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My Main Concern With Barack HUSSEIN Obama: His Victory Would Make Liberation Theology Seem Rick Warren Purpose Driven!

Posted by Job on April 9, 2008

I have heard about the nightmare scenarios about a Barack Obama presidency: the anti – Christ thing, the Muslim thing, the inexperience thing, the far – left thing, etc. and to tell the truth none of them concern me terribly much. Allowing them to do so would require my dismissing from consideration the things that some of our past presidents – and our current one! – have done, or pretending that I find John McCain or Hillary Clinton in any way more to my liking. On the last point in particular, let me tell you that in their own way, each of them is immensely dangerous to the interests of Christianity!

But speaking of Christianity, do not mistake this as a statement that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the one most worthy of opposition, for I legitimately feel that such is the case. Still, in Christian terms, there is one aspect of an Obama presidency that I find extremely worrisome: the potential that his presidency would lead to a mainstream acceptance of liberation theology. Perhaps not the radical and separatist version espoused by Jeremiah Wright and James Cone, but definitely a more commercialized, homogenized, domesticated, works – centered (PURPOSE DRIVEN?) version of it.

Now as you may know, liberation theology was given to the world by the Roman Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council. For a time there was a chance of it becoming very influential to mainstream Catholic and Protestant Christianity, but the doctrine suffered a major setback when the very Roman Catholic Church that birthed it began opposing it in a major way in the 1980s. But were Barack Obama to win the White House, there is the potential that this system could again assert itself.

You see, many may underestimate what electing a black President would mean to America’s black citizens. It is not that blacks feel that Barack Obama would enact a raft of laws and policies favoring blacks. Rather, it would be a major symbolic victory, a sign that America is turning its back on its racist past and ready to accept a fairer future. It would signal that at long last, blacks are fully recognized and accepted as equals – as Americans – by a nation that in every way imaginable denied conceding such. You think this to be foolish? Well consider this: we are less than 25 years removed from blacks being regularly featured on television commercials. That occurrence coincided right about the time of the celebrity of Michael Jordan and the success of “The Cosby Show.” Many companies feared that featuring blacks in their commercials would result in white consumers shunning their products! And yes, it has been less than 15 years since blacks began to regularly play quarterback in the NFL. When asked about the controversy in the early 1990s, NFL head coach Jimmy Johnson stated on Fox Sports that a lot of coaches regarded blacks as not being smart enough to read NFL defenses. This trivia may seem to be just that, but it is evidence of how racism so deeply permeated and tainted everything in American life, even the trivial, and it explains why people that are black like me are capable of getting so worked up over things that appear to be so small! But to so many blacks, the election of Obama would signal that the long nightmare of being second – class citizens is about to end.

This is not to say, of course, that all or even most of these people are obsessed with racial victimization. Quite the contrary, conservative views on race such as those espoused by Bill Cosby are much more popular in the black community than is let on. Many blacks are very much concerned about the cultural problems in the black community: crime, illegitimacy, educational failure, etc. It is just that we are unwilling to discuss them in response to the baiting of conservative racists (who can be of any race) that wield these issues not intending to contribute towards solving them, but rather to use them to justify racism (including but certainly not limited to their own). But in Barack and Michelle Obama, such blacks see hope in that respect as well: Harvard Law School graduates, married, and parents of two daughters. Even Barack Obama’s drug use makes him only a more practical role model in the eyes of those who found the aforementioned Cosby Show “too perfect” and “evading the real problems of the black community”, sort of the ideal anti – hero for our cynical postmodern times. So yes, blacks would look to the Obamas as role models for themselves and the black community, and Barack Obama in particular to serve this role for the very troubled black male.

So were Obama to fulfill these dreams for black America, everything that took Obama to the mountaintop, that got him to that brass ring, that he used to bring to fruition the wildest fantasies of the descendants of slaves, would become absorbed into the shared collective black experience. And a great part of Obama’s everything is, of course, none other than Jeremiah Wright. Jeremiah Wright’s theology, doctrines, sermons, mentoring, etc. (the media is not shy about calling Wright Obama’s “father figure”) will all become a major part of the narrative of how a confused biracial young man went on to become the first black President. And of course, scores of black people will want to apply what worked so well for Barack Obama into their own communities, their own churches, and their own lives.

