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God Is Not A Man So Stop Judging Him!

Posted by Job on January 29, 2010

As I was driving around listening to the prominent evangelical Christian talk station in my market, a question was posed in a commercial advertising a ministry program on the radio: “Does Israel being God’s chosen people make God a racist?” The TRAINED PASTOR replied something to the effect of “If God was ONLY concerned with Israel then the answer would be yes, but since God is concerned with everyone, not just Israel, then the answer is no.” Three major problems with that statement. First, racism isn’t only defined as hating a race. It is also preferring one race over another. For instance, in times past the vast majority of segregationists, slave owners and what have you did not hate black people or Native Americans or wish ill upon those groups of people. Instead, many of them simply loved their own race more and wanted the other races to know their place. Second, Israel was God’s chosen people, true, but for a purpose: to serve God and to be used by Him in His plans for revelation and redemption (see Genesis 3:15 and John 4:22 to see why a Jewish woman was the chosen vessel for the incarnation of Jesus Christ). Misunderstanding this key point by viewing Israel’s chosen status apart from that context creates all sorts of problems, and if you read the Old Testament prophets and the New Testament narrative, this misunderstanding created a problematic mindset among many Jews that persists to this day.

But the main reason why the answer to this question was disturbing is given to us by what Numbers 23:19 makes it clear: God is not a man! God is holy and righteous. Hence God cannot sin. God is perfect in all His ways. And God is sovereign. One of the best sections of scripture that deals with this is the chapters which begin with Job 38. In those chapters, God chastises Job and punishes Job’s false accusers. Now what was the main problem with Job’s false accusers, who claimed that Job’s misfortune had to have been due to a sin on Job’s part? It was not that they were falsely judging Job in this matter. No, it was that they were falsely judging God! By claiming that Job’s misfortunes had to have been the result of sin, they were directly implying that God had no right to allow Job’s misfortunes otherwise! They were implying that for God to allow a righteous man to suffer such misfortune would be unjust, and that would make God unjust! Ultimately, Job’s friends had the same false position that Job did: that God’s treatment of Job was unjust. The only difference between them and Job was their lack of knowledge that Job was – inasmuch as it is in the capacity of man to be – blameless.

When view God in the manner that Job and his friends did, or for that matter the way that the commercial on the Christian radio station did, we are guilty of viewing God from a grotesquely false perspective. We are shrinking God to our level, as if to make Him a man like us. We view God as if He were a man so that we can judge Him, evaluate Him, figure Him out. That way, we can relate to God, serve God and understand Him according to our own knowledge, beliefs, values and experiences. A result of this is the rejection of the true God that we can only know through His self-disclosure to us in special and general revelation, and the creation of a God that pretty much thinks and acts like we do; a God fashioned after our own hearts and imaginations. And whenever we come to the limits of our own hearts and imaginations, well that is when the mystical mysteries become so appealing to us.

The problem is that we start with ourselves and then try to move to God, and we interpret everything from our own senses of truth, reality and ethics. That makes us the judge and lawgiver and puts God on trial. And whenever we convict God of being guilty, then we have to alter our image of God in order to preserve and justify our belief in God. The solution is not to start with ourselves and try to move to God, but to start with God and try to respond to Him. We are to try to respond to what we know of God and His truth that is revealed to us in scripture and by God’s Holy Spirit.

Realize that God is sovereign. Therefore, God is not subject to judgment. No one can truly pass sentence on God, and of course no one can enforce any sentence that is passed. Further, God is righteous. Because of this, there is no crime or sin committed by God to pass sentence on Him for in the first place. The challenge is to move from simply voicing this in our doctrinal statements without truly having it in our belief systems to actually believing it. Instead of putting God on trial when we read the Bible, we should use the Bible to put ourselves on trial to see if we measure up to God’s standards. And when we come to the obvious inevitable answer – we do not and we cannot – then we are to see ever more why we need God’s saving grace that is made available to us by Jesus Christ’s work on the cross.

One of the biggest areas where this is an issue: soteriology, especially as it relates to God’s love. We should simply accept God’s love as it is defined by the Bible and move on. (I admit, I am from the Cornelius Van Til presuppositionalist line of thought.) If we start with ourselves and try to get to God, then the obvious question is this: if God loves everybody and if God is all powerful, then why doesn’t God save everybody? Of course, a human-centered and modern view of love as a starting point ultimately leads to universalism. (At the very least, it precludes predestination.) It requires a view that starts with God as He is revealed in the Bible and then goes to man (primarily, of course, as God sees man and the purpose for which God created man) to realize that God’s capacity to love all is not in conflict with or in any way rendered moot by God’s exercise of His sovereign prerogative to save some.

