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A Faith Healing Testimony

Posted by Job on April 17, 2011

This won’t be very dramatic, but even the “small” incidents are useful to remember as evidence of God’s love, work and power!

On Friday, I had a very long meeting (hours!) that was somewhat important to my future. During this meeting, I became quite ill with symptoms including a splitting headache, nausea and fatigue, so much that I could not partake of the complimentary meal provided by my hosts. Needless to say, I was making quite a negative impression, and was strongly considering giving up on the whole deal, asking to be excused from the second half of the meeting (which still had hours to go) while I was still well enough to drive home (and my leaving would have been, well, rather bad).

While I was pondering  the various ways to minimize the ill-mannered gracelessness of my exit, I began talking to another guest. It so happened that this guest was a pastor, of the Baptist persuasion, and a very sincere leader of a successful ministry. Seeing my distress – and not wanting to call attention to it to the larger group – this pastor did what pastors are wont to do, which is engage me in a conversation of spiritual things … things concerning God, the Bible and the church.

Initially, merely conversing with him was difficult. But I loved hearing him talk about his faith in and relationship with God, his experiences with his ministry, and how the former was very helpful to some very challenging, trying times with the latter. By and by, my symptoms disappeared. Headache? Gone. Fatigue? A memory. Nausea? Left (though I thought it best that I not provoke things by attempting to make a final pass at my meal; it was just as well as everyone else was through eating anyway).

It wasn’t dramatic, nothing that you see depicted on Christian television or anything like that. But it was obvious that this pastor was praying for me as we spoke – a time which I did not even have the mindset to pray for myself! – and his prayers as well as the Godly conversation that he engaged me in procured the grace and mercy of God that resulted in the miracle. And the miracle resulted in my being well enough to finish this meeting, which turned out rather well for me and my future prospects. It was even enough for me to make it home despite my getting lost and stuck in a dark, driving rainstorm for over an hour! (Absent this miracle, with my headache, nausea and fatigue, I would have had no choice but to check myself into a hotel until morning. No, I am not being overly dramatic or otherwise exaggerating.)

Of course, this miracle was done by God. It was God’s will that I be healed. And to God goes all the glory. Yet, one cannot ignore that God used a humble local pastor, one without a fancy car, big house, fancy jewels, a prominent name, or a famous TV ministry, in my healing. And this pastor did not engage in the showmanship theatrics commonly associated with faith healing … the flamboyant flailing words and actions that make the preacher the star, the center of attention, the object of glory, instead of God.

No, this pastor simply spoke of God and His acts made manifest through his pastoral ministry to me – and not in a loud bragging fashion as he and I were the only ones privy to our conversation – and prayed for me in a manner so discreet that I did not even realize that he was doing it! It happened in a way that was precisely the opposite of how one conditioned by the “signs and wonders” movement (as I myself am, because this is the movement that I myself was in until a few short years ago)! Yet, the humble, understated nature of the miracle and its process resulted in God receiving all the more glory!

So, what is the lesson, the application of this miracle? It is that God is real. It is that God has power. It is that God uses His power when His called and anointed servants pray to Him in the Name of His Son to accomplish His will. It is that God alone is due the glory when these things happen. In other words, it is the same lesson, or application, of all God’s miracles, which is the vindication of God and His Word. Soli Deo Gloria!

I shared this miracle in the hopes that it would encourage and strengthen those of you that are already in the faith, and also that God would use it to bring those not in faith to faith in Him. God is real, and God is willing and mighty to work miracles, including the great miracle of salvation that is made possible through the death and resurrection of His Son for sins. If you are already saved, be still more encouraged by this truth. If you are not saved, then make this truth effective in your life. Do it by:

Following The Three Step Salvation Plan!


One Response to “A Faith Healing Testimony”

  1. Devon said

    This is indeed very encouraging…our Dear Savior is still in the healing business if you will….great testimony!!

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