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A Rapture Question: The Bride Of Christ And New Jerusalem

Posted by Job on March 7, 2011

The Bible calls the church the bride of Christ. See Ephesians 5:22-33.

The Bible calls New Jerusalem the bride of Christ. See Revelation 21:2.

So, bride of Christ = new Jerusalem. (Kind of.)

This is the issue. Revelation 21:2 says that New Jerusalem, which is the bride of Christ, which is the church, will come down from heaven. How did the church get to heaven for it to come down from heaven? The rapture?

Not necessarily. For Revelation 21 comes after Revelation 20,  and Revelation 20 is that which describes the last day, when every man is judged. Jesus Christ in Matthew 24 and Paul in 1 Corinthians 15 both appear to state that Christians will survive a great tribulation; that all Christians “will not sleep.” Hence, Revelation 4-20 describes the tribulation, the time of final testing or trial, that the church will endure. And Revelation 1-3 has the purpose of preparing the church for that tribulation by telling it to have faith, be strong, and be holy before God.


4 Responses to “A Rapture Question: The Bride Of Christ And New Jerusalem”

  1. theoldadam said

    Good question!

    I’m not sure.

    One thing I am sure of is that whatever it is…God can handle it!

  2. God handles everything, but I believe we need to learn more about Him.
    I’m confused about a lot of things, and I pray to God to give us light.

  3. theoldadam said

    We ought learn all we can about Him.

    But what He has made known to us is only a drop in the bucket of what He is.

    Everything we NEED to know, He has revealed to us in the Bible.

  4. LovesJesus said

    Jesus will come for His bride, Mary M (the new Eve) prior to the great horrors of the Tribulation. After the trib (and her wedding/Honeymoon to Jesus/the new Adam) they will, both come down to earth for His Second Coming. Together, they will reign for 1000 years on Earth.

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