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Kidnapped India Christians Forced To Participate In Humiliating Hindu Temple Ritual Then Released!

Posted by Job on March 12, 2008

More than 60 Christians who were kidnapped by extremists in Himachal Pradesh, India, on February 27 were released unharmed. However, the kidnapped Christians were forced to participate in a humiliating ceremony at a religious temple before they were released. Click here to read the news story about their release.

We also learned today that Gospel for Asia missionary Haresh Kujur was released after being kidnapped March 1. He was conducting a youth program at his church in Assam, India, when a group of anti-Christian extremists abducted him. No other details about his release are available at this time.

Please keep both of these situations in your prayers, even as we rejoice over the release of these Christian brothers and sisters.

K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President

Himachal Pradesh Kidnapped Christians Released

Anti-Christian extremists have released the more than 60 Christians they kidnapped on February 27 in Himachal Pradesh, India. None of the Christians were harmed during their ordeal, and none were members of GFA-related churches as was previously thought. The kidnapped Christians were forced to endure a humiliating ceremony at a religious temple before the extremists gave them anti-Christian literature and let them go.

The radical group responsible for the kidnapping, while part of a system that keeps Dalits and other low castes in virtual slavery, covered their own agenda by publicly accusing Christian missionaries of trying to split the nation of India along caste lines.

This leader also falsely claimed that missionaries offered inducements to low-caste people to lure them into converting to Christianity. Himachal Pradesh’s ruling anti-Christian political party believes that keeping people in the traditional religion brings unity to the state, and ultimately to the entire country. It is reported that the group who kidnapped these Christians is affiliated with the political party.

It is not unusual for these extremists to kidnap believers and try to force them to bow before the statues that represent the country’s traditional gods. If the Christians refuse to bow, they risk being ostracized from society, which brings much shame in the Asian culture in which they live.

GFA’s correspondent is thankful for the prayers for these believers, and says that by God’s grace, they are safe. However, religious and political tensions in the area are still strong. Please pray that these Christians and others near them will trust in the Lord and not fear.

Read the original report here.

Learn more about Himachal Pradesh, where the kidnapping took place.


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Gospel For Asia: Answered Prayer Amid Danger In India

Posted by Job on March 5, 2008

One of our missionaries, Gautam Taru, is back with his family after severe threats
forced them to leave their village for a few days. The police, who previously did nothing to protect Gautam, are now actively trying to help him.Read this update on Gautam to find out more about the situation, which is far from stable.

Praise God for these answers to prayer. Please continue to lift up this brother, who is risking his safety to share the Gospel. Thank you for being part of his ministry through your prayers.

Yours for the unreached.
K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President

“We are extremely grateful for your prayers for Pastor Gautam,” wrote Gospel for Asia’s correspondent in Madhya Pradesh, India. “The situation has calmed down.”

Police have stepped in to protect GFA missionary Gautam Taru after extremist groups threatened him last month. The group told him he must leave the village within three days or face “serious consequences.” At first, police simply advised Gautam to leave the village until things settled down. Gautam sent his wife and children to stay with her
father for their protection, and he sought shelter at the GFA state office.

The anti-Christians did not leave him alone, however. They actively planned to lodge an official complaint against him, compelling many people to give false testimony against him. And three days after the original threat—the day the group said Gautam would face serious consequences—the situation looked ominous.

“Every day, the fanatic group goes to the village to inquire whether Pastor Gautam has left the place or not,” our correspondent wrote that day. “We even heard that they are preparing a person to pretend that the pastor gave him money to become a Christian.” However, now that the police have said they will protect Gautam, the situation appears to be calmer. Pastor Gautam was able to join his wife and children at his in-laws’ home. But the anti-Christian sentiment is still strong. Pastor Gautam asks for prayer for safety to continue his ministry.

Read the original report about the threats against Pastor Gautam.

Madhya Pradesh is Pastor Gautam’s home state.

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Gospel For Asia: India Mother’s Prayers For Son’s Conversion And Deliverance From Anger Demons Answered!

