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Muslims Murder Christian In Attack On Church In Ethiopia

Posted by Job on March 23, 2008

Ethiopian Muslims Kill Worshiper in Church Attacks
Assaults with machetes nearly behead Christian, leave 23 injured. by Barbara G. Baker

ISTANBUL, Eight Muslims wielding razor-sharp machetes and knives broke into two village churches in southern Ethiopia earlier this month and began wounding worshipers, instantly killing one Christian.

Tulu Mosisa of Kale Hiwot church died after a machete blow nearly beheaded him, according to an eyewitness. Another two members of the Kale Hiwot and Birhane Wongel Baptist churches in the remote village of Nensebo Chebi both lost a hand each in the March 2 attacks, and a 5-year-old boy is still hospitalized after his arm was slashed to the bone.

A total of 23 Christians from the two congregations were injured before local militia officers drove off the attackers, who launched what one observer called “a seemingly well-planned,” simultaneous assault midway through Sunday worship services.

Located 400 kilometers (240 miles) south of the capital Addis Ababa, Nensebo Chebi is a remote village in the Bale Zone of Ethiopia’s predominantly Muslim Oromiya state, eight hours by foot from the nearest town.

Without warning, the assailants stormed into the two churches, located a half-hour’s walk apart from each other in the village. Barring all the doors and windows, they began to strike the worshippers with machetes and knives.

Survivors told a visitor to the region that the victims sustained wounds on their hands, necks, foreheads, legs, arms, shoulders and backs.

Every time the attackers struck someone, the Christian survivors said, they shouted “Allah Akbar!” The two Arabic words, meaning “Allah is greater.” are the beginning of the Muslim call to prayer.

“We were praying, and suddenly I heard people shouting ‘Allah Akbar,” said one father whose little son was critically injured in the attack.

He was then shocked to hear a deep cry from his son.

“My wife assumed our boy was dying, so she threw another son in my arms and ran out of the scene,” he said. “She was crying. It was something terrible to see it [happen to] your own child.”

With his arm now in a cast, the boy remains under hospital care.

Policeman Shot ‘by Mistake’

When one Muslim attacker in the Kale Hiwot church swung his machete at Tulu Mosisa, “it almost separated his head and neck,” an eyewitness said. “The machete blade was so sharp and shining. We had nothing in hand to protect ourselves.”

According to one of the injured Christians who spoke with district administrators three days later from his hospital bed in Awasa, 75 miles away, “When we asked why, they responded by machete.”

“I tried to cover my face, but the machete cut my hand,” he continued. “I don’t know what happened then. All of us ran around and shouted.”

Eventually members of the local militia (volunteers armed by the government to handle small incidents in their villages) arrived at the scene and started firing their guns in the air.

“But it didn’t stop them,” said one wounded Christian. Finally, he said, the militia aimed at one of the attackers, and then they fled.

The injured worshippers included a Christian policeman, who finally managed to grab one of the attackers from behind – but was then hit by gunfire.

“The policeman was almost [about] to take over the man, but he was hit by a gunshot behind his ribs,” an eyewitness told the visitor. Later the militiaman who shot the policeman claimed he had been aiming at the attacker but hit the officer by mistake.

The eyewitness said he did not believe the militia officer’s story, since he then stood by while the attacker regained his machete and slashed the downed policeman on his legs and arms.

“He himself was a Muslim with sympathy [for the attacker],” the Christian eyewitness concluded. “It was another militiaman who stopped them.”

Eight of the most seriously wounded Christians were transferred to a hospital in Awasa, while the policeman was sent for treatment at the Federal Police Referral Hospital in Addis Ababa. After the others received treatment for their injuries at a clinic in Werka, the nearest town eight hours’ walk away, they were sent back home.

None of the attackers have been identified by federal police authorities, although they reportedly have told church leaders that more than 21 suspects have been arrested in connection with the attacks.

In addition, three members of the district administration who allegedly cooperated with the assailants were reportedly taken into police custody.

According to a visitor to the region last week, the congregations of the two Nensebo churches are made up mostly of Protestant converts from Orthodoxy, “with an increasing number of converts from Islam.”

