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Al Sharpton And Pat Robertson To Appear Together In Global Warming Ad For Al Gore

Posted by Job on March 31, 2008

People, if I TRIED to make up things pertaining to the current wicked state of the world – with people calling themselves Christians contributing to a heavy part of it – I would not be able to come up with anything like this. The nugget describing the various people (including Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich) in this $300 million dollar ad campaign that they honestly claim is “being largely funded with profits from the movie An Inconvenient Truth” (which only made $15 million in the U.S. … even “Fahrenheit 9/11”, the highest grossing documentary ever barely made $100 million in the US!). Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, religious right and religious left all sitting in a tree … the article below proves that all of these people, who are heavily involved with the Council on Foreign Relations and other similar organizations, are on the same side. Now we know that John McCain, who has been promoting this agenda for some time now in return for his shot at going from being a back bench senator to someone that people have actually heard of, has joined up with these people. And we also know Barack Obama’s connections to them, and those of his wife. Hillary Clinton? Married to Bill, so enough said!

Gore: I am no ‘Boss Tweed’

People, the end is near. Jesus Christ is coming back soon, and only those that are born again will be ready to meet Him. Are you one of those ready to meet the Lord? If not, please follow The Three Step Salvation Plan right now!


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James Carville Says Bill Richardson Choosing Obama Over Clinton Is Like Judas Betraying Jesus Christ!

Posted by Job on March 23, 2008

See evidence that the people that alleged Methodist Church Sunday school teacher Hillary Clinton surrounds herself with honestly do not love or fear Jesus Christ in this link:

Carville Compares Hillary Clinton to Jesus Christ

Full story here: Clinton, Richardson, Obama

I still say that the Council on Foreign Relations types prefer Obama, but things like this makes me wonder if the real goal is to force evangelical Christians to accept John McCain. But soft … that fits their agenda too, which is to get evangelical Christians to weaken and compromise their faith through politics. So, getting evangelical Christians to invest their faith and vote in McCain despite knowing full well that it is wrong only to have the fellow lose to Obama anyway … what better way to use Christians to advance the anti – Christ agenda and do further harm to the evangelical Christian faith in America using the false political/military/economic god?

Still, it does seem like whenever Obama gets into real trouble, something happens to bail him out, doesn’t it?

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Barack HUSSEIN Obama America’s First Homosexual President? Part 2

Posted by Job on March 3, 2008

You know it’s an odd thing when I write a column and leftists knee jerk about it all day until they’ve knocked themselves out from hitting their chins so many times over again.

Yesterday I penned, what I found to be a very logical missive about Obama’s street-cred with homosexual activists and how he could be similar to the homosexual activist movement to what Bill Clinton was to big-government-dependency blacks were in the 1990’s… the FIRST! (Side note – free-market blacks never accepted Billy Jeff as the first black President…)

But stating such observations plainly homosexuals were coming out all over the place feigning indignation that I would have the audacity (good Barack word) to state something that to me is so readily evident.

So just to see how the reaction was continuing I News-Googled, “Obama, gay, homosexual” this morning… and guess what? “THE GAYS” were saying it too… HA!

So for all the knee-jerks that went ten rounds with themselves in hysteria over my column yesterday… what say you now?

Read the entire column: click here.

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Barack HUSSEIN Obama America’s First Homosexual President? Part 1

Posted by Job on March 3, 2008 America’s first Gay President?::By Kevin McCullough

If William Jefferson Clinton was America’s first “black” president, could
it be that Barack Obama is positioning himself to be the nation’s first
“gay” president?His supporters have argued vehemently for months that Barack
Obama does not represent the interest of the radical homosexual
activists. Chicago “South-side” radio talk show hosts declare with
confidence that Senator Obama has said he would oppose the redefining
of marriage to include unions that only the imagination could cook up.
Obama has blindsided black clergy across America with the con-game that
they should not worry about his views on homosexuality.

He has uttered a “Praise the Lord” at the side of Gospel uber-star Rev.
Donnie McClurkin, who himself was sexually abused by a homosexual and
thusly forced to struggle with the issue in his own life at times.
Obama has gone from church rally to church rally making vague
references to God’s power, and God’s purposes – while never defining
one ounce of what any of it means.

Yet as someone who has followed his career since long before he
was a national stage player, I have warned that his aggressive support
for the radical homosexual activist agenda in America is a part of the
overall picture of who he is.

In this way he may be more “gay” than Clinton was “black” – and by a wide margin at that.

For all the shell game that Obama was able to juggle in the run for
President to date on the issue of his real, underlying views on the
radical homosexual agenda – this week he removed all doubts.

In an alarmingly pointed written statement Obama signed his
named to the personal promise of greater advance against the
institution of marriage of any candidate to ever run for the highest

Pointedly so he gave his full pledge to overturn, or repeal, the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

“I also believe that the federal government should not stand in
the way of states that want to decide on their own how best to pursue
equality for gay and lesbian couples — whether that means a domestic
partnership, a civil union, or a civil marriage. Unlike Senator
Clinton, I support the complete repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act
(DOMA) – a position I have held since before arriving in the U.S.
Senate. While some say we should repeal only part of the law, I believe
we should get rid of that statute altogether.”

This act was signed by the last liberal President in office
William Jefferson Clinton. In pledging to do so Barack Obama has now
staked out turf that threatens the viability of the next generation of
children that could subject them to an operative norm that would
contribute to the de-constructing of families as to however one could
imagine in one state – and then forcing recognition of that sexual
union by its neighboring state regardless of what the citizens of that
state say.

In pledging to overturn DOMA Obama seeks to remove state’s
rights, violate the principles of federalism, violate a major tenant of
all traditional religious systems observed in America, and subject
children to a quite non-healthy home-life. Studies of which have
confirmed would have a detrimental effect on said children’s
scholastic, emotional, intellectual and physical health.

Yet the overturning of DOMA is merely the beginning of Obama’s radical homosexual activist agenda.

For months supporters of Obama have written to me asking for evidence
that he would do anything to advance or at the very least not stand in
the way of the redefining of marriage. See at least Ted Kennedy and
John McCain both made the argument in not supporting the Constitutional
Amendment to Protect Marriage that it was unnecessary on the grounds
that DOMA would prevent the cancerous spread of Massachusetts’ Judicial
Activism from roaming state to state. But for Obama this is merely too
little activism, and it proceeds far too slowly for his own desire.

