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Terrorism Exposed By A Former FBI Chief

Posted by Job on November 4, 2007

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The War On Terror Is Now A War Against Christianity

Posted by Job on September 11, 2007

Read this link and tell me again how George W. Bush is on your side, Christians! For those of you who do not have New York Times accounts – not that I blame you – here is the text below. If you do not think that this is the beginning of the attempt to suppress true Christianity in this country started by Council on Foreign Relations Skulls and Bones pro – abortion occultist George W. Bush, you are in dreamland.

Behind the walls of federal prisons nationwide, chaplains have been quietly carrying out a systematic purge of religious books and materials that were once available to prisoners in chapel libraries.

The chaplains were directed by the Bureau of Prisons to clear the shelves of any books, tapes, CDs and videos that are not on a list of approved resources. In some prisons, the chaplains have recently dismantled libraries that had thousands of texts collected over decades, bought by the prisons, or donated by churches and religious groups.

Some inmates are outraged. Two of them, a Christian and an Orthodox Jew, in a federal prison camp in upstate New York, filed a class-action lawsuit last month claiming the bureau’s actions violate their rights to the free exercise of religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Traci Billingsley, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Prisons, said the agency was acting in response to a 2004 report by the Office of the Inspector General in the Justice Department. The report recommended steps that prisons should take, in light of the Sept. 11 attacks, to avoid becoming recruiting grounds for militant Islamic and other religious groups. The bureau, an agency of the Justice Department, defended its effort, which it calls the Standardized Chapel Library Project, as a way of barring access to materials that could, in its words, “discriminate, disparage, advocate violence or radicalize.”

Ms. Billingsley said, “We really wanted consistently available information for all religious groups to assure reliable teachings as determined by reliable subject experts.”

But prison chaplains, and groups that minister to prisoners, say that an administration that put stock in religion-based approaches to social problems has effectively blocked prisoners’ access to religious and spiritual materials — all in the name of preventing terrorism.

“It’s swatting a fly with a sledgehammer,” said Mark Earley, president of Prison Fellowship, a Christian group. “There’s no need to get rid of literally hundreds of thousands of books that are fine simply because you have a problem with an isolated book or piece of literature that presents extremism.”

The Bureau of Prisons said it relied on experts to produce lists of up to 150 book titles and 150 multimedia resources for each of 20 religions or religious categories — everything from Bahaism to Yoruba. The lists will be expanded in October, and there will be occasional updates, Ms. Billingsley said. Prayer books and other worship materials are not affected by this process.

The lists are broad, but reveal eccentricities and omissions. There are nine titles by C. S. Lewis, for example, and none from the theologians Reinhold Niebuhr, Karl Barth and Cardinal Avery Dulles, and the influential pastor Robert H. Schuller.

The identities of the bureau’s experts have not been made public, Ms. Billingsley said, but they include chaplains and scholars in seminaries and at the American Academy of Religion. Academy staff members said their organization had met with prison chaplains in the past but was not consulted on this effort, though it is possible that scholars who are academy members were involved.

The bureau has not provided additional money to prisons to buy the books on the lists, so in some prisons, after the shelves were cleared of books not on the lists, few remained.

A chaplain who has worked more than 15 years in the prison system, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is a bureau employee, said: “At some of the penitentiaries, guys have been studying and reading for 20 years, and now they are told that this material doesn’t meet some kind of criteria. It doesn’t make sense to them. They’re asking, ‘Why are our tapes being taken, why our books being taken?’ ”

Of the lists, he said, “Many of the chaplains I’ve spoken to say these are not the things they would have picked.”

The effort is unnecessary, the chaplain said, because chaplains routinely reject any materials that incite violence or disparage, and donated materials already had to be approved by prison officials. Prisoners can buy religious books, he added, but few have much money to spend.

Religious groups that work with prisoners have privately been writing letters about their concerns to bureau officials. Would it not be simpler, they asked the bureau, to produce a list of forbidden titles? But the bureau did that last year, when it instructed the prisons to remove all materials by nine publishers — some Muslim, some Christian.

The plan to standardize the libraries first became public in May when several inmates, including a Muslim convert, at the Federal Prison Camp in Otisville, N.Y., about 75 miles northwest of Manhattan, filed a lawsuit acting as their own lawyers. Later, lawyers at the New York firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison took on the case pro bono. They refiled it on Aug. 21 in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York.

“Otisville had a very extensive library of Jewish religious books, many of them donated,” said David Zwiebel, executive vice president for government and public affairs for Agudath Israel of America, an Orthodox Jewish group. “It was decimated. Three-quarters of the Jewish books were taken off the shelves.”

Mr. Zwiebel asked, “Since when does the government, even with the assistance of chaplains, decide which are the most basic books in terms of religious study and practice?”

The lawsuit raises serious First Amendment concerns, said Douglas Laycock, a professor of law at the University of Michigan Law School, but he added that it was not a slam-dunk case.

“Government does have a legitimate interest to screen out things that tend to incite violence in prisons,” Mr. Laycock said. “But once they say, ‘We’re going to pick 150 good books for your religion, and that’s all you get,’ the criteria has become more than just inciting violence. They’re picking out what is accessible religious teaching for prisoners, and the government can’t do that without a compelling justification. Here the justification is, the government is too busy to look at all the books, so they’re going to make their own preferred list to save a little time, a little money.”

The lists have not been made public by the bureau, but were made available to The Times by a critic of the bureau’s project. In some cases, the lists indicate their authors’ preferences. For example, more than 80 of the 120 titles on the list for Judaism are from the same Orthodox publishing house. A Catholic scholar and an evangelical Christian scholar who looked over some of the lists were baffled at the selections.

Timothy Larsen, who holds the Carolyn and Fred McManis Chair of Christian Thought at Wheaton College, an evangelical school, looked over lists for “Other Christian” and “General Spirituality.”

“There are some well-chosen things in here,” Professor Larsen said. “I’m particularly glad that Dietrich Bonhoeffer is there. If I was in prison I would want to read Dietrich Bonhoeffer.” But he continued, “There’s a lot about it that’s weird.” The lists “show a bias toward evangelical popularism and Calvinism,” he said, and lacked materials from early church fathers, liberal theologians and major Protestant denominations. (My note: the Calvinist materials will be next to go.)

The Rev. Richard P. McBrien, professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame (who edited “The HarperCollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism,” which did make the list), said the Catholic list had some glaring omissions, few spiritual classics and many authors he had never heard of.

“I would be completely sympathetic with Catholic chaplains in federal prisons if they’re complaining that this list is inhibiting,” he said, “because I know they have useful books that are not on this list.”

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Muslim Terrorism Research

Posted by Job on September 11, 2007

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The World Continues To Turn Against Israel

Posted by Job on July 31, 2007

My dear Brothers and Sisters,

     I wish to thank you all for the questions, answers and statements you sent me after the recent Desk of the Rabbi prayer alert. It is always interesting to me that people think that prophecy is something that comes true only in the way that we understand it. When I send you some information and ask you to pray,  it is to pray for the mitigation of God’s will.  It is my blessing that what did occur on the ninth of AV was not violent, with no great disasters.  I believe that this occurred because of  the mitigating prayer. 

     It is also my blessing that some of you had sent additional information to me so that I may enter it in to my prayer time as additional information which may help to direct and guide that which God would have us do.

     I am watching, over the last two days, areas in governments around the United States and the world begin to move in the direction that is required for the fulfillment of the prophecy that all the world will turn against Israel.  I have heard both Congressman and so called experts say that if the problem between the Palestinians and Israel would go away, Al Qaeda would no longer have a focal point to recruit terrorists.  This is probably the single most idiotic thing I have ever heard.  This “new” war against democracy actually began in the 1920’s, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and has continued on and off to this very day.  From them has sprung almost all of the other terrorists and ideologically militant forms of Islam.  The religious advisor or head of bin Laden was from the Muslim brotherhood. 