Another issue: repentance. Going from man to God and judging God makes repentance not only unnecessary, but evil. This is the core assumption of liberal theologies, including but not limited to homosexual theology. If God is loving, righteous and FAIR according to our own eyes, shouldn’t He allow us to do as we please, so long as we are being good people who aren’t hurting anybody else? Now the person who tries to reach God from a human starting point truthfully cannot refute this logic, if for no other reason than constitutes “good person” and “not hurting anyone” completely in the eye of the God-judging beholder. It is so easy to use logic, philosophy, theology, (pseudo)science, whatever is at your disposal to create a false god – an idol – that will stand in the day of your own judgment because your idol thinks and acts just like you and is nothing more than a representation of yourself, your own personal deity created from your own thoughts and desires. It is no less than man worshiping his own image.

In fairness to the liberals, it must be acknowledged that this is not a new problem. One of the reasons why the allegorical interpretation of scripture was so prominent in some of the earlier times of Christianity was the constant negative judgments against God and the Bible. Or there were those who went the route of Marcion, who decided that the God of the Old Testament and the New Testament were different deities, and thus created a cult around the rejection of the “lesser god” of the Old Testament! Thus, a great many modern Christians are Marcionites of a smaller scale, with a conviction that God is “nicer” in the New Testament and in these times than the Old, which incidentally requires a real disconnect from the fact that the sternest eschatological and apocalyptic content is in the New Testament, which Jesus Christ Himself being the most prominent hell fire and brimstone preacher!

And surely the common trend of pushing aside the Jesus Christ who preached hard sayings, issued scathing rebukes and warnings of judgment (including to the church in Revelation 2 and 3), suffered and died for our sins and was resurrected, and is returning again as ruler and judge in favor of the nonthreatening baby in the manger, or as a “lover and friend” (listen to certain modern Christian songs) is a product of creating a god that we want to have – a god whose purpose is to cater to our whims and desires – instead of the God of the Bible who actually lives and rules forevermore.

So, it is incumbent upon us to stop putting God on trial, to stop reducing the perfect, holy, sovereign and all powerful God into the image of a fallible and sinful man that is merely God’s property and subject. We must cease trying to shape and conform God into one that suits our passing fancies. Instead, we must simply accept that God is who He says He is opposed to what we imagine or wish Him to be. (After all, God’s true nature will always exceed our capacity to wish or imagine. Because we are fallible and corrupt, our desires and imaginations will similarly be fallible and corrupt, and we will wind up wanting a fallible and corrupt God.) And if we have difficulty accepting God for who the Bible reveals Him to be, then we must come to grips with the truth that the problem is ours, not God’s or the Bible’s. And we must pray that God forgives us for our rebellious attempts to push the truth – His truth and indeed God Himself – away and that He changes our hearts and minds so that we will end our sinful rebellion. We must pray that God continues to conform us into the image of His Son Jesus Christ so that the picture that the Bible paints about God is not offensive to us, and that we will not indulge in the sin of creating another God to go after because of this offense. The more carnal we are, the more offensive spiritual truths will be to us. However, the more spiritual we are, the more receptive we will be to spiritual truth. God and His nature is spiritual truth, and it is only through God’s power that we can grasp and accept it. So let us pray that we will exchange our judging God into our thanking and worshiping God for His Mercy and Grace.

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52 Responses to “God Is Not A Man So Stop Judging Him!”

  1. I am not sure what your point was here (ping), with the Blessed Virgin Mary? Yes God is ‘Totally Other’, both “transcendent” and “immanent”, but He also “became” a Man with and in the Incarnation. Thus HE is forever the God-Man: Christ Jesus, the Gorified Man…in “Session” at the Right Hand and Throne of God “forever”! And still “Incarnate” forever, though of course in a new gorified body. But HE is also forever the New Creation itself, but still the ‘Son of Mary’! (Matt. 1:21, “she will bear a son”, etc. note verse 23, and 24). Again, no mere surrogate here, but the Mother of the Incarnation itself! See also, John 19:25-26-27, Mary is the “Mother” of John, and all of the Redeemed. For here John gives us much more than the mere letter, but “signs” (John 2:23) “which He did”! Thus St. John is the ‘spiritual gospel.’

  2. Rudy said

    My Black friend said,” when you get to heaven you wont find many whites there,” and I agree.

    The whole concept of white is false, however for the sake of having an edge on someone else, many seek to participate in a system that hurts innocent people. HEll is where they are all going.

    • Van Till was awfully white! (i.e. his culture) Let’s let God be the Judge on hell also. And its not based on culture!