Let me say two things about this. First, it is the American way! All Americans of all races have been assimilating the traits of successful people, of leaders, into their own being since this country was founded. And yes, the cult of personality has always been very much a factor in American religious life. Second, with respect to the black community in general, there is already precedent. Who is unaware of the huge impact on black religious life that one Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had? Well, as important as Dr. King is to black America, King never became president (a fact that Hillary Clinton, for reasons that made no sense unless she was TRYING to lose the race, taunted supporters of Obama and King with back in January during the very week of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday … let me point out by the way that if Hillary Clinton and the Republicans in nominating McCain – a fellow that most Republicans don’t even LIKE – are giving Obama every possible shot at victory). So then, the effect of Obama on the black religious landscape might even exceed that of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s!

But that is just American blacks, right? Wrong. There has been a provincial, chauvinistic even, tendency among blacks to overstate this, but American blacks are quite often trendsetters. American blacks set trends for blacks in other regions: Africa, Latin America, etc. Now liberation theology is already more of a factor in those regions than in America, so Obama’s election would give the advocates of that belief system in those areas precisely what they need (and that speaks nothing of the Hispanic, Asian, and white adherents of it). And yes, blacks do set trends for whites in America. American whites, in turn, set trends for white people elsewhere in the world. So world, liberation theology brought to you by Barack Hussein Obama. What, Obama is a Muslim? Well, what better belief system for the secular moderate Muslims to buy into? And the secular moderate Hindus? Buddhists? People that are just, well, secular and moderate? And so on …

Again, a key component to remember is that it will NOT be the same liberation theology as advocated by David Cone and Jeremiah Wright. As a matter of fact, not even the black nationalism or Afrocentrism portion of the messages of Cone and Wright will be overly offensive in time. After all, the current image of Martin Luther King, Jr. is nothing like the man with exceptionally radical views and confrontational methods that actually lived. Does anyone remember that Muhammad Ali was once a member of the Nation of Islam? Nope. And even Malcolm X had his black history month commemorative soda cups sold by McDonald’s! The same will be done with liberation theology. It will be packaged and sold like a commercial product just like everything else in America, and when that happens, it may just find a nation – a globe! – of willing consumers in our churches just waiting to devour it. And why not? In their determined zeal to run away from the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, the cross, and the empty tomb, has not Christianity shown itself more than willing to devour everything else? This, people, is no different, and when you consider a great many of the other falsities ingested into popular Christianity over the ages, liberation theology, black or otherwise, is not so radical after all. Is it?

The Three Step Salvation Plan


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British Archbishop Calls For Slavery Reparations

Posted by Job on March 27, 2007

See link here. Also note that the Democrats are trying to do the same for our “Native Americans” (an unfortunate term that I use for lack of a better one), with one for blacks certainly soon to follow. Now I am not the least bit surprised that a leader of the Church of England states that  his church ought to consider reparations for slavery. What I WOULD be surprised by would be for the leader of the Church of England or of any mainline western “Christian” denomination to call for its members to start preaching the gospel to all men and to start living by the Bible. Then again, I would be surprised if our own “religious right” stopped messing around with seeking power and money and start doing the same. As far as the merits of the issue of the apologies – which would inevitably lead to financial reparations – to descendants of slaves (of which I am a descendant of being black) and Native Americans (ditto, being part Creek), I have gone from being strongly for to strongly against to being apathetic in the past few years. I mean why not? It is only money, and they are going to spend it on something. Just don’t think that doing this is going to save someone’s soul unless the blacks and Native Americans who receive it use it to spread the gospel and sow it into legitimate Christian ministries. And in that respects, blacks and Native Americans would be far more likely to use the money towards that end than would any government or would any liberal – excuse me, moderate – “Christian” body. So go ahead, take the money, and use it to buy some gospel tracts so that you can distribute them and bring people into the Kingdom of Heaven, and thereby some good can come from the fact that your ancestors were brutally subjugated by slavery and/or run off their land and virtually exterminated. Then again, if you are a black or Native American Christian, you do not need to wait for your reparations check to do that, do you? 