     When I say that we need to pray, its that something is about to happen and we need to mitigate it. Our desire is not to change God’s will but to bring His mercy into our presence. So, as we watch together, the events in the world take place, ever growing and expanding.  We must ask the Lord to be as merciful, and kind as He can and will be in order to line up with the fulfillment of  His word.  We must know that it is our job to stand as warriors for the truth, to be the light in the world and to bring Gods knowledge and power.

     I can only tell you that war is eminent – that the people in charge of governments today are there not only because of their strength but also because of their weaknesses.  When the disasters begin, we must be the ones who will go into that darkness and destruction and speak the truth and power of God and bring HIS light.

     More specific information will be following very soon on what is going on, day by day, in the world.  Please pray for us as we travel to Jamaica to take part in the consecration and dedication of pastors from 15 churches and stand with the Bishop to bless them.

     Blessings on to all of you, may the Lord bless you and keep you, may His countenance shine upon you and bring you peace in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

In Service to the King,

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Shofar Be Tzion Ministries

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Did God Tell George Bush To Invade Iraq?

Posted by Job on July 23, 2007 reminds me of This is one of the SHOCKINGLY FEW mainstream media stories about this, though I would hazard a guess that pretty much everyone has heard about it. Now the fact that no real sport has been made of this in the media shows which side the media is on. Were they to deal with it in any serious way, it would provoke a real theological debate, and that would have forced the leaders of the religious right to take a stand on whether Bush ever received a direct revelation from God on Iraq or any other issue. The result of such a debate would have been the obvious: there is NO WAY that Bush EVER received such a revelation from God (more on that later). But by placing it out there in a manner where everyone would find out about it but so serious examination of it would take place serves the purpose of the anti – Christ media: to make Bible – believing Christians look like fools, fascists, or some combination thereof. And it has worked, see this link: Because Of George Bush, The World Regards Christianity As Evil!

And this better than anything else exposes the utter corruption of the Christian leaders in America, especially those on the religious right. If they were on the Lord’s side, out of a desire not so much to defend the reputation of the church on earth but THE NAME OF OUR GOD IN HEAVEN, they should have openly challenged Bush on this blasphemy. But since no righteous man or woman of God performed the role of a prophet, it shows the apostasy of our churches just as does this article: Do You Go To Church? If So, Why?! (Pay special attention to the fact that only 3% of Christians truly care whether their kids go to heaven or hell according to this survey as compared to 39% wanting their kids to get into a good college.) What demonstrates the apostasy even more so is that the MEMBERS of their churches did not DEMAND that their pastors oppose Bush’s speaking against our Lord.

How can I be so sure that God did not tell Bush to invade Iraq and Afghanistan? It is a simple Bible test, really. (Test Your Bible Knowledge With The Prophecy Quiz! and
The Requirements For The Office Of A Prophet are the types of things that would point you in the right direction.) Some simple ones: prophecy only goes to Israelites (meaning people that are saved). Bush = member of Skulls and Crossbones, pro – abortion and pro – homosexual: see Why Christians Should Not Support George W. Bush, and believes that Muslims worship the same God as Christians do (which is, er, quite a surprise to the Muslims). Add to that Why President George W. Bush Honestly is Not a Christian and it is pretty clear. Incidentally, none of the things in any of those links are secret. They were known to our clergy before he was elected to office, and by the time this “revelation” allegedly came to him, it was obvious that he had not changed! So strike one.

Strike two: things of this nature are only true if established in the mouth of two or more witnesses. Well, was there any evidence of any other Christian hearing a word from the Lord that we should strike Iraq and Afghanistan? If there were, I didn’t hear of it!

And strike three: all revelation must be consistent with prior revelation. For Christians, our completed, inspired, inerrant, literally true, and final authority in all matters – including revelation – is the Bible. It is what by which we can try all spirits by the Holy Spirit, and call anything and everything that does not measure up to be accursed. Now I am not one of those who believes that the Righteous One who shall one day return to make war and overcome the armies of Gog and Magog and those who follow Him are called to be pacifists: see CHRISTIANS ARE NOT TO BE PACIFISTS!!! please. But just show me one place in the Bible where God told Christians to start wars of aggression against a nation that did not attack us and was not imminently planning on attacking us (and had no real capability of executing any plan that they did have) but JUST HAPPENED to be MIGHTY CONVENIENT to various domestic and international economic and political aims of his. (Puppet regime? Check. Oil companies? Check. Halliburton? Check. Defense contractors? Check. Re – election? Check. Increased Christian persecution in Iraq and across the Middle East? Check. (And check here too.) Increasing the amount of carnage, disorder, racial and religious tension, fear, and economic/political instability in the world, which in turn makes us more likely to submit to international leadership for “solutions”? Check. Giving illegal immigrants an easy path to citizenship by allowing them to fill Army quotas? Check. Increasing our national debt to China and similar? Check. Sending so many of our best and brightest workers overseas through the “backdoor draft” so we can claim a “labor shortage” that we need to replace with immigrant workers? Check. And boy, those National Guardsmen and equipment sure would have come in handy after Hurricane Katrina, and to fight all of these wildfires, but oh well … check.) I have not seen it in the Bible. Nor have I seen anything in the Bible where Christians have this manifest destiny to go about imposing Christianity, “democracy”, or anything else on a sovereign nation. Have you?

Did God command His people to fight wars in the Bible? Sure. In the OLD TESTAMENT to ISRAEL. But that was in the interests of creating a nation out of Abraham – and defending said nation – that God would use to bring Jesus Christ into the world. After that was done, there was no need to go about putting men, women, and children to death with the sword (or with carpet – bombing campaigns). Of course, a nation has a right to defend itself, and the case can be made that we have an obligation to rise up and stop grotesque human rights abuses (although our next detachment of troops to Sudan to stop the genocide against Christians there will be the first). But it is safe to say that the large scale (or small scale) slaughter of innocents so that occult groups like the Skulls and Bones can exert its political and corporate dominance over the globe is fundamentally incompatible with Biblical revelation, correct?

Now say George Bush had sold all that he had and given it to the poor as Jesus Christ told the wealthy young ruler. Or had he used these “Radio Free Wherever” government radio propaganda broadcasts to pump Christian evangelistic messages across the globe fulfill the Christian mandate to take the gospel to every nation. Or had he proposed a massive wealth transfer program to the poor, or to imposed strict environmental regulations on big business based on Bible verses and doctrines. Now I would not necessarily advocate Bush going and doing those things because they may be taking Bible doctrines out of their appropriate contexts. But in those instances had Bush said that God told him to do these things, we would at least have to consider the POSSIBILITY that God MAY have told him to do so because the claimed revelation would have at least some scriptural basis. But a revelation that IS OBVIOUSLY COMPLETELY OPPOSITE TO EVERYTHING THAT THE BIBLE SAYS AND STANDS FOR? That should have made at least SOME CHRISTIANS suspicious.

Well, either we Christians bought into the obvious lie, or we knew it was a lie and failed to speak up and demand that others do the same. Which is it? Either way, it is enough to make you wonder if God is going to hold us to account for our silence on Judgment Day, right alongside those who support or refuse to appose abortion. If you do not feel that such is the case, or if you disagree with anything else that I have proposed, now is the time to make your dissent known and tell me where I am wrong!

