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Bush – Clinton Council On Foreign Relations Plot To Create European Muslim State Succeeds

Posted by Job on February 18, 2008

Now Russia cannot be happy about this, especially since they have their own issues with Chechnya. Still, the US helped the Muslims attain their entire objective. They were allowed entry into the region for humanitarian reasons, and once they had settled in, they demanded their own independent Muslim state. When the Serbians defended their land, certainly they committed crimes against humanity, but the media never told why this was happening in the first place. So the Clinton administration intervened on behalf of the imperialistic Muslims in a war that Code Pink, International A.N.S.W.E.R., Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Cindy Sheehan, Nancy Pelosi, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the rest of the anti – war left had absolutely no problem with (EXCEPT JESSE JACKSON!) and virtually everyone seems to have forgotten ever happened.

And now, immediately after the Muslims did what they planned to do from the outset (and with our help!) in stealing a piece of that country for their own European base (the Crusades are starting up again!) George W. Bush grants them official recognition as a nation, without even consulting NATO, the EU, the U.N., or even Bush’s ally Vladimir Putin.

My bet: from here, the EU admits Kosovo. After that is done, it will be impossible to continue to deny entrance to Turkey. And what did the books of Daniel and Revelation say about the endtimes? There will be ten kingdoms! Now you should realize that both George Bush and Bill Clinton have been working to get us towards that evil time.

Here is another view:


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Risky Sex Returns Syphilis To Europe

Posted by Job on December 22, 2007

Original link here. Risky Sex Returns Syphilis to Europe By MARIA CHENG

LONDON (AP) — Syphilis is back: The sexually transmitted disease long associated with 19th Century bohemian life is making an alarming resurgence in Europe.

“Syphilis used to be a very rare disease,” said Dr. Marita van de Laar, an expert in sexually transmitted diseases at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. “I’m not sure we can say that anymore.”

Most cases of syphilis are in men, and experts point to more risky sex among gay men as the chief cause for the resurgence. But more cases are being seen among heterosexuals, both men and women, too.

Syphilis was the sexual scourge of the 19th Century, and is believed to have killed artists like poet Charles Baudelaire, composer Robert Schumann, and painter Paul Gauguin. But the widespread use of penicillin in the 1950s all but wiped it out in the Western world.

In the last decade, however, syphilis has unexpectedly returned, driven by risky sexual behavior and outbreaks in major cities across Europe, including London, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin.

_ In Britain, syphilis cases have leapt more than tenfold for men and women in the past decade to 3,702 in 2006, according to the Health Protection Agency. Among men in England, the syphilis rate jumped from one per 100,000 in 1997 to nine per 100,000 last year.

_ In Germany, the rate among men was fewer than two per 100,000 in 1991; by 2003, it was six per 100,000.

_ In France, there were 428 cases in 2003 — almost 16 times the number just three years earlier.

_ In the Netherlands, cases doubled from 2000 to 2004. In Amsterdam, up to 31 men per 100,000 were infected, while the rate was much lower in other regions.

Similar trends have been seen in the United States.

In 2000, syphilis infection rates were so low that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention embarked on a plan to eliminate the disease. But about 9,800 cases were reported in 2006.

In Europe, Van de Laar said syphilis’ reappearance was so surprising that many doctors initially had trouble diagnosing it.

Though these days it mainly affects urban gay men, experts worry that the disease could also rebound in the general population if stronger efforts to fight it are not taken soon.

In 2005, British authorities reported that syphilis was spreading across the entire country, and that more heterosexual men and women were being infected.

“These increases may lead to increases in diagnoses of congenital syphilis over the coming years,” said Kate Swan, a spokeswoman for the Health Protection Agency.

Pregnant women with syphilis can pass it on to their babies. Nearly half of all babies infected with syphilis while they are in the womb die shortly before or after birth.

Syphilis is a bacterial disease causing symptoms that include ulcers, sores and rashes. In extreme cases, it can result in dementia or fatally damage the heart, respiratory and central nervous systems. Syphilis is treatable with antibiotics if caught early.

Once there are more than just a few isolated cases, containing the disease is difficult.

Advances made in treating AIDS may have inadvertently boosted syphilis’ spread.

“The evidence points to an increase in unsafe sexual behavior since anti-retrovirals for AIDS came along in 1996,” said van de Laar.

After decades of being instructed to use condoms and to limit the number of sexual partners, some people are probably suffering from “safe sex fatigue,” van de Laar said. The Internet has also allowed people to find sexual partners more easily than before, and some experts link the rise of dating Web sites to the jump in syphilis cases.

For some men, the Internet connections can be especially dangerous.

“Networks of HIV-positive men to find other positive men have sprung up on the Internet,” said Jonathan Elford, an AIDS epidemiologist at London’s City University.

Some men who have the AIDS virus are seeking condom-free sex with other men who are also HIV-infected. However, they aren’t protected against syphilis and other sexually spread diseases. Among gay men who have syphilis in Britain, nearly half have HIV, Elford said.

Amid this resurgence, some officials are now attacking the epidemic online.

Every day, health workers at the Terrence Higgins Trust, Europe’s largest AIDS charity, log into chatrooms on a popular British gay dating Web site to spread safe sex messages and answer questions.

“We know that men are arranging hook-ups for sex online,” said Mark Thompson, the charity’s deputy head of health promotion. “So we decided to tap into cyberspace to try reaching them before unsafe sex might happen.”

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Hindus Trying To Get British Goverment To Force Yoga On Christians

Posted by Job on September 4, 2007 They are claiming that a church barring yoga is a violation of the Religious Equality Act. While some of you religious right sorts would prefer to see this as multiculturalism/political correctness, I see this as a clear church – state issue. The state has authority over the church in Britain and most other nations of the world, so they have the right to do this. Of course, at some point down the line the state in Britain is going to act in favor of the Hindus with the logic that sycnretism in general will lead to less religious discrimination and social unrest. They are going to claim that fundamentalist exclusive claims of any one religion are the cause of all the problems, and demand that all religions become universalist. Of course, you Christians that are for one reason or another demanding that the wall of separation between church and state in America are just asking for the state to come and stamp out true Christianity. Then again, since the correlation between religious belief and adherence to true Christianity is not as strong as some people would like to believe, maybe that is your agenda to begin with. The text of the article is below:

The Hindu Council UK (HCUK), the largest national network of Hindu organisations within the UK, is considering whether a ban on yoga classes at St James’ Church and the Silver Street Baptist Church in Taunton, Somerset, may breach the Equality Act 2006.

