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A Question For Premillennial Dispensational Rapture Believers: Explain The Fifth Seal In Revelation!

Posted by Job on September 25, 2009

Revelation 6:9-11 reads

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

The Word of God for the elect people of God. Glory be to God.

For my premillennial dispensational brethren who believe in a pretribulation (or prewrath) rapture that spares the church from the time of sorrow, please explain this text. Who are those slain for the Word of God? Are they Christians? And when will these Christians be slain for their testimony? Does it refer to those believers slain in times past, whether in the Old Testament or at the time that Revelation was written? Or does it refer to believers slain during the great tribulation? (If so, how can any Christian stand under persecution, even martyrdom, without being emboldened by the Holy Spirit, which according to premillennial dispensational doctrine has to be taken from the earth along with the church? Please recall the difference between Peter and the apostles before the Comforter – cowering and fearful and running from their lives – and afterwards – bold and brave witnesses even unto death. As a matter of fact Peter himself went from being the worst – the one who denied Christ three times – to being the boldest. And how can anyone even be saved during the great tribulation without the work of the Holy Spirit? Recall: the Holy Spirit was indeed present during the time of the Old Testament saints. Indeed, the Bible states that the earth’s very existence cannot so much as even be sustained without the Spirit of God.) Or does it refer to believers slain during all ages, from the first (Abel) until the last before the return of Jesus Christ?

To interpret this passage with scripture, let us go to another one in Revelation that touches the martyrdom of the saints, which is Revelation 18:24. Please recall that this chapter refers to the fall of Babylon,  which since the Tower of Babel incident and particularly since the destruction of the temple in 586 has been used to symbolize people and systems that rebel against and oppose God and persecute His elect covenant people, and that Revelation extends this symbolism with personification, describing all that opposes God as a harlot (prostitute), which in this verse is called “her”:  And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth. Now as much as I love my King James Version, allow me to quibble with their translation of “kai” to “and” in the phrase “and of all that were slain upon the earth.” Many times, “kai” is just used for emphasis, as an amplifier of degree or a focus of attention. This text should probably read:

“And in her [Babylon] was found the blood of prophets and of saints, indeed all [prophets and saints] that were slain upon the earth.”

However, if you go with the King James Version, which granted carries much more weight and authority than my own, and all which follow its tradition on that text, then “and of all that were slain upon the earth” simply means that in Babylon was the blood of every person that has been murdered, all innocent blood that has been shed. This means that the prior clause “And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints” means that “the prophets and saints” (a  New Testament idiom which refers to old covenant and new covenant believers) which means that the blood of Stephen and all other Christian martyrs ever since is contained in Babylon. So with reference to the elect the meaning is the same: the blood of everyone killed because of their faith in God is in Babylon.

So, if we interpret Revelation 6:9-11 with Revelation 18:24, when the fifth seal was opened the martyred souls viewed under the altar should very likely be interpreted to include every Christian martyr since Stephen. This would support the idea of a church that has always been under continuous tribulation. Such an interpretation would be consistent with, indeed fulfill the words of Jesus Christ in John 15:18-20.

If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not him that sent me.

The Word of God for the people of God. Glory be to God.

Now one can hardly claim that those words were only aimed at the apostles. Those words are for all Christians for all time. So what basis is there for believing that there will be a rapture to save the church from a persecution that A) Jesus Christ said that we would face and B) Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit to empower us to withstand? Now this is not an endorsement of the historicist, preterist or amillennial position that there will be no seven year literal great tribulation. Instead, it is to say that if there will be such a seven year literal great tribulation, the church will be present for it just as it has been present for all other tribulations, the “lesser” tribulations.

Now the prewrath (and mid-wrath) rapture adherent does have Revelation 3:10, which reads “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth”, in his favor. However, that could be fulfilled in a number of ways, including 1) a place of refuge (which ironically rapture believers commonly propose will exist for those who will saved during the great tribulation … again these people will have to be saved despite the absence of a church to preach the gospel or a Holy Spirit to perform regeneration) or 2) death. Do not let the “death” option astonish you, but instead study the scriptures, especially the Old Testament but also in the New Testament. It is a consistent theme that death is a way of being preserved, saved, spared from times of great evil … to be absent from the troubles of this world and present with God! Perhaps the best example of this is the death of Abijah, son of the wicked king Jeroboam, who died according to God’s will so that he would not be corrupted by Jeroboam and also not share in their judgment in 1 Kings 14. A New Testament example: at the time that he wrote Philippians 1:20-26, Paul viewed death as being removed from the extremely trying circumstances that he was living and exchanging it for a better fate. In that passage Paul stated “to die is gain”, but it appears that the rapture adherents have transformed it into “to be raptured is gain.”

So, the idea that there must be a rapture in order for Christians to be spared martyrdom seems to be inconsistent with Biblical revelation. It is also an idea that only makes sense for Christians living in the west. Practically everywhere else in the world, Christians face persecution: marginalization, poverty, disease, imprisonment, death. There are two doctrinal systems that have the effect of promoting the idea western Christians should have no part in what Christians in Indonesia, China, Iran, Palestine (and Israel!), India and Mexico (where Roman Catholic/pagan syncretists are persecuting Protestants) by simple right of geography of birth: pretribulation rapture and covenant theology. Pretribulation rapture teaches that Christians not currently under persecution now will never have to face it, because persecution will only come to “the good parts of the world” (i.e. “Christian nations” or “western nations” or “non-socialist nations” … you know, what Glenn Beck was referring to) when the anti-Christ (which 8% of New Jersey residents regard Obama to be) takes over it.

Now ask yourselves … why is it that Christians can be persecuted in some places (including Israel … and read this too!) now without the anti-Christ, but it requires the anti-Christ to happen in others (especially America)? Or that the saints in other places (and times, including in the west … remember the 30 Years War and the Anabaptists?) are not spared persecution, but only the modern American saints are? Only the idea that contemporary western (especially American and possibly British!) Christians are somehow better than Christians living in other times and places, and this fact would be due to America having some special status before God as a unique elect covenant nation, giving us special status within the Body of Christ. Of course, the Bible makes it clear in the Roman and Corinthian epistles that there is no special group or people with a special status, special favor, or special standing before God in the Body of Christ, but instead that we are one Body. Further, the Bible makes it clear that those who are accounted greater according to rank or authority (not standing or value) demonstrate this through being servant roles that cause us to A) serve those who are of lesser rank and authority and B) endure even greater persecution than those who are of lesser rank and authority. So, even if America did have some special standing before God, instead of our being wealthy decadent privileged Laodiceans, we would be poor, oppressed and serving everybody else! If you deny this, read the Beatitudes of Jesus Christ!

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Keep in mind, the version in Luke reads “Blessed are the POOR!”)
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

The Word of God for the people of God. Glory be to God.

Now earlier I mentioned the covenant theologians, from whom the modern concept of the “Christian nation” originated. Covenant theologians believe – or at least believed – that people in “Christian nations” would or should be spared persecution only because in a church-state Christians would control the government, economy, military, police, and religion in a theocracy after the manner of Old Testament Israel. That is why such extreme theonomists and reconstructionists as Gary North and Rousas John (R. J.) Rushdoony deny that the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount apply to Christians, instead stating that it only applied to Jews living in that time. (Curiously, hyperdispensationalists believe the same.) While I believe the covenant theology position to be in error, this statement is aimed primarily at premillennnial dispensationalists.

So if America were this special, Christian nation, it would be marked by our poverty and service, not by our decadent delusions of religious nobility which makes us believe that we are somehow exempt from the sufferings of Christians living in Belarus or Namibia, or for that matter the Christians of the early church. After all, when Paul wrote his statement insisting that those in the Body of Christ were equals, the statements were direct AGAINST two groups of people: the Jewish Christians in the Roman church and the wealthy Christians in the Corinthian church. The Jewish Christians regarded themselves to be superior to the Gentile Christians because of nationality, and the wealthy Corinthian Christians regarded themselves as superior to the poorer believers because of their riches. The Holy Spirit inspired Paul to tell both groups that they were wrong. So, then, how can we justify believing that a rapture will come and rescue us from the type of persecutions and deaths at the hands of Muslims that are going on all over the Middle East, Asia and Africa right now, such as the two million Christians that were killed in Sudan, many of whom were tortured, raped, doused with gasoline and set on fire, had their limbs chopped off, or were sold as slaves because they refused to renounce Christianity?

Ironically, the world, including the media, the activists, and the government of our own “Christian nation”, did their level best to ignore this genocide, choosing instead to focus on Muslims murdering other Muslims in Darfur. And let us not forget that the term for which the word genocide was originally invented and applied to, that of the Armenians by the Turks, is still not recognized as such by the U.N. or by the government of our “Christian nation.” It is still more ironic when you consider that the Armenian genocide happened in the same general area that the letters in Revelation were sent, in the Turkey region. That persecution kicked off what was the bloodiest period of Christian persecution in history, the 20th century, that saw 45.5 million Christians killed!

So if there were any geographical or political entity within the Body of Christ that had special status, it would be those Christians because of their poverty and persecution who would come first, not us . It is those to whom the Beatitudes of Jesus Christ were addressed, and premillennial dispensationalism completely rejects that truth for the belief that the rapture will save Christians not yet under persecution from ever having to experience it because the saints who have it easier are the ones who fulfill Revelation 3:10! Never mind that the rich church that was not facing persecution was Laodicea, and the church that Revelation 3:10 was addressed to was Philadelphia. Why was the promise of Revelation 3:10 given to the Philadelphians? It is in Revelation 3:8, which reads “I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.” The Philadelphia Christians were being persecuted, and similar to the Sudanese Christians, they refused to yield to the persecution by denying Jesus Christ. In other words, they refused to do the same as the apostle Peter did THREE TIMES before he was empowered by the Holy Spirit, yet dispensationalism teaches that this Holy Spirit will be taken away, and those converted during the great tribulation will have to face the greatest time of sorrows ever without it, and will yet somehow stand? How? Why? Because of their free will? Or because of their inherently good human nature untainted by original sin? Followers of Reformed/Calvinist believers in the rapture like John MacArthur and Albert Pendarvis (the latter’s bookstore sells the Scofield Reference Bible) have to answer these questions! In any event, those who claim that Revelation 3:10 refers to Christians being raptured to escape persecution have to deal with the fact that the text was in reference to a Philadelphia church that was enduring it!

Make no mistake. I believe in a bodily literal return of Jesus Christ which I believe will occur after a literal great tribulation which will include a literal and personal anti-Christ. However, I also believe that the church will endure this tribulation, and that we need to be preparing ourselves and those who will follow us in the faith for it in a manner that is consistent with scripture as opposed to believing that we – or our WESTERN descendants – will have an experience of escaping it that will be unique to Christians living in other times and places. At the very least, someone must explain why western Christians alone should enjoy this pleasure!

The Three Step Salvation Plan


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How Do We Get The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Back To The Poor?

Posted by Job on April 17, 2008

When Jesus Christ kicked off His public ministry (His turning the water into wine was done privately, as His time had not yet come) by reading the following Messianic prophecy from Isaiah: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.” (Luke 4:18-19). Later, Jesus Christ received the strongest challenge to His ministry, and it came not from Satan, the Pharisees or Sadducees, or the Romans, but rather from His own prophet, the imprisoned John the Baptist: “And said unto him, Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another?” (Matthew 11:3). To give evidence of His legitimacy, Jesus Christ cited these works: “The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them” (Matthew 11:5).

Now the nature of the challenge to Jesus Christ’s authenticity as the Messiah by John the Baptist can be a matter of some debate. But Jesus Christ’s response in this matter, as well as His synagogue reading at the beginning of His ministry, should be a challenge to US. What, after all, is so important about preaching the gospel to the poor? 

