sporadic but then general and organized attempts to silence Christians and remove us from their midst, in the hopes of keeping us from hindering their “progress.” This is far-fetched, you say? Not in the least, because it has already happened. An example is not merely the brutal repression and murder of Christians on a massive scale in the Soviet Union, China, Germany, Sudan and other totalitarian (whether Marxist, Muslim or fascist) regimes in the last century, but the experience of the church in the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire’s wealth, power and culture were declining due to the decadence and incompetence of its ruling classes, and from Nero to Decius, they saw Christians as a scapegoat.

The legitimate Christians refused to join in their state religion (an odd mix of paganism and patriotism not dissimilar from what goes on in our country today, including in not a few churches) so the Roman “gods” were angry. The Christians refused to join in their public activities (regrettably this is not a mark of contemporary Christianity!) so they were called “divisive” and were accused of undermining the common culture (in addition to not being patriotic!) that was allegedly needed to have a cohesive, strong empire. And Christians preached and taught against the immorality, wickedness and depravity of the people, the rulers and the times. They preached against the rampant adultery, homosexuality, violence and child molestation. They preached against the wanton excesses of the upper classes (again, not a mark of contemporary evangelical Christianity, unless the upper classes in view are Hollywood, government bureaucrats and other liberal elites). And they preached against paganism, not only by the people but the official state religion (again, the evangelical Christian preacher who even speaks of the freemasonry and occult that was vital to this nation’s founding and has been influential in it ever since is rare).

Then, the persecution began as sporadic and localized, but climaxed in a brutal, sustained attempt to completely rid the Roman Empire of Christianity. And despite the estimated ten million Christians that were killed by the Roman Empire (something that you will never see mentioned in history books or depicted in movies, as they are more wont to depict Christians as murderous crusaders and the like) and the carnage of the past hundred years, that is only a shadow of the real bloodbath to come. You see, unlike Harold Camping, I do not adhere to a rapture belief. Instead, I believe the Bible when it says that when the anti-Christ comes, it will be given to him to make war against the saints, and to overcome them. I believe the Bible when it says that the time of tribulation, of great sorrows, will be of such severity that it will be cut short so that the saints, the elect, will survive it. And I believe that the saints that were mentioned in Revelation and Matthew 24 that will see that horrible time are not Jews, or those converted by Jews during the great tribulation, but Christians.

And that is what it is all about. That is why turning an obscure preacher with questionable doctrine into an international news story lasting several cycles was done. It is why Westboro Baptist Church, a cult that has existed for decades, is only now becoming international news. It is why Terry Jones, an obscure leader of a small congregation, became an international pariah for burning a Koran when not only Muslims but the United States military routinely burns Bibles!

It is why terrorists attacks committed by atheists like Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph are attributed to Christians. It is why violence against abortion clinics and doctors is an issue oft raised against Christians despite the fact that less than 5 such incidents have occurred in over 20 years, and only 1 in the past 10. The Hutaree militia drew headlines and a massive sting operation from the federal government as a Christian terrorism threat to rival that posed by Al Qaeda, and it turned out to be just a bunch of guys spinning yarns over the Internet.  Yet, the Marxist “liberation theology” types, not a few of whom were trained Soviet infiltrators, fanned the flames for any number of bloody murderous third world Marxist coups with their organizing and “preaching”, and the truth about their activities – and the level of support that they received from their ideological and religious fellow travelers in the U.S. – has never been documented by the media, Hollywood or our schools. Neither has the true history of our own “civil rights movement” – how it duped the black church and many well meaning white Americans into supporting Marxist subversive tactics, and how that movement was also organized by and rife with Soviet agents and sympathizers – been told, and nor can you expect them to spill the beans on their own false prophets.

The agitation propaganda against Christians will continue in the future just as it did in the Roman Empire. Christians should be heedful of the times, which means that we must be aware of what is going on, aware of where it is headed, and aware of whose agenda it is serving. That is why Christians should end these “battles” over “being represented in Hollywood” and the “culture wars” and “religious right politics” (and religious left politics) in favor of opening our eyes to the true state of affairs. Instead, we should study our Bibles, study about the early church during its time of persecution before Christianity was co-opted by the Roman Empire so that by learning about the church’s past, we can learn about the future – our future. Of course, the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ will win in the end and vindicate and save His church. But make no mistake: just as Jesus Christ suffered Gethsemane and His passion before His resurrection and glorification, the church, being less than its Master Jesus Christ, must also suffer many things. Christians must be prepared so that we might stand during the time to come, and endure to the end. This is a battle that will be won not by guns, money or governments but by faith in the God who is fighting on our side and prevail.

