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From The India Mission Field: Healing, Salvation, And Deliverance

Posted by Job on June 20, 2007

I want to share with you how God moved miraculously through a missionary’s prayers in Madhya Pradesh, India. Jui and Bhim both suffered terrible pain and torment, but God used their illness and bondage to bring them to the foot of the cross. Read more of this incredible story here. I pray you are encouraged as you see how powerfully God is working through His servants around the world. It is amazing to see His hand at work directing our lives.Yours for the lost, K.P. Yohannan  Founder & President

P.S. The Sky Angel satellite TV network is graciously airing the GFA video, To Live is Christ, on June 22 at 8 p.m. (Eastern Time). Please pray that many viewers will watch and be touched. Join the Gospel For Asia Prayer Team:

“We won’t leave until she is completely delivered,” Jui Bala’s parents firmly told Kewal Devrat, a Gospel for Asia native missionary. “We have tried everything, and nothing has worked. You have to help our daughter.”

A few weeks before, Jui began having severe chest pains that caused her to cry out in pain. Her family rushed her to the local hospital, but the doctors could not find a cause for the symptoms.

Then, she became mentally unstable, physically lashing out at her family members. She would also go for extended periods of time in complete silence, refusing to acknowledge anyone or anything around her. As Jui’s behavior degenerated, her family realized a demon was controlling her. They took her to traditional witch doctors, who performed several rituals, but nothing worked.

As their daughter’s condition worsened, Jui’s parents grew increasingly discouraged. Just as they had lost all hope that she would ever be free from this spiritual bondage, someone told them about Kewal. Wanting nothing more than their daughter’s healing, they traveled to Kewal’s home and begged for his prayers. Kewal had prayed for people from the village before, and many had seen the results of his intercession.

“Jui realized that it was the Lord’s mighty hand that delivered her out of bondage. She gladly turned her life over to Jesus, and now follows Him.”

They adamantly told Kewal that they would not leave until their daughter was completely delivered. Trusting that the Lord could work powerfully, Kewal began praying and fasting for Jui’s freedom. Within two days, she was totally normal.

Jui realized that it was the Lord’s mighty hand that delivered her out of bondage. She gladly turned her life over to Jesus, and now follows Him.

Bhim Vatsa, another resident in Kewal’s village, had begun regularly attending Kewal’s church, but had not yet received Christ into his life. Bhim suffered from excruciating abdominal pains, and the situation was so bad that he would fall to the ground, doubled over, any time they hit.

Bhim tried to keep everything to himself, and did not want to burden Kewal with his problems, so for a long time he did not tell the missionary about his terrible illness. But as time went on, the pain became more debilitating, and Bhim finally requested that Kewal pray for him.

When Kewal realized how serious Bhim’s pain was, he anointed Bhim with oil. The Lord quickly answered Kewal’s prayers, and Bhim’s pain completely left his body. As a result of seeing God move first-hand, Bhim trusted in Jesus that very day. He now has a deep faith, and his life has been transformed.

Kewal requests prayer that Jui’s and Bhim’s testimonies will profoundly impact their village, and that many more will come to Christ as a result. Also pray for Kewal as he continues to minister to the people of Madhya Pradesh. More links below:

See how God is freeing more people from bondage in Asia Learn more about Madhya Pradesh Last 15 News Articles News Archives PhotoShows SEND! Magazine Video Archives


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Audio Sermon: Spiritual Warfare Through Prayer

Posted by Job on June 4, 2007

Listen Online  or Podcast From the Love Worth Finding Ministry

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Posted by Job on May 14, 2007

Please follow this link to read document.

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Spiritual Deliverance Profile Of Virginia Tech Shooter Seung Hui Cho

Posted by Job on May 6, 2007

“Relatives say Seung Hui Cho had suffered from a mental disability from a young age. Kim Yang Soon, a great aunt in South Korea, said Cho exhibited violent anger even as a child.”

“His problem needed to be solved by spiritual power,” said Lee, whose church members met with Cho and his mother. “That’s why she came to our church — because we were helping several people like him.” Those churchgoers told Hyang In Cho that her son was afflicted by demonic power and needed deliverance, Lee said.”

