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How The Teachings Of Jesus Christ Destroy The Prosperity Doctrine

Posted by Job on September 20, 2010

This is frustrating, but I can’t get the link to play in this post. So please listen to it here instead.

How the teachings of Jesus Christ render the prosperity doctrine as nothing but heresy. From Covenant Theological Seminary.


23 Responses to “How The Teachings Of Jesus Christ Destroy The Prosperity Doctrine”

  1. pattie farm said

    Anyone who thinks the “Rock” destroyed the prosperity doctrine. You are surely misunderstood and should repent for saying what you said to our Lord. He giveth to have riches, he is the good shepherd, he maketh you to lie down in green pastures, he leadth beside the still waters. He garden his children, he cuts out what he didnt cut, he neither slumbers nor sleep.

    He is the rose of Sharon, the bright and morning star, he is the lion of Judah, he is as an angel and all things he has created. The Lord doesn’t want money in the hand of those who can not handle it. The world right now is rocking and rolling as the Lord promised. With God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is all things, nothing missing.

    But the good shephard doesnt want shephards who lead his children/sheep astry. Teaching to go whoring for money, love the Lord do his will and all things will be added unto you.
    Who could love us more then the Lord.

    ” But how dare you say he destroyed the prosperity Doctrine”
    Get into the word and read it, search him and you will understand. But please don’t hurt yourself, in Jesus name let you and all of us be forgiven our sins and given wisdom when we seek and understanding and knowledge when we inquire of the Lord for it.

    • david Steven said

      When you use a word like “whoring” it leaves little to doubt the mindset behind your words. When you find truth you will know truth. we are all ion a journery and sometimes we make mistakes i just hope this is one of them. with love.

  2. john kaniecki said

    Pattie Farm,

    Hi hope you are well.

    “Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz, my friends all have porches I must make ammends.” Janis Joplin.

    “One cannot serve God and mammon. It is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter into the kingdome of heaven. Store your treasures up in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy, for where your treasure lie your heart lies also.” Jesus Christ.


    John Kaniecki

  3. Devon in Canada. said

    I guess Pattie it depends on what you mean by the prosperity doctrine?

    I think what Job is saying and others that agree with him like me is that we should be aware of those teachers out there that simply focus on money all the time ie Copeland, Hagin, Price, et al….

  4. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well. Is it getting very cold up there in Canada?

    I hope we can agree on the following.

    Material wealth is not a sign that one has God’s favour.

    God’s promises us blessings and to take care of us but not a physical abundance of material things.

    That a life dedicated to pursuing material things is wrong, ie: One cannot serve God and Mammon.

    Hey Devon, what is your thought on the Tea Pot Party and is their a Canadian equivalent.

    Myself I am reading Lenin and understanding why revolution rather than reform is necessary. Unfortunately Lenin as a human being is flawed and I certainly do not support violence on any level.


    John Kaniecki

  5. How the teachings of Jesus Christ render the prosperity doctrine as nothing but heresy.

    I agree totally. I was once a prosperity preacher. I thank God that for a year non stop He dealt with me each time I would speak or hear a sermon on wealth and riches. Every week I would turn to my wife and say “baby somethings wrong. God keeps pulling at my heart.” Got my attention. Little did I know God wanted me to look deep into why I was believing in wealth for everyone.

    In working on a D.Min thesis I had to study the teaching of the word of Faith and prosperity movement. I had to research the writings of its teachers. I soon found out the most spoken about teacher in the word of faith movement; the one held in high esteem was Dr Cho.

    From his book “the Fourth Dimenison” is reads “Christians can get anything they want by calling upon the spirit world in the “fourth dimension” and envisioning (visualizing) their needs. Cho teaches that positive thinking, positive speaking, and positive visualization are the keys to success, and that anyone can literally “incubate” and give birth to physical reality by creating a vivid image in his or her mind and focusing upon it. (In other words you see it, its already there, speak it into the third deminsion, reality.)

    I was totally shocked when reading other works and findings out that he, Mailyn Hickey, Fred Price, Benny Hinn and many others accept and follow this unspoken method.