It must be asked: which side are you on? The side of God, or of the wicked? Though Camping was wrong, his error only proved the Bible to be correct. The Bible makes it clear that the wicked perish and that Jesus Christ and those who believe in Him will triumph. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ, make no mistake, you will be counted among the wicked, because no matter how good you perceive yourself to be, before a holy and perfect God you are a sinner. I urge you, repent of your sins, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!


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R. C. Sproul Interviews Ben Stein On The Movie Expelled

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Satan Created Evolution Take 2

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Satan Invented Evolution Take One

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Evolutionary Mindset: Eliot Spitzer Had To Commit Adultery Because We Are Only Animals!

Posted by Job on March 18, 2008

Here is yet another article that uses evolutionary biology as an excuse for humans to accept and justify sin. Its role is to exploit the adultery of Eliot Spitzer – and that of his replacement David Paterson and his wife – by making the claim that we should reject what the Bible says about obedience to Jesus Christ because living in sin is biologically unnatural. Amazingly, the very same people that contend for the acceptance of things that the Bible calls sin i.e. adultery and fornication themselves are just as “fundamentalist” and moralistic when it comes to those that break man made laws. In other words, with this crowd, commit adultery or even murder (yes there are those that defend suicide bombers and other political murders so long as those that commit them are members of “an oppressed class”) and you will find any number of defenders. But transgress their human – and arbitrary – morality concerning racism, sexism, homophobia, environmentalism, patriotism, etc. and you will find yourself the defendant in some secular Salem witch trial.

And yes, human morality is arbitrary, and that is whether we are talking about right wing humans or left wing humans. For instance, the right wing humans that denounced the adultery of one Bill Clinton speaks nothing concerning the adultery of Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain. Meanwhile, of the leftists that are willing to give Barack Obama a chance on his black separatist church, how many of them trashed George W. Bush for visiting Bob Jones University because of their ban on interracial dating? Never mind that so many of our public and fully accredited (which Bob Jones is neither) universities have womens studies departments that openly advocate anti – male views and other departments that advocate anti – Christian views that are far more hateful than anything you will ever hear about black people at Bob Jones University.

Well, the link above contains lies, so I am going to tell you the truth. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth out of nothing, then He created plants and animals, then He created man, distinct from the animals, in His own image. Originally creation, including man, was perfect and free from sin, but when man chose to sin, all of creation, including man, became corrupted by sin and as such worthy of destruction in the lake of fire by a righteous God. So then God created out of mankind a unique elect nation Israel to use for the redemption of mankind, but they too sinned. But God stated that He would not fight with man forever because man was corrupted with sin from birth, but that one day He would give mankind the capacity to resist and reject sin and obey Him.

In what way was this accomplished? For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. So do not believe what the evolutionary biologists and the political radicals say. You are not a mere animal, the accidental product of evolutionary mutations and adaptations captive to your urges and environment. You do not have to become a murderer, thief, fornicator (and this includes incest and homosexuality), adulterer, rapist, or racist. You do not have to support governmental and big business policies or a legal system that favors the rich and harms the poor just because of what some talk radio host says. You do not have to unquestionably support unjust wars out of fear of people who won’t pick up a Bible unless it it comes wrapped in some flag of false cultural political religion will call you a traitor.

You can accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior! You can read the Bible, and the Holy Spirit will help you understand it so that you will be able to discern the commandments of God and use them to live out His plan for your life on a daily basis! God will empower you with faith so that you will continue to obey Him especially when times get hard, when you face pain, sickness, death, grief, financial troubles, the loss of a loved one, have to deal with a spouse or child that is unsaved, etc. and you do not have the answer.

