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Two young black males murdered while preaching the gospel in Boynton Beach Florida

Posted by Job on March 14, 2010

This reminds me of the martyr Faithful in Pilgrim’s Progress.

Christian Martyrs In Florida


9 Responses to “Two young black males murdered while preaching the gospel in Boynton Beach Florida”

  1. Sad! But we live in a very fallen, evil age and world! (RIP,Christian faithful..God knows who you are!)

  2. this is a tragedy but we know that this is part of the LORDs plan and that we must suffer and be persecuted for Christ’s sake. may the families of these 2 godly men be strengthened in the LORD and the power of his might

  3. Devon said

    And take note how the liberal press hardly makes any noise about this! Horrific!!

  4. AnointedStar said

    This may sound strange for those whom are Babes in Christ, but this only showing you where we are in the good old USA how far we have strayed from our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. You Don”t shed no tears for them but you be happy In the Lord for they will recieve the highest reward in heaven. You Christians whom are lazy, complancent,trifivlin,luke warm, mummers&whinners, sloutful, selfish preoccupied with Self, non prayin, not reading the word of God, hyproical playing church Woa! Unto you least you should die today where will you be? In hell you lift up your eyes. These words are harsh well, while you may think Im pointing my finger at you where is my thumb pointing? At me! Ya’ll I had a Very Rude Awakening God showed me where I was heading I thought I was heading to Heaven Ya’ll. But I wasn’t Lets Get real In Our faith & Walk with Christ! Lets be as Those Young men were Taking A Stand for Christ! Lets have made up minds, ” That For Christ I Live For Christ I Die! Not only do we have to die daily to self! We must prepare to die physically for we never know when our time here on earth will end! Woa! unto us whom die without Jesus Blood covering their lives.

    • Annointed Star—good word, i’m with you on those comments. its important to point out that it is tough living for Christ sometimes, but our reward is in Heaven and we should not be surprised at our fiery trial–its all about Christ and the brethren need to make sure if we are claiming the name of Christ that we are shunning sin and keeping short accounts with the LORD and others when we do.

  5. Dalibor said

    I pray for their families and it saddens me every time when I’m reminded how far they go with the prosecution. Dear Lord, confort 2 brothers’ families and please remove that cup from all your children who risk their lives for you, Father!

  6. i’m with you on that prayer. may the LORD get all the glory from the situation

  7. Occures though It saddens my heart and I’m sure their families hearts even more so! As someone said earlier Let God Get The Glory that many Souls will be saved especially the young men family! For the sanits of Christ let It put fire unto our Faith! With so much happening I feel God’s Holy Spirit puttin me in check with my Faith & walk with Christ. Chose this Day whom will you serve? When time comes we don’t know when some say after the rapture of the saints some say before! I pray this cup pass us too it be after the rapture, but back of my mind I ask will you be able to stand as the three Hebrew childern? Good question to ask one self & pray ask God to make us strong that He be our Strong Tower Our Mighty Fortress whom we Lean & depend on daily esp. In times of testing of our faith! when asked to humble ourselves before Baal in order to eat or make purchases that we be strong enough to say as the Hebrew childern said,” I will not bow to Baal nor take his mark. My God shall rescue me, but should He chose not to I refuse to bow or take the devils mark so do what you must. I Will Not Worship, Nor Bow Nor Take Your Mark! Something that crosses my mind quiet frequently with so much happening In the world we live today!

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