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How And Why We Fight

Prayer: The Most Effective Spiritual Warfare And Deliverance Weapon And Tactic

Do you believe that God is real and that the Bible is true? If so, then you cannot deny the existence of spirit beings: angels and demons. Now the Bible constantly speaks of angels and evil spirits; how the former do the Will of God with the latter opposing His Will. Yet so many Christians are denying the Word of God and its power concerning these things with their religious beliefs and practices.

Why? Because in this modern world of science, psychology, and philosophy, it is unacceptable to go around talking about “spirits” (good or evil). Right now in the west the world extends a little tolerance to churches so long as they outwardly appear to be people who are gathering around philosophy and politics and attaching some concept of “God” to it. But the instant you start talking about the power of God, the spirit of God, the moving of God, etc. the world gets highly offended.

So to please the worldliness of its members, the church modifies its outward stands, its doctrinal statements and such, in order to avoid offending and being thereby marginalized by the world. The result of this is that terms like “religious extremist”, “fundamentalist”, “dangerous views” are now no longer even applied to those who believe in faith healing, miracles, prophesying, etc. but rather those who make any attempt to apply Biblical concepts to our human issues, especially when it comes to sexuality and law.

I am here to tell you that while it may make you feel all righteous and holy to get up, thump your Bible, and proclaim “the Bible calls sin sin” and “freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom FROM religion” and “Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven!”, but what you don’t realize is that if you just go to the edge and then stop or pull back, what you are doing is making the Bible nothing more than a political, legal, ethical,or philosophical document. If that is all there is to your private and PUBLIC religion, then you are possessing a form of godliness while denying the power thereof, which is SPIRITUAL power. God is a SPIRIT, not laws, regulations, doctrines, ethics, morals, values, cultures, or traditions.

Do not get me wrong, I am not against those things, they are useful in certain contexts. But if any of those things are used apart from the spiritual nature and truth of God and the Bible, they actually do more harm than good, not only to the world but ESPECIALLY to Christians. If you think that you can just keep a bunch of rituals and profess a bunch of words all your life while doing good works while waiting around for judgment day … well hey I am not going to say that God isn’t going to save you, but rather I am only saying that what a waste of a Christian existence it would be to go through life being called by God’s Name without ever trying to feel or experience His Power and using it to do His Will.After all, why do you even pray if you do not believe – or practive a belief – that God can and will answer you with spiritual power that will effect the natural realm?

So, our purpose here is to confront people – those who are Christians and those that are not – with the reality of God’s power and the cost to those who seek it. The reality: miracles, fulfilled prophecies, and spiritual warfare. Yes, spiritual warfare includes casting out evil spirits, but that is only a part of it, and it isn’t even the part that is most powerful and vital. The truth is, the most powerful, necessary, and basic form of spiritual warfare is regularly studying your Bible, believe that you are reading, doing what your reading tells you to do through faith, and praying to God for guidance and revelation on what you are studying and doing. If you do those things, you will see, feel, and experience the power of God’s spirit on a regular basis.

The cost? Persecution. Ostracism. Rejection. A Christian is to give up everything for God. I am not talking about a “God – centered life.” I am talking about God being your life, your purpose, your motivation, your joy, your strength. For that reason, this site will regularly feature the price that non – western Christians have to pay for the faith so that Christians will stop thinking that their religion is about going to church on Sunday and the voting booth. No, I am not against church or politics, but a true personal relationship with God is so much more than that. The person who seeks the true personal relationship with God will gain a powerful awareness of and ability to discern between good and evil. Such a person will love good and do all that they can to promote it, and hate evil and do all they can to oppose it, and not only in themselves and their circle of family, friends, and church members, but also the outside world.

Christians were “thinking locally, acting globally” and “living in the global village” long before those became fashionable political slogans, because Christians should be aware that they are members of a global body of believers, and therefore what happens to Christians in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Bolivia, etc. effects all of us, and that there are people in Madagascar, Tanzania, Tunisia, and right in our very neighborhoods who need food, clothing, shelter, counseling, and the gospel. But to do these things effectively, one must acknowledge the spiritual reality of God, and submit himself to that reality daily.


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  1. Christoph Fischer said


    I just came across your blog via technorati. While you make some interesting points, I would be more interested to hear how you see yourself “healing the land” when everything you do is lashing out wildly at everybody in sight. Healing, IMHO, has to do with spreading a positive message that actually mends wounds, instead of continually inflicting new ones. On the other hand, you did say “warfare”, which is a rather obvious element to your writings.

    So, maybe you should either a) forget about the healing or b) forget about the warfare. Start praying for your brothers and sisters, misled as some of them may be. Become productive yourself in bringing people to Christ instead of crizicizing others. As for the non-Christians you write about, stop bothering about them and use your time for “healing the land” instead.

    Your brother,


    • Talitha Cumi said

      He is not lashing out and criticizing. The truth is badly received by those who oppose it. Are you one of those?

  2. Christoph:

    “Healing, IMHO, has to do with spreading a positive message that actually mends wounds, instead of continually inflicting new ones.”
    Are you familiar with the verse from where the phrase “heal the land” comes from? “2 Chronicles 7:14 – If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” So according to scripture – which is true – the people need to humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from their wicked ways before God will heal the land. I didn’t see anything about “spreading a positive message that mends wounds” in that scripture. Of course, there is a time and a place for that, but only when people are wanting and willing to make a change. But before that can happen, the people need to know that they need to make a change, and they need to know why. If they are doing wrong, they need to know it. If they are being taught lies in church, they need to know it. And if people like me are not going to do it, who is? Perhaps you have a better, more effective way. If so, show me. Provide to me the URL of your website so that I can learn from someone who is more effective at warning people so that they can turn aside from evil and prevent being destroyed. When demonstrated to be wrong, I will gladly follow after your method. Until then, I have no options other than to continue on in the only way that I know how, which is to emulate not the people in the self – help field or the televangelists, but rather the people that I read about in the Bible, including Jesus Christ.

  3. Will said

    The last days have begun their downward spiril. Many will begin to see this end coming like a flood. The earth is in great turmoil within itself now due to mankinds path of destruction.
    Jesus Himself said, “That if God did not cut short those days for the sake of the elect, mankind would have destroyed himself ”

    God is with His children, and Chirst through the Holy Spirit is within us.

    A famous line said by Yule Brenner, portraying Pharaoh in the Ten Commandments which was quite fitting in the closing of this historic exodus. The Writers of the script of this movie were inspired by God to write this line… When Pharaoh had returned , having lost all his army in the Red Sea. Sitting in anguish and defeat on his throne he makes this famous closing remark..” His God …..Is God ”

    Just remember folks…Jesus Christ is God and He is God.
    In Christ to all..