    Cho clearly says in his book ” my teachings are a system of mind over matter, and that his teachings are a Christianized version of precisely the same methods practiced by Buddhists, exponents of yoga, and the followers of other pagan, mystical, and occult systems. “The only difference is that fourth-dimensional power receives co-operation supposedly from the Holy Spirit.” He says that so long as we “keep our minds from foolish and wrong ideas, we shall keep the canvas of our imagination clean for the Holy Spirit to paint on it the things we are to have.”

    Cho says that his massive church grew to its present size, and continues to grow, because he follows this principle of visualization. He first imagines his church growing to a certain figure, and he then visualizes all the faces and incubates the vision into reality. Cho teaches that all Christians should aim to prosper in body, soul, and spirit, and their success and failure in this is due entirely to their success or failure in visualizing.” From the book “The Fourth Dimension.”

    Cho writes: “You can create the presence of Jesus with your mouth. He is bound by your lips and by your words.” Visualization is the most powerful occult technique, Cho writes, “Through visualization and dreaming, you can incubate your future and hatch the results.”

    According to Cho, God told him that “Buddhist and yoga adherents worked “miracle” cures because they explored and developed their human fourth-dimensional power, imagining mental pictures of health and willing them into their bodies. God told him that all human beings had the power to exercise legitimate dominion over the material world through this fourth-dimensional activity.”

    I have talked to many word of faith teachers who admit this is the very method they use. They visualize money, health and great wealth, then proclaim the thing as done.

    Cho admits that his message of hope always exalts people and focuses solely on prosperity, health, and problem-free life. This teaching prompts the deceitful message of self, advocating the dangerous message of uplifting man through self-love/self-esteem/self-worth.

    “Fourth Dimension theology,” claims the spirit is the subconscious and imagination, incorrectly concludes that the born again spirit means a born again imagination. Visualization and the “creative forces of the subconscious mind” must therefore be of God. Instead of Biblically renewing the conscious mind with the Word of God, Cho teaches that we are to reprogram the “subconscious” and thus create through affirmations and imaging.

    As for speaking things into being, God never told us to do this. Little gods make every effort to justify their belief however. Occultists have done this for thousands of years. They work their sorcery through the “laws of manifestation,” the same laws the Church now receives.
    Occultists have always used three scientific techniques: positive thinking, positive speaking, and visualizing. Though all three are now accepted and used in the professing evangelical church, no one has promoted these occult teachings as successfully then Dr Cho and Word of Faith teachers.

    What we have is an idolatrous mixture of Biblical teaching, pagan mind-techniques and shamanism. God is deprived of His sovereignty in the believer’s affairs, and the authority of Scripture is replaced by the authority of supposedly direct messages from God and the produce of the imagination.” It is nothing short of spiritual adultery and witchcraft.

    I remember wacthing a Pastor lead his Church in prayer. It was not prayer to God in the name of Jesus, but rather centering prayer (New age meditating prayer). This method is said to bring awareness of our god-selves; which is sometimes called is called god-consciousness, super-consciousness, Christ-consciousness, pure-consciousness, unity consciousness, or self-realization. Though the name of Jesus was used they prayed inwardly and were total to call from their inner being, their god consciousness.

    These men will only mention bits and pieces of what their beliefs are, and will not teach you their entire belief system, because if you heard it aloud, you would question it, and they would lose money, when you ran from their presence.

    One Church service I was blown away when a minister stood and said, “Some people call it witchcraft. But you know what……it works for me. I get my money.” So they know. But we lack discernment today.

    Where and the Elders who protect the flock.

    “These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.” Acts 17:11

  6. Devon in Canada. said

    Seriously John, I wouldn’t take to much of what Lenin wrote…he is one of the most evil men that ever existed! If you are reading simply because you are curious or want to learn about an wicked man, then by all means continue…just do not take any advice from this monster! As for revolution, what we need is a true revival across the Western World. A third great awakening…..

    As for reading, I also read about many evil men….Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Marx…it is fascinating to read about such debauched lives….