But one local church member declared, “There was no sign of Muslims preparing to attack us.”

Muslims constitute 45 percent of the population in Ethiopia, where a traditionally tolerant version of Islam has been practiced.

But according to the 2007 International Religious Freedom report from the U.S. State Department, the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council continues to express concern over “increasing external Wahhabi influence” on Ethiopia’s Muslims by “Saudi-funded entities and non-governmental organizations.”

Nensebo Chebi is situated amid the predominantly Muslim population of the Oromo tribe, near the 12th century Islamic shrine of the Dire Sheikh Hussein mosque venerated by Ethiopia’s traditional Muslims.

An account in Amharic on the Nensebo attack was reported in the current affairs weekly newspaper Addis Neger, an independent political publication.

Update: Kyle Says:
March 23, 2008 at 12:12 pm e

Obviously it was their fault. IF they only gave to TBN they would have been healthy and wealthy. IF they only had the prayer cloth from Rod Parsley they would have been protected from the machetes. If they held an event with Benny Hinn those killed would have been raised from the dead. If they gave to CBN they could have prayed and the attack would have been thwarted just like Pat Robertson prayed and turned the Hurricane away from the US coastland a few years ago. You see these people are so dirt poor and unable to protect themselves only proves Creflo Dollar is right. Heck! Creflo has a plane and body guards maybe if these poor Ethiopians had faith like that they could have been protected by their body guards and made it out safe in their Gulfstream 5.

God Bless Amerca. – Wink Wink



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Playboy’s New Facebook Site: More Evidence That Satan Is After Your Kids!

Posted by Job on August 22, 2007

See this link: Of course, the result of this will be more rapes, abortions, and violent crimes of passion – including murder – on our college campuses. Everyone will profess shock and claim to wonder why, and will come to “conclusions” that do everything but face the real issue, which is the existence of sin, man’s sin nature, and this new thing – as well as a great many others – that serve to fuel, feed upon, and magnify man’s pre – existing condition of total depravity due to original sin. And yes, modernist Christians in their attempts to explain and deal with the carnage will resort to psychology, sociology, politics, and philosophy, doing the best they can to run away from and deny the reality of sin, the existence of evil spirits, and how the gospel – the cross, baptism in the very Blood of Jesus Christ, which is what some more progressive Christians call “slaughterhouse religion”, “sadism”, “barbarism”, “cosmic child abuse” etc. – is the only freedom, deliverance, and protection from it all.

Anyone who is familiar with true Christianity – as opposed to the many politically powerful financially lucrative and publicly acceptable false manifestations of it – knows that a bunch of 18 to 22 year old boys and girls spending hours a day trading amongst themselves explicit images and pornographic fantasies will very quickly become twisted mentally, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and even physically, and what will be performing the twisting of these vulnerable members of the population will be demon spirits. And anyone who is familiar with our modern college campuses – even those at our elite campuses and Christian denomination run or affiliated institutions – knows that there will be able motivation and opportunity for twisted individuals to behave in a twisted manner towards other people. The human targets of their twisted acts will include the innocent, the not – so – innocent, and others as consenting, guilty, and twisted as they. I am not only talking about rape and child molestation – the vast majority of said crimes go unreported – but a culture of sexual manipulation and exploitation that dehumanizes both the victim and the victimizer.

And why is Playboy unleashing their massive resources and their powerful and very socially acceptable brand name on our young people in college? Simple: money! The love of which is the root of all evil. So many Christians worship the false idol of mammon that they are unwilling or unable to recognize it and stand against it when they see it! If you preach a perverted gospel that teaches people that God rewards you with riches because of either your piety or the country or family that you were born in, how are you going to stand against this? If you teach people that if given enough tax revenue the government can cure poverty and other social ills, how can you stand against this? The same thing that so many Christians are putting their trust in is behind the plot to twist and pervert the next generation of college kids. These very same people will go on to be the leaders of this nation and go on to persecute the poor and the underclass as a result of their perversions!

This is coming. You have been warned. The question is: are you on the Lord’s side so that you can be protected from it and fight against it? Are you for God or for His enemies? If you are unsure about the answer to this question, then you need to follow The Three Step Salvation Plan right now!