      • irishanglican–this is true, man what you have spoken–God is not a racist and if he created all of mankind, how could he be? for that would not biblically correct. God loves all of us and has chosen the people of Isreal to be the spple of his eye. even in the book of revalation we see that every nation, tribe and language was in the throne room praising God. i think we need to get away from the silliness that only us black people will be in heaven or all of just anyONE specific race. “God so loved the World”…not so loved blacks or whites or you name race,etc.

    • john kaniecki said


      Hi hope you are well.

      There are no white people.Look at the color of a cloud or the color of cotton and that is white. Look at the color of European and it does not match. The lightest skinned people are albinos where are of African descent.

      The ‘white’ myth is to seperate the races and presume superiority. If one is white than they are seperated from the ‘colored’ races. Once seperate they can be superior. We all come from Adam and Eve and then once again through Noah and his three sons.

      The myth of the ‘white’ man is potrayed in our society. Look at the cowboy movies. What color is the hat of the good guy? White. What is the color of the hat of the bad guy? Black.

      In Star Wars Darth Vadar the villain was dressed in black. Luke Skywalker the good guy was dressed in white.

      Racism also works in reverse. As I understand it the Nation of Islam teaches that the ‘white’ race was created later by a scientist. This dehumanizing again seperates the races.

      Anyone who thinks that skin color matters on Judgement Day is sadly mistaken. The only distinguishment between races was gentile and Jewish. Anyone not being Jewish was considered a gentile. The purpose of the Jewish Nation was to provide the seed, which is Christ Jesus. Once this was accomplished there was no longer a seperation. Ephesians 2:11-15.

      While there is no superiority based on skin color there is a superiority based on cultures. It is my opinion that the Native American culture was vastly superior over any other. But I am not the Judge only a witness.



      • Carl Jones said

        Hi John,
        I agree with all you said apart from your last comment,

        While there is no superiority based on skin color there is a superiority based on cultures. It is my opinion that the Native American culture was vastly superior over any other. But I am not the Judge only a witness.

        Culture is just that, “Culture” It is neither good nor bad, superior nor inferior. Culture is a way in which we react to each other based on our experiences, history, language, world view, beliefs, it is “our” way of doing things. My culture is not better or worse than someone elses, just different.
        If I were to chose a culture other than my own, it would be the Jewish culture (although at which time in history that would be a point for discussion.)
        Why Jewish culture? It is the only culture which was shaped by God. Theirs is the only culture where God said what behavior was acceptible to Him. However as a christian, my behavior is now shaped by the teachings of Jesus and therefore my culture. I am not saying all christians will have the same culture, I am saying that all christians will have “their” culture influenced by their belief system.

        An example of culture would be; in some societies when I go to see someone, as I came to their house I would “knock at the door” to announce my presence in another society I would “call out I am here,” as only a theif would knock and not call out, as they would not want their voice to be recognised.
        In England I would tell my child to walk on the pavement to avoid danger from vehicles, in America I would tell him to walk on the sidewalk, again in England I would drive on the left, and to avoid an accident in America I would drive on the right. As you can see, culture is not superior just different.

        With regards skin colour (yes, in my culture we spell it differently) you are speaking truth when you say we are all the same. If you were to peel the skin off a “back” man and a “white” man, we would be the same; in a lot of trouble and a lot of pain.

        Let us thank God, that now we are clothed in the righteousness of Christ, neither Jew, nor Gentile, but one in Christ.

        Carl, your brother because of Him.

        • john kaniecki said


          Hi hope you are well.

          It all depends on how you rate a culture.Look at America, the wealthiest country ever yet still there are the homeless and destitute. Look at how we treat our elderly compared to say the Chinese.

          In the North American culture there were no homeless,hungry or lonely. A warrior’s greatness was determined by the generocity he had in feeding the elderly and the others.

          Look how the European society conducts war. It destroys everything. This is not how the Native American people did war.

          Anyway like I said I am not one to judge I can only be a witness.

          Back to work,lunch break is over.



  3. rey said

    God not being a man makes him more worthy of being judged. When you set yourself up as a supreme being you should expect to be judged more severely. James says so in James 3:1 “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.”

    If the Scripture really are inerrant and God really did command genocide rather than the OT writers just making it up, then God has a lot to answer for in the Day of Judgment.

    • rey said

      That is, the OT god (the Demiurge) has a lot to answer for when he stands before the judgment seat of Chrestos (the true God, the Good One), “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Chrestos; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.” (2nd Corinthians 5:10)

      • rey said

        “Of course, a human-centered and modern view of love as a starting point ultimately leads to universalism.”