Thus in his written statement this week he argues publicly that
states should be allowed to redefine the marriage laws in their state
regardless of what research norms, the will of the people, or the
common sense of healthy tradition have to say about it.

In doing so Obama displays a reckless commitment to play games
with the future sexual formation of families and puts himself so firmly
planted in the camp of anti-biblical views of truth, sex, and family
that we have never seen its comparison in all years previous.

Make no mistake, committed Obama supporters share his
uber-libertine leanings to homosexual behavior, and want to encourage
more relaxation of traditional moral sexual barriers in society. And
with academics like Dr. Judith Levine arguing in her book, and endorsed
by Clinton Surgeon General Joyclin Elders, arguing that sex between
adults and children is not harmful to the child – one can easily
imagine what such relaxation of rules would lead to.

I was the first pundit in America to predict that Barack Obama
would be president in 2009. A prediction, I admitted at the time,
pained me greatly. Nothing that has happened in the nomination process
of either party has caused my five underlying conditions for his
victory to be erased. With John McCain as the GOP nominee it appears my
prediction is perfectly on track.

Yet I will not allow my prediction to come true without
speaking the transparent truth that Obama is not a man of traditional
values, nor is he a friend to families.

He may aspire to be many things.

Hey may also aspire to be labeled America’s first gay president.
He would without question be more deserving than “Clinton as ‘black'”
under even the kindest of comparisons.

Kevin McCullough’s first hardback title “The MuscleHead Revolution: Overturning Liberalism with Commonsense Thinking” is now available. He blogs at

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Bush – Clinton Council On Foreign Relations Plot To Create European Muslim State Succeeds

Posted by Job on February 18, 2008

Now Russia cannot be happy about this, especially since they have their own issues with Chechnya. Still, the US helped the Muslims attain their entire objective. They were allowed entry into the region for humanitarian reasons, and once they had settled in, they demanded their own independent Muslim state. When the Serbians defended their land, certainly they committed crimes against humanity, but the media never told why this was happening in the first place. So the Clinton administration intervened on behalf of the imperialistic Muslims in a war that Code Pink, International A.N.S.W.E.R., Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Cindy Sheehan, Nancy Pelosi, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the rest of the anti – war left had absolutely no problem with (EXCEPT JESSE JACKSON!) and virtually everyone seems to have forgotten ever happened.

And now, immediately after the Muslims did what they planned to do from the outset (and with our help!) in stealing a piece of that country for their own European base (the Crusades are starting up again!) George W. Bush grants them official recognition as a nation, without even consulting NATO, the EU, the U.N., or even Bush’s ally Vladimir Putin.

My bet: from here, the EU admits Kosovo. After that is done, it will be impossible to continue to deny entrance to Turkey. And what did the books of Daniel and Revelation say about the endtimes? There will be ten kingdoms! Now you should realize that both George Bush and Bill Clinton have been working to get us towards that evil time.

Here is another view:

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On Liberal Theology

Posted by Job on February 13, 2008

Liberal Theology « Possessing the Treasure

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Black Republicans Looking To Their Mike Huckabee Jesus

Posted by Job on February 9, 2008

I kid you not, had this presidential race come along before my eyes were opened a couple of years ago when I read a compilation of the writings of Chinese Christian martyr Watchman Nee “Secrets To Spiritual Power”, I would this very second be volunteering for Mike Huckabee’s campaign, praying and prophesying in tongues speaking the Word of Faith and speaking the prosperity Psalms and Proverbs that God would use this mighty man of God to overturn Roe v. Wade, and maybe even give high level government positions to Kenneth Copeland and John Hagee, both of whom I was fervent fans. Well, maybe we need to raise up a collection to send these blokes copies of “Secrets To Spiritual Power.”

I may be rightfully accused of being unfair, but quotes like this make my blood boil. “And we like that his life story pretty much mirrored the background of many African Americans,” Scoggins added. Excuse me, but weren’t black folks identifying with Bill Clinton not long ago? Instead of talking about how the life story of Mike Huckabee or any other man resembles ours, shouldn’t we black Christians identify with the life and work of Jesus Christ? Like a lot of black men, the carpenter Jesus Christ was a low – income laborer. Which means he knew what it was like to struggle to find work, pay bills, and keep food on the table. Like black people, Jesus Christ was marginalized by society … not only was He not a Roman citizen and was hence subject to that brutal regime’s subjugation of his Jewish people, but even among the Jews He had a low status with no connections to the religious or economic elite and coming from Nazareth, the most disfavored part of northern Israel, which was already less favored than Jerusalem. Put it this way, Jerusalem looked down on northern Israel and northern Israel looked down on Nazareth. So when the people were saying about Jesus Christ “can anything good come from Nazareth?” and “no prophet has ever come from Nazareth”, it was a class/culture issue. So when the early Christians were called “Nazarenes”, it was not a name taken by them but a name given to them by their opponents to mock them because of the despised station in life of the leader of the sect, and to discredit them. Despite His great teachings and mighty works, a lot of people rejected Jesus Christ to follow after the powerful wealthy Jerusalem elite just because Jesus Christ was from Nazareth. Is that not akin to the experience of the American Negro? If these black conservatives realized that when the Jerusalem Jews called the followers of Jesus Christ “Nazarene” it was akin to calling them NIGGER, then they would see that they have no need to identify with the fraud from (false) Hope, Arkansas.

Now maybe some of you might go after Toni Morrison and call Bill Clinton your first black president, well let me give you some more examples of how Jesus Christ is your only black Lord, God, and King. Black men have a low life expectancy, so like a lot of black men Jesus Christ saw His earthly father Joseph die at an early age. Jesus Christ being raised by a man that was not His natural father who at first attempted to abandon the pregnant mother of Jesus Christ should remind us of the very troubled state of the black family that is being wracked by out of wedlock pregnancy, serial monogamy, divorce, homosexuality, AIDS, etc. And Joseph and Mary being turned away and having to have their child in a stable because “there was no room at the end” reminds me of how so many traveling blacks would enquire at the front desks of hotels that had their vacant signs on and be told that they were suddenly filled, or would similarly be told when responding to “now hiring” signs at businesses only to be told that all the positions were suddenly filled. Of course, such a black man would notice when driving away from that hotel that the vacancy sign would remain on with the establishment still taking white lodgers, and he would also see when passing by that place of business the next day and even the next week that the “now hiring” sign would still be in the window with whites filling out applications.