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Churches Protect Rapist Preachers While Ignoring Victims

Posted by Job on August 10, 2007

Read it all here: Pulpit Sex Pimps Get “Forgiveness” From Their Followers, While Their Victims Get Ignored!

It includes this link: Black churches protect predators while neglecting victims

This one: The Pile of Mess Under the Feet of Earl Paulk Grows. Even His Granddaughter is an Accuser. And Clarence E. McClendon is Named in the Scandal.

And this one: Gerald Griffith Gets 15 Years for Child Sex Abuse!
Still more proof that we ALL need Jesus Christ as our personal saviors, and that God alone can save us. If you have not already accepted Jesus Christ as your LORD and SAVIOR, follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!

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Abortion Clinic Caught Breaking Statutory Rape Reporting Laws

Posted by Job on May 14, 2007

Of course, some would call this entrapment. But the same people who would complain about things like this have NO PROBLEM with people sending phony job seekers on interviews so that they can file discrimination complaints if they are not hired. Now while I actually agree that a lot of these employment and discrimination hunters did great work exposing racists and punishing and preventing discrimination, a lot of the situations that resulted in lawsuits with employers were murky. But with the abortion industry, we KNOW that rather than “helping a woman make a painful medical decision” they are pressuring women into getting abortion, and that they feel that it is better for a teenage girl to “dispose of the problem” than it is to get her to report a statutory rape case to law enforcement. Why? The “sexual freedom” thing. That is the reason why they support abortion in the first place: so that a woman’s (or girl’s) sexual choices are unencumbered. If teenage girls were required to make their sexual choices known to law enforcement, it would inhibit their ability to act on their desire to have sex with grown men. Therefore, they encourage the ABORTION to encourage the BEHAVIOUR.  Now of course pro – abortion crowd will claim that the real motivation of the pro – life movement is actually to restrict female sexual behavior, and that our belief that it is murder was invented. Of course, they ignore that a person ought to be allowed to have sex with whomever they pleased with no consequences whatsoever is a similar invention, and a far more recent one, especially when one considers that feminists were once stridently pro – life. Such people provide absolutely no evidence that people historically believed that life began at birth, and that it was perfectly fine and moral to end pregnancies. As a matter of fact, there is not even very much evidence that very many people regard life as beginning at birth in contexts outside of abortion! Come on, when was the last time you heard a pregnant woman say “my fetus” instead of “my child” or “my baby”? So people, do not be deceived: it is not a question of when life begins, or whether someone should be forced to become a parent if they do not want to, or stopping women from entering the workforce. It is all about defending a woman’s right to indulge her sexual appetites however she chooses. And if you doubt that this is a big issue for the left, please realize that an UTTERLY RACIST episode of the ABC TV series “Commander In Chief” depicted a female President (played by Geena Davis) threatening to invade Nigeria to stop a fornicator from being executed under shari’a law. Her character actually states during the show “If you think I’m going to sit by while a woman is executed, tortured, for having sex, you’re sorely mistaken.” So, if these people are willing to go to war to defend “sexual freedom”, of course they are willing to kill babies in the womb for the same reason.

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Do Not Rape Women With Your Eyes

Posted by Job on April 29, 2007

Job 31:1 – I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid? Matthew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

Are you the sort who loves to look at the ladies? Like to eye them when they are walking down the street? Size them up when you approach them? Check them out when they are your coworkers, classmates, or in some cases family members? Well fellows, let me be the one to tell you to quit it. First off, please reference the Bible verses above. Second: if no one has told you before let me be the first – WOMEN HATE IT! Do not fool yourself into thinking that they do not notice. The woman that you are sizing up sees you. The woman that you are with (your wife or girlfriend, your sister or mother, your boss or coworker, etc.) sees you. And all the other women see you. They know who you are looking at. They know what body part you are looking at. They know which body parts you look at longest. They can tell based on your facial expressions and bodily reactions (none of which you can control or are even conscious of) the level of approval (or disapproval) of the woman that you are sexually evaluating, why you approve or disapprove of her, and in many cases what you would do with her if you had the chance. Of course, it is already obvious that God knows. But it appears that you may not care so much about what God thinks, since you know what is written in the Bible regarding looking sexually and desiringly at women that are not your wife. You know what consequences the Bible gave with such cases as Jacob’s daughter Tamar (rape and mass murder), David’s daughter (raped by Amnon, resulting in the death of Amnon and a failed coup by Absalom ending in his own death), David and Bathsheba (rape, murder, and a curse on his house), and Solomon (idolatry and the division of Israel), and you know that it is sin. So, even if you lack regard for God in this matter, perhaps you will regard the effects that your actions have on women.