Lawyers for HCUK are exploring whether comments made by both The Reverend Tim Jones, Vicar of St James’ and The Reverend Simon Farrar of the Silver Street Baptist Church that yoga is a “sham”, a “false philosophy” and “unchristian” may indicate they have acted contrary to the ‘Religion and Belief’ section of the Act, specifically those parts relating to discrimination in providing goods, facilities and services.

HCUK is also considering whether to ask the Commission for Equality and Human Rights to investigate whether the priests’ comments amount to “instructing or causing discrimination”.

Along with other faith bodies, HCUK debated and contributed to the Equality Act before it became law. In these debates it was agreed unanimously from an interfaith perspective that the hire of religious premises should not restrict multi-cultural events without good reason, and that faiths themselves should participate in such activities.

HCUK General Secretary Anil Bhanot said: “These priests might appear to be advising Christians not to practice yoga because they believe it is based on a ‘sham’ and a ‘false philosophy’ but what in effect they mean is that Hinduism is a false religion.

HCUK’s spokesperson on Yoga, Amarjeet-singh Bhamra added: “Yoga is one of the oldest known medical systems enshrined in the Atharva Veda, the most ancient Hindu book on wisdom, and it is now at the forefront of holistic and integrated medicine in the West.

“It is very disappointing that such medieval-like irrational prejudice is still allowed to flourish in the Christian Church in 21st Century multicultural Britain.”

“Hinduism is an ancient religion that is the source of many different theologies, philosophies and sciences,” adds Anil Bhanot. “Many Hindus believe the source of all music can be found within one of our most ancient scriptures, the Saam Veda. It will be interesting to see, now they have been apprised of this, whether those church leaders who reject yoga will now announce a ban on all music on their premises too.” (Christianity teaches that Jubal was the father of music in Genesis 4:21; it is amazing that this fellow automatically presumes that we would take his scriptures and traditions as being somehow more valid than our own. This is clearly an attempt to coerce Christians into accepting and practicing Hinduism, spiritual imperialism.)

Rev Farrar of Silver Street Baptist Church has previously said: “We are a Christian organisation and when we let rooms to people we want them to understand that they must be fully in line with our Christian ethos.

“Clearly, yoga impinges on the spiritual life of people in a way which we as Christians don’t believe is the same as our ethos.

“If it was just a group of children singing nursery rhymes, there wouldn’t be a problem but she’s called it yoga and therefore there is a dividing line we’re not prepared to cross.”

The Rev Tim Jones, vicar of St James’s, supported the decision, saying: “Any alternative philosophies or beliefs are offering a sham – and at St James’s Church we want people to have the real thing. Yoga has its roots in Hinduism, and attempts to use exercises and relaxation techniques to put a person into a calm frame of mind – in touch with some kind of impersonal spiritual reality.

“The philosophy of yoga cannot be separated from the practice of it, and any teacher of yoga, even to toddlers, must subscribe to the philosophy.

“Yoga may appear harmless or even beneficial, but it is encouraging people to think that there is a way to wholeness of body and mind through human techniques – whereas the only true way to wholeness is by faith in God through Jesus Christ.”

Well, we know what side people like TD Jakes and Rick Warren are on: the anti – Christ Council on Foreign Relations agenda of religious syncretism: see HERETIC TD JAKES ENDORSES YOGA AND CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER! and Rick Warren And Other Emergent “Christians” Support Harry Potter. (I may have to study Hinduism more, but I am beginning to form the opinion that the more liberal strains of that belief system holds that one can be a Christian and a Hindu simultaneously. We already know that many liberal Christians believe that it is possible to practice two religions simultaneously, see “Christian Muslim” Suspended. ) The question, Christian, is what side are YOU on?

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Why Are Europe’s Birthrates Declining?

Posted by Job on August 17, 2007

From Albert Mohler’s weblog.
Azure is a serious journal of ideas that states its mission as providing “ideas for the Jewish nation.” In the Summer 2007 edition [Jewish year 5767], assistant editor Noah Pollak deals with the reality of the European baby bust.Pollak deals first with the demographic reality. As he explains, the average number of children a woman will bear (known as the total fertility rate, or TFR) must be stable at 2.1 just to maintain the size of a nation’s population. The baby bust is evident in the fact that the TFR is just 1.89 in France. In Spain the TFR is just 1.1 — a birth rate the editors describe as in a “free fall.” Taken together, Europe’s total TFR is just 1.38.

What does this mean? It means that European nations will soon face the reality of fast-falling population levels — levels that will threaten social stability, economic security, and a host of other social goods. Economic security depends upon a stable or growing population. But economic security is not the only issue at stake — not by a long shot. Many observers believe that growing Muslim birth rates and immigration rates, coupled with a decline in the Christian population, will mean an Islamic future for Europe.

A number of very capable scholars have documented this reality. What Noah Pollak of Azure adds to the picture is serious attention to the question of why people decide not to have children.

Consider this paragraph:

