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National Religious Broadcasters Using Oneness Modalist Heretic TD Jakes To Get Out The Vote

Posted by Job on May 12, 2008

Driving to work this morning viewing the effects of the terrible thunderstorms that spared my neighborhood but hard hit the one right next to mine, I was listening to Christian radio. Out of the blue comes TD Jakes’ booming voice. In it, he first speaks of how much he loves America and so forth. I immediately thought of Jakes doing this to exploit anger over Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, and Jeremiah Wright’s considerably less than jingoistic statements and actions. Then he went into his exhortation spiel for people to register and get out to vote. 

First, I see Lifeway Bookstores, owned by the Southern Baptist Convention, selling TD Jakes’ doctrinal error (oneness pentecostalism and the Word of Faith/prosperity doctrine are but a few of his MANY problems) and now the National Religious Broadcasters are using this guy. I had been using the NRB as a sort of a refuge from the blatant charismania that you will find on The Word Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar, etc. So I just ignored the heavy Pat Robertson presence on the channel, as well as their “white Europeans are the descendants of the children of Israel … the Danube River is so named because of the tribe of Dan” show that comes on early in the morning. I also ignored their embrace of the Ellen White Seventh Day Adventist cult. So I suppose that I cannot cast NRB aside on Jakes’ account, since the ones that I just named are hardly better – if anything some might be worse – or else I would be reacting out of a personal dislike for Jakes rather than on principle. (On the other hand, Slice of Laodicea has criticized NRB, albeit for different reasons, such as this post stating that not one red cent of NRB’s $5 BILLION IN ASSETS is being used to defend the faith from Oprah Winfrey.)

Incidentally, speaking of TD Jakes and PR spots, he has another one out (I did not catch the sponsor!) promoting single sex education, saying that “boys need their own schools so that they will be able to, you know, romp and stuff (his choice of words not mine!) and that boys learn differently from girls and needed their own classrooms in order to be accommodated. So … it looks like Jakes is not that far removed from Jeremiah Wright’s separatist doctrines after all? 

I have to be honest, back when I was part of the religious right and allowing my worldview to be shaped by the Washington Times and the National Review, I was in full agreement. But now … I just recall reading about this inner city public school that went all male. Sure, the discipline problems decreased and the test scores went up. But when they interviewed the boys that attended the school, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WANTED THEM TO BRING THE GIRLS BACK! Why? Because, er … BOYS LIKE GIRLS! Or at least they are supposed to anyway. Perhaps now that T.D. Jakes is on board with the new world order’s gay rights agenda (and yes this is relevant … perhaps due to his son) he thinks it is OK. To me, the whole single sex education thing … who wants it? Certainly not the kids. Not the administrators or teachers. Parents go for it only because they are desperate for any hook or angle to improve the failing school systems that the government is ruining on purpose. Not even the old fashioned religious sorts – of which I am one – think that it is a good idea anymore, where you were supposed to keep boys and girls separate in their little boarding or finishing schools (where they were supposed to look OH SO CUTE in their little uniforms I guess) UNTIL GRADUATION DAY WHEN YOU MARRY THEM OFF.

Sorry people, but society has changed. Not all of the changes have been for the good, but methinks that one of the most important things for a boy to learn from school is how to treat a lady and how to behave yourself in their presence. For some of us guys, those things do not come naturally, and you only learn them through trial and error. Especially error. (If you don’t learn to handle competition and rejection in junior high and high school, how on earth are you supposed to handle being turned down for jobs, promotions, college choices, etc. later in life?) So … HOW ON EARTH ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO LEARN THOSE THINGS IF THERE ARE NO GIRLS AROUND TO LEARN THEM FROM? 

Like I said, TD Jakes may have his own reasons for wanting to turn your local public school into Morehouse College or similar, and whatever they are I oppose them 100%. All the more reason why the Southern Baptist Convention should not be selling this guy’s books and NRB shouldn’t be using him for their get out the vote campaign. But I suppose that this oneness anti – Trinitarian heretic is just too good at making money and moving public opinion for these people to pass up. That is, unless they are actually along with Jakes, on his side. After all, the Southern Baptists refuse to do anything about the likes of New Age heretic Erwin McManus and Council on Foreign Relations worker Rick Warren (and Richard Land too?), and as stated earlier, Al Sharpton Al Gore global warming propagandist partner Pat Robertson is a major partner with the NRB. 


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Jesus Camp: Bewitching Our Children With False Doctrines

Posted by Job on April 29, 2008

When I first started this website, I enthusiastically endorsed Jesus camps, thinking that they were an excellent way to turn children into spiritual warriors – as it WAS initially a charismatic spiritual warfare site – from an early age. Well … WOW WAS I WRONG! Jesus camps use the evil combination of spiritually seductive charismatic slain in the spirit frenzy and dominion theology politics. Instead of teaching children to pray for their enemies, to show kindness to the poor and elderly people, to interpret the Bible and discern doctrines, to worship and praise the Lord in a dignified manner becoming His glory, and to exhibit the fruits of the Holy Spirit, these folks are feeding these children false Christian doctrines and fascist notions of merging church, state, culture, etc. that will makes any of them that internalize this spiritual evil easy pickings for the anti – Christ and moreover very willing workers in the plot to create the climate where the man of sin will take power. The more things like this come out, as well as things with the Jesus Seminar, Mike Huckabee, Jeremiah Wright … Bible believing Christians have to start speaking out. There is something seriously wrong with both the religious right and the religious left, and we have to start boldly opposing it with the Word of God.

Watch this video below and pray for these children … and for their parents.

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Oh Gee What A Surprise: Roman Catholics Trying To Start Secular Christian Values Charter Schools

Posted by Job on February 19, 2008

Still more evidence that conservative Protestant evangelicals have been taken for a ride by Rome.

D.C. may get 7 ‘values-based’ schools –

For Catholic schools in the nation’s capital, it’s feast and famine these days.

Donors have helped the Archdiocese of Washington pump $60 million into its schools in the past decade. In 2004, Congress approved a $14 million voucher that paid tuition last year for more than 1,900 students.

But as in other big cities, shifting demographics have drained D.C. of families who want to send their kids to Catholic schools, even when it’s free. And Congress, which is controlled by Democrats, probably won’t renew the voucher program.

Meanwhile, the city is at the heart of the USA’s quiet love affair with privately run, publicly financed charter schools: One in five D.C. students attend a charter.

Faced with a $55 million long-term deficit and the looming closure of nearly half its schools, the archdiocese awaits approval of an unusual proposal: converting a handful of schools to secular “values based” charter schools that reflect Catholic morality but don’t overtly teach church doctrine.
FIND MORE STORIES IN: Washington | Congress | Catholic | Archdiocese | DC

The bid represents the largest of its kind so far — and though it stands a good chance of approval by the D.C. Public Charter School Board in April, it’s opposed by the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA), which says the schools will lose their greatest strength: their religious character.

“This isn’t a path for everyone,” says archdiocese spokeswoman Susan Gibbs. “But we look around at other dioceses and they close their doors. We couldn’t do that.”