“But before the church could act late last summer, Seung Hui Cho had to return to Virginia Tech to start his senior year, said the Rev. Dong Cheol Lee, minister of the Presbyterian congregation. College might have been the worst place for Cho, according to interviews with classmates, church members and other acquaintances. At home, he had his parents, his sister and some structure and discipline.”

“At first, Cho seemed to have tried to fit in at Virginia Tech. He had started out in college attending classes and studying faithfully. By senior year, his suitemates never saw him with a book or heading to class. “He would just sit there,” said Karan Grewal, one of five students who shared a three-bedroom suite in Harper Hall with Cho. Grewal added that Cho, who was assigned the suite randomly, would sit in a wood rocker by the window and stare at the lawn below. What Cho was thinking remains a mystery; so many who knew him say they never heard him speak until the video he mailed to NBC News was aired on television. One clue exists in Cho’s final selection of courses. He was taking a sociology class called Deviant Behavior, according to interviews. The class met on the second floor of Norris Hall, where most of the shootings occurred.

“Cho’s father, Seung Tae Cho, worked long hours …”

“Cho seemed to get irritated when other club members tried to talk to him.” … “He seemed to be a math whiz” (Classic symptoms of what is often diagnosed as autism, as well as some other disorders.)

“He would type on his laptop, go to the dining hall or gym and clip his hair in the bathroom (and clean up the mess). During one period last fall, he rode his bicycle in circles in the parking lot of their dorm, Grewal said.” (The type of behavior described in Chapter 21 of Pigs In The Parlor).

“He played video games …” Please read my essay linking demonic activity to video games in young males.

“He came from a Christian family, but the campus ministers don’t remember him.”

The creepy thing is that a description of Seung Hui Cho’s last few years in college are somewhat similar to my own, especially during a particularly dark period when I began entertaining thoughts of suicide and frequently had violent murder fantasies. (A difference: I was NEVER into video games, and did every now and then make the occasional attempt to socialize.) And I recognize some elements from his background, especially the absentee workaholic father (our “church” kept both of my parents extremely busy doing things that had nothing to do with Jesus Christ). Now I am not doing any finger – pointing against Cho’s father or family or church or anything else. The sole point of this post is to contribute to the field of spiritual deliverance to honor Christ and to assist people who want and need to be helped by God’s Power.

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Martin Luther On True Liberty

Posted by Job on April 28, 2007

For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.  2 Corinthians 3:17

In other words, you have gained liberty through Christ- you are above all laws as far as conscience is concerned. You are saved. Christ is your liberty and life. Therefore law, sin, and death may not hurt you or drive you to despair. This is the constitution of your priceless liberty. Now take care that you do not use your wonderful liberty for an occasion of the flesh.

Satan likes to turn this liberty which Christ has gotten for us into self-indulgence. The Apostle Jude complained in his day: “For certain men… have secretly slipped in among you…. who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality” (Jude 4). The flesh reasons: “If we are not under the law, we may as well indulge ourselves. Why do good, why tithe, why suffer evil when there is no law to force us to do so?”

This attitude is common enough. People talk about Christian liberty and then go and cater to the desires of covetousness, pleasure, pride, envy, and other vices.

Since the devil lies in ambush for those who hate the world, and seeks to deprive us of our liberty of the spirit or to brutalize it into the “liberty” of the flesh, we plead with our brethren the way Paul did, that they may never use this liberty of the spirit that Christ bought us as an excuse for fleshly living, or as Peter expresses it, I Peter 2:16, “for a cloak of maliciousness.”

In order that Christians may not abuse their liberty Paul encumbers them with the rule of mutual love that they should serve each other in love. Let everybody perform the duties of his station and vocation diligently and help his neighbor to the limit of his capacity.

Christians are glad to hear and obey this teaching of love. When others hear about this Christian liberty of ours they at once infer, “If I am free, I may do what I like. If salvation is not a matter of doing why should we do anything for the poor?” In this crude manner they turn the liberty of the spirit into self-indulgence. We want them to know, however, that if they use their lives and possessions after their own pleasure, if they do not help the poor, if they cheat their fellow-men in business and snatch and scrape by hook and by crook everything they can lay their hands on, we want to tell them that they are not free, no matter how much they think they are.