Posted by Job on February 5, 2008

My note: another report from the mission field that references demonic activity among the unsaved. It is good to see that Third World Christians acknowledge that demons are real and spiritual warfare and deliverance are real and tangible necessities, not things to be dealt with indirectly or referred to metaphorically or in abstraction as do many western “civilized and educated” fundamentalist and evangelical Christians.

The first time Dhanjoy read a Bible was at a Gospel for Asia Bible college. There, his life would change forever. Read his story–and learn how his transformation was the answer to his mother’s prayers–here.

you so much for your prayers for people like Dhanjoy to have a chance
to hear the Gospel. Truly, you are making an impact for eternity.


Yours for the unreached,K.P. Yohannan Founder & President

“Lord, please change my whole family as you have changed my life,” Meena Patni earnestly prayed. Meena had found peace and joy she never expected after a pastor told
her about Jesus. Delivered from a life of spirit worship and bondage to
demons, Meena’s hope was that her family would find salvation
too—especially her son Dhanjoy, who was difficult to handle. Dhanjoy had grown up among people whose only hope in life was to
appease the anger of evil spirits. He was a mischievous boy, and he
fought with his father and brother. He would even grab and pull his
mother’s hair or throw his sandal into the food she was cooking. Meena
desperately wanted her son to grow up knowing the love of Jesus, and
she prayed for him often.

She began to see the answer to her prayers when Gospel for Asia
missionary Benjamin Masih visited their home. For the first time,
Dhanjoy—who was by then a teenager—listened to the Gospel message. When
Benjamin invited Dhanjoy to visit a GFA Bible college, he agreed. Dhanjoy attended an introductory class at the Bible college,
intended for young men such as himself who had been introduced to the
Gospel but didn’t yet know the Lord. During the weeks he was there,
stories of Jesus’ life deeply touched him, as did reading the Bible for
the first time. Dhanjoy gave his life to Christ there at the college.

Soon, Dhanjoy received a phone call from his father with the news
that he had passed his college exams and could look for a job. But by
that time, Dhanjoy desired to stay and study at the Bible college. He
stayed for two months, then went home for his brother’s wedding. During this visit, Meena was overjoyed to see her son again and
witness the changes that had taken place in his life. Dhanjoy shared
his new faith with his family members who did not yet know Christ.

Now, Dhanjoy is a Bible college graduate serving the Lord full-time
in the mountainous Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. He has faced
opposition several times from anti-Christian groups, but he continues
faithfully. Dhanjoy asks for prayer that many people will receive salvation
through his ministry, and especially that his brother and father will
choose to follow the Lord. 

Read about an exciting outreach in Jammu and Kashmir.   Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful state in North India.   Read the story of another man whose mother’s prayers impacted his life.


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Gospel For Asia: Christian Missionary Attacked On Train In India

Posted by Job on January 15, 2008

Can you imagine boarding a plane and being attacked by other passengers because you
were a Christian? Arun faced this terrifying situation when he shared his faith with another passenger on a train in Haryana, India.
Learn more about Haryana, the Indian state where Arun serves, here.

May your faith be strengthened as you read this powerful story of Arun’s willingness to suffer for Christ. Please keep Gospel for Asia’s missionaries in your prayers. Opposition like this is a daily fact of life for many of them.

Yours for the unreached,
K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan

Founder & President

As the train pulled out of the station and bumped down the track, Gospel for Asia native missionary Arun Brajendra found his seat. Striking up a conversation with another passenger, he saw an opportunity to share the love of Jesus. So, with a Gospel booklet in
his hand, he began outlining the steps to becoming a follower of Christ. Little did he know that he was about to pay a great price for obeying the Lord’s call on his life.

Arun grew up in a nominal Christian family, but in August of 1997 he wholeheartedly gave his life to the Lord. He soon answered a call on his life to full-time ministry and left his secular job to travel with an evangelistic group across India.