The explanation for Europe’s turn from reproducing its civilization is, in fact, as simple and self-contained as how children themselves are viewed. People avoid having children not because they are irreligious, lack financial means, fear the possibility of divorce, or carry university degrees. Rather, people do not have children because they do not want them: They find the curtailment of personal freedom and the assumption of the decades-long obligation inherent in parenthood unattractive, and they do not want to accept the basic restructuring of life that having a family requires. This is not a product of objective economic or social factors; rather, it is a subjective judgment about the meaning and purpose of one’s life and the civilization in which that life is lived. It is, ultimately, a moral answer to a moral question: The question of the value people ascribe to their own families and their own heritage, in a broader cultural context.Then this:This answer, such as it is, did not take shape in a vacuum. The current generation of child-bearing Europeans came to view their lives through the cultural revolutions engendered by the generation of 1968, the great mass of young people who, ironically, were products of the postwar European baby boom and ascended to power and influence by virtue of their own demographic weight. The cultural upheaval of ’68 was an incongruous synthesis of revolutionary hedonism, political and economic collectivism, and a firm conviction that the West had become or had always been a force for imperialism, warfare, and environmental destruction. To a far greater degree than their counterparts in America, the ’68ers achieved real political power and with it a cultural hegemony which dominates much of French and European political and intellectual life to this day.This is a brilliant argument, pointing directly to the essence of the problem — children mean obligation.  They are needy, expensive, and dependent. People who are committed to personal autonomy as their greatest good will see children as an imposition, not a blessing.I would modify the argument to explain that the eclipse of the Christian worldview in Europe is tied to the very cultural changes the editors rightly identify as contributing to the baby bust.Mr. Pollak points to the nation of Israel as a counter-example to Europe, noting that young people in the (also young) Jewish nation saw the birth rate as a matter of national life or death:While young people in Europe celebrated a newfound awareness of their power and a desire to depart from the traditions of their forebears, their Israeli counterparts were called upon to rescue the Jewish state from annihilation. Young Europeans were looking to the future and seeing an era rendered infinitely malleable by enlightened reason and the good intentions of youth; Israelis looked to the future and saw enemy armies gathering on their borders with the intention of finishing what Hitler had started. Europeans, enamored of trendy, apocalyptic pseudo-science such as the “population bomb” theory, internalized the conviction that their civilization was part of the problem in the world, while Israel fought an existential war that assumed its own civilization to be part of the solution. Is it any wonder that Israeli families continue to thrive while Europe cannot sustain itself?Finally, Pollak suggests that the stability of the American TFR (due to a combination of birth rate and immigration) is due to the fact that “Americans believe in their own nation as a multi-generational effort to bring good to the world.”

He offers a haunting word of warning:  “Rome died from a lack of imperial vigor; Europe may die on its own soil, of its own barrenness.”  No real surprise there.  Barren worldviews lead to barren wombs.

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Europe Throws People In Jail For Opposing Homosexuality

Posted by Job on July 25, 2007

From Belgian homosexual activists have brought charges against Mgr André-Mutien Léonard, the Roman-Catholic bishop of Namur, for homophobia, a criminal offence in Belgium according to the country’s 2003 Anti-Discrimination Act. In an interview last April in the Walloon weekly Télé Moustique, the bishop is said to have described homosexuals as “abnormal” people. According to Michel Graindorge, the activists’ lawyer, the bishop intended to “stigmatize” homosexuals, whose “identity and dignity is debased from the moment that the bishop considers them to be abnormal.” Mr Graindorge warned for the dangers of such stigmatization, which he claims leads to  “the fate the Nazis reserved for [homosexuals].” Homosexual activists claim that the Nazis sent homosexuals to extermination camps. The homosexual activists also take offence at Mgr Léonard’s reference to Sigmund Freud, arguing that Freud did not consider homosexuality to be abnormal. The bishop says that he never described homosexual people as “abnormal people,” but was only referring to their sexual behaviour which deviates from the normal pattern. “One has to distinguish between the person and his behaviour,” he explained. However, according to the journalist who taped the interview, the bishop had been referring to the people rather than their behaviour. Last January Christian Vanneste, a member of the French parliament (who has just been reelected), was convicted for homophobia by a French court. Mr Vanneste had said that “heterosexuality is morally superior to homosexuality” and that “homosexuality endangers the survival of mankind.”

Meanwhile Sweden is preparing a law, which is expected to be voted next January, to  allow homosexual couples to marry in church.

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The Main Problem With Many Of The Theories On Who The Anti – Christ Is Supposed To Be

Posted by Job on July 5, 2007

Catholics say that it will be a rogue pope. More extreme Protestants say that it is the Roman Catholic Church. Evangelicals say that it will be the European Union or the United Nations. During the Cold War, many were certain that the communists were going to play a huge role in it. Now during the “global war on terror” (which a lot of people seem to forget that the Christian west pretty much started and is DEFINITELY responsible for funding and arming “our enemies” in the first place), Islam has replaced the communists. And it is interesting: thanks to the “ecumenism” movement, a lot of Protestants that would have put the blame on Catholics are trying to cast blame elsewhere, especially to the Muslims or the EU. By the same token, a lot of Catholics that would have figured that the best sign that the pope had turned apostate would have been his making overtures to Protestants are now looking elsewhere. After all, Tim LaHaye had to have the pope raptured in his “Left Behind” novels, or that would have seriously harmed his ability to associate with politically conservative Catholics on the religious right through the Center For National Policy and similar. (Since the Center For National Policy is an arm of the Council on Foreign Relations and similar groups, it is interesting that “Left Behind” kept the focus trained solely on the EU, and not on any of the various groups, some secret and some not so secret, that are either aligned with the Council on Foreign Relations or allied with it … no mention of the Skulls and Crossbones, the Bilderbergs, the Masons, etc. Gee, I wonder why! Almost makes you wonder if a lot of these pretribulationists are being used to run interference for certain people.) It is also curious that where many Christians once accused Jews of playing a key role in the anti – Christ coming to power, the neo – dual covenant theologians of the dispensational evangelical movement have taken precisely the opposite view (motivated by their belief that pursuing self – interested, self – motivated, self – pleasing, and self – serving “relationships” with our friends in the Jewish community is the quickest way to get them to all return to Israel and rebuild the temple so the rapture can happen; of course those same Jews that would speed the departing of the Christians to heaven would be left behind to endure the great tribulation … oh well too bad hey it sucks to be you, you should have accepted Christ while you had the chance … ooops I forgot we listened to John Hagee when he said not to target Jews for conversion because doing that will slow down the process of getting you back into Israel so we can leave you behind there to face the anti-Christ. If that is what “loving your neighbor as yourself” means, I really don’t blame Jews for not wishing to be “loved” in that fashion.)

