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Satan Is Real And After Your Kids: Hannah McConnell And Gage Petherbridge

Posted on January 29, 2008 (Genesis 2:24, 29:20) Two CHILDREN who have run away from home to be together.  If you continue tounder estimate the influence TV and other forms of media have on our cultureand the lives of our children, note the chilling story out of Flint,Michigan regarding the 15-year-old boy who ran away with his 13-year-old“girlfriend” because […]

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Satan Is Real And After Your Kids: Mass Effect Video Game Depicting Graphic Fornication And Nudity Marketed To Children

Posted on January 12, 2008

By Evan Moore Correspondent January 11, 2008 ( – A new, best-selling video game, Mass Effect, made for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console, allows the characters to engage in explicitly graphic sexual intercourse. Some game experts and pro-family analysts say Mass Effect is marketed to young kids and presents a moral danger to them […]

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Judah Falls … And Then Gets Up!

Posted on March 25, 2011

Though little information about him is recorded in the Bible, Judah is an interesting fellow. The messianic blessing was given to Abraham, and this blessing was fulfilled through the line of Judah. However, this was not due to any special righteousness on the part of Judah. Quite the contrary, the most righteous of Jacob’s son […]

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Joseph And The Pharoah: The Butler Was Loved But The Baker Was Hated! Genesis 40

Posted on March 16, 2011

Genesis 40 provides an amazing story that illustrates the Biblical doctrine of election, that being God choosing to to save and who not save, who to favor and who to disfavor. Now actually, the text is much stronger than that; as the story of Joseph, the pharaoh, the butler and the baker can be used […]

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Tim Tebow: Being Exploited And Misled By Focus On The Family

Posted on January 26, 2010

College football star quarterback Tim Tebow is making a thinly veiled anti-abortion advertisement for the pseudo-Christian group Focus On The Family that is scheduled to run during the Super Bowl. Though they may yet buckle to pressure from wicked people who support the abortion procedure, that CBS has initially agreed to show the advertisement can be […]

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G.I. Joe: Promoting Adultery And Violence To Children

Posted on August 11, 2009

My motivation for mentioning this was hearing a couple of disc jockeys on Christian (CCM) radio go through great lengths to promote the idea that it is acceptable for Christian parents to take their children, given to them by the Lord for the purpose of instructing in righteousness and protecting them, to see this film. […]

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More Evidence That Barack HUSSEIN Obama Is Following After Martin Luther King: He Adheres To The Abominations Of The Religions Of India

Posted on November 12, 2008

In case you did not know, Martin Luther King Jr. developed his philosophy of “nonviolent” subversive political tactics by merging SELECTIVE AND OUT OF CONTEXT doctrines of Christianity and the jainism religion of India. Well, the fellow who has often been identified as King’s successor, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, is going one step further. See, King’s […]

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Bristol Palin, Murphy Brown, And The Religious Right

Posted on September 4, 2008

Remember Dan Quayle’s denouncing Murphy Brown for glorifying single parenthood? Contrast this with the Republican evangelical embrace of Bristol Palin. How times change. Then again, these same Republican evangelicals could have cared less that Ronald and Nancy Reagan were necromancer occultists or that George W. Bush is a universalist so maybe times haven’t changed.  When […]

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Posted on August 11, 2008

Fantasy and Your Family: Exploring The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Modern Magick By: Richard Abanes Product Description Should Christians be reading fantasy literature? Is there really a difference between the magic and wizards in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series? What about book burning, or […]

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Ron Luce of BattleCry: Supporting Ministry of Word of Faith Jezebel Heretics Marilyn And Sarah Hickey!

Posted on May 28, 2008

I used to love watching Ron Luce’s events such as “Acquire The Fire” and “BattleCry” on Christian broadcasting and generally supported their efforts: see New York Times Portrays Teenage Christians As Hatemongers. Then, I found out that Luce was among those endorsing syncretized Christianity via New Age contemplative spirituality: BattleCry’s Ron Luce Gets In On The Contemplative Prayer Scam. […]

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Posted on April 28, 2008 Some of the great movies of all time would never even be made today! A year ago on Easter Sunday, I was able to enjoy some down time watching the back nine of the Masters. Congratulations to Zack Johnson for holding off Tiger Woods and winning one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments. Johnson took […]

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Children Are Growing Up With No Mother, No Father, AND NO GOD!

Posted on January 17, 2008 127:3; Isaiah 8:18; Proverbs 20:11) (C) Copyright 2008, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved. Kids who are growing up with no mother, no father, and no God. After 100months of and 56 months of the Liveprayer TV program, I amseeing every day the family unit decimated and dealing with kids between 10and 18 […]

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Satan Is Real And After Your Children: Omaha Shooter Robert Hawkins

Posted on December 5, 2007

According to this Robert Hawkins was 20 years old, and had a history of depression and other problems, including being kicked out of his parents’ home, being fired from his McDonald’s job over allegedly stealing $17, and breaking up with his girlfriend. So this fellow according to all available evidence (including two suicide notes and […]

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