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Satan Is Real And After Your Children: Gay Book Scheme for Four to 11-Year-Olds

Posted by Job on March 16, 2007

See link here please. This is not as bad as the others in the “Satan is real and after your children series, which is why it is not numbered like the others (Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV) because it does not involve children dying. But just because it is not PHYSICAL death, make no mistake, these people are trying to recruit your children into homosexuality, which leads to SPIRITUAL death, the result of the sin of homosexuality and of any sin. As stated in the earlier ones in the series, the world is so hypocritical and depraved and the church is so weak when it comes to children. The world will tell you that it is SO WRONG to evangelize your children, to totally immerse them in radical Christianity, to prevent the demon of worldliness and compromise from grabbing a hold of them. They call it child abuse. They call it repression. They call it brainwashing and indoctrination. Yet, the world is doing the same thing! Oh, they used to do it indirectly, with their TV advertising campaigns and their rebellious cartoons. But NOW, they are DIRECTLY TARGETING YOUNG CHILDREN AND TRYING TO TURN THEM INTO LITTLE HOMOSEXUALS! Now of course, they will say that I am being hateful, that they are not teaching kids to BE homosexuals, only to ACCEPT homosexuality. Well let us say RACISM. What is the NUMBER ONE THING that prevents you from being racist? How the education system and the media and entertainment batters it into your brain every day of your life on how wrong it is. After all that indoctrination, THE LAST THING THAT YOU WOULD WANT TO BE IS A RACIST. And that is a good thing, because racism is sin. (On the negative side, they do not tell you that racism is wrong because is a sin, and they exploit the fear and hatred that they provoke with their racism propaganda to excuse and promote other types of sin. Good cannot come from evil; Satan cannot cast out Satan!) And get this, they do such a good job of glorifying black people in order to combat racism through thinks like black history month and stuff like that, that little white kids actually go home and tell their parents that they wish THEY were black! But with HOMOSEXUALITY, they do the opposite. Or rather, they glorify homosexuals the way they used to glorify blacks. The result? Instead of teaching kids to BE AVERSE TO SIN, they GLORIFY THE SIN. And when kids learn how great homosexuality is from their schools, books, teachers, TV shows, etc., then they will decide that they want to be gay too! Why? BECAUSE KIDS WANT APPROVAL!

And not to bash homosexuality. It is just the tip of the iceberg how the whole world, as it gets more and more wicked as the return of Yeshua HaMashiach comes closer and closer as Satan and his demons become more angry and desperate for they know that their time is getting shorter and shorter and the church is becoming more and more tolerant and accommodating to sin, is recruiting your children into becoming depraved little sinners. Rebellion, subversion, greed, hate, gluttony, lethargy, witchcraft, occult, anger, violence, you name it. It is either in a cartoon, a video game, a song or music video, a book, or in some school curriculum (public, private, and religious!) designed to get your children to reject the truth of the Bible and follow after it. It is even more insidious when these fallen CHURCHES tell these kids that they can sin or tolerate sin and still be Christians, and the kids who reject and hate and war against sin are hateful bigots! Yes, so Satan is working and after your kids in the majority of these churches today. So, Christian, I ask you … what are you doing to protect your child? Have you told your child about Jesus? Not Jesus being his best friend who loves all the little children yes I know, but God’s Word, part of the Tri – Unity, who is coming back one day to rule the nations with a rod of iron, and by His Blood alone can they be saved from the lake of fire? Have you even told your children about the lake of fire? Have you told your children that it is the Will of God, even now, for them to be strong in the Lord and be spiritual warriors so that they can help save their friends from the lake of fire? If that is NOT what you are doing, THEN WHAT IS GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND? Whatever it is, you need to get on your knees and cry out to your God so that He will get it out! Time is running out, evil is ever increasing, and it is time for you to get serious about your God, and that includes getting your kids serious about Him. Read this article, explain it to your kids, and stop letting the world or some religious nonsense about how kids are too early to accept Christ (John the Baptist was filled with the Ruach Hakadosh, the Holy Spirit, while still in the womb!) keep you from doing God’s Will. If your right hand offends God, then CUT IT OFF! If your right eye offends God, THEN PLUCK IT OUT! And if you are too squeamish about it, then contact me and I will come do it for you!

Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please protect children from being perverted and led into sin, and please lead Your children to raise their children to be saved through Christ and to lead other children away from sin. Amen.