Consider that during the time that these prophecies of Isaiah were written, Israel had long failure to be the holy nation that God intended to be, the one that through their distinct character of unparalleled righteousness would make YHWH, the God of this same nation and of all else, known to all other nations of the earth. Now in theologically conservative circles, the portion of Israel’s failure to obey God that is most often emphasized is their idolatry, and abominations (child sacrifice, ritual prostitution) that goes along with idolatry. Theological liberals, however, focus on the fact Israel had become socially unjust! God had given Israel a plethora of specific instructions to ensure A) that the poor – including widows, orphans, the elderly, and the infirm – would be guaranteed a minimum level of existence, B) that the lower and working classes would not be exploited, C) that the gap between the rich and the poor would not grow too wide, D) that wealth would not be concentrated within the hands of a few families and passed down from generation to generation, and E) that the rich would not be favored over the poor in the markets, courts, and official matters. 

Such regulations make up huge portions of Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy (and the line of thought behind it is a frequently recurring theme in the rest of the Old Testament), and it is a crime that western conservative Christianity does their best to ignore them and their implications on what the attitude of the people of God should be towards wealth not only for an individual but society. Instead, far more time is spent on speculating whether it would be productive for Christians to keep the Sabbath and some limited portion of the dietary laws, and this is despite the fact that where the New Testament confirms the Old Testament Israel’s concerns regarding economic justice on an individual and corporate level – to the point where Jesus Christ refers to Christians that do not personally help the poor and oppressed as goats that will be cast into the outer darkness – it explicitly states that the Sabbath and dietary laws are matters that should not trouble Christians. 

There are reasons why God desires an economically, politically, legally, and politically just society. The most obvious is to mark an explicit easily seen contrast between Israel and the pagan nations, for pagan nations are notorious for having a tiny elite that is exceptionally oppressive and cruel towards everyone else (an incontrovertible historical fact denied by contemporary thinkers out of their hatred for Jesus Christ … neo – pagans actually blame the world’s unfairness on Christianity and insist that more paganism would increase fairness and personal freedom, a notion particularly espoused by feminists and homosexuals). So, a fair, just nation centered around the worship of a holy righteous God would have been a powerful living polemic against nations centered around the worship of pagan gods whose own religious myths revealed their exhibiting character and nature that was often actually worse than that of humanity. (Greek monotheistic philosophers claimed that polytheistic systems were invented by humans wishing to justify their desire to indulging in the very same sins as polytheistic myths depicted their false gods committing.)

But there are less obvious – but oddly more practical – reasons as well. God hates disorder and the persecution of the weak. Socially unjust societies plagued by things such as poverty and legal corruption are vulnerable to riots, uprisings, seditions, etc. by the underclass, which is confusion. Further, in such societies the upper classes often employ exceptionally brutal policies designed to create a culture of terror and hopelessness among the underclass to discourage just such rebellions. Also, vices such as street crime, economic corruption, high taxes, exploitation, and vicious underground economies are rampant in unjust societies, with children, women, the elderly, etc. the most often and brutally victimized. So yes, God has a huge stake in His people not only being just as a moral virtue, but in pursuing and demanding justice for the sake of the weak, poor, oppressed, and defenseless. Any system that ignores – or even does not emphasize – the social justice component is therefore not aligned with God’s Will or nature. Indeed, one of the reasons listed for warning Israel against desiring a king was that kings not only accumulated wealth taxed from the underclass and passed that wealth down from generation to generation, but would even conscript men and property into military service for the sole purpose of fighting wars to gain more land and wealth! In other words, earthly kings inherently and greatly increase social injustice.

And that is precisely what Israel had become in the time of the prophets, its last days shortly before the northern kingdom was wiped out by the Assyrians and the southern kingdom, Judah and Levi, fell to the Babylonians. The economic commands and principles carefully laid out in the law and exhorted by the writings had completely been cast aside. As a result, land and wealth was concentrated in the hands of a few families, and passed down from generation to generation. Poverty was rampant. Workers were exploited. Debt slavery was common. And “the system”, the courts and the authorities, institutionally favored the upper class IN ADDITION TO being easily manipulated with bribes. Israel had become just as socially, legally, and economically unfair as any pagan nation, with conditions so revolting that the prophet Amos stated that people were being forced into debt slavery no more money than it took to buy a pair of shoes (Amos 2:6;8:6)! (I cannot help but compare that to the modern situation where three strikes laws have been used to give lifetime prison terms for stealing golf clubs and slices of pizza.)

Now the worst part of the anti – God socially unjust situation in Israel was also the least surprising … the religious system of the day was a bought and paid for part of, defender of, and reinforcer of the status quo. Instead of fighting for reform and cajoling the powerful to implement the requirements of the law and respect the Spirit of God as reflected in the writings, they not only allowed the situation to continue but endorsed it with their teachings. This should not surprise you, because not only did the revolting religious structures of the pagan nations of the time do precisely the same, but co – opting corrupt religious systems has been a key component for corrupt and powerful ruling classes throughout the ages. (Not only has Christianity not been exempt from this sad record, but some have made the case that it has been among the leaders!)

Thus, the religious system of Israel in the time of the prophets had become one that was of, by, and for the wealthy and against everyone else. Had it been any other way, had the religious systems and the people that ran them been doing their jobs, there would have been no need for prophets in the first place. For the most part, the prophets during this time were so because they existed OUTSIDE the religious mainstream, the religious establishment, and CHALLENGED IT. The prophets bitterly denounced the religious scene of the day as wicked and corrupt and declared that God’s judgment was upon it along with the rest of the society, down to Ezekiel’s prediction that the temple would be destroyed and that the presence of God had departed it for BABYLON! As a result, the religious authorities of that time persecuted and killed the prophets just as they would go on to kill Jesus Christ and John the Baptist a few hundred years later. (If nothing else, the fact that prophets were hated and rejected by the powerful religious leaders of that day should give us pause concerning a great many of those that claim for themselves such a title – and the benefits that go with it! – in these times.)

As a result, you had a religious system that not only neglected the poor, but spitefully oppressed them and murdered those that sought to give the poor justice. Religious life and institutions had become status symbols for the rich, and the poor were not even considered worthy of consideration … carnal objects of no spiritual value only good to be subjugated and exploited for labor. It is no surprise, then, that Isaiah and the prophets knew that for a person to come and turn the world upside down by establishing the notion that poor people could and should be saved, that there was a place in God’s Kingdom for the low and wretched who at time were actually barred from participation in respected religious life, that for someone even to attempt a thing that was so radical, so subversive, so unthinkable in that time and place that he would HAVE to be the Messiah in order to do such a thing. That he would HAVE to be a Messiah in order to set things right.

So we go forth to the time of Jesus Christ. If you think that things were bad for the poor in Israel shortly before that nation’s destruction, they were oh so much worse under Roman domination. Not only was Rome a pagan nation who lacked any concept of the societal betterment as commanded by the Jewish scriptures, but they lacked even the high notions of an ideal human society as advocated by the Greeks. (Recall that Alexander the Great sought to conquer the world out of his twisted conviction that a Hellenized world would be a better one!) No, the Romans turned the art of cruel injustice that Israel merely practiced during the time of the prophets into a science that they perfected, with their most cunning achievement being Pax Romana, whose pursuit and maintenance justified any level of both systematic AND arbitrary savagery against non – citizens (the overwhelming supermajority of the empire) to allow the exceptionally tiny citizen class to harbor the pretensions of being civilized. On top of that, the common people of Judaea – which had been granted some degree of autonomy by the Romans – were persecuted even more by corrupt Jewish collaborators such as the Herods, the Sadducees, and the tax collectors. Jews had to pay taxes to support both interests, and were given only injustice by the authorities and courts of both as well. Things were so bad that a number of the common priests (meaning priests not financially supported by the temple system) actually starved to death!

Another factor in the time of Jesus Christ: the Pharisees. Now the Pharisees advocated the cause of the poor, and were popular with them. But – similar to the limousine liberals of our time – they did not actually INTERACT with the poor. The Pharisees considered the poor to be ignorant concerning the law, and furthermore any effort to reach out to or transform them a cumbersome task on a wasted effort. It was not considered wasted solely because they provincially doubted the ability of the commoners to be spiritually transformed in large numbers – though that clearly was a factor – but rather because the Jewish religious beliefs of the time sincerely held it to be unnecessary. The Pharisees legitimately thought that it was their duty to be as righteous as they could so that through their righteousness God would send the Messiah and the whole nation would be saved. All that was required of the common people was keeping them to a minimum level of piety (i. e. Sabbath observance) that would not negate the Pharisees’ efforts to secure salvation for themselves and everyone else. (This explains why the Pharisees were so furious at Jesus Christ for brazenly and publicly flouting their Sabbath regulations … in their minds the people following after Him in doing so would have negated the “credits” that the Pharisees were earning with God, which in their minds would not only result in God withholding the Messiah from them, but destroying the nation again.) So no, the Pharisees, who actually believed that they could become unclean by coming into close regular contact with common people, were not preaching the good news to the poor but only giving them rules to follow and judging the poor quite harshly – and arbitrarily – based on them. And even that made them eminently better than the Sadducees, who loathed the poor due to their adopting Hellenistic philosophy that denied the afterlife and held that the purpose of piety was to secure benefits in this life (for them godliness was gain!) and also better than some of the other religious parties that simply pronounced damnation on the whole nation (including the poor) and withdrew from everyone (including the poor) to their own enclaves to secure salvation for themselves.

So, Jesus Christ was operating not only with a contemporary situation, but what had been a fact of Jewish life for several hundreds of years. No wonder, then, did He dare to make serving the poor every bit as integral to His case for being the Messiah as miracles like casting out devils, raising the dead, healing lepers, and causing the blind to see. (Contemporary Christians should use this as yet another example that the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the edifying gifts of the Holy Spirit that are needed for effective ministry to the poor are far more important than the “sign” gifts of the Holy Spirit.) And no wonder did His mighty works among and resulting huge popularity with the poor make those same people fearful that Jesus Christ would unite and lead them into a mighty rebellion!

Again, consider the point made earlier: the prevailing religious thought for hundreds of years had been that the poor had no spiritual worth. That explains the “no prophet/nothing good comes from Nazareth” insults of the religious establishment. By this they were not claiming that the people of Nazareth and Galilee somehow were not actually Jews. No, it was entirely about class … no prophet or anything spiritually good could come from those people because they were POOR.

So by feeding five thousand of the poor with the loaves and fishes, by raising the poor’s dead, by casting devils out of the poor, by healing the poor’s lepers, by making laborers His apostles, EVEN BY LETTING THE POOR REGULARLY PHYSICALLY TOUCH HIM, Jesus Christ established the notion that there were no class distinctions in God’s eyes, and thereby nullified hundreds of years of Jewish thought very much enhanced by their exposure to (and willingness to emulate) pagan thought. The ministry of Jesus Christ brought the poor to the desire that God expressed for them in Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy. In this way, Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, fulfilled the law in a specific and very important area that Israel, whom God called His national son in Exodus, failed. And so in this way, Jesus Christ very much proved Himself to be the Messiah!

However, rest assured that Jesus Christ did not intend for this work to end with Him. Jesus Christ made explicitly clear that as His Body, the church is to continue His Work with the poor, and to do so with the same goals that God had for national Israel: order and social justice. Uplifting the poor lowers crime, limits disorder and subversion, and marks a difference between God’s people and everyone else that manifests itself the most among society’s weakest: children, orphans, the sick, the elderly, etc. It is so important to God that Jesus Christ stated that whatever a Christian does to the least of society, that Christian has done the same to Him (Matthew 25:38-46)!

Yet it is a message that, at least in the west, is foreign to contemporary Christianity. Theological liberals deny the reality of the Body of Christ and as such seek to create a heaven on earth using government social programs. Further, they oft defend social policies and societal attitudes that incubate disorder, crime, and poverty itself i.e. out of wedlock pregnancy. And that speaks nothing of the horror of abortion, which God clearly hates and will judge just as He judged Egypt for murdering the Hebrew babies and the pagan nations for their practice of child sacrifice.

Theological conservatives for their part reject social justice almost entirely. First they attribute poverty among individuals and nations to their failure to adopt Christianity (or the heresy of the “Christian nation” and its equally heretical and more dangerous replacement “Judeo – Christian values”), and to poor Christians they turn around and demand that they either be satisfied with the prospect of their needs being met in the next life or be charged with being bad Christians. Many of them exhibit an outright hostility to the poor. Some allege that poverty is due to character flaws (which on a wide or national scale they attribute to flawed cultures), others insist that the notion that they have a responsibility to the poor means questioning the legitimacy of their having wealth. When confronted with scripture concerning these attitudes, they will insist that said scriptures are being taken out of context in order to advance a secular agenda, when the truth is that with regards to this area they are no better than are the attempts of theological liberals to justify homosexuality and abortion.