During this time, Arun read an article about missionary Graham Stanes and his two sons who were burned to death by anti-Christian extremists. Challenged by this missionary’s dedication, Arun felt the Lord calling him to serve regardless of the cost. So, he enrolled in
Bible college to further prepare himself for ministry. Following graduation from the GFA Bible college, Arun went to serve in Haryana, India. As he boarded the train that day, Arun looked for someone who needed Christ. He began discussing the Gospel message with the person sitting next to him.

Out of nowhere, some of the other passengers jumped up and began beating Arun. They were anti-Christian extremists and had been listening in on his conversation. Tearing his clothes and destroying his Gospel literature, the extremists kept attacking Arun until he fell to the floor unconscious. As the group was ready to throw him off the train, another passenger came to his rescue.

After a few days rest, Arun became well enough to continue his ministry. Although he was badly injured in the attack, his resolve to reach the lost was only strengthened. Since the attack, Arun has faced more opposition along the way. However, he counts it a blessing to be able to suffer for the name of Jesus to be proclaimed. Through perseverance in his ministry, Arun recently started a church where 40 people now regularly worship.

Arun requests prayer that more people will come to know Jesus as he shares the Gospel message with those who have never heard it before. GFA field leaders also ask for prayer for protection for Arun and his new wife as they serve in an area where many are opposed toChristianity. Read about two other missionaries who were recently attacked in Haryana. Learn more about Haryana, the Indian state where Arun serves, here.

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Gospel For Asia: Ministry Behind Prison Bars

Posted by Job on January 12, 2008

Gospel for Asia
missionary Chandran Paranjoy recently spent more than two weeks in jail
after being accused of forcing people to convert to Christianity. The
Lord used him mightily during his time there. Now many inmates are
thirsty for God’s Word. To read Chandran’s story firsthand, please click here.

It is such a joy to hear how GFA missionaries on the field faithfully
follow Christ’s call on their lives. They are willing to serve Him
anywhere, even in a jail cell.

Yours for the unreached,
K.P. Yohannan

Founder & President

For 18 days in October 2007, God used Gospel for Asia missionary
Chandran Paranjoy to reach inmates in a jail in Chhattisgarh, India. On
October 5, Chandran and another believer, Sunil, were arrested while
Chandran conducted a prayer meeting. A group of anti-Christian
extremists had falsely accused him of forcibly converting people to

Following their release, Chandran shared with a GFA field
correspondent how they had the opportunity to share Christ’s love with
the other prisoners. Here is the story in his words.

I did have the chance to run away when the villagers came with the
police to arrest us, but I stayed because they had already caught
Sunil, and I thought the mob might harm him. So I just surrendered to
them so I could go with Sunil. I knew that whatever happened, God would
be with us.

A few days before I was arrested, I had a dream that I was put in
jail and was preaching God’s Word. Since that dream, I had been
preparing myself to be put in that situation. So I was not shocked when
they came to arrest us. But when I was brought to the jail, I was
surprised to see that 100 percent of the dream was happening just as I
had seen it.

When we got there, I was introduced to the people who had become
Christians in jail. I told them I was a missionary, and on Sunday I
preached and shared my testimony with them.

The second Sunday we were there, the number of people that gathered
increased to about 30; some of them were Christians and some of them
were not. I taught them about salvation and life in Jesus. Thankfully,
nobody stopped us from worshipping God in the jail. We even were able
to worship with drums and other musical instruments.

Some of the Christian brothers were imprisoned for several years
because they had committed murders and other crimes. However, they
helped Sunil and me a lot and loved talking with us about the Bible.

They were very kind to us, sharing their clothes and food with us.
They told us, “Don’t worry, you’ll only be with us a few days.”
However, I did think that if I had to stay a long time, it would be
nice in some ways because I would be able to thoroughly disciple them.
As I saw the condition of the inmates, I had a strong desire to teach
them more from the Word of God.