So you are not some animal, some glorified gorilla or ape that must do as the gorillas and apes do. You are created in the image of God and can do all things through His Son Jesus Christ! So no matter what sin you are being tempted with right now or have in your past, whether it be gossiping, lying, idleness, stealing, addictions, pridefulness, murder, or sexual sin, God sent His only Son so that you can be forgiven, and so that you can obey what Jesus Christ told the women caught in the act of adultery. Everyone knows about the part where God told the people accusing the adulteress “Let He who is without sin cast the first stone.” Why? Because they want to pretend that the God of Heaven came to earth to endorse sin! That is why NONE of those people, including alleged evangelical Christians, will say what Jesus Christ then told the woman, which is “Go and sin no more!” That is why few people speak of the crippled man that Jesus Christ healed, because that man Jesus Christ told “STOP SINNING BEFORE SOMETHING EVEN WORSE HAPPENS TO YOU!”

They withhold the full contents of the Bible from you because they want to make you believe that being restrained from sin is impossible. They want to tell you that it is unnatural, repressive, even dangerous. Now I do not support these “abstinence education programs” because anything that purports to teach morality apart from Jesus Christ is nothing but a form of godliness that denies the power thereof. But these people actually blame those that want to prevent children from becoming fornicators and homosexuals for the spread of teen pregnancy, AIDS, and the 25% of American teenage girls (including 50% of black teenage girls!) now being infected with some form of venereal disease! They want you to believe that it is not the sin that is dangerous, but the people that REJECT and OPPOSE sin that are dangerous, and it has gotten so bad that the main place that you hear those lies today is not our university halls or TV talk shows, but from the very pulpits of our modern humanist evangelical and charismatic churches! But this was going on from the beginning, as Jude 4 says that even in his day “For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.” So there really is nothing new under the sun after all.

But Satan the deceiver was a liar then and he is a liar now. Men that believe Satan’s lies because of their desire to be filthy and rebellious were sinners then and are sinners now. If you die in a condition of filthy rebellion, you will spend eternity in torment then as in now. It would be a curious sight seeing you standing in judgment before a righteous God trying to explain to him how all of the advances in the field of psychology, psychiatry, physics, sociology, anthropology, chemistry, economics, and political theory nullified the truth of the Bible and made your sin OK. Well, sinner, you go ahead and try that. Let us see how far that takes you, and let me know how it works out for you!

Let us know if the righteous God, the creator of the universe that is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, without beginning or end, without limited by time or space, and cannot be judged, punished, or called to account by any intelligence higher (for their is none higher) or lower will come down off His throne, admit your superior morality and intellect and the error of His ways, and bow down and start worshiping YOU! Who do you think you are, you worm, you lowdown filthy sinner, that you think that the God of heaven is going to prostrate Himself before YOU? I know that emergent heretic Brian McLaren refers to the cross as “cosmic child abuse” and says that for that reason the cross should no longer be the focus of Christianity! That instead of talking about the rugged bloody cross that bore our Savior the God of Heaven, that we should focus on ethics and good works! Well Brian McLaren and all of you that follow after Him, the message of the cross should be that if the evil of sin was so great in God’s eyes and its rotten stench was so filthy in God’s nostrils that He sacrificed His own SINLESS Son on a cross to defeat it, WHAT DO YOU THINK HE WILL DO TO YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR SIN, SINNER? If God sent His own Son to die the humiliating excruciating death of a criminal, the cursed death of all who hang on a tree according to Hebrew law, without His Son having lived on the face of this earth just as you do being tempted at all points just as you were without sinning, then what makes you think that He is going to accept the “I am a mere animal, the product of evolution, the result of my environment, a hostage to my circumstance, a captive to my passions, and if you didn’t want me to sin then you shouldn’t have made me this way or even made me at all!” excuse from you?

Well I have news for you, and this same news is for the judge not church, the salvation by rituals and works church, and the humanistic atheistic deistic agnostic church. Yes, it is part of the good news, but where the gospel is good news for those like me that accept it, it is bad news for those that reject both the letter and the meaning of it! And that news is that God is not going to accept any excuses! For on the last day, every man, woman, and child that has ever lived on this earth will be resurrected and judged. The first thing that is going to happen is that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The next thing that will happen is that those who are in a covenant relationship with God will live forever! Those who are not, meanwhile, will burn for eternity in an unquenchable flame. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry living God, but that terrible thing will happen, and the righteousness of God is so vast and complete that even suffering for eternity in flame will not pay the debt of your sin. Yet that is precisely what will happen to you rebellious sinners, and for you there will be no forgiveness, no payment, no escape because those things are only available in the very Jesus Christ that the world rejected to corrupt itself with lies and idols.