    I would suggest ‘Marx and Satanism’ by the Great Romanian Jewish Believer, Richard Wurmbrand. Interesting thesis that I do not necessarily agree with fully but one does learn about some of the wicked ways of Marx.

    And yes we can all agree that the love of material wealth is evil…..there is nothing wrong with having Money….even a lot of money…it is the Love of Money that is a problem….I came out of a prosperity preaching church and was appalled at their teachings and remain so to this day….I am well acquainted with that heresy.

    As for the Tea ‘pot’ party….what exactly are you referring too? As for the Tea Party in the States, it is a wonderful thing but I’m afraid they will only divide the vote between RINO’s and True Conservatives thus letting more liberals win….oy…….

  7. Devon in Canada. said

    Good post Rev Williams…I too remember this Cho Chap…bad news to be sure….thanks for pointing this out again.

  8. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    My major concern with Marxism and thus Leninism is to convert people of the adherence to Christ. In the same way I have studied Mormons and Jehova Witenesses and others. You can get an understanding and know their weak and strong points.

    For example in the Mormon Church there was the slaughter of the Utes (which they have officially apologized for but never returned any land), the way Joseph Smith received his revelation through gold tables too massive to carry that nobody else saw, to the fact that none of the cities in the Book of Mormon have ever had one shred of archeological evidence to prove their existancen (This despite that archeology is the number one major at BYU) , to the fact they used to exclude African Americans (their god changed their mind I guess), to the violence done by Joseph Smith dying in a gun shoot out, to the fact that they have young unmarried men calling themselves elders, etc, etc, etc,

    Now I have read into evil, Stalin, Charles Manson, Hitler, Pol Pot are ones that come to mind. Yet with Lenin and Mao to a lesser extent I do not find the same evil.

    First off Lenin’s basic premise of a workers world is not evil. Secondly after the revolution of 1917 the fledgling government was attacked by the United States, Japan, England and France. Thus Lenin never got a chance to implement what he desired.

    There are a lot of lies told about Lenin. I read a book by a US author written during the Cold War. It was full of lies and contradictions. One glaring falsehood was that it claimed Lenin was a despot with total power. Yet in the same book, when Lenin had his stroke, suddenly Stalin had total power!

    The Word of God teaches us that we will know people by their fruits. Hitler for example. Note that Hitler for one thing admired the way the United States government slaughtered the First Peoples of this land. Let us move away from that as I know you know my feelings towards the Native Americans and I need not go over them again. Yet I think it would be good for all if we can see things through others eyes. That would lead to compassion.

    One thing you must understand about Lenin is the world he came from. It was the dawn of the industrial age where there were many abuses and unsafe working conditions. In Tsarist Russia there was nothing Democratic at all. No freedom of speech, no freedom of press, no elections. Also the Tsar’s regime was very oppressive. On Bloody Sunday around 500,000 Russians marched to the Tsars palice with a petition. They were non violent and were actually singing songs in praise of the Tsar. They were met with a flury of bullets.

    Then there was a thing which influenced Lenin called World War 1 perhaps the stupidest war that was ever fought. It was basically a war between impearialists to determine who would be the chief oppressor in the world. Millions died in this ghastly war, and what for?

    I think that Christians in general do not do is carry their thoughts out to the logical conclusion. I believe this true especially in political terms. Recall we are commanded to Love our enemy and to turn the other cheek.

    So when I associate with Communists and dialougue with them I see in them a “hunger and thirst for righteousness.” There will of course be evil everywhere. After all does not scripture teaches that the wheat and tares grow together. So there is evil in the Church without a doubt.

    Job, let me thank you for you wonderful forum.

    Devon, you never told me how cold it was in Canada. Farenheit if you will I forgot how to convert the units.


    John Kaniecki

  9. John Kaniecki said

    Hey Devon,

    Hope you are well.

    Want to see some hardcore Marxism.

    I would be interested in your comments.