Because our court case was not very big, some of the prisoners were
surprised that we stayed as long as we did. They would ask me, “Why are
you still here in this prison?” But I wondered how the prisoners would
grow in Christ if we were released. I thought, “I should be here a
little longer so that I can encourage more brothers.”

I was able to be with 2,000 inmates for those two weeks. I had a
chance to preach to them and talk and pray with them. It was very
exciting. And the entire time we were there, nobody harmed us.

The inmates soaked up the messages from the Bible that I shared.
Before I was released from jail, the prisoners said, “Please come back
each week to preach and teach the Gospel to us. We will get permission
from the jail authorities.” So now, I am still able to go to the jail
and minister.

For the first two days we were in jail, I was sad because I had to
leave my family and friends. But later, it was really neat because I
was able to do so much ministry. And I felt the Lord’s peace that I
would only be there as a guest, not long term.

My wife continually read the Bible while I was in jail, and the Lord
comforted her. Also, many believers, pastors and missionaries visited
her. Even our neighbors came and visited her. And she prayed a lot for
my release during that time.

Sunil was very strong. He trusted the Lord through our entire time
in jail. He was so excited that God helped him to share the Gospel even
in jail. He gained a lot of strength from the prayer meetings we held
there, too.

Now, the villagers who helped falsely accuse us are ashamed. They
feel bad about the trouble they caused. While we were in prison, they
even sent rice to Sunil’s home, but his wife gave it back to them.

Please pray that the ministry in the prison will continue to
flourish. It is so encouraging to see how the Lord used our time there
to open doors for us to share the love of Christ. Also, pray for the
extremists, that their hearts will be softened and they will be open to
the Gospel through our witness. Another GFA missionary, Manja Tamang, has served seven years in a Nepali prison.    Read how many inmates have come to know the Lord through Manja’s life.    Read the original reports about Chandran’s arrest and time in prison.    Learn more about Chhattisgarh, India, where Chandran serves.


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Gospel For Asia: Drinking from the Well that Never Runs Dry

Posted by Job on January 11, 2008

You probably have experienced times—perhaps after a long hike, or just being outside on a scorching hot day—when you felt as though you would give almost anything for a drink of water.Today I will tell you about a village in Uttar Pradesh, India, where many yearned for just one sip of clean drinking water.

Because of their position in society, many in this village were forced to draw water from dirty, stagnant ponds. They were spiritually parched too, not knowing there was a Savior who loved them. But we can rejoice in seeing how God has ministered to their needs through a Jesus Well.

I am so grateful for you, and for your heart to pray that spiritually thirsty souls in Asia will find the living water Jesus offers. Your prayers are making a huge difference for villages like the one you will read about today.

Yours for the unreached,
K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President
Click here to help sponsor a Jesus Well. PhotoShow Home

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Gospel for Asia: Radio Ministry Reaching Hindu Untouchables

Posted by Job on January 9, 2008

It isn’t often that those who work in radio broadcasting get to meet their audience. But
that is no longer the case for GFA Radio staff in Kerala, India. These
missionaries recently conducted an outreach program to about 100 radio
listeners in one area of that state.
By the end of the program, a small Christian fellowship was formed!

The power of radio continues to amaze us. These broadcasts are reaching out in 103
different languages on the Indian Subcontinent. More than 1 million
people contact us each year to talk about how a simple radio broadcast
changed their lives. I pray that you will be touched by the power of
radio—our invisible evangelist—as you read about this new initiative.

Yours for the unreached,
K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan

Gospel for Asia missionaries in Kerala, India, conducted a
first-of-its-kind outreach to GFA Radio listeners. The workshop, dubbed
the New Initiative, is designed to create Bible fellowship groups in
areas where GFA radio programs are broadcast. By the end of the one-day
event, a new Christian fellowship had been formed in this town.

It all began in September when GFA radio staff in Kerala decided to
conduct a meeting in one of the towns where GFA Radio is heard. They
invited hundreds of their listeners to the New Initiative event, and
about 100 of them came.