But now I shall get to the best example of how the life of Jesus Christ speaks to the black American experience: like so many black men, Jesus Christ received grotesque treatment from the criminal justice system. You know that old slogan: “there’s no justice, there’s JUST US!” In Jesus Christ you had a man arrested, tried, and executed by people knowing the whole time that the Man was innocent. THEY EVEN RELEASED AN INNOCENT MAN, A MURDERER AND INSURRECTIONIST, IN HIS PLACE! You know how the system, the man keeps the black man down? Well, the Roman Empire and the Jewish religious leaders conspired to put THE MAN (Acts 17:31 ) down. But to borrow from that Maya Angelou poem BUT STILL HE ROSE!

So black Christians, white Christians, black conservatives, white conservatives, black liberals, white liberals, people of all races and political affiliations, stop putting your trust in the systems of the world. Instead, put your trust in Jesus Christ, the One who bore your sins to the cross so that you do not have to pay the penalty for them. Put your trust in Jesus Christ, the one who defeated death and hell so that you can have eternal life through Him. And oh yes, the same goes for you members of the Barack HUSSEIN Obama cult too (who is obviously learning from New Age witch Oprah Winfrey how to bespell people). Stop dealing with the false messiahs and put your faith and trust in the real one. If you have not already, follow the Three Step Salvation Plan today! If you are already a born again Christian, stop following after and putting your trust in these men (and women, Hillary Clinton supporters) and start acting like it.

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Posted by Job on February 6, 2008

I first saw this here but it was confirmed in this devotional as well. Man oh man, I love this election season. So many prominent Christian leaders in the limelight are being exposed for what they are. From the people backing Huckabee despite knowing his connections to the Council on Foreign Relations and to apostates like Kenneth Copeland and John Hagee to Pat Robertson backing Giuliani to the MANY evangelicals and even some fundamentalists backing Mormon Mitt Romney to Donnie McClurkin and many other leading black Christians backing Barack HUSSEIN Obama (here, here, here, here, here, here) well the Lord is exposing for the whole world to see what these prominent Christians are really about and after – the things of this world.Christians, is this the falling away of the American church? If so, make sure that you are not part of that falling away. In a sense, things have been this bad for quite awhile, because the fact that Martin Luther King, Jr. was no better than a Mormon because he did not believe in the deity or resurrection of Jesus Christ despite it being commonly reported … so many people do not know because they do not care to know. And never forget: King’s rise was due to so many alleged Christians, many of them evangelicals and fundamentalists, supporting segregation and racism! Still, I regularly ask some older (than me) Christians have things always been this bad, and even the ones that personally experienced segregation and poverty say without hesitation “No, it wasn’t.”

***DR. DOBSON AND RUSH LIMBAUGH ARE THE LATEST TO JOIN THE “JUDAS GALLERY” !!! WWW.VOTINGFORSATAN.COM IS ONLINE!!! I’ve launched this new website — — not to tell people who to or not to vote for, but to help educate people on what Mormon’s really believe and hold accountable high-profile Christians who have endorsed cult member Romney’s bid for
the Presidency. The new site features an interactive section with
polls and a great message board where you can post your thoughts and
comments, news notes on the race for the White House, my numerous
Devotionals on Romney and the Mormon church, in-depth writings by an
ex-Mormon that clearly lay out the beliefs and theology of Mormonism,
as well as special videos including the TV program I did in the magical
Mormon underwear worn 24/7 by high level Mormons. Please check it out
and help me by telling everyone you know about this new site, and post
it on every message board and chat room you can find, especially the
sites that cater to politics.

“The word of the LORD came to me: “Son of man, prophesy against the
shepherds of Israel; prophesy and say to them: ‘This is what the Sovereign
LORD says: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who only take care of themselves!
Should not shepherds take care of the flock? You eat the curds, clothe
yourselves with the wool and slaughter the choice animals, but you do not
take care of the flock. You have not strengthened the weak or healed the
sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or
searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally. So they
were scattered because there was no shepherd, and when they were scattered
they became food for all the wild animals. My sheep wandered over all the
mountains and on every high hill. They were scattered over the whole earth,
and no one searched or looked for them.” Ezekiel 34:1-6

A sad commentary on so many pastors and Christian leaders right from God’s
Word. Last week I was doing some study in the Book of Ezekiel. In reading
through some passages, I came across these first 6 verses in Ezekiel 34. As
I read these words, I could only think that this was the sad description of
so many pastors and Christian leaders today. 50 years ago, you could sit in
the pew of most any church of any denomination and hear the Truth of God’s
Word. Those pastors and the men and women God raised up on the national
scene were men and women who would never compromise the Truth of the Bible
and understood their only mission was to bring the lost to Christ.

Fast forward to the year 2008 and you have entire denominations of pastors
who don’t even preach, teach or believe the Bible. It is questionable if
many pastors were ever “called” and are even saved. Those who have risen up
into national prominence are more worried about selling books, having the
newest private jet, building bigger buildings, and living like the rulers of
small nations rather than preaching the unadulterated Truth of the Bible and
leading the lost to faith in Jesus Christ. My goodness, you now have
so-called Christian leaders who are endorsing and working for the member of
a satanic cult to become our next President!!!

When these are the men and women leading the people, why are we surprised
that many who sit in the pews of the nations churches on Sunday aren’t even
saved, don’t accept the Bible as Absolute Truth and our only authority, and
the majority of the ones who do lead weak and ineffective lives. That is
why I encourage people all the time to seek out a pastor who is a true
shepherd. That is increasingly difficult today, but there are still many
men of God who have not bowed their knee to Baal and are not the shepherds
described in Ezekiel 34. Sunday is the day most Christians go to church. It
is the only time most of you ever see your pastor, and that is usually from
your seat in the sanctuary as he leads the worship service and preaches the

Having preached in over 500 churches of every denomination nationwide, I can
honestly tell you that for most pastors, Sunday morning is their favorite
day of the week and the one day they usually feel their work for God really
has some meaning. You can never know the pressure most pastors are under. If
it was only getting up on Sunday morning and being the “man of God” it would
be wonderful, but that is not reality. It is a 7-day a week, 24-hour a day
calling. Many have outside jobs. There is the constant pressures of raising
the budget, dealing with the interpersonal problems that always exist when
you have a group of people, overseeing the political infighting that often
occurs, on top of the spiritual requirements of shepherding the flock,
having an anointed word each week for the various services, and other
requirements the office of pastor carries with it.

