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Endtimes Alert: Doctor Gives 9 Year Olds Sex Changes. And They Say Evil Spirits Are Not Real?

Posted by Job on April 21, 2008

See link here.

Genesis 6:5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Luke 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

A liberal Christian came by about a year ago to challenge me as to whether corporate industrial pollution was responsible for the increase in homosexuality – especially among children – by messing with their hormones (see link here). My response to him? COULD BE! Whether corporate greed drives sexual perversion, or whether sexual perversion drives corporate greed (pornography IS a multi – billion dollar business, and that does not even include the things that aren’t counted as pornography but should be, so where there is a demand mammon will meet it). But now here is the evidence that sexual perversion is deeply embedded into our culture and being normalized:

CHILDREN HAVE CUT themselves. In some cases, 9- or 10-year-old kids have staged suicide attempts. The little boys sob unless they’re allowed to wear dresses. The girls want to be called Luke, Ted, or James. Their parents, desperate to know what is wrong, go online and type “gender disorder.” And what they find is that, even now, decades after doctors performed the first sex changes in America, there’s little help for transgender children. 

There is more.

IDEAS: When are children old enough to declare what gender they will be?

SPACK: All I know is that when I see preadolescents, they have been dressing in the underwear of the other sex for years. These kids are almost certainly transgendered.

And they say evil spirits are not real? We are not just talking about the evil spirits in the children, but rather from the ADULTS that accommodate this vile wickedness, this abuse of God’s creation. This is the key part: the article says that pre – adolescents have been exhibiting this behavior for years. Pre – adolescent means pre – teen, which equates to 10 – 12. So if a 10 year old has been doing this for years, it means since 6, or 4. That is before a child has had any meaningful exposure to the culture: schools, movies and television, etc. So then, how is it that these children have been turned so perverse so early? Child molestation is an easy answer, but too easy. You may want to blame parental neglect due to so many households in which women work – especially households led by single mothers – but that is a class based argument, not a spiritual one, for many of our lower income and minority communities have always seen high percentages of working mothers and single mothers without anything like these sorts of problems. And please realize that the article talks about how this fellow learned these techniques from the oh so progressive Dutch who lack some of our social problems (instead having entirely different ones that the American media rarely speaks of). 

I think that an answer may be found in studying the state of Old Testament Israel. Regrettably I do not have a link at hand, but in one of his messages in The Minor Prophets series, Ronald Dart of Born To Win spoke of King Josiah’s efforts to spiritually rescue Israel, and gave the opinion that sometimes a nation’s apostasy has gone on so long and is so deeply embedded into the culture that it cannot be saved. Dart spoke of Israel then with their idolatry, sexual perversion (including child prostitution) and murder of the innocent (including child sacrifice) and compared it with the evils of contemporary America, making the conjecture that America had itself crossed its spiritual Rubicon into irrecoverable corruption and apostasy. So, God destroyed Israel, leaving it utterly desolate, so that the land could rest from the abominations of the people. Why? Well, God still had plans for the land … for His Son to be born into it. But Israel had so corrupted the land that God intended to be holy and set apart for the purposes of Jesus Christ that it had to be cleansed through desolation. 

Think back thousands of years earlier, Sodom and Gomorrah. The place was filled with sexual immorality and violence, so God overthrew it. And think back quite a time earlier, in the primordial period just before the flood. The whole world was filled with violence and other evils, including the giants in the land, the nephilim about which there has been so much speculation. But in all of these instances, the Word of God records that the very land itself had become corrupted with sin. Not just the people. Not just the cultural traditions, perverted religions, and public institutions of government, military, and commerce. And not just the animals (which the Bible makes clear can be corrupted, not only through God declaring everything that had breath of life corrupt and having to be destroyed in the flood and the evil spirits entering the swine when Jesus Christ cast them out of a man, but when God often warned the children of Israel not to keep or sacrifice to Him the cattle and sheep of pagan nations, but instead to destroy them all along with the people!), but the very land itself!

Now I will grant you, there is some ambiguity or flexibility as to what precisely the term “land” means in various contexts in the Bible, but in this instance we can be reasonably certain that it is strongly correlated with the geography of a nation itself. So if the land is polluted by what the people living in the land are doing, then in what manner is this pollution? If it is not a horde of evil spirits attracted to an area by repulsive sinful conduct of the worst manner, I do not know what is. And there is no worse sin than that of the person who has knowledge of God or professes God but rejects God. Yet that was what happened with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and mankind falling into sin and the entire creation being corrupted with it was the result. Romans 1:18-32 makes it clear that many in the world knew of God during the primordial period. And then you had the apostasy of Israel, God’s elect nation of stiff – necked people. Now I reject dominion and official theology, America is not the new Israel. But still, how can we not compare the wretched conduct of so many people who claim to believe in God to that of biblical Israel, of Sodom and Gomorrah, or of the cosmos before the flood? So if we are indeed a land corrupted by sin, with what is the resulting corruption? From my humble estimation, it can be nothing else but evil spirits that have such reign over the land that they can now enter into children of very young ages – ages before both Jewish and Christian doctrine claims that they can possess any responsibility for sin – and fill them with thoughts and provoke them to behaviors that are not convenient even without those children personally having been exposed to external sources of wickedness on that scale.

So we can suppose, then, that the effects of God ridding a corrupted land from its people so that it can rest as He did with Israel, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the entire world with the flood can be viewed in terms of Matthew 12:43-45, which reads “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.” Get rid of all the people, and there is nowhere for these unclean spirits walking through dry places to find rest, and nowhere for him to bring the seven spirits more wicked than he. It would honestly appear that with the grotesque abominations that are now not only commonplace and accepted but DEMANDED by our contemporary society that America as a nation is that wicked generation that is in that last state. The only question is whether it applies just to America, as it did to Israel in the time and place that Jesus Christ was speaking (as the nation of Israel was destroyed in 70 A.D.) or does it apply to the whole world? Is this the beginning of sorrows for the earth, or just for America? After all, nations have come and nations have gone! Remember the mighty civilization that the Aztecs built? Yet the conquistadors overthrew it all! So … time will tell. 

I acknowledge that during the short time (a little over a year) since I started this website, I have gone from (disillusioned) Pentecostal to a more Reformed Christianity, but people, evil spirits are real, and Reformed Christians have to come up with a way to deal with these problems through evangelism and ministry programs so that we can redeem God’s children from the clutches of the enemy. That is one of the reasons why I have yet to remove the spiritual warfare materials from the top (also to the side) of the site: it is mostly from the charismatic perspective – with due respect to the Baptist Frank Hammond – but really what else is there?  

From another perspective, this type of evil shows how perversion is taking over the world. Not only is it happening virtually unchecked, but it is the people that say that it is wrong that would face opposition. Suppose you and I were to go to Boston right now with picket signs and bullhorns in front of this fellow’s office, declaring to the world the abomination that it is. (Of course, some would propose that quietly talking to people and handing out gospel tracts would be a more effective and more Christian way of dealing with this evil than publicity – seeking grandstanding, but consider the question anyway.) The news media, the intellectuals (of which there is no shortage of in Boston) and even many clergy would denounce such an effort as hateful, bigoted, intolerant, etc. and before long there would be hate crimes legislation against it, with news footage of Christians yelling and swinging signs at crying confused children, it would be a political watershed moment for the gay rights community, their Selma. Yet a mere 40 years ago, such an establishment working this type of evil against children would have been burned to the ground!

It has to be spiritual. Satan knows that he has but a short time, so the forces of spiritual wickedness are being unleashed upon the earth in a way like never before, and it will build until the return of Jesus Christ. The moral climate, the economic climate, the wars and diseases, the apostasy of the church … it all adds up to one thing: the fulfillment of the things spoken of in Daniel, Ezekiel, the Olivet discourses of Jesus Christ in the gospels, Revelation, etc. And yes, the apostasy of the church is a clear indication. How can these things be going on in a nation that claims to be over 75% Christian (if not higher) without a single hint of righteous outrage? Without armies of Christians motivated to action? It is as if a spiritual cloud of fear, defeat, blindness, pacifism, and accommodation is hanging over the church. And so many are that are fighting are doing it the wrong way: through electoral politics and in the courts. Were John Edwards and George Whitefield about today, what would they say about us? And better yet: how come WE are not doing what John Edwards and George Whitefield did? And yes, I include myself among the number of those that really are not doing nearly enough for the gospel. I have to do more. We ALL have to do more!

Jesus Christ is coming back soon, Christians. And when He does, what will you say if He asks you why didn’t you do anything to help, defend, and advocate for His little children such as these?

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Demon Of The Day: The Jezebel Spirit

Posted by Job on March 6, 2008

It has been awhile since I contributed to this series, I really need to get back to it! Actually, even this is not something that I produced myself, but rather a most excellent creation of the website Heaven Awaits. Please read this and use its techniques Christian spiritual warriors!

This is how it opens: In the Bible, Jezebel was a powerful, wicked queen, and wife of a passive king called Ahab. She was a false prophetess who worshiped the false god, Baal. Baal was the god of prosperity, god of the harvests, god of fertility and sex. (Does this sound like some of the modern day gospels that some people preach?)

There is literally a song that was very popular on gospel radio a couple of years ago, part of the exploding market for gospel prosperity/Word of Faith songs (think Israel Houghton and New Breed) that went “you are lord of the harvest and I worship you today!” Of course, going with the current modern strategy of maximizing airplay on even GOSPEL radio stations (a great many of whom are owned by the Radio One conglomerate, the same concern that is pretty much wiping out locally owned gospel stations by buying them up, and even local programming with their syndicated shows featuring major go$pel arti$t$) of not being OFFENSIVE to commercial sensibilities by mentioning the Name of Jesus Christ, it is impossible to tell WHICH “lord of the harvest” the song is intended towards. Of course, the purpose of this song is not to worship a singular sovereign One God for creation and eternal salvation, but to beg an unspecified deity for MONEY! So please continue below:

Identify and remove the Jezebel spirit

Also, please view a related essay:


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Demon Of The Day: Asceticism

Posted by Job on July 17, 2007

Asceticism: the voluntary practice of austere self-denial of physical and psychological desires in order to achieve a spiritual goal. It is a common practice of pagan religions, including but not limited to Hinduism. (The earliest known practitioners of this were the jain Buddhists, whose beliefs Martin Luther King, Jr. appropriated to create his philosophy of nonviolent political resistance, and Essene Jews (who mixed Judaism with Buddhism), which tries to claim Jesus Christ on the grounds that He never married … so the Da Vinci Code gnostics claim that the Bible is untrue because He did marry, and the Essene eastern religionists claim that the Bible is untrue because He did not.) Some more contemporary practitioners of asceticism are the Hare Krishnas and the the followers of Sun Myung Moon (whose cult has given many leaders of the religious right a lot of money, and many of whom are still affiliated with him through political money laundering operations such as the Center For National Policy).

Asceticism is a temptation for Christians, who mistake it for pietism (which I do not advocate, but I acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with it). But there are two distinctions. First: with asceticism, the emphasis is on the ritual denial, the works of the flesh, with the belief that one becomes more holy, spiritually powerful, virtuous, or closer or more acceptable to God by doing them. Second, where pietism is an extreme devotion to keeping the things that God gave to us (again, without losing sight of the God that gave them to us) to keep, asceticists renounce things that God has not commanded them to. Or they may renounce things out of proportion to what commanded them. Or they may view the abstention as playing a different role in their spiritual lives than it was originally intended.

I shall start with the most obvious example in erstwhile Christianity: the Catholic tradition of ritual celibacy. God simply did not institute systemic celibacy for His ministers – or for anyone else for that matter. However, Protestants are not immune. To tell the truth, it may be a bigger problem in Protestantism. Where asceticism is required of Catholic clergy, with the lay members it appears to be not much of a problem in large part because even the most devout Catholics largely do as their told and the church does not require this.

But it is some forms of Protestantism that tempts the Christian with asceticism, causing people in these movements to think that God will bless them with healing, monetary gain, spiritual gifts, or whatever their wounded souls need or desire in reward for ritual abstention. In this manner Christianity is like little else: people will do whatever they can to get something that they want. Of course, their “reward” will be an evil spirit that appears for a time to give them what they are seeking, and the asceticism spirit operating within them will compel them to continue in their extreme ritualism desire even when they want to stop.

Another way this becomes an issue with Christianity was hinted at with the Martin Luther King, Jr. reference: syncretism. Consider that the Greeks associated the term broadly with exercise, and it was practiced by soldiers and athletes. Later, the Greek philosophers began practicing asceticism in the belief that it would benefit (strengthen and purify) them spiritually as well as physically. So the mixing of Christianity with New Age, eastern religions, etc. with things such as “Yahweh yoga”, “Christian meditation”, “contemplative prayer”, etc. can draw a Christian into some of the other practices of those religions, and cause such Christians to try to fill a real spiritual void or deficiency that they have (which probably motivated them to depart from sound practice to begin with only to get worse after they did) to decide that the way to improve themselves spiritually and to improve their relationship with God is by ritual abstention.