Five GFA missionaries, including the district leader, led the
program, which included worship in song, teaching, prayer and group

The missionaries told the people about GFA-related churches, updated
them on the radio ministry and took time to pray with them individually.

In the past, fellowship groups that formed
after similar GFA Radio listener meetings have grown into full-fledged
churches within months.

The group discussions focused on how to develop a deeper
relationship with Christ. The people who attended the meeting were
excited and actively participated in the discussions. Many expressed a
desire to start a fellowship group, so arrangements were made to have
prayer meetings each Saturday in this town. A GFA missionary who works
in the area will lead these meetings. In the past, fellowship groups
that formed after similar GFA Radio listener meetings have grown into
full-fledged churches within months.

GFA Radio broadcasts programs in 103 languages in 10 countries in
and around the Indian Subcontinent. Each year, some 1 million listeners
flood GFA’s field offices with responses after hearing these radio
programs. Their responses range from expressing interest in learning
more about Jesus to requesting prayer for themselves or someone in
their family. Many of the letter writers share how they were at the end
of their rope—even contemplating suicide—when a radio broadcast brought
them hope.

Gospel for Asia workers in each radio office pray over each response
and reply personally to each individual who contacts the ministry as a
result of the broadcast.

Read more about Gospel for Asia’s radio ministry.

Watch a video about how one woman’s life was changed forever through GFA Radio.

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Gospel For Asia: Jesus Christ Freed India Dalit To Love All Despite Caste

Posted by Job on January 9, 2008

Prabhudas was
convinced he was less valuable than everyone else around him. As one of
India’s Dalits, this was all he had ever been told. But when Prabhudas
met Jesus, everything changed. God’s love freed Prabhudas to love those
around him, no matter what caste they were born into. Click here to read the full story.

Prabhudas’ life is filled with purpose. God called him to be a
missionary, and recently used him to reveal the love of Jesus to a
hurting family. I am sure you will be inspired and challenged as you
read about how God is moving in their lives.

Prabhudas was born a Dalit (“Untouchable”). At an early age, he
followed the religious rituals and practices of his parents. While he
was still young, his parents came to know about Jesus, and so did
Prabhudas. The whole family received Jesus into their lives, and from
that time on, Prabhudas was never the same. Jesus gave Prabhudas’ life

Later, a Gospel for Asia missionary told Prabhudas about a GFA Bible
college, and God called him to become a missionary in his native state,
Karnataka, India after his graduation. Gladly, Prabhudas gave up other
jobs and tasks in order to tell others about Christ.

The Lord sent Prabhudas to a village in which people have very
strong opinions about one’s caste. In this village, the caste into
which people are born dictates all of their life choices. Despite
others seeing him as a Dalit, Prabhudas perseveres in faithfully
sharing the Gospel with as many as he has opportunity.

One day recently, Prabhudas visited a family that faithfully
practiced all the rituals of sacrifice and worship before their gods.
They even traveled to special pilgrimage sites to offer their
possessions and valuables. Rather than bringing the promised blessing,
the sacrifices to the gods sunk them deeper into poverty.

When Prabhudas visited their home, they told him how their gods let
them down. Then they listened intently as Prabhudas told them about
Jesus and His sacrifice for their sin. Realizing that Jesus was the one
true God, they received Him as their Lord, and joy and peace filled
their lives.

The change in this family has been a great encouragement to
Prabhudas that his ministry is not in vain. Now he can clearly see that
the Lord is using Him to make a difference for eternity.

Read about Gospel for Asia’s native missionaries. Read more about Karnataka, India where Prabhudas lives.

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Gospel For Asia: Notorious Sumitr Dalit Comes To The Lord

Posted by Job on December 22, 2007

Life for one Dalit man seemed hopeless. He was an alcoholic and abusive toward his family. And he hated Christians. No one in his village wanted to be around him. His wife suffered from a tumor in her breast, and one of his sons had not been home for years.

Read about how God used Gospel for Asia missionary Nabhoj Vaman to reach out to this man and his family. As you read their story, you are sure to be reminded that even in the most hopeless situations, God still makes a way for His light to flood the darkness.