As for us, we are obliged to preach the Gospel which offers to all men liberty from the Law, sin, death, and God’s wrath. We have no right to conceal or revoke this liberty proclaimed by the Gospel. And so we cannot do anything with the swine who dive headlong into the filth of licentiousness. We do what we can, we diligently admonish them to love and to help their fellow-men. If our admonitions bear no fruit, we leave them to God, who will in His own good time take care of those who disrespect of His goodness. In the meanwhile we comfort ourselves with the thought that our labors are not lost upon the true believers. They appreciate this spiritual liberty and stand ready to serve others in love and, though their number is small, the satisfaction they give us far outweighs the discouragement which we receive at the hands of the large number of those who misuse the Spirit’s liberty.

Martin Luther (1483-1546) was the father of the Protestant Revolution. © Streaming Faith all rights reserved. Technorati Tag:  

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Liberty Is An Inalienable Right By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Posted by Job on April 28, 2007

 Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.  II Corinthians 3:17.

LIBERTY is the birthright of every man. He may be born a pauper; he may be an orphan; his parents may be altogether unknown, but liberty is his inalienable birthright. He may be uneducated… he may be poor as poverty itself… he may never have a foot of land to call his own… he may barely have a shred of clothing, except a few rags to cover him, but, poor as he is, nature has fashioned him for freedom… he has a right to be free, and if he does not have liberty, it is his birthright, and he shouldn’t rest until he gets it.

Liberty is the heirloom of all the sons and daughters of Adam. But where do you find liberty unaccompanied by religion? True it is that all men have a right to liberty, but it is equally true that you can’t just find it anywhere; you find it in the Spirit of the Lord. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” Thank God, this is a free country.

In no other land but where the Bible is opened, and in no other realm but where the Gospel is preached, can you find liberty. Roam through countries where Christianity hasn’t taken root and you will find yourself afraid. You feel you are under an iron hand, you are not free. Why? Because you are under the tyranny engendered by a false religion: you do not have free Christianity there, and it is not until Christianity comes that there can be freedom. It is where the Spirit of the Lord is that there is liberty, and nowhere else. Men talk about being free… they describe model governments, but they are dreaming because there can be no real freedom in the world, except, “where the spirit of the Lord is.”

He is the free man, whom the truth makes free. He who has grace in his heart is free… he has righteousness on his side… he has God within him… the indwelling Spirit of the Holy Ghost… he is a prince of the blood royal of heaven… he is a noble, having the true patent of nobility… he is one of God’s elect, distinguished, chosen children, and he is not the man to bend, or meanly cringe. No!  Sooner would he walk the burning furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego… sooner would he be cast into the lion’s den with Daniel, than yield a point of principle. He is a free man. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty” in its fullest, highest, and widest sense. God give you friends, to have that “Spirit of the Lord;” for without it, in a free country, ye may still be bondsmen; and where there are no slaves in body, you may be slaves in soul.

The Bible speaks of Spiritual liberty; and now I address the children of God:

Brethren, you and I enjoy spiritual liberty if we have “the Spirit of the Lord” within us. What does this imply? It implies that there was a time when we did not have that Spiritual liberty… when we were slaves. But a little while ago all of us who are now free in Christ Jesus, were slaves of the devil: we were led captives at his will. We talked of free-will, but free-will is a slave. We boasted that we could do what we pleased; but what a slavish liberty we had! It was an imagined freedom. We were slaves to our lusts and passions… slaves to sin; but now we are freed from sin; we are delivered from the Devil, our tyrant, and we are free!

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92) was England’s best-known preacher for most of the second half of the nineteenth century. As his fame grew among the Christian community of England, the number of people who came to listen to him speak in different venues exceeded 10,000 at times. Many of the great theologians and preachers of the last century such as D. L. Moody, J. Hudson Taylor, F. B. Meyer, George Muller, and William Robertson Nicoll have said that Spurgeon greatly influenced their spiritual lives. Technorati Tag: 

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Take The Bible Quiz On Demons And Spiritual Warfare!

Posted by Job on April 22, 2007

Please click on this link. It is a quick, handy, and fun way to test your knowledge and to gain knowledge on things concerning evil spirits! And once you gain this knowledge (which is based on incontrovertiable unassailable scriptural references), you will be able to become an active participant in spiritual warfare for God! Really, all you need to start praying against and casting out demons is contained in the verses in this quiz. I did not see the account of Paul casting out a demon from the psychic slave girl though … pity … but no matter!