    Love one another.

  4. Will:

    Yes, I am trying my best to love my neighbor. I am just praying that God will show me the way.

  5. Tim said

    Amen Healtheland.

  6. I had a lapse in judgment and deleted a post from a Mormon I will put it back and reply to it:

    “Steve St.Clair (

    Some of your viewers may be interested in my recently-implemented blog at where I focus on things the Latter-day Saints are doing to get closer to Orthodox Christianity. I am trying to help that happen because of my respect for and closeness to such scholars as Richard Meow, Craig Blomberg, and Craig Hazen at Biola. As a Latter-day Saint, I recognize them as true followers of Jesus Christ, and accomplishing God’s purposes. Evidently, you think of all of them as deluded sell-outs, as well.

    If all Christians were like you and your associates, believe me that I would be pushing for my church to become the next major world religion, rather than becoming closer to Christianity. Thankfully, everyone knows that you are the lunatic fringe.”
    Steve StC

    Well Mr. Clair, I only had to scan that document to see that it quotes Nelphi, which is in the Book of Mormon. Look, you cannot reconcile Mormonism with Christianity, because darkness and light cannot mix. Truth and lies cannot mix. You cannot combine the Holy inspired eternal Word of God with what some demon whispered into the mind of a 14 year old kid named Joseph Smith, who then went out and secretly married other men’s wives. Either Yeshua HaMashiach was created or He wasn’t (John 1:1 clearly says that He wasn’t). Either God exists eternally in Tri – Unity or He doesn’t (Elohim, the first Name used for God in the Bible, is plural). This is simply another attempt among many attempts of this cult to try to remake itself in a way that allows it to trick more spiritually weak Christians. When the government wasn’t going to let Utah become a state, then Joey Smith’s teachings on polygamy had to go. And when the government was going to hammer Mormon institutions with civil rights laws, Joey Smith’s teachings on blacks had to go. What next?

    And it is not what I regard them as. Who cares about my opinions? It is God’s Truth and God’s Standards that count, and those are clearly written in the Bible. It is all about whether you want to believe God’s Truth, or whether you want to believe in demonic lies. And if people know that I am on the lunatic fringe, then it means that I am doing my job. The very words of Jesus Christ which you reject told me that the world, meaning people like you who love and live a lie, would reject me because of Him. If you cared about truth, you would separate yourself from the lies. But you do not. All you are doing is trying to find a way to repackage your lies to make them more palatable to the gullible. That is exactly what Satan did when he deceived Eve with “you will not surely die.” Satan was a liar and a murderer from the beginning, and it certainly looks as if Smith followed after his path. You have a link? Well I have one too. What do you say about this ( Oh, but I am a fanatic? You are the one following a monster who had sex with 30 women, most of them married, and not one of them his wife, because he claimed that it would bring him to godhood! How can you have “respect” for “such scholars as Richard Meow, Craig Blomberg, and Craig Hazen”? If they were real scholars, they would be telling the truth about Joseph Smith and DEMANDING that people leave this dangerous cult and that their LIES not be tolerated but rather opposed. But they are not scholars, they are liars trying to deceive and spiritually destroy people, and so are you. I welcome you, Steve (if that is indeed your name) to come back and tell me how “Orthodox Christianity” can be reconciled with a guy who was accused of murder, attempted murder, financial misdeeds, and pervasive sexual perversions.

  7. Dear Bill Keller Paster,
    I believe that prayer and faith and reling on our father and being in close comunication spending time with him he will show us how we are to serve him.I have tried conntacting you by phone but I can`t seem to get though but I`ll keep trying. I`m a born again christian who has been saved with out our saviour I`m nothing. I`m against abortion,and these senseless killings,like the Virginia Tech. massacar it was a horible incident that could have been prevented and I pray will be prevented in the future.
    Respectfully yours, Thomas Ciccone

  8. Thomas Ciccone:

    You may reach Bill Keller at Thank you.

  9. franklin76 said

    thank you thank you i fear that they make me say and do the things that you say one day i’ll forget about your worries, don’t look know because you can get two for the price of one.

  10. Dennis Thompson said

    You will not find one place in scriptures afterchrist has beenrisen from the dead and the new Covenant begins where a born again Christian is prayed over to be delivered of demons. Do demons exist? Of course. But they have no authority over born again believers.


    Satan had lost all his power. He once had power, but he has lost it. His power, it was in the Law of God, for he could always point to the law and say, you have not kept it. And it made you his prey, and you cringed before that law of God and you knew you had not kept it.

    The Bible says in I Cor 15 that the strength of sin is the law. I think some of you who have not fully seen the finished work of Jesus might even cringe before the law yet.

    You look at that law and you say ‘I am unworthy, unworthy, unworthy’ And the Devil says, you should belong to me, and you say, Right.

    The strength of sin is the law, but now he is cast down, and so the Scripture says that they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the Word of their testimony and they did not love their life until the death.

    They overcame the Devil. How did they do it? By the blood of the Lamb. What does that mean? It means that I look back to the Blood of the Lamb. Back to the great victory that has, past tense, been accomplished, and I rest upon that once for all shed Blood of the Lamb.

    Whenever you meet anything that is Satanic – we do not initiate a battle, we recognize a battle which has been won. They overcame him, not by a fight but by the Blood of the Lamb, which has been fought. We are not fighting, we are recognizing it has been fought

    ~Malcolm Smith~

  11. Dennis Thompson: “But they have no authority over born again believers.” If what you were saying is true, then born again believers should never sin or die, because sin and death have no more authority over born again believers. Correct? Yet born again Christians certainly sin, and though we will live forever with God after we are resurrected, all but the very few to whom Paul’s “we shall all not sleep” comment applies to will die.

    So then, is the Bible a liar? God forbid. What is the case, then, is that we are failing to distinguish between the flesh and the spirit. Though the born – again believer may fall and sin, God is just to forgive that Christian’s sin. Why? Because that sin was in his flesh. And though the born again believer will die, he will never truly die and live forever with God. Why? Because it is only the flesh of that person – the same that was born in sin and committed sin even after that person’s regeneration – will die. We shall receive new incorruptible bodies that will never be defiled by sin, and therefore will never die. And by that same token, though the spirit of man that will one day INHABIT these new perfect bodies that we will receive from God is clean and totally owned by God, those new clean God – owned spirits are still enclosed by corrupted fallen flesh that is doomed to die and return to dust; the same which shall be destroyed by fire along with the old heaven and earth before it is replaced with the new heaven and the new earth. So, as long as we live this life in these bodies, the sin NOT IN OUR SPIRITS but in our flesh must still be dealt with. Therefore, though evil spirits cannot own someone that is owned by God, such a spirit can very much influence, afflict, vex, and yes enter into and dwell in a person’s flesh. That is why the correct terminology is not “to be possessed by demons” but rather “to be demonized”, which merely indicates the influence and presence of them. Christians that reject the influence and presence of evil spirits only do themselves, the Body of Christ, and the job that God called us to do a grave disservice, for we thereby reject the direct spiritual warfare that God in the incarnated Person of Jesus Christ told us to wage in the gospels, and God in the Person of the Holy Spirit inspired Paul to write the spiritual warfare verses in Ephesians and similar for passive indirect warfare. That is indeed what Satan wants, and can you blame him?