An independent, non-profit board would run the seven proposed elementary schools, with no teaching of Catholic doctrine, no in-school prayer and no religious artifacts on the walls. In fact, none of the proposed charters would be considered “Catholic” schools. Essentially the archdiocese would act as a landlord.

In that sense, it’s similar to arrangements in places such as Buffalo, and Gary, Ind., where church schools have been transformed into non-religious charters.

“We’re sad that they can’t be Catholic schools,” NCEA president Karen Ristau says of the D.C. proposal. “There will be no religious doctrine or celebration of faith or prayer in the school day.”

Though charters enjoy freedom from most regulations on personnel, curriculum, budget and teaching methods, Ristau says religious instruction is still out. “As far as I know, there’s no wiggle room.”

In the past few years, charter schools in Florida, Minnesota and New York that have approached the line between values-based learning and religious instruction have run afoul of critics who say they’re ignoring the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition on government sponsorship of religion.

Ristau calls proposals such as D.C.’s “a temporary solution to a serious problem” facing churches across the nation. Recent data from Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate finds that though the percentage of Americans who are Catholic has remained steady since 1995, the number of Catholic elementary schools dropped about 10%; secondary schools have dropped 2.3%.

“At a time when we’re all trying to figure out how to create good public schools in the inner city, it’s a shame that good public schools in the inner city are going away,” says Mike Petrilli of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, a Washington education think tank.

Gibbs says the archdiocese is keeping its options open. If neighborhoods change, she says, “We still have the buildings. … In 10 years, we may want to open a Catholic school again.”

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Posted by Job on February 6, 2008

I first saw this here but it was confirmed in this devotional as well. Man oh man, I love this election season. So many prominent Christian leaders in the limelight are being exposed for what they are. From the people backing Huckabee despite knowing his connections to the Council on Foreign Relations and to apostates like Kenneth Copeland and John Hagee to Pat Robertson backing Giuliani to the MANY evangelicals and even some fundamentalists backing Mormon Mitt Romney to Donnie McClurkin and many other leading black Christians backing Barack HUSSEIN Obama (here, here, here, here, here, here) well the Lord is exposing for the whole world to see what these prominent Christians are really about and after – the things of this world.Christians, is this the falling away of the American church? If so, make sure that you are not part of that falling away. In a sense, things have been this bad for quite awhile, because the fact that Martin Luther King, Jr. was no better than a Mormon because he did not believe in the deity or resurrection of Jesus Christ despite it being commonly reported … so many people do not know because they do not care to know. And never forget: King’s rise was due to so many alleged Christians, many of them evangelicals and fundamentalists, supporting segregation and racism! Still, I regularly ask some older (than me) Christians have things always been this bad, and even the ones that personally experienced segregation and poverty say without hesitation “No, it wasn’t.”

***DR. DOBSON AND RUSH LIMBAUGH ARE THE LATEST TO JOIN THE “JUDAS GALLERY” !!! WWW.VOTINGFORSATAN.COM IS ONLINE!!! I’ve launched this new website — — not to tell people who to or not to vote for, but to help educate people on what Mormon’s really believe and hold accountable high-profile Christians who have endorsed cult member Romney’s bid for
the Presidency. The new site features an interactive section with
polls and a great message board where you can post your thoughts and
comments, news notes on the race for the White House, my numerous
Devotionals on Romney and the Mormon church, in-depth writings by an
ex-Mormon that clearly lay out the beliefs and theology of Mormonism,
as well as special videos including the TV program I did in the magical
Mormon underwear worn 24/7 by high level Mormons. Please check it out
and help me by telling everyone you know about this new site, and post
it on every message board and chat room you can find, especially the
sites that cater to politics.

“The word of the LORD came to me: “Son of man, prophesy against the
shepherds of Israel; prophesy and say to them: ‘This is what the Sovereign
LORD says: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who only take care of themselves!
Should not shepherds take care of the flock? You eat the curds, clothe
yourselves with the wool and slaughter the choice animals, but you do not
take care of the flock. You have not strengthened the weak or healed the
sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or
searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally. So they
were scattered because there was no shepherd, and when they were scattered
they became food for all the wild animals. My sheep wandered over all the
mountains and on every high hill. They were scattered over the whole earth,
and no one searched or looked for them.” Ezekiel 34:1-6

A sad commentary on so many pastors and Christian leaders right from God’s
Word. Last week I was doing some study in the Book of Ezekiel. In reading
through some passages, I came across these first 6 verses in Ezekiel 34. As
I read these words, I could only think that this was the sad description of
so many pastors and Christian leaders today. 50 years ago, you could sit in
the pew of most any church of any denomination and hear the Truth of God’s
Word. Those pastors and the men and women God raised up on the national
scene were men and women who would never compromise the Truth of the Bible
and understood their only mission was to bring the lost to Christ.

Fast forward to the year 2008 and you have entire denominations of pastors
who don’t even preach, teach or believe the Bible. It is questionable if
many pastors were ever “called” and are even saved. Those who have risen up
into national prominence are more worried about selling books, having the
newest private jet, building bigger buildings, and living like the rulers of
small nations rather than preaching the unadulterated Truth of the Bible and
leading the lost to faith in Jesus Christ. My goodness, you now have
so-called Christian leaders who are endorsing and working for the member of
a satanic cult to become our next President!!!

When these are the men and women leading the people, why are we surprised
that many who sit in the pews of the nations churches on Sunday aren’t even
saved, don’t accept the Bible as Absolute Truth and our only authority, and
the majority of the ones who do lead weak and ineffective lives. That is
why I encourage people all the time to seek out a pastor who is a true
shepherd. That is increasingly difficult today, but there are still many
men of God who have not bowed their knee to Baal and are not the shepherds
described in Ezekiel 34. Sunday is the day most Christians go to church. It
is the only time most of you ever see your pastor, and that is usually from
your seat in the sanctuary as he leads the worship service and preaches the

Having preached in over 500 churches of every denomination nationwide, I can
honestly tell you that for most pastors, Sunday morning is their favorite
day of the week and the one day they usually feel their work for God really
has some meaning. You can never know the pressure most pastors are under. If
it was only getting up on Sunday morning and being the “man of God” it would
be wonderful, but that is not reality. It is a 7-day a week, 24-hour a day
calling. Many have outside jobs. There is the constant pressures of raising
the budget, dealing with the interpersonal problems that always exist when
you have a group of people, overseeing the political infighting that often
occurs, on top of the spiritual requirements of shepherding the flock,
having an anointed word each week for the various services, and other
requirements the office of pastor carries with it.

