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Were You there When They Crucified My Lord

Posted by Job on May 1, 2010


4 Responses to “Were You there When They Crucified My Lord”

  1. I believe the title should be: ‘WERE You There When They Crucified My Lord?’

    (Plus – there should be a question mark…)

    • RUDY said

      • RUDY said

        When you get to heaven, there just wont be many white people there. Those who were last shall be first.

        Deal with it.

        • Rudy,

          Did God tell you that?

          You sound a little bit racist Rudy… are you?

          In Christ – there is no white or black… no Judean or Greek as Scripture says. There will be people of all walks in Christ’s kingdom.

          Even though the first will be last, that’s not for you to judge – is it? I would rejoice to be called the least in heaven because among sinners – surely I am one of the chiefs!

          You really are bored aren’t you? There are 15 slots in the ‘Recent Comments’ category… and right now 13 of them say ‘Rudy…’!

          Maybe you should just get your own blog, you think? Here – it’s easy:

          ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

          †IC XC†
          †NI KA†

          Christ Conquers!

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