    Look, there is no lack of Christians experiencing real problems in their lives. Some take the tactic of claiming that such people are not truly regenerated. If that is your position, there is no need to have this discussion. Otherwise, acknowledge that Christian pastors and theologians are running away from spiritual explanations for things like addiction, mental illness, marital problems, etc. that so many Christians are experiencing in favor of a Christianized version of secular psychology and psychiatry! Which do you prefer to deal with the real problems that are afflicting so many Christians and are getting worse as evil is ever increasing as we approach the last days: the teachings of the Bible, or the teachings of Alfred Kinsey and Sigmund Freud?

  12. Ms. Setting The Captive Free said

    Dennis Thompson: God’s people perish for lack of knowlege-for that reason-your foolish reasoning, the Kingdom of God continues to suffer violence-Christians can be so naive to believe this that they cannot even operate in the power of Jesus’s redeeming blood. How can they opperate-read again…and these signes shall follow them that believe-in my name (IN THE NAME OF JESUS)they shall…This applies to those that believe that these things are real…not to those who like you do not beieve in anything but Jesus and his blood-I can just hear you-for everything you scream “the bood of Jesus!” Many of us born again folkes lives under the spirit of witchcraft and exhibit illness, povertiy and misfortune and instead of finding the root and getting delivered we tell ourself and friends that as long as you are born again you are cured-Jesus wants us all delived and living well. If we continue to believe that the satanic kingdom cannot affect the saved we will continue to be foolish.

    My mission is via knowlege, God use me to set the captive free and silence those that spew out this foolishness-satan is using them to brain wash your people so he can continue to put them under attack and when they lack the knowledge of deliverance they reamin in bondage!

  13. archbishopangel said

    Amen brother!!!

  14. Dennis Thompson said

    LOLhow an you derive if I say satan has no authority over us that YOU imply that we should never sin? Thats a stretch and putting wordsin a persons mouth. You really have a messed up way of thinking.

    Iused to pray deliverance for years. Then I read the word. I found the New Covenant.The new ovenant is a completed work. I have nothing to add to that.

    Discrepencies are often found in what people wish to believe.people are primed to believe their issues they struggle with are demonic. We are trained what to look for. How they mightcome out. We tell the people we pray for what may happen. It is all a priming and soulish.

    Everything in the bible is not just meant for believers. 1 John 1:9 is a prime example. He spends time writing to the fellowship,and in that fellowship were Gnostics. Before Christ, all Gentiles had was humanism.

    Well he share with them in 1 John 1 how he wishes to really fellowship with them. Then in verse 9 he tells the unbelievers how to be saved. Christians think this is about them, it isnt.Its about the church there and getting Gnostics saved.

    Show me one ripture after Jesus Christ has risen from the dead where one person that has received Christ is prayed over for deliverance! Just one. There is notany. The Holy Spirit resides in each born again believer. You think something ofsatan can reside in the same place? Absolutely not and you can not find one place where it indicated it did.

    There were no Christians before Christ was glorified because there was no atonement made for mankind. The veil had not been broken either.

    Once you understand who you are in Christ you will realize you identify with him. He meets all of your needs. Nothing an come between you and God. The battle is already won. You are playing little god if you think you have a battle, when it says the war is won. By Jesus. So go ahead, after Christ arose try and prove in scripure where a believer is delivered.

    The Prophetess was not a believer but a paganistic medium. Simon the Sorcerer was not a believer. The things he saw was when the people he knew were being saved, demons came outof them at salvation, thats what amazed him and he asked to be able to do that. I studied this not to be pessemistic, but to prove if it were real in the New covenant and it is not.

  15. NSpears said

    Jude 1:8-10

    8In the very same way, these dreamers pollute their own bodies, reject authority and slander celestial beings. 9But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” 10Yet these men speak abusively against whatever they do not understand; and what things they do understand by instinct, like unreasoning animals—these are the very things that destroy them.

  16. Irmeyahu said

    Hi people,
    I was much blessed by the articles about expelling demons. I came to the Lord because of sexual demons : my world collapsed one day when I saw myself in a vision being sodomized by a friend of mine while smoking marijuana . I later understood that it happened because in order to seduce women I wanted to have the spirit and sensuality of a woman in me. that spirit opened the door to a more powerful one which literally paralysed and “raped” me. From that day on I started to be sexually attracted to men too and It felt terrible and I knew it wasn’t me. I decide to look for God’s help, because my mother had taken me to church at a younger age. He sew the seed of faith in me and I got born again. It happened while reading the purple color : the hero’s sister who had become a missionary wrote a letter to her saying she got aware of God’s presence during the trip. I felt the presence of God that day. After many prayer nights during which I kept asking God to forgive my thoughts I felt the presence of GOd more powerfully. But the problem persisted even after being filled by the Holy Spirit. I even preached words with much anointing. But now I was someone who could walk with God for two weeks and sleep with any girl I meet or even prostitutes because of the pressure of battle or simply because I didn’t want to keep my heart.Now I feel I was very close to victory : I could experience longer times in the presence of God only.

    At the beginning of my walk with the Lord, I thought someday He would send a minister to lay hands on me so the demons would come out. Then I realized He wanted me to get deliverance by other means which I tried with my whole heart but not for long. After years of backsliding in pornography and fornication I have married with a Christian and am really decided to overcome with the help of God not only to be able to honor my marriage but also because sex has ruined 10 years of my life. I want God to make my sexual life straight and to answer His high call with an honest and sincere heart. What is discouraging is how the Lord fills me with the Spirit at church during praise and worship or when I cry out to Him or meditate the word and how my mind can be totally under the control of sodomy thoughts in which I am the victim. I can see things around me penetrating me through my anus. (Sorry to share such ugly details but It feels good to do it) But I don’t want to give up since as I read on this website it’s a process. I know i have a responsibility to keep my heart pure so they won’t feed on me. I won’t stop now because the Lord tells people who give Him their back that they had not realized He was healing them. I am committed to hold His hand get closer to Him and let Him speak to me . I have a hope He’ll lead me into full victory because He awaits a clean church which I want to be part of.