Imagine knowing a man who is so intimidating and out of control that everyone is afraid of him. In addition to being a drunkard, he abuses his wife and children, exploits pastors and despises Christianity as a whole. This description fit a man named Sumitr, but even then it only told half of the story. For many years, his wife had been trying to cope with a tumor in her breast, in addition to the reality of her son leaving home to get away from the harsh environment.

Sumitr lives in Kerala, a tropical state on the southern tip of India. One day, he invited Gospel for Asia missionary Nabhoj Vaman to come to his house. He told the pastor he wanted to hear about Jesus, but he really only invited him so he could mock him and other Christian believers. God, however, had other plans.

When Pastor Nabhoj came over, Sumitr began asking many questions about Christianity. At the end of the discussion Sumitr was surprised to realize his misconceptions about the Christian faith. Eager to learn more, he accepted Nabhoj’s invitation to visit the GFA-related church. After observing Christians at the church, Sumitr whole-heartedly gave his life to Christ.

Word about Sumitr’s new faith and radical life-change spread throughout the village. When his friends heard the news, they immediately met with Sumitr and tried to convince him to come back to his old ways. They even threatened to hurt his wife if he did not comply. Yet Sumitr knew that Jesus had been the only One who transformed his life, so he refused to submit to his friends’ requests. Knowing that Sumitr was serious about his faith, they gave up and left.

Now Sumitr’s family is filled with the unshakable joy of the Lord. Sumitr and his wife were baptized, God healed his wife’s breast tumor through Pastor Nabhoj’s prayers and they have been reunited with their son.

The church is praising the Lord for His miraculous work in this family, and Nabhoj asks for prayer for Sumitr and his family as they grow in their faith.

Read more about God’s work among the Dalits.

Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India. Read more about this tiny state.
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Yours for the unreached,K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President

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Hinduism: Untouchable Dalit Woman Burned Alive Because Her Son Married Higher Caste Daughter

Posted by Job on December 22, 2007

A Dalit woman in Uttar Pradesh, India, was burned alive by her higher-caste neighbor. Her crime? Her son eloped with his daughter.
Read more about this situation and about Gospel for Asia’s work in this state, which has a large Dalit population. Sadly, stories like this are stunningly common. That is why Gospel for Asia is committed to ministering God’s love to the Dalits.

eewam Shri, a Dalit (“Untouchable”) woman in Uttar Pradesh, India, was burned alive by her higher-caste neighbor. Her crime? Her son eloped with his daughter.

“They burned me. My neighbor Rajveer burned me,” Jeewam said just before she died at the hospital from burns covering 80 percent of her body.

This incident is one in a long line of atrocities against Dalits, even in Uttar Pradesh, where the majority of the state’s government officials are Dalits, or from other low-caste groups. State governor Mayawati claims as many as 7,500 crime reports have been filed by Dalits in just four months. She has put much effort into making it easier to file the reports, but she admits that many cases still go unreported. In Jeewam Shri’s case, her relatives have fled the village rather than file the report, fearing further revenge from the higher-caste community.

This tragedy is representative of what Dalits face across India. It is estimated that every hour, two Dalits are assaulted, three Dalit women are raped, two Dalits are murdered and two Dalit homes are burned, according to the Human Rights Education Movement of India. Yet only one percent of those who commit crimes against Dalits are ever convicted.

“This incident is unfortunately part of a widespread mindset toward low-caste people,” GFA President K.P. Yohannan said. “The only way Dalits can find peace is to find their value in Christ.”

Gospel for Asia missionaries in Uttar Pradesh reach out to Dalits and other low-caste people, as well as those belonging to higher castes. Bible colleges are training more workers to join these missionaries, and radio programs in several languages bring the Good News to many in the state.