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Mayan Pagan Priests Act A Lot Like Some Charismatic “Christians” I Know

Posted by Job on March 9, 2007

Mayan “priests” are holding pagan ceremonies to “cast out evil spirits” following Bush visits. Why is this of interest to Heal the Land? Because a lot of the stuff that they are doing sound suspiciously like what is going on in our “Christian” churches today. See my “The State of Christianity” and “Why I Hate Black History Month” series to see what I am talking about. The attempts to bring in animism and spiritism through “multiculturalism and diversity”, and the strange rituals and doctrines brought in by the Oneness Pentecostals, false charismatics, Word of Faith, and prosperity teachers (which I already stated resembles Oprah Winfrey’s “The Secret”) makes these “churches” no different from whatever is going on at the local witch doctor – or for that matter the Jehovah’s Witness “Kingdom Hall” or any Mormon center of heresy. Christians really should study false religions and their traditions, rites, and belief systems and see how much of that nonsense is going through the church today.

Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please open the eyes of Your people concerning all of the false doctrine and strange fire being burned in the church today, and give them boldness through the Ruach Hakadosh to rise up against it in their own lives and in the Body of Christ. Amen. technorati tag:

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Atlanta Area Black U.S. Congressman Hank Johnson Member Of Buddhist Cult?

Posted by Job on March 6, 2007

With all the hue and cry over Islam Keith Ellison and Jack Ellis and Mormon Mitt Romney, it seems that this little item slipped right past us. That this fellow was able to win election in the HEAVILY CHRISTIAN suburban Atlanta district is thanks solely to A) his numbskull opponent Cynthia McKinney, who either did not know about it or chose not to use it … then again McKinney was well known for her support of jihadist Muslims so maybe she figured that it would not help her much and B) THE COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAILURE OF THE MEDIA, ESPECIALLY THE ATLANTA JOURNAL – CONSTITUTION, TO REPORT IT! Now the failure of the AJC and other media to report that Macon Mayor Jack Ellis, whom they were passing off as a “new Democrat moderate”, was traipsing off to Africa to practice “the Islam religion of his slave ancestors” (which if true is likely only because the Muslims enslaved or forcibly converted his ancestors in Africa before the white people got to them; of course the Muslims and the pan – African black power sorts never like to talk about how in so many cases white slavers simply bought slaves from African slaveowners)  is one thing; the failure to report that a guy running for U.S. Congress was a Buddhist is another. Now the media felt it safe to report the religion of Ellison because his district was so liberal that it wasn’t going to matter anyway. But there is NO WAY that Johnson would have won that seat had the media done their job. Or actually, it seems that the media DID do their job by making sure that another non – Christian gets to represent a heavily Christian area. And what makes it even better: it looks as if Johnson is not even a “mainstream” idolator but rather a member of a very controversial – and controlling – cult. The cult is very politically influential in Japan, has opened a college in California, and has recruited a number of celebrities including Tina Turner, Patrick Duffy, and Orlando Bloom. Now they have a man on Capitol Hill to push their agenda. And what made this possible? You guessed it: MAJORITY MINORITY DISTRICTS! The notion that we black people HAVE to have our own districts so that we can elect OUR PEOPLE to Congress NO MATTER WHO WE ARE! In addition to all the crooks, cheats, and incompetents that bungled Atlanta so bad that even blacks started leaving the city for the suburbs (which then left the city in need of the homosexual community to bail it out, and now they actually run the city with “black leaders” serving as frontmen), it was Cynthia McKinney (who despite her eccentricities really wasn’t all that bad, and furthermore wasn’t nearly as liberal as the folks in the anti – Christ media portrayed her in an attempt to protect the Democrats that ARE very liberal … oh yes the gay community TOTALLY ABANDONED McKinney despite her DECADES of fighting for their interests against the “good old boys” that run Georgia politics outside Atlanta) and now it is Hank Johnson. Were it not for this “majority minority” district thing and the whole “civil rights mentality” that goes with it, the person holding Hank Johnson’s seat would most certainly be Christian, and not only that would probably even be black. He certainly wouldn’t be a 52 year old cultist whose “career” has been as a failed trial lawyer and businessman before (prior to his getting into Congress) was a one – term electee to some local city or county office that no one had ever heard of.