    What I think today is that because I decided to eat what I once had vomited, I opened the door to even stronger demons. And I am dealing with them now. I know if cry out to Him with a sincere heart and persevere to do that, He’ll give me full victory. He’s healing me. Thanks for sharing you’re experiences and your knowledge in the matter of demons . I was encouraged by the physical description you make of demon possessed people because it looks like me when I am defeated in my thoughts. It shows me I am the devil’s when he’s got my thoughts.

    I am learning to expel them into the abyss and binding them to come back. This is something based on the word.

    LIFE LESSON from my experience : You won’t mock God, what you’ll sow you’ll reap . A perverse, unstable and compromising heart will do you no good.


  17. Irmeyahu said

    somebody said on this website that the Lord told Him it was important to expel demons in the abyss. I think it’s right because based on the Word. In Jude it says that demons are chained in darkness. so when we cast them there and bind them, we only do what the Word says is done.

  18. Charles D. said

    Irmeyahu part of me did could not believe what you were writing, that you were serious, then I saw it. I wish I could underscore to indicate exactly what I mean, since I cannot, please read what you said today ,then, followed by what you will say each succeeding day:

    “and am really decided to overcome with the help of God not only to be able to honor my marriage but also because sex has ruined 10 years of my life.”

    “and am really, really decided to overcome”

    “and am really really, really decided to overcome”

    “”and am really really, really,really really decided to overcome”

    Make God and God alone your priority! You have 100 priorities, you have no priorities. Get it?


  19. Irmeyahu said

    Thnaks for answering. I knew it would be difficult for someone to believe it. how can a man be so double-minded and without the fear of the Lord when The Lord has already met hIm? I thank God for His patience with me. I can honestly say that serving the Lord is my priority today. I want Him to devour me. Today I still have an opportunity to work out my salvation and make my calling and election sure. Believe it or not I am stronger each day. Anyway thanks for the exhortation, I can understand that after so many years of wandering it’s difficult to believe I am really going to abide in Him now. But I am sure of it.
    I felt depressed when reading testimonies of church goers unable to get deliverance from demons above all if they have forsaken every sin which wasn’t my case . But today I understood that if that Word of God who is Jesus is alive in me demons can’t stay because the Word bound them in darkness. And In the Word there is the life of God which demons can’t stand. I am determined to pray, read the bible and praise the Lord regularly. I trust God that if I seek Him with all my heart, He will teach me to put my trust in Him more and more, and will enable me to control my spirit and reject any thought contrary to His reign in me

  20. Bruce said

    We are indeed, living in trying and troubled times. While scientific knowledge has increased (manifold in 100,50,10 years)those that have recieved so much, have yet so little, and visa versa.

    You, my brothers and sisters in Christ, when have you last helped a stranger? When have you last done what Christ would have done for the least?

    Christians saints, Christ is coming quickly.

    Why are we american’s, so interested in what kitchen we may have remodeled, or car we might get, or thing that that world tells us we must pocess. Why are we in such a hurry, everytime we step in our car, or go the the next meeting, or talk about what “I’m going to do next”, when we don’t even have the time to first, say Holy God of all creation, “what I want to do is first be your son and be with You, in all things that I do and desire”.

    Be well my friends, and know that Christ comes and no man knoweth the day or hour.
    What will you luke warm say then.

    Peace be you all and may you desire God and may He reside in you, in all that you desire.

    Your Friend in Christ,

  21. bibomedia said


  22. Wow! I really love this site. I found it from a Google gadget of all things! Will to be honest, I believe God led me here. Since finding out that my son could die soon, I have been really angry with God, followed by guilt because I know that God is in total control and has our best interest at heart like any good father but like any child, I don’t like where my father seems to be leading me… So, my walk has been very clouded and painful as of late. Satan has spoken one too many lies in my ear and I am ready to get out of the pigpen and go back home.

    Bruce, I must admit, I am among the mundane living day by day for self. I claim to follow and even work for Christ but to be honest, all I really care about is me and my family.

    I will in fact wait for God, be strong (somehow), take heart and wait for God. Oh how the wait can be long at times…

    I love you heartland and I will be in continual prayer for this ministry and the brothers and sisters around the world you speak of.

    Awake in Christ,
    Scott Smith

  23. Sven Swart said

    Remember people, the devil may be defeated, but he is a sore loser and sore losers tend to take cheap shots at the victors. Doesn’t the Bible state that we are not unaware of the devil’s schemes and that we should not put any confidence in the flesh, but rather be equiped with the full armour of God, so we can withstand his onslaughts. I wish I could memorise where these Bible passages are located, if someone could help me, it would be very much appreciated.

    On another note, my grandfather on my father’s side was a Freemason and make no mistake, the curse talked about here is truly devestating. Untimely deaths,insanity,the children sometimes tend to be clumsy and accident prone and there is also the sexual maladjustment. Women have an increased chance to miscarry or suffer from a barren womb.

    I am truly grateful that God has loved me so much that he sent his only Son to die in my place. I’m still working out my salvation and dealing with areas of sin in my life. Sin can be such a frustration and a drag, I realise how wicked it is and God has every right to punish sin.

    Websites such as this are truly usefull. Fight the good fight and remember, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities and the evil spirits in the air ( once again, I would appreciate it if someone can point out where this verse is located, my memory isn’t always that good). If evil spirits are no longer an issue, then why are we told that we have to wage war against them? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

  24. Obelix said

    You will not find one place in scriptures afterchrist has beenrisen from the dead and the new Covenant begins where a born again Christian is prayed over to be delivered of demons. Do demons exist? Of course. But they have no authority over born again believers.

    Dennis: This is a very dangerous and lethal approach to being a Christian. It gives a false sense of security. My people is perishing because of a lack of knowledge or because they do not want to learn. We are clearly taught that we are at war. The devil still goes around like a roaring lion and seeks whom he may devour.
    KJG 2 Corinthians 11:4 For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.
    Oops, you can receive abother spirit? How can that be?
    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. You can see it in church history that the early church was known for its authority over demons and casting out demons of umbelievers is the only last choice. You still fail also to give a proof that all demons will have to leave at rebirth, which is the logical consequence of your statement.
    With your believes in mind I picture a “Christian” in a lawnchair sipping on a beverage, thanking Jesus and caring for nothing for the war is already won, right?