So what of piety? Again, there is nothing wrong with it, and indeed there can be a real merit to it. Recall that God rewarded the piety of a great many people in the Bible, including the Gentile Cornelius in Acts. (And what did Cornelius’ piety consist of? Praying and giving alms to the poor.) But one should make sure that God is the origin and motivation of the piety. In general terms, there were specific things that God gave for piety (i. e. fasting), and save God called set apart someone for a certain lifestyle, the abstention was only temporary (i.e. the Nazarite vow, which was for those not called to a lifetime of it like Samson was 60 days). Keeping what the Bible tells you to do is not piety so much as it is obedience. (And that is where the Essenes err in focusing on Christ’s celibacy: being a man who never married Christ simply obeyed God’s commandments not to commit fornication. While that is unthinkable in our modern world, it is not so hard to imagine in a society that stoned those found to be sexually immoral. But far from Christ living an Essene lifestyle of pointless voluntary deprivation (Essenes also renounced individual ownership for communalism), Christ “came eating and drinking” and kept company with sinners and publicans. But by comparison: even nations in contemporary that punish theft by cutting off the criminal’s hands tend to have low crime rates despite being desperately poor.) One who strives to be completely obedient -indeed pious in his obedience – will find that to be such a challenge that giving things up for anything except the purpose of removing unnecessary temptation to sin will be superfluous. Why Christian, should you burden yourself with additional things if you are not keeping what God has given you to keep already? There certainly is no gain in such a thing. As such, since Jesus Christ was never at any time guilty of breaking any of God’s Commandments, He was able to go eat and drink with publicans and sinners. A lot of Christians are adding new commandments either by their own volition or the requirements of religion without keeping God’s law!

But the primary thing to remember is that the goal of asceticism, to attain a spiritual ideal through your own power, is proven folly in Christianity. Christians advance in the God’s kingdom according to A) God’s desire for them to do so and B) their own submission to God’s plan. Spiritual growth cannot come from works of the flesh. It comes only from rejecting the flesh so that you will do the Will of the Father. God may require you to do a great many things. He may require to give up things, as He told Jeremiah not to marry. But God has to originate it. And unless you are such as one who has direct revelation from God like Jeremiah, what are you doing it for? Is there any justification given in the Bible for giving up anything that the Bible does not call sin except for a time? And even if you give up things for a time on a routine basis – such as regular fasters – where in the Bible does it say to attach any sort of spiritual significance to it?

Piety should be seen as another form of worship. We all know that for God to accept worship, it has to be in spirit and truth, meaning doing something with a true sincere heart according to the manner that God told you to do it. So, if it is something given in the Bible and you keep it in the Biblical proportion and context and you do it only out of a desire to praise God for being righteous, holy, and deserving of your praise, then it is fine. If you do it because you want something from God … well there is precedent for that in the Bible but you are treading on dangerous ground: you had better be in a right relationship with God first and seeking the thing so that you can use it to serve and glorify Him. Outside of that, your self – denial will not only be in vain, but may spiritually harm you, especially if you are borrowing practices from other religions, or even from wayward doctrinally suspect Christian movements.

It is interesting to note that Oriental myths hold that gods gained the ability to create after practicing asceticism for ten thousand years. In a sense, they “progressed to godhood through works.” Not only does that remind me of Mormonism, but it shows that Satan himself is the origin of the notion that man can save or spiritually improve himself with the works of the flesh.

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Demon Of The Day: Anti – Semitism

Posted by Job on April 22, 2007

This essay will not deal with so – called Christians who were brought up in and follow after replacement theology and in doing so are forced to negate the entire Bible like these people with nonsense like “the references to Israel in the Old Testament were actually prophetic spiritual types that pointed to the church.” Look, I am as big an advocate of dual and multiple reference in the Bible as anyone, but the literal meaning cannot be negated. Rather, the multiple references are only valid IF they confirm and enhance the literal meaning. If we are not to literally believe the scriptures calling the Jews God’s Chosen People and Israel God’s Holy Land forever, then why not just throw out the whole “salvation through Jesus Christ” too?  I will either produce something on that topic or more likely will post the excellent work of someone else (provided that it is not a dual covenant preacher like John Hagee). Speaking of John Hagee, do you know what the most disgusting, revolting, obviously ascriptural form of anti – Semitism is? Refusing to share the gospel with Jews and thereby not doing a thing to save God’s Chosen People from an eternity in the lake of fire. Look, people, the epistles specifically commanded us to preach the gospels to the Jews, and even said that Jews were a higher priority for evangelism than were Gentiles. Where does it say it in the epistles? You know what, I am not going to tell you. Go read it and find it yourself. If you are following after this “neither me nor any member of my congregation is going to target Jews for conversion nonsense” just because some pastor veering on the edge of apostasy says so, it is because you either haven’t read your Bible, or you have replaced your Bible with your pastor.  Would you refuse to show love to homosexuals by sharing the gospel with them if some TV pastor told you to? If that offends you, well it should, because where homosexuals choose their sin, Jews have done NOTHING to cause themselves to be hated in the worst possible fashion. This is not to say that homosexuals have; God forbid! I am just using them to illustrate how a Christian who forbids sharing the gospel with Jews can only be under the influence of demons. Yes, I know, the gospel offends Jews. So what? Who DOESN’T it offend? Are Muslims out there begging you to convert their people to Christianity? Hindus? Atheists? Scientologists? Now none of those are God’s Chosen People that God made His Covenants with Abraham and Moses to bring Yeshua HaMashiach into the world, yet you have no problem offending THEM.

Now that I have dealt with the two most prominent causes of anti – Semitism in the church, I will deal with it in a general basis. It is commonly reported that Jews bring anti – Semitism on themselves with their own behavior, and this includes their actions to undermine Christianity, and as such anti – Semitism against them is merely an understandable human response. Even if this is true – and I am not conceding that it is – so what? It is still no excuse, especially for Christians. Look, the Bible says what it says. The Jews are God’s Chosen People. This status was given to God by the Jews unconditionally, in spite of anything and everything that they allegedly do or do not do, and that means what they do or do not do to you. Even if they come and put you out of your home, take your land, and bring about political changes and use the media to alter your culture and control the banks to keep you poor, and they are the cause of all the wars in the world (again, I am NOT saying that any of this stuff is true) they are still Jews and you are supposed to love and defend them and Israel because the Bible says so. (Actually, the Bible says that you are supposed to forgive and love ANYONE and EVERYONE who does this.) The Bible says that God will bless those who bless Jews and curse those who curse Jews. The Bible does not say that it is contingent upon the actions of Jews. The Bible does not say that it is dependent upon Israel acting righteously. The Bible does not have any allowances for “the Jewish lobby that has our government and media quaking in fear” (again, not saying that it is true). Now even if all these things are true (a mighty big if) and it is natural to have anti  – Semitic grudges because of it, so what? Again, we are CHRISTIANS. We are supposed to die to our flesh, die to our nature, and walk after the spirit. If we have to do the same with our desire not to steal, commit violence, cheat in our business dealings, and commit sexual sin, from whence comes our license to fail to resist our impulses to hate Jews? Seriously, replace “Jew” with any other race, religion, or ethnicity and replace “Israel” with any other nation, and the abuse that they get from supposed Christians would never be tolerated.

How does the demon of anti – Semitism enter? Well, I am going to propose that anti – Semitism is 100% natural. Jews are God’s Chosen People, and it is in our nature to oppose God in everything that He does. So, you do not need some force, some influence, some occurrence, or some upbringing to hate Jews and Israel. Rather, you are going to do those things just by existing. So, when you hate Jews out of your own corrupt human nature, that opens the door for the demon of anti – Semitism to enter. Of course, the demon of anti – Semitism is being bridled by God’s Hands, the prayers of the saints, cultural forces, and similar. But when the man of sin, the anti – Christ, comes, wiping Israel and all Jews off the face of the earth for good is going to start looking like a mighty good idea – the answer to all of the world’s problems plus a great way to spend an afternoon outing – to a lot of people. Realize that the anti – Christ himself will be nothing but the creation and personification of man and his nature (click on this link).

Yes, there is also jealousy, another sin and spirit. Muslims, who are taught in their false religion that Jews have usurped their birthright, are systematically infected with the anti – Semitism demon in this manner. But as for Christians? Well that takes the form of: “They’re the people of God and we are not. Even though the church has accepted Christ and the Jews rejected Christ and sent Him to the Romans to be crucified, saying ‘His Blood be upon us and our children’ in order to get Pilate to agree to the deed, Jews are still God’s Chosen People! God still likes the Jews better than me! It isn’t fair! It isn’t fair! It isn’t fair!” First off, even if the Jews saying “His Blood be upon us and our children” was binding under the New Covenant (and it isn’t), Yeshua HaMashiach’s prayer for God to forgive them would have lifted it anyway, OK? Second, I fail to see what is just so unfair. Don’t you realize that you get to go to Heaven despite your sins? Heaven is worth any unfairness, indignity, humiliation, rejection, and sacrifice that you have to make. If you are going to sit around being angry and jealous because God likes Jews better than you, then you aren’t worthy of God’s Heaven to begin with, and if you do not believe me then just wait … God will tell you Himself on judgment day. And oh you Mr. Big Strong Bad man, you won’t take that, will you? You are going to get right in God’s Face and tell Him that He is wrong for liking those Jews better than you, aren’t you? Well, good luck with that. Let me know how it turns out. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to write! Those “return to sender” deals that you are going to get, sending all those letters to us REAL Christians and Messianic Jews (and all other Jews who accept Shiloh as the their Messiah and their God) from the lake of fire while we’re in Heaven and everything? Don’t get discouraged by those, just keep on trying. You will have an eternity, after all!

Seriously, go find a Bible and tell me where it says that God has to be “fair” to you, especially according to the vile standards of your puny brain, worldly values, and desperately wicked heart. It isn’t in there. Let me illuminate the darkness that is in your heart and mind with the Truth so that you can see your reality check: God doesn’t owe you a thing, buddy. He has no obligations to you whatsoever. He is not in your debt, and you have nothing on Him. You cannot bribe, coerce, intimidate, or guilt Him. If you doubt this, when you get through reading the epistles, go read Job, especially the part where God lets Job know just how small he is. Where is it? Go find it yourself. God doesn’t have to be “fair”, especially to you, worm. God only has to be RIGHTEOUS. And how is God RIGHTEOUS? By keeping HIS WORD, which is RIGHTEOUS. And you know what is written in His Word? That the Jews are God’s Chosen People and Israel is their land forever. For God to break HIS WORD to be FAIR to YOU, then He wouldn’t be RIGHTEOUS to ANYBODY, rendering His “FAIRNESS” UTTERLY WORTHLESS TO YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE. But since God ALWAYS KEEP HIS WORD, then HIS WORD IS GOOD FOREVER FOR YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE. And that is why if you refuse to renounce this anti – Semitism demon and your Jew and Israel hatred that goes with it, God will be true to His Word by destroying you in the lake of fire for eternity.

You even have some Christians who reject God and the Bible entirely because of the “chosen people” claim thanks to humanism and modern thinking giving them the out that “the Bible’s claims that Jews are God’s chosen people is racist, and that makes the Bible racist, and therefore it cannot be the Word of God.” Oh, arrogance and pride. Everyone has to be #1. No one is happy to be #2. Why? Because these people do not worship God. They worship themselves! They want God to bow down to and worship THEM. Going to heaven in the next life isn’t good enough for them. They would rather be “masters of their domain” in this life. Well, do you know why the nation of the Jews is called Israel? Because they are called after the name of JACOB thanks to VILE ESAU SELLING JACOB HIS BIRTHRIGHT FOR A BOUL OF SOUP! Christians, do not sell your eternity in the next life because you want to please the false god of your own flesh in this one. Humble yourself. Know your place. And I am not talking about humbling yourself before Jews and knowing your place with respect to Jews. I am talking about doing that before and with respect to GOD. The GOD who has the right to do as He sees fit, the GOD who created us for His Reason and pleasure alone. You anti – Semite, you are so foolish in your ways that you have not seen that your problem is not with Jews, but rather with God. Well let me be the first to tell you: all of God’s problems are going to be consumed in the unquenchable flame on the day of judgment. So if that demon of anti – Semitism is your problem, you had better straitway repent, ask God to change your heart, and then ask Him to cast it out of you. Afterwards, start reading your Bible cover to cover AND BELIEVING IT LITERALLY in order to keep it from coming back.

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Demon Of The Day: Homophobia

Posted by Job on April 21, 2007

During “The Passion Of The Christ” controversy and a longtime thereafter (until I found out how abiblical it was), I was squarely on the side of Mel Gibson. Even during that time, however, this piece from the rabidly anti – Christian Christopher Hitchens gave me pause. Why? Because it discussed Gibson’s extreme homophobia. Make no mistake: the Bible clearly calls homosexuality is a sin and strongly suggests demonic influences that go along with this sin. But hating homosexuals is also a sin, and is just as demonic. I know this by experience: I have been there. I was raised in an extremely legalistic brand of false Christianity, and as such had a visceral hatred of homosexuals. I did not want homosexuals to touch me, look at me, talk to me, or be in my presence. Now I posed no physical threat of danger to homosexuals whatsoever, and would have given my life to save Tina Brandon (Boys Don’t Cry) and Matthew Shepard, but shortly after renouncing Christ I found myself gleefully consuming rap music that glorified murdering homosexuals. Such is the demented double – mindedness that legalistic pharisaic hypocritical Christianity breeds in the minds of its adherents. I am thoroughly convinced that there will be more homosexuals in heaven than legalists. But shortly after I gave my life to Yeshua HaMashiach FOR REAL, God had a plan for dealing with my hatred of homosexuals: sending me to live in Atlanta, one of the homosexual capitals of the world! By being forced to live near, work with, and otherwise daily encounter homosexuals, I had no choice to admit two things: 1) they were people just like me and 2) if I did not quickly overcome my hatred of homosexuals, I would be headed for an eternity in the lake of fire for my sin. Add 1) and 2) together, and the sin of homosexuality was no different from my sin. If anything, my sin was worse because as a Christian I was supposed to know better. My homophobia was preventing me from obeying the commandment of Christ: to love my neighbor as myself. Which meant, of course, that I was unable to love the God that I had never seen because I did not love the homosexuals that I saw daily.

