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RIGHTLY DIVIDED | Episode 8: Justification with guest Shai Linne

Posted by Job on April 17, 2011
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One Response to “RIGHTLY DIVIDED | Episode 8: Justification with guest Shai Linne”

  1. Remember when Newshounds ran this article?:

    Rick Warren and Rupert Murdoch Merge Their Purpose Driven Lives

    Reported by Melanie – December 24, 2006 – Comments (134)

    This title takes on a whole new spin now that Murdoch is involved in a wiretapping scandal. Has his pastor Rick Warren commented on this, publicly rebuked him yet? Or here is a scary thought?
    Did Warren know about this all along? Is this all part of Warren’s Global Peace Plan…after all Murdoch owns Zondervan, Warren’s publisher, and Fox News which ran nine hours of infomercials on Rick Warren?

    I wrote two books exposing Rick Warren’s teachings and programs. Our website is:

    You must wonder if you were a prophet when you re-read your title above. Your article stated: “Can anything be more insiduous”? Just when you thought it could not get any worse, we have Big Brother tapping our phones….what a GLOBAL PEACE PLAN this turned out to be!!!

    Since I am close to public enemy number one for exposing Warren, can’t help but wonder if our website and computer have been tapped or hacked?

    Kindest regards,

    James Sundquist

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