So from a Biblical perspective, an “Animal Farm” situation results, where the theological liberal and the theological conservative can both sit in a room with a poor person being unable to distinguish between the two insofar as his legitimate interests are concerned. The truth is that James Dobson is no more likely to do anything about crime, a lack of jobs, and poor education in a Washington D.C. ghetto than is Barry Lynn. And it is precisely because of this vacuum that false belief systems such as Islam, Mormonism, and Scientology are rapidly spreading to these areas, just as communists and socialists gained a degree of inroads into the poor and black communities in decades past.

So in closing, how do we Christians get the gospel back to the poor? It must start by our ceasing to deny portions of the Bible that we personally find inconvenient, so that we thereby allow the full message of the gospel to reach and transform ourselves to the point where we recognize that it takes more than an “I gave at the office” Christianity for the church to fulfill its mission on earth. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan By Clicking Here!

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John McCain Accepts The Endorsement Of Heretic John Hagee!

Posted by Job on February 28, 2008

First Huckabee, then McCain, who was on record in 1999 as stating that he did not want to overturn Roe v. Wade. McCain also has a long record of opposing many of the things on Hagee’s political and religious agendas. This just proves that the guy who denies the Messiahship of Jesus Christ, claims that Jesus Christ was killed by Rome for His political beliefs,prophesied that the United States would attack Iran in 2007 (and is still demanding that we attack Iran!) and preaches dual covenant theology is simply in it for the power and money.

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Posted by Job on February 6, 2008

I first saw this here but it was confirmed in this devotional as well. Man oh man, I love this election season. So many prominent Christian leaders in the limelight are being exposed for what they are. From the people backing Huckabee despite knowing his connections to the Council on Foreign Relations and to apostates like Kenneth Copeland and John Hagee to Pat Robertson backing Giuliani to the MANY evangelicals and even some fundamentalists backing Mormon Mitt Romney to Donnie McClurkin and many other leading black Christians backing Barack HUSSEIN Obama (here, here, here, here, here, here) well the Lord is exposing for the whole world to see what these prominent Christians are really about and after – the things of this world.Christians, is this the falling away of the American church? If so, make sure that you are not part of that falling away. In a sense, things have been this bad for quite awhile, because the fact that Martin Luther King, Jr. was no better than a Mormon because he did not believe in the deity or resurrection of Jesus Christ despite it being commonly reported … so many people do not know because they do not care to know. And never forget: King’s rise was due to so many alleged Christians, many of them evangelicals and fundamentalists, supporting segregation and racism! Still, I regularly ask some older (than me) Christians have things always been this bad, and even the ones that personally experienced segregation and poverty say without hesitation “No, it wasn’t.”

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Mormon underwear worn 24/7 by high level Mormons. Please check it out
and help me by telling everyone you know about this new site, and post
it on every message board and chat room you can find, especially the
sites that cater to politics.

“The word of the LORD came to me: “Son of man, prophesy against the
shepherds of Israel; prophesy and say to them: ‘This is what the Sovereign
LORD says: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who only take care of themselves!
Should not shepherds take care of the flock? You eat the curds, clothe
yourselves with the wool and slaughter the choice animals, but you do not
take care of the flock. You have not strengthened the weak or healed the
sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or
searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally. So they
were scattered because there was no shepherd, and when they were scattered
they became food for all the wild animals. My sheep wandered over all the
mountains and on every high hill. They were scattered over the whole earth,
and no one searched or looked for them.” Ezekiel 34:1-6

A sad commentary on so many pastors and Christian leaders right from God’s
Word. Last week I was doing some study in the Book of Ezekiel. In reading
through some passages, I came across these first 6 verses in Ezekiel 34. As
I read these words, I could only think that this was the sad description of
so many pastors and Christian leaders today. 50 years ago, you could sit in
the pew of most any church of any denomination and hear the Truth of God’s
Word. Those pastors and the men and women God raised up on the national
scene were men and women who would never compromise the Truth of the Bible
and understood their only mission was to bring the lost to Christ.

Fast forward to the year 2008 and you have entire denominations of pastors
who don’t even preach, teach or believe the Bible. It is questionable if
many pastors were ever “called” and are even saved. Those who have risen up
into national prominence are more worried about selling books, having the
newest private jet, building bigger buildings, and living like the rulers of
small nations rather than preaching the unadulterated Truth of the Bible and
leading the lost to faith in Jesus Christ. My goodness, you now have
so-called Christian leaders who are endorsing and working for the member of
a satanic cult to become our next President!!!

When these are the men and women leading the people, why are we surprised
that many who sit in the pews of the nations churches on Sunday aren’t even
saved, don’t accept the Bible as Absolute Truth and our only authority, and
the majority of the ones who do lead weak and ineffective lives. That is
why I encourage people all the time to seek out a pastor who is a true
shepherd. That is increasingly difficult today, but there are still many
men of God who have not bowed their knee to Baal and are not the shepherds
described in Ezekiel 34. Sunday is the day most Christians go to church. It
is the only time most of you ever see your pastor, and that is usually from
your seat in the sanctuary as he leads the worship service and preaches the

Having preached in over 500 churches of every denomination nationwide, I can
honestly tell you that for most pastors, Sunday morning is their favorite
day of the week and the one day they usually feel their work for God really
has some meaning. You can never know the pressure most pastors are under. If
it was only getting up on Sunday morning and being the “man of God” it would
be wonderful, but that is not reality. It is a 7-day a week, 24-hour a day
calling. Many have outside jobs. There is the constant pressures of raising
the budget, dealing with the interpersonal problems that always exist when
you have a group of people, overseeing the political infighting that often
occurs, on top of the spiritual requirements of shepherding the flock,
having an anointed word each week for the various services, and other
requirements the office of pastor carries with it.

My prayer for you today is to support your pastor. Pray for your pastor each
day. John 10 gives us the picture of the ideal pastor. Pray that your pastor
will be able to tear away from the distractions of this world to be the
shepherd described in John 10. God has placed that pastor in your life to
guide you, spiritually nurture you, and have spiritual leadership over your
life. Do all you can to show your love and appreciation for all your pastor
does for you, most of which you may not even recognize. Also, God has placed
your pastor in your life for spiritual leadership. When you come into times
of crisis, don’t hesitate to go to your pastor. That is ultimately why they
are there, to help you and guide you through those difficult times in your

I love you and care about you so much. I pray for you daily. Sadly, today
there are too many pastors and Christian leaders who fall into the
description found in Ezekiel 34. It makes the work that much more difficult
when you have people running around calling themselves Christians, but
supporting sins like abortion, homosexuality, the destruction of God’s plan
fo the family. You have others who think there is nothing wrong with
belonging to a cult or false religions and they have bought the
universalistic lie from hell that everyone will get to Heaven.

Let this message today be a remember to lift up your pastor in prayer and
recognize him for all he does for your life. God has called His sheep to be
obedient and obey those in spiritual authority. Take inventory and see if
you are fulfilling this admonition, and ask God to help you. He loves you so
much, that he has placed your pastor in your life to shepherd you and guide
you in your spiritual journey. Show your love for Him today by praying for
and supporting your pastor.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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How NOT To Do The Great Commission: Jewish schools celebrate $3.75m donation from Christian friends

Posted by Job on January 26, 2008

Jewish schools celebrate $3.75m donation from Christian friends

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews using more dual covenant theology dispensationalists that are unwilling to suffer persecution for the gospel. Independent Conservative demonstrates why this is wrong here:

Christians Should Tell Jews about Jesus and any Jew Without Jesus Will Go to Hell Like Anyone Else Without Him.

ORT, a network of Jewish schools in the former Soviet Union, has
praised the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) for
securing a brighter future thanks to a $3.75 million donation.

This “fantastic support” is the result of the IFCJ’s staggering $45
million commitment to the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) over the next
three years which has enabled JAFI to commit $3.75million to ORT’s
educational projects in the CIS and Baltic States over the same period
of time.

The funds will enable ORT to provide competitive salaries for
teachers as well as advanced training options, nutritious meals for
students and dedicated transport for the widely dispersed Jewish

The IFCJ is also directly investing more than $240,000 this year in
ORT projects in India which provide pre-Aliyah training to the Bnei
Menashe, a community of 10,000 people who claim descent from Menashe,
one of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. The training will give them the
skills to assimilate into Israel’s modern urban workforce and society.

“The Fellowship has been pleased to contribute millions of dollars
in support to ORT training and school programmes over the last few
years. Thanks to our new relationship with the Jewish Agency, we can
now do so much more,” said Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, IFCJ Founder and
President, whose organisation is funded primarily by American
Christians who want to demonstrate their support for the State of
Israel and Jewish communities across the globe.

Vladimir Dribinskiy, Head of London-based World ORT’s Coordination
Department, said, “This is absolutely wonderful news. This money will
ensure that our educational network in the CIS and Baltic States, which
had suffered from four years of budget cuts, will enjoy stability over
the medium term.”

ORT India Director Benjamin Isaac said he was thrilled with the
IFCJ’s support: “The Bnei Menashe are very serious and devout Jews and
they are very serious about making aliyah because of their love for the
religion. But they face many obstacles because they are a small
religious minority.”

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George Bush: The Chief Prince Of Meshech And Tubal?

Posted by Job on January 13, 2008

Original link here.

Commentary by Jack Kelley

A document written to President Bush by three Rabbis in Israel won’t
get any notice in the world press, and isn’t being given much attention
by church leaders either, but in my view it’s an extraordinary thing,
given the status of its authors. Rabbi Steinzaltz is the leader of the
Sanhedrin, who Time magazine has called a once in a millennium scholar.
Dr. Eshel heads up the New Jewish Congress, and Rabbi Richman
represents the Temple Institute and Temple Mount movements. These are
not kooks from the lunatic fringe, but respected scholars and leaders
among religious Jews.

It’s being called The Bush Scroll and was written in the Name of the
Lord, Eternal God, as if the authors believe they were His scribes in
the effort, and calls to mind the phrase, “Thus aith the Lord.”

It was addressed to “esteemed Mr. George W. Bush, the chief
prince of Meshech and Tubal, (Ezekiel 38:1) leader of the west.” By
including a reference to Ezekiel in the salutation the authors were
identifying Pres. Bush as the one called Gog in that verse. It seems
like they intend it to be viewed as a letter from God to His adversary
(I am against you O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal).

If so, it offers Mr. Bush a clear choice. Although by addressing him
as the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal,they’re saying that Mr. Bush
is currently fulfilling this role, he can still decide to either;

Reject the role of Gog, and be counted among the truly righteous, on
a par with Cyrus of Persia, who authorized the first re-gathering of
Israel, and Lord Balfour of England, whose Balfour Declaration paved
the way for the second, by defending Israel’s right to the land God
gave them,

Or continue to accept it and willfully aid in Israel’s destruction,
under the guise of peace, and be inscribed for eternal disgrace!

Students of prophecy have speculated for generations as to the
identity of Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. But I don’t
believe there’s ever been a time when Hebrew scholars of such
distinction have so publicly and obviously done so. I don’t know if
they believe that Mr. Bush is just one of several leaders who will
fulfill the prophecy of Gog, or if he’s the one and only. If it’s the
latter then they appear to be saying that unless he rejects the role,
his vision of peace will materialize and the stage will be set for the
Battle of Ezekiel 38.

I believe many Christians mistakenly deny the possibility that God
can speak through anyone outside the Church. They forget that the very
existence of the Nation of Israel is the fulfillment of prophecy and
that absent the clear and direct intervention by God into the affairs
of the modern state, it would have ceased to exist long ago.

When I was helping to sponsor visits to the US by Israeli leaders
and teachers like Gershon Solomon of the Temple Mount Faithful and
Chaim Richman, who signed this document, I was constantly opposed by
well meaning but misdirected Christians whose only interest in these
men was to confront them with the gospel and show them the error of
their ways.