My prayer for you today is to support your pastor. Pray for your pastor each
day. John 10 gives us the picture of the ideal pastor. Pray that your pastor
will be able to tear away from the distractions of this world to be the
shepherd described in John 10. God has placed that pastor in your life to
guide you, spiritually nurture you, and have spiritual leadership over your
life. Do all you can to show your love and appreciation for all your pastor
does for you, most of which you may not even recognize. Also, God has placed
your pastor in your life for spiritual leadership. When you come into times
of crisis, don’t hesitate to go to your pastor. That is ultimately why they
are there, to help you and guide you through those difficult times in your

I love you and care about you so much. I pray for you daily. Sadly, today
there are too many pastors and Christian leaders who fall into the
description found in Ezekiel 34. It makes the work that much more difficult
when you have people running around calling themselves Christians, but
supporting sins like abortion, homosexuality, the destruction of God’s plan
fo the family. You have others who think there is nothing wrong with
belonging to a cult or false religions and they have bought the
universalistic lie from hell that everyone will get to Heaven.

Let this message today be a remember to lift up your pastor in prayer and
recognize him for all he does for your life. God has called His sheep to be
obedient and obey those in spiritual authority. Take inventory and see if
you are fulfilling this admonition, and ask God to help you. He loves you so
much, that he has placed your pastor in your life to shepherd you and guide
you in your spiritual journey. Show your love for Him today by praying for
and supporting your pastor.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

die one day. At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now
available via AUDIO each day. Simply go to
Also, you can now listen to the Daily Devotional by phone by calling 1-727-342-5673

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George Washington: Fredericksburg Lodge Freemason. Thomas Jefferson: Charlottesville Lodge

Posted by Job on January 24, 2008

Bill Clinton is also on the list of Freemason presidents, as are Teddy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson are not interestingly enough.

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Mike Huckabee Is Down With Newt Gingrich (And Bill Clinton And Dick Morris)!

Posted by Job on January 9, 2008

Who knew that former Southern Baptist preachers got along so well with serial adulterers? This is more proof that Huckabee is not an actual Christian but rather just another Rick Warren T.D. Jakes Council on Foreign Relations worker.

Newt Gingrich: Mike Huckabee Is The Most Electable

Bill Clinton, Gingrich agree on Huckabee as GOP dark horse

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Ties Between Mike Huckabee And John Hagee Discovered! (He Also Has Ties To Kenneth Copeland, Tim LaHaye, And Rick Warren)

Posted by Job on December 6, 2007

It is getting harder and harder to avoid applying the “how can two walk together unless they be agreed”of Amos 3:3 to Mike Huckabee. I have already given you the ties between Huckabee and Kenneth Copeland: Mike Huckabee Defends Kenneth Copeland!, as well as those between Huckabee and Rick Warren: Why The Media Likes Mike Huckabee So Much: He Is A Rick Warren Worker!. Well, now here comes news that Tim LaHaye of the false doctrine Left Behind novels (I am not calling it false doctrine because of the pretribulation stance but rather because of many other things see More “Left Behind” False Doctrine Exposed, Should Christians Commit Murder For “The Cause”? and False Doctrine In “Left Behind”: The Remnant Teaches Against the Doctrine of the God-Sent Strong Delusion) as well as a “Christian marital sexuality” book that is just as perverse as the teachings of Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks III (like them he takes the false position that it is OK to defile someone with ungodly sexual activity so long as that person is your spouse). Well, LaHaye just endorsed Huckabee.

Now Tim LaHaye with his books and movies promotes the flavor of pretribulation dispensationalism that is heavily contributed to the creation of precisely the “attack Iran to protect Israel” Christian Zionism political worldview that has allowed John Hagee to exploit it and become a political player. (LaHaye is also himself a leading figure of the religious right through the Council For National Policy, a group heavily indebted to cult leader Sun Myung Moon behind the scenes … see Want A List Of Pastors Who Took Sun Myung Moon’s Money?, and a Christian Zionist in his own right.)

Well, the Christian brother at Pro Libertate has discovered a longtime connection between Hagee’s people and Huckabee.

Quoting him: “Late last Summer, a cover story in Strang’s New Man magazine anointed Huckabee as the heir apparent to George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. In recent weeks, Huckabee has tapped Strang to serve on his “Faith and Values Coalition,” which is intended to attract money from, and consolidate support within, the Christian Right. Strang served a similar role in the early days of Bush the Lesser’s first presidential campaign. Strang is also a regional director of Hagee’s Christians United for Israel, a pressure group that describes itself – without a detectable hint of irony – as a “Christian AIPAC,” as if one such organization weren’t a sufficient burden and blight upon our land .. Stephen Strang is the human vinculum between Huckabee and Hagee. Strang, a long-time friend and business associate of Hagee, presides over a Pentecostal publishing empire; among Strang’s imprints is Front Line books, which has published several of Hagee’s books, including his latest, In Defense of Israel.” Now this “In Defense of Israel” is the same one where Hagee denies that Jesus Christ is the Messiah! See John Hagee Claims That Jesus Christ Was Not The Messiah, More On John Hagee Jesus Did Not Come To Be The Messiah Apostasy Book, and Can We Do Anything To Speed The Return Of Jesus Christ? Why I Say NO!

And this goes back to Amos 3:3. See how these people who agree walk together? It is no coincidence, but rather because they are dealing with the same evil spirits: a lust for power and wealth that causes them to come together in like mind and united purpose because they have given themselves over to them. Folks, this is serious business, and it is for God’s people, not those who have sold out to the world and believe that the kingdom of God can be advanced through its ways rather than by what Jesus Christ did on the cross and the workings of the Holy Spirit through the church. These religious right folks are honestly trying to re – establish Constantine’s imperial Roman state church in America with its “state theology of Eusebius” as its doctrine, which actually makes them a bigger threat than the religious left!