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How To Resist When A Demon Attacks Your Mind

Posted by Job on April 12, 2007

First, you have to gain some level of control, awareness, or inventory of the thoughts and ideas that are in your head. If you have an “atom – smasher mind” that is totally chaotic with all sorts of different discordant thoughts running back and forth, your mind is literally ripe to becoming a demonic playpen. Not only that, but a person having such a mind will find it very difficult to be productive in many areas of his or her life: for instance such a person will have a hard time starting projects, finishing them, keeping appointments, etc. Such a person will either not pay much attention to detail, or pay entirely too much attention and lose perspective. While in some respects a chaotic mind can seem familiar, calming, and even highly entertaining to people (especially if they allow themselves to get caught up into violent and/or sexual fantasies that resemble the music, video games, magazines, movies, TV shows, Internet content, etc. that they consume) in reality you are putting a lot of stress on your mind (and your body), and the result is burnout. Remember: God’s way is order, Satan’s way is chaos. So, if you are struggling with an out – of – control mind (as I once did) you MUST subdue it so that it will be suitable for God to be master of it. Yes, one of the things that people who have problems in this area must do is A) take on fewer activities B) get more rest and C) limit external influences. Quit working and socializing yourself to death. Get not only more sleep, but more quiet and sitting down time when you are awake. (Getting into a light exercise routine helps too … it releases stress from your body AND your mind.) And reduce your TV, radio, and Internet time and increase your reading time. When you do consume TV, radio, and Internet, limit your activity to things that are soothing and edifying. Classical music, home improvement TV shows, why not? Similar, your reading should be less oriented towards popular magazines and the newspaper, but the Bible, EDIFYING novels and such. One of the things that you should realize is that TV, Internet, video games, newspapers, and magazines have created minds that have short attention spans – which increases the chaos – and are too lazy and untrained to exert the effort required to control it. But any Christian that is going to have any sort of real prayer life and Bible study habits, and who is going to have discernment is going to need to have control over his own mind. Also, please realize that if YOU do not control your mind, others will. Right now it may be the governmental and corporate influences that bombard your mind through the media and culture, and the evil spirits that they empower. But make no mistake, in the future it WILL be the beast, the anti – Christ. And I know that Scientology, Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age, and even some strands of “Christianity” offer techniques for you to control your mind: auditing, “mind exercises”, contemplative prayer, meditation, chanting, yoga, etc. What you are actually doing with these is giving full control over your mind to evil spirits that allow you to THINK that you are in control when the truth is that THEY are calling the shots. Instead of messing around with witchcraft and finding yourself bewitched, just obey what the Bible says. Find a quiet place. Get into God’s rest. And yes, Sabbaths are GREAT for resting the mind and body.

After your mind is under control (or while you are learning how to control it) then you will have to learn discernment. Out of all the thoughts, voices, and images in your mind, you will have to learn which ones were put there by you, which ones were put there by God, and which ones are demonic. Now to be honest, the only things that you should trust, follow, and allow to linger are the ones from God. You might want to entertain vanities concerning your own virtue, especially if you are saved, but Christians themselves ought to know that the Bible says that the heart is desperately wicked and deceitful of all things; who can know it (Jeremiah 17:9)? So telling your own thoughts from demonic thoughts is useful in learning the depths of your own depravity; to what extent that you are still being ruled by your flesh. That does two things. 1) It lets you know the doors that you are opening to allow demons to enter and afflict you. 2) It lets you know how much your mind needs to be renewed by the workings of the Holy Spirit (please know that you cannot renew your mind on your own with works; only faith in and submission to God will accomplish this). Also, if the thought is your own, spiritual deliverance will not work, but rather will not only be an unproductive waste of time but will also confuse and discourage you when it does not work. While you are still learning how to spiritually monitor your own thoughts, an easy test can be applied: “Does this thought violate the Ten Commandments?” (In order for this to work, you must memorize the Ten Commandments, which a shocking percentage of Christians have not done.) There are other obvious things, such as whether it is a violent or sexual fantasy or thoughts of plotting harm or revenge to someone, but the Ten Commandments are more than good enough to start off until one’s knowledge of scripture is strong enough.