Surely any Bible believing Christian wants to see God and His
people reconciled, both on a national and personal level. But the
nation of Israel is following a path clearly laid out by the prophets
of old, a latter day re-gathering in unbelief, followed by a return to
the Old Covenant, a time of refining in the fire, and finally the
recognition of their Messiah and restoration of the Davidic Kingdom.

In all things there’s a time for speaking and a time for listening. (Eccl. 3:7)
We in the Church would do well to listen to what these Rabbis are
saying about where we are on that path, and if I were President Bush,
I’d give very careful consideration to their view of my role, and whose
authority they claim in defining it. As Jesus said these things are
bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come. (Luke 17:1) 01-11-08

Transcript of the Bush Scroll

8 Tevet, 5768 / January 6, 2008

In the Name of the Lord, Eternal God

To The Honorable Mr. George W. Bush,
President of the United States of America,

Who comes seeking the presence of the Most High God, to
Jerusalem, city of God, Divinely chosen site of the Holy Temple,
eternal capital of our land, “the joy of the entire earth (Psalms
48:3),” may it be rebuilt and established speedily and in our days,

Esteemed Mr. George W. Bush, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal (Ezekiel 38:1), leader of the west!

Upon your arrival in Jerusalem you have the ability to make a
declaration, as did Cyrus, King of Persia – whose memory is honored –
who in the year 538 BCE returned the exiled nations to their lands and
recognized the full right of the Jewish people to reestablish their
Holy Temple, the “house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56:7), and
called upon them to return to their land,

And in the manner of Lord James Balfour of England, who in
1917, called upon the Jews to reestablish a national homeland in the
Land of

And thus if you truly desire peace and benevolence, and you
would be counted in the company of the truly righteous, we call upon
you to declare to all the world:

The Land of Israel was bequeathed to the nation of Israel by
the Creator of the world. Neither could I, as a son of my faith, nor
the Muslims according to their faith, ever take away even the slightest
grain from the Eternal’s gift, which He gave to His people Israel, the
eternal people. Thus I call upon all the nations to save themselves
from certain doom, to return and recognize That this land is the
exclusive rightful inheritance of the people of Israel, as is written
in the Torah of Israel, which constitutes the very foundation of our
faith, as well as that of Islam; and is the basis for the decisions of
the community of nations. He who denies this truth endangers all life
on earth.

I shall dedicate all my strength and resources towards
settling the Jewish people throughout their entire land. I shall
greatly encourage
and empower the Jews all over the world to rise up to the Land of
Israel and to settle it, to establish God’s sanctuary in Jerusalem, to
distance strangers from it and thus, I believe, I will be making a
major contribution towards world peace.

I cannot simultaneously support the establishment of a
foreign state for an alien nation in the Land of Israel, and I will not
lend my hand to this wrong.

Or – Heaven forbid – you can choose the second option – to willfully aid in the destruction, under the guise of peace!

You certainly know what the God of Israel did to Egypt and Assyria
and to all Israel’s enemies from time immemorial: Do you imagine that
you will be able to save yourself if you have come to implement a plan
that intends to steal the land of “the people that survived the sword”
(Jeremiah 31:1), and to cut off those who survived the Holocaust, to
rob the land that was given to them by the Creator?

All of the peace treaties and initiatives which have been
based upon the decisions of the government of Israel, indeed the entire
process, and the ‘Disengagement,’ and the establishment of a terrorist
state within the Land of Israel known as ‘Palestine’ – regrettably,
all of these agreements are the result of a lack of sufficient faith in
the Divine promises that the Lord made to the patriarchs of our nation,
and all that is written in the Torah of Israel.

Understand this well: the nations of the world cannot excuse
their actions and their decisions on account of the weakness of Israel
and her government. God ordained that the role of the nations of the
world is to strengthen the nation of Israel. This will benefit all
humanity and bring about world peace, as the prophets have foretold.

Do you imagine you can escape from the struggles in Iran,
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon, by offering up
sacrifices of
the Jews who are slaughtered daily by their enemies who speak of peace
but live by the sword?

Upon your arrival in our land we would anticipate that you
bring Jonathan Pollard home with you. Bring him home to Israel. He is
emissary of the State of Israel, and he acted on behalf of our people.
Authorize his immediate release while you are yet in Jerusalem, before
you return to the United States. This will be a positive step that will
build confidence.

Remember our forefather Abraham, who pursued the world’s four
greatest kings in order to redeem his nephew from captivity. We cannot
forget the deeds of our patriarchs, whose example guides us through
every generation.

We are the loyal representatives of the Jewish people, the New
Jewish Congress, and its court of law, the Sanhedrin, as well as the
Temple and Temple Mount movements, but we merely reiterate herein what
is public knowledge.

No government in Israel and no representative of the Jewish
people has the power or right to alter, by even the slightest degree,
our covenant with God and the words of our holy Torah, which are
everlasting, as expressed by the prophets of Israel and even by the
wicked prophet Balaam: Then he looked on Amalek, and uttered his
oracle, saying: ‘First among the nations was Amalek, but its end is to
perish for ever’ (Numbers 24:20).

Thus any desire, plan or agreement that challenges the
eternal sovereignty and active possession of the nation of Israel over
her entire land is utterly worthless, and has no basis in reality.

Therefore it behooves you to declare: “I, George Bush,
Commander in Chief of the armies of the United States of America, will
instruct all
of my troops to protect the Divine rights of the nation of Israel, and
remove from her any threat.”

Before you is a choice: You can merit to eternal life, or be
inscribed for eternal disgrace. Your fate and that of all those with
you hangs in the balance of the destiny of our land.
“and you shall choose life!” (Deut. 30:19).

In Sincere Supplication – In the name of the Jewish people

Rabbi A Even Yisrael Steinzaltz
The Sanhedrin

Dr. Gadi Eshel
The New Jewish Congress

Rabbi Chaim Richman
The Holy Temple and Temple Mount Movements

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The USS Liberty: America’s Most Shameful Secret

Posted by Job on December 21, 2007

‘The USS Liberty’: America’s Most Shameful Secret

Please click on link above and read the article therein. It is important!

Update: the story from the survivors of the attack –

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Mike Huckabee’s Religious Right Crackup: Why The GOP Establishment Truly Loathes Him

Posted by Job on December 21, 2007

First, you had Roman Catholics declare that evangelicals had BETTER back Mitt Romney or be declared bigots. Second, you had evangelicals going after Mitt Romney. Third you have Pat Robertson endorsing Rudy Giuliani. Fourth you had Mike Huckabee’s rise after his outstanding debate performances, especially the Youtube one. Fifth, you had the hateful Mormon reaction towards Huckabee’s rise, aimed not so much towards Huckabee as his evangelical supporters. Sixth, you had the GOP leadership attacking Huckabee for basically having the same positions as Giuliani and Romney (yes, we know Giuliani openly courted illegal immigrants and blocked enforcement attempts by federal officials, and that Mitt Romney raised taxes and negotiated and signed a $50 abortion universal healthcare plan that will lead to more tax increases in the future, but it was OK when THEY do it because THEY are so like electable or principled or something and Huckabee is not!). Now, we have the clearest example of why the GOP establishment hates Huckabee: the tiff between Roman Catholics and evangelicals. Now the last Vatican Council closed the rift between Catholics and mainline Protestants. Billy Graham and religious right politics brought Catholics and mainstream respectable evangelicals closer together.

But it appears that Huckabee has no interest in being a mainstream respectable evangelical leader like Billy Graham, who sat right before Richard Nixon and did not raise a single voice of objection or even silently get up and leave when Nixon was ranting racist statements in his presence (please keep in mind that Graham is regarded as a civil rights leader) against not only blacks but also the low income whites that made up the bulk of Graham’s most faithful followers. Now if Huckabee were willing to play ball, he could have simply gone to the powers that be and gotten himself a fistful of cash. As it is, Huckabee is going his own way, and it is not a way that pleases the Vatican.

Take Mike Huckabee’s visit to the “church” of John Hagee, whom IndependentConservative has labeled the biggest heretic of 2007 for his preaching a form of dispensational pretribulationism that is so extreme that it denies Christianity. Now Hagee does appropriately oppose the Vatican, but only in a distorted fashion that supports his own devil’s doctrines. But even that is too much for the supporters of the replacement of God on earth, so now we have the National Review’s token minority, Roman Catholic Kathryn Jean Lopez, demanding that Mike Huckabee NOT preach at John Hagee’s church on the grounds that it would divide the Republican Party. Quoting Lopez with my comments, as usual, in italics and parentheses:

With great power comes great responsibility. And Mike Huckabee, once and future Baptist preacher, could afford to watch where he’s taking to the pulpit. That’s “future” because the former evangelical pastor will be at John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church on Sunday. According to a San Antonio Huckabee meetup site, Huckabee will be speaking at two Sunday services at the Texas megachurch. He’ll be making the appearances just days after he told CBS News that “It’s not like [I’m] stepping from the pulpit last Sunday and running for president.”

But maybe next Sunday . . .

The problem with this particular church is its pastor. It is no secret that evangelicals and Catholics have their theological differences. If we didn’t we’d all be under the same church roof like once upon a time. But Hagee has been particularly outspoken beyond his Cornerstone Church, as a supporter of Israel and a prolific writer. His activism has brought some attention to his views on the Catholic Church. In Hagee’s “black history” of the Catholic Church, for example, Catholics were far from only guilty of sins of omission when it came to the Nazis, they also gave Hitler his blueprint, according to Hagee. In a speech this year, Hagee pointed to the Catholic Church as having provided the jumping-off point for the Holocaust, claiming: “That was really drawn by the Roman church. [Hitler] did not do anything differently. He only did it more ruthlessly, and on a national scale.” (This is where Hagee’s doctrinal history is wrong; the Lutheran Church in Germany, which by that time had become a typical secular liberal “Christian values” state church, fully endorsed and supported Hitler to the point where they proclaimed that God had raised up Hitler to restore Germany to greatness. Liberal theologian Karl Barth’s claim to fame was opposing the Lutheran Church in this matter and being proven right by history, even if Barth was right on little else.) The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has long been concerned about Hagee’s rhetoric, calling him a “veteran bigot,” accusing him of distorting Catholic teachings and misrepresenting Church history. The League has cautioned that, “Tone matters … and Hagee’s tone is nothing but derisive.”

Hagee is politically active and has had candidates at his church before and is likely to again. It’s probably only natural that Huckabee would be among them. And certainly other candidates have courted or been endorsed by religious figures who are not known for their ecumenical diplomacy. But after weeks of being a divider, not a uniter — pretending to innocently raise questions about Mormon theology to a New York Times reporter, informing Today Show viewers that he is really the choice for evangelicals — Huckabee should be sensitive to his unnecessarily exclusionary tactics.

As the former governor of Arkansas, successor to the Little Rock Clinton administration, Mike Huckabee above all people should understand the importance of having a strong coalition to BEAT HER in the fall. Speaking like a man seeking to be president of evangelical America, not president of the United States, Huckabee told Meredith Vieira earlier this week: “There’s a sense in which all these years the evangelicals have been treated very kindly by the Republican party. They wanted us to be a part of it, and then one day, one of us actually runs and they say, ‘Oh, my gosh! Now they’re serious.’” (Of course, this is precisely how non – evangelical supporters have been acting towards his campaign. None of them have even so much as stated that they want to see an evangelical in this race or any other. Quite the contrary, they have made a point of making it clear that they prefer Mormons or even secular candidates to evangelicals at every turn.)

Huckabee, meanwhile, is leaving some non-evangelical conservatives wondering, “Oh, my gosh. Maybe they never wanted to be allied with us.” (No mention that evangelicals are wondering the same.) Huckabee is working right now, intentionally or not, on breaking down a winning coalition of religious conservatives. (Right. The previous traditions of having religious conservatives voting for necromancers like Ronald Reagan and universalist occultists like George H. W. and George W. Bush was so much better, just like everything would be just fine were religious conservatives to vote for Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney now.)