Christians, what will happen will happen. God is in ultimate control, and things like who will be made leaders of nations are all part of His plan of bringing history to its conclusion and the return of His Son Jesus Christ, who Himself does not know the day or hour that said event will happen. So do not fret because of these things … they were prophesied long ago in Matthew 24, Revelation, Daniel, and similar. Our tasks are 1.) to persevere until the end and 2.) not allow the wicked state of the world to cause us to reject 1.) by joining and supporting these anti – Christ movements. All you have to do is look at how “Christian broadcasting” and the “Christian media” have worked together to create a class of celebrities with a lot of money, power, and influence that are capable of pulling such a thing off: again consider the influence of things like Paul Crouch’s TBN empire, Rod Parsley’s get out the vote efforts being credited for George W. Bush carrying Ohio (Parsley originally attached himself to Roman Catholic Rick Santorum), and now this. Please know that in the very near future, these people are going to have more influence still.

How? Well so far the religious right has been thus that: a movement of white conservative evangelical Christians. But now they are expanding. First Barack HUSSEIN Obama then Hillary Clinton spoke at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church under the auspices of “we must all come together to combat AIDS”. Please recall that Pat Robertson’s CBN endorsed Warren’s invitation to Obama, and the invite to Clinton has been met with silence from the evangelical leadership that has been unwilling to stand up to either Rick Warren or the emergent church (see Abrahamic Faith Continues The Battle Against Rick Warren Purpose Driven Apostasy In Southern Baptist Convention). Another thing about Huckabee … he is bragging about how he received 48% of the black vote in Arkansas. Come on, the man is a very gifted Baptist preacher with a moderate populist economic message, so what prevents this guy from going into virtually any black church and bringing down the house, especially with Barack Obama offending some of the more conservative black Christian Democrats with his support for abortion and gay rights (see Pastors: Keep Obama Balaam out of your pulpit!)?

See Christians, Satan does not care about your race or religious affiliation, he just wants to see your soul receive the same fate as he. Do not let the false promises of religion and politics be the tool that he uses to lead you astray. Christians, if Mike Huckabee is the next president or vice president of the United States (I still thinking that a Giuliani – Huckabee ticket is more likely … please recall that Pat Robertson endorsed the former Is The Pat Robertson Endorsement Of Rudy Giuliani An Attempt To Freeze Out Ron Paul?), let it happen without your help. Please recall that this has been my position on moneychanger Mormon Mitt Romney from day one (see why I call him a moneychanger here: because it is true! The Unsaved Have More Discernment Over Mitt Romney Than The Religious Right), and it applies to Mike Huckabee as well.

And in the event that an endorsement from James Dobson makes you think that it is OK to trust Huckabee, please see this: Warren, Robertson, Dobson, Other Evangelical Leaders Were Recruited For Globalist Agendas. And lest some of you are tempted to write me off as some crank complainer who offers no solutions, let me say this: Jesus Christ is our solution. He always has been and always will be. Our losing sight of that fact and trying to go after worldly solutions (after “Christianizing” them first) is the root of so many of our evils.

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Satan Is Real And After Your Children: Omaha Shooter Robert Hawkins

Posted by Job on December 5, 2007

According to this Robert Hawkins was 20 years old, and had a history of depression and other problems, including being kicked out of his parents’ home, being fired from his McDonald’s job over allegedly stealing $17, and breaking up with his girlfriend. So this fellow according to all available evidence (including two suicide notes and a will) premediates the notion that he is going to find meaningfulness and worth in death that he was unable to find in life by “going out in style”; killing himself and taking several others with him to the tune of 9 dead including himself in an Omaha mall, firing from 35 to 40 shots in the process.

A lot of times we look at people at that age and do not see children looking back at us. Indeed, by the time a person reaches 20 he  can have completed his education, possess a job or trade that involves a good deal of money or responsibility, be married, and have fathered children. But especially in our modern culture, which robs children of their innocence on one hand and stunts their emotional, mental, and intellectual growth on the other, we are producing an increasing number of people at that age that are angry, frightened, insecure, irresponsible, and in so many ways unable to manage their own affairs. Available studies, including those that are detailing the stunning academic and career failure rates of young men, show that for whatever reason boys are faring worse than girls, though girls are showing severe problems too, such as the skyrocketing increase in girls and young women that are committing violent crimes and being incarcerated.

I can look at this and understand and sympathize with certain people who feel that the answer is more teachers, more counselors, more social workers, and fewer guns. I can also understand the views of people who say that the solution is returning to the laws, mass culture, and family structure that we had before the 1960s. The former are correct in noting that America has more problems of this type than many other industrialized nations, and that we are needlessly harming people and threatening the future of our nation by refusing to emulate other countries. Yet the latter is also correct when they state that we didn’t have these problems in our own country a just a few decades ago, and that any reforms should consist of returning to the way that things used to be. Either way, we have to realize that these things happen so often that we have become desensitized to them: a similar shooting that claimed 5 lives in Utah before the killer Sulejmen Talovic was killed by police has been all but forgotten. So has the murder of four college students in Newark, New Jersey. A lot of people made much of the fact that Sulejmen Talovic, the murderer in the first incident was a Bosnian Muslim refugee allowed into this country by the Bill Clinton administration, while others focus on the fact that the main murder suspect of the four college students, Jose Carranza (alias Jose La Chira),  is an illegal immigrant from Peru that is also suspected of raping a five year old (although some claim that it was an anti – gay hate crime). Well this case is yet another example of how the vast majority of our terrorists, whether they victimize a single person or a great many, are home grown, so while the immigration issue – both legal and illegal – is a worthy topic of consideration, let us not allow it us to view it out of context and distract from the main issue that our culture overall has become exceptionally violent. If anything, the violence of illegal immigrants reflects the recent wave of violence in the overall culture, for it is a logical conclusion that were illegal immigrants committing these acts in, say, the 1950s when the culture was much less violent and more willing to be moved to act out of shock and anger and a desire for justice and order because of incidents like this (although events such as the Rosewood massacre in Florida shows that such reactions were not always just or honorable), we would have built the border fence between the United States and Mexico long ago.