  25. David L. Williams said

    Someone above asked if we can receive another spirit, and I guess this means when we already have the Holy Spirit. Read 2 Cor 11:3-4. There, Paul is writing to people he knew were saved. He is warning them about receiving another spirit, brought to them by a false prophet. This spirit, in addition to the One they had received from Jesus.

    Also read Luke 9:55. Here, Jesus and His disciples were refused entrance into a town, and some disciples wanted to call fire down on them. Jesus told them they did not know what manner of spirit they were of. (This verse is not in all translations.)

    Having been in a deliverance ministry and having seen many demonized Christians seeking deliverance, I hurt for those above and in other posts on this site, who want an answer for what they even know is demons within them. But the answers they get from many is from prideful people who think they know so much, and they spew man’s traditions that have no backup in the Bible. Thus, more people go away in pain because the churches avoid the truths in the Word that may make people leave their congregations. No, the Bible does NOT say that a demon cannot inhabit a spirit-filled Christian. may God open the eyes of His children. ….DavWms

  26. A demon can in fact inhabit a Christian. I to have seen this first hand also. I think the main question many are seeking answers to is where in the body a demon inhabits, since the spirit man where God dwells is off limits? They attach themselves to the mind (soul realm) and body (physical) realm. Many are found hiding in the mid section behing organs and often bring sickness to that area of the body. When a Christian sins it gives them premission to without saying.

    I too came out of the deliverance church and have seen the strangest things.
    I once went to a young womans house because she was seeing a wolf run up and down her hallway. The devil that was attempting to gain a foothold was given permission because this woman dappled in out of body travel. She could tell you what the conversation was in the next house, and often went home to talk with her relatives. After sometime talking to her she finally came clean about her travels and repented, then asked God to forgive her and break the demons stronghold.
    To this day she has avoided these things and has not had a problen since.
    Good to see you again Brother Williams. There are not alot of people who understand deliverance. Most Christians think they just need faith and use a few bible verses. But there is more.

  27. David L. Williams said

    Reverand Patrick, I always cheer up when I see you have made a post. It is a lonely battle to get the truth out to people who do not want to hear it. When i find someone like you, some of the loneliness goes away. I suspect you have at times felt like Elijah, thinking he was the only one left against the world. I know I have.

    Almost all my brothers in Christ have deserted me. It isn’t that I go around spouting off what I believe about demons. It’s as if something was prompting them to ask a series of questions, to where I have no choice but to tell my convictions, even when it is not the time to do so. Then they avoid me like a plague.

    I agree that the normal place for demons to be in is in the soul where our intellect, emotions, and will are stationed. But as you said, they can move about in the body as well and cause havok in those places. I myself have had a few deliverances. I once felt two demons pop thru my lower chest in a hurry to leave. With them went a rage i had all of my life that I had to constantly control.

    Another time was after my wife died. Her sister and I sat and talked for hours, drinking one cup of coffee afer another. And as often happens after so much caffein, I got a great pain in my shoulder. I knew to lay off caffein for a while, and did. But the pain didn’t go away. I finally asked for hands on prayer. As they prayed, I felt the pain form into a ball. It then slowly went down my arm, and out my fingers. It was an odd sensation to actually feel a ball shaped pain moving in my arm.

    That prepared me for seeing another experience. I had prayed for a lady at church. She was very bitter at God for allowing her to have terminal cancer. She insisted God heal her, THEN she would turn to Him. I told her she can’t manipulate God, and asked her to rethink this. She refused.

    Later one evening at a homegroup meeting, she and I came to the front door at the same time, and we talked. Again I tried to convince her to repent. In a rage, she refused. Later during worship, she ran outside in the dark. In a bit, I followed her out and peered around a tree to see where she was. She was about 50 feet away, and an orange glowing ball was floating in front of her face.

    The demon was ball shaped at this time, about the size of a tennis ball. It quickly disappeared into her, and she left. A few months later, she died of the cancer. Demons can take on many shapes and sizes, depending on their goal in their host.

    This gal was not saved, I’m pretty sure. But like you, Pastor, I’ve seen MANY Christians with demons. Even leaders. So as God said in the OT, His people perish for lack of knowledge. Still, to this day. And the churches refuse to be the Church and follow Jesus’ command to cast out demons.

    Keep up spreading the truth, Pastor. …Love, DavWms

  28. It can be hard sometimes brother Williams. I have learned over the years to only move when God saids to. One of the reasons for this is because people are different today. Most want to hear about everything but the truth.
    I always go back to the apostle Paul who did many great works for the Lord Jesus. Yet a spirit was allowed to buffet him. The word use here in the greek means personality. And evil spirits are exactly that, personalities seeking a body.
    Paul asked God to take it away three times and God replied my grace is sufficient. This spirit was attached to him that he not be exalted above measure, in other words get the big head.
    Yet Paul went to heaven.
    I would like to say that a demonic attachment does not mean we are going to hell. Else Paul would have went. It does however mean we will struggle in areas of our life without deliverance, and the enemy will reek havoc to our mind, yet a person is still born again in the inner man, the heart.
    Years ago five devils came into my bedroom while I slept. I knew it was not me dreaming because my wife bares witness that they were there. She too could see them. They were shouting lets get him.
    I was going through a time in my life where I was very angry and bitter with God and did not ask Him to forgive me. I was content to leave things the way they were.
    My spirit man sat up in the bed, and was speaking in tongues according to my wife.
    She was awaken by them and had began to pray. They stood at the edge of my bed hssing like snakes. Each time I tried to pray in the name of Jesus nothing came out. One of them had me by the throat squeezing.
    Suddenly my wife said In Jesus name. They ran so fast all you could only see a blur.
    The next thing that happened was my eyes opened and there was this sicking sense in the room. My wife said did you see that. She saw it will her eyes. Beloved the first thing I did was repent and ask God to forgive my foolishness.
    God spoke to me sometime later and saying He uses the devil to fulfill His will. Brother the first thing I do is repent.
    I can go on and on but until tomorrow God bless…..

  29. David L. Williams said

    Thank you, Patrick, for the encouraging. I haven’t had any personal visits by demons to my knowledge, but I’ve heard others’ testimonies of such. When I spoke of those personal demon deliverances above, know that was only part of the story. Jesus took me for a walk thru my soul, finding and expelling many demons as we went. I saw they all had permission to enter me as a child, and they had formed my personality to barely be able to get along in this world.

    I wrote a book on the entire subject, with much of my testimony in it. It shows just how Biblical it is…but the subject is much too deep and long to try to detail in a post such as this. It takes time to add up all the Bible info to show it is indeed present to find there.