Again, women see guys looking at them and they hate it. Why don’t they do something about it? Well in practice, what can they do? They are surrounded by men in a male – dominated society. So, women are forced to take it as a fact of life. Even the women who wind up courting such attention either do so because they are socialized into this sinful system, or merely out of resignation. Women see being looked at like a piece of meat several times daily as being as much a part of life as is death and taxes. Who likes paying taxes, and (apart from spiritual concerns) who wants to die? The answer is virtually no normal person. 

And, yes, that brings us to the abnormal case of women who actually want to be viewed as sex objects and court such attention. In the vast majority of cases, these women are psychologically and emotionally damaged, which opens the door for spiritual damage. These women are very often dealing with issues regarding low self – esteem, rejection, and rebellion. Some are even using their sexuality as a defense mechanism; a weapon to “fight back against” and control men. And yes, in a frightening number of cases, this is the result of women who have experienced abuse or neglect at some point in their lives, including but not limited to rape and molestation by fathers and other male family members. So, please realize that when you encounter a woman whose dress and behavior is that of one who not only welcomes but appreciates your looking at her body, please realize that in so many cases you are actually profiting from the results of someone who has harmed this woman by sinning against her, and making her condition worse with your own sin. Women who are in this state need to be encouraged to fill the hole that is in their heart with the love and joy of God, not the lusts of the world.

Even women who are not suffering from spiritual wounds often wind up “playing along” because they ultimately wind up conforming to the world. No one wants to be an outcast, no one wants to swim against the tide and be battered by it. But please realize how different our culture is from even a couple of generations ago: you now have preteen girls walking around today wearing what even prostitutes would have hardly worn in public in the 1940s. Ultimately, it is the women who have suffered damage who wind up driving the whole thing. Please read the backgrounds of female celebrities: your actresses, singers, and what not, and see how many have been raped, molested, or have had terrible family relations, especially with their fathers. Those are generally the ones who show very little inhibitions on stage and screen. The non – celebrity women and girls with similar damage emulate them, making it “cool.” And because it is “cool”, pretty much all women who have not rejected the world will follow after it. So, you have normal girls who really have no desire to be stared at by men dressing like women who have an unnatural need for men to stare at and approve of their bodies because they grew up being abused and neglected by men. So, “normal” women wind up being turned into flesh billboards by the same culture of lust and exploitation. But this is the result: after only a little while of walking around leaving little to the imagination and receiving stares (or the lack thereof) from men, they won’t be “normal” anymore. Because of this unwanted attention, they will wind up hating and fearing men.

Some men justify their behavior because of the actions of some women (again, usually spiritually damaged) or just as foolishly because of the actions of very nearly all women in certain situations (i.e. at the beach or in nightclubs or at parties) but the truth is that the man is personally responsible for his sin. Satan is the great justifier, and it is very easy to use the lies of demons to justify openly rebelling against God’s Word and showing open disrespect to all women (especially your spouse) so that you can satisfy your flesh by staring at some woman or girl who is obviously troubled, and thereby arousing the natural competitive instincts in non – troubled (or much less – troubled) women and girls to get some of that attention for themselves. It actually gets so bad that many married women will go out and change their hairstyles, buy more sexually provocative clothing, and get risky, painful, and expensive plastic surgery in order to get their husbands to look at them rather than at other women (or their pornographic images, and yes, that does include the softcore variety). Now of course, this does not guarantee that the husband will pay more attention, but it WILL guarantee that other men will. And of course, when some 12 year old girl desperate for a “boyfriend” because she is lonely because her parents are spending more time working and pursuing their vanities than bringing her up in the Lord sees all the men and boys looking at some 40 year old woman that has been married for 20 years and has kids older than her that has now taken to dressing like some rock music video vixen, well guess who has just found a role model! And when she gets her “boyfriend” by doing such a thing, guess who is going to be the role model for all of the other girls who want attention or status at her school?