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More Fearmongering From The Bush Administration And Media

Posted by Job on July 12, 2007

My note: Of course, the revelation that Al Qaeda is back in business despite – or perhaps because of – our Iraq adventure has NOTHING to do with the need to distract the masses from the fallout of the Scooter Libby pardon,  or his keeping the women that he exploited (Harriet Miers, Sara Taylor – and is there a connection between Libby and Taylor?, Monica Goodling, etc.) from testifying before Congress, possibly forcing them to go to prison? Of course it doesn’t! Religious right, where are you? Conservatives, where are you? Oh yes, right here defending the indefensible, of course! Look, fellow Christians, this whole mixing religion and politics thing … it isn’t working out (see Hillary Clinton Professes To Believe Upon The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ and Christian Values Do Not Exist and Christian Values Do Not Exist Part II: The Motivation For Believing A Lie and  Why Fox News Is Bad For Christianity). We need a different strategy. I suggest reading our Bibles, finding out what it teaches with regards to how Christians should interact with the outside world, and doing what it says. What do you think?

Original link: U.S. Intel Warns al-Qaida Has Rebuilt
AP NewsBreak: U.S. Intelligence Report Warns al-Qaida Has Largely Regained Strength

U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded al-Qaida has rebuilt its operating capability to a level not seen since just before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, The Associated Press has learned. The conclusion suggests that the network that launched the most devastating terror attack on the United States has been able to regroup along the Afghan-Pakistani border despite nearly six years of bombings, war and other tactics aimed at crippling it. (My note: had we kept the focus on Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Saudi Arabia, and north Africa instead of going to Iraq where there was little Al Qaeda presence … oh never mind.)

Still, numerous government officials say they know of no specific, credible threat of a new attack on U.S. soil. (My note: So, er, why issue the alert? Oh, to scare and distract people, never mind! Christians, God has not given us the spirit of fear, so anyone who is trying to SCARE YOU, especially to distract you from their own questionable doings, is disobeying God.) A counterterrorism official familiar with a five-page summary of the new government threat assessment called it a stark appraisal to be discussed at the White House on Thursday as part of a broader meeting on an upcoming National Intelligence Estimate. (Oh yeah, and Bush, Rice, national security chief Mike McConnell, etc. are really going to be paying attention!) 

The official and others spoke on condition of anonymity because the secret report remains classified. (Now the proceedings of that energy task force that Dick Cheney presided over way back in 2001? Still secret. But something like this gets leaked? Believe it if you want.)

Counterterrorism analysts produced the document, titled “Al-Qaida better positioned to strike the West.”(Better positioned than what? A Canadian girl scout troup? Or than when? In 1980s when we were giving them arms and weapons and training to fight our wars?) The document focuses on the terror group’s safe haven in Pakistan and makes a range of observations about the threat posed to the United States and its allies, officials said. Al-Qaida is “considerably operationally stronger than a year ago” and has “regrouped to an extent not seen since 2001,” the official said, paraphrasing the report’s conclusions. “They are showing greater and greater ability to plan attacks in Europe and the United States.” The group also has created “the most robust training program since 2001, with an interest in using European operatives,” the official quoted the report as saying. At the same time, this official said, the report speaks of “significant gaps in intelligence” (insert own joke here)  so U.S. authorities may be ignorant of potential or planned attacks. (I guess Still, numerous government officials say they know of no specific, credible threat of a new attack on U.S. soil actually does mean something?) John Kringen, who heads the CIA’s analysis directorate, echoed the concerns about al-Qaida’s resurgence during testimony and conversations with reporters at a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Wednesday. (However, concerns that white evangelical Christians are finally abandoning Bush and that conservative Christians that never supported Bush in the first place are saying “I told you so!” were what motivated this stunt in the first place were NOT publicly aired.)

“They seem to be fairly well settled into the safe haven and the ungoverned spaces of Pakistan,” Kringen testified. “We see more training. We see more money. We see more communications. We see that activity rising.” (Pakistan: yet another oppressor of Christians that is also a Bush ally, just like Saudi Arabia, Russia, China etc …)

The threat assessment comes as the 16 U.S. intelligence agencies prepare a National Intelligence Estimate focusing on threats to the United States. A senior intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity while the high-level analysis was being finalized, said the document has been in the works for roughly two years. (How long did they analyze the Iraq pre – war intelligence again? Since Rush Limbaugh was bragging about how Bush was going to attack Iraq back in 2001 – and he wasn’t alone – not very long.)

Kringen and aides to National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell would not comment on the details of that analysis. (No, they only wanted to release enough information necessary to scare the Christian right base into coming back home, not so much for Bush’s sake but to make sure that GOP primary voters stop considering Ron Paul. Bad news GOP establishment, they are despite media lies to contrary, and see here and here.) “Preparation of the estimate is not a response to any specific threat,” McConnell’s spokesman Ross Feinstein said, adding that it would probably be ready for distribution this summer. Counterterrorism officials have been increasingly concerned about al-Qaida’s recent operations. This week, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said he had a “gut feeling” that the United States faced a heightened risk of attack this summer. Kringen said he wouldn’t attach a summer time frame to the concern. In studying the threat, he said he begins with the premise that al-Qaida would consider attacking the U.S. a “home run hit” and that the easiest way to get into the United States would be through Europe. The new threat assessment puts particular focus on Pakistan, as did Kringen. “Sooner or later you have to quit permitting them to have a safe haven” along the Afghan-Pakistani border, he told the House committee. “At the end of the day, when we have had success, it is when you’ve been able to get them worried about who was informing on them, get them worried about who was coming after them.” Several European countries among them Britain, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands are also highlighted in the threat assessment partly because they have arrangements with the Pakistani government that allow their citizens easier access to Pakistan than others, according to the counterterrorism official. This is more troubling because all four are part of the U.S. visa waiver program, and their citizens can enter the United States without additional security scrutiny, the official said. The report also notes that al-Qaida has increased its public statements, although analysts stressed that those video and audio messages aren’t reliable indicators of the actions the group may take. The Bush administration has repeatedly cited al-Qaida as a key justification for continuing the fight in Iraq. “The No. 1 enemy in Iraq is al-Qaida,” White House press secretary Tony Snow said Wednesday. “Al-Qaida continues to be the chief organizer of mayhem within Iraq, the chief organization for killing innocent Iraqis.” The findings could bolster the president’s hand at a moment when support on Capitol Hill for the war is eroding and the administration is struggling to defend its decision for a military buildup in Iraq. A progress report that the White House is releasing to Congress this week is expected to indicate scant progress on the political and military benchmarks set for Iraq. The threat assessment says that al-Qaida stepped up efforts to “improve its core operational capability” in late 2004 but did not succeed until December of 2006 after the Pakistani government signed a peace agreement with tribal leaders that effectively removed government military presence from the northwest frontier with Afghanistan. The agreement allows Taliban and al-Qaida operatives to move across the border with impunity and establish and run training centers, the report says, according to the official. It also says that al-Qaida is particularly interested in building up the numbers in its middle ranks, or operational positions, so there is not as great a lag in attacks when such people are killed. “Being No. 3 in al-Qaida is a bad job. We regularly get to the No. 3 person,” Tom Fingar, the top U.S. intelligence analyst, told the House panel. The counterterror official said the report does not focus on al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, his whereabouts or his role in the terrorist network. Officials say al-Qaida has become more like a “family-oriented” mob organization with leadership roles in cells and other groups being handed from father to son, or cousin to uncle. Yet bin Laden’s whereabouts are still of great interest to intelligence agencies. Although he has not been heard from for some time, Kringen said officials believe he is still alive and living under the protection of tribal leaders in the border area. Armed Services Committee members expressed frustration that more was not being done to get bin Laden and tamp down activity in the tribal areas. The senior intelligence analysts tried to portray the difficulty of operating in the area despite a $25 million bounty on the head of bin Laden and his top deputy. “They are in an environment that is more hostile to us than it is to al-Qaida,” Fingar said.