When Pope John Paul II died in 2005, some of the most moving statements coming out of congressional offices were from evangelical conservatives who viewed him as an important leader in defending the sanctity of human life. (Again, you would be fine with evangelicals supporting pro – death Roman Catholic Rudy Giuliani, don’t you? Of course you would.) Many of them had adopted his “culture of life” language and thinking. (Sure, as if evangelicals hadn’t been using that phraseology for decades.) They saw him as an ally and were inspired by his leadership. They joined him, despite theological differences, in important cultural and political fights. It was and is a natural pairing. (It was never a “pairing” but rather Rome using evangelicals to gain power for themselves, a situation that you wish to preserve.) Mike Huckabee, who is not a conservative on all things (Rudy Giuliani is not a conservative on anything but do you mention him? no because he is from New York and a Catholic), but is on social issues, should know that and treasure and protect and foster these alliances. He’s a riveting speaker who could rally social conservatives, at least to whip them up to fight another day. (There. You said it. That is what you want. You have no desire to see an evangelical ever become President or a legitimate leader in the conservative movement. Your only desire is to create another pawn to replace the compromised or fading Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Ralph Reed, etc. to deliver votes to you people.) Instead, he’s executing a divide-and-conquer strategy. (Speaking of “divide and conquer”, what are the many Republican Jews that love John Hagee going to say about your demands that Mike Huckabee not speak at John Hagee’s church because a conservative Catholic insists on a revisionist form of the Holocaust favorable to the Catholic Church be adhered to?)

When Mitt Romney was convinced he had to give a “Mormon speech,” he gave a speech about religious liberty and America. It wasn’t, in other words, about him. Of course, that was, in part, a political calculation — how much could be gained by talking about Mormon theology during a political campaign? But it was also just the right thing. (OK, so willfully deceiving people on matters of faith in order to get them to vote for you is the right thing to do. Gotcha. Thanks for admitting that this is precisely what the GOP has been doing to evangelicals for all these decades and you are angry at Huckabee for not willing to keep the scam going.) It’s a political campaign and people want to hear about his political thinking — what America means to him and how he fits into it all, what he can offer Americans in terms of leadership. (No, evangelicals want to hear him stop claiming that Mormonism is Christianity because unless he does he shows that he has no respect for the same Christians that he hypocritically demands respect from, and is fundamentally dishonest and cannot be trusted in office, as if his betraying the Massachusetts voters by flip – flopping on every single social issue did not demonstrate that already. Ironically, Roman Catholic religious right commentators like yourself and Bob Novak claim that Mitt Romney’s being able to lie and get away with it to the voters of Massachusetts is precisely why evangelicals should support him! In reality, Roman Catholics could care less about whether Romney is going to go back on his promise not to use the White House to promote Mormonism, because they know that relatively few Roman Catholics convert to Mormonism as opposed to huge numbers of evangelicals, and as a matter of fact I would bet they get some sort of perverse pleasure out of seeing evangelicals become Mormons.) Since Mike Huckabee has found himself at the front of the Republican field, it’s been more The Mike Show than not. (And that is different from the other candidates in the race how? Oh, that is right. Only the other candidates are supposed to run races with an actual expectation of winning. Everything evangelicals are supposed to do is to promote the GOP while receiving absolutely nothing in return.) In a treadmill interview with the New York Times earlier this week, he claimed “I’m being questioned about the details of my faith like no one else.” Mitt Romney and Barack Obama might legitimately argue that point, Gov. He’s cast aspersions on another candidate’s religion. (You mean like you are doing his right now?) He’s highlighted hostilities among evangelicals and others in the Republican party. (You mean like you have done with about four or five of your own columns including this one?) If he keeps this up, he’s going to do some unholy damage. (You mean force evangelicals to admit that the GOP is never going to push their agenda and that they have been taken for a ride all this time?)

With all due respect to Hagee and his congregation (who are, of course, entitled to believe and say as they choose), Mike Huckabee should cancel his Sunday plans with Hagee. It can be his Christmas present to his party — to hold it together instead of continuing to tear it apart. (No, even if he does cancel this visit, you will still tear down Huckabee’s campaign by claiming that evangelicals are a bunch of ungrateful dumb bigots like you have been doing for the past month. What you are doing is demanding that evangelicals not fight back.)

This is really what it is all about: Huckabee’s populist economic rhetoric. While Huckabee has not overtly come out against free trade and other forms of economic globalism (regrettably he has done the contrary) Huckabee has been more than willing to rally and exploit the feelings of those harmed and alienated by economic globalism. That was why hypocrite heretic Ron Paul went after Huckabee: he and the Huckster are going after some of the same people. But in doing this, Huckabee is treading on very dangerous ground for the GOP. The left has for years pointed out how the GOP has maintained the support of low – income whites despite their pro – rich and pro – corporate economic views by baiting Hollywood (and our universities) as bastions of anti – Christian elitism. And they are right. But this is the trick. The GOP bashes the liberal PROFESSORS at these universities, not the corporations that endow their chairs and give these universities tons of money. The GOP bashes the liberal Hollywood ACTORS, DIRECTORS, and SINGERS that create anti – Christian movies and songs, NOT Sony, Time Warner, Disney, etc. that have made the conscious decision to pervert the masses.

By keeping the focus on Madonna, they draw the spotlight away from the fact that no one would have heard of this woman in the first place had corporate America not signed her to a record deals, constantly bombarded us with her music, videos, and movies, and continued to keep her in the public eye even after her many artistic and commercial failures (of which she has actually produced more of than her successes). You hate MTV? Good for you. But what about the corporation that owns MTV, and the other corporations that carry it as part of basic cable or satellite? You hate pornography? Good for you. But the Internet pornography industry would dry up overnight if the big banks stopped allowing their credit cards and similar to be used to support this stuff. And then there is the fact that many things vital to conservatism including Fox News are owned by the world’s biggest pornographer Rupert Murdoch!

So when one looks at it, the anti – corporate message (and by that I mean amoral unaccountable global corporations that not only are only interested in money but seem to have figured out that the more they do to destabilize cultures in nation – states the more power they have to control the governments and markets in these nations … if you have a population that is strung out on porn, rock music, sports gambling, and unhealthy foods whether we are talking about the high fat high sugar junk foods or the even more harmful chemically engineered health foods for the body image worshiping diet and exercise fanatics a corporation can easily manipulate it to maximize its power and profits) is actually a pro – Christian, pro – family, and pro – freedom message. What the GOP and the religious right have done is successfully convince white evangelicals that big government is evil (which is true because the Bible says so) BUT THAT BIG BUSINESS IS GOOD (when the Bible says opposite).

Now initially, Jerry Falwell and a lot of the others understandably signed onto the “business is good for Christianity” message to oppose communism, and that is understandable, as in addition to the external threat of the Soviet Union communism was a huge INTERNAL threat as well. But in the process, these folks forgot that the definition of fascism according to Benito Mussolini is “the corporatization of government power.” If you read Daniel and Revelation, the anti – Christ regime and the regime of the great harlot Babylon is not a communist one but a hypercapitalist fascist one where any filthy perversion that one wants can be had at the right price. Also, consider the figure of the false prophet … the anti – Christ’s rule will not be based on atheist Marxist ideology but will include a false religious ideology that will be very important to it. Religious right leaders at the time claimed that the atheist and Marxist doctrines of communism was a religion in its own right, and while I do not disagree, what the eschatological scriptures of the Bible seem to point to resembles much more closely the emperor/sun worship of the Roman Empire or the state religion of fascist Nazi Germany. So it appears that the Christian leaders that hopped onto the pro – business agenda of the Ronald Reagan (who was the first president to have official diplomatic relations with the Vatican) GOP in their zeal to oppose communism might have actually enabled a worse evil. And then you have the fellows that came up after Falwell: Pat Robertson and James Dobson. Pro – business religious right politics was very much in the interests of building their own financial empires … Robertson is reportedly a billionaire (and you know that with his many oil interests he is not the least bit concerned with how the tripling of the price of gas under the Bush administration has harmed the poor) and though Dobson’s finances are not as well known the fellow is obviously extremely wealthy.

But at what cost? China has cast off Maoism because they have discovered that one can become a more powerful and effective aggressor and imperialist using economics than with a military, and is also experimenting with a version of state – sponsored false Christianity that they find is useful to their purposes, and Pat Robertson is helping them in that regards. In Russia meanwhile Vladimir Putin has for all intents and purposes made the Russian Orthodox Church a state church, and the Through The Bible ministry reports that both are working together to oppose evangelical outreach efforts in that nation, and we also know how aggressively Russia has used economics to pursue its own interests. And yes, some would add Israel to that mix. “Christian Zionists” like John Hagee and Pat Robertson do their best to prevent you from knowing this, but Zionism was originally a secular socialist movement, and as such Israel was originally a secular socialist state, but over the decades Israel has become increasingly theocratic and aggressively capitalist. It is interesting to note that their relations with the Vatican have greatly improved during that time. It is even more interesting to note that so has their relations with supposed anti – Catholic evangelicals such as John Hagee. Prior to this, Israel’s support came mostly from the Christian left and the secularists (who have now largely shifted sides to the Palestinians).

So what does this have to do with Rome? Well, the Roman Catholic Church supports globalism. Always has. Now originally, even after Constantine made Christianity the church of the Roman Empire, the bishop of Rome did not have ultimate authority over the church and considerable influence over state matters. As a matter of fact, no one even claimed that the bishop of Rome should have this authority until Leo the Great in about 450 AD (Constantine’s Council of Nicea was 325 AD), and when he did there was considerable resistance from not only the state but the church also! It was not until 150 years later when Gregory I achieved virtually any of what Leo the Great first asserted for the bishop of Rome, and hundreds of years more until the bishop of Rome achieved primary (though not full) power over the church and enough over the state to crown Charlemagne emperor (by Leo III, the namesake of the first fellow to assert full power for the bishop of Rome).

Leo III had reasons for doing so that fit the modern globalist agenda quite nicely. Not only was there substantial opposition inside the church to the growing power of the papacy, but there was state opposition too. The solution: reduce the number of states! That was the result of declaring Charlemagne the sole political ruler of all of the territories that the church saw fit to lay claim to in the west (the eastern church and its lands was a different, more complex story). All dissenters faced the full force of Charlemagne’s army. This was in the papacy’s interests because even having to deal with one secular ruler that proved to be hostile was preferable to dealing with many rulers with varying degrees of support for and opposition to the bishop of Rome. Propagating the power of the bishop of Rome was what was really important, not the attitudes of a particular leader who incidentally can always be replaced (isn’t that right Saddam Hussein?).

So while the nations of this world still have their powerful armies, that is not where the real power in today’s world lies. No, that power rests with 1) financial markets and 2) technology. And just as it was in the 9th century, the more distinct economic and political entities there are, the harder it is for any one person or group that wishes to assert central authority. Despite what we still choose to call or regard ourselves, the net effects of things like global corporations, economic integration, participation in international governing bodies, treaties, and open immigration is the removal of these distinctions. The result is that when individual nations – and the people in them – have less power, stateless global rulers have more. The best part is that whether you sign your national sovereignty away by allowing EU style full economic integration, with a series of military and economic treaties to the United Nations NATO and similar, having an open immigration policy (or simply refusing to enforce your border and not punishing nations like MEXICO that commits economic and cultural acts of war by actively encouraging, aiding, and abetting their citizens – and anyone else – in crossing it) or by simply handing the keys over to AOL Time Warner and British Petroleum and allowing them to run the show, the end result is actually the same. Anyone who refuses to play ball, it seems, either winds up assassinated or seeing their nations turn into economic and political basket cases. If you have huge reserves of oil, uranium, or gold you can stave it off for a time, but only for a time. Never forget that Pat Robertson did urge George W. Bush to assassinate Hugo Chavez, for instance.