But because it happens to the world, it does not have to happen to you! You can turn from these lies and accept Jesus Christ as your savior! Remember: you will bow and confess that Jesus Christ is your Lord one day. If you do it now in this life, then you will be saved from God’s wrath. But if you do it on the last day, then God’s wrath you will experience!
It is all about the glory of God. Your existence will glorify God one way or another. The only question is whether your final state will be that of benefiting from God’s glory by eternal life, or suffering from that same glory in eternal condemnation!

Do not delay. Begin your eternal life by becoming born again through Jesus Christ right now! Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!

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The Anti – Christ Mindset Loves Animals More Than People: Outrage Over Soldier Killing DOG

Posted by Job on March 4, 2008

No one cares about children dying in stories like this (see commentary!) but kill a dumb animal like in this story or in the Michael Vick case and THAT is what sparks outrage! The total evil depravity of the modern mindset is ever more proof that the world needs Jesus Christ, that people need Jesus Christ so that the love of God can transform their minds so that they can once again start loving PEOPLE, including INNOCENT CHILDREN! If you have not done so already, please accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by following The Three Step Salvation Plan so that you can begin to feel love again today! If you do not love your fellow man you cannot love God, and all that reject God will be punished by Him in everlasting fire! So there is more at stake here than the pain of dumb animals here (and yes, I oppose animal cruelty, the Bible clearly calls it a sin!). It is about your eternal soul. Satan wants to get you so wrapped up into the fate of animals and other trivial things that you will reject the urgent need to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ! Please do not fall for his devices!

Video Appears To Show Marine Abusing Puppy

(CNN) — The military is investigating a “shocking and deplorable” YouTube video that seems to show a Marine throwing a puppy off a rocky cliff. removed the video for violating the Web site’s terms of use. The black-and-white puppy makes a yelping sound as it flies through the air.

“That’s mean, that was mean,” one companion says off-camera, addressing the alleged puppy thrower by his last name. The fate of the animal is not known. The Marine is identified on the video and in other Internet postings as a lance corporal stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe. It’s not clear where the video was shot, although the man who appears to throw the puppy and another Marine are in full combat gear with helmets. had taken down the video by 12:30 p.m. ET Tuesday “due to terms of use violation,” according to a banner on the Web site.

“This is a shocking and deplorable video that is contrary to the high standards that we set for every Marine,” Marine Corps spokesman Maj. Chris Perrine said at a news conference Monday night. “We will investigate this and take appropriate actions,” Perrine said. He said the Marine is being kept safe in view of the anger over the alleged incident.

Perrine added that the majority of Marines conduct themselves honorably. “There are many examples of Marines who adopt pets and bring them back from Iraq and demonstrate their compassion on a daily basis,” he said. If the video is deemed legitimate, the lance corporal could face a charge of conduct unbecoming a Marine, Perrine said. There could be administrative action, nonjudicial punishment or a court-martial, he added.

“It’s all governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and anything from reduction in pay to reduction in rank to confinement to discharge from the Marine Corps” is possible, Perrine said. If others are involved, they too will be disciplined, he said. “Certainly, there’s a lot of outrage, and a lot of people are upset about it. I think every Marine is upset about this video,” he said. “We hope that it turns out not to be what it looks like.”

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Happiest Baby On The Block Author UCLA Dr. Harvey Karp: Babies Are Neanderthals

Posted by Job on March 3, 2008

See where evolution is quickly taking us Christians?

Toddler Behavior – Parenting – Communication – Kids – Tara Parker-Pope – New York Times

If there is such a person as a “baby whisperer,” it is the pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, whose uncanny ability to quiet crying babies became the best-selling book “The Happiest Baby on the Block.”
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What tactics have been successful for you at taming toddler tantrums?
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Dr. Karp’s method, endorsed by child advocates and demonstrated in television appearances and a DVD version of his book, shows fussy babies who are quickly, almost eerily soothed by a combination of tight swaddling, loud shushing and swinging, which he says mimics the sensations of the womb.