Oh, but it gets even better! Hank Johnson would not have been elected but for the support of – you guessed it! – the SUPPORT OF THE CHRISTIAN GOP RELIGIOUS RIGHT! See, Cynthia McKinney was elevated from being an obscure politician with delusions of her own importance to being RIGHT WING ENEMY NUMBER ONE when she – gasp! – attacked Massa (excuse me, President) George W. Bush. That is right, the very same George W. Bush who has demonstrated his undying love, gratitude, and commitment to the Christian right by not passing a single one of their bills in six years in office, firing Trent Lott (a strong Christian) to MAKE SURE that none of their bills would get passed, and putting a bunch of pro – abortion types all over his administration (not to mention making an open homosexual “AIDS czar”). These people were so determined to rid from politics Cynthia McKinney merely because she asked precisely why George W. Bush JUST HAPPENED to be in Florida reading “My Pet Goat” to black middle school students (and oh yes, the Vice President and virtually everyone else of real power in the administration had cleared out of D.C. on that day too!) when 9/11 hit that they went and put into office a member of a power – hungry cult! See how easy it is to manipulate black AND right wing Republican Christians who fall in love with the world through politics to advance the anti – Christ agenda? You Bush lovers JUST HAD to get rid of McKinney for criticizing your boy, didn’t you? Never mind the fact that her comments didn’t hurt Bush one bit, and keeping her in office to embarrass the local Democratic Party would have been the smart thing, but because of your religious right Pat Robertson Jerry Falwell zeal, she had to go. Well, now look at what YOU have elevated in her place. And you don’t think that you won’t have to answer for that on judgment day? You don’t think that those evil spirits that this cultist will work to release won’t be counted to YOUR CHARGE? Well, think again.

Come to think of it, that may the the very reason why Dennis Prager and the rest of the bunch made SO MUCH NOISE over the ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE of having a Muslim congressman but didn’t so much as raise a peep about Hank Johnson. After all, it is commonly known. The Atlanta Journal – Constitution and the Washington Post reported it AFTER HE WAS ELECTED, and it is even on his Wikipedia site and on his personal website AND Congressional website. Could it be that the religious right isn’t going after the guy BECAUSE THEY ELECTED HIM AND THEY ARE ASHAMED OF IT AND DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW? After all, HOW MANY TIMES DID FOX NEWS HAVE HANK JOHNSON ON THEIR SHOW, GIVING HIM WHAT AMOUNTED TO A FREE ENDORSEMENT?!?! Well religious right, Hank Johnson is your boy now. Why don’t you stick up for him? Why don’t you let the whole world know how you all came together and did this great thing (and what I SUPPOSE you felt was God’s Will, otherwise why did you do it?!?!) by electing a member of some Buddhist cult to Congress! You know, it is becoming easier and easier for me to see the “Christian” right getting behind Mormon Mitt Romney with each passing day … 
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Posted by Job on February 23, 2007

Now this is in Atlanta, Georgia, where a national mobilization of media and civil rights groups got some black 17 year old star athlete with a history of disturbing sexual activity against girls released after a jury convicted him of raping a white 13 year old virgin in a school trailer where she was volunteering by cleaning up after school. Well, where are they on this case? NOWHERE! Why? Because it has never been about helping black people. No, it has always been about PROMOTING THE SPIRIT OF ANTI – CHRIST! So, it is fully the spirit of anti – Christ the notion that it is perfectly OK for 17 year old boys to force themselves on 13 year old girls in dark trailers. I mean come on, why was she a virgin anyway? Is it because she is an – ugh! – CHRISTIAN? Well, the rape and sexual assault demons in our star athlete (250 lbs., and is a monster on defense especially when it comes to, er, “rushing the passer”) took care of that, didn’t they? Look, black Christians, see how they use THE RACE ISSUE to get your mind off Christ? You did not even know that there were SEVERAL OTHER SEXUAL ASSAULT CHARGES FILED AGAINST THIS PERSON THAT WERE DROPPED DUE TO PUBLIC PRESSURE FROM THE MEDIA AND CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS! All you know is when Oprah Winfrey, the queen of New Age, put her on her TV show and reduced the girl to tears, but only after getting her to say – in typical small town southern drawl of course – “I ain’t prejudiced, I likes colored folks, they’ze muh friends!” Well, here’s to let you know something: in Germany, what they do in middle school over there is turn off the lights, play romantic New Age music, have the kids lie down next to each other and spend a good hour fondling each other (they encourage them to make a special effort to touch the other kid’s sex organs) and then they get up and write an essay about “their feelings” afterwards. When Christian parents naturally objected to this and tried to homeschool their kids to protect them from being filled with every demon of sexual perversion imaginable, the state put the parents in jail and threatened to put their kids in the foster system! So yes, the spirit of anti – Christ is totally against your child going through his or her school years and remaining a virgin, and does not care whether that virginity is lost by choice or not. Speaking of which, you know what goes on in juvenile detention centers, right? Especially to the really young kids? Why don’t they take simple steps to prevent that, such as installing security cameras and severely punishing whoever violates someone else, making it an automatic transferral to adult prison with a 10 year rape and child molestation charge added on (and we all know how they hate – or should I say LOVE – child molesters in jail)? Could it be, perhaps, BECAUSE THE STATE DOES NOT WANT TO? Hmmm …

