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George W. Bush Gave The Pope Immunity In The Child Molestation Scandal!

Posted by Job on March 29, 2010

This nugget appears towards the end of the article

At one point she travels to the Vatican with several of the victims and attempts, in what comes off as a solemn, almost missionary version of a Michael Moore ambush, to win an audience with Pope Benedict XVI, who had been granted immunity from prosecution by President George W. Bush.


9 Responses to “George W. Bush Gave The Pope Immunity In The Child Molestation Scandal!”

  1. Rudy said

    What the hell does Christianity have to do with the @#$% Catholic church?

    Good point. But please watch the language.

    • Steve said

      Excellent point Rudy. Nothing I’ve seen of the catholic church resembles what Jesus taught – to LOVE and forgive – not be the bearer of such atrocities as the Crusades. And lets not forget the inquisition, where many TRUE Christians were martyred at the hand and direction of the office of the pope. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’m inclined to feel that that those who identify the catholic church with the great whore of Revelation are right.

  2. Ken Davis said

    Christianity was first from the catholic church. They still believe in Jesus Christ as King and Lord. It has everything to do with the catholic church. Just because they do not worship the way protestants and other do and just because their services are formal liturgies does not mean they are not going to heaven.

    Another thing, the Pope is not able to be charged with anything, in any country.

    “The pope cannot be removed from office–“according to church law, there is no higher authority than the pope.” Nor can the pope be prosecuted under secular law–he has immunity with regard to local law, and for the purposes of international law is also immune, as he is considered a head of state. Clearly, there have been exceptions to “the sovereign-immunity rule,” but Slobodan Milosevic isn’t likely to serve as a precedent for dealing with the pope. Technically, continues Beam, once heads of state leave office, they can be prosecuted for crimes committed before they took office (before the immunity period began)–but “the pope almost never retires.”

    • Kathy said

      spoken like a true “church” soldier…on the side of the man of lawlessness…if the catholic church teaches Jesus’ teachings…then how could the pope be “above” anyone…we were all created equal…the pope DEMANDS worship…if you say catholisism teaches Jesus is king of kings and Lord of lords…why do you worship this man??? (who has “immunity”) Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve…listen to your heart…

    • climber777 said

      I think the point is what do they have to do with the real Church (The Body of Christ) today.
      Goint to Heaven…going to hell…easily answered if you believe the bible to be the word of God.
      “You shall know a tree by it’s fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, neither can a bad tree produse good fruit.”
      “If any man harms one of these little ones who believes in me; it would be better for him to have a millstone around his neck and be cast into the sea…”.
      “Not all who say unto me ‘Lord, Lord, shall enter into heaven, but he who does the will of my father in Heaven.”.
      These people abused little children…some not even a year old (and some priests have confessed to it), but the catholic “church” puts all it’s force into covering it up, instead of making it right and is granted immunity from prosecution by the shrub.
      Without real repentance (the kind that would shake the world) these men are going to hell along with any and all who aided them.
      I’m not the judge, those are the written words of Jesus (whom I’m inclined to believe they never met).
      These pompous men dressed in the finest clothes and driven around in the worlds most expensive cars don’t know Jesus and certainly have no idea what He meant in His teachings.
      Kathy is correct…Jesus said if any man wants to rule, let him become servant of all.
      Pride was the sin of Lucifer.

      And I have to say it: “Sell the Vatican, feed the poor”.

  3. Everyone here anit God’s childern. God said In His word that He would put seperation from Eve’s seed and satan’s seed. He would seperate the wheat from the tears. I’ve said enough that explain why a President would allow & do what he did. Ya’ll Wake Up! Sleep Time Over! Satan accomplishing what he been planning. Now Its Time for Us to come with The come on! Start Lifting Up a Standard & Taking a Stand For Christ!

  4. An interesting find although not surprising.

    But GWB is gone from office now. Still those who claim Bush is a good Christian man need to read that! And the only surprise is that GWB has not formally joined the Roman Catholic Cult.

    This article has an interesting take on the true legitimacy of such an action by a US President. It’s not really something a President can grant ahead of an actual prosecuition. Before actual prosecution, it’s really more like the President requesting there not be a prosecution, but prosecutors could defy the order if they desired to.

    Anyway, if no antichrist Pope was prosecuted for their ties to the Nazis, some abused kids don’t have a chance at getting justice in the court of man. The lower level fish are all that will ever be put behind bars.

    God will repay!

  5. Blessings:

    A fake president gives a fake pope immunity, and that fake pope forgives fake president for war crimes. These are the leaders of the liars, murderers and thieves.
    There are real, honest leaders out there. The Sign of Jonah has been seen, The TRUE Glory of The Olive walks among you.
    Who among you seeks the TRUTH. Who among you walks with them.
    “I don’t think i know…I just know i’m thinking.”
    your humble servant,
    ancient clown

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