    John Kaniecki

  10. Devon in Canada. said

    I think it was either George Bernard Shaw or Russell that when they met with Lenin and they said he was the most evil man they ever met….they said something very interesting…they said he was without conscience…..I wish the U.S. and the White Russians had eliminated Lenin and his evil in its infancy…

    Its easy for you to say that marxism isn’t all that bad when you live in a free country…and when Lenin was healthly he was a complete despot! What are you reading???? That is common knowledge….

    Under Mao and Lenin, Millions died upon Millions…If Lenin had lived, he would have done the same murderous evil that Stalin had done…do not fool yourself…Marxism is one of the greatest evils ever devised by Satan. Only Nazism and Islam and radical secularism can rival it….

    And funny you should mention Mao…I have read a couple of tomes about him as of late…he actually may be histories greatest mass murderer….the great leap forward may have killed upto 60 million people…we do not know for sure because the Communists will not release that information….

    I too am a student of these evil men…whether it is Marx or Castro or Himmler or Bela Kun, their father is the devil…

    We should learn of them just as we should learn of all evil ideologies so that when we are witnessing to these people that we do have some understanding of the enemies territory…I myself am a student of Islam….

    And I would agree that WW 1 was a complete waste and foolish and it indirectly led to hitler because of a unjust peace….

    I would suggest for you to read the ‘Black Book of Communism’ to know the history and brutality of Marxism and its leaders….there is nothing good about Marxism….it is in the same boat as Islam and Nazism when it comes to evil….

    No one has ever said that our form of Government is perfect…in fact democracy is a pretty awful way to govern a nation because the mob rules…However when compared to the alternatives, on this side of Heaven, it is the best form of governance by far…..though I will admit as I get older, I have more and more disdain for democracy and the people that it elects!

  11. Devon in Canada. said

    Reading that article you posted and the comments….well what can I say…these foolish people all live in a free country…again, try living in a true communist country and your opinion of the manifesto and its teachings will change in a hurry….

    How Marx, that vile man, ever was able to seduce so many foolish people is beyond me…he didn’t understand economics in the least…he let his family members literally starve to death whilst working on his articles….but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised….a billion people follow muhammed and he is probably worse!

  12. Devon in Canada. said

    Sorry Job for getting off Topic…your original video was excellent and I find the whole word faith movement very unbiblical… and claim it…oy….madness…..

  13. John Kaniecki said

    Hi Devon,

    Hope you are well. Is is Sunday morning and I have a few minutes as I wait for my wife to finish getting dressed. God willing I will be preaching today. In the morning I will look at Joseph as a figure of God. How the Allmighty is actually a brother. Then at the evening I hope to go into Collossians 3 and talk about devoting one’s mind entirely to God.

    Yeah Mao was a very evil man but unlike Stalin and Hitler I don’t believe he started that way.

    As a Christian you should be able to discern the spirits and understand false teachings. I have never denied Lenin’s teachings were in error and from the devil. It is just that he makes good points. But let that pass for the moment.

    Take capitalistic system for example. One could ask these questions. Why are they shipping American jobs overseas? Why do they refuse to give more pay? Why do they fire oldere employees and higher young ones? Why do they fire somebody months away from getting their pensions? Why do they send armies overseas to kill and destroy just to get resources?

    I don’t need to be an expert in Adam Smith and Milton Freidman. I know capitalism if carried to it’s extreme is in fact a love of money. Thus when I see a capitalist I know that they will act in whatever brings them the most money. Capitalists have in fact made money their god.

    I wish you would read my previous entry and really try to understand why many would flock to Marxism. Not only would this increase your compassion but it would in fact allow you to be more effective in your argument against it.

    Marxism is more complex than capitalism. It makes the state a god. It promises a utopia that it cannot deliver. It provides a solution to very real problems.

    I could wish that the Native Americans destroyed every single pilgrim. I would not wish evil on any other however. I know what the ‘indians’ did was righteous in the sight of God and I have faith that to do good is always better than to do evil.

    I do not think Job is upset at our divergence from the topic. Job is very generous in what he allows on his posts.

    God bless you Devon, may God grant you wisdom and understanding and above all Love.


    John Kaniecki

  14. Devon in Canada. said

    John…..long sighhhhh……….you could make the same arguement for Hitler and Stalin that they didn’t start off evil either….it only matters where they finished and all of them including Mao were vile!