Associated Press writer Deb Riechmann contributed to this report.

On the Net: Office of the Director of National Intelligence:


Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. Copyright © 2007 ABC News Internet Ventures

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Final Answer: The Sinner’s Prayer Is Not Only Unnecessary For Salvation, It May Not Be Expedient!

Posted by Job on July 5, 2007

I first asked the question here: Is The Salvation Prayer Necessary For Salvation?, which was in response to this challenge. Now I maintain that the reason why the issue of salvation is so vexing to the church is because there is no “instruction manual” in the New Testament, which I maintain is good because if there were, it would just be something else that Christians could use to turn into into a work or a ritual; claiming that the process in the Bible saved you rather than God. But a “type” of salvation by unearned grace is given in the Old Testament, in Isaiah 6:1-7. “In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the LORD sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly. And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory. And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke. Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts. Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar: And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.”

All Isaiah did was realize and admit before God that A) God is Holy, B) he was sinful, C) that his sinful condition was unacceptable before God, and D) being unacceptable before God because of your sin is a bad thing indeed. (Please realize that Isaiah was ALREADY SERVING GOD IN THE OFFICE OF A PROPHET when he had this vision.) In short, Isaiah, acknowledged his sin and repented of it before God. Immediately upon doing so, his sin was removed through no act of his own!

But wait: his sin was removed by an angel, and only God can forgive sin! Not so! The angel was only the messenger, the vehicle, the vessel! Keep in mind: they WERE under the old covenant; Christ had not been born, died, and raised from the dead, and there was no gospel for a man to preach. The seraphim did not forgive Isaiah’s sin, he took the live coal from the altar, put it on Isaiah’s lips, and the sin was forgiven. Why was the coal live? It had been burned in the fire. What is a common metaphor for fire in the Bible? God the Holy Spirit; Ruach Hakadosh. Consider the Holy Spirit’s role in salvation by reading this link, and while you are at it this brief opinion on salvation in the Old Testament in general here: And keep in mind: the fire of the Holy Spirit is not a regular, natural fire but a spiritual one. So, when the Bible says that the coal was “live”, it does not merely mean that it was HOT, it means that the presence of the Holy Spirit was still with the coal. How do we know this? Because the angel used tongs! The angel never touched the coal, but had to use tongs to handle it. Why do you think that the angel would need tongs, brothers and sisters? This is an ANGEL we are talking about here, a spirit being! An angel is not going to be burned by handling the bratwursts from your barbecue grill! No, the angel could not – would not – touch the coal because the presence of God the Holy Spirit was upon that coal! And when the coal touched Isaiah’s lips, the Holy Spirit that descended down from heaven by virtue of the coal carried by the angel (with tongs) played the same role in Isaiah’s salvation as it plays in this dispensation when a man hears the gospel of a preacher and believes and trusts in the message through faith in God alone.

The best part of all this is that Isaiah played no role whatsoever in this. He did not choose the time or place or manner of salvation. He did not pray for his sin to be removed or for God to accept or help Him. And no, baptismal regenerationists, he was not baptized. He played no role in his salvation whatsoever. It was 100% initiated, executed, and completed by God. The only thing that Isaiah did was acknowledge that he was a sinner, and that he was unworthy to be accepted by God because of it! Immediately after doing that, GOD SAVED HIM. After all, what is the Name by which we are saved? Jesus (more accurately Yeshua, Y’shua, Yehoshua, or perhaps Joshua) which means “GOD SAVES.”

So why, then, the gospel, and what of it? That would probably be a worthy topic for study, discussion, and debate, but I am satisfied with the explanation that it is the method that God told us to use and to leave it at that. But we see from the Isaiah experience that the critical role of the gospel is to not to get the sinner to ask God to save him. Why? Because Isaiah did no such thing! No, the critical role of the gospel is to get the unbeliever to acknowledge that he is a sinner and therefore unacceptable to God because of it, which is what Isaiah did! Only after the sinner realizes that he is a sinner and cannot be reconciled with God because of his sin can he believe that the purpose of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of the Jesus Christ Person of the Holy Trinity was to reconcile the sinner to God, and to trust that the actions of God alone are what saves him!

Again, I have no problem with a sinner’s prayer, but only if it is said as a helpful exercise in “formally” fulfilling Romans 10:9 (That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved), specifically the “confess with thy mouth” part, only after the unbeliever has accepted that he is a sinner and even then only IF the sinner knows that the prayer does not save him and furthermore plays no role in his salvation! And this gets to be a real problem in my opinion. First, there is the well – known issue that a great many evangelists, especially those that rely on systematic methods (following a tract or a technique that they were taught during church evangelism training) soft – play the issue of sin because they do not want to alienate the unbeliever, and also because they may not be able to answer the unbeliever’s questions concerning sin. They may mention it, but to get around that “problem”, these evangelists purport to deal with the sin issue during the prayer, which usually starts off with “Lord, I admit that I am a sinner, please for give me for my sins.” The logic “Hey, if he says it during a prayer that he is saying out of a sincere desire in his heart to be saved, then that counts as a confession of sin and God will accept it.” No, it doesn’t work that way. The person’s KNOWLEDGE and SINCERITY is for God to save him, NOT of his sin and his separation from God because of it. This problem is added to when evangelists say that a person’s separation from God is due to their not accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Well, did Isaiah accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior? No.

The main goal for a lot of evangelists to get people to say a prayer that will not save them, even if they are sincere about a desire to be saved and sincerely recite the prayer! So how, then, are these people saved? I honestly believe that they are saved later. They go to church and (hopefully) hear preachers talk about sin and repentance (again, this cannot be presumed, even in evangelical and fundamentalist churches). Or they will (hopefully) read about the issue and (hopefully) understand when they (hopefully) read their Bibles (something else that cannot be presumed). What of praying for God to forgive your sins?1) Isaiah did not do this. 2) Nowhere in the Bible are we told to do this. 3) Will God hear the prayer of a sinner? Basically, the rub is that if you ask God to forgive your sins without meaning it or even having a true understanding of what you are asking, then it is a vain exercise. But according to the Isaiah example (and the other Bible salvation examples that I can recall), God cleanses you of your sin immediately upon your becoming aware of your sin, knowing that you are separated from God because of it, and desiring your situation to change. Thus, if you have heard and believed a true gospel presentation, then God has already forgiven you before even start to pray! (And it is a good thing too, since the prayer cannot save you!) And it may actually hinder you. What if you say the prayer (even if you mean it) without every truly dealing with the issue of your own sin? Then if you believe that your salvation came when you said your prayer, then will you even see how all of those sermons and Bible verses that speak of sin apply to you? If you regard yourself to be saved already by virtue of the prayer (or of baptism), then perhaps not.

So, the issue that must be dealt with is the scripturally untrue notion that the sinner’s prayer plays any role in saving a sinner, especially when so many Christians are convinced that they were saved when or as a result of saying the prayer, and that the way to be used by God to bring others into the kingdom of heaven is to get others to say a prayer as they did. It is tempting to say that true gospel preaching would make this matter moot, but sadly it is not true. If you believe that God saves the person as a result of his saying the prayer, then out of your love for the unbeliever and burden for his lost soul, you are going to focus your entire energy on getting him to say the prayer. Everything else will be an exercise, a ritual, a formality. Which, of course, means that it will be EXPENDABLE; meaning that you can sacrifice some of it in order not to offend so that you might gain the person through prayer. Let us be honest: suppose you were to walk up to a person on the street and ask him “Do you want to be saved?” and the person replies “Sure, my best friend just died in a car accident, so I want to be with God when I die; I have heard people say and have seen it on bumper stickers and billboards that you need to accept Jesus to go to heaven, but I do not know how.” The overwhelming majority of fundamentalist and evangelical Christians would leap for joy inside and say “Great, just say this prayer!” I would say that a sizable minority would give a quick gospel presentation about how Jesus Christ died for their sins – and may even briefly mention that the person is a sinner in the process – but that would be it! The person was sincere about wanting to be saved, the person said the prayer and asked God to forgive his sins, so there … he is saved! Before reading Isaiah 6 today, I would have agreed. But after reading it, I am forced to conclude that we cannot presume that the person is saved merely as a result of saying the prayer, and we can definitely know that the person’s saying the prayer without knowledge of sin and his separation from God because of it and without repentance of sin because of that fact will not result in his salvation.