But now you see what is going on. In the great city of Atlanta, birthplace of the civil rights movement, two teenagers received sentences more severe than what many get for committing rape, severe assaults and attempted murders that will leave the victim crippled and incapacitated for life, and in many cases ACTUALLY KILLING A HUMAN BEING (especially if the charge is reduced from murder to manslaughter) for the “crime” of KILLING A PUPPY! AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PUBLIC OUTRAGE FROM THE NAACP, THE ACLU, (who lest we forget held a protest to get a bunch of kids who were expelled for starting a dangerous melee at a high school football game back in school), , or any of the other groups that supposedly defend the rights of blacks, criminal defendants, etc.! Where are all the people who take ANY OPPORTUNITY to INSIST that ANY SENTENCE IS “TOO HARSH” and HOW WE NEED TO “SHOW MORE COMPASSION” whenever the crime is against PEOPLE? Whenever the judgment and punishment is based on what God gave to Moses in the Torah? But it appears that completely violating the Bible by making a crime against a man equal to a crime against A DOG, WHICH IN MANY CULTURES IS EATEN FOR FOOD, THESE LIBERAL CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS ARE WELL PLEASED!

Of course, this was a test case. They did it to see what they could get away with, and to establish precedent. And it was perfect. Since these were two young black males who were in and out of foster care, you aren’t going to see any of the professional conservative religious right type activists, Jay Sekulow, Gary Bauer, and a bunch of other people who in a few weeks will be choosing which devil to dance with from among Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani (and they seem to be more and more leaning towards the Mormon Romney) shedding any tears. And why should they? Helping at – risk black males by advocating them when the cruel rulers who are after the same manner of the Pharisees who sent Christ to the Romans want to oppress them, you know, doing what Christ actually told us to do, isn’t how you raise money or win votes from the religious right crowd. As a matter of fact, locking young black males up and throwing away the key for the same crime that suburban whites get probation and diversion programs for has LONG been a cornerstone position of the religious right. That is why so many are giving a long look at the thrice – divorced (and committed adultery every single time) supporter of even partial birth abortion AND gay rights (moved in with two gay men while divorcing his third wife after publicly humiliating her by hiring his adulteress in a six figure job for the city) AND cross dresser Rudy Giuliani: if you want someone with a record of putting black men in jail and occasionally shooting them dead on the streets, Giuliani’s your man! So, this was to see if THE LEFT and BLACK PEOPLE would get upset. Well, the left, of course, was not going to raise a peep, because elevating animals to equality with humans has long been their agenda. And black people? Well, I gotta be honest, had it been a 13 year old white virgin Christian girl from a 99% southern town that had been beaten, abused every which way, and then thrown into a gas oven instead of a puppy, these guys would have far more support from the black community. At the very least Oprah Winfrey would be on their side. Why? Because black people have been programmed to show outrage only when race is a factor, and even then only when we are told to by “our leaders.” Boy, the civil rights movement was great for us, wasn’t it? You want to talk about black history month? Well, these boys made history by being the first used by our judiciary system to make man equal with animals.