    So Lenin made some good points…wow…so did Hitler…again a stopped clock is right 2 times a day also! That is a poor arguement!

    Your questions about shipping jobs overseas…gee do you think it is possible that because of high taxes, over regulations, obscene greedy unions that owners of Factories will take their businesses elsewhere???

    Again, poor reasoning!

    When I read your postings on that other sight and over the time here on this sight you sound like a typical socialist/marxist….You are jealous and coveting of other peoples money….you see, you have the love of money also…..

    Create your own wealth John and quit trying to steal from others that have earned it….you have some serious soul searching to do John….

    The only people that ‘flock’ to Marxism are the illiterate or the lazy who want to steal from those that earn! YOU have no right to other’s people’s money John…..just because you do not have much, doesn’t give you the right to take from others that do…and that is essentially socialism/marxism…

    You use nice euphemisms like ‘redistributing the wealth’ to cover for your greedy ways…

    John, like almost all Marxists and Socialists, I’m guessing you have very little in money…so you need to devise a plan to steal from others…am I correct? I think you know that I am….

    I have to admit though, you do sound like a budding marxist when you hoped that every pagan Indian had wiped out the Christian Pilgrims….real nice John…real class….oy…..

    Move to Cuba or North Korea or any practicing marxist state John…you will be begging to come back to a Free Western country within 6 months….you have a very warped view of things and one has to wonder what you are exactly reading to get such nonsense?

    I myself have very little money….but I have no right to other’s money…socialism is theft…and I will not abide by its rules….Christians help one another ….we don’t steal from the unbelievers!

  15. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    May God bless you!

    I don’t think I have to make all my points again seeing you choose to ignore even considering what I say. Please reread my post especially about the Indians. If it is not clear forgive me. I said the indians did right in helping the pilgrims. As history teaches the pilgrims in return attacked the Native Americans. Basically these ‘christians’ repaid good with evil. However I would not have changed a thing. My hope is not in this world and I believe that we are to do good and righteousness no matter how much we suffer for it. That was the example Christ gave us.

    However to be a real Christian one must obey the commands of Jesus. Let’s start with the greatest of Loving God and Loving neighbor. I contend those people who came to America were false christians in most every way. A tree is known by their fruit. Genocide is without a doubt not a sign of Christianity.

    Regarding coveting other peoples money I have no desire. In fact I hope to help bring about a society that does not use money at all!!!

    I will continue to pray for you as I have been and I hope you can find it in your heart to do the same for me.

    Perhaps Job or someone else can help us out in this matter.


    John Kaniecki

  16. Devon in Canada. said

    Sorry for misreading your statement about the Indians….however you err continually…some pilgrims did bad things…do not broad brush all of them…the Indians were hardly guiltless either…

    The natives did not face a genocide…that is pee cee idiocy at its worse…what they did suffer is from the European diseases which in most cases was unintentional….if the Euros wanted to wipe out every Native, they could have done so easily….the only people that intentionally face extinction were the Jews, Armenians and Cambodians….whilst the death toll of natives is tragic, the vast majority were because they were not resistant to the New Worlds diseases…and please spare me about some people giving natives blankets with diseases on purpose…a few idiots doesn’t make a genocide…

    Again, you revise history to your liking…Some Euros were evil…note the word some…so with the pagan indians…some were wicked…..

    And if you do not covet other peoples money, why are you pro marxist/socialist? That is all those people do…they are envious of people that have…earn your own money…and if because of Health reasons you cannot, then the Body of Christ must help you…otherwise quit ruminating about ways of taking from those that have earned through the sweat of their brow….

    You cannot reconcile Marx and Christ…it is impossible…It is like being a Black man and a member of the KKK or a Jewish person who is a member of the Nazi party….

    Marx and Marxism are anti christ….you should know that and you should know better….Nazism and Islamism are anti christ….as is Materialism and Evolutionism….these systems are opposed to the Truth of Christ…

    However in sheer murderous killing numbers, no movement has killed more Christians then Marxism…

    Keep that in mind John…..they are of the their father the devil..