Illustrative example: ! On Trinity Broadcasting Network about a year ago, Paula White was speaking of Without Walls’ “extreme evangelism” methods. One such example was their giving a secular concert (admission was either free or with ticket prices far lower than normal) with R&B and rap artists to attract a large number of young unbelievers. That the concert was sponsored by a church was strictly withheld from the public, so the concert attendees had no idea that they were attending a church evangelism event and spent the entire evening there with nothing regarding Jesus Christ on their minds (or if they were, it had nothing to do with the event that they were attending). After the last act performed (and again, it was a secular concert playing secular music, not that I am condemning secular music or those who make or listen to it, just to point out that Christ or the gospel was unmentioned throughout the entire event) an announcer came on stage and asked if anyone in the building “wanted to accept Jesus Christ in their lives” (Paula White’s words on TBN, not mine). Of course, when you have a bunch of impressionable young people that have spent several hours being entertained by their favorite musicians in a concert setting (and R&B and rap acts frequently ask their audiences to respond … “Get up and say yeah!” sort of thing), they are going to be willing to answer in the affirmative to virtually anything almost without thinking. So, when a bunch of kids did so, the announcer had them stand up and say the sinner’s prayer! Which meant that if they were sincere in saying the prayer (and when you are a kid with your friends at a music concert, you can be sincere about a lot of things, especially for oh, about 30 seconds that it takes to say such a prayer), then they were saved. Right?

One final thing: Isaiah 6:8 says “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who shall go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me. send, and who will go for ” Once again, you have God referring to Himself as I (singular) and us (plural). I = Unity, us = Trinity. Trinity in Unity, or Tri – Unity.And in this context, this whole “royal we” (where dignitaries refer to themselves in plural) not apply. Else, the verse would have read “Whom shall WE send, and who will go for US?” No way the normal language would have been used for “I” and the royal language for “we.” Yet another example of why there is no excuse whatsoever for calling yourself a Christian while denying Trinity, or making the “the true nature of God is an unknown mystery that has not been revealed” or “the word Trinity is never given in the Bible” canards that are commonly used as excuses for following some Jesus Only oneness preacher or movement. And isn’t it amazing that God JUST HAPPENS to declare His Tri – Unity during this salvation scene? Do not be deceived, it was no coincidence. God referred to Himself as “I” and “We” during that vision precisely because the Tri – Une nature of God is integral to salvation, and that there is no salvation apart from it. All oneness dissenters: please explain how a “manifestation” of God or a “father – son – uncle relationship of God” went with that live coal to burn the sin out of Isaiah!

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Christian Values Do Not Exist Part II: The Motivation For Believing A Lie

Posted by Job on June 27, 2007

Please see part I, Christian Values Do Not Exist, before you read this if you have not already.

The amazing part is that professed Christians condemn themselves with their own words concerning the “Christian values” lie. How? They freely admit that “one does not have to be a Christian in order to share, appreciate, respect, and uphold Christian values.” If so, how can it be of God, and God be in it? These people need to read the Gospel of John again; it tells us that things that come from God and will be respected by God on judgment day will be misunderstood, hated, rejected, and warred against by the world. God and the things of Him are the light, the world is darkness, and the darkness does not comprehend the light. So, people that regard “Christian values” are walking after darkness and not after light. Example: the Washington Post article linked to in this post The New Missionary Field: “State Church” Europe Where Christianity Is Practically Dead speaks of how Christians fought to preserve the position of a pastor that acknowledged being an atheist because “one does not have to believe in God to teach Christian values.” A more salient example: many people, including Christians, convert to Mormonism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jesus Only oneness pentecostalism because of the strong piety and oustanding values emphasized by their systems of belief and culture. I know that I mention Mitt Romney more than I should in this weblog, but the media and political analysts speak of how well the fellow is doing very well in heavily Christian areas because he showcases his own history of hard work and achievement, personal integrity, and great family. Why? Because so many people have bought into the “Christian values” lie.

The true underlying motivation here is NATIONALISM. We want to love not only our country, but the notions of western culture on which our nation is based. Since we cannot go around kicking everyone that refuses to convert to Christianity out of our country (which is something that God did not even command the Jews to do; “strangers” were allowed to dwell in Israel under certain conditions), we have to create something else that we can all share for the purpose of having national unity along some set of lines that we can all feel good about. Since so many of these people are Christian, they believe the deception that this set of social, cultural, traditional, and political beliefs have anything to do with true Christianity. (I will grant you that some of these beliefs may well be religious, but none of them are spiritual).

Why? Because they want to. It makes them feel good about themselves. It is … man – pleasing! It is an easy way for man to become convinced of the notion that there is some instrinsic good within himself, and thereby divert to himself the praise and honor and glory that belongs only to God. And such people desire this so strongly, to receive the praise and declarations of being just and righteous that only God deserves, that they are willing to give people that hate and reject Jesus Christ a claim to it; to utterly defile it just so they can keep enough of it to glorify themselves! The very concept of “Christian values” is nothing more than the third thing that satan tempted Eve with in the Garden of Eden regarding the tree of knowledge of good and evil (possible only because satan used what was present in Eve already): the pride of life, the desire to be or to make ourselves into something that we are not. And it plays upon the lust of the eyes, which is coveting, a desire to have something that is not ours. Well, people who follow after the notion of Christian values desire to consider themselves inherently good (based on where they were born; being born in America or another western or “Christian” nation and “in a Christian home” makes you inherently better than being born elsewhere … you even have strands of hyper – Calvinism that claims that God places those that He has predestined and elected to salvation in Christian nations and homes for that purpose, and for that reason Christians should not bother with third world missionary activity; J. R. Ryland is reputed to have told the great missionary William Carey “young man sit down … when it pleases God to convert the heathen He will do it without your aid or mine”) and of course desire to be viewed as being virtuous and great – part of a great society of people – based on it.

Haven’t you wondered why certain Christians will get as angry – or angrier – at attacks on their country or their leaders as they would if you attacked their Jesus Christ? The reason is simple: if you attack Jesus Christ, you attack Jesus Christ. But if you attack their country or its leaders, you attack THEM, because you are denigrating their own image of virtue that comes from being associated with a “Christian nation and culture.” It is really  self – idolatry, self – worship. People who sell themselves out to and give themselves over to this sort of thing will do anything to preserve it! Case in point: the testimony of the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission. When the leaders of the apartheid regime that committed such grotesque crimes against innocent people were asked what motivated their evil, their answer was “fear of communism.” While communism is certainly evil and should be in all cases opposed, what they really feared losing was their precious nation and self – concept of virtue and worth based on it! Indeed, cannot you see the anti – Christ, the beast of Revelation, the son of perdition, the man of sin, building an entire system based on these beliefs and exploiting it?

