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Universal Atonement: Israel Versus The Church

Posted by Job on April 11, 2011

When He brought them out of Egypt, God freely offered salvation – even if only in a political sense – to the children of Israel, and nearly all rejected Him, attempting to stone Moses and return to Egypt upon hearing the evil report. According to universal atonement, God offers salvation to everyone only to have the overwhelming majority reject Him again! So if universal atonement is true, then to what effect was the cross?

Of course, I am aware that the old covenant did not save, and that the cross of Jesus Christ procured salvation for both Old Testament and New Testament saints. However, should not the work of Jesus Christ on the cross resulted in a better election than existed prior?  Where election was not necessarily unto salvation before the cross – see Israel – if election is not also unto salvation after the cross – see the church – then what effect did the cross have on election? How does the cross make election more efficacious? Reformed theology asserts that the cross made election unconditional. Free will/Arminian/Wesleyan theology holds that election is the same before the cross as afterwards; that regards to efficacy of election, there is no difference before or afterwards. That is a curiosity that those who reject Reformed theology must explain … how it is acceptable and right that the power of the cross with respect to election is so diminished in their view. It is not sufficient merely to state that the cross made a free will decision to choose or reject salvation through Jesus Christ possible!


One Response to “Universal Atonement: Israel Versus The Church”

  1. Job,

    This is so-called 64,000 dollar question! Indeed, GOD according to His Word, both Old and New Testament, has an ‘elect’ people, chosen alone by God and His grace! (Rom.11:5-6) And here human works and human decisions, alone and without God’s purpose, don’t enter in.

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