        Love leads to what Paul says in 2nd Corinthians 5:10, namely proportional punishment. Only a lunatic demon would condemn people to eternity in hell for little things, and condemn everyone to the same thing without any distinction in severity of sins. The child who steals a candy bar doesn’t deserve the same punishment as the child-molester. But you ‘orthodox’ idiots say God will burn both eternally in hell as if the crimes are the same! The truth as it is in Chrestos is proportional punishment. Those who deserve eternity in hell get eternity in hell. Those who deserve a thousand years in hell get a thousand years in hell. Those that deserve a day a day. Those that deserve a second a second. And then after their requisite punishment those that are saved go to heaven while the rest cease to exist after they’ve payed the last farthing (except for those who really do deserve an eternity in hell).

        • john kaniecki said


          Hi hope you are well.

          The worse aspect of Hell is seperation from God. God does so many good things. See 1Corinthians 4:5. “Every man shall have praise of God.” So the most hardened aethiest will praise God.

          You are right though scripture teaches of degrees of suffering in Hell. But the bottom line is that Hell sucks and one should avoid going there.



          • rey said

            The worst aspect of hell is the fire.

          • rey said

            See 1Corinthians 4:5. “Every man shall have praise of God.” So the most hardened aethiest will praise God.

            Actually, the phrase “Every man shall have praise OF God” means “Every man shall have praise FROM God.” The NKJV says “Then each one’s praise will come from God.” NRSV “Then each one will receive commendation from God.” NIV “At that time each will receive his praise from God.”

            Paul is saying this to make Christians not harshly judge one another. The addition of each having their praise from God is a great softener.

            • The Greek Text is even better! It is not talking about the sinner, but the believer before the Bema Seat of Christ. It literally is…”and then the praise will be to each one from God.” Check out all the Texts that have to do with “the Day” or “the Day of Christ”. It is to the Christian.

          • rey said

            The verse you are looking for is Philippians 2:10 “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;” Romans 14:11 “For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”

            • I think “you” are leading to a universal position, yes?

              • rey said

                No, I’m helping John Kaniecki out. He was looking for a verse that says even “the most hardened aethiest will praise God” and he used 1Corinthians 4:5 which I noted above is not about that. So I am pointing out these two verses which do say what he was trying to use 1Corinthians 4:5 to say.

    • with all do respect to your jacked up theology- i would have to give you the correct info. 1st –God IS a 100% man, but also is 100% God. 2nd- the scriptures are clear that God or theanthropus-Jesus, the God-man will be judged by NO ONE. The Good book is clear that the Father judges no one, but all judgment has been given unto the Son of God or Jesus. now what you do regarding the old testement is called isogesis or scripture torture. you completely take it out of context compared to the other text of the word of God. scriptures must be put together like a puzzle. God says he veils scripture from those who are learned and wise in their own eyes, but reveals it to those who say they are blind and cannot see the truth, but WANT to see the truth.

      • rey said

        Jesus won’t be judged by anyone. He will judge the Demiurge (OT god). For Jesus revealed a before unknown God (the Father) to the world as John says in John 1:18 “No man has ever seen God” (i.e. the Father, since the Jews did see the Demiurge) “but the only-begotten Son has declared him.”

        • This is Christian gnosticism, or a form of it..simply.

          • I should say as our brother J.d., this with a small c,”christian”.

          • rey said

            Like I didn’t know that.

            • It seems you need to “know” it’s essence, which forever falls short of the fulness of Christ! (Col. 2:8-9) These “elemental spirits” are really cosmic powers that would gladly appear to be divine, holding out an apparent transcendence of created things so that they might be worshipped, but are false gods and powers. Christ already “disarmed” them. (Col. 2:15).

              • rey said

                “These ‘elemental spirits’ are really cosmic powers that would gladly appear to be divine, holding out an apparent transcendence of created things so that they might be worshipped, but are false gods and powers.”

                Marcionism doesn’t worship the elemental spirits; ‘Orthodoxy’ does. Every time you say that the Old Testament genocides were commanded by the Father, you are worshiping the elemental spirits of the world that commanded the Jews to commit genocide, for you are raising them up to the status of the Father! The whole point of Marcionism is to point out that the tyranical hate-mongering passages in the OT, the genocides and such, are not from God but from the elemental spirits that Paul warns us against. Unless we realize this, we will fall and begin returning to the worship of these spirits as the Galatians did. Paul says:

                Galatians 4:8-11 “Formerly, when you did not know God, you were enslaved to beings that by nature are not gods. (9) Now, however, that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God, how can you turn back again to the weak and beggarly elemental spirits? How can you want to be enslaved to them again? (10) You are observing special days, and months, and seasons, and years. (11) I am afraid that my work for you may have been wasted.”