Now the folks behind all this are rather crafty. They know that universal acceptance of this situation in this day and time will not come. So what do they do? They take half of their agenda (say corporate globalization by monopolies) and promote it to the right, and then take the other half (unrestricted immigration and global warming treaties) and promote it to the left. Then contrive (and contribute to) a bunch of hot – button issues (i.e. racism, which these folks contribute to by disseminating racist images of blacks to through the media that causes whites to fear the images and blacks to conform to them … by the way the founder of Black Entertainment Television Bob Johnson became a very rich man in a short time thanks to federal rules forcing cable companies to carry BET on basic cable, and please note that both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have Bob Johnson on their speed dials) that keep the two opposing groups so distracted by emotionalism that its members cannot recognize that they were really advocating opposite ends of the same agenda, and causes them to completely ignore it when both groups push precisely the same thing.

The Democrats that opposed NAFTA when George H. W. Bush first proposed it joined in the mocking of H. Ross Perot and later supported it when Bill Clinton enacted it. And the Republicans that called Bill Clinton a communist traitor for working so hard to get China into the WTO – including evangelicals that opposed China’s persecution of Christians not in their state church – either said nothing or supported George W. Bush’s finishing Bill Clinton’s job of getting China into the WTO. NRA – type conservatives that successfully defeated Bill Clinton’s version of the Patriot Act after the Oklahoma City bombings but were either silent or generally supportive of George W. Bush’s Patriot Act after September 11th, which either the Clinton or Bush administration could have easily prevented. Now these same NRA – type conservatives are almost certainly going to back either anti – gun Mitt Romney or anti – gun Rudy Giuliani because one of them is “the most electable” against the even more anti – gun Hillary Clinton. And so on.

Meanwhile, the various interests groups of these camps that think that they oppose each other are conditioned over time to accept just about anything. For instance, had Jimmy Carter signed welfare reform in the 1970s, there would have been a massive leftist uproar. But after the perceived horrors of the Reagan administration and the threat of Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton was able to invite an overweight black single mother to the welfare reform bill signing without a peep from a single black leader other than Juan Williams. In a similar fashion, had Reagan appointed an openly homosexual man to be his AIDS czar with his vice president refusing to support a political war against gay marriage (and his own homosexual daughter goes on to become “a parent” with her lesbian partner) with Nancy Reagan stating on the Today Show that Roe v. Wade should not be overturned, it would have led to an evangelical walkout from the GOP. But Bush does these things and more and evangelicals remain his most loyal supporters, and now prominent evangelical leaders are lining up behind either $50 universal healthcare abortion Mitt Romney who tried to run to the left of Ted Kennedy on gay rights or late term abortion supporting cross – dresser for gay pride parades Rudy Giuliani. It is also interesting that the frontrunners in both races: Obama, Clinton, Giuliani, Romney, are considered “moderates” whose primary function is to get members of their own globalist coalition to accept as much of the agenda of the (alleged) opposing side as possible.

And that goes back to why Huckabee is so hated. Right now, the dogma on the right is that it is completely unacceptable to oppose corporate America even if they replace as many American workers with foreign workers as they can, even if they adopt domestic partner benefits that the government then copies to write their civil union bills, even if they make tons of money by dealing with governments like Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, China, etc., and even if their CEOs are brazen criminals that loot their companies for billions without any accountability. All Huckabee is doing is stating that, you know, maybe it is kinda sorta OK to oppose how these corporations have betrayed not only your personal financial self – interest but are daily committing acts of high treason against your own nation.

And that is making the GOP leadership apoplectic. MAYBE if evangelicals start resenting corporate America for outsourcing his job to India, relocating his son’s factory to China, and refusing to hire his other son for the construction job that would have paid his way through college or trade school because it can hire an undocumented Guatemalan for 1/3 the price, then they will start resenting corporate America for zealously doing business in these Marxist and Muslim nations that treat Christians so bad. And then MAYBE they will stop associating “Brokeback Mountain” and Madonna with the liberal Hollywood talent and media that produces and publicizes these abominations but the corporations that truthfully owns it all.

If that ever happens, the religious right will start thinking “Why am I so dirty, bruised, smelly, and disease – ridden? Oh, that’s right. I got into bed with the Rockefeller Wall Street Republican Party and then allowed it to do with me whatever it pleased.” And then the whole deal falls apart. Since joining up with the Democrats is not an option, you would see evangelicals leading – or joining – an effort to oppose the very sources that are undermining this nation – and let us face it the evangelical movement with it – that they are currently unwittingly supporting. Do not get me wrong, these people don’t REALLY fear a third political party movement. The multiparty parliamentary systems that Europe, Israel, and pretty much every “democratic” nation on earth have has not inhibited the globalist agenda that I am speaking of; if anything it has made it easier for them. Rather, it appears that what they most fear is a large group of unaffiliated yet active, engaged, and involved people. As a matter of fact, Gary North, a person prominent in the founding of the religious right says in The Silence Of The Fundamentalist Lambs at (please read it even if you disagree with his theological views) asserts that the religious right was founded in large part by the same people who founded the religious left (including the civil rights movement!) precisely to make sure that the then – unaffiliated white evangelical and fundamentalist Christians chose a side. Since these people were successfully manipulated into supporting first Jimmy Carter in 1976 and Ronald Reagan in 1980, it really did not matter which side they chose so long as they picked one.

Now do not get me wrong. Huckabee, who is joined at the hip with the people who represent the worst of false evangelical Christianity (see Ties Between Mike Huckabee And John Hagee Discovered! He Also Has Ties To Kenneth Copeland, Tim LaHaye, And Rick Warren!) is not some contender for righteousness. Quite the contrary, Huckabee supported these people by going as far as to give scholarships to the children of illegal immigrants as a way of inducing their parents to move to Arkansas and work for Tyson Foods. Mike Huckabee also supported the Marxist National Education Association’s war against homeschoolers in Arkansas (see here and here). Now please note that Lew Rockwell is a pro – Ron Paul outfit and I regrettably have had to cease supporting him, so view it in that context, but everything that they say about Mike Huckabee is still nonetheless true. The national homeschool association endorsed Huckabee, but this was their reasoning: “When you understand he’s a Baptist minister, you don’t have to ask what he stands for.” With such logic the anti – Christ would be well – pleased! But it is very possible that the RHETORIC of Mike Huckabee might open some evangelical eyes that the GOP would rather remain wide shut.

Then again, it could be part of the game. After all, illegal immigration fighter Tom Tancredo, after helping scuttle an immigration deal that would have shut down the border over the fantasy that we could actually identify and deport 15 million illegal immigrants or even get most of them to voluntarily repatriate to Mexico, did endorse Mitt Romney yesterday. Calling it amnesty is one thing, calling it logistical reality is another.

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Ties Between Mike Huckabee And John Hagee Discovered! (He Also Has Ties To Kenneth Copeland, Tim LaHaye, And Rick Warren)

Posted by Job on December 6, 2007

It is getting harder and harder to avoid applying the “how can two walk together unless they be agreed”of Amos 3:3 to Mike Huckabee. I have already given you the ties between Huckabee and Kenneth Copeland: Mike Huckabee Defends Kenneth Copeland!, as well as those between Huckabee and Rick Warren: Why The Media Likes Mike Huckabee So Much: He Is A Rick Warren Worker!. Well, now here comes news that Tim LaHaye of the false doctrine Left Behind novels (I am not calling it false doctrine because of the pretribulation stance but rather because of many other things see More “Left Behind” False Doctrine Exposed, Should Christians Commit Murder For “The Cause”? and False Doctrine In “Left Behind”: The Remnant Teaches Against the Doctrine of the God-Sent Strong Delusion) as well as a “Christian marital sexuality” book that is just as perverse as the teachings of Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks III (like them he takes the false position that it is OK to defile someone with ungodly sexual activity so long as that person is your spouse). Well, LaHaye just endorsed Huckabee.

Now Tim LaHaye with his books and movies promotes the flavor of pretribulation dispensationalism that is heavily contributed to the creation of precisely the “attack Iran to protect Israel” Christian Zionism political worldview that has allowed John Hagee to exploit it and become a political player. (LaHaye is also himself a leading figure of the religious right through the Council For National Policy, a group heavily indebted to cult leader Sun Myung Moon behind the scenes … see Want A List Of Pastors Who Took Sun Myung Moon’s Money?, and a Christian Zionist in his own right.)

Well, the Christian brother at Pro Libertate has discovered a longtime connection between Hagee’s people and Huckabee.

Quoting him: “Late last Summer, a cover story in Strang’s New Man magazine anointed Huckabee as the heir apparent to George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. In recent weeks, Huckabee has tapped Strang to serve on his “Faith and Values Coalition,” which is intended to attract money from, and consolidate support within, the Christian Right. Strang served a similar role in the early days of Bush the Lesser’s first presidential campaign. Strang is also a regional director of Hagee’s Christians United for Israel, a pressure group that describes itself – without a detectable hint of irony – as a “Christian AIPAC,” as if one such organization weren’t a sufficient burden and blight upon our land .. Stephen Strang is the human vinculum between Huckabee and Hagee. Strang, a long-time friend and business associate of Hagee, presides over a Pentecostal publishing empire; among Strang’s imprints is Front Line books, which has published several of Hagee’s books, including his latest, In Defense of Israel.” Now this “In Defense of Israel” is the same one where Hagee denies that Jesus Christ is the Messiah! See John Hagee Claims That Jesus Christ Was Not The Messiah, More On John Hagee Jesus Did Not Come To Be The Messiah Apostasy Book, and Can We Do Anything To Speed The Return Of Jesus Christ? Why I Say NO!

And this goes back to Amos 3:3. See how these people who agree walk together? It is no coincidence, but rather because they are dealing with the same evil spirits: a lust for power and wealth that causes them to come together in like mind and united purpose because they have given themselves over to them. Folks, this is serious business, and it is for God’s people, not those who have sold out to the world and believe that the kingdom of God can be advanced through its ways rather than by what Jesus Christ did on the cross and the workings of the Holy Spirit through the church. These religious right folks are honestly trying to re – establish Constantine’s imperial Roman state church in America with its “state theology of Eusebius” as its doctrine, which actually makes them a bigger threat than the religious left!

Christians, what will happen will happen. God is in ultimate control, and things like who will be made leaders of nations are all part of His plan of bringing history to its conclusion and the return of His Son Jesus Christ, who Himself does not know the day or hour that said event will happen. So do not fret because of these things … they were prophesied long ago in Matthew 24, Revelation, Daniel, and similar. Our tasks are 1.) to persevere until the end and 2.) not allow the wicked state of the world to cause us to reject 1.) by joining and supporting these anti – Christ movements. All you have to do is look at how “Christian broadcasting” and the “Christian media” have worked together to create a class of celebrities with a lot of money, power, and influence that are capable of pulling such a thing off: again consider the influence of things like Paul Crouch’s TBN empire, Rod Parsley’s get out the vote efforts being credited for George W. Bush carrying Ohio (Parsley originally attached himself to Roman Catholic Rick Santorum), and now this. Please know that in the very near future, these people are going to have more influence still.

How? Well so far the religious right has been thus that: a movement of white conservative evangelical Christians. But now they are expanding. First Barack HUSSEIN Obama then Hillary Clinton spoke at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church under the auspices of “we must all come together to combat AIDS”. Please recall that Pat Robertson’s CBN endorsed Warren’s invitation to Obama, and the invite to Clinton has been met with silence from the evangelical leadership that has been unwilling to stand up to either Rick Warren or the emergent church (see Abrahamic Faith Continues The Battle Against Rick Warren Purpose Driven Apostasy In Southern Baptist Convention). Another thing about Huckabee … he is bragging about how he received 48% of the black vote in Arkansas. Come on, the man is a very gifted Baptist preacher with a moderate populist economic message, so what prevents this guy from going into virtually any black church and bringing down the house, especially with Barack Obama offending some of the more conservative black Christian Democrats with his support for abortion and gay rights (see Pastors: Keep Obama Balaam out of your pulpit!)?

See Christians, Satan does not care about your race or religious affiliation, he just wants to see your soul receive the same fate as he. Do not let the false promises of religion and politics be the tool that he uses to lead you astray. Christians, if Mike Huckabee is the next president or vice president of the United States (I still thinking that a Giuliani – Huckabee ticket is more likely … please recall that Pat Robertson endorsed the former Is The Pat Robertson Endorsement Of Rudy Giuliani An Attempt To Freeze Out Ron Paul?), let it happen without your help. Please recall that this has been my position on moneychanger Mormon Mitt Romney from day one (see why I call him a moneychanger here: because it is true! The Unsaved Have More Discernment Over Mitt Romney Than The Religious Right), and it applies to Mike Huckabee as well.