So because there is NO OUTRAGE and because of the notoriously liberal Georgia judiciary which WON’T overturn it, this case has been used to LEGALLY ENSHRINE EQUALITY BETWEEN ANIMALS AND PEOPLE. So, the process that started with Darwin and evolution is now complete. Animals now have as many rights – and in many contexts more rights – than people do. Kill a puppy, get 10 years. Bring an 8 month 3 week old “fetus” down the birth canal, drill a hole in its skull and drain out its brains, and then deliver the dead child, get a medical license. That is America today folks.

Now let us pray for these two young men, who are indeed extremely troubled and very much need Yeshua HaMashiach for salvation and deliverance. Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, may these two young men, Justin and Joshua Moulder, receive salvation, deliverance, and healing. May they repent of and turn from their past crimes against people and animals, and admit that they need a Saviour, and that only You can save and change them; only the Blood of Yeshua HaMashiach can cover their past, future, and current sins and cause you to forget them on judgment day. Only the Blood of Yeshua HaMashiach can take them out of their torment and drive those demons out of them. Let them know that no matter what they have done, no matter what has been done to them, they do not have to be destroyed in the lake of fire for eternity like those demons will be. Let them know that they can be saved, changed, redeemed, and be with You forever. How can they hear the gospel unless someone is sent to preach it to them? In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, I humbly ask You, Father YHVH, to send someone to preach them the gospel. I petition you for their souls, their wills, their spirit men right now. I ask you to have mercy on them, two people born of Adam who was created in Your Image but fell. I ask You to trouble them, touch them, afflict them so that when the time comes that they hear the gospel, the soil of their hearts will be tilled and fresh, free of stones and vines, so that when the seed is planted it will not burn up, be eaten by crows, or be choked and strangled but rather take root, grow, and bring forth fruit 30 and 60 fold. May they receive the gospel when it is preached to them, may they be saved from their sins and the wicked world, enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, and be with You for Eternity. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach and by Your Spirit Ruach Hakadosh, so let it be.

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Why I Hate Black History Month V: A Clarification On The Cultural Chauvinism Thing

Posted by Job on February 22, 2007

I do not want people to read my columns on MY PERSONAL NEGATIVE FEELINGS TOWARDS BLACK HISTORY MONTH (again, not saying that it is a sin, but why I personally dislike the celebration) and think that I am trying to impose western European culture on everyone through Christianity. Nope, that is not me. As a matter of fact, go to an essay on the main site, and you will see quite the opposite: I am NO FAN of modern western culture at all. I was just bashing the Africa affectations of 99% of American blacks (by that I mean American born, not African immigrants, or ACTUAL AFRICAN AMERICANS). Why? Because 99% of us wouldn’t know anything African if it hit us in the face. The little kente cloth and the little African art that we collect and buy? A lot of it is made in China and Korea, and what little of it is actually made in Africa is specifically made to sell to us naive confused black Americans. We play the Africa card because we are discontented with our lot in America, OK? Again, if we cared anything about Africa, we would, you know, send them money and stuff. Or go over there and volunteer. Or advocate for them politically on the global stage. You know, stuff that 99% of us don’t even do for “our brothers and sisters” over here!

But as for people who LEGITIMATELY from other nations and cultures and have a LEGITIMATE desire to worship Father YHVH through the Son Yeshua HaMashiach and experience the Ruach Hakadosh, I say more power to you. As a matter of fact, I encourage you. God loves you and WANTS you to get close to Him in a way that breaks down all barriers to your talking to and worshipping Him in spirit and truth on a regular basis; that cuts away all inhibitions that should have melted away when the veil was torn when Yeshua HaMashiach died on the cross and rose again.

So, I am going to include a link to one of my favorite ministries, Wiconi International, which is an evangelism/missionary ministry to “Native Americans” (using that misleading and offensive term for a lack of a better one). It is estimated that only a tiny percentage of Native Americans have received the gospel (and interestingly enough an even smaller percentage of deaf people but that is another topic for another day), and while some of that is due no doubt to the horrific genocidal land – stealing apartheid treatment of Native Americans in this country and throughout the Americas at the hands of so – called Christians, a great barrier is also the fact that Christians demand that they conform to European culture and worship styles in order to take part in this little Christian religious system that we have built up over here. This ministry allows them to hear and receive and believe the gospel in a way that is attractive to Native Americans, and then worship YHVH in a way that they feel comfortable. Before you start accusing me of supporting bringing animism and spiritism into the church and “burning strange fire before the Lord”, check their doctrinal statement… stronger than that of many “evangelical” and “fundamentalist” Christian churches. And they also unashamedly mention spiritual warfare and battling evil spirits right on their main page, instead of burying it where only people who are already dedicated members and supporters of their ministry will see it, which is what many “respectful” Christian ministries do. So please support Wiconi International, and if you find any more like it let me know so I can give them a plug too.