At some point, Christian men need to stop enjoying the sins of this corrupt world and start realizing that everything that is in the Bible is there for a reason. The current condition of the culture is doing nothing but creating more and more victims out of women AND men. Do we want to contribute to more and more girls getting raped, molested, and abused? Do you want to add to the mental, emotional, and spiritual problems of so many women? Do you want to increase the needless tension in your marriage? And for those of you with daughters … ever wonder what your staring down every skirt that crosses your path EVEN IN CHURCH makes her think of you? Of men? Of the God that she calls her Father? (No wonder paganism and other religious movements – including some in the Christian church – that offer women the chance to worship feminine “gods” is gaining so much popularity.) Men of God, sin has consequences, and that includes something that seems so harmless and is so publicly accepted – even rewarded – as the roving eye. Well, remember: Eve had the roving eye too in the Garden of Eden … the lust of the eyes as a matter of fact, and it helped cause the fall of man. Therefore, Christian men today need to consider all of the things that THEY may be destroying with their eyes, and therefore run away from this manner of temptation; to resist the devil so that he will flee from them.

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Chin Activist Testifies at UN on State-Sponsored Rape in Burma

Posted by Job on April 20, 2007

Note that this woman came to New York and spoke of mass rapes by an authoritarian military regime, and it received no media coverage whatsoever. More evidence still that the media hates Christians, and is actually in on our persecution.

A young Chin woman activist from Burma spoke today at a United Nations conference in New York, on state-sanctioned rape in Burma.

Cheery Zahau, Co-ordinator of the Women’s League of Chinland, presented evidence of the widespread, systematic use of rape by the Burma Army throughout the country. She referred to past reports of the use of rape in Shan, Karen, Karenni and Mon states, and presented fresh evidence of rape in Chin State.

She highlighted 38 cases of rape by the Burma Army against Chin women, five of which involved girls under the age of 18, including a victim of 12 years of age. Almost half were gang-rapes.

“Often the rapes have been carried out with extreme brutality and in some cases they resulted in the death of the victim. In one case, a woman was stripped naked and hung on a cross, in a deliberate act of mockery against her Christian religion,” said Cheery Zahau. “This indicates that sexual violence is being deliberately used as a weapon to torture and terrorize local ethnic populations into submission.”

“There is a collective understanding among the troops that they can rape with impunity,” she continued. “About a third of the rapes were committed by officers, sometimes in their own army camps.”

The conference was organised by the US-UN Office, at the 51st session of the Commission on the Status of Women. Cheery Zahau urged the United Nations Security Council to continue to address the crisis in Burma, and called on China and Russia to reconsider their position and support a resolution on Burma, which they vetoed in January. She urged India to reconsider its policies of economic and military engagement with the Burmese regime.

“We are convinced that only genuine political change to democracy, restoration of the rule of law, establishment of a civilian government through free and fair elections, and a withdrawal of Burma Army troops from ethnic areas will bring an end to the systematic sexual violence in Burma,” said Cheery Zahau.

Mervyn Thomas, Chief Executive of Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) said: “We are delighted that Cheery Zahau was chosen to speak at this conference. We stand fully behind her and other such brave activists who are involved in the difficult and dangerous work of documenting gross violations of human rights, and informing the world.

“The Chin people are among the most forgotten people in the world, and we will do all we can to raise awareness of their plight. The grotesque use of rape as a weapon of war by the regime in Burma must be brought to an end.”

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Burma Army Launches Fresh Attacks Against Karen Civilians

Posted by Job on April 20, 2007

The Burma Army has launched fresh attacks against villages in northern Papun District, Karen State in recent days, killing at least three people and displacing more than 1,000, reports Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW). On March 20, Burma Army troops attacked Tha Da Der and Hta Kaw To Baw villages, causing more than 400 civilians to flee into hiding.