And once you are fully aware that a voice or image inside your head is NOT from God and NOT from you, then the only other option is demons. Even memories: demons have the ability to dredge up stuff to tempt or torment you. As a matter of fact, there is even a type of demon called a “memory recall demon.” So, you CANNOT entertain the thoughts or the demons that send them. You CANNOT try to justify, rationalize, figure out, etc. the thoughts. You MUST IMMEDIATELY RESIST THE DEMONS AND TELL THEM TO LEAVE YOUR MIND USING THE NAME AND POWER OF JESUS CHRIST. Now realize this: only people who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior have this power. If you have not, take care of it right now so that you can begin reclaiming your mind.

You must speak to the demons out loud, even if only in a whisper (which helps if you are around other people). Say something after the effect of “Evil spirit, I know that’s you, and that you are nothing but a liar and a corrupter with no power, and no right to my mind because it is owned, protected, and covered by the One True God. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you to go from my mind, and in the Name of Jesus Christ I bind you from returning!” Now you do not have to repeat exactly that every single time. As a matter of fact, if you repeat something from memory, it will only be ritualistic legalism, not spiritually warring from your heart to make it real, and will block the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, coming up with something new and unique each time can be confusing, tiring, and time – consuming. So just remember these five points: 1) tell the demon that you know that it is there, 2) tell the demon that it has no right to be there, 3) tell the demon to leave, 4) forbid it from coming back, and 5) back your command (it is not bargaining, a request, or demand but a COMMAND, as demons are to have no choice or say in the matter) with the Name, Blood, Power, and Authority of Jesus Christ.

This is how you resist demons that are attacking your mind, and the Bible says “resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Now do not be surprised if the demons (and the attacks on your mind) do not go away immediately. As a matter of fact, when you first start doing this they will fight back very hard in order to convince you that demons are not real, spiritual warfare is not real, and that you are grasping at straws following false doctrine. Further, some demons that attack your mind are quite powerful (and those are the ones that come your way to hinder you from doing something that God wants you to do, from receiving a message from the Lord, or from being able to concentrate and comprehend when you are trying to read your Bible), and some are quite simply stubborn. So, you will have to keep saying it until they are gone. It also helps to quote scripture from memory, or read scripture until they are gone.

Now this point is often used as an accusatory point by Christians who do not believe in overt spiritual warfare, and teach you that at the moment of salvation you are forever freed from all evil spirits and demonic attack. Their point is that this and other techniques commonly used by charismatic Christians in spiritual warfare is highly repetitious, which not only is sinful but a way of dealing in withcraft and evil spirits in and of itself. In a sense, they are actually correct, because a great many strands of false Christianity – including some charismatic varieties – emphasize chanting things (including the Name of Jesus Christ or some Bible verse) over and over again until you achieve some desired effect, including but not limited to speaking in tongues, shouting, etc. Look, as someone who came out of a witchcraft form of false “charismatic Christianity”, I am very much aware of these concerns. But what these very sincere Christians – the vast majority of whom love God very much and are exceptionally aggrieved at their brothers and sisters in Christ being deceived by false doctrines and practices – are forgetting that the key element in demonic rituals is A LOSS OF MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL CONTROL. That is why Paul gave strict guidelines for charismatic activity in the church: following Paul’s guidelines means that a person is mentally and emotionally aware, conscious, and in control of his own actions (meaning that the “slain in the spirit” nonsense is precisely what Paul was commanding that we should avoid). When engaging in spiritual warfare, you should NEVER surrender mental, emotional, or physical control at any time for any reason. (We were encouraged to “lose control” in the church that I grew up in; maintaining control was called “hindering the spirit” … they did not tell us that the only spirits that were being “hindered” were evil ones.) At all times you should be conscious of what you are doing, what you are saying, and why you are saying it. That is why it does help to switch to a different Bible verse or change the words or sequence of words that you are using when you are commanding a demon to leave. You must remain calm and at ease, not getting nervous or pacing the floor, not allowing the lies or images that the demons will confront you with disturb you. This is where faith, patience, and unconditional love will reign supreme in order to keep you in control of the situation so that God will remain in control of YOU. Have faith that spiritual warfare is real; have faith that God has given you the power and authority to command all evil spirits to leave your body, mind, and presence. Mark 16:17 says “And these signs shall follow them that believe: IN MY NAME shall they cast out devils.” The Word of God is not a liar, fellow Christians. Rather, it is false doctrines and false teaching from well – meaning Christians that causes you to disbelieve and not act against these evil spirits that are tormenting you.