The Dalits are finding freedom in Christ.
Read more about Uttar Pradesh

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Gospel For Asia: India Dalit Children Beaten Mother Burned

Posted by Job on November 18, 2007

How would you feel if someone beat your children for innocently playing? Several Dalit families in Bihar, India, experienced this agony recently when a group of upper-caste farmers became angry with the children for playing near a temple. Learn more about this sad story of hatred against Dalits here.

Atrocities against Dalits continue to happen throughout the state of Bihar. Thankfully, the Lord has called several Gospel for Asia missionaries to take His Good News and encouragement to these downtrodden people.

A group of about 10 infuriated, upper-caste farmers beat up some Dalit children who were playing on the premises of a local temple in Bihar, India, on September 1. The farmers then chased the children home and argued with their mothers about the incident. As the disagreement escalated, the farmers threw a pot of scalding food onto one of the mothers.

According to news reports, the upper-caste farmers were upset because they felt the Dalits did not have the right to be near the temple where they worshipped. “They told us how dare we enter the temple, this is our temple, you have no right to offer prayers here,” said one victim, Rukmini Devi.

Following the incident, police arrested one of the farmers and are continuing to search for five others. They also filed paperwork with the court system and assured local news sources that the law would take its course.

Although Bihar has made some strides to create equality among its people, many atrocities against Dalits continue. This recent event only highlights the ongoing need for Dalits to be valued and respected in their society.

<!–Although Bihar has made some strides to create equality among its people, many atrocities against Dalits continue.–>Gospel for Asia missionaries serving in Bihar have a special burden to reach the Dalits in their state with Christ’s love, and show them the true importance they have in the kingdom of God. The missionaries request prayer for the violence against Dalits to cease and for many to come to know Jesus through these difficult times.

Floods have swept over the homes of many people in Bihar this year.

Bihar is home to thousands of low-caste people like the Dalit children who were beaten. Learn more about this state.

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Low Caste Party Takes Political Control in Indian State

Posted by Job on October 1, 2007

Please help:

The balance of power is shifting in Uttar Pradesh, India. In May, the Bahujan Samaj party, which is comprised of politicians from low-caste backgrounds, won state assembly elections. Party leader Ms. Mayawati promised to increase education and job opportunities for the Dalits and people classified as Other Backward Castes [OBCs], which make up a significant portion of the state’s population. She also wants to maintain religious freedom in the state. This is great news because it will restore dignity to the Dalits and increase opportunities for them to find jobs and pursue education like other castes. Let us pray together that the body of Christ will continue to grow in Uttar Pradesh. Click here to read the full story..

In May, the Bahujan Samaj, one of the few low-caste political parties in India, won state assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Party leader Ms. Mayawati vows to use her five-year term to increase education for Dalits, maintain religious freedom and uphold justice for the oppressed.

Uttar Pradesh borders Nepal, and with more than 160 million residents is India’s most populous state. A large percentage of Dalits and low castes reside there.

It is also one of the most influential states in Indian politics. In fact, a number of India’s prime ministers have come from Uttar Pradesh.

Ms. Mayawati is known for her ability to relate to all castes, including the high-caste Brahmins. Many political analysts are saying that this is a significant time for the state of Uttar Pradesh, with the promise of increased education and opportunities for the Dalits, as well as the continued backing of the political party for religious freedom.

GFA leaders ask for prayer that the Lord will continue to work in the hearts of the Dalits, giving them hope not only for this life, but the life to come as well. Read more about Uttar Pradesh

Yours for the lost of Asia, K.P. Yohannan Founder & President

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India Untouchables, Considered Worthless, Receive Jesus Christ!

Posted by Job on October 1, 2007

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In eastern Uttar Pradesh, India, a community of Dalits (“Untouchables”) lives secluded from almost every modern amenity. The caste system tells them they are worthless, but today a new generation is breaking out of its bonds. God is using Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope program to change their lives. Click here to see how. Serving the Lord in any capacity is an incredible privilege, but we have the opportunity to join together in thanking Him for all He has done—not only in our lives, but in the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children across the globe.

Yours for the lost of Asia, K.P. Yohannan Founder & President

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