The main issue is that this “man of sin” is supposed to cause all the people of the world to worship one religion. Claiming that it will be Roman Catholicism will mean that Muslims and Jews will have to become Catholic. (Keep on holding your breath waiting for that to happen.) Similar problems exist with the beast being a Muslim, a communist, a mason, a Mormon, a UN/EU secular humanist, or some leading political figure that you don’t like. While all of these may knowingly or unknowingly (I am believing that it is mostly the latter, though you had better believe that the former exists) play a role in bringing the anti – Christ and his system into reality and power, the beast himself will command universal support: be all things to all people. Meanwhile, any person from the groups listed above (or pretty much any other group) will by definition provoke opposition from a substantial percentage of the population. Of course, global economic, political, medical, environmental, etc. catastrophes could change a lot of that and force a lot of people that would ordinarily be enemies to set aside their differences and work together for survival. Some of that is actually happening already, and one could make the case that the Bible does prophecy such a thing happening. Further, the massive horrors that are supposed to precede the rise of the anti – Christ could wipe out a good percentage of the population, thereby wholesale removing a lot of the people that potentially would have reason to oppose the anti – Christ. You only have to look at how AIDS has dramatically reduced the population of Africa and is now spreading in Asia to see how that could possibly happen. Still, that would leave a lot of huge barriers, the primary one being the one world religion.

So, perhaps what will happen is NOT the anti – Christ causing everyone to cast aside their current religion (including atheists who have no religion at all), but rather create a way for everyone to incorporate his religion into their own beliefs? A way for a person to simultaneously participate in the one world religion while remaining a Catholic, Muslim, Jew, atheist, or Christian (including the many strands of conservative evangelical and fundamentalist)? It is very possible … especially if the said people do such a thing without knowing it, or knowing that they are practicing another religion. They may not even have to bring the world religion “into the church”, that is, incorporate it into their religious practice. Quite the opposite, it may even be expedient if they do not, because a lot of Christians would be loathe to imitate or share in what Muslims are doing, and vice versa, and the same goes for a lot of other groups. The new religion whereby the beast is worshipped COULD be something done outside of the context of that which is generally regarded as religious worship, but nonetheless be something that even the very religiously devout of all religions would not only have no problem doing, but would even desire to do, even if only occasionally. Indeed, all but the very elect, as the Bible says.

Now how elect does one have to be not to follow after some of these things? One does not have to be an elect Catholic to generally avoid Protestantism, or an elect Muslim to stay away from masonry. (That was not a universalistic or ecumenical statement on my part, since I steadfastly reject both; I am just making a general point.) And no, observing the sabbath on Saturday instead of Sunday (when actually according to Jewish tradition it is sundown Friday until sundown Saturday anyway) and refusing to partake in the “Christmas”, “Easter”, or other traditional Christian holidays (in the western or orthodox tradition anyways) does not make you an elect Protestant Christian either (because if it would, it would imply that God would hold such a thing against a Christian on judgment day even if the Christian erred out of ignorance).

Instead, we might have to look in another direction; something whereby everyone in the world can worship Satan while not knowing that they are doing so; something that everyone from a person living in a “remote illiterate primitive tribal culture” to a refined Middle Eastern oil aristocrat to a middle America fundamentalist would theoretically be able to share in. One “easy out”: causing “the whole world” to worship the anti – Christ may not be a reference to each individual, but rather to the leadership of each nation. Keep in mind: it is a pretty consistent biblical principle that the actions of the leaders of a nation were counted to the nation, and that God would punish a whole nation on account of wicked actions by its leaders. (Before you claim that God is unfair in doing this, please realize that holding an entire nation accountable for the evil actions of its rulers in this life is a way of sparing them individual accountability on the day of judgment; destroying the nation on account of its leaders prevents the spiritual evil that is coming from the leaders of the culture from infecting each individual member of it. Therefore, it is actually an action of God’s mercy and saving grace to destroy a nation whose leaders want to turn it into Sodom and Gomorrah before it actually BECOMES Sodom and Gomorrah, because when a nation becomes Sodom and Gomorrah everyone in it is wicked, everyone is individually accountable on the day of judgment for their evil, and none will be saved.) That was why God warned Israel not to pray for a king, and why the results of their getting a king was the nation dividing and ultimately going into captivity because of the wickedness of their kings. Also, since one would have to be a “nation” to actually qualify, remote cultures that have not politically organized themselves into a nation – state or kingdom might for these purposes be excluded, and not be part of “the world”, so to speak, in this respect (another example of God’s saving grace, and also why we should not be so quick to look down upon “third world, primitive, tribal, savage, heathen” peoples and presume ourselves to be better than them because of our wealth, culture, and technology … they might actually be the ones that wind up with the better deal of it!

Another thing to consider: the gospel. The end cannot come until the gospel is preached to all nations, so said Jesus Christ in the gospels. Since we are talking about the “anti – Christ” here … is it possible that the gospel must be preached in a nation before people can choose the anti – Christ by virtue of either A) rejecting the gospel outright or B) accepting it initially only for a great many of them to turn away to a false Christianity? It would be the greatest of ironies if one of the consequences of our spreading the gospel to an unreached land would be the people of that land ultimately falling under the control of the anti – Christ. Or perhaps it would be better to think of it this way: what if the very reason why God wants to use His preachers of the gospel in a certain area is so the people there can hear it and reject it so that God can judge them? Please realize that God used Moses in a similar fashion before pharoah for the purposes of God judging the entire nation of Egypt, thereby glorifying Himself.

In the end, God’s Will alone shall be done, and the result will be God alone being glorified. Remember: it is ultimately not Christianity or even the church that will be glorified and whose righteousness will be vindicated, but Jesus Christ Himself, so that through Jesus Christ the Father alone will be vindicated. Think not that Jesus Christ saving you is in any way evidence of your righteousness or the correctness of your church or movement or of the church itself, but is instead merely proof that God alone is able to do the impossible, which is to save one individually (and the church collectively) from sin and the punishment of sin in the time, place, manner, and reason of His choosing. That, perhaps is the main thing that Christians should keep in mind when considering these endtimes scenarios lest they forget that it is God alone who will save them and as a consequence of their failure to remember God they will also fail to be elect and in that way be led astray, not so much by the man of sin but rather by their own pride of life.