Well, I am not here to take sides on whether we should pursue a liberal social welfare agenda or a conservative family values agenda. Regarding those, let each person pursue what he thinks is best for our nation and himself, and we must agree that we generally convince ourselves that what is most favorable or acceptable for the latter for whatever reason is also in the best interests of the former. Instead, I am here today to promote a Jesus Christ agenda, to urge every parent to teach their kids about Jesus Christ and urge them to accept Him. I did not say take your child to church and trust some religious establishment to teach your child what he or she needs to know. Instead, you, as a parent, a mother or father, should take personal responsibility with what God has given you.

Do not believe the lies of those that oppose Jesus Christ who say that you are committing child abuse or imposing your will on a child by teaching your child about Jesus Christ and urging the child to accept Him as personal Lord and savior. These lies are the very reason why so many people delegate this task to the churches, thinking that it is somehow more moral to let their children “come to their own decision when they are ready” by virtue of participation in a corporate religious culture. Well, salvation through Jesus Christ is personal, so group while group religious participation may provide the benefits of socialization, it may not result in individual salvation. But realize that the lie that children should be off limits from being told about the imperative that Jesus Christ should rule their lives comes from people who themselves have rejected Jesus Christ as Lord and savior over their lives and desperately want your child to follow after their ways. Many of these people have actually convinced themselves that opposing the gospel message actually makes this world a better place, seeing Satan as a much more benevolent, virtuous, and worthy ruler than God. Whether they realize it or not, this is the true stance that these people are taking, and their lies should be rejected by every parent.

Child Evangelism Fellowship has materials that will help you communicate the gospel message to a child as young as five, the age which Charles Spurgeon suggested in a sermon a person so young could receive it (though the context of his sermon did not preclude a person even younger from hearing and believing the message). Now I am not here to promise you that your child accepting Jesus Christ will prevent that child from becoming the next Robert Hawkins or for that matter one of his victims. There are a lot of Christians who sincerely believe so, but that is not the point of the gospel message. Instead, the purpose of the gospel message is that no matter your fate or situation in this life, accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior secures your eternity with that same Jesus Christ in the next. It will be an eternity absent violence, grief, sickness, sadness, war, poverty, racism, injustice, hatred, death, and evil of all sorts but will consist of only joy.

If you have not accepted that message yourself, here is your opportunity: follow the Three Step Salvation Plan. After you have done so, please share that message with your family members – especially if they are your children – and anyone else that you have the opportunity to, and no children should not be exempt from those that you share this message with. After all, there were many kids at that Omaha mall where Robert Hawkins unleashed his fury, desperation, and hopelessness, and those 35 – 40 bullets that he shot had no respect of anyone’s age. I urge you to do so immediately, for as everything from wars to incidents like this to seemingly more “everyday” incidents like car accidents and health problems, it is plainly evident in this day and age that tomorrow is promised to no one! I am not trying to scare or manipulate you, for my own Bible makes it clear that the gospel message is not to be spread by pressure or deception. Instead, I am telling you why the plain facts of life are evidence in and of themselves why we need a savior, and that said savior can only be Jesus Christ.…..

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Is The State Using Fear To Control Our Kids?

Posted by Job on October 3, 2007

When I was growing up, my family, especially my mother, raised me according to the strict guidelines of our Pentecostal Holiness church. It was not to get me into heaven, because going to church was impossible according to that church’s doctrine because they did not preach or teach grace or faith in that what Jesus Christ did for me on the cross was necessary and sufficient, could not be added to, and should not be attempted. Rather, it was to create within me an overpowering sense of fear and experiental deprivation based on false religious doctrines and excessive discipline that had nothing to do with the love and purpose of Jesus Christ. Why? To control me. They wanted to control my actions and my thoughts as much as they could, and they wanted this control over me to continue even after they died.

Let me give you an example. There is this European fable about a woman and her daughter who lived alone, and the daughter showed an incredible about of devotion and self – sacrifice in taking care of her mother. When her mother took ill and was on her deathbed, it appeared that the daughter was finally free from fulfilling her responsibility. But no! The mother asked the daughter to grant her one dying wish. The daughter, unaware of the wickedness that lurked in the heart of her mother, promised anything. So the mother said “Promise me that you will never marry, so that that nothing will come between us and what we have, even after I am gone.” And the old woman died and the daughter lived out her life in loneliness and sorrow, turning down suitors, and of course when she was old and alone and frail there was no one to take care of her as she did for her mother. Understand: her mother raised her daughter, conditioned her, to where not only would this woman lack free will to understand, love, obey, and enjoy the true Tri – Une God in during the life of the mother, but so that her evil would continue to oppress this woman even after she was gone. It was that sort of insidious evil that my own parents attempted to inflict on me, and I promised myself that if God ever blessed me with children I would do my best to raise them not according to the bondage of legalism, selfishness, and false religion but to know and love the liberty that exists in Jesus Christ that comes from sacrificing and dying to self so that they could freely choose to know, worship, love, and be loved by God in the manner that God wants. And yes, God did make the decision to bless me by making me a husband and a father. It is a tall order, because at almost every turn on one hand I both have to reject what comes naturally – which is to follow the example of my parents and the learned tendencies from my background that are still in my flesh – while simultaneously acknowledging that NOT EVERYTHING that they did was wrong and that I cannot take the “if they did one thing I will do the opposite” knee jerk reaction out of resentment, hate, and revenge, and also recognizing I cannot play the victim or blame them: I am solely responsible for my own sins and the fact that my life was a complete mess and failure until I finally submitted myself to Jesus Christ less than three years ago. A great help to me in this regard has been prayer, the examples of the men of faith in the Bible (virtually no explicit parenting advice is in the Bible, but the concepts of obedience, patience, mercy, trust, and faith are there), and the exceptionally wise counsel of my wife and my mother – in – law (contrary to the popular stereotypes, my CHRISTIAN mother – in – law and I have an excellent relationship, and she played a vital role in helping my wife lead me to Jesus Christ and convincing my wife not to give up on me) and sister – in – law. So my wife, who grew up without an actively involved father, and my mother – in – law, who grew up with a physically, emotionally, and verbally abusive one, have been exceedingly effective in opposing and mitigating my often strange, ineffective, counterproductive, and harmful notions of discipline. I still have much to learn and a long ways to go, but I have come quite far, progressing from reflexive reactionary spankings followed by guilt – induced indulging to simply explaining to my kids that Jesus Christ was at one point a little boy that had parents, attended school, and had homework just like they do (you could have attended the church that I grew up in for a billion years and never once heard anything pertaining to Christ’s humanity and how He is the perfect example and role model for us because of it), and if He had to be obedient so do they.