                Notice that observing special days is equivalent to worshiping the elemental spirits. In other words, Judaism with its feast-days and fast-days and Sabbaths was established by the elemental spirits, not by God.

  4. Not sure Cor. 4:5 has to do with unbelievers? It seems to imply the Bema-Seat of believers, “stewardship”, etc. reward and loss, etc.

    • *1 Cor. 4:5

    • john kaniecki said


      Hi hope you are well.

      You could be right as the 1 Corinthians is written to believers. The way I see it that on Judgement Day we are going to see the real deal. No more mystery or private thoughts. On that day we will know God’s overwhelming goodness and Love.



      • John,

        Yes, the personal blessings will be seen by all of the “elect” of God, both men and angels. (2 Thess 1:10 / 1 Tim.5:21) / 2 Tim.2:10)…”At (in) that Day” (2 Tim.1:18).

        “Knowing that He which raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up us also by Jesus, and shall present us with you. For all things are for your sakes, that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God.” (2 Cor. 4:14-15)

  5. hey my friend, i’m not sure what type of theology that Rey has, but he is totally taking scriptures out of the context they were meant for.

  6. amen-the irishanglican speaks the truth of Gods word. people need to listen to him b/c this is the worse thing about hell. the fire, torment, darkness, no water, no air will be beyond comprehension but we know from scripture that the worse aspect will be that they will never know the goodness, kindness and love of their cretor they rejected over and over again

  7. this is not a doctrine, it can be easily derived from life. most people have air, water and even food at times. it will be beyond human comprehension the stupidity of those who reject the LORD and even false scripture torturers who really dont even know God but pretend to through seemingly knowledge of scriptures. they forgot the number one commandment. love ing God with all your heart soul and strength and in the new testement it is called pressing towards the mark of the high calling, of KNOWING HIM!

  8. preach to him, my friend-i had to do the same on my own website last night.

  9. exactly-he got a witness!

  10. i’m not sure about his theology either but i know one thing for sure-it is way off into left field with all do respect. its terrible that God’s holy Word can be stredded to ribbons by people who continually take it out of context. it’s frustrating to me, b/c i love the truth and i love God. but i hate lies and distortion of the truth!

  11. i am with you my friend, i am with you on that. praise the LORD for that bit of truth.

  12. Rey,

    Yes I just knew you were some kind of so-called Christian gnostic. Marcion was one of the worst, since he attacked the Old Testment Text and Covenants. Our readers simply need to check out the teaching of Marcion, he was certainly a heretic. His again theology so-called, was a rejection of the Law of God in the OT. In fact he rejected the OT completely. In his view, the Creator God or Demiurge revealed in the OT from Gen. 1 onwards is a God of Law, and had nothing in common with the God of Jesus Christ. Later in the 3rd century most of the Marcionite communities had been absorbed in Manichaeism. No, nothing here that is “rightly divided” in the Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testament (Covenant).

    Fr. Robert
    D. Phil., Th.D.

  13. preach brother preach! get this man a pulpit!

  14. CD-Host said

    I think the question is “is God good in a meaningful sense”. Your essay seems to be arguing “no” that God is simply incomprehensible. Which is fine but it is one of the doctrines that Christianity has always rejected. It has never accepted that God is amoral, or that God is “righteous” in some sense incomprehensible to humans (and thus effectively amoral) but rather that he is moral, good and loving in the normal sense of those words. Think about the Christian response to the pantheist. They can easily assert that say gravity, mass, energy our good based on what they make possible. The Christian would respond they aren’t good in a Christian sense they are rather amoral. Mass allows all things to exist both the good and the bad as indifferent to which, energy allows all processes to occur and is indifferent to which…..

    • rey said

      Think rather about the Christian response to ISLAM: “Your religion is false because it teaches hate and violence. The Koran says to kill your relatives if they leave Islam for Christianity.” Etc. The Old Testament is the same, it both teaches hate and violence and also in Duteronomy 13 it commands the Jew to kill his family member if they leave Judaism. If Christians can reject Islam merely on the grounds that it is violent or that the Koran is violent, why can’t everyone else reject Christianity because its propagation of the similarly violent Old Testament? ‘Orthodoxy’ Christianity is morally backrupt because of its coddling of the OT–only Marcionism is true.

      • Eve said

        Jesus Christ wasn’t violate nor did He teach hate. He was and is Love. Matt 5 tells us this. What matters is do we want to follow Him or to be right. He is the Savior. By no other name can a man or woman be saved, and I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.!

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