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Fun Time: Creationism Bible Quiz!!!

Posted by Job on February 16, 2007

Been posting a lot of heavy stuff since I started this blog, so here is something lighter; a quiz on what the Bible says regarding creation. It is from a cool site that has great graphical Internet tracts and a lot of other tests and quizzes to try your Bible knowledge. Yes, they have a mailing list, and there are worse ones out there for you to join (I was actually on the mailing list of an anti – Trinitarian heretic’s ministry for awhile before I caught on.) They also have links to blogs, church related and ministry and missionary activities, health/wellness articles, as well as Christian social events and (yes) money making opportunities. (No, this is not a paid endorsement or anything like that, just something that I personally find kind of neat and want to share.) Enjoy!

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College Student Claims He Can Prove God Spoke Matter Into Existence In Genesis

Posted by Job on February 15, 2007

Here is the link. This is why they are trying to keep us out of graduate school! Please note the reference to “Hunt said he was spurred on in his work because the advanced physics and other courses he was taking were advancing propositions that sometimes didn’t match up.” and “Hunt said science has been proving the Genesis account in classrooms for centuries, “in spite of the fervency to promote evolution and big bang theories.”

One of the primary reasons why they are not wanting Christians in scientific fields is that the evolution theory is full of holes. As a matter of fact, evolution fails most of the major criteria for being a scientific theory (let alone fact) according to the Aristotlean scientific method, which is the basis of western science and has been for centuries. When pressed about that fact, the only responses are “well, you can’t prove creationism either!” and “why are Christians holding evolution to such a high scientific standard?”

As a matter of fact, the theory of evolution keeps “evolving” not so much as in response to new discoveries in the field (although to give the other side equal time, they do claim to have discovered the “transitional forms” fossils that creationists claimed did not exist and thereby disproved evolution), but in response to the many effective challenges by Christians. (Not all people who acknowledge the huge flaws in evolution and are now beginning to criticize it are Christian or even religious, but Christians have been the most consistent and motivated attackers of the theory in the west.) So, now they are trying to kick us out of college in order to deny us the training and standing to challenge it. Now keep in mind – if evolution was as “proven” and “airtight” as they claim, there would be no reason to run and hide from creationists!

They claim that challenging a proven fact is a waste of time and is bad science, and that is why no challenges to evolution can be countenanced anyplace outside the church. That is a lie, as everyone knows that challenging known facts is an integral part of the fields of science, logic, and philosophy. As a matter of fact, my 10th grade math teacher from my VERY SMALL TOWN used a series of mathematical “proofs” to prove that 2 + 2 was not equal to 4; an exercise that he learned in college. My high school physics professor gave us a long calculus exercise that they use when they need to divide by zero that he learned in college. Scientists and other educated people argue against fact as an exercise all the time to sharpen their logical and analysis skills and to expose and plug flaws and holes in their work.

Go see a Ph.D. dissertation or master’s thesis defense. The professors challenging the candidate will oppose things that they know to be true and that they personally disagree with to test the degree candidate’s competence, work ethic, thought process, and ability to defend his position all the time. If they DIDN’T attack him and his work in such a manner, they wouldn’t be doing their jobs. So, the reason why debates and challenges on evolution are not allowed in the academic sphere (or any other sphere for that matter) is because the adherents to evolution know that it cannot stand up to the attack. They cannot explain, for instance, even the underlying principle … how events can randomly arrange themselves to create something. That defies the definition of RANDOMNESS for one thing, and another thing as many destructive events should happen as constructive ones. They use the “billions and billions of years” to try to evade having to discuss this, but the fact is that it does not even take an equal number of destructive events to negate the constructive ones. It only takes ONE destructive event to undo 10, 100, or even 1000 constructive events that may have taken millions of years to form! You do not even need to be a postdoctoral candidate in string or game theory to figure this out; an 8th grader who has just spent 4 weeks studying statistics can.