On March 18, villages in Toungoo District were shelled, and on March 15 troops from Burma Army Infantry Battalions 379 and 380 attacked Saw Ka Der in southern Mon Township, causing at least 600 villagers to flee into the jungle. According to the Free Burma Rangers, “These are the most recent examples of increased Burma Army activity throughout the three northern districts of Karen State: since the end of February it has launched multiple attacks in villages, boosting supplies to its camps, increasing its use of forced labour and severely restricting the movement of people in villages under its control.”

On February 21, troops from Burma Army Light Infantry Battalion 590 killed two Karen men, Saw Echo Win Naing from Paw Pi Der village and Saw San Myint from Htee Htaw Loh, close to the Shwegyin River. Three days later, troops from Light Infantry Battalion 378 shot and killed 22 year-old Saw Mah Sha Htoo, a student, and wounded his brother Saw Hser Nay Say as they were returning home from buying rice. The Free Burma Rangers report that villages in the area are running low on rice supplies, and are facing increasing extortion and demands for forced labour. Christian Solidarity Worldwide’s National Director, Stuart Windsor, said: “These reports reach us almost daily. The situation in Karen State, and in other parts of Burma, is desperate. We would urge the European Union to strengthen the Common Position on Burma, when it is reviewed next month, in order to send the regime a strong, clear message that its current behaviour – the killing, the rape, the torture – cannot go on.”

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Burmese Christian Woman Raped, Stripped Naked, Tied To A Cross

Posted by Job on April 20, 2007

A new report documenting the use of rape against ethnic women in Burma was launched this week, as the country’s regime marked “Armed Forces Day”.

Unsafe State: State-sanctioned sexual violence against Chin women in Burma, published by the Women’s League of Chinland, documents 38 cases of sexual violence committed with impunity by the Burma Army throughout Chin State – located in western Burma near the border with India. Almost half the cases documented were gang rapes, and at least a third were committed by officers. Sexual violence is typically accompanied by extreme brutality, including severe torture and murder. One woman was stripped naked and tied to a cross, in “a savage act of mockery against her Christian beliefs”, the report claims.

“These horrors are being sanctioned by the state in Burma,” said Cheery Zahau, a spokesperson for the Women’s League of Chinland. “How can the civilised world accept this junta among their ranks? And how can countries like India and China be arming these rapists?” The Burma Army has quadrupled its military presence in Chin State in recent years, and the militarisation is expected to increase further if plans go ahead to export natural gas from the Burmese coast by pipeline through Chin State to India. Stuart Windsor, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) National Director, said: “The Chin people are among the most forgotten people in the world, and their suffering is horrendous. The use of rape, accompanied by religious persecution and forced labour, should not be tolerated. It is time for the international community to act.”

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Abstinence Classes Don’t Halt Sex? And “Comprehensive Sex Education” Does?