Yet, as the threat of my following the negative example of my own parents – or being as bad or worse by trying to reject and get back at them – is diminishing, I am becoming aware of a new threat. One thing that my background taught me was the importance of the freedom of each individual. It is not the perversion of that concept that our corrupt society convinces you of: the freedom to be selfish, craven, immoral, and destructive to yourself and others. Freedom without responsibility is merely another form of bondage. Instead, I am speaking of a spiritual liberty: the freedom to choose God or to reject Him by knowledge of and obedience to Him. The state has always sought to deny such to mankind, and through state religions in particular. One does not need to be a Christian state, a Hindu state, or a Muslim state to be a theocracy. No, a state can be organized around idolatries of atheism, secularism, humanism, capitalism … you name it.Now go back to the example of the mother and daughter. The mother did not lock her daughter in her bedroom in order to prevent her freedom of choice and movement, as did the witch in Rapunzel and the other varied fairy tales. Instead, hers was worse, for in cases like this once the captive is set free, she is free to act according to her liberty. No, the mother conditioned the child over time during her upbringing in such a manner to where her daughter would live the life that her evil mother imposed upon her long after she was gone. And that brings me to thinking of what the government is doing to our children. It makes you look at the right wing term “the nanny state” in a whole new way, does it not?

I could imagine that just a generation ago, when young boys and girls were playing and going about their business, they enjoyed an amazing amount of personal choice and freedom, and as a result they almost certainly had the mindset that they could accomplish virtually anything. Of course, they would run up against the facts of life with its varied disappointments as they got older, but the basic mental and emotional structure of the freedom that was instilled in them when they were free, running about, playing outside, etc. remained, and influenced them for the rest of their lives. But today? It is illegal for your child to so much as ride in a car without a safety seat. Do you know that it is recommended that your child stay in a booster seat until they are twelve years old? And bicycles: illegal to ride one without a helmet! Can kids walk across town or so much as across down the street to go visit friends, play, or just explore? No, because the state no longer even attempts to keep our streets free of predators and criminals. So our kids are trapped inside with their heads being filled with the often demonic influences of cartoons, video games, and popular music. With the latter, small children learn the very same sexually explicit and violent lyrics that Tipper Gore was excoriated for causing the music industry to put warning labels on. How do I know this? Because I hear them reciting said lyrics – and doing the “dances” that accompany them – whenever I so much as go to a park, grocery store, or church.

And that is the home lives of our children. What about our schools? Now I am not among these political right wingers who claims that the downfall of public education was precipitated by taking prayer out of schools, because I question the spiritual value of someone who may well be a homosexual drug addict New Age pagan witch coercing minors into reciting a corporate general prayer that is not even in the Name of Jesus Christ. People who pretend otherwise have no true interest in our children developing a true personal relationship with Jesus Christ (who taught us in scripture to pray in private) but rather in using state power to impose themselves on the whole of society, including those of other religions. That was what these people’s trying to force U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison to take his oath of office on the Bible instead of the Koran was all about.

No, the real danger in our schools has come from their refusal to impose any discipline or order whatsoever in the children that are in them. In the absence of this, they have had to institute “zero tolerance” policies. Because of their abject refusal to deal with the behavioral problems of the minority, the kids who lack such problems are subjected to a continual climate of fear and unnatural control. The child that commits a violent assault on a teacher? His parents will sue to have that child placed not only back in school but in that very same classroom and win 9 times out of 10. But let a boy hug his female classmate, give her a peck on the cheek, and perhaps a Valentine’s Day card. If he does it to another BOY, then all is well, but if the female is the object of his affection, the boy is branded a sexual harasser and is expelled. And a boy that doodles a picture of a space alien’s laser cannon on his piece of paper during class? Such a child will be suspended and handed over for mandatory counseling.

Of course, people that have grown up in this environment and/or have willingly subjected their children to it are going to accept it in other facets of life. I am not a smoker, and I find the practice repulsive, dangerous, and selfish. But do you not realize how just 25 years ago the very thought of banning smoking not only in restaurants but entire towns would have been completely absurd? People have become conditioned to the notion that the state should make decisions for and take care of not only them, but everyone else. Let me give you a scary example of it. I find radio talk show host Neal Boortz a loathsome example of anti – Christianity (he mocks fundamentalist Christians, is pro – abortion, and hates Ron Paul), but his stopped clock was right twice a day on the Virginia Tech shooting incident. How was it that all of those kids allowed themselves to be lined up against the wall and shot execution style one after another without not one person attempting to intervene, oppose, distract, or resist this fellow at any point? His answer was that they had been conditioned by the state not to protect themselves but to wait for the state to save them. (He applied the same analysis to Hurricane Katrina victims). My agreement with one such as Boortz, of course, is not total. My theory is that these children, the overwhelming majority of which were recent products of our public schools, merely have been conditioned by the state and the society that it has created by punishing the good and rewarding the wicked to simply do as they are told no matter what. They had been systematically denied and deprived the freedom to make the simple choices that go with daily living all of their lives: to take even small risks and thereby reaping the rewards or paying the price.

To them, taking a risk meant trying a new move in their video games. The only consequence of failure was seeing the “game over” message when it did not work, and even if they succeeded it was only to perish a few minutes later in that same game. An experience totally unlike wandering to a new part of town and having a conversation with a new child or kind elderly person, climbing a tree as high as you can go, or doing whatever you can to keep that kite of yours in the air instead of getting entangled by that same tree (and when it inevitably happens having to make the decision whether to climb that tree to get it out, or deciding that it is not worth it and going kiteless … the risk/reward ratio)! Or something as simple as a boy having to decide whether to risk humiliation and rejection by hugging the girl next to him that he likes, and the girl having to decide whether it was better to risk further unwanted attention or hurting his feelings. It is daily things such as these that condition our children how to appreciate personal freedom and responsible choice and act in the presence of it, particularly when someone or something is trying to usurp and deprive you of the freedom that God wants you to have so that you can use it to worship Him. And as such, when it was time to apply the risk/reward ratio to a critical situation, those Virginia Tech victims were incapable of doing so, because they were reared in a society that systematically deprived them of the ability to by limiting their exposure to freedom, choice, and responsibility.