    Few want to see this thread that goes thru the whole Bible, as it challenges some major concepts they believe. The book is not popular, to be sure. It has been free online at my other screen name. Many begin reading it and tell me they can’t wait to finish it. But most do not finish it once they see it is about them, personally. I hear rumors it is going around a part of Africa, widely read there.

    I have gone thru two 7 year long wildernesses in my life. No fun. Now, I am going thru another type of wilderness, locked in a “cave” experience. This has gone on for a decade. No face-to-face friends, absolute loneliness. (I am a widower.) I am not allowed to travel beyond what I must for business, about 35 miles max.

    Lately, I have come to hate everything I’ve done in the past, good or bad. I can see that beyond hoping for Christians to have some truth, there is also a “see what I know” in me. Pride. I am trying to see all God wants me to see in this, to repent it all the way out of my heart.

    I am shortly going to re-edit the book, to eleminate the “me” in it. It is hard to draw the line between needed info and what is braggidocious. Love, DavWms

  30. David Williams

    locked in a “cave” experience

    I’ve been experiencing this since 1988. Many times it is because we are to rely on God and God alone. Looking back at the lives of the prophets, we see they had no friends. They had no one they could go to and talk about their trials of life. All each of them had was God.
    I’ve pretty much come to realize i must stand alone, leaning on the Father for He is my source of strength.
    However the Holy Spirit is clear that we must seek out others like ourselves. The Word of God tells us to assemble together. There we gain strength. But there are so many who follow a fake gospel. One that Satan doesn’t mind them having. He doesn’t care if they talk Jesus, call on His name. Sing and pray while coming up with all kinds of new revelation saying it is of God. He doesn’t mind them talking about propserity and blessing because they are bound inwardly. So who do you trust?
    The Holy Ghost!!!

    Do not forget the devil wants to seperate you from others, making you a lone sheep. Then he will slowly sift God out of your life. This is what I was going through. I had to find one or two people who believed in walking the old path the prophets walked and had nothing to do with this new age gospel of wealth without any true power or anointing; having a form of godliness, but no power to change.
    Everything is about change, from an old man to a new man. From a sinful life to a life of repentance. Letting the water of the Word wash us inside out. Not like todays churches and ministers preach. This is what you and I, and others here are called to do.
    Do not focus on what yoy have done because you hands are on the plow. You don’t have time to look back.
    When Elijah told Elisha to come with him. The young man wanted to go and tell his family good bye. But the prophet became harsh with him. “What have I to do with you?” he shouted.
    Elisha began to understand what the prophet was saying. He turned around and killed all the oxen he had, then cooked them. This was saying I will not return to that which I was doing, my old way, with its old thoughts and feelings. I will go forward in my new walk.
    Love you brother. God Bless!!!!!

  31. David L. Williams said

    Time for a shortie before bed tonite. I sure would like to find a face-to-face friend who understands this walk. I have tried so much, I have given up on that and sit alone. I do have a few friends online and we are on the same page on much. But they are not alone, so it’s not quite a like situation.

    No, I won’t turn from God. There is nowhere else to go this late in the game. The world holds no interest to me. I really don’t think the devil has me in the cave, but God. Anyway, it won’t be over until He says it’s over. Bed time. Love, Dave

  32. Thomas wilson said

    Devils and demons have ta-kin control of the world banking system.The last days have come on upon us. I BESEEHCH ANY CHRISYTIN THAT IS READING THIS POST,America is collapsing in to a huge demon hold.This trillion dollar boondoggle is a lie out of hell.Satan and his legion of demons have the hammer and the hammer is thundering upon us.

  33. vinnie said

    hi it s me vinnie, hope you re doing very well. thank GOD
    i have another question.
    i live in stuttgarg germany as you know. yesterday the pastor dominic and i we were invited to a church in weinstadt stuttgart
    because an apostle from milan italy came to bring us a rivelation
    that he had from GOD:)
    he is an afroitalian but he had spock in french language. at the beginning i did nt had problems with the language, but on the half way i ve got lost because he could nt control his spirit.
    and the translator had deficulties understanding the GODS prophesy.
    people forget the orders of GOD: it was a confusional state.

    the music was over 200 decibel. it really bothers me.
    please answer. thank you. bless you.

  34. Sven Swart said

    Of course, the best way to stay safe is to improve your relationship with The Lord through regular prayer, Bible study and proper fellowship with fellow believers. Also worth remembering is that one should never revile or insult celestial beings, like some guys on TBN tend to do, even if those beings are evil. The archangel Michael couldn’t even bring himself to bring in a slanderous insult against Satan, instead, he just said “The Lord rebuke you.” You are however allowed to describe the Devil’s character based on Scriptural references alone. He is a deceiver, an accuser and a tempter.

    On that note, let us renounce secret and shameful ways, walk in the light of God’s truth and always be eager to give an answer for the faith we have.

    God bless.

  35. Mat said

    Hi ,

    My questions is ,

    – I know that demons exist , why do we have to conquer them all again If jesus has already won it.

    – How could Satan have any real power over Christians if Jesus has already won ?

    Thank you for anwering my questions.

  36. David L. Williams said

    Jesus fought the good fight and showed us The Way. He left the enemy intact so we could also take The Way, becoming like Him. DavWms

  37. Mat said

    Hi do you want to mean that when he left the enemy intact ,

    So what was Jesus refering when saying (he came to destroy the works of the ennemy.), to deliver us.

    How can we take the way Christ did if we ignore the essentiel of the spiritual warfare, and why continue to fight , has Satan and his demons gained in stenght and power during this century.

    Satan was always more powerful than men see ( the history of Job).

    Personally I believe that jesus came , to give us authority over the ennemy.( People in he old testament was crippled dy demonic attacks and the same in the new testament) they have no authority to cast out demons ,That’s why Jesus gave us the authority.

    My questions is *( should we comtinue to fight against a defeated emnnemy).?)

    *If so , what was the purpose of christ on earth?

    On the cross and with the blood of jesus , satan power’s over the world were broken, How to explain that, should we continue to fight again or to conquer a defeated ennemy.

    Thank you for answering.

  38. David L. Williams said

    Obviously, we can defeat an enemy in warfare, such as we did with Japan in WW2. But we had to occupy Japan to make certain their warring ways were changed. Do you see we defeated them, but had to go past that? Likewise, Jesus defeated the devil One on one. But He told us to occupy til He comes.

    So the devil was not sent to the bottomless pit when Jesus was crucified. God wants us to defeat him in our souls. Our souls are a likeness of the Promised Land to the Israelis. They were to go in and defeat the enemies within the Land. Likewise, we are born with the devil inside our souls, and this is worsened as we grow and learn to act like we are not led by the devil.