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Girl Banned From High School For Wearing Anti-Abortion T-Shirt

Posted by Job on July 2, 2007

A 16-year-old mother has been banned by her secondary school for wearing a T-shirt protesting against abortions in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Sarah Scott, who gave birth just four months ago, was told that she must not wear her black T-shirt with the words “Abortion is Murder” printed on it. The school said the T-shirt was offensive. The young mother was also issued with the warning that her daughter may be excluded from school if she wears the T-shirt again, reports the BBC. However, Scott, who wore the T-shirt on a non-uniform day, has hit back at the staff of Banff Academy by saying that she is being unfairly targeted and that her freedom of speech is being violated. Scott, who alleged her views had strengthened on the issue after the birth of her own son, explained: “I was wearing the T-shirt when a teacher approached me and that I was never to wear it again because she found it offensive. I was told I could be excluded from school if I wear it again.” She added, “I was not just wearing the T-shirt for the shock factor – it is something I am passionate about; it is wrong to kill a baby. I feel I am the one being targeted because I am anti-abortionist. It’s not fair because other people get to air their views – wearing a crucifix, for example, as a sign of religion.” The teenager also went on to highlight that others in her school wear T-shirts far more offensive and immoral than her own. She gave the example of others wearing clothes with the Playboy logo, which promotes pornography. An Aberdeenshire Council spokesman told the BBC: “It was felt the statement on the T-shirt was inappropriate in a school setting and had the potential to cause offence.” See original link: here.

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Germany Jails Lutheran Pastor Johannes Lerle For Anti – Abortion Sermon

Posted by Job on June 26, 2007 Another view here:

Last week, a German court sentenced a 55-year old Lutheran pastor to one year in jail for “Volksverhetzung” (incitement of the people) because he compared the killing of the unborn in contemporary Germany to the holocaust. Next week, the Council of Europe is going to vote on a resolution imposing Darwinism as Europe’s official ideology. The European governments are asked to fight the expression of creationist opinions, such as young earth and intelligent design theories. According to the Council of Europe these theories are “undemocratic” and “a threat to human rights.”

Without legalized abortion the number of German children would increase annually by at least 150,000 – which is the number of legal abortions in birth dearth Germany. Pastor Johannes Lerle compared the killing of the unborn to the killing of the Jews in Auschwitz during the Second World War. On 14 June, a court in Erlangen ruled that, in doing so, the pastor had “incited the people” because his statement was a denial of the holocaust of the Jews in Nazi-Germany. Hence, Herr Lerle was sentenced to one year in jail. Earlier, he had already spent eight months in jail for calling abortionists “professional killers” – an allegation which the court ruled to be slanderous because, according to the court, the unborn are not humans.

Other German courts convicted pro-lifers for saying that “in abortion clinics, life unworthy of living is being killed,” because this terminology evoked Hitler’s euthanasia program, which used the same language. In 2005, a German pro-lifer, Günter Annen, was sentenced to 50 days in jail for saying “Stop unjust [rechtswidrige] abortions in [medical] practice,” because, according to the court, the expression “unjust” is understood by laymen as meaning illegal, which abortions are not.

Volksverhetzung is a crime which the Nazis often invoked against their enemies and which contemporary Germany also uses to intimidate homeschoolers. Soon, the German authorities will be able to use the same charge against people who question Darwin’s evolution theory.

Indeed, next Tuesday, the Council of Europe (CoE), Europe’s main human-rights body, will vote on a proposal which advocates the fight against creationism, “young earth” and “intelligent design” in its 47 member states.

According to a report of the CoE’s Parliamentary Assembly, creationists are dangerous “religious fundamentalists” who propagate “forms of religious extremism” and “could become a threat to human rights.” The report adds that the acceptance of the science of evolutionism “is crucial to the future of our societies and our democracies.”

“Creationism, born of the denial of the evolution of species through natural selection, was for a long time an almost exclusively American phenomenon,” the report says.

“Today creationist theories are tending to find their way into Europe and their spread is affecting quite a few Council of Europe member states. […] [T]his is liable to encourage the development of all manner of fundamentalism and extremism, synonymous with attacks of utmost virulence on human rights. The total rejection of science is definitely one of the most serious threats to human rights and civic rights. […] The war on the theory of evolution and on its proponents most often originates in forms of religious extremism which are closely allied to extreme right-wing political movements. The creationist movements possess real political power. The fact of the matter, and this has been exposed on several occasions, is that the advocates of strict creationism are out to replace democracy by theocracy. […] If we are not careful, the values that are the very essence of the Council of Europe will be under direct threat from creationist fundamentalists.”

According to the CoE report, America and Australia are already on their way towards becoming such undemocratic theocracies where human and civic rights are endangered. Creationism is “well-developed in the English-speaking countries, especially the United States and Australia,” the report states.

“While most curricula in Europe today unashamedly teach evolution as a recognised scientific theory, the same does not apply to the United States. In July 2005, the Pew Research Center conducted a poll that showed that 64% of Americans favoured the teaching of intelligent design alongside the theory of evolution and that 38% would support the total abandonment of the teaching of evolution in publicly owned schools. The American President George W. Bush supports the principle of teaching both intelligent design and the theory of evolution. At the moment, 20 of the 50 American states are facing potential adjustments of their school curricula in favour of intelligent design. Many people think that this phenomenon only affects the United States and that, even if it is not possible to be indifferent to what is happening on the other side of the Atlantic, it is not the Council of Europe’s role to deal with this issue. That, however, is not the case. On the contrary, it would seem crucial for us to take the appropriate precautions in our 47 member states.”

Though one may disagree with people who take the Book of Genesis literally (believing that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh), surely secularist political organizations telling people what they may or may not believe, constitute a far greater threat to human rights than religious institutions telling their faithful how to vote. In the voting booth people are free to do what they like, whilst in contemporary Europe people are no longer free to publicly voice their own, deeply felt opinions in public.

In Germany, believing abortion to be as murderous as the holocaust is a crime, and educating your own children is a crime too. In France, saying that “homosexual behaviour endangers the survival of humanity” is a crime, and so is the distribution of pork soup to the poor. In Belgium, speaking out against immigration is a crime.

In the latest issue of the Dutch conservative magazine Bitter Lemon the Dutch author Erik van Goor writes that European courts are silencing conservative and orthodox citizens. Freedom of speech no longer exist, says van Goor.

“While many in the West still idolize the second-hand fighters for free speech, such as [Ayaan] Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh, the true victims of curtailment are deliberately kept under wraps. Hirsi Ali, [Pim] Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh were not curtailed by the state or by court, Johannes Lerle is. The former voiced mere opinions – expressions of a public opinion which one may or may not value or believe. The latter – Dr Lerle – shows that what is at stake is not merely opinions, but a moral order which is being questioned; a reality of life and death which is at risk.”