My prayer for you today is to support your pastor. Pray for your pastor each
day. John 10 gives us the picture of the ideal pastor. Pray that your pastor
will be able to tear away from the distractions of this world to be the
shepherd described in John 10. God has placed that pastor in your life to
guide you, spiritually nurture you, and have spiritual leadership over your
life. Do all you can to show your love and appreciation for all your pastor
does for you, most of which you may not even recognize. Also, God has placed
your pastor in your life for spiritual leadership. When you come into times
of crisis, don’t hesitate to go to your pastor. That is ultimately why they
are there, to help you and guide you through those difficult times in your

I love you and care about you so much. I pray for you daily. Sadly, today
there are too many pastors and Christian leaders who fall into the
description found in Ezekiel 34. It makes the work that much more difficult
when you have people running around calling themselves Christians, but
supporting sins like abortion, homosexuality, the destruction of God’s plan
fo the family. You have others who think there is nothing wrong with
belonging to a cult or false religions and they have bought the
universalistic lie from hell that everyone will get to Heaven.

Let this message today be a remember to lift up your pastor in prayer and
recognize him for all he does for your life. God has called His sheep to be
obedient and obey those in spiritual authority. Take inventory and see if
you are fulfilling this admonition, and ask God to help you. He loves you so
much, that he has placed your pastor in your life to shepherd you and guide
you in your spiritual journey. Show your love for Him today by praying for
and supporting your pastor.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

die one day. At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
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The Sad Truth About Mormon President Gordon B. Hinckley And The 200 Year Old Mormon Plot To Take Over America’s Government

Posted by Job on January 29, 2008
(Galatians 1:6-12)

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My note: This devotional was written by pastor and televangelist Bill Keller of Live Prayer. I had decided to stop posting Bill Keller’s devotionals that dealt with Mormonism for a time for reasons that I will not get into. But after seeing Glenn Beck exploit the death of Hinckley as an opportunity to promote his religion on CNN last night, I am making a one time exception to my policy. Please note: Keller is right when he says that there is no difference between Mormonism and Islam. So why is the religious right so much more tolerant of one than the other? You know that if Mitt Romney were Muslim, he’d have the same “he is part of a global Muslim conspiracy to take over our government” theories as are circulating about Barack HUSSEIN Obama. I will tell you the reason: race. Mormonism was founded by whites and in America is an overwhelmingly white religion, so they are not only tolerated by the religious right, but are fully embraced by them. Meanwhile, Islam is an Arab religion. That is why the same religious right hypocrites that went nuts over Keith Ellison merely being elected to Congress are actually praying for Mitt Romney to save them from Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain (not that I support any of them either by the way). The way these conservatives, especially Roman Catholics, are claiming that Mitt Romney is the victim of oh so much bigotry after decades of using racism and segregation against BLACKS to build their own party would be hilarious if it wasn’t so evil. (By the way, check out this Roman Catholic pro – segregation site that claims that God never intended for Christianity to spread outside the white race … surprise surprise they like Romney.) It was as if they were saying “Hey evangelicals, Romney is one of us where it really counts, so vote your race, it is more important than your religion!” That is why the same folks on the right who continuously demand that blacks bear the discrimination that we face while picking and grinning about it start braying like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the NAACP whenever Romney’s religion is discussed in any terms other than “oh we can trust Romney to save America because he is a devoted Mormon who believes in Jesus with a beautiful wife and five sons.” Well, again, anyone who doubts that Romney would use the White House to promote his faith not only in America but also overseas (the people that they falsely claim are the cursed seed of Ham and for that reason held them in second class status until 1978 – a fact which conservatives love I bet – apparently are a major mission field for them!) should view Glenn Beck’s performance below.

An evil tool of satan masquerading as a Godly grandfather is buring in hell
for all eternity! Gordon B. Hinckley, the leader of the satanic Mormon cult
is dead at 97. Hinckley saw this cult grow from 9 million members to over
13 million members worldwide during his 12-year reign as its leader. While
Hinckley is already being memorialized as a “great man of God,” the fact is
his life has been an instrument in the hands of satan to help lead the souls
of men to hell by following the false theology of the Mormon cult.

Many people, even Christians will rail against me for being so unkind, but
this only illustrates the problem we have. Even Believers don’t take the
eternal souls of men serious enough. As I state often, this is a battle for
souls. Satan is not playing games and is serious about taking as many souls
into the lake of fire with him as he can. I am saddened at how many
Christians either don’t understand, or don’t want to think about the FACT
that those who die without Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible, will pass from
this life into eternal punishment!

I know some people are outraged that I would be “so mean” to call Mormonism
a satanic cult. I receive emails all the time talking about the great works
they do. First, I have no doubt that most Mormons are fine people, good
people, and do great works. But being a good person and doing good works
does NOT get you into Heaven. Only faith in Jesus Christ, the Jesus of the
Bible, will get you into Heaven. The Mormon cult spends tens of millions of
dollars each year in public relations to portray themselves as “just another
Christian church.”

DO NOT LET THEIR ADS FOOL YOU. They are no more a Christian church than your
local mosque is!

The lie of Mormonism that I expose is not a new problem. Paul, himself, had
to deal with the issue of “cults”-those who perverted the Gospel-almost from
the very beginning. He spoke of it often in his writings, as in today’s
anchor verses in his letter to the church at Galatia. This is nothing new.

Here are just a few of the theological issues that makes the satanic Mormon
cult totally inconsistent with Biblical Christianity and why a Mormon is no
more a Christian than a Muslim is. The god of the Mormon cult is NOT the God
of the Bible. Their “god” is named Elohim and was once a man like you and I
who came from another planet. Mormon theology teaches that men can
eventually become a god and have their own planet. When a Mormon talks about
“god,” he is talking about this fictitious god of Mormonism and NOT the God
of the Bible!

This holds true for Jesus. The jesus of Mormon theology is not God incarnate
as the Bible teaches. The Mormon jesus was not supernaturally conceived by
the Holy Ghost, but the natural offspring of their “god” Elohim who had sex
with Mary, meaning he is a created being no different than you and I.
Mormons also teach that their jesus had several wives and children, again,
in compete contradiction to what the Bible teaches. The jesus of the Mormon
cult is also the spirit brother of Lucifer and will return not to the Mt. Of
Olives as the Bible teaches, but to Independence, Missouri to set up his
earthly Kingdom.

When a Mormon talks about “jesus,” he is NOT talking about the true Jesus of
the Bible! What Jesus you put your faith in is so critical, since this is
why anyone who puts their faith in the imaginary jesus of Joseph Smith and
the satanic Mormon cult will die in their sins and their souls burn forever
in the flames of hell!

What about the Bible and true Christian churches? Mormons love to use the
Bible and quote from the Bible to support their deception that they are
Christians. The trademark of all cults and false religions, even those who
use the Bible, is that it is NOT their final authority. In the Mormon cult,
their authority does not come from the Bible which they view as incomplete
and not reliable, but the writings of Smith, the Book of Mormon, the Pearl
of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants. These are the writings that
form the false theology of this cult.

Mormons believe that non-Mormons are “abominations.” While they don’t have
the guts the Muslims do to publicly call a non-Muslim an infidel who should
be put to death, a Mormon views a Biblical Christian as part of a “false
religion” and void of all authority.

