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Did Jesus Christ Suffer More On The Cross Than Will Sinners In Hell?

Posted by Job on March 10, 2011

That is a pretty aggressive theological stance by rapper Shai Linne: that the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross exceeded the suffering that any sinner will endure in hell. Now the time that Jesus Christ spent on the cross was three hours while the sinner’s punishment will be eternal, however considering the timeless nature of eternity itself (that there should be time no longer, Revelation 10:6), I am not certain of the difference. What is your opinion?


6 Responses to “Did Jesus Christ Suffer More On The Cross Than Will Sinners In Hell?”

  1. Denny said

    Yeshayahu 6-35: For I have heard from the Master YHWH of hosts, a destruction decreed upon all the earth. Give ear and hear my voice, listen and hear my Word.

  2. Hey Brother Job.

    Can’t say I have time to review the entire video, since I’m short on time and also not real attune to efforts to make Christianity “hip”.

    But I will say this. Jesus suffered for a world of elect saints throughout human history. The individual sinner will suffer for themselves and their own sin. I would not say that means all sinners who will suffer will in total suffer more or less than Christ, except that Jesus KNEW what He came from to suffer for the elect. And Jesus being fully aware chose to lower himself and suffer for the elect. Who else would love us so much? No one.

    • Job said


      I agree with you on the second paragraph. But on the first, allow me to say as someone who threw away 10 years of his life on rap/hip hop that there is nothing on this planet less “hip” or “cool” than a Christian rapper, and the Christian rappers who believe otherwise are deluding themselves (TobyMac, this means you!) 🙂

    • john kaniecki said

      Hi Darnell,

      Hope you are well. Nice to see you are alive and hopefully well. Both my parents passed last year.

      My dad the bold and brave agnostic would jokingly say that when he died he would discover life’s greatest mystery. So he got Sarcoma cancer which blocked his stomach. He was to weak for surgery. They put him on an IV for nutrients and he literaly wasting and withering away. I came to see him six days a week at the end the last two months or so. He suffered some what vomiting blood. On December 24 he calls for the Catholic preist. This from the man who never set his foot inside a church except for weddings or funerals. A couple of times he came to visit with me, maybe four times. So the preist comes and does the last rites and they recite to “Lord’s prayer” together. My dad passed away on December 27.


      John Kaniecki

  3. For the time he spent on the cross no matter how long it was he still payed the price for all of are sins its time to stop playing church and start living it and we all need to seek GOD and stay grounded in our faith.

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