Hirsi Ali, Fortuyn and van Gogh did not defend Europe’s traditional Christian moral order. People such as Johannes Lerle and Christian Vanneste, the French parliamentarian who was convicted for “homophobia,” do. The latter are being persecuted by Western Europe’s political regimes – a phenomenon which is ignored completely by the Western mainstream media, who participate in the persecution.

Update: The story published Tuesday on the jailing of Pastor Lerle in Germany has been retracted after was informed that we were working with false information from trusted news sources. While Pastor Lerle has in the past been jailed for anti-abortion activities his current one year imprisonment stemmed solely from charges of holocaust denial and not from comparing abortion to the Nazi Holocaust as we erroneously reported Tuesday.

My sincere apologies for this serious error.

John-Henry Westen

Of course, this is LifeSiteNews running from this because of this “pastor’s” sinful anti – Semitic views. You are not going to find any support for anti – Semitism from me; this weblog officially calls anti – Semitism a demon. See Demon Of The Day: Anti – Semitism, as well as my most recent post defending Jews from the charge of deicide Two Reasons Why Blaming The Jews For Killing Jesus Christ Is Wrong. But the fact that this fellow is CURRENTLY in jail for Holocaust denial does not make the title of my post “Germany Jails Lutheran Pastor Johannes Lerle For Anti – Abortion Sermon” wrong. Why? “While Pastor Lerle has in the past been jailed for anti-abortion activities …”! Again “While Pastor Lerle has in the past been jailed for anti-abortion activities!” See, folks like in entries like this are using this pastor’s sin of anti – Semitism as an excuse to ignore that Germany will throw you in jail for opposing abortion. So, what they are doing is adding their own lie to his. Why? Because the folks at SUPPORT putting pro – lifers in jail. Please recall that just a few years ago prosecutors were using RICO (a law originally put into place to fight organized crime) against pro – life groups until the Supreme Court made them stop. Sen. Charles Schumer attempted to write language into that evil bankruptcy bill passed by our allegedly Christian GOP Congress and signed by our allegedly Christian President Bush (oppressing the poor is a sin too, people, and in fact it contributes to abortion!) that would make virtually all pro – life protest outside abortion clinics illegal. You know that Schumer language is going to resurface and become law whether Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, or Rudy Giuliani become president! Now please recall that before the Supreme Court only threw the LAST attempt to use RICO against pro – life groups only AFTER it had done its job: running the ONLY EFFECTIVE PRO – LIFE GROUP, Operation Rescue, out of business! The remaining pro – life groups are TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE because they are part and parcel of the corrupt GOP machine. Anyone who believes that the GOP is pro – life, I have two pieces of bad news for you. First, there is no Santa Claus, and there is no tooth fairy or Easter bunny either. Second, the GOP has NEVER been pro – life. Quite the contrary, just a generation ago, the DEMOCRATS were more pro – life than the Republicans were. Pro – life Christians, everybody knows it, everybody knows how these Republicans take your money and your votes and use you as unpaid volunteers to stand in lines in the rain for hours a day and to put up all those signs and send out all those letters and then go behind closed doors and laugh at you. The politicians know it. The media knows it. And yes, your favorite “religious right” preacher knows it. That is why despite over 25 years of supporting “pro – life” candidates, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE, NO LAW HAS BEEN PASSED THAT HAS STOPPED A SINGLE ABORTION, OR EVEN TO MAKE A STAND BEFORE THIS NATION THAT ABORTION IS IMMORAL! All of you are celebrating over this “victims of fetal violence act.” Well, even the hardcore leftists like Barbara Boxer acknowledge that it is a pro – choice bill. If anyone kills a woman’s fetus without her consent, it is murder. But with her consent, it is still legal for anyone to terminate her pregnancy. Happy with this “late term abortion ban?” Well, what this bill actually does is FOR THE FIRST TIME ensures the legality of abortions in the first and second trimester on the federal level. Second, how Christian is it to force a woman to choose between her life or health and having a child? Not in the least. So, what this law “accomplishes” is to legalize on the federal level the very abortions that a Christian should want to prevent, and to make the very abortions that a Christian should concede – procedures which threaten the life and health of a wman – almost impossible to get! Anti – Christian measures like this are EXACTLY what these sham Republican organizing and fundraising arms masquerading as pro – life groups dupe you into supporting. If they were TRUE pro – life groups, people like Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, and Rudy Giuliani would be trying to shut them down just like they did Operation Rescue. And THAT is why was so willing to issue their “retraction.” The issue of how merely standing up for the unborn in Germany will get you thrown in jail is not as important as bad PR. Why? Because bad PR hurts fundraising. It is not about saving lives or promoting Jesus Christ with the religious right folks, it is all about mammon: money and power. The only group that has been more deluded by the political process than fundamentalist Christians with Republicans is black people with Democrats. Black folk: you do realize that our (yes, I said our: as a black fundamentalist Christian, I PERSONALLY AM IN BOTH GROUPS!) percentage of the total population is DECLINING which results in A) misleading statistics like this “percentage of blacks in college up” story: and B) our losing the “political clout” (meaning our ability to put Democrats that pretend to love civil rights in power) that is supposed to be oh so important to the black community. Now I do agree that our incarceration policy (which Bill and Hillary Clinton and other “centrist” Democrats support!) has a lot more to do with our slowing rate of population growth than does abortion, you had better believe that abortion (and other liberal policies LIKE illegal immigration that burden the public schools and remove the unskilled labor jobs that the black community relies on … oh yeah and then there was globalization … NAFTA and China in the WTO and similar that BOTH the Bushes AND the Clintons support that took all of the factory jobs in the “Black Belt” away too!) is playing a role, especially after Clinton started suing states in order to force them to cover abortion under MediCaid, and the public school “comprehensive sex education programs” have started openly advocating abortions (not that I support abstinence education or values education by the way … I support promoting Christianity and then letting abstinence, values, or whatever take care of itself, and no, Christianity should NOT be promoted by or within the government … that tends to result in murderous fascism, remember?). The anti – Semite views of Johannes Lerle does not invalidate this story. It only invalidates the people for whom the anti – Semite angle makes this story too “inconvenient” to talk about because of their own love of the world and resulting cowardice.