Like in all cults, the average member hasn’t got a clue what their cult
really believes. You only get to know everything after you have proven
yourself to be a loyal and worthy member of the cult. That is true in the
Mormon cult as well. Most Mormons go to their “church,” sing many of the
same hymns they sing at the Baptist church down the road, give their tithe,
read a few passages out of the Bible, hear a message about being a “good
person,” and go home.

It is only when you get to become a “temple Mormon” that you really learn
all of the deep, dark, beliefs of Mormonism. The Mormon temple rituals are
actually little more than the temple rituals Smith copied from another cult,
Freemasonry! Smith who was involved in the Masonic cult, simply copied and
incorporated their chants, handshakes, and ceremonies when he started the
Mormon cult. These are the same chants, handshakes, and ceremonies Romney
participated in when he took his oath to the Mormon cult above anything

The average person has no idea that the ultimate goal of the Mormon cult is
to establish a theocracy here in the United States. Joseph Smith, the cult’s
founder actually ran for the Presidency. So did Mitt Romney’s father. This
cult has the very real goal of establishing the “Kingdom of God,” which
means advancing the physical and earthly organization of the multi-billion
dollar Mormon cult.

There is a special room in the Mormon Temple located in Washington, DC that
has been prepared and in place for over 30 years, which will be the seat of
power for the Mormon-led government which will supplant our current
government. This was the vision Smith laid out less than 200 years ago, and
Mitt Romney and those in the hierarchy and leadership of the Mormon cult see
this as the time for that vision to become fulfilled!

I love you and care about you so much. Gordon B. Hinckley was NOT a great
“man of God,” but simply a tool of satan who used his life to lead millions
to the false teachings of the Mormon cult, meaning those poor souls died in
their sins and are in hell for all eternity along with all who reject the
Jesus of the Bible. He did not become a “god” upon his death as Mormons
believe. He didn’t get his own planet full of women waiting to have sex with
him. The moment he died, Hinckley stood before God and because he rejected
Jesus and died in his sins, was immediately cast into hell for all eternity!

I have done my best in a limited amount of time to give you a brief overview
of the false and satanic beliefs of the Mormon cult. I have just barely
scratched the surface, but just in what I have shared with you today, NOBODY
in their right mind could ever believe that a Mormon is a Christian. When
you study Mormon theology and understand the wild beliefs of Smith and this
cult, you need faith greater than I will ever hope to have to believe what
they do. There is no logic to it and there is absolutely nothing they
believe that has any basis in realty or can be proven.

Listen, God gave us free will, and men who live in rebellion to God since
the very beginning have dreamed up the wildest and most ridiculous religions,
and sadly people who were spiritually void chose to believe their lies and
will be lost for all eternity because of it. The danger of Mormonism is that
they are deceptive (just look at their name, the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints) and will lie without conscience just like the father of
lies, satan (John 8:44), to get people to join their cult.

I pray today for those 13 million souls alive today who are following the
lies of this cult, to turn from those lies before they take their last
breath and are lost for all eternity. There is only one Truth, and that is
found in the book God wrote, the Bible. There is only one way to be saved,
and that is through a personal relationship by faith with the Jesus of the
Bible. May those lost in the lies of the Mormon cult denounce those lies
and turn to God’s Word alone and faith in Jesus and be saved so they don’t
end up burning in hell like Gordon B. Hinckley!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY? The fact is you will die one day. At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator. To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

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Ann Coulter: Cultural Apostate Christian Matthew 6:24

Posted by Job on January 23, 2008

Note: in addition to the Bill Keller devotional below, I made a similar point in Jesus Christ Is Not Your Culture. Also note that I went after Coulter’s political dual covenant theology in Anne Coulter: Heretic! If you are a supporter of Ann Coulter because of her political beliefs, please know that Jesus Christ comes before worldly politics. Also, sharing Ann Coulter’s political beliefs in some areas may cause you to wonder which are actually supported by the Bible and which are of men.

(C) Copyright 2008, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved.

The danger of those who call themselves followers of Christ, but live in
rebellion to Him! Is our allegiance to Christ or this temporal world?
Well, another high profile person who has used her Christianity to sell lots
of books has decided to publicly endorse the member of a satanic cult for
President. The loud, out-spoken, and over-the-top Ann Coulter has
officially endorsed Mormon cult member Mitt Romney for President. I can’t
judge her heart regarding her salvation, only God can do that. But given
the fact she has publicly declared that she is a born-again follower of
Christ, especially due to the fact she chose to use her Christianity to
promote herself and her books to the Christian populace, Ann is clearly a
spiritual baby in need of sitting under solid Biblical teaching to grow in
her faith.

Coulter represents this growing number of people who I call “Cultural
Christians.” They may have accepted Christ as their Savior and are saved,
but have grown very little from that point on. While being followers of
Christ, they are also very attached to this temporal world that we live in.
Sadly, the world affects their thoughts and actions more than the Word of
God does. They love the benefits of being a Christian, but have never grown
enough in their faith to understand the sacrifice that is required of a
follower of Christ. They like being a Christian, but they also like being
in this world. These cultural Christians are the very people Jesus spoke of
when he stated in Matthew 6:24, “”No one can serve two masters. Either he
will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and
despise the other.”

Listen, I know Ann Coulter is a political commentator and pundit who is best
known for her shtick of over the top rhetoric that sets her writings apart
from most others in the conservative movement. If Ann Coulter as a
political pundit wants to endorse Mitt Romney or anyone else, that is up to
her. Here is the problem. Because of the large number of Christians who
are active in politics and sympathetic to the conservative movement, years
ago Coulter found a rich vein of consumers for her books when she stated she
was a Christian and began to get opportunities to speak at high profile
Christian ministries like Coral Ridge, founded by the late D. James Kennedy,
Liberty University, founded by the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, and other highly
visible forums that reach out to Christians. In identifying herself as a
Believer and cashing in on her Christianity, comes a responsibility to take
a stand for the faith.

My friend, endorsing a man for President who lives and believes the
heretical and blasphemous teachings of Joey Smith and has become the
international poster boy for this nearly 200 year old satanic cult leading
the souls of millions of people to hell for all eternity is not taking a
stand for the faith but selling out the faith!!!

In her release announcing her endorsement of Romney for President, Coulter
naively states, “So having a candidate with a wacky religion isn’t all bad.”
I will give her the benefit of the doubt that she is simply a baby Christian
who has never grow much past her salvation experience, since Mormonism is
far more hideous than a “wacky religion.” It is a lie that is literally
leading the souls of men to hell. Coulter doesn’t understand that a vote
for Romney is tantamount to a vote for satan himself since a Romney
Presidency will influence millions worldwide to seek out the Mormon cult,
buy into their deception since they never tell people what they really
believe until long after they are hooked, and ultimately those souls will
die and end up burning in hell for all eternity since the only way to be
saved is by faith in Jesus Christ. Not the faux jesus of Joey Smith, but
the real Jesus of the Bible!