And I have to tell you: what really seems like a taste of this to me is this “Left Behind” false doctrine, especially that in the book “The Remnant” and in the video game “Left Behind: Eternal Forces.” You know, the “convert or kill” thing. “The enemy” are the typical bugbears of the right wing: the United Nations, urban criminals, and similar. SoldierServant does a great job of pointing this out in these three posts: Should Christians Commit Murder For “The Cause”?, How Can We Judge If Christianity Is Still True?, and False Doctrine In “Left Behind”: The Remnant Teaches Against the Doctrine of the God-Sent Strong Delusion. I will not go so far as some in saying that dispensationalism is the problem in and of itself, but clearly their “convert or kill” notion is not justified anywhere in scripture (which instead speaks of fleeing Matthew 24:15-21 or salvation through martyrdom Revelation 20:4). And this goes back to the Iraq venture. We probably will never know what Bush’s motivation for invading Iraq was. I say that it is for the same reason that he supports illegal immigration, supply side economics, corporate welfare, abortion, and homosexual rights (see SoldierServant‘s President Bush — Bad Fruits versus Good Fruits: merely to increase the amount of violence, fear, chaos, warfare, disease, and economic uncertainty in the world; a precondition for the anti – Christ to take power). But I am certain the reason why so many good Christians supported Bush in the Iraq War – and still do – is because (just like the South African whites) they have been deceived into thinking that Muslim terror threatens their “Christian nation”, and therefore their notions of being intrinsically good and being worthy of being worshipped and praised by virtue of their birthright and citizenship will go with it.

Consider this: Jerry Falwell said on CNN that he was willing to sacrifice biblical positions on abortion and gay marriage in order to support a President that was strong on national security because the key to defending our Christian values is defending America, and if America falls to Islam our Christian nation goes with it. For that reason, he stated that he would be willing to vote for an atheist if he was the best at defending our nation. What happened to just trusting God that He would defend our nation, or that no matter what happens God’s Will shall be done? There is no place in that in the heart of one who follows after Christian values, because the one who sells out to those wants not to glorify God, but rather to hold onto that which he uses to glorify himself.

And through religious right politics, many Christians are trying to use the power of the state to impose upon an unwilling public a system of beliefs that will not even save them because promoting such values, values which they themselves admit are not spiritual because non – Christians can have them, exalts themselves. Can you imagine what such people will do when their strong delusions of self – righteousness through their culture and national identity are taken away from them? Please recall, for a second, that Hitler used notions of goodness inherent in the Weimar Republic (Germany) by virtue of their birth, ethnicity, culture, state, etc. preached in the state churches to sell his Nazi program. Also realize that John Hagee is pushing George W. Bush to bomb Iran to speed up the great tribulation because he cannot bear to see Hillary Clinton get elected in 2008 (which would represent the final stake through the heart of the religious right movement), and millions of “Christian Zionists” are ignoring all of the Bible prophecies that have to be fulfilled (there is no temple in Israel, there are no sacrifices, the gospel has not been preached to all the Gentiles) before Jesus Christ can return according even to their own  dispensational doctrines!  This notion of worshipping man through worldly things like values rather than worshipping God in spirit and in truth is very dangerous. It has caused great evil throughout history, and will cause the greatest of sorrows in the time to come. I urgently entreat all of those who wish for heaven to be your reward to turn aside from this abomination immediately and begin instead to trust God alone for your deliverance and your salvation.

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Germany Jails Lutheran Pastor Johannes Lerle For Anti – Abortion Sermon

Posted by Job on June 26, 2007 Another view here:

Last week, a German court sentenced a 55-year old Lutheran pastor to one year in jail for “Volksverhetzung” (incitement of the people) because he compared the killing of the unborn in contemporary Germany to the holocaust. Next week, the Council of Europe is going to vote on a resolution imposing Darwinism as Europe’s official ideology. The European governments are asked to fight the expression of creationist opinions, such as young earth and intelligent design theories. According to the Council of Europe these theories are “undemocratic” and “a threat to human rights.”

Without legalized abortion the number of German children would increase annually by at least 150,000 – which is the number of legal abortions in birth dearth Germany. Pastor Johannes Lerle compared the killing of the unborn to the killing of the Jews in Auschwitz during the Second World War. On 14 June, a court in Erlangen ruled that, in doing so, the pastor had “incited the people” because his statement was a denial of the holocaust of the Jews in Nazi-Germany. Hence, Herr Lerle was sentenced to one year in jail. Earlier, he had already spent eight months in jail for calling abortionists “professional killers” – an allegation which the court ruled to be slanderous because, according to the court, the unborn are not humans.

Other German courts convicted pro-lifers for saying that “in abortion clinics, life unworthy of living is being killed,” because this terminology evoked Hitler’s euthanasia program, which used the same language. In 2005, a German pro-lifer, Günter Annen, was sentenced to 50 days in jail for saying “Stop unjust [rechtswidrige] abortions in [medical] practice,” because, according to the court, the expression “unjust” is understood by laymen as meaning illegal, which abortions are not.

Volksverhetzung is a crime which the Nazis often invoked against their enemies and which contemporary Germany also uses to intimidate homeschoolers. Soon, the German authorities will be able to use the same charge against people who question Darwin’s evolution theory.

Indeed, next Tuesday, the Council of Europe (CoE), Europe’s main human-rights body, will vote on a proposal which advocates the fight against creationism, “young earth” and “intelligent design” in its 47 member states.

According to a report of the CoE’s Parliamentary Assembly, creationists are dangerous “religious fundamentalists” who propagate “forms of religious extremism” and “could become a threat to human rights.” The report adds that the acceptance of the science of evolutionism “is crucial to the future of our societies and our democracies.”

“Creationism, born of the denial of the evolution of species through natural selection, was for a long time an almost exclusively American phenomenon,” the report says.

“Today creationist theories are tending to find their way into Europe and their spread is affecting quite a few Council of Europe member states. […] [T]his is liable to encourage the development of all manner of fundamentalism and extremism, synonymous with attacks of utmost virulence on human rights. The total rejection of science is definitely one of the most serious threats to human rights and civic rights. […] The war on the theory of evolution and on its proponents most often originates in forms of religious extremism which are closely allied to extreme right-wing political movements. The creationist movements possess real political power. The fact of the matter, and this has been exposed on several occasions, is that the advocates of strict creationism are out to replace democracy by theocracy. […] If we are not careful, the values that are the very essence of the Council of Europe will be under direct threat from creationist fundamentalists.”

According to the CoE report, America and Australia are already on their way towards becoming such undemocratic theocracies where human and civic rights are endangered. Creationism is “well-developed in the English-speaking countries, especially the United States and Australia,” the report states.

“While most curricula in Europe today unashamedly teach evolution as a recognised scientific theory, the same does not apply to the United States. In July 2005, the Pew Research Center conducted a poll that showed that 64% of Americans favoured the teaching of intelligent design alongside the theory of evolution and that 38% would support the total abandonment of the teaching of evolution in publicly owned schools. The American President George W. Bush supports the principle of teaching both intelligent design and the theory of evolution. At the moment, 20 of the 50 American states are facing potential adjustments of their school curricula in favour of intelligent design. Many people think that this phenomenon only affects the United States and that, even if it is not possible to be indifferent to what is happening on the other side of the Atlantic, it is not the Council of Europe’s role to deal with this issue. That, however, is not the case. On the contrary, it would seem crucial for us to take the appropriate precautions in our 47 member states.”

Though one may disagree with people who take the Book of Genesis literally (believing that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh), surely secularist political organizations telling people what they may or may not believe, constitute a far greater threat to human rights than religious institutions telling their faithful how to vote. In the voting booth people are free to do what they like, whilst in contemporary Europe people are no longer free to publicly voice their own, deeply felt opinions in public.