And in the event that an endorsement from James Dobson makes you think that it is OK to trust Huckabee, please see this: Warren, Robertson, Dobson, Other Evangelical Leaders Were Recruited For Globalist Agendas. And lest some of you are tempted to write me off as some crank complainer who offers no solutions, let me say this: Jesus Christ is our solution. He always has been and always will be. Our losing sight of that fact and trying to go after worldly solutions (after “Christianizing” them first) is the root of so many of our evils.

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Can We Do Anything To Speed The Return Of Jesus Christ? Why I Say NO!

Posted by Job on November 20, 2007

Up until very recently I sincerely felt that Christians could speed the return of Jesus Christ by doing works, such as spreading the gospel. But now I find out by reading “Messiah In The Old Testament” by the (rather liberal but still orthodox) Walter Kaiser out that the Pharisees had that same error. They were correct in presuming that their failure to keep the law resulted in their nation being sent into captivity and subjected to brutal subjugation. They were correct that the prophets who foretold their current fate also spoke of a coming Messiah. So then, what was their error? A perfectly understandable mistake: that if disobeying the law caused them to lose their nation, monarchy, and sovereignty, then keeping the law would cause these things to be restored by the Messiah that their prophets spoke of. Of course, the natural progression was that the Jews could speed the return of the Messiah by being VERY ZEALOUS, but that being “less than zealous” would hinder his coming. That is why their actions against Jesus Christ, who like John Hagee His being Messiah they rejected, were very understandable … they thought that His using His influence with the people to disobey their interpretation of the law was hindering the restoration of Israel and the Messianic age.

This belief did not die, incidentally. The reason why Jews went from tolerating Jesus Christ’s Jewish followers as a sect within Judaism (if an errant bothersome one … though they far from the only ones considered errant and bothersome) to expelling them from their synagogues as apostates and heretics was because they were ultimately scapegoated for the destruction of the temple in 70 AD and Jerusalem in 117 AD. Why? Because they were following the Man who taught them to disobey the law, causing God to punish us as He did in 586 BC. (Of course, this is not said directly, instead they say that the reason why the second temple was destroyed was “the lack of unity.”) And though this is similarly rarely spoken of, some Jewish leaders blamed the Holocaust on a number of Jews going after secularism and liberalism (Conservative and Reform Judaism) and a general failure to keep the Sabbath. And to this day, the goal of rabbinic Judaism is to cause God to grant the Jewish nation their Messiah.

Is it an oversimplification to say that the Pharisees were too preoccupied and self – assured in their doctrines that they could bring cause the Messiah to come through works that they did not recognize the Messiah when He came to them not by their works to do their Will but by God’s grace to do God’s Will? For it must be said: the Word of God says that if a man labors, he must reap the benefits thereof. If even the ox that treads the corn should not be muzzled, how much more so should a man that labors be? So the inevitable conclusion is that with anything that man produces with works, man can take some credit for it. Man can take some ownership of it. Man can have some control over it. As such, the Messiah produced by works would have been THEIR Messiah to do THEIR Will, even if only least in part. So when Jesus Christ came to do not their Will in any sense but God’s, and was so not owned by or beholden to man that He did no so much as have a human father, they rejected Him because He was not the creation of their own hands. Nay, He was not the creation of ANY, but rather the uncreated God, the Word of the Trinity.

That is why our own salvation cannot be the result of works. If we labored in any least sense, in any jot or tittle, then that would give us that much ownership rights and control over our souls. That would deprive God not only of His due glory, but His ownership rights as our sole creator and sole managers of our destiny. And since works produce works, it would give preachers and evangelists ownership rights over those converted by their efforts! Now imagine the effect of this … the great masses of the redeemed dwelling with God in heaven, not only with each having a claim on himself and many having claims on others, but the combined net worth effect of their collective claims! For eternity! (Believe in interest perhaps?) So I say “God forbid!” Such a thing cannot not be and will not be. What say you?

And that brings us to the Imminent return of our Lord and Savior Y’shua HaMashiach, better known as Jesus Christ. If it were possible to facilitate or speed His return by the gospel or any other works, we would have a claim on His Return and Him with it! Since all things were created by the Word (John 1:3) through Him we would have a claim on the entire creation. And since He is one with the Holy Spirit, we would through Him have a claim on the Holy Spirit. And since He is one with the Father, we would through Him have a claim on the Father. And because sinful man would have a valid legal claim on the Father, the Father would no longer be holy and no longer sovereign. The result? He would be a false god, no god at all! God forbid that such a thing should happen. So now, Christian, do you see the error of works based theology?

Yet works based theology is alive and well in Christendom, and it is not limited to the Roman Catholic Church. It is alive and well in the Protestant movement too. Let me give you three ways.

1. Tithing. The practice was for the Old Testament only and for a specific purpose: to support the priests who stood before God’s presence as man’s mediator. The Book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus Christ is our priest forever after the order of Melchisedec. From that, if you continue to tithe to your pastor or church, two things can reasonably be inferred. A. It is your pastor and your church and not Jesus Christ that is the mediator between you and the Father. Please realize that such is the position of the Roman Catholic Church. I cannot help but – after a somewhat whimsical fashion – wonder if Matthew 23:9And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven” is a prophetic polemic against the Roman Catholic practice to come. B. That Jesus Christ either never came, never died, or never resurrected. Those who continue this practice in ignorance of the truth do so in ignorance of the truth. But to those that have come into the knowledge of the truth, new covenant giving is to be directed by 2 Corinthians 9:7 which reads: “Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.”

2. The prosperity/Word of Faith movement, where we are taught that we receive things from God not according to grace, but by works. The prosperity doctrine the works are actually somewhat indirect through obedience (to quote Jesse DuPlantis, “the prosperity doctrine is an obedience doctrine”) and compulsory giving (John Hagee teaches that those who do not tithe will have their wages cursed by God, and that you will receive a greater blessing for giving to Jews and Israel than elsewhere). But the Word of Faith movement is more direct in telling people that you can bit a bridle and harness in the mouth of God, hop upon His back, and drive and command Him to use His Power to control nature and history as you see fit! It was from Albert Pendarvis of – who ironically is located a few miles away from Jesse DuPlantis – whom I first heard warn Christians against those preachers that were “commanding God, not respecting Him, and misusing His Name” in the charismatic movement, especially the faith healers. Of course I was a full gospel Kenneth Hagin Word of Faith/prosperity adherent at the time so I rejected him at the time, but now I must acknowledge the truth in his preaching in this matter. These doctrines deny grace and try to co – opt, manipulate, and control God.

3. Christian Zionism. If you are a dispensational pre – tribulation rapture doctrine adherent, I shall not speak against you for believing in that doctrine. What I do speak against is how so many pastors who hold this view teach that we can speed or facilitate the return of Jesus Christ based on it! For instance, some Christians are helping finance the return of Jews to Israel. But the Bible says that it is the Messiah’s job to do this in Jeremiah 23:3-6. Some Christians are helping Jews breed red heifers so that the Jews can restart their sacrifices in the temple. Why are we facilitating that which we no there is no profit but instead is a snare, an act of rebellion against everything that Hebrews says? Are we helping the Muslims practice their religion? Why not? Are they not the children of Abraham too? Are we aiding the Hindus, Mormons, and Scientologists in their abominations? Did Jesus Christ come in the flesh, die on the cross for our sins, and rise again on the third day or not? Did He do such a thing for the Jew first and then the Gentile or did He not? Are we ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Jews’ presence? For the Jews’ sake? Well what John Hagee is now preaching is merely the fruition, the logical conclusion of that mindset!

And speaking of John Hagee, it is not enough to speak of his dual covenant theology, though it is bad. Hagee, Robertson, and their fellow travelers use “defending Israel” as an license to justify whatever level of atrocity and militarization of the Middle East they desire. With Hagee, his running a “Christian AIPAC” gives a third tier televangelist from San Antonio great wealth and power. And as for Robertson, who does own oil interests, how much is his personal wealth increased by oil being over $100 a barrel? And how much higher will the price of oil go if our government assassinates Hugo Chavez as Pat Robertson suggested? How much higher will it go if we invade Iran as Hagee demands? Now Hagee prophesied (back when I was a fan of his show) that we would be at war with Iran by now and that Jesus Christ would come back a few months later. Put all the details in his best – selling books. A false prophet that no one has held accountable? Of course!

But consider what would happen if Hagee was RIGHT. That would mean that it would be possible for even crooks, liars, thieves, and false prophets to have a claim on God if works doctrines be true. Though they are false preachers, the gospel is preached through these fellows, and people are saved by it. But you can see the effects of people perceiving works doctrines to be true? These pastors have tens, possibly hundreds, of millions of people at their command, onward Christian soldiers marching to war! Blood, violence, disease, starvation, death, and poverty for the many. All for the profit of a few. Is that the gospel of Jesus Christ? Maybe a false Jesus Christ that you can own through works, but not the true Jesus Christ obtained only by grace. We are to show love to God’s people and His holy city, certainly, but the way that the Bible tells us to. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Support the legitimate needs of Jews out of love and obedience to God, not expecting blessings in return or in support of a political agenda. And to also give aid to the Palestinians so as to not show partiality.

So in the final analysis we must come to the conclusion that man can do nothing to speed the return of Jesus Christ. No one knows the day or the hour. Jesus Christ is returning when the Father sees fit. The sovereign God will determine when Christ will return. God is not hindered by man, He is not frustrated by man, He is not dependent upon man. God is sovereign. 2 Peter 3:9 declares that it is by the grace of God and not the works of man that has hindered the coming of Jesus Christ to this day, and it will be by that same grace that Jesus Christ comes to rescue the church from this life and punish all else for its uncleanness. Yes, it is said that Christ will not return until the gospel is preached throughout the world, and that does mean that evangelism and missionary work should be done in Jerusalem, in Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth from the least to the greatest, the youngest to the oldest. But even that will not be our doing lest any man should boast, but rather God’s doing. I am going to co – opt the words that so offended the renowned missionary William Carey and say that when it pleases God to evangelize the world He will do it without your help or mine. He will do it without the ecumenical movements. He will do it without the TBN satellites that Paul Crouch asserted in one of his mass mailings was the angel flying around the world proclaiming the gospel in Revelation 14:6.

The sovereign God will do this by His grace! And when history comes to a close, all creation will see that God does not need us. Instead, it is we that need Him. The only question is whether people realize this in due time or in past time. Those who do so in due time will receive eternal life as a reward. Those who fail? Eternal wrath and destruction. Will you do so know? Will you bow before the Great King of creation, acknowledge that you need Him, and submit yourself to Him? I urge you to do so now, for tomorrow is not promised. There are many people that were here yesterday that presumed that they would be here today that are not. Are you better than they are? If so, how? I say this not to frighten or manipulate you but rather because I am concerned about you, and also because it is undeniably true. If you have not acknowledged the sovereignty of God, please do so. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan right now.

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Did The Jews Kill Christ or was Jesus a Victim of Identity Theft?

Posted by Job on September 12, 2007

From Randy Weiss of, who can be reached at and

Did The Jews Kill Christ or was Jesus a Victim of Identity Theft?

Consider the facts:

* The Jews did not kill Christ because the Jews could not kill Christ.
They did not have legal authority in matters of capital crimes under
Roman law at that time.

* The Jews were a diverse group of 4,500,000 people spread out over
many nations of the world. They could not collectively make a single
matzah ball or take any solitary decisive action for which all could take
credit or all share blame.

* The Jews did not have power over God. The death of Christ was
according to God’s sovereign will according to the Scriptures.

*The Jews did not have control over a decision that belonged to Jesus.
Jesus laid His life down. Nobody took it from Him. It would be wrong
to depreciate His love by suggesting that the Jewish people, or other
groups of people were responsible for our eternal salvation. After all,
that is what Christ purchased through His death.