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Germany Tells Turkey to Take Action Against Brutal Christian Killings

Posted by Job on April 23, 2007

To read article, please click on text below.

Germany Tells Turkey to Take Action Against Brutal Christian Killings

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The EU Refuses To Call Stalinist Crimes Hate Crimes

Posted by Job on April 20, 2007

(Of course, it is because Stalin’s primary victims were CHRISTIAN that no one wants to call them hate crimes, or even criticize them in any serious way.)

EU close to agreement on hate crime law 18.04.2007 – 09:29 CET | By Renata Goldirova

After six years of heated political debate, EU member states are set to agree on a common anti-racism law, under which offenders will face up to three years in jail for stirring-up racial hatred or denying acts of genocide, such as the Holocaust. One diplomat in Brussels confirmed to EUobserver that the controversial piece of law is in its final-tuning phase and is likely to gain EU blessing at a justice and interior ministers meeting in Luxembourg on Thursday (19 April).

The latest draft – cited by the Reuters news agency – foresees an EU-wide jail sentence of at least one to three years for “publicly inciting to violence or hatred, directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin.”

The same rules would also apply to people “publicly condoning, denying, or grossly trivialising crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes” as defined by international crime courts.

According to the Financial Times, such wording has been carefully chosen to only include denial of the Holocaust during the second world war, as well as the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, but would not criminalise denying mass killings of Armenians during the Ottoman empire in 1915, something that Turkey strongly opposes labelling as genocide.

The draft of the legislation is “the lowest common denominator,” an EU diplomat told EUobserver, as the differences in national legal systems relating to freedom of expression also had to be respected.

For example, denial of the Holocaust is already illegal in Germany and Austria, while for example in the UK it is allowed under freedom of speech rules, unless it specifically incites racial hatred.

Stalinism – a final stumbling block
However, an ultimate breakthrough is highly dependent on a demand voiced by four new member states.

Poland and the Baltic countries – all carrying the burden of a repressive communist past – continue to hold on to their demand that “crimes under the Stalin regime in the former Soviet Union” become part of the bill’s scope.

“We believe Stalinist acts of genocide should be condemned in this document. It would put them on an equal footing with Nazi crimes in an international forum,” an Estonian diplomat was cited as saying by the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita.

On top of this, Warsaw would like to attach a unilateral declaration condemning “distortions” of the past, namely the use of the phrase “Polish death camps” to talk about Nazi death camps on Polish territory.

However, “very, very many people are against this [to put Stalinism into the main body of the hate crimes text],” a German diplomat said, according to Rzeczpospolita.

According to an EU diplomat speaking to EUobserver, it is more likely that the law would see “a reference to the crimes of totalitarian regimes,” with a final proposal to be tabled today.

If a deal is struck on Thursday (19 April), it would be a major success for Germany, currently sitting at the EU helm, which sees an EU-wide law combating racism and xenophobia as a moral obligation due to its historical background.

The proposal has been stuck in the legislative pipelines since 2003.

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Christian Bible Publishers Murdered in Turkey

Posted by Job on April 19, 2007

This is the link. As usual, the mainstream media could care less about the extreme persecution of Christians in the Muslim world. But that is to be expected. My concern is that there is little evidence that most western Christians truly care. Just like virtually no one cares about Jews who die from terrorism in Israel. In any event, please join me in prayer and then see text of story below. Father YHVH please comfort the victims of this tragedy. Please touch the hearts of the leaders of Turkey that they might convert, and that they might deal justly even if they do not. Please lead the people who committed this crime and those who supported it to salvation. And please comfort the grief of the families of these martyrs, and may they be strengthened by the knowledge that being absent from the body is being present with Christ. Please prevent the spirit of fear and discouragement from falling over Turkish Christians, and may they instead endure to the end. If it is Your Will for them to leave Turkey or to stay, whatever it is may they do Your Will. In the Name and by the Blood of Yeshua HaMashiach, amen.

Three Bible publishing house workers have been killed in the latest attack on Turkey’s minority Christian community on Wednesday. The attackers bound their victims before slitting their throats in the publishing house in Malatya, a city in central Turkey and a nationalist stronghold.  Four people are believed to have been detained for questioning regarding the killings, and one other suspect that fell from the building was taken to the hospital with head trauma. It has emerged that one of those murdered was of German nationality, German Ambassador to Turkey Eckart Cuntz said. Images appeared on television stations showing police leading several young men out of the building where the killings took place.

Political tensions are rising in the secular but largely Sunni Muslim country over the past year, with Armenian-Turkish editor Hrant Dink being shot dead by an ultranationalist youth earlier this year. Late last year the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI, paid a short visit to Turkey to ease relations, but during the visit a number of protests broke out in Istanbul. There have been reports of an increase in violence against Christian clergy since the visit.

Christian missionaries are routinely accused by Turkish nationalists of attempting to undermine Turkey’s political and religious order. The EU has clamped down on hostilities towards Christian missionaries in Turkey, however, telling the country that the Christian minority must be given more religious freedom in order to reach the level of religious freedom acceptable for entry to the EU.

Carlos Madrigal, an evangelical pastor in Turkey, told Reuters: “We would like a government campaign to get rid of the myths, such as that missionaries are trying to divide the country, these are the things which feed such acts. “In some ways the situation has improved because we have got legal rights … but there are parts of society which have become radicalised.”

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What Christians Can Learn From Watching Hugo Chavez

Posted by Job on April 15, 2007

See this link. On one hand, Hugo Chavez persecutes Christians, hates Jews and Israel, supports Iran (or at least he does so openly as opposed to most everyone else doing it secretly), and is a Marxist. On the other hand, the guy might actually delay the anti – Christ agenda a bit. As a matter of fact, that may be what these people REALLY have against guys like him and Zimbabwe’s Mugabe (since we know that the international community could care less about mass repression and genocide … keep in mind that Zimbabwe’s problems started when Mugabe refused to allow genetically modified grain into his country).