In Germany, believing abortion to be as murderous as the holocaust is a crime, and educating your own children is a crime too. In France, saying that “homosexual behaviour endangers the survival of humanity” is a crime, and so is the distribution of pork soup to the poor. In Belgium, speaking out against immigration is a crime.

In the latest issue of the Dutch conservative magazine Bitter Lemon the Dutch author Erik van Goor writes that European courts are silencing conservative and orthodox citizens. Freedom of speech no longer exist, says van Goor.

“While many in the West still idolize the second-hand fighters for free speech, such as [Ayaan] Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh, the true victims of curtailment are deliberately kept under wraps. Hirsi Ali, [Pim] Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh were not curtailed by the state or by court, Johannes Lerle is. The former voiced mere opinions – expressions of a public opinion which one may or may not value or believe. The latter – Dr Lerle – shows that what is at stake is not merely opinions, but a moral order which is being questioned; a reality of life and death which is at risk.”

Hirsi Ali, Fortuyn and van Gogh did not defend Europe’s traditional Christian moral order. People such as Johannes Lerle and Christian Vanneste, the French parliamentarian who was convicted for “homophobia,” do. The latter are being persecuted by Western Europe’s political regimes – a phenomenon which is ignored completely by the Western mainstream media, who participate in the persecution.

Update: The story published Tuesday on the jailing of Pastor Lerle in Germany has been retracted after was informed that we were working with false information from trusted news sources. While Pastor Lerle has in the past been jailed for anti-abortion activities his current one year imprisonment stemmed solely from charges of holocaust denial and not from comparing abortion to the Nazi Holocaust as we erroneously reported Tuesday.

My sincere apologies for this serious error.

John-Henry Westen

Of course, this is LifeSiteNews running from this because of this “pastor’s” sinful anti – Semitic views. You are not going to find any support for anti – Semitism from me; this weblog officially calls anti – Semitism a demon. See Demon Of The Day: Anti – Semitism, as well as my most recent post defending Jews from the charge of deicide Two Reasons Why Blaming The Jews For Killing Jesus Christ Is Wrong. But the fact that this fellow is CURRENTLY in jail for Holocaust denial does not make the title of my post “Germany Jails Lutheran Pastor Johannes Lerle For Anti – Abortion Sermon” wrong. Why? “While Pastor Lerle has in the past been jailed for anti-abortion activities …”! Again “While Pastor Lerle has in the past been jailed for anti-abortion activities!” See, folks like in entries like this are using this pastor’s sin of anti – Semitism as an excuse to ignore that Germany will throw you in jail for opposing abortion. So, what they are doing is adding their own lie to his. Why? Because the folks at SUPPORT putting pro – lifers in jail. Please recall that just a few years ago prosecutors were using RICO (a law originally put into place to fight organized crime) against pro – life groups until the Supreme Court made them stop. Sen. Charles Schumer attempted to write language into that evil bankruptcy bill passed by our allegedly Christian GOP Congress and signed by our allegedly Christian President Bush (oppressing the poor is a sin too, people, and in fact it contributes to abortion!) that would make virtually all pro – life protest outside abortion clinics illegal. You know that Schumer language is going to resurface and become law whether Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, or Rudy Giuliani become president! Now please recall that before the Supreme Court only threw the LAST attempt to use RICO against pro – life groups only AFTER it had done its job: running the ONLY EFFECTIVE PRO – LIFE GROUP, Operation Rescue, out of business! The remaining pro – life groups are TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE because they are part and parcel of the corrupt GOP machine. Anyone who believes that the GOP is pro – life, I have two pieces of bad news for you. First, there is no Santa Claus, and there is no tooth fairy or Easter bunny either. Second, the GOP has NEVER been pro – life. Quite the contrary, just a generation ago, the DEMOCRATS were more pro – life than the Republicans were. Pro – life Christians, everybody knows it, everybody knows how these Republicans take your money and your votes and use you as unpaid volunteers to stand in lines in the rain for hours a day and to put up all those signs and send out all those letters and then go behind closed doors and laugh at you. The politicians know it. The media knows it. And yes, your favorite “religious right” preacher knows it. That is why despite over 25 years of supporting “pro – life” candidates, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE, NO LAW HAS BEEN PASSED THAT HAS STOPPED A SINGLE ABORTION, OR EVEN TO MAKE A STAND BEFORE THIS NATION THAT ABORTION IS IMMORAL! All of you are celebrating over this “victims of fetal violence act.” Well, even the hardcore leftists like Barbara Boxer acknowledge that it is a pro – choice bill. If anyone kills a woman’s fetus without her consent, it is murder. But with her consent, it is still legal for anyone to terminate her pregnancy. Happy with this “late term abortion ban?” Well, what this bill actually does is FOR THE FIRST TIME ensures the legality of abortions in the first and second trimester on the federal level. Second, how Christian is it to force a woman to choose between her life or health and having a child? Not in the least. So, what this law “accomplishes” is to legalize on the federal level the very abortions that a Christian should want to prevent, and to make the very abortions that a Christian should concede – procedures which threaten the life and health of a wman – almost impossible to get! Anti – Christian measures like this are EXACTLY what these sham Republican organizing and fundraising arms masquerading as pro – life groups dupe you into supporting. If they were TRUE pro – life groups, people like Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, and Rudy Giuliani would be trying to shut them down just like they did Operation Rescue. And THAT is why was so willing to issue their “retraction.” The issue of how merely standing up for the unborn in Germany will get you thrown in jail is not as important as bad PR. Why? Because bad PR hurts fundraising. It is not about saving lives or promoting Jesus Christ with the religious right folks, it is all about mammon: money and power. The only group that has been more deluded by the political process than fundamentalist Christians with Republicans is black people with Democrats. Black folk: you do realize that our (yes, I said our: as a black fundamentalist Christian, I PERSONALLY AM IN BOTH GROUPS!) percentage of the total population is DECLINING which results in A) misleading statistics like this “percentage of blacks in college up” story: and B) our losing the “political clout” (meaning our ability to put Democrats that pretend to love civil rights in power) that is supposed to be oh so important to the black community. Now I do agree that our incarceration policy (which Bill and Hillary Clinton and other “centrist” Democrats support!) has a lot more to do with our slowing rate of population growth than does abortion, you had better believe that abortion (and other liberal policies LIKE illegal immigration that burden the public schools and remove the unskilled labor jobs that the black community relies on … oh yeah and then there was globalization … NAFTA and China in the WTO and similar that BOTH the Bushes AND the Clintons support that took all of the factory jobs in the “Black Belt” away too!) is playing a role, especially after Clinton started suing states in order to force them to cover abortion under MediCaid, and the public school “comprehensive sex education programs” have started openly advocating abortions (not that I support abstinence education or values education by the way … I support promoting Christianity and then letting abstinence, values, or whatever take care of itself, and no, Christianity should NOT be promoted by or within the government … that tends to result in murderous fascism, remember?). The anti – Semite views of Johannes Lerle does not invalidate this story. It only invalidates the people for whom the anti – Semite angle makes this story too “inconvenient” to talk about because of their own love of the world and resulting cowardice.

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Jesus Christ To The Religious Left: Why Do You Call Me Lord Lord And Do Not Do What I Say? Luke 6:46

Posted by Job on June 15, 2007

Please click to sign up to receive this devotional in your email. *Personal note: This is one of the times when Pastor Keller’s views do not line up with my own, but Keller is still a Bible – based preacher so there is nothing wrong with providing this devotional.

“Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?”  Luke 6:46

The “religious left.”  In case you have been sleeping, there is a new group
of people in our nation who call themselves the “religious left.” This is a relatively new term so you may not be familiar with it.  That is why I felt it was so critical to take the time today to insure you not only understood what it means, but who actually makes up this new group of people. Forty years ago, this group didn’t even exist. They have actually evolved and
grown tremendously over the past decade.