So, how does a demon of homophobia enter into a person? Similar to the previously discussed racism (click here), the primary way that the door opens for this demon to enter is the homophobia demon gaining a legal right to do so by a person’s continual sin in this area. Simply, the homophobia demon enters people because people are taught to hate homosexuals. There is no “which comes first, the chicken or the egg” questions here. Make no mistake, the hatred comes first, the demon comes because of the hatred, and the demon amplifies the hate and makes it impossible for the homophobic to be freed of the hate until he confesses, repents of, and renounces his sin. And what is a major teacher of hate against homosexuals? False Christianity. Now we should not Christian – bash; there are many others. It is just particularly appalling when it comes to Christians because CHRISTIANS ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW BETTER. Look, when Christians stand up and thump their Bibles against homosexuality and how homosexuals are ruining our nation and culture and molesting our kids while at the same time tolerating fornicators, adulterers, liars, gossips, usurers, cheats, churches that are not being administered in the manner that the Bible prescribes, husbands who do not love their wives as Christ loves the church and wives who do not submit to their husbands, well then what are you doing? The only reason why the religious system has more opposition to homosexuals than it does all those other sins is because of culture. Well, Jesus Christ is not your culture (see link to document)! Why? Because Yeshua HaMashiach is not of the world, and the world has nothing in Yeshua HaMashiach. The world rejected Yeshua HaMashiach and nailed Him to a cross. So, because there was a time when the world rejected homosexuality and accepted all those other sins, so the church because of its worldliness followed after it. Christians have to separate themselves from the worldliness that BOTH tells them to be hypocritical towards homosexuals – which breeds hate and also opens doors to demons – AND causes them to tolerate, hide, cover up, and repress a multitude of other sins.

And speaking of repression, it is commonly believed that a great many fundamentalist Christians are actually repressed homosexuals. Well, it is true! See, demons let in other demons, and yes demons have an utterly depraved sence of ironic humor. So, a demon of homophobia – again often let in through false Christianity – will gain much sport by letting in a demon of homosexuality, and watching the person totally disintegrate because of the inner conflict. Why? Not only will this inner conflict ultimately kill a person, but it will open up more doors to other demons that will finish the job more quickly, and totally destroy that person’s life in the process. Case in point: Ted Haggard, who maintained his opposition to homosexuality because it was required to retain the members of his suburban megachurch and the power that he craved as leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, but he was so wrong (and militantly so) on so many other points of doctrine (and motivation) that so many demons entered the fellow that he literally went insane. And he is far from alone: so many prominent people – Christian and otherwise – who have had positions on homosexuality not grounded in scripture and a sincere love for Christ – which includes love for and a desire for redemption of the wayward sinner – that they themselves were found to be soliciting homosexual prostitutes or committing other forms of sexual immorality.

Case in point: the inspiration for my post “Will the Anti – Christ be homosexual? (click on link) “: a televangelist by the name of R.G. “Brother” Stair. While driving home one evening, I heard this fellow rail against gay marriage and make the totally ascriptural claim that homosexuality was going to bring in the anti – Christ. Realize that this fellow was convicted of sexual misconduct in 2004 (see link) and also in 2002 (see link). During his trials, it was also alleged that he committed murder by giving herbs to cause miscarriages and stillbirths in women that he impregnated, including several that were underage. It was also alleged that he was a major consumer of internet pornography, that he forbad married members of his congregation from having sex without his permission, and various other allegations of sexual sin (some of which he admitted to).

So please, Christians, flee homophobia. Reject all churches, doctrines, and cultural influences that cause you to hate homosexuals, and to have some sort of special regard for homosexuality above all other sins. Failing to do so can doom you to insanity and a reprobate mind on earth, and send you to eternity in the lake of fire. Further, failing to show love to homosexuals makes it that much harder to spread the gospel, and not only among homosexuals. Look, Christians, our hypocrisy is on display for EVERYONE. All of you religious right types who have more sermons against homosexuality in one week than you have against oppressing and exploiting the poor in ten years … you don’t think that the world is watching you? You don’t think that GOD is watching you? Repent, turn of your wicked ways, and seek deliverance from the demon of homophobia.

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Demon Of The Day: Racism

Posted by Job on April 20, 2007

Last week, it was the Don Imus race controversy. This week, you have Asians fearing that the Virginia Tech massacre will motivate hate crimes against them. The former is clearly a racial controversy that should not have been, the latter is not a race issue that some are trying to make into one. (For the first time in the short history of this weblog, I rejected a comment – actually two –  from someone claiming that  committed his crime because he was taught to hate whites.) So it caused me to think. Is there a demon of racism? Or is racism something produced by a demon of hate? My assertion is that racism is a specific demon that is in the overall hate demon grouping. Are there really enough demons around for them to be a cause of racism? Click on this document for a discussion in this general area.  

Does this demon cause a person to hate and act against someone of another race? Usually not. Usually, demons only amplify what is already present in a person’s nature or take advantage of some sin that a person is already into. The exceptions are when a person is born with a demon of inheritance, a person is traumatized or abused, or a person deals with witchcraft, the occult, and similar. Now I will say that it is totally natural for a person to prefer someone who is similar to him, especially if virtually all that this person knows is a homogenous racial environment. But that is no excuse, as most sins are things that we naturally want to do. Further, there is a real difference between a mere preference and really resenting someone; causing hurt to someone. The Bible does not say that we should “be colorblind.” It only says that we should love our neighbors as ourselves: to treat others as we would want to be treated. That is a high standard, but not one that asks for or expects perfection. The only reason why people pretend otherwise is because no different from areas like overindulgence, idolatry, sexual immorality, gossiping and lying and accusing, etc. racism is just another area where the culture, including the Christian culture, will fight to the death in order to keep claiming that sin is anything else but sin.

That is why we Christians need to quit being so worldly. I never want to hear another Christian say “I don’t see color.” Why? Because anyone who says that not only is a racist, but also a self – righteous hypocrite in denial, and is in need of spiritual deliverance to get all four demons cast out of him. God gave you EYES, ok? And he also gave that black guy his color. He gave you your eyes so you could see that black guy’s color. And he also gave you a MIND so that you will know that there is a greater statistical chance of this black male having a criminal past or present, being an out of wedlock father, a high school dropout, being poor or having grown up poor, having a sexually transmitted disease, etc. than the general population, in addition to almost certainly having a culture, mindset, experiences, and expectations that are completely different from his own, and (yes) shaped by his own personal experiences of racism and that of his family and everyone else in his community and culture that you could never understand. In other words, God made you saved, not ignorant, and He expects you to act accordingly. People who claim otherwise, including so – called civil rights leaders, are actually doing Satan’s business. But God expects you to act accordingly WHILE treating this man as if you would want to be treated. And I do not mean treating him as you would want to be treated if you were black, if you were in his shoes. (This whole “walking a mile in his shoes and seeing things from his perspective” is another satanic lie: if God wanted you to be in his shoes, he would have made you him and put you in them. God gave you your existence and he his for a reason.) Why? Because it is very easy to LIE and claim “Well, if I were black, I would willingly accept and PREFER to be mistreated.” No, God wants you to treat him how you yourself would want to be treated, and not only by him, but by everyone. To treat him how you would want to treat YOURSELF. And you know what? God expects the same of that black man. (This whole victimization thing: totally satanic!)  Now how is this possible? With man, it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Therefore, you should not even try. It is just something that you have to believe is already done by faith. But for faith to work, first you must REPENT. You must acknowledge that your old ways were wrong: that not treating people of other races the way that you want to be treated was a sin, and desire to change. You have to pray and ask God to change you.

And that is what is so wrong with this “colorblind” madness. God didn’t send that black male to cross your path so that you could pretend that he could grew up in your house. He had that black male cross your path so that you could use the love of Christ to help him deal with and overcome the problems that commonly afflict black males. Now if you are following after some ideology or attending some church that tells you that it is the job of that black male to pull himself up, or the black community to supply his needs, then it is time for you to leave. The same goes for black people who follow these ideologies and attend churches that tell them that it is OK to resent white people, have double standards, and pretend as if they do not have their own set of problems. So, black male, God had you cross that white female’s path so that you could use the love of Christ to help her solve HER problems.

A great deal of this whole “civil rights” nonsense is just devices of the enemy to increase racial hatred and cause insanity in people by withholding reality from them. God did not create the church to deny reality, and He certainly did not create the church for us to settle in little camps and point fingers at each other. The church is supposed to recognize, take on, and overcome the problems of the world. The first step to doing that is hating the world, and that includes the worldly cultures, attitudes, institutions, and mindsets that make us racist.

That is correct. The demon of racism usually enters a person through a person committing a sin of racism or holding racism in his heart. That sin is something learned by parents or other people, and is reinforced by worldly influences. That includes both the white culture that would justify stopping a black man on the street for a random search, and the black culture that would justify high black crime rates. Until one rejects both the attitudes AND the corrupt world that bred them, that person will never be free. And yes, we do have to not only be aware of differences, but accept them. Different racial groups are going to have different lifestyles, different values, and different aspirations. A lot of the justification for racism comes from frustration that other groups do not emulate us. We take the refusal of other groups to emulate us as rejection; we convince ourselves that they reject emulating us because they consider us deficient or themselves superior. Well, that is nothing but the demon of witchcraft. The Bible doesn’t tell people to act and think like you do; to have your same values and cultural norms. The Bible just tells people to obey the Bible and that’s it. We shouldn’t be using religion to try to get people to adopt our culture and hold racial or ethnic resentments against them. Instead, we should be using the gospel to win them for CHRIST, and teaching them so that they will not be trying to imitate and please us, but rather being conformed to the image and mind of GOD so that GOD will be pleased with them.

Has anyone ever considered that maybe God WANTS Latinos praising Him in Spanish in the barrios? Or maybe that God LIKES the fact that a great many blacks are happy living in the inner city and have no aspirations to live in the suburbs and send their kids to private schools so they will get into good colleges? Or that JUST MAYBE the reason why so many white people DO have that mentality has NOTHING TO DO with their “skin privilege” but simply wanting to do what they believe is right? Now I am not saying that their mentality IS right, but if it isn’t, it is no more wrong than failing to learn English and refusing to leave the crime, poverty, pollution, family breakdown, and bad schools of the inner city behind. The only thing that matters is that the barrio Hispanics, the inner city blacks, and the suburban whites need to renounce everything that causes them to believe that it is OK to hate and mistreat anyone else for any reason, including your own frustration at their refusal to do what you think is right and best for them. Why? Because you are not God. You do not know what is best for them. You do not even know what is best for you. And even if those people aren’t doing what’s right, so what God forgives them anyway. It is called grace. So righteous God forgives the white person in the suburbs (or the trailer park, or the inner city where some white people do live you know) while you have given yourself over to demons of racism because you refuse to.

Really, racism is just like any other sin, and it is as pervasive as any other sin. The only thing remarkable about it is the abject refusal of the church to deal with it as sin. The church actually wants to view racism in the same humanistic, political, economic, cultural, and social terms as the world does. Why? Because the church wants to put up with it. They want to justify it. Or those who pretend to want to battle it will only do it in self – serving human terms, and not in spiritual warfare. If the church were to accept that racism is sin, then they would be obligated to oppose it like everything else. But since they deny that it is sin, then the religious system becomes simply one more thing that reinforces racism, and not only that, it is one of the most powerful ones that makes sure that generation after generation knows the sin of racism and becomes demonized with the demons of that category as well. I will say this: the day that the church begins to call racism sin and rises up against it spiritually will be the day that the world begins to accept racism. Just like anti – Semitism: when Christians were the leading anti – Semites, the world pretended to love the Jews and Israel. But when fundamentalist and evangelical Christians recognized that the recreation of Israel was the fulfillment of a specific endtimes prophecy and began to zealously advocate for Israel and the Jewish people, that was when hating Jews and Israel and defending Arab and Muslim terrorists started to become acceptable, and within a few years it is actually going to be fashionable.

And again, it is so simple. It takes no huge anthropological, sociological, or cultural milestone. It is just admitting within your own heart that you have not been treating people of other races the way that you want to be treated, asking God to change that heart, and then separating yourself from and rising up against all worldly people and institutions that made you a racist, that turned your benign natural comfort and inclination for those like yourself into a malignant hatred that while it may not even manifest in your actions it is still in your heart (and both you and God know that it is there). 

And please, do not be defensive. What are you defending yourself from? The fact that you are a sinner? Who doesn’t know that? If you aren’t a sinner, then why do you need a saviour? It is worldliness that makes you so filled with fear, shame, and defensiveness over admitting that you are a racist. The world would rather you be an adulterer or a thief than a racist, and everyone knows it! I remember during the early years of the sinfest “The Sopranos” when everyone professed shock, outrage, and disappointment that a person who was a serial adulterer, a regular cold – blooded murderer, and was into drug dealing, pornography and prostitution (owners of a strip club), gambling, racketeering, extortion, etc. used a racial slur! And this shows how evil and depraved the worldly mindset is. The world knows that adultery, murder, pornography, harlotry, and using corrupt means and violence to gain money are sinful, so they ADMIRE Tony Soprano for doing those things. But the world does not know that racism is sin, because the church does not call it sin. The world thinks that racism is just bad because they call it bad. Just like being a “fundamentalist” who calls sin sin is bad. Now realize that God doesn’t want you to live in shame over your sin; He wants you to confess and repent of your sins so that He can save you from them. Well, the world WANTS you to live in shame over something that it doesn’t regard as sin. The world DOESN’T want you to change, because the world WANTS to set itself over you to judge, accuse, condemn, and destroy you, because doing that to you makes them feel better about how they are wallowing in thier own sins like hogs and dogs.