Now Dr. Karp, assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of California, Los Angeles, has turned his attention to the toddler years, that explosive period of development when children learn language, motor skills and problem solving, among other things. The rapid pace at which all these changes occur is nothing short of astonishing, but it can also be overwhelming to little brains. A wailing baby is nothing compared with the defiant behavior and tantrums common among toddlers.

In his latest book, “The Happiest Toddler on the Block,” Dr. Karp tries to teach parents the skills to communicate with and soothe tantrum-prone children. In doing so, however, he redefines what being a toddler means. In his view, toddlers are not just small people. In fact, for all practical purposes, they’re not even small Homo sapiens.

Dr. Karp notes that in terms of brain development, a toddler is primitive, an emotion-driven, instinctive creature that has yet to develop the thinking skills that define modern humans. Logic and persuasion, common tools of modern parenting, “are meaningless to a Neanderthal,” Dr. Karp says.

The challenge for parents is learning how to communicate with the caveman in the crib. “All of us get more primitive when we get upset, that’s why they call it ‘going ape,’ ” Dr. Karp says. “But toddlers start out primitive, so when they get upset, they go Jurassic on you.”

Improving the ways parents cope with crying and tantrums isn’t just a matter of convenience. “The No. 1 precipitant to child abuse is the kid who cries and gets upset and doesn’t settle down and whines and whines,” says Robert Fox, professor of psychology at Marquette University and director of the behavior clinic at Penfield Children’s Center in Milwaukee. “It’s a real vulnerable situation for abuse.”

Dr. Karp’s baby program has been endorsed by several government health agencies, leaders of Prevent Child Abuse America and others. Dr. Karp will discuss his toddler program in an address to the Early Head Start program, which provides early childhood services to low-income families.

But Dr. Karp’s method of toddler communication is not for the self-conscious. It involves bringing yourself, both mentally and physically, down to a child’s level when he or she is upset. The goal is not to give in to a child’s demands, but to communicate in a child’s own language of “toddler-ese.”

This means using short phrases with lots of repetition, and reflecting the child’s emotions in your tone and facial expressions. And, most awkward, it means repeating the very words the child is using, over and over again.

For instance, a toddler throwing a tantrum over a cookie might wail, “I want it. I want it. I want cookie now.”

Often, a parent will adopt a soothing tone saying, “No, honey, you have to wait until after dinner for a cookie.”

Such a response will, almost certainly, make matters worse. “It’s loving, logical and reasonable,” notes Dr. Karp. “And it’s infuriating to a toddler. Now they have to say it over harder and louder to get you to understand.”

Dr. Karp adopts a soothing, childlike voice to demonstrate how to respond to the toddler’s cookie demands.

“You want. You want. You want cookie. You say, ‘Cookie, now. Cookie now.’ ”

It’s hard to imagine an adult talking like this in a public place. But Dr. Karp notes that this same form of “active listening” is a method adults use all the time. The goal is not simply to repeat words but to make it clear that you hear someone’s complaint. “If you were upset and fuming mad, I might say, ‘I know. I know. I know. I get it. I’m really really sorry. I’m sorry.’ That sounds like gibberish out of context,” he says.

On his DVD, Dr. Karp demonstrates the method. Within seconds, teary-eyed toddlers calm and look at him quizzically as he repeats their concerns back at them. Once the child has calmed, a parent can explain the reason for saying no, offer the child comfort and a happy alternative to the original demand.

Dr. Karp also offers methods for teaching children patience, and he suggests regularly giving children small victories — like winning at a game of wrestling. “If you give them these little victories all day long, when you want them to do something for you, they’re much more likely to do it.”

Sometimes, excessive tantrums can signal an underlying health problem, so parents with a difficult child should consult with a pediatrician.

“The thing about toddlers is that they are uncivilized,” Dr. Karp says. “Our job is to civilize them, to teach them to say please and thank you, don’t spit and scratch and don’t pee anywhere you want. These are the jobs you have with a toddler.”