Posted by Job on April 14, 2007

See this link. I am not the least bit surprised that “abstinence education” does not prevent fornication. Fornication is sin, and the only thing that conquers sin is the gospel. Teaching “values” and “morals” apart from Yeshua HaMashiach does more harm than good, and if you have any doubts concerning that, please rent or buy “The TimeChanger“, the movie that turned me aside from the religious right. Their agenda to use government to impose godless legalism (and even then on a selective and hypocritical basis using their own cultural biases as a guide rather than the Bible) by changing laws because it allows them to avoid preaching the gospel to change hearts fills Satan’s heart with glee! But hey, stuff like this happens when Christians love the world so much that they are willing to abandon the gospel for it. But what is the issue here is the galling hypocrisy of the forces of anti – Christ. In what way? COMPREHENSIVE SEX EDUCATION DOESN’T PREVENT SEX EITHER! As a matter of fact, it doesn’t prevent ANYTHING. It doesn’t prevent teen pregnancy, it doesn’t prevent venereal disease, it doesn’t prevent rape, child molestation, or sexual exploitation, it doesn’t prevent any of that. How do I know this? BECAUSE IN THE DECADES SINCE SEX EDUCATION WAS FIRST INTRODUCED IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS, ALL OF THOSE THINGS HAVE SKYROCKETED! So what about all those “studies” that claim that comprehensive sex education has “been scientifically proven to work”? Well they are LYING! Is anyone surprised when demons and people who are given over to them LIE? Why? Demons are LIARS, and everyone who allows demons to speak through and use them are LIARS! Check out this reply to a comment to a post on the evil hypocrisy of abortion; someone claiming that making abortion illegal will increase the number of child molesters and serial killers when there were FAR FEWER CRIMINALS ON THE STREETS AND IN OUR JAILS AND THE CRIMES MUCH LESS DEPRAVED BEFORE ABORTION WAS LEGALIZED. Sex education was first introduced decades ago in HIGH SCHOOL because A SMALL BUT RISING PERCENTAGE OF HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR AND SENIOR GIRLS WERE GETTING PREGNANT. Now, NOT ONLY DOES  FORTY PERCENT OF WHITES AND SIXTY THREE PERCENT OF NONWHITES GET PREGNANT BY AGE TWENTY, BUT THEY ARE ACTUALLY LOBBYING TO START SEX EDUCATION AS EARLY AS FIRST GRADE BECAUSE NOW NINE AND TEN YEAR OLDS ARE GETTING PREGNANT! FROM 1960 TO 1990, THE OUT OF WEDLOCK BIRTHRATE ROSE FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT! And that is just the BIRTHS. ONE THIRD OF ALL TEEN PREGNANCIES END IN ABORTION.

And of course, that is just pregnancies. This link shows the SKYROCKETING INCREASE in sexually transmitted disease that no one wants to talk about. This link says that ADOLESCENTS HAVE THE HIGHEST SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE RATE OF ANY AGE GROUP! So why do these people continue to LIE and claim that comprehensive sex education works WHEN EVERY STATISTICAL INDICATOR SAYS OTHERWISE? Well, because THEIR ENTIRE GOAL IS PROMOTING FORNICATION! You doubt? See this link from the “Secular Coalition For America.” Here is a link to a great article that makes the SHOCKING ACCUSATION that “Opposition groups continue to claim that marriage benefits individuals, children, and society“! Abstinence education opposes the satanic goal of using sexual immorality to destabilize families and societies. That is why it cannot be suffered EVEN IF IT DOES NOT WORK. And that is also why they cannot just leave well enough alone and agree not to have EITHER abstinence education OR comprehensive sex education, and allow the other pro – fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and promiscuity forces do their job. They HAVE to push this agenda in our schools, medical facilities, and (yes) churches in order to pervert and corrupt as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

But do not be deceived by right wing politics, Christians. Abstinence education does not work, because you can’t fight sin with politics, culture, and “values.” The only thing that overcomes sin is the Power, Blood, and Love of Yeshua HaMashiach, and THAT is what Christians ought to be using. Technorati Tag: ,

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Ethiopian Evangelist Murdered By Muslim Extremists Inside Mosque

Posted by Job on April 6, 2007

See link here. It is more details on the tragic death of Tedase. Of course, Saudi Arabia, our “ally” because of oil, is behind this. Then again, where is the “no blood for oil” people now? They could care less when Christians get killed as usual. And again, no mention of this persecution in the media. But if it had been an abortion clinic or gay nightclub getting bombed even if no one was in there to get injured, it would make international news as a human rights violation.

Now keep in mind that Ezekiel prophecies that African nations will be counted among those that attack Israel. Do you like your prophecies literal or allegorical, Christians? Since Africa appears to be falling to the Muslims thanks in no small part to the refusal of western Christians to advocate for them in any least way (including the “African American” Christians), it looks as if the capacity for the literal fulfillment of that prophecy may be less than ten years off. Father YHVH, please stretch forth Your hand to defend the queen of the south that she might again prosper in the faith. Please, Lord, overcome all of her enemies, deliver her in this time of tribulation, and cause more still to be converted from Islam into Christianity in Ethiopia and all over the world. May this not cause evangelists in Ethiopia and elsewhere to withhold the gospel, but may it cause them to preach it. Please, Lord, may the leaders in Ethiopia protect the people and bring order to that nation, and please raise up new leaders in that nation who will do Thy Will. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, amen.