Well, it is time to leave the corrupt depraved evil worldly mindset alone. Racists are sinners just like everyone else and are no more or less deserving of contempt or defense than any other sinner; no more or less than anyone who indulges in a little gluttony, gossip, or white lies on occasion. The more we can raise awareness of that fact in the church, the better (and more willing) the church will be at driving this demon out of people … even if those people look like them and are who they naturally prefer and are comfortable with.

Finally, we must consider the media’s role in this. Clearly, the news and entertainment media complex cultivates feelings of racism in people and exacerbates feelings that are already there. The media also desensitizes you to appalling depictions of racism, and also justifies it. So, if you want to overcome racism in your heart and close the doors to the demon of racism, then tuning out and turning off the mainstream media is a must. You have to ask yourself: why does the media inflame racist passions? It isn’t money, as the media turns down opportunities to make good money all the time. Instead, it is all about the anti – Christ agenda.  Use the media, academia, and all other available sources to get people at each other’s throats until everyone fears both outright racial warfare and personally being discriminated against. Then bring forth the anti – Christ, who will promise to unify the races WHILE addressing everyone’s racial grievances and sense of victimization. Those people who have given themselves over to demons of racism will certainly fall for it and follow after them.  

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How To Resist When A Demon Attacks Your Mind

Posted by Job on April 12, 2007

First, you have to gain some level of control, awareness, or inventory of the thoughts and ideas that are in your head. If you have an “atom – smasher mind” that is totally chaotic with all sorts of different discordant thoughts running back and forth, your mind is literally ripe to becoming a demonic playpen. Not only that, but a person having such a mind will find it very difficult to be productive in many areas of his or her life: for instance such a person will have a hard time starting projects, finishing them, keeping appointments, etc. Such a person will either not pay much attention to detail, or pay entirely too much attention and lose perspective. While in some respects a chaotic mind can seem familiar, calming, and even highly entertaining to people (especially if they allow themselves to get caught up into violent and/or sexual fantasies that resemble the music, video games, magazines, movies, TV shows, Internet content, etc. that they consume) in reality you are putting a lot of stress on your mind (and your body), and the result is burnout. Remember: God’s way is order, Satan’s way is chaos. So, if you are struggling with an out – of – control mind (as I once did) you MUST subdue it so that it will be suitable for God to be master of it. Yes, one of the things that people who have problems in this area must do is A) take on fewer activities B) get more rest and C) limit external influences. Quit working and socializing yourself to death. Get not only more sleep, but more quiet and sitting down time when you are awake. (Getting into a light exercise routine helps too … it releases stress from your body AND your mind.) And reduce your TV, radio, and Internet time and increase your reading time. When you do consume TV, radio, and Internet, limit your activity to things that are soothing and edifying. Classical music, home improvement TV shows, why not? Similar, your reading should be less oriented towards popular magazines and the newspaper, but the Bible, EDIFYING novels and such. One of the things that you should realize is that TV, Internet, video games, newspapers, and magazines have created minds that have short attention spans – which increases the chaos – and are too lazy and untrained to exert the effort required to control it. But any Christian that is going to have any sort of real prayer life and Bible study habits, and who is going to have discernment is going to need to have control over his own mind. Also, please realize that if YOU do not control your mind, others will. Right now it may be the governmental and corporate influences that bombard your mind through the media and culture, and the evil spirits that they empower. But make no mistake, in the future it WILL be the beast, the anti – Christ. And I know that Scientology, Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age, and even some strands of “Christianity” offer techniques for you to control your mind: auditing, “mind exercises”, contemplative prayer, meditation, chanting, yoga, etc. What you are actually doing with these is giving full control over your mind to evil spirits that allow you to THINK that you are in control when the truth is that THEY are calling the shots. Instead of messing around with witchcraft and finding yourself bewitched, just obey what the Bible says. Find a quiet place. Get into God’s rest. And yes, Sabbaths are GREAT for resting the mind and body.

After your mind is under control (or while you are learning how to control it) then you will have to learn discernment. Out of all the thoughts, voices, and images in your mind, you will have to learn which ones were put there by you, which ones were put there by God, and which ones are demonic. Now to be honest, the only things that you should trust, follow, and allow to linger are the ones from God. You might want to entertain vanities concerning your own virtue, especially if you are saved, but Christians themselves ought to know that the Bible says that the heart is desperately wicked and deceitful of all things; who can know it (Jeremiah 17:9)? So telling your own thoughts from demonic thoughts is useful in learning the depths of your own depravity; to what extent that you are still being ruled by your flesh. That does two things. 1) It lets you know the doors that you are opening to allow demons to enter and afflict you. 2) It lets you know how much your mind needs to be renewed by the workings of the Holy Spirit (please know that you cannot renew your mind on your own with works; only faith in and submission to God will accomplish this). Also, if the thought is your own, spiritual deliverance will not work, but rather will not only be an unproductive waste of time but will also confuse and discourage you when it does not work. While you are still learning how to spiritually monitor your own thoughts, an easy test can be applied: “Does this thought violate the Ten Commandments?” (In order for this to work, you must memorize the Ten Commandments, which a shocking percentage of Christians have not done.) There are other obvious things, such as whether it is a violent or sexual fantasy or thoughts of plotting harm or revenge to someone, but the Ten Commandments are more than good enough to start off until one’s knowledge of scripture is strong enough.

And once you are fully aware that a voice or image inside your head is NOT from God and NOT from you, then the only other option is demons. Even memories: demons have the ability to dredge up stuff to tempt or torment you. As a matter of fact, there is even a type of demon called a “memory recall demon.” So, you CANNOT entertain the thoughts or the demons that send them. You CANNOT try to justify, rationalize, figure out, etc. the thoughts. You MUST IMMEDIATELY RESIST THE DEMONS AND TELL THEM TO LEAVE YOUR MIND USING THE NAME AND POWER OF JESUS CHRIST. Now realize this: only people who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior have this power. If you have not, take care of it right now so that you can begin reclaiming your mind.

You must speak to the demons out loud, even if only in a whisper (which helps if you are around other people). Say something after the effect of “Evil spirit, I know that’s you, and that you are nothing but a liar and a corrupter with no power, and no right to my mind because it is owned, protected, and covered by the One True God. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you to go from my mind, and in the Name of Jesus Christ I bind you from returning!” Now you do not have to repeat exactly that every single time. As a matter of fact, if you repeat something from memory, it will only be ritualistic legalism, not spiritually warring from your heart to make it real, and will block the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, coming up with something new and unique each time can be confusing, tiring, and time – consuming. So just remember these five points: 1) tell the demon that you know that it is there, 2) tell the demon that it has no right to be there, 3) tell the demon to leave, 4) forbid it from coming back, and 5) back your command (it is not bargaining, a request, or demand but a COMMAND, as demons are to have no choice or say in the matter) with the Name, Blood, Power, and Authority of Jesus Christ.

This is how you resist demons that are attacking your mind, and the Bible says “resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Now do not be surprised if the demons (and the attacks on your mind) do not go away immediately. As a matter of fact, when you first start doing this they will fight back very hard in order to convince you that demons are not real, spiritual warfare is not real, and that you are grasping at straws following false doctrine. Further, some demons that attack your mind are quite powerful (and those are the ones that come your way to hinder you from doing something that God wants you to do, from receiving a message from the Lord, or from being able to concentrate and comprehend when you are trying to read your Bible), and some are quite simply stubborn. So, you will have to keep saying it until they are gone. It also helps to quote scripture from memory, or read scripture until they are gone.

Now this point is often used as an accusatory point by Christians who do not believe in overt spiritual warfare, and teach you that at the moment of salvation you are forever freed from all evil spirits and demonic attack. Their point is that this and other techniques commonly used by charismatic Christians in spiritual warfare is highly repetitious, which not only is sinful but a way of dealing in withcraft and evil spirits in and of itself. In a sense, they are actually correct, because a great many strands of false Christianity – including some charismatic varieties – emphasize chanting things (including the Name of Jesus Christ or some Bible verse) over and over again until you achieve some desired effect, including but not limited to speaking in tongues, shouting, etc. Look, as someone who came out of a witchcraft form of false “charismatic Christianity”, I am very much aware of these concerns. But what these very sincere Christians – the vast majority of whom love God very much and are exceptionally aggrieved at their brothers and sisters in Christ being deceived by false doctrines and practices – are forgetting that the key element in demonic rituals is A LOSS OF MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL CONTROL. That is why Paul gave strict guidelines for charismatic activity in the church: following Paul’s guidelines means that a person is mentally and emotionally aware, conscious, and in control of his own actions (meaning that the “slain in the spirit” nonsense is precisely what Paul was commanding that we should avoid). When engaging in spiritual warfare, you should NEVER surrender mental, emotional, or physical control at any time for any reason. (We were encouraged to “lose control” in the church that I grew up in; maintaining control was called “hindering the spirit” … they did not tell us that the only spirits that were being “hindered” were evil ones.) At all times you should be conscious of what you are doing, what you are saying, and why you are saying it. That is why it does help to switch to a different Bible verse or change the words or sequence of words that you are using when you are commanding a demon to leave. You must remain calm and at ease, not getting nervous or pacing the floor, not allowing the lies or images that the demons will confront you with disturb you. This is where faith, patience, and unconditional love will reign supreme in order to keep you in control of the situation so that God will remain in control of YOU. Have faith that spiritual warfare is real; have faith that God has given you the power and authority to command all evil spirits to leave your body, mind, and presence. Mark 16:17 says “And these signs shall follow them that believe: IN MY NAME shall they cast out devils.” The Word of God is not a liar, fellow Christians. Rather, it is false doctrines and false teaching from well – meaning Christians that causes you to disbelieve and not act against these evil spirits that are tormenting you.

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Demon Of The Day: Rage

Posted by Job on April 9, 2007

Seeing an MSNBC column on a rare rage disease that might have contributed to the Hatfield – McCoy legendary feud was fascinating. This weblog is not opposed to medicine and science, but rather applies the Bible to them just like everything else. Rage is different from mere anger, or even fury. It is intense, uncontrollable, and includes acts of violence. According to the article; this condition leaves effects on the physical body: high blood pressure, headaches, heart palpitations, and elevated adrenaline levels. It also mentions Von Hippel-Lindau disease, which can also cause tumors in the eyes, ears, pancreas, kidney, brain, adrenal glands, and spine. Now realize that evil spirits do have the ability to leave physical marks on people. They also have the ability to provoke diseases and conditions that result in physical marks or scars. But the interesting thing is that when confronted with an excuse to explain and blame all of his family’s trouble, a leader of the Hatfield family denied it. How could their feud have been caused by a disease when there were other violent bloody but less notorious feuds? Instead, he attributes the conflict that cost his family so much for so long to the HEARTS of the participants involved. Generations of fighting over land, money, perceived slights, reputation, and (of course) revenge. A burning desire to be the one who wins, the one who comes out on top. A refusal to forgive or let go. Bitterness, resentment, hatred. A complete unwillingness to be the one to lose the battle to win the war, even if it means keeping your own child from being the next one to be shot dead over a pig. The human heart, a selfish prideful human heart that exalts itself above God, was the reason for it all. You may have a disease or nature in you, but you can resist. You may have a demon in you, but you can get it cast out. You can change! You just have to want you. You need a reason for a new life.

This Hatfield – McCoy feud as well as the feuds that have afflicted countless other families appear to be a case of “demons of inheritance”, where demons pass down family lines. Some claim that demons can be transmitted from partner to partner during sexual intercourse, and from mother to child in vitro. Others go for a more environmental explanation: that if a child is born into a family that has problems with a specific demon, say rage, that he or she will learn the behaviors that give a demon a legal right to accuse and enter that person. Using myself as an example, not long ago at all I filled with anger and was not even trying to control my verbal outbursts and attempts to intimidate other people. Then I noticed that my child, not even a year old, was already emulating my behavior. So I had to go into prayer and fasting (as well as a major lifestyle change to remove temptations and bad habits) in order to stop, and not long after I stopped my child stopped. Now had I not heeded God when He showed me how my behavior was affecting my child, there is no telling what kind of shape he would be in today. As for myself, I do not have to look far from where I received that behavior: my own parents argued with each other constantly until they divorced (at which time they argued at each other in separate with the children serving as surrogates and go – betweens), and their own parents did similar. And when it wasn’t arguing with the spouse (or ex – spouse), it was arguing with siblings, co – workers, friends, and the people at church. In every case, nothing was ever their fault. They could never let go. They always had to be the one to wind up on top or get the last word in. And yes, they began to come down with health problems that most medical professionals would call “stress – related” (as did their own parents). And yes, those same health problems began to afflict me.

But you know what? When I started to let the other guy win arguments, when I began to allow the taunts and teases of people go unanswered, when I no longer had to get the last word in or be right all the time, the rage left. And so did the health problems. It is actually amazing: when I in the grip of rage, I was years younger, in my proper weight range, and exercising, yet I still had high blood pressure, acid reflux disease, and the beginnings of ulcers and other problems. (Yes, add those to the asthma, kidney disease, sleep apnea, and respiratory infections that I was struggling with, I was pretty miserable.) But when I obeyed God and humbled myself before Him, though I have since aged, put on some pounds, and really do need to get back to the gym, all of those health problems are gone.