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Abortion Rights Dr. Jorge Carpizo McGregor: Unborn Babies are Really Chimpanzees

Posted by Job on March 3, 2008

Unborn Babies are Really Chimpanzees « Sola Dei Gloria

LifeSiteNews: Legal Expert Claims that Unborn Babies are Really Chimpanzees

Unborn Babies are Really Chimpanzees
Posted on March 3, 2008 by pjmiller

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness..” Genesis 1:26

It wouldn’t be Monday without at least one crazy story.

From LifeSiteNews: Legal Expert Claims that Unborn Babies are Really Chimpanzees

A former attorney general and human rights commission chairman is claiming that unborn children in the earliest stages of development are not human, and are in fact chimpanzees.

Dr. Jorge Carpizo McGregor claims that “for the topic of abortion, there are very important scientific advances that prove that the DNA of chimpanzees is 99 percent identical to that of a human being. The difference between ourselves and chimpanzees is one percent, this quantity that makes the difference is the central nervous system.”

“Before twelve weeks of gestation, there is no cerebral cortex, that is to say, there is no human being, the cortex is formed around the 25th week. This is a very important piece of information because those who attack abortion say that a human being is being killed and it isn’t true.”

“That’s ridiculous,” said Dr. John Shea, medical advisor to Canada’s Campaign Life Coalition. “This is the most ignorant remark I think the man could possibly make. He must be totally ignorant of science.” Dr. Shea was shocked to hear that a prominent attorney was claiming that the only difference between a chimpanzee and a human being was in the nervous system. “That’s so ignorant that I don’t know where to begin,” he told LifeSiteNews.

“The organism is different in every single way” he said, and added that “a person is different in a trillion different biochemical ways. It’s ludicrous, ludicrous. It’s on it’s face, ridiculous.” In reality, the nervous system begins to form well before the 25th week. During the first four weeks, the neural tube begins to form, which is the beginning of the central nervous system. During the fifth week, the brain begins to grow.

Carpizo, who is a former attorney general of Mexico and former head of Mexico’s human rights commission, has acted as a legal advisor to the government of Mexico City, which is defending its recent legalization of abortion before the nation’s Supreme Court. The current head of the National Human Rights Commission is one of the parties disputing Mexico City’s law. A decision on the matter is expected within days.

Carpizo is planning on putting forth his ideas in a new book, which he will introduce in March, called “Human Rights: Abortion and Euthanasia”.

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Mysterious Creatures Found in Antarctica

Posted by Job on February 22, 2008

Mysterious Creatures Found in Antarctica

Australia (AP) – Scientists investigating the icy waters of Antarctica
said Tuesday they have collected mysterious creatures including giant
sea spiders and huge worms in the murky depths.

Australian experts taking part in an international program to take a census of marine life
in the ocean at the far south of the world collected specimens from up
to 6,500 feet beneath the surface, and said many may never have been
seen before.

Some of the animals far under the sea grow to
unusually large sizes, a phenomenon called gigantism that scientists
still do not fully understand.

“Gigantism is very common in
Antarctic waters,” Martin Riddle, the Australian Antarctic Division
scientist who led the expedition, said in a statement. “We have
collected huge worms, giant crustaceans and sea spiders the size of
dinner plates.”

The specimens were being sent to universities
and museums around the world for identification, tissue sampling and
DNA studies.

“Not all of the creatures that we found could be
identified and it is very likely that some new species will be recorded
as a result of these voyages,” said Graham Hosie, head of the census

The expedition is part of an ambitious international effort to map life forms in the Antarctic Ocean, also known as the Southern Ocean, and to study the impact of forces such as climate change on the undersea environment.

Three ships—Aurora Australis from Australia, France’s L’Astrolabe and
Japan’s Umitaka Maru—returned recently from two months in the region as
part of the Collaborative East Antarctic Marine Census. The work is
part of a larger project to map the biodiversity of the world’s oceans.

The French and Japanese ships sought specimens from the mid- and
upper-level environment, while the Australian ship plumbed deeper
waters with remote-controlled cameras.

“In some places every inch of the sea floor
is covered in life,” Riddle said. “In other places we can see deep
scars and gouges where icebergs scour the sea floor as they pass by.”

Among the bizarre-looking creatures the scientists spotted were
tunicates, plankton-eating animals that resemble slender glass
structures up to a yard tall “standing in fields like poppies,” Riddle

Other animals were equally baffling.