Sadly, Coulter is just the latest in a growing list of high profile
Christian leaders and politicos who identify themselves as Christians, to
sell out the faith for whatever short-term political access they may
receive. People like Jay Sekulow, Ralph Reed, Mark DeMoss, Paul Weyrich,
Bob Jones III, are just a few who have literally become Judases for selling
out Christ to back this satanic cult member. These people have literally
become tools of satan since they use their influence over millions to help
other Christians justify supporting a cult member for President. Like
Coulter, they have become the defenders of Romney to help people justify why
it is OK to ignore the spiritual implications of electing the member of a
satanic cult to the most powerful office in the world. I assure you, God
WILL hold them accountable for their actions one day.

Let me just say that I have heard every tortured argument there is to
justify backing Romney for President. My friend, the ends never justify the
means. Even if you believe this is the only man on the planet who can lead
this nation and that during his time in office he will do many great and
wonderful things, it still doesn’t negate the potential millions of souls
who will end up in hell because of the influence he will carry in that
position. Those who defend Romney or who simply haven’t got a clue about
spiritual things like Bill O’Reilly, think it is paranoia to extrapolate a
Romney Presidency into people joining the Mormon cult. Due to the fact we
have the largest percentage of two full generations who have never been to
church, coupled with the aggressive evangelistic efforts of the Mormon cult,
throwing in the influence the office of President carries worldwide, I can
guarantee you that this cult will grow like a wildfire worldwide, leading
the souls fo these new converts to hell.

The message to you in all of this is that you need to choose who your master
is. Is your master Jesus or this world? You can’t have two masters. The
reason there is such a thing as the “Christian left,” churches who accept
and condone sins like abortion and homosexuality, pastors who never give an
altar call, Christian leaders supporting a satanic cult member’s bid for the
Presidency, is because too many Christians never understood that when they
gave their life to Christ, it was no longer their life. It belongs to Him.
We are no longer of this world. We live in this world, but are just passing
through. Our thoughts and desires, goals and passions are no longer tied to
this temporal existence, but to our eternal life with Christ. As a
Christian, you are His follower, His ambassador. Your life is to serve Him.
You can’t serve Christ when you are serving satan!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Pray for Ann. I have no idea where
or if she goes to church, how she is fed spiritually if at all, whose if any
teaching she is under. She owes the Christian community a huge apology.
She decided to cash in on her Christianity which is fine. However, in so
doing she took on the responsibility to honor Christ with her life. It is
inconsistent for a follower of Christ to endorse or support in any way
someone who is part of a cult that operates in rebellion to God and His
Truth and is leading the souls of men to hell. It is pretty simple, do you
serve Jesus or this world?

I will be praying for you as well. It is so easy for Believers who live in
this world to fall in love with this world. It doesn’t mean you aren’t
saved or don’t love Jesus, but you end up compromising your faith. You
become a cultural Christian, someone who lets the culture dictate your
thoughts and actions as opposed to being guided by the Word of God. It
doesn’t mean you are drowning in alcohol, drugs, porn, illicit sex, or
things like that. It does mean that you have allowed the world to influence
you more than the Truth of God’s Word. That is why I implore you often to
read the Bible daily, pray daily, be in a good church, fellowship with other
Believers, find ways to serve. That way you never let the world you live in
take over you life.

Please keep your eyes and ears open. One of the lessons I have tried to
drive home over these 8+ years of Liveprayer is that you have to stay
focused on THE man and never a man (or woman). Men and women are frail
flesh and blood, prone to sin like anyone. While we expect those in
leadership, those high profile Believers we see in the media to live their
lives above reproach and honoring Christ, the reality is that doesn’t happen
often. Sift everything through the filter of God’s Word. Don’t blindly
follow anyone. Check with the Holy Spirit if those God has placed in your
life are leading you to righteousness or away from it. Jesus related
people to being like sheep. Sadly, there are far too few good shepherds in
the world today. Too many sheep are being fleeced and led to the slaughter.
May you keep your eyes focused on Jesus, THE Shepherd!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

die one day. At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now
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Mike Huckabee Is Down With Newt Gingrich (And Bill Clinton And Dick Morris)!

Posted by Job on January 9, 2008

Who knew that former Southern Baptist preachers got along so well with serial adulterers? This is more proof that Huckabee is not an actual Christian but rather just another Rick Warren T.D. Jakes Council on Foreign Relations worker.

Newt Gingrich: Mike Huckabee Is The Most Electable

Bill Clinton, Gingrich agree on Huckabee as GOP dark horse

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Charles Krauthammer Proves Yet Again That The Religious Right Is An Apostate Universalist Movement

Posted by Job on December 8, 2007

What is Krauthammer’s problem? Mike Huckabee’s overtaking Mormon Mitt Romney in the presidential race. Not that I am some fan of Mike Huckabee. Quite the contrary, see Ties Between Mike Huckabee And John Hagee Discovered! (He Also Has Ties To Kenneth Copeland, Tim LaHaye, And Rick Warren)! Huckabee is as bad for Christianity and this nation as is Romney, if not worse. The one good thing about Huckabee hound’s candidacy is seeing the reaction to his rise on the Mormon blogs, revealing that their professions of love and compassion for and desire to cooperate with “their fellow Christians” (please recall that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and the original Mormons called us “Gentiles”) is a total sham: they are calling Huckabee’s evangelical supporters a bunch of ignorant bigot fanatics. That is no big surprise. What should be more surprising is that the leaders of the political right agree with them.

Why? Because their agenda was always conservatism, not Christianity. They were willing to take votes from Christians in their war against the left, but they never had any legitimate interest in advancing a Christian political, social, or economic agenda. Now the fact that there SHOULDN’T be a Christian political, social, or economic agenda in the first place if one takes the teachings of Jesus Christ, James, John, Paul, Peter, etc. seriously is something to remember. And that is the problem. The leaders of the conservative movement have been more than willing to play a large role in deceiving Christians away from sound Bible teaching and towards the false notion that we can advance the kingdom of heaven by working in a big tent with greedy and powerful big business types, Log Cabin Republican sodomites, Republicans For Choice abortion holocaust supporters, and (of course) segregationist racists to force governments to put up our Christmas displays.

Except that after 30 years of activism, we still cannot legally have Christmas displays, vital as they are to spreading the gospel and saving people from an eternity in the lake of fire, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, comforting the grieving, looking after the orphans and widows, reforming those in prison, etc. without including a replica of the altars that pagans once used for their human sacrifices alongside it. Prayer in public schools or other public settings? Only if it is not in the Name of Jesus Christ, which allows any witch, satanist, pantheist, etc. to participate. And so on. Christians have far more failures than successes after 30 years of hard work, and what few successes they have are hollow indeed, such as the partial birth abortion ban that many Christian legal experts that are not affiliated with the religious right say actually has the effect of being a law that guarantees the legality of the procedure in the first two triemesters where no such federal protection for abortion existed prior.