Were there root causes, issues from my past and with my family that were feeding my rage? Of course. But people, I did not have to go resolve any issues from my past. (Good thing too, because my family never did change.) I did not have to go sit in the chair of some counselor (not that I oppose such; quite the contrary Bible – believing Christians in such fields as psychology, psychiatry, family therapy, etc. do great jobs). All I had to do was obey God and let go of my pride and vengefulness, and the rage demons had no more legal right to me or to my child or my wife (whom I was also persecuting).

Sadly, we live in a culture today that glorifies and rewards rage. We used to glorify rage in men, now we are promoting such as a virtue in women. Of course, it does not matter which sex we build these up in, because one will provoke rage in the other by interacting with them, and both will work together to create an environment where rage will be inculcated within their kids. I hate to sound like the typical religious right moral censor who rails on and on against violent movies, TV shows, video games, books, etc. but let me tell you: when I was giving myself over to my rage spirits, I LOVED all of those things, because it fed those spirits, and those things gave me great ideas and inspirations on how to act out my feelings on those around me (especially on the expressway). Even when I couldn’t actually vent my rage on people, it was easy for me to retreat into my little fantasy world where I could plot and dream up acts of hate and revenge against anybody and everybody. Now some people into spiritual warfare tell you that evil spirits are actually in the movies or comic books or on the CDs and can enter the user when watched. Others say that demons of this sort may just be hanging around you, and by virtue of watching this stuff they get a legal right to enter you. At the very least, if you already have these spirits in your life, A) you are drawn to this stuff because of it and B) the cultural pollution can trigger it. Again, I speak from experience. In order to overcome my rage, I had to stop reading the National Review, the American Spectator, and OpinionJournal. I had to leave the talk radio (politics and sports) alone. I had to give up Fox News. The violent and emotionally manipulative movies and TV shows had to go, and so did the rap and rock music, BET, and MTV. And so on. There was a withdrawal period, but afterwards I had to admit that the only reason why I liked all that junk to begin with was because of my own problems.

Now please do not accuse me of being some sort of legalist. I am not saying that giving up all that stuff makes you more holy, will take you to heaven, earn you a better position in heaven, will allow you to speak in tongues or get some other spiritual gift, etc. This is just what I had to do in order for the rage demons to be cast out of me, and to close the doors so they would not come back. Let me repeat: I liked getting angry. I liked hurting people. I liked seeing people get hurt. And so on. If you are not having the sorts of problems that I had, then maybe you don’t have to give up all that stuff. If you think that going to see some action, horror, or splatter movie or buying that video game, watching anime, or listening to either aggressive violent music or the talk radio ranters will not have any effect on your behavior or your relationship with God, then go ahead. I only have one caveat though: pornography has been consistently proven in every sort of test imaginable – statistical, clinical, etc. – by Christian AND secular researchers to increase violence, anger, and rage in men. But if you are someone who is bound by demons of rage, then you need to do whatever you have to in order to be spiritually free from them before you harm someone else or yourself, and that includes the harm that you may cause in your children, your spouse, your other family, friends, co – workers, etc. by virtue of their being exposed to your behavior. And if you know someone who has rage problems, then you must first A) pray and intercede for them and B) attempt to counsel them to seek the spiritual (and possibly professional if the professional is a Bible – believing Christian) help. Help is available for the person afflicted with rage, but first that person must WANT help, and in many cases the biggest battle that needs to be fought and won is praying until the person who needs help recognizes and accepts it.

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Demon Of The Day: Murder And Why America Is A World Leader In Murders

Posted by Job on April 7, 2007

Murder is the intentional taking of an innocent life. We wonder how some people arrive to the condition where they kill multiple times and become almost desensitized to it. And though we do not much speak of it, we wonder why some families just seem to have a tendency to produce murderers, and not only among siblings but through several generations. I am not the scoffer against the fields of psychology and psychiatry that I once was, so I acknowledge disease, damage, and conditions in those areas. And as for the “genetics versus environment” argument, I say BOTH, and it is complicated by the fact that people with a genetic predisposition to kill are often exposed (or later choose for themselves) environments that cause them to become murderers. Still, if we are to be Bible – believing Christians, we cannot ignore that the cause, root cause, or major influencing ingredient in many of these cases are evil spirits; demons of murder. And as with any other evil spirit, such demons would exploit openings created by environment, genetics, family traits, etc. to gain entry into people. This includes murder demons that continue through family lines as what are commonly called ““, but the appropriate terminology is “.”

How do murder demons enter? More importantly, why is America, the most Christian country in the western world, have far more murders than any other country? Now we know that demons are legalists; they enter a person when their actions or beliefs give them a claim to someone. And anyone who has read the Bible knows that nothing creates open doors to demons like A) false religious doctrine, B) corrupt religious practice, and C) religious hypocrisy. Quite frankly, from my reading of the Bible I am thoroughly convinced that it is better to be an atheist than to follow after the three above. The main reason is that while an atheist or a follower of another religion can simply cast off their lies for the truth, a person who profanes and blasphemes Christianity is a much harder case because they will convince themselves that they are following God already, and the evil spirits that will lay a claim onto them (religious demons and similar) will convince them of it. What are the Bible references that I speak that describe these activities? Well they are rarely specific, but more often are allegorical and metaphorical (yes, I attempt to interpret the Bible allegorically and symbolically, but only in the interests of confirming the literal meaning). But Paul spoke of “a spirit of strong delusion” overtaking Christians who reject truth. He also speaks of such Christians being delivered over to corrupt or reprobate minds and given over to their own lusts. And Jesus Christ spoke of being delivered to the tormentors. Now consider this. God’s people (and some others) have angelic and spiritual protection over them (see Job 1:9-11). Because of that, even though a Christian might transgress, God’s protective hedge prevents demons from exercising their legal right to enter or torment a person. Such is a benefit of God’s grace! When a person is “given over” or “delivered over” to something, that means that God removes that protection, and any demon that gains a legal right to a person can enter or afflict that person.

What does this have to do with America? Well, America having the most Christians in the west also means that we have the most Christians who follow after false doctrines, false practices, and hypocrisy. Where if these people were not claiming to follow Christ demons would have no claim on them, not see fit to exercise it, or they might even have some level of protection from God, a false Christian will be a demon magnet and have absolutely no protection from them. Consider, for instance, Nazi Germany. It was a Christian nation before Hitler, but he managed to turn them after idolatry, getting them to worship the state and images of Nordic gods even in their very churches in place of God. When they did this, they were given over to the very evil spirits that made the Holocaust and the other Nazi war crimes a reality. America? Well, the early Christians in this country often practiced an extreme legalism, a revolting false doctrine that denies grace, and that legalism has never left this nation. A common reaction to legalism is to reject it in favor of unitarianism and universalism, which happened particularly often among the early American upper classes, and is present yet today among the well – educated high income mainstream denominationals and “alternative Christianity” movements. And America has always been a hotbed for mixing Christianity with various forms of idolatry and mysticism, especially among Christians who were from or exposed to Native American and African religions and imported those false beliefs and practices into Christianity. This is present not only among certain Catholics who practice santeria, but a great many charismatic Protestants. “The age of reason” created a brand of Christianity that was actually philosophy and ethics. And now you have the gnostic, New Age, and pagan traditions influencing Christianity, creating a man – centered humanistic religion. Further, you have Christians who break the first commandment by worshipping nationalism, materialism, and worldliness, and you only have to take a look at some of our politically active suburban megachurches to see that in action. And one thing that all of these things have in common is that none of them practice what they preach. Now true Christians are freed from the burden of being as perfect in their action as they are in faith, because we have the benefits of grace. But people who reject grace through false doctrines and practices are left wide open.

Now we are not Nazi Germany, because where in America we go off in a great many different directions with our Christian error, Hitler was able to unite Germany behind a common apostasy (Satan’s goal in the tower of Babel incident, which was to unite man behind a common evil purpose), resulting in great dark spiritual power.  But if you look not only at our current street crime, but our brutal mistreatment of Native Americans and African slaves in our history plus our great willingness to insert ourselves into military conflict, and it is impossible to deny that murder and violence have always had a huge grip on our nation, that it has passed from generation to generation, and that things are getting worse rather than better. The only reason why murder rates have stabilized in this country are because A) over 2 million males are incarcerated, second only to China which has a much more repressive regime and larger population B) a large number of males are being strung out on Ritalin and diagnosed as ADD, autism, and ADHD and receive similar drugs and C) BECAUSE ABORTION IS NOT COUNTED IN THE MURDER RATE. Now folks love to talk about how abortion reduces the crime rate (by killing off poor people and minorities who are the ones most exposed to socioeconomic conditions that cause them to be plagued by all manner of evil spirits including abortion) but they leave out the fact that the vast majority of the 50 million people slaughtered by abortion would have ever killed anyone. And further, the people who claimed that the crime rate dropped in the 1990s because of abortion FORGET THAT THE CRIME BOOM STRONGLY COINCIDED WITH ROE V. WADE TO BEGIN WITH. Further, what a lot of people make a mistake in doing is only looking at 1972, when abortion access was guaranteed at the federal level. What the forget is that many states had already spent the years leading up to that making abortion legal (including California, where RONALD REAGAN signed the most liberal abortion law in the nation in the late 1960s). So most certainly the rise in abortion activity correlated with the rise in murder and violent crime, and the demonic activity caused by abortion is why. and in  stated that having an abortion gives murder, suicide, and other demons a legal right over a woman, tormenting both her (consider ) and placing those demons of inheritance in her line. Also, when you consider that Jewish tradition teaches concerning the   that a nation whose laws and culture breaks them it leads to spiritual darkness overtaking the land, the legality and practice of abortion clearly empowers murder demons to be more active in people, to lay and exercise claims on more people, and to in general cause a culture of murder. Expanding on the work of Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, deliverance minister John Eckhart (an apostolic Pentecostal Christian who rejects both modalism and legalism) proposes that abortion also causes women who receive them to be in bondage to demons of poverty and marital/relationship failure.

In conclusion, let us consider the words of 1 John 3:15 on the subject: “he who hateth his brother is a murderer!” Why? Because hate is a sin, and it gives a demon of murder a legal right to a person, especially when you consider that if you hate a person you will desire and fantasize about doing grievous harm to him. And not only does America have a revolting past of racial, religious, class, and ethnic hate, but now hate is glamorized and mass – marketed in our entertainment media in movies, TV shows, comic books (excuse me, graphic novels), video games, music, and even sports. We also have a strong nationalistic tradition which practically begs us to if not hate definitely show strong negative feelings towards people in other nations and cultures, especially when we are at war with them (which again we tend to indulge in quite often, requiring the need to whip up patriotic fervor). Now of course, the Christian with hate in his heart is a hypocrite, and clearly that explains why such a person would be given over to a reprobate mind and thereby join such “Christian” organizations as the Klu Klux Klan and commit lynchings and bombings. (Further, a shocking number of street criminals who bear hateful grudges against rival gangs and criminals and such, or just against society in general, are Christian.)

Now of course people such as Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins claim that Christianity increases the murder and violence in a culture. Actually, it is FALSE CHRISTIANITY that increases the murder and violence in a culture, and the more “Christian” a nation is (and especially if they blend their Christianity with patriotism under the guise of a worldly notion that “ours is a ‘Christian nation'” when in fact not only did Jesus Christ and prominent New Testament figures tell us not to aspire to such things but to specifically avoid it) the more false Christians there will be. So, , , and all who follow after them, false Christianity ends lives, but true Christianity saves them. This is knowledge, however, that should be remembered my Christians more so than atheists, however.

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Demon Of The Day: Effeminate Men And Masculine Women

Posted by Job on April 4, 2007

A lot of people do not believe that it is sinful (and hence demonic) to act after the manner of the opposite sex so long as one does not engage in homosexual sex. The reason for this is something that I hammer frequently: Christians often look at sin and other issues according to how man regards them according to whatever “culture” or “values” that the world has instead of letting how God judges things according to the Bible be the only standard. If we can get worldly notions OUT of our heads and God’s Spirit INTO our hearts, we will see that what truly matters is not so much the ACT of homosexual sex (or any other transgression) but rather the nature, desire, or will to sin. Whereas the former may open the door to demonic oppression, that door closes as soon as the Christian renounces the behavior and repents. It is the LATTER, however, that results in Christians living in demonic spiritual bondage. No, Christians cannot be “possessed”, or indwelled, by demons, but they can be so heavily influenced by them to the point where they lose so much control over their own behavior that it is difficult to tell the difference. Or while they may be able to resist the lure and influence of the evil spirits, doing so exacts a heavy toll in terms of stress, concentration, and effort that distracts and hinders the Christian from being as effective as he ought to be in serving the Lord, and keeps him from experiencing the joy of the Lord which is his strength. Bottom line: Christians should pay less attention to what people DO and more attention to what they ARE. A person’s attitude towards sin is of much greater consequence in terms of their relationship and standing with God and their ultimate fate in judgment than is their actual sinful acts. Trying to control the latter is legalism and works, minding the former is not rejecting God’s Commandments. And know, I am not talking about “I know it’s wrong, but I am going to do it anyway.” I am talking about being genuinely repentant and having a sincere desire not to transgress in that or any other manner ever again. And again, note that such desire is not to be mistaken for fear or self – condemnation, but rather is a HOPE that God Himself will grant that desire to you spiritually THROUGH FAITH ALONE, and by no works, actions, or righteousness on your part other than resisting the enemy so that the demon tempters and tormenters will lose any legal claim over you and have no choice but to flee from you, and from the guardian angels that God has assigned all who love Him by keeping His Commandments and holding onto the gospel, the testimony, and His Word.