“They had
fins in various places, they had funny dangly bits around their
mouths,” Riddle told reporters. “They were all bottom dwellers so they
were all evolved in different ways to live down on the sea bed in the
dark. So many of them had very large eyes—very strange looking fish.”

Scientists are planning a follow-up expedition in 10 to 15 years to
examine the effects of climate changes on the region’s environment.

2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not
be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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The Master Designer Matthew 5:18

Posted by Job on January 9, 2008

Listen Watch 

verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one
tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” Matthew 5:18

DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT:How did it happen? How did
the Bible get written apart from divine inspiration? Suppose we decided
to build a monument to the 50 states in Washington and use native stone
from each state. We would hammer out the stones from individual
quarries in each state. Then, ship them. Uncrate them. And, fit the
stones together. As the stones were assembled, we discovered that there
was not one stone too many. Not one stone too few. When completed, we
had a magnificently symmetrical monument. The only answer to this
perfection is that there was a master architect who designed
everything. In the same way, you cannot explain the unity of the Bible
apart from divine inspiration.

ACTION POINT:Praise God for His Master Design of the universe…of the stars, the planets, the skies, the seas…and you! visit

Do you know Jesus?

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If Ron Paul Rejects Evolution Then Why Does He Defend Homosexuality?

Posted by Job on December 28, 2007

See Ron Paul saying that he disbelieves evolution here:

While attempting to employ the “homosexuality is biological” defense here:

Now in defense of Ron Paul, I have always stated that the “homosexuality is biological” argument would tend to oppose the natural selection component of Darwin’s racist tome “Origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.” Funny how the full title and racist intent of the book is never spoken of by evolution supporters, that is the evolution supporters that are not Hitler Nazi types … and it is funny that the evolution supporters do their best to have you believe that the Hitler Nazi types were Christian creationists other than secular statist evolutionists. Now I do allow that the “random variation” component of evolution would support the existence of the elusive gay gene, but even that does not solve the problem of why this gene would still exist so late in our evolutionary development.

Still, it is curious that Paul would choose to deviate from the biblical worldview in favor of the humanistic pseudoscientific one in the area of the harmful and destructive lifestyle of homosexuality (and as a doctor Paul does know that the homosexual lifestyle is harmful and destructive to one’s physical and mental health) while defending it in evolution (where it can be argued that no real harm can come to the person that chooses to believe in it).

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Christian Fired For Not Believing In Evolution From Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts

Posted by Job on December 8, 2007

Here is the liberal Boston Globe’s take. Please note that the Boston Globe has never found a discrimination lawsuit that it did not like. Until now. The Globe makes their position clear by stating “Evolution is a fundamental tenet of biology that species emerge because of genetic changes to organisms that, over time, favor their survival. ” Keep in mind, this is a news article, not a column! By the way, it is a lie. Evolution is only fundamental to evolutionary biology. It has little to do with other fields. And it also ignores the historical fact that the vast majority of biological research was done before evolution’s universal acceptance by people who did not believe in evolution and were not trained according to the theory. Even then, there is the fact that the evolutionary theory has needed constant revising ever since it was first proposed, so biologists that learn evolution NOW are getting an entirely different set of facts than people who were learning evolution in the 1940s. And people who are being taught evolution 40 years from now will be dealing with a completely different set of facts than they are today. Of course, such people who claim “Evolution is a fundamental tenet of biology” do not care about that. All they care about is that people are taught evolution.

Of course, the scientific community is using evolution as an excuse to prevent Christians from becoming scientists. The reason is that in the very near future, pretty much anything and everything wicked, evil, and anti – Christ will be labeled “scientific”, and they do not want any men or women of God in their ranks to provide opposing SCIENTIFIC viewpoints. This is already being mostly accomplished with censorship. For instance, when it comes to abortion, the media does not speak to any of the 52% of doctors that oppose the procedure. Instead, they only speak to pro – abortion doctors such as the one in this case: The Hypocrisy Of Using Abortion As A Feminism Issue to falsely portray opposition to abortion to be one of religion versus science. Even then, where no opponents of abortion from the medical or scientific perspective are cited, they have no problem finding “Christians” that support feticide so that even the religious objections are undermined. The same is true of homosexuality. It is taken to be a scientifically proven fact in the media and in our education system that homosexuality is genetic. (Not only do they fail to explain how this would be possible according to the “natural selection” component of evolution, but some hypocritically become creationists just for the purpose of the discussion by claiming that “God created gay people.”) But the fact is that no homosexual gene has ever been found, and geneticists say that it almost certainly never will. So why is it that homosexuality is allowed to be portrayed in the media and in our schools as being genetic in the face of a complete lack of evidence? Well, let us just say that the absence of Christians in the field of genetics is mighty convenient. Lacking them, the scientists who know that it is a lie either A) support gay rights or B) are unwilling to sacrifice their careers over it.