    I cannot believe I am even debating this topic? What next…that Nazism was all right too???


  17. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Let’s not at this time dispute our conflicting understanding of history. But do you dispute the quote made “The only good Inidian is a dead Indian.” Or do you know the excessive amount of money it cost the United States goverment in fielding troops to kill the natives? Or do you know that the United States government has broken every single treaty they ever made with the Native Americans?

    Back to the original points on Marxism it is my purpose to learn about them to bring them to Christ. I see nothing redeemable at all in Facism, nothing that I can begin to find a common ground.

    Now Marxism/Leninism has these points. They believe in Democratic values for one thing. Such as free speech, free press and free elections. Also they are very much against racism. They are against oppression and there is a lot of oppression in the world. In Haiti for example the garment workers make one dollar a day. And they consider themselves lucky to get that. Once again I ask you to bring yourself back into the circumstance of Russia and Europe before the 1900’s. There are more things I could bring up but let this suffice.

    However theory and reality never did work out as it almost never does.

    Yet as my role as an evangelist I hope to gentley and Lovingly teach the good news of Jesus Christ. I can work with those things that are noble in Marx and Lenin.

    “Do you hate oppression by the rich?”

    Look at James chapter 5

    1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

    2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.

    Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

    4 Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

    5 Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.

    I too am tired of this yet allow me to make one point. I would never wish the death of anyone. I will leave life and death in the hands of Allmighty God. Unfortunately in this world there are many multitudes more than willing to kill and destroy. I categorically reject killing and destruction no matter who commits it under any circumstance. I am not alone in this belief as it is shared by the Amish and the Quakers among others.

    I am a man of Peace and if I need die for that belief than I trust that God will look after my soul.


    John Kaniecki

  18. John Kaniecki said


    One last thing.

    Your apology is accepted and gratefully received and I am glad for your Christ like gestre.


    John Kaniecki

  19. walt said

    I have tried to study the ministry of Jesus Christ and I learned that he did many wonderful and powerful things, he fed the hungry, he healed the sick, he cast out devils,he raised dead but the one thing I missed or overlooked is, where did Jesus make anybody rich? help me by giving me some scriptural reference of this happening in his ministry.

  20. Don said

    about the prosperity gospel that some preachers preach is wrong and very self centered.
    If you study the Bible from the beginning, GOD blessed many of HIS people with great wealth
    look at Abraham, Issac, Jacob & Joseph, look at Israel when they obeyed GOD, we are also to live
    and obey GOD, if we do HIS blessings according to His WORD will be upon us, but not in the way
    that the world looks at prosperity. An example is JESUS speaking about the sparrow and how the
    FATHER provides its needs, its the same with us, GOD shall supply all our needs according to HIS
    riches in glory, that means our basic needs will be met, and to me this is prosperity.It is very
    important that we tithe according to the WORD of GOD, HE says, test ME and if I will not open the storehouse of Heaven and pour out a Blessing that can not be contained. My suggestion to all that
    waste their time finding fault with others, is to look side yourself, get on your knees and repent to GOD, and let Him take you to the divine destiny and work HE has for you for your short
    time on this earth. The preachers that lead people astray will answer to GOD for their sin, not you or I, we are responsible for ourselves and will be judged for what we have done for the cause of CHRIST.Prosperity defined is having food, a place to sleep,clothes to wear, and enough money
    to pay your basic living responsibilities. GOD does allow some of His people to be wealthy, because they are living according to HIS word and are giving most of their wealth to further the
    Kingdom. thanks Don

  21. Bill said

    I find it odd anyone could think a pure doctrine could exist that conflicts with the Words or Commands of Christ. After all we are CHRISTians right. Jesus preached Blessed are the poor or the poor in spirit and doomed are the rich. He basically used this same value system when speaking about pride and self.
    The less we value money, our fleshly life,attention, public stature,power,position,importance, even our next breath the more blessed we will be. All these things must diminish to be truly humble. That’s were we have to be to totally give ourselves completely over to His will and follow Him by following His commands.

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