It seems to me that the folks who confuse these matters misunderstand
the real character and true identity of Jesus. Actually, many people
reinterpret the life and purpose of Jesus to fit their own agendas.
They recreate Jesus to fit a pattern they prefer. Perhaps that is what
happened in Mr. Gibson’s film.

The producers substituted bread for matzah in the Feast of Unleavened
Bread. Whether intentional or not, this error moved Jesus to a place
outside the flow of Judaism. It is well known that Jews were forbidden
to eat leavened bread during the time of Passover. To ignore this lowest
common denominator that Jesus shared with the Jews of His community
is to ignore that He was a faithful member of the Jewish community.
If He can be extricated from His situation in life as a Jewish man in the
first century, He can be recreated and recast in anyway that anyone
chooses. In essence, He could be molded to fit the need anyone wished
for Jesus to fill. But Jesus does not change at our insistence; we change
at His. God does not change; He is perfect. We must change because
we are imperfect. This may seem like an abstract philosophical concern,
but it is not. It is a fundamental truth and we must let Jesus be Jesus.
If we are permitted to modify Him to suit our fancy then we become God
and He becomes our servant. That is why I refuse to ignore that the Last
Supper was a traditional Jewish Passover. To make it less is to rob Jesus
of His heritage on this earth. Of course that is the pattern for many
Christian traditions. Leonardo Da Vinci had the same problem when he
was commissioned to create The Last Supper for the Convent of Dominican
friars at Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. If one looks carefully at this
most famous religious painting, the traditional Gentile dinner rolls will
become evident.

Jesus was born into the line of Jewish kings. Christians believe He is King
eternal. Had He been born into a non-Jewish home, He would have been
discredited from inheriting this throne. The prophetic mantle would have
remained unfulfilled. Had He sinned in His dietary regimen eating food
not kosher for Passover, He would have been disqualified as a perfect
sacrifice and the Cross would have been pointless in the Father’s plan of
salvation. If we ignore the small details of the food Jesus ate at His final
Pesach seder, it becomes easier to ignore other details, such as the clothing
Jesus wore.

Consider what the poor woman with the issue of blood would have done
if the wardrobe designer from Mr. Gibson’s film had outfitted our Savior?
She touched the ?hem? of His garment and was healed according to
Matthew 9:20. To the uninitiated reader, it might seem that Jesus wore
Levi Docker slacks and the woman grabbed the neatly turned, starched
hem of His pleated trousers gently draping over His penny loafers.
Of course that would be quite ludicrous to suggest because everyone
knows Jesus did not wear slacks. Would dressing Jesus in slacks be
anymore foolish than presuming He disobeyed the commands of
Numbers 15:38 and disregarded wearing His tallith with the proper
long tsithith?fringes in the corners? According to Jewish practice and
the best scholarship, it is these fringes that the women touched. It was
not the hem of His trousers, it was the borders (corners or wings) where
the tsithith hung.

If we can quietly allow Mr. Gibson to separate Jesus from His Jewish
food and His Jewish dress, we can begin to disentangle Him from His
other Jewish characteristics. That is why the subtitle of this book asks
the question, Did the Jews Kill Christ or Has Someone Stolen His Identity?
The Jews are not to blame for His death. I believe He lives! There is no
body. The accusation of murder is a moot point in light of the Resurrection.
The crime is in how Jesus is usually represented. Many groups have stolen
His identity.

That is how the founder of The Great Passion Play of Eureka Springs,
Arkansas, promoted Jesus. He presented images of a blond-haired,
blue-eyed, WASP Savior. Jesus was the victim of identity theft.
He stole the true identity of Jesus and created a fairy tale Christ invented
in his vain imagination. The Bible commands us not to worship false
gods, yet that is what happens when we worship an idea of God that is a
fabrication. This can happen quite easily if we become distracted from
worshipping the God of the Bible and begin to serve an illusion about God
presented by false teachers.

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The Testimony Of A Woman Ripped Off By John Hagee’s Prosperity Doctrine!

Posted by Job on September 8, 2007

This is what I am talking about folks. Thank God in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ that this woman was set free. I want you all to pray for this woman and encourage her in the faith! And pay special attention to how her “cell group leaders” tried to cover for the failure of their pastor’s doctrine in this woman’s life by “prophesying” lies against her and her family. People who preach this evil are without excuse, and for that matter so are those who follow it. If God spoke to this woman and told her the truth, He will do the same for you! John Hagee, who talks so much about how God blesses him because he helps the poor, oppressed this poor woman and her kids in his own congregation.

  1. JCW Says:
    September 7th, 2007 at 11:30 pm eI personally am boycotting TBN and the rest of the heretics. I was a member JOhn Hagee’s church in San Antonio for many years. I hung on his every word and would never think a man of God would lie, but he did. I was a single mom with three abused kids and on welfare and I was told to tithe and God would bless me. All these years later I still live in my 2 bedroom apartment that my children and I fled to for safety. We even had the electricity turned off several times because I tithed instead of paid my bills. When I finally realized I had been fleeced for years, I told my cell leaders and they advised me that I was cursing my kids and I had lost my salvation. I had a car accident two years ago and could no longer afford to tithe because I had started making payments on a used car, since mine was totaled. I was on my knees begging God to forgive me for not tithing when he led me to Malachi 3 which is addressed to the Priests of that day NOT the people of Israel.

And another:

  1. JCW Says:
    August 31st, 2007 at 9:13 pm eEVERYONE:
    I just came out of Cornerstone Church, where I got a real good fleecing! I believed with all my heart, and trusted my pastor’s every word. Every FALSE word! My analogy is that if I made you a huge pot of organic spaghetti sauce and only used the very best tomatoes, veggies, etc. and I made it with love too. Then I took it over to your house and said, friend, I love you so much that I made you this big pot of spaghetti sauce with only the finest, but there is one little, teeny, weeny thing. Before I came over, I mixed in a tiny little itty bitty microscopic piece of poop. I cooked it in and stirred it real well, I hope yo like it. WOULD YOU EAT IT?? No, of course not!! It is the same with the Gospel…..if you tell SOME truth and part lies, it makes your whole ministry a LIE!! Wake up and stop it!!

    Can’t you see that the only one getting rich is the pastor and his family? Come on??? Designer clothes, $10-20 million jets, many mansions, and ranches and lake houses, etc. Where is YOURS?? Stop making these con artists rich. Jesus was not rich, he SERVED the poor, he didn’t tell poor people, ok, now you are rich go buy your jet! No, he made them rich in SPIRIT!! He healed the sick, but he didn’t say ok, you’re healed, now that’ll be $10.95!!

    And don’t give me that malarky that he had a treasurer that was robbing him and he didn’t even know it. Do you really believe that an all-knowing God would not know who was robbing him? Please take your head out of the sand and listen with the brain that God gave you.


And a third:

  1. JCW Says:
    August 31st, 2007 at 8:44 pm eTO: G.W. Day:
    Anyone can claim to be a Christian and be a phony. A REAL Christian will not be able to continue in sin because the Holy Spirit will convict him/her. Unfortunately, part of what you say is true. People tend to run away these days if someone says they are a Christian; and expect that to mean that they are honest. A REAL Christian will be honest with you at all costs.

    These prosperity pimps or pulpit pimps are just that “pimps,” and they want your MONNEEEEYY!! Just look at the Sunday sales of books, tapes, CD’s, videos, jewelry, that the moneychangers sell at the churches after service. Every where you turn they are fleecing the flock and they want to target everyone. They sell a false Jesus, a Santa Jesus if you will. It is insane. Who wouldn’t want to get saved when they think they are going to get rich. The pimps don’t tell you that you will have to give up your own wants to follow Him, they sell a sham…..they are cons in the first degree….the Bible warns of them and that we will have itching ears and want to hear sound doctrine. It is obscene…..

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Posted by Job on September 1, 2007

One of the more common lies concerning Jesus Christ that is now being circulated by the rebellious and the scoffers was that Jesus Christ – and John the Baptist – were Essenes. It is even said that the Sermon on the Mount was an Essene prayer (which even if it were true disproves the existence and deity of Jesus Christ how?). But here is a description of Essene Judaism from The Crises and Responses of Intertestamental Judaism by J. Julius Scott.

1. The Essenes were monastic, ascetic, and puritanical. Jesus Christ ate rich meat and drank wine and associated with prostitutes, publicans, and other sinners.

2. The Essene life was open to adult males. Jesus Christ specifically sought to include women and children in His ministry.

3. The Essenes rejected the other forms of Judaism as illegitimate, and refused to worship in the temple or synagogues. Jesus Christ told His disciples that they could listen to the teachings of the Pharisees so long as they did not follow their hypocritical ways, and regularly worshiped and ministered in the temple and synagogues.

4. The Essenes were so strict in their observances of customs that they refused to so much as light a fire or use the bathroom on the Sabbath. Jesus Christ specifically opposed and defied such false doctrines, particularly by making a point of openly healing on the Sabbath.

5. While some Essenes lived in cities, they were for the most part a reclusive, secretive community that accepted new members only after an arduous yearlong initiation process during which the applicants had to demonstrate their piety. Jesus Christ lived and taught openly among the people and allowed all who were desiring as such to follow Him and be called His disciples.

6. The Essenes rejected being anointed with oil, Jesus Christ allowed Mary Magdalene to do so.

7. The Essenes stressed living by morals, ethics, and the law: Jesus Christ emphasized living by faith.

8. The Essenes imposed a strict caste system by rank. Jesus Christ taught that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

9. The Essenes had a very elevated opinions of themselves, regarding themselves as the only true righteous that through whom God would act to bring the Messiah into the world and everyone else as apostate and heretical. Jesus Christ took on the status as a humble servant, even to the point of objecting when someone called Him good (righteous) saying that only the Father was righteous.

10. Like the Pharisees, the Essenes held the common people in low regard, as being not sufficiently pious or knowledgeable of the law to be counted worthy of consideration. Those same people were the specific targets of Jesus Christ’s ministry.

Now some of these attempts are to a point understandable, as it has been postulated by those who advocate eastern religions that the Essene sect of Judaism came about due to Jewish exposure to and assimilation of their beliefs and practices philosophy (see Was Jesus An Essene?), and are therefore part of the popular trend of claiming Jesus Christ for their own religion (as even the Pharisees that rejected Him are now doing, see Jews Against Jesus II: Claiming That Jesus Was A Pharisee). But most of the efforts are just outright lies by people who are so zealous in their opposition to Christ that they will knowingly use lies to attempt to dissuade people from it. An example of this, though he did not raise the Essene diversion in particular, was this fellow Lary Crews who posted this comment. In it, he makes the spectacular lie that no first century extrabiblical documents mention Jesus Christ. Of course, it is impossible that such a person has never heard of such an important figure as Flavius Josephus, who wrote of Jesus Christ about 70 AD, so the only possible explanation is that Crews was simply lying and is hoping that Christians would be so poorly educated as to believe him. Crews also claimed that since Jewish philosopher Philo lived during the time of Jesus Christ and never mentioned him that Jesus Christ never existed. Perhaps it is that a Hellenized Jew who lived IN EGYPT and died in 50 AD while Christianity was but a small sect within Judaism (Jews did not cast off and begin to regard Christians as apostates until after 70 AD, when they included a prayer cursing Christians in their synagogue liturgy … the curse remains but the explicit reference to Christians has been removed) that had only recently begun to spread past Judea and Samaria had simply never heard of Him or did not see any reason to pay any special respect towards the existence of what could have easily been perceived as being yet another messianic figure that had been killed by the corrupt Jewish leaders and Rome. And Josephus is not alone; there are many others, and an excellent reference is this document compiled by people that do not believe in Jesus Christ! Proving The Existence of The Historical Jesus Christ contains links by those that do as well.

That is why I keep saying that there is a war going on, saints. Now is not the time to be some passive lover of the world moderate. There are people out there willing to use any lie to cause people to deny Jesus Christ, and not only are these people often in our classrooms, but they are also oft in our pulpits! It is time for real Christians to study and show ourselves approved so that we will be empowered to stand against the craven lies of the enemy. And if you are someone that has been following after these lies that I have exposed for what they are, please Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan, for you now have no excuse!

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