If we were making a bigger deal out of what the Bible says, we would pay attention to what I Corinthians 6:9 says about “those who make women of themselves.” (This would also, incidentally, make a woman who emulates a man’s masculinity a sin too.) Why? Consider the “homosexual”, or more accurately the person who commits homosexual acts. How often does that person actually engage in such conduct? Even if it is twice a day, then it is twice a day, and moreover the person commits the homosexual act (or the thief act, the murder act, or any number of other sins that “cultural Christians” regard as serious) as part of a conscious decision. Meanwhile, the man who is effeminate or the woman who is masculine commits this sin on a continual basis, and does so without even thinking about it as part of his or her habit and nature! And this is the same of people who are bound by lying, gossiping, dishonesty, and a bunch of other things that “cultural Christians” regard as mere character flaws or personality problems rather than sins. And it is PRECISELY why so many Christians desperately avoid and shun those who participate in the sins that the culture hates, but frequently indulge in and accommodate those that the culture tolerates. I have heard Christians say “it’s just a little gossip” or “it’s just a little white lie.” Never “it’s just a little carjacking” or “it’s just a little assault/armed robbery” or “it’s just a little gay sex.” We have to stop allowing the worldly culture to dictate acceptable behavior to us, folks. This is not to say that we should tolerate murder as much as we do gossiping now, and this is not even necessarily arguing for Christians to petition the state to change the laws. Rather, it describes the stand that we should take against sinful behavior to our fellowservants in Christ, and our willingness to offer support, prayer, counseling, forgiveness, spiritual deliverance, and love in humility to such people. If anything, we should preach against the “character defects” and counsel and correct one another concerning those – because these are the things that people commit much more often without even being conscious of it – than we should anything else.

So why is it a sin for one sex to emulate another? First off, is not the mere fact that the Bible explicitly calls it such in I Corinthians 6:9 enough? Christians should stop inventing sins that the Bible makes no mention of and even things that the Bible specifically says to do, and instead make every effort to know, trust, and obey the Bible. Second, it is given in a couple of places in Leviticus (here and here) that whenever one does something unnatural and thereby perverts the God – intended role or use for something, it is sinful. It is rebellion against God, and the person who does so can take on (or be given over to) a lifestyle or mindset of rebellion against God. This is what is spoken of in the very powerful passage of Romans 1:20-32, where Paul speaks of the wickedness of doing that which is against nature. Of course, if a person decides to go after God’s plan and his natural nature in one area, he will do so in many others. And as for society, tolerating people who leave their God – intended nature will quite frankly result in a culture that is totally rebellious against God in almost every conceivable way.

In its most simple, reduced form, consider the truism that God created Adam, gave Adam authority over the earth, and then created Eve, and made Eve his co – equal helpmeet. It was not a position of disgrace or servitude (though it regrettably became one in many cultures), but merely a position of authority and subjection to authority, just as the Son Yeshua HaMashiach willingly subjects Himself to Father YHVH, and the Holy Spirit willingly subjects Himself to both. God is one of order, and He has a reason for ordaining things as they should go. For a man to take on the nature of a woman, he is rejecting the role of authority that God gave him to instead emulate submission. And when a woman takes on the nature of a man, she rejects the role of the gracious willing ministry of service to take on authority that she was never intended to have. And we see the resulting chaos in families, communities, nations, and (yes) in the church.

That is right. You can go to virtually any church in America today and see an epidemic of men and women who have switched roles. It is so commonly seen and accepted that a large percentage of your males in the choir, who play musical instruments, and who preach from the pulpit are going to have effeminate mannerisms that no one speaks of it anymore: it has even become a joke. The same is true with the stereotype of the domineering controlling church woman, or the church woman who simply wants to dress and act like a guy and do what the guys do (again this is common among musicians and is becoming increasingly common among women who choose to preach). It is a spirit that got into the church, and the church did not rise up against it because so long as you weren’t actually committing homosexual acts, then you were supposedly fine. It took root, because a cause of confusion (not the only one but definitely one) as evil spirits always do, and because no one was resisting or spiritually battling against “the little things” because they were focusing on what their culture told them was “the big things” and in the course of that they lost sight of the fact that all sins are equal in the eyes of God regardless of whether humans regard that sin as having “a victim” or “having hurt society” or “being an embarrassment”, etc. Quite the contrary, churches, often lacking enough men (and especially men who desire to stand in positions of authority) have found masculine women quite useful, especially when it comes to “handling the (secular) business.” And effeminate church men? Not nearly as threatening or intimidating. Much less likely to cause offense. So nice and reliable. In fact, a great many of us find them entertaining! Church congregations LOVE how those guys sing, direct the choir, and dance oh so flamboyantly! And in the pulpit? The theatrics, playacting, and vernacular HAS THE CROWD ROARING WITH LAUGHTER!

But you know what, folks? Churches are not for convenience. They are not so you can come and feel at ease and comfortable. They are not so that we can be entertained. But that is what so many people want out of their church experience. Why? Because they don’t WANT authority. They don’t WANT anyone telling them what to do. They are RUNNING from God’s plan. They are RUNNING from God’s authority. They want to worship God how they please in the church and then go live however they choose to outside of the church, and churches where the business is tended to by women who act like men and the entertainment is brought by men who act like women allows them to do that. Why? Because of the respect factor. Women in spiritual authority do not command as much respect as men do (from men, women, or children), and of course no one is going to respect a man who acts like a fairy at all! You want to go to a church where no one respects the church leadership because the church leadership represents God’s authority, and you do not want to submit to or respect the authority of God in your own life. THAT is why no one has risen against men and women warring against their own natural roles right in our very churches.

You might ask how these spirits enter. Like so many other things, they really do start in the home, where children are harmed by absentee or abusive parents. If the father isn’t there, the girl child will try to take on the role of a man to try to help her mother and her siblings, and the boy child will take on the role of a woman, because he is so angry and hurt by the actions of his father that he hates his own masculinity. He sees the mother who stayed as virtue, and the father who hurt him by leaving as vice. Naturally he is not going to want to take on vice, so he emulates “the good parent” who is always there for him and never abandons him. And if the mother is not present or is unsuitable, then the nurturing and emotional stability that a mother provides is gone. The result is not so much that a girl will reject her femininity, but children of both sexes will grow up with real insecurities that will cause them to seek comfort and refuge. The girls will try to cover up their fears by “acting tough” so that no one will threaten them, the boys will try to accomplish the same goal by “acting soft” so they will BE less threatening. And this cycle perpetuates itself. The women and men who are injured in this manner who do not ultimately become homosexual or bisexual (and to think that we tell our kids not to act this way merely because it might lead to them becoming homosexual, and not because it is a sin in and of itself) often marry members of the opposite sex with the roles switched; the woman acting as the man and the man acting as the woman or as a child. This leads to all sorts of turmoil in the home even if they do not divorce (which they often do) which breeds even more spiritual problems and demonic influence over children along generations. This also happens when you have an effeminate man marrying a woman who desires to be feminine and wants her husband to be the leader that God wants him to be and that she and her children so desperately need but will not, and when a masculine woman marries a masculine man, and she will not submit to him and become the wife that God wants her to be and that he and her children desperately needs, but instead she is always neglecting her female duties to contend with him over authority in the family. This has now become almost an accepted norm in our society, and as a matter of fact many people actually look down on a home where the man, woman, and children act in a manner that is in keeping with the Bible and their natural uses and roles. People look at that and claim that the woman is being oppressed, the children abused, and that even the man is abused because he is not allowed to get in touch with his homosexual feminine side that all men are alleged to have, which of course is a lie. Those tendencies are not present in all men, but rather only in men who have through their sin and rebellion against God have either left or are in the process of leaving their natural affections and being turned over to a reprobate mind. Since this is an epidemic in our current culture, we wonder why so many of our kids are acting the way they do.

And of course, this is reinforced in the media. You do realize that the media will not portray truly masculine men or feminine women filling their natural roles because it offends homosexuals. Now I do not recommend this vulgar piece of trash, but the very reason why the movie “” is because it dares to portray masculine heterosexual men as honorable rather than as sociopaths, and it dared to portray women as appreciating the masculinity of their husbands! If you doubt me, see this link, which instead promotes the movie “” depicting pair of male figure skaters as the ideal for a manhood! And this is not to say that women are faring any better. I oppose the very notion of the “sex symbol” because it promotes lust and glorifies and empowers fantasy lust and other forms of sexual immorality, and you had better believe that one of the reasons why we are fast approaching a state as it was in the days of Noah that will be achieved before Jesus Christ returned as He prophesied it would in the gospels is because so many men, women, boys, and girls carry pornographic images in their head on a continual basis. But now, they have added abomination upon abomination, for at least in the past the female images that drove men to all manners of lust, sexual immorality, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, pornography, masturbation, and rape were those of adult women that men with normal affections would find attractive. BUT NO MORE! Now the media promotes to men and boys (and to women and girls who naturally desire to be seen as attractive by men and boys) an image that opposes womanhood! Instead, they are causing grown men to lust after teen and even preteen girls in the media, and even the grown women that they make “sex symbols” out of look like either preteen girls or little boys! If you think that a Marilyn Monroe, a Diana Ross, or a Charo would be hired as an actress, singer, or model in Hollywood today, think again, because the last thing that they want to do is develop anything approaching a normal mindset in our culture concerning human sexuality. Quite the opposite. They want the men to desire the image of a woman that looks like like either a little girl or a little boy so that he will be homosexual or a child molester, and they want the women to desire to look like little girls or little boys lest they aspire to grow up to look and act like anyone that any man with even a natural affection, let alone a desire to obey God, would want to marry and have a family with. In order to destroy the natural affection by destroying the family, Hollywood promotes men who look and act like boys and fairies (the homosexual actor  who died of AIDS was more masculine than practically any actor in Hollywood today) and women who look and act like little girls (see America’s #1 female sex symbol , who has been married twice, has two kids, is well into her twenties, and yet not only still does not look to be a day older than 15, but she actually acts even younger, nothing like any man in his right mind would want for a wife or to be anywhere near his children) or like little boys (Hollywood attempted to make a sex symbol out of , who has won Oscars for playing a female boxer and a girl who passed herself off as a teenage boy, but our society is not quite that depraved at this point in time).

The modern culture hates seeing men and women acting according to natural roles and affection. They even have a name for it. They claim that portraying men and women in their natural roles as being desirable in any way whatsoever is discrimination. They even have a name for it. It is called  I call it conferring a noble virtuous status upon demons of homosexuality, perversion, unnatural affection, etc. and the people who have willingly given themselves over to their wickedness. In other words, I call it SIN, and I call it SIN because the Bible calls it SIN, and the Bible calls it SIN because the Holy Spirit that inspired the Bible calls it SIN, and the Holy Spirit calls it SIN because the Ruach Hakadosh is subject unto Father YHVH who calls it SIN, and what Father YHVH calls sin is SIN, and furthermore it is going to be forever destroyed in the lake of fire on judgment day, and all who love and refuse to come out of this SIN with it! Everything that opposes naturality, which opposes the way that God made and planned, is abomination, and it is high time that Christians stop pretending otherwise.

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Demon Of The Day: Control

Posted by Job on March 30, 2007

We are made in the image of God. That means that we have free will. Not only that, free will is the most important thing that a human has in this earthly life. Why? Because a person’s exercise of his free will in this earthly life will determine where he will spend eternity! It is a simple yes or no, up or down decision. If a person uses free will to accept Yeshua HaMashiach as his Lord and Savior, he spends eternity in paradise with God. If he uses that free will to reject salvation from or the Lordship of Yeshua HaMashiach, then he spends an eternity in the lake of fire. It is just that simple, yet so many people choose wrong, and even the people who choose right still endure much doubt, fear, torment, uncertainty, etc. for a multitude of reasons. (If you have not made the correct choice yet, follow The Three Step Salvation Plan.)

And since our free will is so important – for it is how we exercise our God image to either choose God or reject Him – then doing anything to prevent someone from using their free will (or from knowing the purpose and power of their free will so that they can use it to their desire and capacity) is a great sin. By doing so, we are in fact opposing the very purpose for which God created us, and denying the very nature that makes us man and not a mere animal. So, whenever you try to control someone’s thoughts or actions, you are committing a great sin against that person and against God.

Yet so many people commit this sin, and actually delude themselves into thinking that they are HELPING a person and HONORING God with their actions. Now this is different from the sin of witchcraft, which is also a type of spiritual control, but is done by people who KNOW that they are exerting power over others for their own selfish ends. But though technically they are not witches, people with controlling spirits do just as much damage, and though they might delude themselves ultimately they try to control others for the exact same reason as witches do: power. Oftentimes it is not so much a desire to be the boss as it is to try to control and master your own environment, to make things go the way that you want them to go to suit your own advantage or comfort. The problem comes when there are PEOPLE in your environment, and those people can be your parents, your spouse, your children, your friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.

This is not to be mistaken with legitimate authority, though many people with control demons love to seek authority in order to maximize their control. However, please realize that one need not to be in a position of official authority to act in this manner. It is more often manifested among people who are supposed to be more or less equal, where one person not only has to get his way in his affairs but tries to run yours too. And such people will even torment those in authority over them by using manipulative, subversive, and passive – aggressive tactics! Indeed, many such people have determined that “it is better to boss the boss than be the boss” because that gives them control without accountability.