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Baptist Youth Minister Arrested On Child Molestation Charges

Posted by Job on April 5, 2007

See link here.  One has to wonder: have these sex scandals in the church always been going on, or are the police and media only finding it expedient to do something about them now? I say that it is a combination of both.

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Praying For Hollywood Versus Boycotting Them Redux

Posted by Job on March 28, 2007

I put up a post yesterday in which Christians who work in Hollywood urged us to pray for Hollywood rather than boycott them. At the time, I endorsed the idea. But now, I see this column about how ,  A MAN WHO WAS CONVICTED FOR MOLESTING A TWELVE YEAR OLD BOY HAS BEEN HIRED TO DIRECT TWO MOVIES SINCE THEN, WITH THE PRODUCERS AND STUDIOS WHO HIRED HIM ALL CLAIMING NOT TO KNOW ABOUT HIS PAST! There’s more: both movies promote the New Age religion, both JUST HAPPEN to star and center around TEENAGE BOYS, and both movies performed absolutely terribly at the box office. But Hollywood is so intent on promoting the New Age message of a child molester that they are RE – RELEASING THE SECOND MOVIE AND PROMOTING IT BY GIVING AWAY $14 MILLION IN FREE TICKETS! And they also mentioned in this article , who drugged and raped a 13 year old, fled the country, AND WAS LATER GIVEN AN ACADEMY AWARD! So let me just say this: if any of you feel like accepting the plea of Hollywood Christians to pray for them and the industry, now you know EXACTLY the type of demons that you are up against. They give a child molester $14 million to make a movie about New Age and no one says a peep, but Fox starts financing movies for the Christian ghetto – excuse me – the Christian market for as little as $5 million in production and promotion costs (less than what it costs to make a single episode in some TV series) and they actually have to defend themselves for it by falling over themselves to declare “we are not out to proselytize”! And by the way,  how much was spent on that Scientology flop “Battlefield Earth” that ended John Travolta’s career? (Yes, the same Travolta who desecrated Christianity in the film “Michael”; you better believe that when Travolta and these people – save they repent – meet the REAL archangel Michael they will quickly see the error of their ways.)  And the Matrix movies, which were commercials for gnosticism, New Age, and Buddhism? I wonder how many Christians worked on those films … anyway, for all of you who want to pray for Hollywood rather than not support anti – Christ films with your hard earned time and money (and not to mention exposing your children to the works of a New Age – promoting homosexual child rapist), these are just SOME of the MANY prayer points for you. The worst part of this is how the mainstream media knows what a sewer Hollywood and the music industry are, and they never report it, and when Christians and right wing politicians talk about it JUST A LITTLE BIT, they LIE and claim that it isn’t true, that the Christians and right wingers are “demonizing Hollywood to scare people away from real issues” and “dividing the country along cultural lines.” Then again, I think that it is fair to point out that so many of these politicians, preachers, Hollywood types, and media types are merely bought – and – paid – for Council on Foreign Relations anyway, so maybe they are all in the game to pollute your mind and make it hostile to Christianity. That certainly is true of Rupert Murdoch and Fox; though he pretends to be a friend of Christian conservatives, he is actually one of the biggest pornographers on the globe; his DirectTV empire would go broke were it not for all of the X – rated channels and pay – per – view offerings. It could be said that the money being used to finance the FoxFaith deal comes from the pornography addicts who watch DirecTV. Well enough about all that. Go ahead and pray for Hollywood and the Christians therein, fellow Christians, if you are led by the Holy Spirit to do so.

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Posted by Job on March 19, 2007

Some people claim that the place where Satan is most active is the church. These sad cases of not so much the existence of child sexual abuse by members of church staffs BUT HOW THE CHURCHES HANDLED THEM would tend to be evidence to support that claim. Further evidence that we Protestants should refrain from pointing the finger at Catholics. Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please heal the victims of these abusers, and bring everyone who had a role in committing and concealing these crimes to justice. Please Lord may the spirit of truth reign in all of our churches, so this tolerance for all manners of sin and evil will cease, and we will stop protecting sinners and concealing sin that is committed by church members and leaders. Amen.

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