To make a long story short, evangelical Christians have been to the Republican Party what blacks have been to the Democratic one. It is not a perfect comparison, for the former are not as monolithic or loyal, but the latter provides their party with nowhere near as much financial support as the former. But with both, the leadership of both parties is more than welcome to accept their political support for basically nothing in terms of policy or real political power. Huckabee, despite his many problems, is nonetheless an example of an evangelical using the very same religious right network that they exploited to seek real power for himself and his movement. It is fine if you are an evangelical and are willing to be the governor of a state that no one cares about (Arkansas) or a back – bencher senator. They may even give you a low level cabinet post. Until now, the biggest concession given to the evangelical movement was making John Ashcroft attorney general. And you see how that worked out: Bush administration officials forcing Ashcroft to sign an order authorizing torture while the man was gravely ill in the hospital. Not that I am an Ashcroft fan … it was Ashcroft who gave us faith based programs through his charitable choice provision in the welfare reform bill. But still.

Well now, Huckabee wants more power than the GOP ever intended for evangelicals to have, and the GOP is doing their best to demand that the religious right go back to their habit of supporting whoever leads the ticket and is willing to either pretend to be anti – abortion or failing that at least KINDA SORTA promise to appoint federal judges that MAYBE are. And so we have this manifesto from Krauthammer that tells evangelical Christians to know their place:

The God of the Founders, the God on the coinage, the God for whom Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving Day is the ineffable, ecumenical, nonsectarian Providence of the American civil religion whose relation to this blessed land is without appeal to any particular testament or ritual. Every mention of God in every inaugural address in American history refers to the deity in this kind of all-embracing, universal, nondenominational way. (The one exception: William Henry Harrison. He caught cold delivering that inaugural address. Thirty-one days later, he was dead. Draw your own conclusion.) I suspect that neither Jefferson’s Providence nor Washington’s Great Author nor Lincoln’s Almighty would look kindly on the exploitation of religious differences for political gain. It is un-American. It is unfortunate that Romney has had to justify himself in response.”

Thank you, Krauthammer, for demonstrating that the god of the religious right, the god of our (freemason and deist) founding fathers, and by extension the true patron god of this nation, whatever that god may be, is NOT the God of Christianity, the God of the Bible, the one true God who exists eternally in the Persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, with none of them having been created or having been was raised or progessed to godhood, but have always been God. If you did not know this in the past, well now you know, and you also know that there is no longer any reason for messing around with the religious right. They not only have never represented your agenda, but precisely the opposite. If you knew this already but supported the religious right anyway out of your zeal against abortion or communism, now is your chance to acknowledge that good fruit cannot come from wicked trees and turn aside. If you refuse to turn aside, well you are going to have to answer God for that decision. And of course, the fact that the religious left is also not on God’s side is so obvious that it does not need to be stated.

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Angry At Your Tax Bill? Then You Should Be Anti – War!

Posted by Job on December 1, 2007

This fellow linked to my post Are You Supporting The Porn Industry When Buying Your Kids’ Christmas Gifts Christians? and made some excellent points. Check this out:

I don’t necessarily completely subscribe to this thinking. But it does make me think a bit, especially when looking at the entire global economy and things encircling around it [corporate greed, sub-prime mess, the stock market, Christians who worship the money god, etc.]. Maybe I read the WSJ too much at this point but I think I’m getting a pretty good education on economics and what is wrong with economics. And then, when you measure those things to what your core values are as a person – or what you would like your core values to be, what you aspire to, and all that encompasses that, you get a mind-full, if you will.” Note to self: get a Wall Street Journal subscription. Or something.

For example, if we took Christ’s words literally, none of us would have much at all and we wouldn’t be doing 95 percent of what we are doing. We could have true communities of people helping each other instead of attacking each other, trying to eat each other alive in order to get to a perceived step up [Note: I used the word “could” instead of “would.” “Would” implies a definitive and, after all, we are humans, imperfect, and therefore can never truly create a “perfect” world]. We would have low to no taxes because we would have low to no war [This would be a “would” because math is definitive even if liars figure and figures lie, or whatever that saying is].”

A commenter suggested that we do precisely that to liberate ourselves from our Molech Baal freemason economy here and here. Hmmm …

And now here is the payoff. It is amazing how these conservatives and Republicans always complain about high taxes and big government while being so militaristic. (Then again the Democrats are just as militaristic while claiming to support peace, but they don’t complain about high taxes and big government).

If next year, for example, the Pentagon budget was cut by 91 percent like it was in the year after World War II [FY1947], it would be about $60 billion and not the $647 billion it is for FY2008 … [Check out Page 7 of the Defense Departments FY2008 Green Book if you don’t believe me and while you’re there, check out all the other interesting information]. And, BTW, this does not include money for “the Global War on Terror” or the Iraq/Afghanistan campaigns [Page 10 of Green Book states, and I quote, with an asterisk next to National defense: “* Estimated future emergency funding for the Global War on Terror is not included.

Family values supporters? “We could all work and earn less because we wouldn’t need as much. And, would of this be such a bad thing?” Now sadly, it was not a conservative or biblical Christian from whom I first heard this message, but rather the postmodern Marxist gay rights supporter Cornel West in his book “The War Against Parents.” (Since the Politizine fellow apparently cares about the sexism thing, let me mention that it was co written – and knowing Cornel West almost certainly actually largely written with the real work done by – Sylvia Ann Hewlett. Conservative groups criticized West’s book for saying that big business harmed families; and gay rights groups criticized West for actually caring about the parenting issue instead of mocking it by using it to promote their narrow agenda.) But it is interesting how few conservative family values types talk about how many families (American and Iraqi) have been destroyed by this war. Even the people that have not been directly affected by having a spouse or child deployed, killed, or maimed by this war are having to deal with the strain of the negative economic effects caused by it.

I know a lot of people think that the wars in Afghanistan especially but also in Iraq were justified. Fine. But people, the overwhelming majority of the things that our government has done in Iraq and Afghanistan have NOTHING to do with defeating the people who were responsible for September 11th and have NOTHING to do with preventing future terror attacks. We are not defeating Al Qaeda by giving out no bid contracts to Halliburton, Blackwater, and the Carlyle Group. It is amazing how so many “conservatives” will deluge the radio talk shows and flood the weblogs with outrage were Hillary Clinton to start a $100 million affirmative action college scholarship program as an atrocious example of big government waste, but have absolutely no problem with our wasting hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan – most of it going to fraud, corruption, waste, and incompetence – allegedly trying to get those eastern cultures to accept western democracy whether they want it or not and whether it improves their lives or not.

Well listen: the early church of Acts? Despite what all these “Judeo – Christian western culture” promoting religious right preachers will tell you, they DID NOT live in a democratic society. And they did fine, didn’t they? Why? Because they trusted God to take care of them, and God did so. Rick Warren Global P.E.A.C.E. supporter Mike Huckabee handled that death penalty question with a typical distortion: “Jesus Christ was too smart to run for political office.” Never mind that as a Jew living in a fascist Roman empire (Christ wasn’t even a citizen, because it was illegal to crucify Roman citizens) running for office was not even an option. Never mind that Jesus Christ was offered not mere political office but being the king of Israel by his people after He fed the 5,000 and king of the whole world by Satan when He was tempted in the desert BUT TURNED IT DOWN. Why? Because as He told Pilate, His kingdom is not of this world. And the media just LOVED Mike Huckabee’s great response, didn’t they? Of course they did, for they are liars just like him. They LOVED Huckabee’s deceiving people as to the true mission and nature of Jesus Christ, his reducing Christ to being a mere bohemian philosopher.