    Maturation will show us we still have that evil within, and we try to cover that up by following the Law. We do that rather than fighting the real fight, inside us. In other words, we fight against flesh and blood, rather than against dark spirits in high places within us. Jesus said all men have wickedness and evil hearts. Would that not then indicate we should fight for the “territory” within us, our soul?

    Our churches teach us to ACT like Christians. But most have no idea of what it means to find the Narrow Gate and enter it to follow the Narrow Path. The Narrow Path is designed for deliverance from the wickedness in our hearts.

    Jesus spoke many parables. Parables help us to see the spiritual meanings of things. If you look at how the Israelies entered the Promised Land and fought, you will see a parallel (parable) to our entering our kingdom within, where the devil reigns. And once entering that Narrow Gate, to turn that “Land” within into the Kingdom of God.

    Like Jesus said, few will enter…. Love, DavWms

    • Dailegomai said

      hey Dave,

      I just thought I would say I was touched with the patient way you have answered Matt and encourage you to carry on despite your hardships.

      I used to be pretty hard core (Code word for lacking in love) in my younger christian days, when dealing with others, and still come up short often when dealing with my family now.

      2Tim 2:24-26 The servant of the Lord must not strive, but be gentle to all men, apt to teach, patient, in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves, if God per adventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth, and that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

      To those who are on this blog, I’m not a good blogger yet but I’ve read a whole page of posts and praise God for an open discussion where we can – through debate – seek to understand more fully the knowledge of God – Not the knowledge that the world speaks of of course – but the knowledge that leads to victory (you got me going now) 2 Cor 2:14a Now thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph in Christ… (I’m crossing over..) Rev 7:17 For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters…..and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

      I hope to be back, but may need some help on blogging. God Bless

  39. Phil Carpenter said

    David Williams,

    Are you David Lane Williams originally from Kingsport, TN? If so, I’ve been looking for you. Please let me know.

  40. Andre said

    Dear Friends

    With regards to demons being able to influence and posess Christians, with all respect to everybody that has participated in the discussion so far, I believe that the wrong questions have been asked. It’s not about whether demons can influence or attack Christians, the correct question is: Where do demons get their power from?

    Although I do not support the way some ministries engage the enemy nowadays, constantly trying to defeat Satan on all territories and fronts (and I speak from experience, having been part of such a “ghostbuster” ministry before), I believe this is merely one of the many ways which Satan uses to distract Christians from their true purpose: To have a relationship with the Father. I have seen believing, Holy Spirit filled Christians frothing at the mouth, screaming and convulsing when the demons leave them. How can this be? Were they not truly converted (born again)? Or is there more to it?

    Satan and his demons were defeated at the cross, and God made a public spectacle of them by marching them before all their enemies in a victorious parade (Col 2:15). They were completely DISARMED. So where do they now get their weapons from? How can they attack believing Christians?

    Christians “re-arm” them by submitting to the law. The power of the law is sin (1 Cor 15:56). When Christians go back under the yoke of slavery(the law – see Gal 5), they empower a defeated foe. They allow condemnation, depression, guilt and heaviness to come back on them, all the things Christ died to set us free from!


  41. I love your site. Keep it up !

  42. Rudy said

    Hi! I myself am presently engaged in spiritual warfare, the real thing. At least 5 spiritual entities in less than a month. Not only affecting me, but those around me.

    Why? because I decided to follow Christ.

    I always had spiritual knowledge, but I had slipped and fallen into porn, drinking, and hate.

    Then I had an angel come down from heaven, through my ceiling, and throw me on the kitchen floor.

    I kid you not.

    I was elated for about a week. Then I started backsliding again.

    That night my wife started screaming, saw a ghost. Then my brother-in-law saw the same ghost, twice.

    Last night, my wife encounters the invisible man.

    So, I am commited to follow Christ, but right now, it is an uphill march. I don’t plan to give up.

    Wish me luck, I am diggin in.

    Worse thing about it, people are ostracizing me because of my testimony of God.

  43. Rudy said

    Can someone give me advice. I am in the spiritual trench. My dog is growling at something in the wall. I need some advice.

  44. Gods Chosen said

    Christians were “thinking locally, acting globally” and “living in the global village” long before those became fashionable political slogans, because Christians should be aware that they are members of a global body of believers, and therefore what happens to Christians in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Bolivia, etc. effects all of us, and that there are people in Madagascar, Tanzania, Tunisia, and right in our very neighborhoods who need food, clothing, shelter, counseling, and the gospel. But to do these things effectively, one must acknowledge the spiritual reality of God, and submit himself to that reality daily.

    The order here is a bit mixed up to achieve all of this The Word of God must be first……

    : )

  45. Gods Chosen said

    This how we stay safe…..This is how we feed people..This is how we council people..This how we win souls….This is how we raise our children….This is how we live….In every way…..Every decision of our perfect Father……

    Mt 4:4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'” {4 Deut. 8:3}

  46. john kaniecki said

    Gods Chosen,

    Hi hope you are well.

    Very good posts. Christians forget to help others, a clear act of Love.

    I think you wanted to say “acting locally, thinking globably”.



  47. Rudy said

    Please help me people. Satan is sifting me, and I am in trouble once again.

    I am separated from my wife now for about a year due to my occasional bouts of drunkenness into which i fell again. I have repented , and i do not plan to drink ever again.

    However, I have a problem with lust, and I am fearful that I will loose my salvation. I keep thinking of women, especially the ones at work.

    I am always lusting now. I suppose having been neglected by my wife this is happening to me.

    I feel enslaved to these feelings of need for the opposite sex.

    I am not too proud to ask for help.

    Will I loose my salvation for lust?

    What do I do?

    And what about the awful urges that men get? Is there any man here who can truly say he has overcome this? If so, how?

    Thank you, and may god bless you all.

  48. Hi Rudy

    I don’t think you actually know what has to happen for a Christian to lose their salvation. You are IN Christ when you are born again and Christ is seated at the right hand of God at the moment. So God literally has to cast His own Son out of heaven to cast you out.

    E-amil me at and I’ll share the wonderful news of the New Covenant with you, that will drive condemnation off you and give you victory over sin.

    In Grace
    Andre van der Merwe

  49. […] One of the main characteristics of Victorian popular culture was its sentimentalism. Victorians did not invent sentimentalism, but they made it a significant aspect of their mental and emotional furniture. As the predecessors of Fundamentalism absorbed Victorian popular culture, they imported its sentimentalism into their Christianity.2 […]

  50. Benjamin said

    Note Col 2:13-16 and Jude:6 shows that Christ has already triumphed over demonic powers. If we sin we cannot only blame demons who “made me do it”, but I must take responsibility for my actions. We must also wage war against our flesh (sarx) our sinful nature ( explore Rom 5-8). Even if all the demons are defeated or driven out I shall still be able to sin because of my sinful nature. By yielding to the Holy Spirit I can say “no” to my own desires. But still if I do sin, I know that I will be forgiven if I truly confess this to God. Therefore I must seek to listen to the Spirit to be able not to respond to my evil thoughts, rather than blaming my own thoughts on a demon.