First, I want to briefly deal with control in family relationships. So many people are willing to abuse the love and feelings of responsibility that exist in family relationships by using it to control their family members. If you are doing this, then you must stop, or God WILL judge you for it. Even if you get away with it in this life, no one will escape judgment day in the next! If you are being victimized in this manner, you absolutely must stand up for yourself and let the person who is attempting to exploit your family ties with them to control you know that they are not only sinning against you but also against God, and you are not going to put up with their sin any longer. If they persist in trying, then do as Abraham did and leave. There is a difference between trying to do what you think is best for someone and trying to get someone else to do what is best for you, and you should be able to know what it is. If you do not because you have grown up in a controlling family and their behavior seems “normal” to you, then let the examples of the Bible be your guide. Even parents have to determine with their children whether they are exercising authority in order to protect their children’s welfare and raise them up according to the rules and knowledge of the Bible, or control in order to cause their children to behave and make decisions that please the parents.

Next, let us address the two biggest agents of control in most cultures: religion and government. We have to be honest with ourselves: the goals of both of these systems is to either A) make people think that they do not have a choice, B) make them too afraid to exercise a choice, or C) trick people into thinking that they have made a choice when they really haven’t and the choice has been made for them. Disinformation, intimidation, and brainwashing. It is done by both the church and the state, and they use many of the same tactics. That is why whenever the church and state join forces (or when one is able to create a system or ideology that resembles the other, such as when Marxist regimes force people to worship the state through nationalism) the result is almost total control over a society, and that control is always used to do great harm. Now with government, it is a conundrum: we are supposed to obey the law and respect authority especially when neither demands us to sin. But the problem is that very often the government DOES either oppose the Bible or demand us to be consenting when it supports or promotes those who oppose it. The way to deal with this is to remember that scripture is the final authority, not government, and if we are required to defy the government and are punished as a result, we are to consider it as persecution and to count it all joy. We are to never forget that the government is the world, and we are to reject and hate the world. We are to further remember that governments are part and parcel of what we are to be contending against with our spiritual weapons as Paul mentioned in Ephesians 6. Government is a primary seat of authority, and the humans who inhabit it are often filled with control demons that work together through those people in those influential positions to work much evil using the disinformation, intimidation, and brainwashing mentioned earlier, and that is what we as Christians must stand against. It boggles the mind to consider the great evils that are not only countenanced but supported in this nation and in other nations of the world because some government either did it or said that it was OK, and that is the type of power that governments exerts through control to cause people to either perform or to not oppose that which they know the Bible says is wrong.

It may offend a great many religious people to hear that oftentime religious people and institutions often create a demonic system of control, but they do. People who want power and influence seek careers in the religious arena just like any other, and the religious arena rewards such people with advancement just like any other. And even things that might SEEM to be of righteous intent, i.e. things that would prevent people from sinning are wrong because A) they can easily get out of hand and B) if God did not prevent Adam from eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, why should the church try to do with its members what God would not with Adam? Now it can be a very tricky issue, for I do believe that it is very appropriate for Christians to act in the political and legal realm against gambling, pornography, gay rights, abortion, usury, etc. if for no reason other than they are rights given to us in our system of government, so why not use them? But apart from that, the church should not try to prevent people from indulging in such behaviors. The church should only preach the truth: that it is sin (and where it is not sin it is still destructive to individuals, families, and communities) and let people decide whether to be for God or Satan on their own. And what is actually an even bigger problem with a great many church movements is their adding to the Bible with their own little denominational or church doctrines, traditions, and rules. Look, if the Bible does not call it sin, it is not sin, and the only reason why anyone claims otherwise is their desire to control people; to stop them from doing things that they personally find offensive for cultural or other reasons. Of course, these people will neglect what the Bible actually teaches while enforcing their own rules, just as the church that I grew up in would not allow women to wear pants but allowed them to serve as elders and pastors.

In order not to be a controller or be victimized by one, we must ALWAYS remember one thing: God is in control, not us. God should not only control our lives completely, but He should control EVERYONE’S life completely. Now of course, the vast majority of even avowed Christians have not given God even majority control over their lives, let alone complete. As regrettable as that is, it is really not something that we should do anything about other than to try to educate, encourage, and warn people to change their ways. Why? Because every measure of control that we either usurp from a person or deprive them of using is that same measure that God wants to have over a person but will not be able to (for God will not deprive a person of his free will). And that is why Satan works so hard to get people, religions, ideologies, governments, etc. to deny people their free will and to even deny their KNOWLEDGE of free will, because he so desires to prevent people from using that free will to worship and obey God. Christians should be doing the very opposite. God wants to be worshipped in spirit and in truth. So instead of doing the religious thing and trying to inhibit the free choice of people in the vain hope of keeping them from sin, we should be trying to liberate people’s free will, doing our best to help them to understand the power and importance and meaning of their ability to make their own choices, so that if they do choose God, they will be far more likely to worship Him from the fulness of their hearts rather than merely someone who goes through life offering God unacceptable sacrifices either out of fear or ignorance of their other options, which includes a better way.

And it starts in the home. Christian parents, I really hate this subversive “you just have to learn to let go” mentality that Hollywood and the state works continuously to brainwash you with, for it is anti – Christ. But the truth is that you cannot impose or project onto your children what it means to be a good Christian. It is not about raising them according to rules or even raising them not to want to sin, and it is CERTAINLY not about trying to shelter or protect them from bad influences. Remember, Yeshua HaMashiach said “he who the Son sets free shall be free indeed!” You must raise your kids to HATE being controlled (including by you) but rather to LOVE freedom. That includes allowing them to make their own choices and to experience the consequences thereof. It is about faith: you need to have faith that God will protect and keep your children. Ultimately, you cannot make the decision for them, it is one that they will make on their own. Your job is to A) teach them the Bible and B) raise them free of the desire for, expectations of, or the inhibitions caused by control. That way, if they do choose the Lord, they will learn that the greatest freedom they can ever have is the freedom from sin caused by total submission to the Will of the Father; that submission to the Father is the freedom of love and life from sin and death. Only people who worship God through their open complete free will know that he who the Son sets free is free indeed, and that is precisely why Satan works so hard to deny people, especially Christians, from ever knowing what free will is and means. But you, Christian parents, can and must first defeat Satan in this area within yourself, and then defeat Satan in this area as the parents of your children. With man, it is impossible, for it is the strongest natural instinct to try to shelter and protect your children and choose their paths for them, but with God it is possible, and in you it must be done! Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach and by Your Ruach Hakadosh, please reveal to Your children the many ways that demons of control attempt to vex, oppose, and oppress them, and please Lord let them know how they should claim the deliverance from and victory over them that is already theirs through Yeshua HaMashiach, and embolden them to take and use what is already theirs for their freedom and the freedom of so many other of the redeemed. Amen.

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Demon Of The Day: Blasphemy

Posted by Job on March 25, 2007

In the lasciviousness demon of the day topic (Part I and Part II), I mentioned how Satan’s changing of the language masked people’s awareness of sin. Not that such is an excuse for sin, for anyone who loves God will still avoid it despite their lack of knowledge. What it does, however, is make avoidance of sin harder because, let us face it, not only the overall culture but even the Christian church culture is not made up of people who love and want to please God. Instead, even the Christian church culture seeks mostly to do what is right in the eyes of other people, including other Christians. So, if behavior is commonly accepted as decent or moral, such Christians will engage in or not oppose it. If behavior is commonly looked down upon, such Christians will not openly indulge in or support it. This creates what can be called a “secular religion” where even Christians – or should I say especially Christians – care more about morals, values, culture, appearances, order, etc.

And one of the words whose meaning has changed over time is blasphemy. It’s current meaning, given to it by theologians, is to assume to oneself the rights or qualities of God, or to claim to be God or Godlike. That is not the original meaning given by God Himself to man in the Bible. That meaning was CLEARLY to curse or revile God or to disrespect or mock His Name or His Word. Now consider that in Biblical times, the easiest way to tell if a Hebrew was possessed by a demon was if he began to curse or mock God or the scriptures. Why? Because A) the Hebrews entire culture was built upon a great respect for God and B) because doing so meant death on the law. In our modern world, anyone with experience in deliverance will tell you that when a demon manifests, it will cause the person that it is indwelling or possessing to say some of the most vile things against God, so that has not changed. What has changed is the culture, which is now one where showing God all manner of disrespect and defiance is such routine behavior that it is done without thinking. Indeed, the person who ABSTAINS from such behavior actually appears to be strange and odd. And sadly, this is not limited to “the world”, but the coarse, vulgar, playful, rebellious attitude that people have towards God as represented in the persons of His Will, His Word, and His Spirit even in the church is shocking. This is important because blasphemy is not just a demon in and of itself, but spitting on, hating, rejecting, defying, denying, rebelling against, etc. God with your lips and actions gives a host of other demons a legal right to enter and torment you.

A lot of Christians do this apparently unwittingly, for curses against God have crept into everyday speech that is now acceptable even for small children. Well, the power of life and death is STILL in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) and words STILL mean things whether you think about, are aware of, or mean what you say! Further, a lot of this is done through permutations and replacements of curses and swear words. A lot of Christians think that it is OK for them – and their kids – to say “goshdarnit!” Well, it isn’t, because everyone knows that that word or phrase replaces, and the SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL INTENT of the word is still the same (more on that later) . If by some chance you are using this word WITHOUT knowing what it replaces or means (or if you are using any number of other similar expressions such as “doggone it” and “dadgum it”), then you really are being unwise to use a word or phrase without knowing its meaning, especially when you consider the CONTEXT in which they are used (in frustration and anger, for emphasis, OR AS AN OATH). Now back to the INTENT of the word being the same giving it the same spiritual power: well you call on the Name of Jesus Christ, don’t you? Surely you must know that it is not His Real Name (and not even the only Name given to Him in the Bible)! Even if you leave apart the English transliteration versus the actual Hebrew name issue, Yeshua HaMashiach Himself said in Revelation that His Real Name would not be known or spoken on this earth, but only by the saints who get to be in the new heaven and the new earth (Revelation 2:17)! Yet people are still able to be be saved, preach, heal, and cast out devils in the name of Jesus Christ (and its many variants in other languages and cultures) because of THE SPIRITUAL MEANING OF WHAT THEY ARE SAYING AND USING. Father YHVH knows what we mean when we say “God”, “Lord”, or “Jehovah”, so you better know what is meant when we say “goshdarnit” as well. That is precisely why so much is written in the Bible concerning being able to control your tongue and not speaking in anger (Matthew 5:37, 1 Corinthians 15:33, Ephesians 4:29, Colossians 3:8). Look, everything that we do is supposed to PLEASE GOD, and by speaking in such manners, we seek not to please God but ourselves, and not only that but to please ourselves with the same type of communication that we see and hear other people use, or see and hear on TV and in the movies. Yes, that is true. Swearing and profanity in public became much more acceptable first after the ratings systems for movies came out allowing the dialogue to be as filthy as they desired, and more still after the language degradation on broadcast television. It was just a generation or two ago where schoolchildren were actually PUNISHED for “saying bad words” in public schools, now such a thing has become impractical in even a great many CHRISTIAN schools.

But that is just one way. Truthfully, even outside of cursing, Christians have become very cavalier and irreverent, even mocking with the way they use the Name of God and refer to scripture. “Fundamentalist” preachers actually get up in the pulpit and talk about God in any manner they choose (click on the “more” section on the link to see what I am talking about). These people actually do not seem to recognize that this is GOD that they are talking about. The one who created heaven and earth. THE ONE WHO WILL CAST PEOPLE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE! Now when I was a child, I was often told “do not talk about God like that unless you want Him to throw a lightning bolt at you and strike you down.” Forget that, that’s this life. If CHRISTIANS DO NOT FEAR THE ONE WHO CAN SEND THEM TO THE LAKE OF FIRE FOR ETERNITY (Matthew 10:28) THEN THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY INSANE! Don’t come telling me about how God’s grace will cover this, or how it is no big deal, or how God will forgive. How many of you allow your kids to talk to you any old kind of way? How many of you would allow your co – worker or any random person off the street to talk to or about you or a member of your family any old kind of way? So many of you would quickly rise up in your own defense even to the point of physical violence and then turn around and disrespect God in the very same manner that you yourself are unwilling to put up with, and that is a classic sign of having more regard for yourself than you do for God.

And there is yet another way: denying the nature of God and God’s Word. Look, people, God IS His Word. Yeshua HaMashiach is God’s Word in the flesh. It is one thing if you say something in error about God’s Word without knowing or understanding. Then again, that is your fault if you do, because you need to dedicate a great portion of your life to reading God’s Word and researching what you have read. Let me state it again. You need to dedicate a great portion of your life to reading God’s Word YOURSELF, NOT listening to sermons or relying on other men’s interpretations, but reading it yourself. And then AFTER you have read, you need to RESEARCH what you have read. And until you have done that enough to have a solid firm foundation and grasp of understanding on what is actually in the Bible, then just keep your mouth shut. Just stick to John 3:16 , Psalm 25, and your own testimony (which is all you need to win converts), and keep your mouth closed about the rest until you have read the whole thing other than to ask a question. If you have some burning desire to discuss matters concerning scripture, then that just ought to motivate you to read the book through and through again. And this is yet another reason why you should not just go around repeating what preachers, church members, your parents, or whoever else have said, because they make plenty of mistakes. Loads of things are circulating out there that purportedly come from the Bible but do not; indeed most of it contradicts the Bible. Want to know the biggest one? The commonly retold story of nativity, of Yeshua HaMashiach’s birth. Virtually all of it is contradicted by Luke. But virtually anyone who is familiar with the Bible can just sit and watch or listen to Christian TV or radio and spot the errors made by prominent preachers.