Now it seems that so many Christians have taken the gospel for Jesus Christ to be capitalism, western democracy, and culture, and felt that we could “free” the good people of Afghanistan and Iraq by “converting” them to our false religion with the sword. And that makes us different from the “Islamofascists” how? Well, the “Islamofascists” who want to cut your throat and rape your wife (according to Pat Robertson, who has to use over the top fearmongering against Muslims to justify supporting a guy far corrupt than Bill Clinton), but at least you don’t hear them complaining about their taxes! That alone makes them so much better than us, and that includes “FairTax” Huckabee, who is continuing the folly of telling people that we can have more government benefits by paying less taxes. North American Union anyone? Ready to use your ameros to buy Christmas presents? That is what will happen if our politicians continue to wreck our economy on purpose by increasing spending, adding huge entitlements, fighting wars all over the globe, continuing to support the World Bank, IMF, WTO, etc., and lowering taxes.

Please realize that the state of Indiana, under the governorship of George W. Bush’s former budget director, created an economic crisis by cutting taxes and increasing spending, and then sold control of their state’s main highways to a foreign company under the excuse that they needed the revenue. Sort of like how our banks got into trouble by making all of those bad investments starting in the 90s and now need foreign companies to bail them out. Coincidence? Did we start electing and our corporations start hiring incompetent financial people all at once? Hmmm … well consider that if all of the local economies collapse (as they did in Europe a few decades ago) the only recourse is economic integration. And … sooo … did I mention that a globalist economy is part of the Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan of Warren and Huckabee? Check that out here:

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Focus on the Family Yokes with Heretic Robert Schuller

Posted by Job on October 28, 2007

Another goodie from Slice of Laodicea:

Focus on the Family Yokes with Heretic Schuller

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Martin Lee Anderson: The State Gets Away With Murdering The Poor Again!

Posted by Job on October 13, 2007

“You kill a dog, you go to jail,” said Gina Jones’ lawyer, Benjamin Crump, outside court. “You kill a little black boy and nothing happens.” An obvious reference to the Michael Vick case. I have been saying this for months by the way. Two Teenage Black Males Get TEN YEARS IN PRISON FOR KILLING PUPPY! Well, see the story here:

Some more excerpts: “The defendants faced up to 30 years in prison had they been convicted of aggravated manslaughter of a child. The jury also decided against convicting them of lesser charges, including child neglect and culpable negligence.” Clear message: the state has the right to murder people without accountability.

Officials from the Department of Justice in Washington and U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Florida announced they were reviewing the state’s prosecution. Defense attorneys, however, said they considered a federal civil-rights case to be unlikely.” The people that are making this an anti – Christ totalitarian regime through fraud, corruption, incompetence, the denial of due process and justice, and the suppression of civil rights, the invasion of privacy (not to mention Iraq), and occasional torture do not care about this boy’s civil rights? Shocking.

The all-white jury was escorted away from the courthouse and did not comment.” Oh gee. I wonder why. When a person does the right thing and stands up for justice and the Bible, they have nothing to be ashamed of. But when they knowingly do evil, they have to run and hide.

The conservative Florida Panhandle county is surrounded by military bases and residents are known for their respect for law and order.” What they want is not law and order, which requires JUSTICE. What they want is fascism. Under fascism, the state is never held accountable and can do as it pleases. These people have been brought by an anti – Christ “conservative” ideological system that causes them to support state injustice so long as it is aimed at the other guy. But all that is being done is laying the groundwork for the anti – Christ system to oppress more and more people. Conservative Florida panhandle hypocrite that hates justice, what are you going to do when the anti – Christ comes for you? Since you are acting like this now, you will certainly bow to his image and take his mark.

This is the best part. They claim that the boy died of “natural causes.” The defense said Anderson’s death was unavoidable because he had undiagnosed sickle cell trait, a usually harmless blood disorder that can hinder blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen during physical stress.

Of course, the medical examiner who works for the state, was in on the fraud. An initial autopsy by Dr. Charles Siebert, the medical examiner for Bay County, found Anderson died of natural causes from sickle cell trait. But get this: A second autopsy was ordered and another doctor concluded that the guards suffocated Anderson through their repeated use of ammonia capsules and by covering his mouth.

The rest of the story: Prosecutors said the eight defendants neglected the boy’s medical needs after he collapsed while running laps. They said the defendants suffocated Anderson by covering his mouth and forcing him to inhale ammonia.

Now the guards defend themselves by making the usual “it is SOOO hard to work in an environment where there are all these dangerous criminals” that the “pro – law enforcement” types believe every single time. Except in this case, it was SIX GUARDS AGAINST A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD BOY WITH SICKLE CELL DISEASE! Oh yes, and what grotesque crimes did this dangerous criminal commit? “He was brought there for violating probation for stealing his grandmother’s car and trespassing at a school.” So the state of Florida sent a 14 year old boy to a state internment camp where officers of the state punched and kicked him for thirty minutes and then suffocated him for trespassing and joyriding! People, where is the outrage? If you are not outraged over this, then you are on your way to an eternity in the lake of fire because just like that jury you do not have the love of God in you! Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan right now!

But wait, there is still more. Do you realize that ADMITTING THEIR GUILT WAS PART OF THE DEFENSE’S STRATEGY? “The defense said Anderson’s death was unavoidable because he had undiagnosed sickle cell trait, a usually harmless blood disorder that can hinder blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen during physical stress.” You mean the stress that comes from being punched and kicked for 30 minutes and then forced to inhale ammonia? Of course, the “conservative Christian” jury in this case simply decided that they had no interest in cause and effect. All they are interested in is protecting the anti – Christ state because they have been raised to believe in an unconditionally support the very same anti – Christ state because they falsely believe that this state will protect them. Ever since slavery and Reconstruction, these folks have been CONVINCED that the state needs to protect them from blacks like Martin Lee Anderson. That built and built upon itself (even though the state was the primary incubator of criminal behavior amongst the black underclass by virtue of its welfare policies that punished people for getting married, getting an education and a job, etc.) until we came to “the war on drugs” which gave the state unprecedented authority to deprive a person of his property, liberty, and life without due process or accountability. The next stage was using the threat of Muslim terrorism (which only happened because the state made NO EFFORT to keep people WITH KNOWN RADICAL BACKGROUNDS from entering this country, training to carry out their missions, or receiving financial support, and this was not only regarding 9/11 but the first time that the Muslim Brotherhood tried to take out the World Trade Center ten years earlier) to place in the Patriot Act, warrantless surveillance, suspension of habeus corpus, etc. And now, rather than simply close off the border (which Israel has proven works quite well), they are moving to a national ID system. It has bipartisan support: the right claims that we need it to track illegal immigrants, the left claims that it is needed to guarantee voting rights.