The “religious left” is made up of people who identify themselves as
Christians and hold strong religious beliefs as well as sharing left-wing
ideals.  Obviously, this group has risen up in opposition to those who have
been tagged the “religious right” or the “Christian right.”  The “Christian
right” is that group of Bible-believing Christians who are politically
active and seek to elect to office those candidates who hold to Biblical
values on the key spiritual issues of our day that are also political

These would be issues like abortion and life related matters, gay marriage,
family issues, the proliferation of the pornography industry, and the drive
to remove God from the public square.  Those in the “religious left”
actually take an anti-Biblical position on these issues and are also heavily
involved in the ecumenical movement, environmental issues, opposing war for
any reason, world hunger, and social issues like healthcare, welfare, and

There is nothing wrong with pursing these noble social issues, Believers
should be more involved on those fronts.  The problem with this group is
their anti-Biblical position on the key spiritual issues of our day and
their involvement in these ecumenical movements that require you to set
aside the Absolute Truths of the Bible.

I watched with interest a last week as CNN carried a special program about
faith with the leading Democratic Candidates who are vying for their parties
nomination in the 2008 Presidential election.  Each one dealt with various
faith-related issues in the context of their own personal faith.  I watched
in amazement as each one talked about how important their faith was to them,
how it guided them, how it gave them strength, and went out of their way to
position themselves as people of great faith.

Like my dear mother used to tell me, talk is cheap.  I refuse to try and
judge their heart, that is something only God can and will do.  However, I
have every right to judge them on their actions in accordance with God’s
Word.  How can you say you are a person of faith, yet vote to support the
legalized slaughter of over 4,000 innocent babies every day?  How can you
say you are a person of faith, yet vote to redefine God’s Holy Institution
of Marriage?  How can you say you are a person of faith, yet support special
rights for people who have chosen to engage in perverted sex acts God calls
an abomination, including their ability to adopt children into their deviant

I guess the real question becomes, what is their faith really in?  It is
inconsistent to say you are person of faith yet continually take a stand in
complete opposition to God’s Word.  Jesus said that if you love Me, you will
obey Me.  That means His Word.  Of course, those in the “religious left” has
been born out of the liberal “churches” of our day who make a mockery of
Christ as they operate in open rebellion to the Truth of the Bible while
claiming to be followers of Christ.

They support the legalized slaughter of babies, redefining marriage to
include men with men and women with women, perverting the family by brining
children into homes with homosexual parents, and embrace ecumenical
fellowships with all of the cults and false religions of the world.  They
deny the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, have rejected God’s Word
for the Absolute Truth it represents, and have bought into the lie of the
world that there are “many roads that lead to God.”  These are the people
who make up the “religious left!”

I love you and care about you so much.  It is beyond me how a person can
consider themselves a Christian, which means they are a follower of Christ
and automatically a follower of His Word, yet take a public position in
complete opposition to that Word.  You better wake up, since this is the
largest growing segment of Christendom, this apostate group who calls
themselves Christians but go to churches who operate in complete  rebellion
to Christ and the Bible

This is the group that is Biblically illiterate since they don’t even
believe the Bible to be true.  These are the people who see nothing wrong
with electing a member of a satanic cult to the White House because they
think a Mormon is a Christian.  They are the politically correct crowd who
has bought the lie a woman has the right to kill her baby.  They are the
group who lambastes those who speak out against the sin of homosexuality,
calling them names like “intolerant” and “hateful.”

The “religious left” is a group who will wield incredible political
influence in the upcoming 2008 election.  They are mostly made up of people
who call themselves Christians, but support the things Christ and the Bible
condemn.  Pray for these people since you can’t call yourself a follower of
Christ, yet stand on the opposite side of Christ on so many issues.  Truth
is not what we want it to be, it is what God says it is.  We don’t have the
luxury of giving our heart and life to Christ and then live any way we want.
A true follower of Christ is a follower of His Word.  Jesus said, “Why do
you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?”

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Why The Catholic Church Supports Illegal Immigration And Amnesty

Posted by Job on June 11, 2007

It is all here folks: in this sentence: “in the U.S. the Catholic population would probably be shrinking if not for the number of immigrants coming from Catholic countries, observed Cardinal Avery Dulles, SJ, recently.” It is the elephant in the room that no one, especially not in the neoconservative religious right movement, wants to discuss. Please realize that Ronald Reagan, whom the religious right worships (or to use Catholic language, venerates) was the one who started the ball rolling in the 1980s when he approved an amnesty program WITHOUT CLOSING THE BORDER. Why? Some “conspiracy theorists” insist that it was a payoff to the “Reagan Democrats” (translation, Rome) Seeing this link from the Conference of Catholic Bishops it is hard to deny that their primary concern is increasing the number of Catholics in this country. If the result is America balkanizing and falling apart at the seams … well what does Rome care? They have been around for 1500 years. America has been around for less than 300. Besides, they will be able to exert far more influence over a collapsed, muddled mess of a nation that America becomes than they would over a strong nation founded by PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS. This link shows how some Catholic churches (and in fairness some others) are willing to go as far as breaking the law to provide “sanctuary” to illegal immigrants. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops also vehemently opposes a border fence with Mexico Can there be any doubt as to what the real agenda is here?

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US Birthrate Lowest Ever! So How Is Our Population Growing?

Posted by Job on June 7, 2007

See this link ( The native – born birthrate in America is the lowest in recorded history. Yet our population is booming; 300 million or thereabouts. (Or it is booming for some groups anyway; the black population is crawling at about a 1% increase, and the percentage of the population that is black has fallen from 14% to 11%). So, where is the population coming from? Immigration. Mostly ILLEGAL immigration. Now America has its share of problems, always has, but it has still been one of the best and leading nations in the world for PROTESTANT Christianity virtually since its inception, and a high native – born birthrate keeps it that way. But by decreasing the native – born birthrate with the normalization of abortion and divorce (even within conservative churches) and the glamorization of homosexuality and opening the doors to legal and illegal immigrants who practice Catholicism and other religions, TBN and the other Christian broadcasting networks turning the charismatic movement into a big Word of Faith Jesus Only oneness pentecostal modalism heresy abomination, the New Age – inspired syncretism movement, the mainline churches denying the truth and inerrancy of scripture at every turn, etc. the Protestant/Reformed Christian population of our nation is more at risk than ever. That is bad news for America and worse news for Israel. Now we have had at least two “Great Awakenings” in the past (and if you want to count the charismatic revival at least three; I really do not see why not) when it seemed that America was going to turn wholly away from Protestant Christianity. But since the leaders of modern Christendom are either going after money and preaching a bland inoffensive false gospel or are seeking power and to impose their views and will on a world that rejected God and fell into sin through Adam in the garden of Eden using politics, who is going to lead this awakening? Will it be you?

Father God in the Name Of Jesus Christ, please raise up true preachers, teachers, prophets, and evangelists to awake the masses to Your Word, Your Will, Your Spirit, Your Authority, and Your Son, so that there will be righteous men and women found in this nation lest it fall. Amen.

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Anti – Christ Plot Of State Taking Over Church Is Progressing Quite Nicely

Posted by Job on May 14, 2007

See this link: Let us all give Reagan, Bush, and Bill Clinton too a great big hand. Oh yes, and please take note of how the Catholic – led religious right is going to use Mitt Romney to kick the anti – Christ plot up to the next level. Bob Novak does SUCH A GREAT JOB RUNNING INTERFERENCE here Again, looks like the only GOPer who is going to stand against this anti – Christ plot is Ron Paul ( I used to loathe libertarians, but when you consider the alternative … 

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