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That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!

Graceworx: Be Holy For I Am Holy

Posted by Job on November 4, 2011

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One Response to “Graceworx: Be Holy For I Am Holy”

  1. Jane said

    Great Message! I love this topic, is the key of Christianity.

    Holiness belongs to Christians born again because they are born from the Spirit of God (John 1: 12-13), we cannot become holy by human strength, but by God power only. In Hebrews 12:14,God says, without holiness no one can see the glory of God. In John 3:1-3. Jesus said ” Unless a man is born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God”. With these evidences, we could assume that “New Birth in Christ and Holiness” work together as conditions to see the Kingdom of God. Our salvation is not about just being good or about good deeds and merits; We are saved by Grace, it is a free gift from God (Ephesians 2: 8-9). We are also sanctify by the Word of God ( John 17: 11-13. Thus we can conclude that our Salvation is related to our new birth in Christ, our sanctification, our holiness, the application of the Word of God in our life (through Love or the Fruit of the Holy Spirit), and related also the Kingdom of God.

    Holiness is required to Christians as they belong to Christ, they have the spirit of Christ (Romans 8:9): They have the ability and the authority of Jesus Christ to reach holiness through their relationship with God, their submission to the Word of God and also through prayers.The Love of God has nothing to see with the love, the guidance and peace superficial of the New Age Movement. Holiness is deep and characterizes the nature of God, that’s why he encourages Christians to be holy as he is holy.

    God bless you!

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