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Salvation Only Requires A Mustard Seed Of Faith!

Posted by Job on April 13, 2011

An old essay of mine on faith as it relates to salvation and Christian living used for an experiment of mine in using a text-to-voice translator for making videos for sharing sites. Any feedback is appreciated!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 Responses to “Salvation Only Requires A Mustard Seed Of Faith!”

  1. If Albert is saved but Bob is not,
    has God commanded Bob to repent from sin,
    or has God commanded Bob not to repent from sin?
    Has God disabled Bob from choosing for himself?
    Has God punished Bob for God’s choice?
    Has God forced Bob to remain in sin?
    Is God a tempter or worse, an enforcer of sin?

    If we just accept it all on faith, what exactly have we accepted?
    Is it God’s Word? Or man’s interpretation of God’s Word?

    The way I see it, God predestined the law and the plan of salvation before the universe was created, and He did so with utmost wisdom, integrity, love, righteousness, and justice. And I believe God stands by those principles with unfailing perfection. I believe He predestined that “whosoever” will believe in Him, “whosoever” will confess their sins, “whosoever” will repent of their sins, turn from them, ask forgiveness for them, and trust Jesus Christ to forgive, God will not turn that person away. He will not tell someone, “No, you cannot end your slavery to sin–I won’t let you” or “No, you cannot love me rather than the world–I won’t let you.” He calls us to choose over and over and over again throughout the scripture. The fact that He calls us to repent proves we can repent. God is not like a crazy tyrant who throws his dog in the fire for failing to prove Einstein’s theory of general relativity on command. No, we are sinners by choice and by choice alone, and God throws every roadblock into our path to keep us from finding our way into hell, but the problem is that we stay steadfast on that road to hell with a deeply driven heart of ultimate selfishness and betrayal until God wakes us up. And then in moments like that, we can turn from our sin. But, once that moment is gone, we have no guarantee that the Holy Spirit will continue to contend with our spirits and our salvation may very well be lost forever. So, it is imperative we do not play games with God, that we do not lie to God, that we do not try to patronize Him or fool Him or throw Him our table scraps with the expectation He will be appreciative as though He were worthy of nothing more. He call us to 100% purity. If we expect 100% faithfulness from our spouses, would we be OK with them cheating on us, say, once a day? Once a year? Once in 10 years? Then why would we consider it unreasonable for God to expect us to be that faithful to Him? Is he less worthy than you or me? Is a spiritual harlot better than a physical one? Is a spiritual liar better than one who lies to their family, their coworkers, and others?

    God calls us to choose this day who we will serve. He says we cannot serve God and Mammon. He says we cannot love God and Mammon. Doesn’t that mean we have to choose one or the other as our Lord? Jesus asks us, “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, but do not what I say?” What are we to say in reply? “Lord, I was just kidding–you’re not really my Lord?” or “What’s a Lord?” Should we savor the opportunity to stand before God Almighty to be asked this question with heaven and hell waiting to receive us not based on our excuses but based on God’s honest assessment of where our heart is?

    We can argue theology for days or years or a lifetime but no longer than that. What will last?

    • Job said

      “He calls us to choose over and over and over again throughout the scripture.”

      Where exactly?

      “The fact that He calls us to repent proves we can repent.”

      No, it proves that God gives us the conviction and faith to repent. Both conviction and faith are gifts from God the Holy Spirit. They cannot be generated by man. Scripture is clear on this.

      “No, we are sinners by choice and by choice alone”

      That is the heresy of Pelagius which was totally destroyed by Augustine. Original sin is fully expounded in Romans and Galatians. I do agree that believing that we are saved by choice logically leads to the idea that we are sinners by choice. The Bible explicitly declares both beliefs to be false. Jesus Christ said to the church in the Gospel of John “You did not choose me, but I chose you.”

      I am not arguing theology. I am speaking things from the Word of God that will last forever. It is you who are arguing philosophy, using philosophy to supplant and deny Biblical truth. And it is that philosophy that will not last; that will be destroyed in the lake of fire, because it is thinking that sets itself against God and His Word.

      Show me a single person in the Bible, including the Old Testament, who came to God without God calling him. That person does not exist because coming to God and serving God is not in our nature.

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