But as to whether Nathan Abraham did the right thing here is questionable. I recall the apostle Paul appealing to the government authorities, and have encouraged Christians to do the same in order to defend their rights. But Paul only appealed to Caesar and similar in order to preserve his life and for the right to continue to preach the gospel. He did not do so in order to preserve his right to have a particular job. This is a wretched comparison, of course, but should a Christian doctor sue an abortion clinic for the right to work there but not perform any abortions? Even if he is allowed to retain employment, he would still be supporting the efforts of a mass murder operation. The comparison is not so superficial as it appears. Abraham knows that Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is entirely dedicated to promoting not only evolution, but the mindset and worldview that arises from it. Since we have the horrors of Nazism, communism, and abortion to show us the result of the evolutionary mindset – which in truth is just a mindset that rejects the knowledge of God for a lie – why should Abraham want to work there in the first place? Even if he himself would have succeeded in his goal of refusing to endorse evolution there, he “said he was willing to do research using evolutionary concepts.” So basically, anything that he did there would have been in advancement of something that is really nothing more than a political ideology and religious belief, and a very dangerous one at that.

A Christian with a Ph.D. in biology (it appears that his specialty is marine biology) can find other work than at an evolution propaganda center, but Nathaniel Abraham chose not to. (If the case is that a Christian with a marine biology degree cannot find work, then perhaps Christians should consider becoming trained in other fields … Jesus Christ was a carpenter/laborer, remember, and a carpenter/laborer can find a job anywhere!) Even more to the point, what happens if the federal government agrees with Abraham? It will only set yet another precedent giving the leviathan state more coercive control and authority over the workplace and over personal decisions. (Though some Christians have criticized Frank Peretti, this guy really does need to read “This Present Darkness” and “Piercing The Darkness” … reading those books caused me to oppose the neoconservative school voucher agenda.)

There are only two possible outcomes to this action of Abraham. Heads, Satan legally enshrines the notion that it is fine to discriminate against Christians, and not only Christian biologists, but ALL CHRISTIANS. (You are aware of how once a precedent gets set it is a rather easy thing to expand it in our modern legal climate). And Satan would be fine with that. Tails? The anti – Christ state has yet another precedent that it can use to force virtually any workplace to hire virtually anybody “qualified” no matter what they believe or how they act. From the Salvation Army’s hiring regional directors to your local church hiring people to work in their daycares, the Nathaniel Abraham decision will be cited to force them to hire any devil worshiper witch pagan atheist that wants to come bewitch the whole place and subvert its good works. (Some would argue that this is happening already, but at present it is not because of government fiat.) And Satan would be pleased with that outcome as well. Christians should avoid situations where “heads Satan wins, tails Satan wins.” Instead, Christians should seek situations where the only possible outcome is advancement of the kingdom of heaven. Of course, that can only happen by virtue of our being obedient to Jesus Christ.

Now did God tell Nathaniel Abraham to 1. seek employment at Woods Hole, 2. to tell his supervisor that he was a creationist, 3. file a federal lawsuit when he was fired? I sincerely hope so; that Nathaniel Abraham committed this issue to prayer and received direction from God before deciding to pursue his lawsuit. If he did not, then his actions may ironically result in his current employer, Liberty University, being unable to restrict the employee pool of its seminary to Christians in the very near future.

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An Astronomer And A Biochemist Dispute Evolution

Posted by Job on November 5, 2007

Astronomer Hugh Ross, biochemist Fuz Rana, and philosopher/theologian Kenneth Samples discuss how the latest scientific discoveries provide powerful new evidence for the God of the Bible.  [splashcast IPCE4102IY]

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