But again, those are errors. The bigger problem is what is done on purpose. Again, God is His Word. God’s Word clearly says that the Bible is inerrant and the final authority. So why do people blaspheme by saying that it isn’t? Now that does not mean that there are not problems with a particular translation or interpretation, but every word of the text is inspired and true. People who say otherwise are blaspheming His Word. People who make up stuff that isn’t in the Bible are blaspheming His Word. Traditions and doctrines that add to, remove from, or oppose scripture is blaspheming His Word. Denying not only scripture but that the true nature of God is pre – existing eternally in Tri – Unity is blaspheming His Word. Claiming that salvation, sanctification, justification, etc. are in any way dependent upon works rather than grace is blaspheming His Word, and claiming that faith without works is anything other than dead is blaspheming His Word. Going after extrabiblical revelation such as whatever the Christian Scientists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, Jews, etc. have or denying any portion of scripture (including you Christians who proclaim the Old Testament is irrelevant) is blaspheming His Word. Claiming that we are still under the law in any way or still receive blessings and/or cursings according to the law is blaspheming His Word, claiming that it is not very expedient to be knowledgeable and respectful of the meaning and intent of the law is blaspheming His Word. And so on (and yes it does go on!)

As a matter of fact, perhaps the best reason to turn off the secular TV which brings into your house, mind, and spirit and desensitizes you to all manner of blasphemy and to turn of Christian TV which has all manner of blasphemy through false doctrine and to do the same with your secular and Christian radio, CDs, books, magazines, Internet, etc. and also to CLOSE YOUR MOUTH and instead read your Bible (or listen to audio Bible CDs and use the Bible software on your computer and visit the Bible websites on the Internet) and whatever else you need to understand and edify what you are reading is because if you do that, then it greatly reduces your opportunity to commit the sin of blasphemy. Thereby, you greatly reduce the chances of a demon of blasphemy and an assortment of other demons being able to lay a claim on you. What are you thinking? That you can be a fan of some popular TV preacher like and many others who blaspheme God and His Word by denying Trinity and by preaching Word of Faith/prosperity heresy or who refuses to preach about judgment of sin and not be affected? Or that you can follow any politician like and that is willing to go around claiming Jesus Christ as their savior when you KNOW that they are not doing so according to the Bible and not be affected? Do not be deceived, people, this is serious business! Either speak truthfully and well concerning your God, speak the will of God, or learn to love silence. Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, may your people learn to love You and Your Word. Please Lord may they request from You control over their minds and tongues, and please grant it to them. Lord, may they desire to blaspheme no more and to no longer tolerate blasphemy from anyone else. Amen.

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Demon Of The Day: Ungratefulness

Posted by Job on March 17, 2007

Not only can other demons enter through the sin of ungratefulness, but ungratefulness is also a demon in and of itself. I was flabbergasted as I was listening to the radio this morning, and Dr. Michael Youssef of the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia stated that the Apostle Paul gave as one of the signs of the endtimes a pervasive attitude of ungratefulness gripping the world! He then mentioned the depths, the thorough depravity, that an ungrateful person can sink into by referencing the children of Israel. God had led them out of cruel slavery at the hands of the mightiest empire on earth, saved them from the Egyptian army, guided them through the desert giving them food, water, and shelter from the heat, none of their clothes and shoes wore out, none of them got sick or injured, and yet they complained every step of the way. Every step of the way they grumbled. Every step of the way they rebelled. Every step of the way, they reminisced about Egypt. They continually provoked God and Moses to the point where only the intercession of Moses kept them from being slaughtered by God in the wilderness, and God stayed His Hand not so much for their sake or the sake of Moses or even Abraham, but because Moses reminded God that by enduring the stiff – necked Israelis long enough to bring them into Canaan it would bring great honor to His Name throughout the whole world, and that same honor could thereby be used to broadcast the fame of His mighty acts to all the world for all generations so that thereby men might hear, marvel, and be saved!

And this is the amazing thing. The children of Israel did not FORGET how they cried out to God when they were being cruelly afflicted. The mothers still rememberd how their little boys were thrown into the river, and the men remembered how they were worked to death. The children of Israel did not FORGET the plagues that God sent on Egypt to totally destroy the land. The children of Israel did not FORGET how God parted the Red Sea, or how he met they every need. They did not forget; they just did not care! God did all of those things for them, and they just threw it back in His Face!

And some people are just like that. No matter what you do for them, they are never going to change their attitude or how they treat you. No matter what good comes into their lives, their disposition never improves. You can give them a great treasure, such as a virtuous spouse or a healthy loving child, and they will just use, abuse, and neglect it. These people are like this for a reason. They are like this because they have a spirit of ungratefulness working in their lives. This is not like coveting and greed, where no matter what you get you always want more. This is not like jealousy and envy, where something that someone else has either makes you angry or causes you to desire it. For instance, take the greedy person. Give him 1 billion dollars. He isn’t going to say that there is anything wrong with the billion dollars. That is not his problem. His problem is that he wants five billion more! It is not that he does not like what he has, but rather that it does not satisfy him. But the ungrateful person? Give him a billion dollars, and he will just say “more money more problems.” He will not have the mindset to try to use that billion to multiply it. He will not have the mindset to take that billion and hoard it. He will not have the mindset to take that billion and try to do good works like helping the poor. He will just take that money and complain until the day that he dies how horrible it is to be a rich person! He will complain about his taxes. He will complain about how his wife spends his money. He will complain about how lazy and idle his kids are. And he will complain that he has no true friends, for if he were to lose all his money, they would abandon him. He will complain that his accountants are stabbing him in the back and stealing his money. And you know what? The power of life and death are in the tongue. So, because of his complaining, his wife will be wounded and rejected and go spend money to feel better. His kids will never amount to anything because they were never encouraged and challenged. He will only be surrounded with people who want his money because people with character who desire true friendship will not suffer his bitterness. And the people that steal from him will be those whom he himself hired, because his mind is so addled with demons that he is unable to recognize or value someone with integrity to set him over his affairs.

Because you see, the demon of ungratefulness is one of those where once he gets in, he lets in a whole lot more. The ungrateful person because of what he does rejects everything that God has done for him. The primary thing that God does is protect someone, and not only from harm, but from evil spirits. Reject the protection from evil spirits, and the covering goes away, and anything and everything has a license to come in and oppress and torment the ungrateful person. Remember the person in the parable of Yeshua HaMashiach who was forgiven the huge debt hat he owed but would not forgive the small debt that was owed to him? Yeshua HaMashiach said that he was delivered to the TORMENTORS, which means that his protective covering was removed from him, and any and all demons were given license to come into him and do what they wanted. The same is what will be done to an ungrateful person.

How does this start? Some would say that it starts with complaining; while that opens the door, you have to look at what causes the complaining in the first place. When a person complains about something, it is because he is not satisfied with his situation, and wants to REBEL against it. So you see, the root of ungratefulness is REBELLION. What can cause you to rebel? Pride and arrogance. You think that you are better than everyone else and that you are so unique, gifted, and talented and everyone else in the universe is lucky that you even exist. Such a person is not going to be want to told what to do. They are going to resent it, and rebel against it. When their rebellion still does not remove God’s authority from them, they complain about it. But despite their rebellion and complaining, God does not go anywhere. God is still there, in heaven, on the throne, ruling the universe. No matter what you do, God was there before you were and will be there when you were gone. So you have two choices. You can deny God’s existence and live a lie. Or you can get back at God by hardening your heart towards and spurning everything that He gives you! You are so angry at the fact that God exists, that God is in control that, that God will not bow to you and worship you, that He is the center of the universe and not you, that you will call all of the good that He has given You evil. Everything that He has given you is faulty. Everything that He has protected you from, you could have done a better job handling it yourself. Whenever it rains, you want it to be dry, whenever the wind blows it messes up your hair, and not that you like the hair that God gave you anyway because your ends are always splitting.

But at its root, it all comes back to your desire to receive the worship that ought to go to God. You want to receive worship, not give it. You want to be the god of the universe, and since you cannot e that you settle for being the god of your own mind. And that means that you cannot be thankful for anything that you are, have, or get, because that would mean bowing to the real God and giving Him the glory for it! And consider what was said about the wicked people during the great tribulation in Revelation 16. These men were scorched with fire, covered with sores, all the water had turned to blood, afflicted with darkness, and these people still would not repent to give God the glory! Why? Because THEY WANT THE GLORY FOR THEMSELVES! And that is an ungrateful person: he is ungrateful because he will not give gratitude away but wants to keep it to himself, for gratitude is PRAISE. Look at the Psalms of praise i.e. Psalm 100. What do they all contain? SONGS AND PRAYERS OF THANKSGIVING! GIVING THANKS TO GOD! So, the way to prevent worshipping God is by making sure that you will never feel thankfulness in your heart, and ungratefulness does this.

And that is what the beast, the anti – Christ will give people: a way to worship themselves. Self – worship, self – idolatry. Except that with the worship of self, you cannot be grateful. You do not cause the sun to rise. You do not cause the rains to come or the crops to grow. You cannot give thanks to yourself, for you are not the creator of the things for which you ought to give thanks. You cannot do good, only evil! Therefore, because you are worshipping a dead god (yourself), you will be spiritually unable to praise the real living God. Thus, you will go through life finding fault with and rejecting everything. Now in the endtimes, everyone is going to go after a religion or mindset that tells them “it is all about me.” Oh sure, they will still be Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, atheists, CHRISTIANS, and whatever by name. But the point of the religion will go from worshipping God to making the worshipper feel good about himself, to give the worshipper what HE wants. (Sound like a lot of religious, political, social, and philosophical movements today?) And that is going to plunge the world into a morass of ungratefulness, which will literally cause hell to belch out a phalanx of demons that will plunge the world into a state of spiritual darkness not seen since the time of Noah. The thoughts of man will be only evil continually because, well, the thoughts of man will be only on HIMSELF continually! And then the end shall come.

Do not be a person who goes after this madness. Know that there is One God who exists eternally as the Father YHVH, His Word Yeshua HaMashiach, and His Spirit Ruach Hakadosh. Know that you serve Him, and not He you. And do not go after false doctrines that encourages you to doubt, blame, or resent God for all the evil in your life and the world. Keep on doing that mess and you will start calling the blessings that God gives you curses! Praise God for not only the good, but even that which seems bad. Now a lot of Christians say that God cannot do evil, so He is not responsible for the incontrovertibly bad things that happen in your life (death, sickness, poverty, mental illness, family breakdown, etc.) but rather those are the doings of Satan and of sin. That is fine with me. So, even if you are not going to thank God for the bad things that happened in your life, thank Him for giving you the strength to endure them! If you let the joy of the Lord be your strength, you will never be ungrateful. Even if you have totally completely lost your joy, hope, and faith, find some way to thank God even if it is in the least small way (so long as it is honest and not sarcastic, ironic, or back – handed). Why? Because no matter what you are going through, it is not worth allowing the demon of ungratefulness get ahold of you. That is something that even Job realized. When his wife told him to curse God and die, Job replied to her “is it right for me to receive good from the Lord and not also evil(Job 2:9-10) ?” As marginal as that sounds, it means that if only in the slightest flicker glimmer of a way, Job still acknowledged that God had been good to him. And that was giving God the slightest flicker glimmer of praise. That meant that there was just the slightest flicker glimmer that God accounted to Job for righteousness, and that was just enough to save his soul! So you see, dear Christian, the sin of ungratefulness is very serious, and is why Christians should make as part of their daily habit giving God thanks and praise lest they fall into it. Read and recite the Psalms daily, and make up your own little psalms of praise to add to them, even if they are silly little bouncy childish chants that make you giggle and feel good. It may seem ridiculous to the outside world, but that is the point: they’re the world, of course they are going to reject it! If you are able to get all silly and happy with it, then that means that it is sincere, the praise and love for God that you are having and experiencing is real! Sure, it is emotionalism, but so what … it drives demons nuts, and they get filled with so much torment (for all demons wish to be worshipped and cannot STAND when God gets real worship, sure fake worship or religious habitual worship they can stand, but REAL WORSHIP, no!) that they have to flee for the sake of their own envy! Even saying prayers of thanks over your food and thanking God that he allowed you to sleep through the night and get up in the morning (which means that he preserved your life, health, and mind, serious stuff!), things that you learned (or should have learned) as a small child counts!  Get this: realize that kids were once taught to say their prayers of thanks at the start of each day and before each meal in public schools, but then came the atheists, the ACLU, and the Jewish activists … you had no idea what serious business this stuff is, especially for kids whose parents don’t take them to church, didn’t you? It is all about getting into a lifestyle of being thankful, and by doing all that he can to hinder that, Satan knows what he is doing. Now that you know his game and the stakes, it is up to you, Christian, to always thank your God no matter what and fight back! A simple prayer of thanksgiving, especially in times of great sorrow and trial and particularly when the things that you are experiencing are really unfair (or at least seem to you to be at the time) is the most basic fundamental form of spiritual warfare there is. I bet you didn’t know that by teaching your kids to “say grace” before each meal that you were using them as spiritual warriors against Satan and his kingdom of darkness, did you? Well, Christian, now you know the TRUE power of God, and of being ever thankful to Him!

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