More to the point, you do not even need destructive events! All you need is for the constructive events to stop, or for the constructive events to stop building on each other, or for the constructive events not to be replicated elsewhere. And that is another biggie. Sure, perhaps over billions and billions of years, ONE amino acid might have formed, and then formed itself into ONE virus cell. But in order to explain life on earth, it would have taken more than ONE to have been formed. LOTS would have had to have been formed, and not only in the same place, but all over the world! There is no explanation for why or how multiple organisms evolved at the same time in the same places (or in different places), which would have had to be a requirement for such trivialities as reproduction. Say, for instance, that a female frog evolved first. It would have had no mates, so when it died, no more frogs. A female frog and a male frog would have had to evolve at the same time and in the same place. And suppose even the first male and female frogs died before they had a chance to reproduce. Again, no frogs! Basically, frogs would have had to keep evolving until there were enough of them around at the same to produce a critical mass required for reproduction, especially in an extremely harsh environment as the earth was billions of years ago.

Evolutionists have no answer for questions like this, so they simply declare evolution as “beyond debate.” The only reason for this is because denying evolution would be admitting that there is a Creator, and acknowledging the Creator makes a person accountable to him. Richard Dawkins himself openly acknowledges that a major motivating force behind his war against religion is that religion tries to tell him what he can and can’t do. (Dawkins also in his book is reported to have acknowledged at one point that some things regarding evolution were unprovable and illogical, and he then demanded that people accept them anyway and not bring them up or make challenges to the theory based on them; an appeal to the same type of not only blind faith but A DESIRE TO BELIEVE A LIE that he himself spends the entire book accusing Christians of.) At least he is honest about his motivations, and the rest of the evolutionists should be also. Just more evidence why you should give your life to Christ today! Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!

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Posted by Job on February 13, 2007

Read article here. And of course, they found a bunch of “experts” who agree with them. Their line: if you are someone who believes in the Bible, you should not be admitted to graduate school to study science, even if you are willing to separate your religious beliefs from your academic work! This is a huge departure from the New York Times’ dogma in the past, which was that it was OK to “personally hold religious views so long as you do not bring them into the workplace or schoolroom, especially around impressionable public school children (as we CANNOT proselytize them, we should just let Satan have them!).” Now, they are making the statement that people holding certain religious views (so long as they are CHRISTIAN, by the way, not Muslim or Jewish or Mormon) should not even be allowed into certain fields, or fields of study. The hilarious thing is that the New York Times will not even call this religious discrimination! Christians refusing to vote for Muslims? Catholic priests refusing to allow pro – feticide and pro – homosexuality politicians to take communion? RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION THAT SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED! Keeping Christians out of PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES solely because of their beliefs (and stating that Christians are INHERENTLY UNQUALIFIED SOLELY AS A RESULT OF THEIR BELIEFS)? While the New York Times pretends to “present both sides”, you can easily tell from the story which side they are on, as the people seeking to bar the schoolhouse door to Christians are depicted as more honorable and principled, while the Christians are depicted as dishonest. While they extolled the qualifications and accomplishments and morals of the atheists and anti – Christians, the best that could be said about the Christians was “he has good grades and does good work.” Of course, the atheists dominate the article and get the last word. Right now, it is just “earth science” and “paleontology” where the creationism debate is critical. Then it will be law school over your views on homosexuality and abortion, seminary school over your view that there is only one God and one standard of righteousness and path to salvation, then after that it will be pretty easy to bar the door to Christians entirely. Christians will then be effectively barred from entering those fields, but soon the “effectively barred” will change to “officially barred” because of, you know, discrimination, the need to create a harrassment – free work environment, civil rights and such, and we cannot have that with people going around believing that all except those who worship The Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit exclusively are going to hell; the mere presence of such bigots would cause strife. I mean, you wouldn’t ask a black person to work with a Klansman or a Jew to work with a Nazi, would you?

And funny how that JUST HAPPENS to sound like Revelation, where you will be UNABLE TO BUY OR SELL UNLESS YOU HAVE THE MARK OF THE BEAST (THE ANTI – CHRIST)! So Christians, keep on living in your fantasy world about how Revelation is just some big allegory, not based in truth. You need salvation through Christ if you are going to stand against the evil one during the evil time AND if you are going to go to Heaven. The Three Step Salvation Plan and become saved through Christ today!

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