  51. wayne said

    well plain and simply how do i get so close to the Lord that i can hear Him speaking to me i always have to rely on some one to tell me God said this and God said that but how can i be so close to him that he will use me in this world i dont mean to be a profit or something like that im just a man who is seaking the Lord jesus Christ in evrything i do i am a born again follower of christ but its as if im up against a wall and always have to rely on someone elses words and how will i know for syre if thoughs are gods words its sometimes very confusing as my wife left me and my 4 kids ages 1457 respectivly for a man that has nothing and it confuses me that im not sure why or how i just know that God has sent another woman whome loves these kids as her own even though i have no love to give her and has opend somany ather doors for me i just know that i must follow Christ no mater how grim or sad or how bad at the end there is alwayse a way out alwyse even through my disbelief he always makes a way where there is no way always even though i was and still am a sinner Jesus always makes a way

    • Promulgate said

      I am truly sorry for the hardship you endured, and the lovelessness that you feel.
      God gifted each of us with a special way to hear, see and feel His words. The Roman Catholic church depicts it as a pine-cone (as that is what it most looks like) and have a large statue in the courtyard of the Vatican which symbolizes this great gift. Other religions have their own interpretation of it and science refers to it as the Pineal Gland. This highly debated gland is thought to be responsible for our visions during near death experiences. Science dismisses it as hallucinations but spiritually speaking it is thought to be our link to God, the gateway in which the soul enters and exits our body. When you sit in quiet contemplation of the Lord, with eyes closed, simply “focus” on the spot, about eyebrow height, in the center of your head. You will feel a slight tingling at first, and then you may start to “see” images in your minds eye, like Jesus, or Saints which you have seen depicted in art. It takes some practice but eventually you will feel a sense of belonging, love, purpose and connection to our Creator, and it can lead to a greater understanding of the work He wishes you to do.
      It was in this state, of peace and love, I heard the word “promulgate” as though someone spoke it aloud in my room. I had no idea of the word’s meaning and had to refer to the dictionary and encyclopedia.
      This is the work I am to do. To help make this connection widely known so others realize that their link to God is right there, inside them, and with that, they can never be alone.
      Good Luck and God Bless.

  52. John said

    Demons are 100% real. It is scary for me to realize that nothing has chaned since the times of the bible. I do not believe in the medical field. The demon which was in me literally manipulated my eye sight. When he was casted out I can now see in high definition. I see crystal clear. My experience gave me concrete evidence that Jesus is actually real. Many doubt that Jesus exists. I cannot doubt because Jesus has sent me an aparition in a window that I will never forget. All other Gods are false. Jesus is coming to destroy all evil and nothing is going to stop him. People are going to be shocked to see that this man Jesus was never a myth

  53. Logan said

    “spirituality” is a minefield. thats why it has to be called ‘warfare’, and that’s why DISCERNMENT is so crucial. I appreciate and and am grateful for this site, and have found nothing in it that is cOntrary to Love (Love is very very important, and it’s mystery is often taken for granted–ie, it’s not fully understood, and never will be). So, keep up the good work, and don’t get riled up by the haters. What you’ve provided is useful guidance to believers who have been called to hold ground in his name and relieve those people and places stricken and polluted by dark spirits.
    Bless you and please KEEP GOING!

  54. B.W. said

    Seeing the bible verse John 3:16 at the forefront of national debate is exciting. I was thrilled to the John 3:16 commercial by Focus on the Family. I am also just as thrilled to see attention placed on Cindy Tucker’s song John 3:16. I hope John 3:16 and the message of salvation stay in the public discussion for many years to come.

  55. DaveT said

    Warnings are fine, but we’re not to judge others; at least not without facts. Saying things like “lying Karl Strader,” for example, has nothing to do with warnings, but more to do with hatred and mocking. Not very Christ-like. Judge yourself first! If I were to use your method for judging, and considering how prolific a writer you are, I’d have to conclude that you are a serial killer. Your writings are more like “Manifestos” ( a la Ted Kaczynski), than scripture. Your words and tone are so stridently loud I can’t hear the love. When it came to real justifiable strong criticism, Jesus hammered the self-righteous hypocrits who thought “they” were the standard. It seems to me that it’s you that should be repenting from your arrogant, condescending, unGodly attitude.

  56. Kojo said

    Perfect article trust me, Perfect, God really bless you for this revelation

  57. HI! DEAR LORD GOD, COULD YOU PLEASE Let me know and understand that I have another me, in which I am a NEW MIND,SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY THAT AND WHO DID NOT BE wrongly attacked, NEITHER rightly attacked, NOR Rightly attacked by ok people, bad people, worst people, wicked people, wrong people, sinners, saints, right people, imperfect people, good people, better people, excellent people, best people, perfect people, the RIGHTEOUS people, the devils, others, YOU HOLY LORD GOD, ANGELS AND OTHERS, which includes animals? COULD YOU PLEASE LET me know and understand that I am THAT NEW MIND, SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY THAT AND WHO DID NEITHER BEEN HURT, NOR HARMED, IS NOT AND ARE NOT BEING HURT, NOT BEING HARMED, PLUS IS NOT GOING TO BE EITHER HARMED OR HURT BY ANYBODY? ALL OF YOU AND OTHERS MUST NOT EVER DO ANYTHING TO PUT ME IN PAINS, ETC! May I who is a mind, spirit, soul and body, or spirit, soul and body, become ETERNALLY AN INFINITE NEW MIND, SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY, OR ETERNALLY AN INFINITE NEW SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY, THAT STAYS CLEAN, NEVER ALSO BEEN DEFILED, ARE NOT BEING DEFILED AND ARE NOT GOING TO BE DEFILED, NEITHER GOING TO BE ABUSED, PUNISHED, VIOLENTLY ATTACKED, at all DAYS AND NIGHTS, Everyday and Every night, Any part of the nights and days and all evenings and all days, the EVENINGS AND DAYS, INFINITIES AND ETERNITIES, in this temporary life and eternal life, plus the ETERNAL LIFE TO COME THAT IS NOT TEMPORARY. THANK YOU AND LIKE PLUS LOVE HEALTHEEA, ALWAYS!

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