An example that is less extreme in one sense but actually more disturbing on a larger scale is this item on police brutality from (which like me has undergone a huge ideological change in response to the George W. Bush administration). It has a link to this article, which describes a 251 lb. police officer brutally beating a 110 lb. female bartender because she followed the law and refused to stop serving him drinks when he became drunk. It happened right in front of an establishment filled with male patrons, and not a single one intervened! Why? Because such people were so thoroughly brainwashed by, in fear of, and under the control of the state that they would not rise up to do righteousness. Here is the video of this horrific assault:

And that is what it is all about. People wonder about the great tribulation, how it will be possible to round up all the Christians and chop their heads off without any popular resistance. Oh, we see how that could happen in one of “those places” like China, Russia, or in any African nation, but in America? Land of the free? A Christian nation founded on Christian principles (I guess that explains all of the masonic symbols all over the place, not to mention the enlightenment humanism, deism, and rationalism all over our founding documents but hey who cares)? Noooh! That is why so many of us believe that there will HAVE to be a pre – tribulation rapture to set the stage for this awfulness. Well, I look more and more at our society at large and I see the same system of unnatural control developing that will create, for lack of a better term “sheeple.” I am not talking about the born – again righteous martyrs that will give their lives for the testimony and reign with Christ during that horrible time, but rather the people who will be consenting to it, participate in it, and let it happen even though they know it is wrong.

You want to know one of the reasons why I have decided to cast in my lot with Ron Paul and the like – minded libertarians despite their many flaws, which includes how a great many of them idolize (and I do mean in the actual spiritual sinful idolatry sense) free market capitalism? This is it. Ron Paul is talking about freedom precisely at the very time that people of both parties are supporting the leviathan that is our government … a government that is making it harder and harder for law – abiding moral people to live their lives, raise their kids, and worship their gods (no, America is NOT a Christian nation founded by God that coerces people under penalty of death to worship only him; that was Old Testament Israel, people, and has another great item on that here They are talking about freedom, and the American people – the church! – needs to hear that message. But the people do not even want freedom, and that is why the completely immoral fascist Rudolph Giuliani and his (or should I say her in case he decides to dress up in women’s clothing anytime soon) counterpart on the other side Hillary Clinton would easily trounce Ron Paul among even born again Christian voters. People that have ostensibly accepted freedom through Jesus Christ are actually scared of having to use the freedom that Christ has given them in their own lives and want to run to the state. Why? Because they are unwilling to put their trust in Christ for their protection and their daily bread, and they want to look to the government and to big business.

So many Americans, including Christians, have gone the Esau route, of selling their birthright, which is the freedom and mindset to choose or reject God and obedience to His righteousness, for a bowl of pottage. What, Christian, will you give in exchange for your birthright? Social Security? MediCare? Universal healthcare? Affirmative action and civil rights? Government jobs? Protection from those oh so scary Muslims that were only able to so successfully attack us in the first place because Bill Clinton allowed them in this country to train and George W. Bush let them finish the job? And has one single person been prosecuted for that failure? No. Instead, that failure led to the creation of the very government agency that killed a woman because she got angry over missing her flight Everyone knows that you aren’t supposed to leave a prisoner – especially one in a questionable mental or emotional state – in handcuffs and alone and unmonitored in a cell! Now had some scary Muslim killed this woman, you’d all be up in arms. But because the state did it, it is OK?

So unwilling are Christians to challenge wicked rulers and reject them that it manifests itself in how they abide these false preachers, whose number and perversions are as they have never before been in history! Now I am very hard on Roman Catholicism (and the eastern Orthodox churches as well), but look at this slime and filth on Christian broadcasting and in your local Christian bookstore, and it was not this bad during the time of the Reformation! It is the people that speak out against and expose this wickedness that are resented and hated in Christendom even among the evangelicals and fundamentalists, and in Christianity at large the evangelicals and fundamentalists are rejected for daring to apply the Bible to modern society. You can have a church that has been Bible – based for 150 years just up and start performing gay marriages tomorrow, AND MOST OF THE MEMBERS WON’T EVEN LEAVE!

It is no surprise, because most parents won’t even pull their children out of public schools that doesn’t even protect their safety, let alone teach them how to read and write. You do know that parents could transform public education overnight simply by pulling their kids out en masse, do you not? The state would HAVE to respond to the needs and wishes of parents when confronted with the empty schoolhouses. But oh no. We have been so conditioned that our children CANNOT POSSIBLY SUCCEED IN LIFE without being certified as having been sufficiently deprived, depraved, and twisted by state conditioning as to earn state approval that we will not so much as allow our kids to miss a single week from school in a protest that would secure a better environment for them during the 12 years that they will spend in them. We are so fearful that if we miss that time from the very workplaces that refuse to do anything about these schools that are no longer producing people with the skills or mindset to work that they are turning to illegal immigrants as part of this collective protest that we will lose our jobs. We have not figured out that the state and big business need us more than we need them. We have been conditioned by the state schools and its mass media into believing that we need the state more than the state needs it. We do not trust God enough to think that He would take care of us even if we take a minor stand for His righteousness that is nothing compared to what civil rights marchers in this very country sacrificed just a generation ago, or what the countless Christians that have been crucified, burned at the stake, tossed to the lions, imprisoned, etc. have sacrificed throughout history.

Why? Because we have rejected the liberty that is in Christ Jesus in return for bondage to the state. We have sold our birthrights! So now, it is time for everyone that is on the Lord’s side, everyone who is not deluded into thinking that the state will secure them eternal life with God, to stand up. We have to count the cost, of course, as it will be a great sacrifice. But what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and to lose his soul? And realize this: you are not even losing the whole world. Instead, you are losing your prison cell and gaining freedom! So I urge you: if you have not already, accept freedom right now, this very instant, for tomorrow is not promised to you. If you have not made Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!

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