First, it appears that I was being not so bright when I was taken in by the biofuel sham. Check out this statement from the article:  “However, even if all arable land on Earth were turned over to biofuel production, it still would not meet world demand for oil, so Chavez is joined by many experts who caution that promoting ethanol as a substitute for gasoline is environmentally misguided.” So, the ethanol deal with Brazil has EVERYTHING to do with opposing Chavez and NOTHING to do with the environment OR the economy. And do I mean by opposing Chavez? Well, it is known that Chavez wants to create a Latin American OPEC. What is less known is that CHAVEZ WANTS TO CREATE AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE WORLD BANK AND THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND.

Now consider that the agenda of the anti – Christ (and of the Council On Foreign Relations, which Bush and a lot of other leading politicians, academics, journalists, entertainers, and MINISTERS are members of or have ties to) is global economic and political centralisation (I just love how the British use “s” where we use “z”). Chavez opposes this, feeling that it would subjugate the world to a white western capitalist hegemony, and is doing his best to undermine it first by creating a “Latin American EU” and then trying to get Africa and the Middle East on board. Now to be honest, I actually did misspeak when I said “Latin American EU”, because the REAL EU supports globalisation (there I go with the British “s” for “z” again).  This despite significant opposition to globalisation in Europe on the left AND the right. Now keep in mind: there USED to be significant opposition to globalisation on the left AND right in America too. But that was before Council On Foreign Relations – backed candidates took over both parties (most significantly the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute Bushes for the Republicans and the Brookings Institution Democratic Leadership Council Clintons for the Democrats) and the media (who went on to make sure that every liberal and conservative opponent to globalisation was portrayed as a crackpot … please note that Tom Brokaw is a board member of the Council On Foreign Relations).  So, far from Christians ROOTING for a guy who persecutes Christians, we need to watch and pray, and be careful that we do not support the anti – Christ in our zeal to oppose Chavez.

There is, however, another angle at looking at this, though. Right now, Latin America and the rest of the “third world” is politically, militarily, and economically decentralised. Many of them do not want to deal with the west – especially if it means globalisation, and George W. Bush’s “debt relief” proposals demanded that they accept globalisation as a condition – and many of them could not even if they wanted to (while they do have the goal of global economic integration, nations who want to participate need to be able to meet certain conditions and criteria, or else the cost would be too great for the rich and powerful nations and corporations to bear, causing some of them –  the ones who see globalisation as a means to more wealth and power as opposed to being an end – to pull out). So, a lot of nations who mistrust/hate/fear globalisation as done by the same people who colonised and exploited them and are keeping them in poverty by manipulation of global financial and trade markets (imagine their nerve!) they would be willing to join forces with a Latin American west – baiting Marxist, and conditions for membership in his economic organizations would be minimial. For example, if you want to deal with the west, they will demand that you demonstrate political and economic stability (and the potential for economic growth) over a period of time. That is what the big banks, corporate investors, and the people who control governmental economic policy demand. The problem is: how does a third world country meet the political and economic conditions over any period of time without the support of the international economic and political communith that is required to achieve it? The only real way is with an authoritarian regime. But the problem is that the west DEMANDS that EVERYONE reject authoritarianism for “free open democratic secular societies.” In case you were wondering why virtually no one ever seems to move up from the ranks of “third world or developing countries”, this would be it. And that was why so many eastern European nations (as well as Spain, Portugal, and Turkey) were clamoring to get into the EU: it offered their only real shot at improving their lot. (What does the EU get in return? Well, letting the poor nations in – who HAVE to adopt the euro because they have NO LEVERAGE – increases the pressure on the EU nations who have not yet adopted the single EU currency to do so.)  

But the EU cannot help everybody. First, even their much more “forgiving” economic and political standards would never be met by the vast majority of the world’s poor nations. Second, a great many of the world’s poor nations hate/fear/mistrust the nations that once held them as colonies. Third: they’re the EUROPEAN Union. The Turkey thing is being entertained because they are right next to Europe and because of the whole history thing: (Turkey was part of the Roman Empire, which became the Ottoman Empire which was headquartered in Turkey, “western” Christianity owes its development as much to Turkey as it does to Rome if not more so; as a matter of fact Turkey claims that there would be no Europe had it not been for them). The EU was laying the groundwork for integrating some of their former colonies on some basis (hence the very liberal immigration policies) but was forced to abandon it due to vehement opposition (as in the kind that would have sparked large – scale riots, revolts, etc. all over Europe). It became obvious that the EU was giving up on this plan when the pilot plan, the attempt to create a trade/currency zone between France and Senegal, was ended by France in the 1990s because it was so politically unpopular. But even had it worked, there would have been a limit to how many nations the EU could have admitted or even created trade/currency zones with.

Enter Chavez. He would be able to get much of the “third world” to join his economic and political hegemony. Not only would they not have to overcome their hatred/mistrust/fear of former colonial subjugators that are still keeping them poor, those emotions (demons) would actually be a powerful incentive for them to join the alternative. Indeed, his alternative may actually appear to be their only hope. And of course, his “EU” would not have practically any economic or political requirements for membership or try to impose “open free capitalist democratic societies” on anyone. Therefore, a significant portion of the world population that can’t or won’t join the west would be able to follow Chavez.

Now, my position that this wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing is based on the presumption that Chavez’s institutions would be separate from and in opposition to the western ones, and be in contradiction with the anti – Christ goal of global economic and political domination. But for that position to be valid, we have to presume that A) Chavez isn’t actually collaborating with the western globalists behind the scenes or that B) they are just allowing Chavez to accomplish what they could never do on their own – the economic and political integration of the third world – so that they can then absorb the unified third world entity when it is done. The thing is that even IF Chavez isn’t (knowingly) working for them right now, after he gets through doing their dirty work for them, if he opposes their agenda they can always, you know, deal with that problem so that it doesn’t become a problem anymore.

The upshot of this is that since Chavez isn’t working in the Lord, all of his efforts are going to wind up helping the very people and agenda that he is fighting against down the line. What Christians should realize is that if WE do not work in the Lord, always obedient to His Commandments as laid out in the Bible, no matter our intentions our works will wind up furthering the agenda of the anti – Christ too.

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Result Of EU Expansion: France, Germany, and Britain Becoming More Powerful

Posted by Job on April 10, 2007

See link here. Which, of course, is a terrible development for Israel, especially when Blair (Britain) and Merkel (Germany) leave power. I do not think that either of the two people running to be the new Prime Minister of France will be pro – Israel either.

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