Cannot you people see what is going on? Now do not mistake this as a missive in support of the simplistic purposefully distorted endtimes Christianity as represented by “Left Behind” and the many similar fictional works. Rather, this is about what the Bible actually does say: the state is evil, and unless you are in Jesus Christ you will support the evil of the state. This evil is going to continue to build and build until the day that a global persecution of the church by all of the governments of the world will commence, and it will last seven years. People that are consenting to such evil as this do nothing but help us get to that terrible time faster.

And I close with one final question: where were the people that engineered that massive demonstration in support of the Jena 6 thugs that beat a boy senseless (a far worse crime than the ones committed by Martin Lee Anderson) in this case?

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Posted by Job on October 5, 2007

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Did God Tell George Bush To Invade Iraq?

Posted by Job on July 23, 2007 reminds me of This is one of the SHOCKINGLY FEW mainstream media stories about this, though I would hazard a guess that pretty much everyone has heard about it. Now the fact that no real sport has been made of this in the media shows which side the media is on. Were they to deal with it in any serious way, it would provoke a real theological debate, and that would have forced the leaders of the religious right to take a stand on whether Bush ever received a direct revelation from God on Iraq or any other issue. The result of such a debate would have been the obvious: there is NO WAY that Bush EVER received such a revelation from God (more on that later). But by placing it out there in a manner where everyone would find out about it but so serious examination of it would take place serves the purpose of the anti – Christ media: to make Bible – believing Christians look like fools, fascists, or some combination thereof. And it has worked, see this link: Because Of George Bush, The World Regards Christianity As Evil!

And this better than anything else exposes the utter corruption of the Christian leaders in America, especially those on the religious right. If they were on the Lord’s side, out of a desire not so much to defend the reputation of the church on earth but THE NAME OF OUR GOD IN HEAVEN, they should have openly challenged Bush on this blasphemy. But since no righteous man or woman of God performed the role of a prophet, it shows the apostasy of our churches just as does this article: Do You Go To Church? If So, Why?! (Pay special attention to the fact that only 3% of Christians truly care whether their kids go to heaven or hell according to this survey as compared to 39% wanting their kids to get into a good college.) What demonstrates the apostasy even more so is that the MEMBERS of their churches did not DEMAND that their pastors oppose Bush’s speaking against our Lord.

How can I be so sure that God did not tell Bush to invade Iraq and Afghanistan? It is a simple Bible test, really. (Test Your Bible Knowledge With The Prophecy Quiz! and
The Requirements For The Office Of A Prophet are the types of things that would point you in the right direction.) Some simple ones: prophecy only goes to Israelites (meaning people that are saved). Bush = member of Skulls and Crossbones, pro – abortion and pro – homosexual: see Why Christians Should Not Support George W. Bush, and believes that Muslims worship the same God as Christians do (which is, er, quite a surprise to the Muslims). Add to that Why President George W. Bush Honestly is Not a Christian and it is pretty clear. Incidentally, none of the things in any of those links are secret. They were known to our clergy before he was elected to office, and by the time this “revelation” allegedly came to him, it was obvious that he had not changed! So strike one.

Strike two: things of this nature are only true if established in the mouth of two or more witnesses. Well, was there any evidence of any other Christian hearing a word from the Lord that we should strike Iraq and Afghanistan? If there were, I didn’t hear of it!

And strike three: all revelation must be consistent with prior revelation. For Christians, our completed, inspired, inerrant, literally true, and final authority in all matters – including revelation – is the Bible. It is what by which we can try all spirits by the Holy Spirit, and call anything and everything that does not measure up to be accursed. Now I am not one of those who believes that the Righteous One who shall one day return to make war and overcome the armies of Gog and Magog and those who follow Him are called to be pacifists: see CHRISTIANS ARE NOT TO BE PACIFISTS!!! please. But just show me one place in the Bible where God told Christians to start wars of aggression against a nation that did not attack us and was not imminently planning on attacking us (and had no real capability of executing any plan that they did have) but JUST HAPPENED to be MIGHTY CONVENIENT to various domestic and international economic and political aims of his. (Puppet regime? Check. Oil companies? Check. Halliburton? Check. Defense contractors? Check. Re – election? Check. Increased Christian persecution in Iraq and across the Middle East? Check. (And check here too.) Increasing the amount of carnage, disorder, racial and religious tension, fear, and economic/political instability in the world, which in turn makes us more likely to submit to international leadership for “solutions”? Check. Giving illegal immigrants an easy path to citizenship by allowing them to fill Army quotas? Check. Increasing our national debt to China and similar? Check. Sending so many of our best and brightest workers overseas through the “backdoor draft” so we can claim a “labor shortage” that we need to replace with immigrant workers? Check. And boy, those National Guardsmen and equipment sure would have come in handy after Hurricane Katrina, and to fight all of these wildfires, but oh well … check.) I have not seen it in the Bible. Nor have I seen anything in the Bible where Christians have this manifest destiny to go about imposing Christianity, “democracy”, or anything else on a sovereign nation. Have you?

Did God command His people to fight wars in the Bible? Sure. In the OLD TESTAMENT to ISRAEL. But that was in the interests of creating a nation out of Abraham – and defending said nation – that God would use to bring Jesus Christ into the world. After that was done, there was no need to go about putting men, women, and children to death with the sword (or with carpet – bombing campaigns). Of course, a nation has a right to defend itself, and the case can be made that we have an obligation to rise up and stop grotesque human rights abuses (although our next detachment of troops to Sudan to stop the genocide against Christians there will be the first). But it is safe to say that the large scale (or small scale) slaughter of innocents so that occult groups like the Skulls and Bones can exert its political and corporate dominance over the globe is fundamentally incompatible with Biblical revelation, correct?

Now say George Bush had sold all that he had and given it to the poor as Jesus Christ told the wealthy young ruler. Or had he used these “Radio Free Wherever” government radio propaganda broadcasts to pump Christian evangelistic messages across the globe fulfill the Christian mandate to take the gospel to every nation. Or had he proposed a massive wealth transfer program to the poor, or to imposed strict environmental regulations on big business based on Bible verses and doctrines. Now I would not necessarily advocate Bush going and doing those things because they may be taking Bible doctrines out of their appropriate contexts. But in those instances had Bush said that God told him to do these things, we would at least have to consider the POSSIBILITY that God MAY have told him to do so because the claimed revelation would have at least some scriptural basis. But a revelation that IS OBVIOUSLY COMPLETELY OPPOSITE TO EVERYTHING THAT THE BIBLE SAYS AND STANDS FOR? That should have made at least SOME CHRISTIANS suspicious.

Well, either we Christians bought into the obvious lie, or we knew it was a lie and failed to speak up and demand that others do the same. Which is it? Either way, it is enough to make you wonder if God is going to hold us to account for our silence on Judgment Day, right alongside those who support or refuse to appose abortion. If you do not feel that such is the case, or if you disagree with anything else that I have proposed, now is the time to make your dissent known and tell me where I am wrong!

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