I am not anti – culture, I am pro – Christ, and I just honestly feel that a lot of this “black history”, “civil rights” and “multiculturalism” stuff is against Christ, and as I see it I will call it!

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London Minister Forgives Man Who Murdered Daughter (Racism/Black History Month)

Posted by Job on February 16, 2007

Read this heartbreaking story here. It is a powerful tale of the capacity of people who are totally committed to Yeshua HaMashiach to forgive. However, if you look deeper into the story, it reminds me of something that I said on Angry Black Woman’s entry on Barack Obama’s black empowerment church. Of course, the subject was racism, and despite the desire of a great many people to deny it, racism is a real issue. I believe that it is a demon that is often found with demons of hate, pride, and fear, and that rather than denying it because of some chauvinistic political and personal belief (which also involves demons) Christians need to overcome it with the love of Jesus Christ and the Blood of Jesus Christ and the power of the testimony through charity, prayer, spiritual warfare, and good works. The reason that I gave was not so much because of the current plight of the victims of racism – however severe that plight might be – but for the fact that all people who hold racism in their hearts and thereby fail to love their neighbor as themselves as a result – the second of the great commandments given by Yeshua HaMashiach when he was being tested by the Sadducees who denied resurrection, then they will be judged by a righteous God for it. Will it be a case of the goats being placed on one side and sheep on another? Will it be the case of “many being called but few chosen”? Will it be a case of “people who have healed, cast out devils, and done great works in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach being told to ‘depart from me worker of iniquity, I never knew thee” because their garments are defiled with the stain of racism?

You might ask what this story has to do with racism since the perperators and victims are all of the same race (indeed, all African immigrants)? Well, here you have a man whose daughter was murdered by the same group of criminals who also murdered a woman at her own baby’s christening while she was holding her baby in her arms being concerned not with his own sense of rage, anger, hate, resentment, loss, loneliness, and grief, but with the eternal soul of the victim! He speaks of the horrible conditions of poverty and family dysfunction that this fellow lived through. He knows that if this fellow dies without repenting and being saved through Yeshua HaMashiach’s Blood, he will spend eternity in the lake of fire, an unspeakably grotesque fate that was never intended for any man but rather for Satan and his demons. So if a man can look at his own great loss not in the context of his loss but rather in the context of a far greater loss of the unsaved person, how much more can we, the vast majority of whom have suffered far less as the result of racism (in this present day anyway) have the same concern for thsoe who discriminate against us?

I did a series of “why I hate black history month” a couple of days ago, and a fellow named AuLThaT rightfully upbraided and rebuked my un – Christian attitude and comments. So, I say we should spend what is left of this Black History Month by going into fervent prayer and spiritual warfare against this sin and demon of racism, and for spiritual deliverance of those people who are bound by these sins and demons, AND are too prideful to admit it. We must also pray for the people who, as a result of having experienced racism and are angry, bitter, resentful, spiteful, and hateful as a result. That is one of the worst things about sin; it causes sin in others! When a man molests his daughter, for instance, sexual demons enter into her that almost always result in serious problems that afflict her all her life until she goes through spiritual deliverance, part of which has to be her admitting what her father did to her and forgiving him for it. So, these people angry over racism must admit that they have been personally wounded by the people, forgive them for it, and also seek spiritual deliverance and cleansing by the application of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

I am not making a plea for these secular things like “tolerance”, “diversity”, ”multiculturalism”, “race relations”, “racial reconciliation”, or “racial empowerment.” As said on Angry Black Woman’s blog, I am not AGAINST those things, but rather they must take a back seat to a person’s spiritual purity, because the most important thing in all our lives is passing God’s Judgment. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added to it! So, for both the racists and the victims of racism, let us pray for their salvation and their deliverance, for the commiters of this sin their ability to renounce their pride and confess, and for their victims the ability to renounce their anger and forgive. In the name of Yeshua HaMashiach, amen.

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