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Evangelical Creation Care Environmentalism And Evolution

Posted by Job on January 29, 2010

Against Creation Care: Environmentalism And Evolution One And The Same

This post by brother Laz got me thinking about the common thread of thought which unites evolution and environmentalism. As far as global warming and pretty much all environmentalism goes (including “creation care” evangelicalism), it is just another way to reject the fact that God owns and controls the earth. God will determine the fate of mankind, when this cosmos comes to an end and is replaced with a heaven and a new earth. This global warming zealotry, with is religious intensity, is simply another way to reject God, and to replace the Christian belief system with another.

This is the same that motivates evolution. Evolution advocates are motivated by their determination to reject the idea that God owns creation and controls it. Now some, including a number of professed Christians, are willing to acknowledge that God accomplished creation. However, they are unwilling to acknowledge that God wholly owns it, sustains it, holds it in His hands, and is the sole determiner of its ultimate destiny. Acknowledging this fact makes man accountable to God, and requires that man live his life in service to Him. Environmentalism – the idea that man can destroy the earth either against God’s will or with God doing nothing to stop it – and evolution are merely attempts to deny that man’s purpose is nothing other than to serve, worship and glorify God. That is the sum total of the purpose and reason for man’s existence, it is the reason why God created man. Denying our imperative to serve God is the motivating factor for denying or minimizing God’s role in our creation through evolution, and the same is the goal of denying that God will determine the destiny of the earth and humankind through environmentalism.

And it explains the religious fervor attached to both, and the vehement Inquisition-like tactics that those who reject environmentalism and evolution are subjected to. Indeed, global warming dissenters are actually now
being accused of killing people (i.e. inaction on climate change because of skeptics is alleged to have caused natural disasters, diseases, famines etc.) and there are even claims that opposition to evolution is hindering medical breakthroughs that would save many lives. Such people are advancing the case that opposition to environmentalism and evolution can no longer be matters of private conscience, opinions that must be abided in a free society, but dangerous deadly notions that must be stamped out in order to save lives, or even humanity.

Of course, as evolution and environmentalism constitutes a different and competing belief system – a religion if you will – to Christianity, this should be no surprise. Why should the global warming/evolution crowd be any more accommodating to Christianity than Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, or the mythology of the ancient Roman Empire? The issue, then is why so many professed evangelicals are choosing the path of syncretism by becoming anti-global warming “creation care” Christians, thereby mixing a belief system based on and motivated by denying God’s sovereignty, providence, omnipotence, ownership rights over creation, and prerogative to exercise those rights with a Christian belief system that affirms all of those as core doctrines.

It is even more curious that many of these people fully embrace the “creation care” part while rejecting the evolution part, blissfully blinded to the fact that they are one and the same. Evidence of this is the common justification for the “creation care” idea: God gave (ceded!) dominion of the earth to man (Adam) so we must use it wisely. That is merely quasi-deism which ignores a great deal of Biblical content, including but not limited to the effects of the fall of Adam (i.e. the curse on Adam and rule of the earth transferring from Adam to Satan) and of course Jesus Christ being the second Adam and creation’s current, forever and rightful ruler. But then again, when your goal is to be relevant and influential within the cultural and political mainstream, why let a little theology or syncretism get in the way? And amazing that the dispensationalists among the creation care movement seem oblivious to the fact that the global warming ideology is ultimately motivated by a desire to reject the book of Revelation and the judgment of God upon the earth that it describes!


10 Responses to “Evangelical Creation Care Environmentalism And Evolution”

  1. theoldadam said

    Global Warming is a giant scam and a fraud.

    The leftists and eco-nuts newest religion.

    There is only One worthy to worship.

    We ought take care of our world, it is a gift from God and it is our home (for now).

    But we ought not worship it.

    • john kaniecki said


      Hi hope you are well.

      You can debate global warming all you want.

      The reality is that there are holes in the ozone. This is a scientific fact. In the garden man was given stewardship over nature. Man has abused this responsibility. Psalm 19 says nature testifies to God’s existance and glory. That is why satan is destroying nature.

      It is just one more sin on an extremely long list that man is guilt of.



  2. Devon said

    Global warming is a lie from the pit of hell….I can’t believe any Christian could be so easily deceived by such an obvious lie from the left!!

    I guess Facts are not important to the eco nazis though…ha ha …

  3. Devon said

    An warming as caused by man is a lie from the pit of hell…weather for millenia has gone up and down and always will…

  4. theoldadam said


    You would make a terrible totalitarian.

    Don’t you know that you need to scare the hell out of people before you can tax and control the hell out of them.

  5. john kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Here’s a scare from the fascist right, “A War On Terror”.
    An ambiguous decleration that the United States uses to do whatever it feels like militarily.

    The bottom line is, as scripture teaches, “One reaps what one sows”. Kill and blow up people and they will do the same to you. Jesus commands us not only to Love our neighbour but to Love our enemy as well.



  6. John Kaniecki said


    Hope all is well.

    Look at World War 2 first. There were clear and precise objectives. Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperialistic Japan were our enemies. The objective was a military victory to stop their aggression. Almost all Americans worked toward that cause. Individuals sacrificed. They went off to war or to the merchant marines. Housewives went into factories. Industries did not make excessive profits. Workers volunteered and did over time. Individuals went on rations.

    I ask these questions.
    Who are our enemies?
    What is our plan to defeat them?
    When will we know the war is over?
    Why do we pay security companies and weapons manufacturers exorbitant amounts of money?
    Why the increased surveillance on civilian activity?
    Why do we need the Patriot act?
    Why if there are so many terrorists there hasn’t been an attack? The rational for this has changed. We were told that there wouldn’t be any small attacks because the terrorists were planning something big. No we are being told to watch out for small attacks.

    These thoughts are not complete as I must go to Church service.



  7. this is a large subject, the same bunch of mother earth worshippers and process theologians are behind this mess.

    of course without evolution there would not be the luciferian theology.

    the church of england has been preaching the gospel of global warming in recent years, that how we know what the agenda behind it is.

    did you see how active they were trying to push the Copenhagen treaty and all the socialist groups were with them.

    I refer you to a book called ” rosicrucian enlightenment” by francis yates to see the links between the different millenium groups and agrarian utopia.

  8. sorry I meant to say luciferian philosophy rather than theology.

    job we need to speak seriously, I have uncovered staff I need to bounce off you.

  9. Laz said

    Hey Job, it’s been a while huh?

    IMO, whether or not GW is man-made or not doesn’t negate that we are stewards of this planet and as such, should try not ignore the call to protect the natural environment.

    I ran across this post this morning.

    Apparently Rush Limbaugh (who many brothers and sisters idolize) made some regrettable comments regarding the current mess in the Gulf, he was arguing that it doesn’t need to be cleaned up because,

    ‘The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there. It’s natural. It’s as natural as the ocean water is.’

    Your thoughts?

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